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State Farm customer service is ranked #421 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 34.19 out of a possible 200 based upon 473 ratings. This score rates State Farm customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


439 Negative Comments out of 473 Total Comments is 92.81%.


34 Positive Comments out of 473 Total Comments is 7.19%.

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    • 34.19 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 439 negative comments (92.81%)
    • 34 positive comments (7.19%)
    • 3 employee comments
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    • 2.0 Issue Resolution
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Posted by Jim

State Farm doubled my homeowner's deductible from $500.00 to $1,000.00. Vehicle coverage was increased by 30%. Although there is more to pay, I did not receive additional coverage.

Customer service is a cruel joke. Automated entry is difficult to navigate with marginal results if a customer respective is finally contacted.

Posted by Anonymous

I have been with State Farm for over 40 years. A few years back, I had to change agents and things went downhill from there. I have pulled all policies away except for a motorcycle. I received my last statement and paid for six months. The next month, I got another bill for 6 months. I called the toll free and was told it was fine and I am paid thru December. Today, I received a notice that I am being cancelled for non-payment. I called the toll free number and was told they have NO PROOF I paid six months. I said I did. They said well, they see a payment but since I didn't pay the whole year, I am being cancelled. I said I talked to a rep in August and was told all was fine. NO notations on account and I didn't talk to anyone! A supervisor claimed there is no one I can call who can look at my account and see that I am paid til January!

Posted by Sogun22

I am a state farm client and have received the worst company to client relationship ever I have had hail damage on three occasions I have been cursed yelled threatened deamed and discriminated against my disability by 3 state farm employees one a number of occasions ( Bruce Kittermen rapid city SD, Troy Cook Denver CO, and Shane Brown Denver CO) a fourth employee has made me seem like a liar and a con attest to a local business in rapid city SD he is a claims estimator ( Doug Aspen) I am being forced to pay my bill by phone with a cc which will add a fee my car is now considered a total lose salvage title if I try to sell it which I did not agree to or sign anything to state it as such I have not been payed out on any of my two identical claims paperwork July 25, 2016 paperwork and August 16, 2016 Paperwork are identical with just a add note that the damage for the July 25, 2016 was previous with no new damage on August 16, 2016 which I have glass and another estimate from a hail specialist in rapid city SD reporting about a $2000 defence all four reps saying my damages where cause on July 18, 2016 when I had no coverage but I was suppose to because of my job at the time Bruce Kittermen claiming he had no knowledge of my disability however have 2 loan paperwork one filled out by him at his desk In rapid city SD and another by one of his agents over the phone which both have source of income for me listed as ssdi which is social security disability income and Shane Brown along with Troy Cook both claiming I am a liar about the storms after I have sent radar images and other supporting evidence one the words of Bruce Kittermen saying both the July 25, 2016 and the August 16, 2016 storms hit the south of rapid city with Bruce Kittermen saying and I quote I don't know if you where hit I am not a weatherman. As well as Bruce Kittermen swearing Infront of my 4 year old daughter while on a conference call with Shane Brown and threatening to physically remove me from his office after discriminating against my disability in the same meeting. I did have one person try to handle my claim and pay me out for my damages for my claim on August 16, 2016 by telling me to fax a copy of my title in however I received a call ten minutes later from Shane Brown say I have your claim again I will not be reviewing it and I will be denying it immediately. My total condition adjusted market value was suppose to be $4,473.00 sales tax $178.92 deductible -$500.00 and net adjusted value $4,151.92. I have tried to talk to a high up manger several times I have tried to escalate my claims with no return info while being told they have 72 hours that they have to contact you back in. I have been told they is no way to contact the hr department or higher personal I only found your email by conducting my own searches which lead me to state farms 2016 code of conduct with your name as CEO and then searched your name for a way to contact you which of course I did find finally after about 2 months of looking on my own no one in state farm gave any information on you or anyone else to contact I would very much like a replay from you with a course of action taken also if my car is now a salvage title it will do me no good so if that is the case I will need my hail damage payout and I would like an apology letter for all involved to discuss with my disability consoler and just to let you know I have been meeting with my consoler to discuss how I am wrong why I am a criminal in the eyes of the state farm reps involved how I am to go forward with doing business at the location that Doug Aspen made me appair as a dishonest criminal person and how I am the bad guy due to my dealings it will take some time to correct my thinking about myself with this manner

Posted by Anonymous

My car was supposed to be refunded a payment that was taken out and wasn't supposed to be on that date my agent assured me it was taken care of today is Wednesday this happened the following Friday when will I get my money refunded back to my card

Posted by Anonymous

I have been a customer for many years! Not a happy customer now! My car a2010 Chev Impala was flooded on Aug12 2016! My car has yet to b picked up & inspected so I can move on to more important issue, like repairing my flooded home! I have been a customer of Roger N n Independence La for years! I am considering dropping State Farm when I purchase my next car!!!

Posted by Kevin

my car Audi Q7 was hit by a another car right behind me on high way on July 10th, for which the police filed 100% being responsible by the other car. However, my issuance company State Farm is so mean, so rudely that it authorized its body shop to cut out a piece of my damaged exhausting tube and welded into an piece of After-market tube, which created bigger noice than before. I called many times to request to replace it with a Audi part, they refused, left my car exhausting louder to drive. Nowhere to complains for being treated this way by State Farm. I wrote this review, hoping someone one may help me.

Posted by Bekajar

OK so my dwelling of two bedrooms, my master bedroom has this major leak, the ceiling tile and fiberglass fall all on my tv, bed and printer. Water has invaded my domain. Contact them 06/03/2016. I have two grandchildren I am currently caring for and they sleep in the second bedroom. Now my bedroom is uninhabitable due to the water and debris, which I ha having to endure the apartment complex as well. So STATE FARM AGENT JOSH is the agent, Now LeAnn 7 an Ins. Agent make the necessary contacts to get the ball rolling. Spoke to the claims dept... the tell me they will call me back so I can go stay elsewhere since my bedroom is uninhabitable and I wait wait and wait. This company is A JOKE THEY ARE Decietful... they lie. So a month later I'm still in my dwelling sleeping in living room because they are incompetent and lack any type of integrity! They will not pay the monies due to me. On top of THAT JOSH ACTS LIKE HE IS ON BOARD WITH HELPING RESOLVE THE MATTER..WOW WHAT A JOKE HERE TOO! SO MY PROPERTY THAT WAS DAMAGED I AM TOLD TO TAKE IT FOR DIAGNOSIS AT BEST BUY! Why am i going to do the work these should have done! HAVE COMPLIED WITH ALL THE REQUESTS AND SUBMITTED ALL NEEDED PICTURESOME ETC. NOT EVER DID THESE BABOONS EVER COME IN PERSON TO EVALUATE THE DAMAGES. SO THESE PEOPLE ANDROID STATE FARM ARE THIEVES LIARS ANDROID THE CLAIM ADJUSTERS BASICALLY DETERMINE IF YOU SHOUTCAST GET TAKEN CARE OF! FRANK IS A CLAIMSATURDAY ADJUSTER AND AN ASS! The will NOT allow you to speak with Management! All they can say is I Sorry! SO THE adjusters make their own rules and their interpretations. So that they don't pay out! They like playing the waiting game!

Posted by xiomy725

I cancelled my insurance on june 26 which is way more than enough time to get my refund and have my vehicle removed but neither has been done and I hate the fact that you have to "speak" to your statefarm agent to change anything on your damn policy!!!!!! with geico you can change add or delete anything on your own right on your phone can't wait to get my refund start with geico good bye statefarm jerks!!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

I went to get sticker for my Honda civic.. I had no cif of ins. service station called 3 times get leave a msg. I've called 3 times get leave a msg.. no call back from my state farm agent.. also I've tried for mths to have ins put in my name as my husband passed away last nov.

Posted by Anonymous

If I cancel an policy here in Atlanta within 24 hours, Why does it takes up to 2 weeks for me to receive my refund back on my card, If you can assist me with this matter, It would be very much appreciated. Thanks

Posted by Marguerite

My Mother and I have been customers of State Farm for a few years now. Fortunately we've never had to use our policy, until recently. We are in terrible need of a new roof on our house and although State Farm sent an adjuster out here it was determined that I our roof damage was do to wear and tear.My Mother and I both live alone together.We have large holes in the roof and it is leaking considerably and the ceiling is almost coming through. My question is why doesn't State Farm reach out to the people that really need the help. State Farm is over a billion dollar company and all we need is about $5,000 to put a new roof over our house!!We pay our policy every time it comes due and receive nothing from Statefarm. State farm DOES NOT CARE about the needs of REAL people in crisis. We'll be looking for a new insurance company. SHAME on you State farm. You don't get it, you just want the money!!!!

Posted by Jtrick1

I am a State Farm customer for years now, and I have never experienced such poor service on my claim number I am waiting 10 days now for approval on this claim. You never should have gotten rid of live adjusters because this process sucks !! I have car rental and hertz keeps calling my body shop, when are they getting there car back, when they should be calling you idiots. When this is over, I'm going shopping for a new insurance.

Posted by jodan

I have had State Farm for my car insurance for a very long time, so I though I would get better treatment. It seems that the State Farm people do not recognize a con when they see it. The stop so that someone can run into them, then claim that they are injured and their car is damaged. Which neither happened. I did not have my foot on the gas when I bumped into the con's car bumper, it just rolled into her back bumper. And she was fine when she was running around taking pictures of my cards etc. But no one believe me, that I knew from the beginning it was a con. I couldn't talk to my agent, she wouldn't take my call to tell me about the claim. Victoria Luskin has been my agent for many years, so you would think she would at least be courteous. My insurance went up $71.00 this quarter. Being this is the thanks I get for being a State Farm customer for decades, well I think it's time to look around at other companies.

Posted by Anonymous


I'm Carmen Diaz, policy number the reason for writing is because on April 18 the sinister was presented with my two cars in the city of Houston and I spent 40 days working to resolve my problem and still has not been resolved my case, this is generating me expense one thousand dollars per month and the risk that the GAP insurance does not cover the remaining debt with the bank, please I need to contact a claims department supervisor as soon as I can but I need you can give me a phone number of supervisor.

Posted by Anonymous

I'm Donny Saenz,my claim is out of portage owe me over two years of loss wages that's over a hundred thousand. You won't pay but yet you won't send me a deniel letter to take you too court to get the money. You owe me over a hundred thousand I'm not sitting duck on this pass the buck to adjuster, after adjuster I will still call everyday till I get an answer its not hard to pay what you owe. Your lawyers say you owe me, so may up! One angry unhappy customer.

Posted by Stejoe

To start, statefarm has illegally forged my signature on a renters policy that I asked for a quote. They then made an error and canceled my full coverage for 2 years. After an accident, we noticed all of these things during my claim. At first, they fixed all the issues, then they don't have a rental car agreement in my area. So I get a phone call telling me they were sorry the following day, for telling me that my car was at a select shop. They got the names wrong and tried to charge me towing. They pay for the second tow and I have them send it to my mechanic. They then tell me they don't have an adjuster in my area and said I can do an estimate take pictures with my phone and send it to them since my mechanic is an old school old man in my small town. They deny the claim and say that it's too high for the area. They could not tell me the area range and said it needs to be lower or they won't pay. So my mechanic tells them what he is dropping it to. They then, proceed to raise their voice on the phone because I have called 3 times asking why it has been two days since the revised quote. They yell, refuse to put me on with a supervisor. These guys are awful, law breaking, rude untrained brutes. I hope that my complaints don't go unnoticed.


I currently have state farm insurance as well as my entire family. I had an accident on 6/9/15, I was hit while parked. I am really disappointed on the way a supervisor handled a complaint call I made against an employee. I would like a manager to call me so I can explain my situation. I am reaching out to state farm because Ive decide to report this incident to 20/20 for an episode of claim adjuster nightmare. Before I decided to go forward. I was challenge and sort of threaten by a supervisor in your company. When I told her that I was going to make a report she stated go ahead because not all calls are recorded and I received all complaints and to trust her no one else will received that report because its her department and no one will get it. I reassure her that I will do everything possible to make sure someone with higher authority will get my report she said go ahead I have all your files in front of me and she reassured me again that no matter what I do no one else will received the complaint.

Thank you

Posted by Anonymous

I do hope these messages are sent to State Farm management. I am an adjuster with another insurance company. When asked to return a call, I'm not given the team # so have to go through whole telephone tree, speak with someone, get team ph# then wait 10 minutes to speak with someone. This is ridiculous and very irritating. I just made a return call and NOW am given a direct line to adjuster (3 weeks into the claim). Why didn't I get that sooner? I'm so irritated I've started to be snarky with State Farm adjusters. This is unfair. The system in place just has to change. I don't like being snarky and dealing with "State Farm hate" i'm developing. Please address this problem. I'm surely not the only one feeling disgusted.

Posted by [email protected]

State Farm felt I was a bad risk and raised my auto premiums from $638,00 (six months) to $980.00 six months. When I objected they ask my permission to re-rate the auto policy and suggested $200.00 in premium discounts already applied would be withdrawn and auto premiums would be approx. $1180 every months. I have no tickets or accidents of any kind - State Farm agent agrees with this.

I changed my insurance company instead (Country Financial); who sold same auto policy for approx. $650.00 (including renters insurance). Had the new insurance agent handle the actual transfer. State Farm sent a premium refund check U.S. bank will not cash nor accept for deposit ten days ago. Their explanation is I am the problem because must have terrible credit at U.S. Bank. U.S. Bank said problem is the check is not in the system.

Posted by Donny

claim service is bull they lie. and they love to deny deny they will pull out old case laws its one big jock. they don't have there people doing the same some claims get more favortism then others. adusters are bullies.

Posted by Val

Its beyond ridiculous trying to get someone to give refund or provide a letter of why I have not received a refund. I been calling and emailing agent and customer service since December 3,2015.Everyone keeps throwing the blame on other departments or my agent. Agent office says its corporate,csr says its agent, they will have someone contact me, nothing. Useless

Posted by Vslerie

Its beyond ridiculous trying to get someone to give refund or provide a letter of why I have not received a refund. I been calling and emailing agent and customer service since December 3,2015.Everyone keeps throwing the blame on other departments or my agent. Agent office says its corporate,csr says its agent, they will have someone contact me, nothing. Useless,Im glad I switched what a hassle

Posted by Henry F

Any phone call to State Farm claims Dept. has an automatic message that wait time is "More than 20 minutes" This coupled with having to wait 4-5 days for an adjuster is horrible customer service.

Posted by disapointed

I have had state farm for 31 years with no claims against my homes or autos. I have full coverage on my autos even when they are lien free. I put in a small claim when I had a tow strap wrap around my drive shaft and poke a hole in my gas tank. The agent was nice but not helpful because the claim department is so messed up they cant even communicate together. The agent told me to have the truck towed and get an estimate and they'll take care of it, when the claims department called me an hour later they said what do you mean you took it to a shop? we need three estimates before we ok anything so you wont be covered? Also very rude! The shop was ready in hours to install the new gas tank and get my truck back to me but I was told no I need to wait until they figure each other out (state farm). 5 days went by and they called my service department and told them they didn't want to buy a new tank and they had found one at the local salvage yard? After another day the service department told me the tank the found wasn't even out of the old smashed truck and that it would be another day? Then the icing on the cake! Some claims lady calls service and asked how the towing was going to be billed? I had found this towing company affiliated with state farm and they were going to bill them directly BUT the claims lady then told service no just bill me and they will reimburse me later. Needless to say after 31 years of paying STATE FARM FRAUD I will be switching companies ASAP, already found better insurance for less and cancelled my 47 year life insurance policy because I wouldn't trust state farm to pay it anyway when I'm gone.......

Posted by Anonymous

It's really sad how state Farm agents can make huge mistakes and State Farm covers up and nobody takes the blame when you know you should. I will never recommend your company to anybody and pray that God will destroy your company. It's all about the company and not your customer's. What goes around will surely come back to hunt you and your headquarter's office!!!!

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Posted by Anonymous

i have a problem with my payment the customer service is excellent trying to be as helpful as possible trying to resolve the problem

Posted by Jim

Filed a lighting damager to electronic equipment claim with my local State Farm agent because I have a hearing deficit with phone conversations. The new norm for filing a claim is by phone or Internet. Seems the customer is now their own agent. However, my agent was eager to file the claim for me while I provided needed information. The lady that handling my account is very obliging and had the claim filed by phone in about twenty-minutes. This was completed around 1:00PM. A claims agent was assigned during the claim process. At 3:00PM the claims agent called to verify the documents and what happened. He was very courteous and stayed on topic. Within five-minutes we concluded the conversation and he advised a check would be mailed Monday. All this happened on Friday. Check arrived the following Thursday.

I am pleased with his assessment and amount allowed and with my agent.

This review is toward my agent, not State Farm's customer service which is the pits. Thankfully, I did not need to deal with them.

Posted by Anonymous

I would like to express my appreciation to two very kind employees. Leslie in the Hampton Bays NY office and Suzanne in the Patchogue NY office. They were both incredibly kind and so helpful when I reached out for help regarding my moms policy, who is now in a nursing home. Their customer service was outstanding, which unfortunately is not always the case when contacting businesses these days. They deserve to be recognized. Thank you!

Posted by mssvett

Today I used State Farm Roadside Service for the 1st time. Ms. Ebony ext. 66521 answered my call. She is a professional and knowledgeable about the company's roadside service offers, while being understanding about my situation. Ms. Ebony provided calmness to an uneasy moment. I deal with many people and she is the perfect person for phone communication. I will continue to use State Farm Roadside service. I will tell my friends about the customer service offered by this company. Ms. Ebony thank you for putting a bit of laughter in my day.

Posted by Anonymous

Love them great people and they work.hard. when I have a question I call and they get back to.pretty quick. Ha an.accident about 2 years ago my fault. And had no.problem no.issue. I.dont.see what so.wrong about them. the toe and my insurance said that it was tona place and with half hour I had a great rental no.issue no.problems . They cam see the car. They and the next 2 days I had the check.and another issue. them and staying with them

Posted by noon

I want . Mike Thomas still continue to be my insurance agent, I understand he has retired, but I still want to stay with that location which is now Jason Chafe plus due to the Awesome service that would be why. I dont like the fact that I got removed from there so I would appreciate it if your would put me back with my agent if not I will find another. Thank u

Posted by dave73

I signed up with State Farm with the Rick Greenberg office, after I had a dispute of my own with Farmers Insurance. I explained my situation that my original Farmers agent was dropped, & that Farmers was trying to make my mom & I go with Angela Rice, who is rarely in her office, & that her office is also inside the same storefront as Integrity Real Estate (I feel is a conflict of interest, but Farmers thought that was ok, while Rick Greenberg thought that was not ok). Since Farmers refused to let us transfer to the Melissa Torres office of Farmers, I looked into State Farm, & I picked Rick Greenberg, because his office was close to home, & the only office in Griffith Indiana that's open on Saturdays (the other 4 agents are closed on Saturdays). Since switching to State Farm, I saw my rate go down, & I only had to make one claim, & that was to have my car towed, after the engine went out on the car (fortunately, there was no wreck, & that the problem happened on a residential road, where I was able to control my vehicle). I got a call from Doreen the next day wanting to know what happened, & I explained what happened. She was helpful, & she thought the small charge for having my car towed was justified, & only costed State Farm $65, rather than hundreds of dollars, had my car been in a wreck. I however don't believe the so-called GPS that they use from the cellphone company (via the triangular celltower method), since they detected a tower that was more than 5 miles from where I was located. That was the only problem I had with State Farm with their tracking method. I've heard more positive reviews from people I know who have State Farm, & looking to stay with State Farm. I may have to find a different State Farm agent when I move out of state. I was considering returning to Dale Terpstra (my original agent when he was with Farmers, until January of last year), but after looking at what he offers with Erie Insurance, Erie actually costs more than what I'm getting with State Farm, & Erie only serves 11 states, while State Farm is nationwide. As much as I had wanted to return to Dale Terpstra, State Farm has more to offer for me, along with saving me money, & as long as I stay in NW Indiana, I'll be staying with the Rick Greenberg office of State Farm. That is something I would not get from Erie, & especially not from Farmers.

Posted by Joe

The Joanna Boothe State Farm Insurance Agency was THERE when we needed them. My daughter was in a serious accident that totaled her car. First and foremost, State Farm made sure she was OK and gave her the proper steps to medical attention. The wrecker arrived timely and all paperwork was done expeditiously, such that the claim was settled in a matter of a few days with money in hand!! Thank you, State Farm, for being There for us.

Posted by Joe

The Joanna Boothe State Farm Agency was THERE. My daughter was involved in a serious accident that totaled her car. First and foremost, they made sure my daughter was OK and directed her for proper medical attention. The wrecker arrived timely and all paperwork done expeditiously to get us our check for the totaled vehicle within a matter of a few days!! Thank you State Farm for being there for us!!



Posted by Christine

I was in an accident with a state farm policy holder. I expected to be treated nasty. What I received from every state farm associate that I spoke with was very friendly and helpful upstanding service. Everything is good to go and they were more friendly and helpful than my own ins. Co. Thankful statefarm!!! You were there for me!!!!

Posted by janet

I have been with State Farm for about 2 years.
My Family (parents&brothers) have all been insured at Kara Allison's office in Plymouth, Indiana. I have been paying my bill online instead of it coming out of my savings acct.
I get a call saying that my boll i paid didnt come through. I go to the office to clear the problem. Come to find out it was my february bill which i had not paid yet. One of Kara Allison's secretary got out a tablet and when i asked her if she was trying to get more money out of me her reply was yes. I left her office upset and told her i would be finding me a new Insurance Company. I have found a new Insurance Company and Agent. I will no longer need your service. There will never be a State Farm Agent in Plymouth as good as I or my family members had in Tom Leavell or Fred Brenner.
Janet Watkins

Posted by B Barker

I have state farm insurance and this past month had a car crash into my front house, state farm, was there to back my family up with getting half the house rebuilt within a three days we had a house again.

Posted by Billybob

When I filed a claim for a roof damaged by hail, they also check the interior of my home and paid for a small water leak. This was without me asking them to do so.

Posted by Anonymous

I did not know that your new agents where given less than a year to make regional managers quota's. I guess I was under the impression that agents are to be there for their ( and the companies) coustomers. Having found this out I may be finding a new insurance company after 35 years!
I was unaware that families and communities do not count in YOUR world. I guess just my money can say it loud enough.
Your Agent on Main Street in Shawano is one of the top insurance agents I have ever met. Much better than the former agent who wrote policies and sent out reminders. Which i know the main office took care of.
But as of late with a keen eye and with a little internet searching. I have found that this office is under some extreme pressure from a jacked up supervisor from a large metropilis.
I understand better than most that a qouta system is an incentive to work a little harder. But in tough economic times. Service companies need to back off just a little. Like I said before. I am not pleased with what I have found out, myself, and other will be looking to other companies if what I think is happening, happens. This may be news worthy. Headlines: State Farm Removes Agent Quotas!...?

Posted by SFL DUDE

I have been a client of State Farm since 2001 before that I was with Progressive, and I never been treated like VIP before until I joined State Farm, my agent back then, he would do anything in his power to give top notch customer service. I never dealt directly with State Farm only with Jeffrey, my agent. My Sate Farm, Jeffrey, even saved me during a closing. When I had a car accident, State Farm took care of all, I mean ALL the ordeal...they made sure the car got picked up by the towing, my rental delivered to my house and my car delivered back to me. I understand that not all business suits everybody expectation, but in my book and all that I have recommended State Farm fits the bill...the best of luck to all unhappy customer...and I do not work at State Farm.

Posted by dag

My experience with State Farm has been a good one; you can run into individuals who could give any company a bad rap. My agent is a phenominal guy and I know that he gives me straight honest talk. On one or two occassions I have dealt with someone who is inconsiderate; if you genuinely get burned by someone, take it up the ladder . . . if everybody along the way gives you grief, then you need to change companies.


Posted by Anonymous

I am writing to let you know that State Farm agent Arthur Ratliffe in Decatur Georgia is an exemplary employee that you should be very happy to have in your company.

I have been a customer with your company for only about two weeks now.

Today I stopped by his office to check on some policy details and when leaving discovered that I had inadvertently locked myself out of my car. Now I know this happens to lots of people but it hasn't happened to me in many years and I was quite upset and stranded with a busy schedule to complete.

Yes, my new policy with your company includes a lock smith service to get me back on the road but that could be an hour or more delay. Mr. Ratliffe, was kind enough to give me a ride home and back to get the spare key. That is service that I will never forget and that will keep me a State Farm customer forever.

Thank you Arthur Ratliffe,
Lynn Burda

Posted by jta4osu

State Farm is the elite on Client Fiduciary Relationship and should be the Benchmark how corporations should be in USA. If they were a bank i guarantee our crisis wouldn't of happened.
I feel like people complaining created the issues on their own and some of the problems is communication. Also claims with insurance company are devils. That is their job. Every one has horror stories but overall SF does have the best rated by consumer surveys with speed, check, transition in regards to incidents if you are insured under them.

After i graduated from college, I worked with the best financial planners in nation. His client base were doctors, lawyers, professional sports players and upper class affluent individuals. My position was analyzing clients insurance policies by identifying risk therefore fixing clients insurance risk in a fiduciary matter.State Farm was the best company when it came to matching your risk levels and not OVER or UNDER insuring agents.

One of my task was to use my knowledge and test local companies out to hopefully find an agent that acts in the interest of client-Not pocket book. I called all companies in local area for 4 days straight. State Farm was by far the best consultant and never, i mean never tried to put me in something i did not need. I asked them should i have life insurance. Agent said no because my loans were through gov not private and under co signer.They insisted that i might pick up final expense insurance so my father would not have a couple thousand expense for nice funeral for a couple bucks a year since im 24. PS they dont even write this.

I personally got rate and it was pretty high bc i was not 24. Like 400 year but I like true honest individuals and will pay for honesty. I just moved from Ohio to ca. The agent networked me to another agent and this new agent is awesome. I feel like they build a relationship over time. If i have question boom they send me an email while explaining it easily so i understand. I might be young with old school mind but i know State Farm breeds great employees and my agent has networked, helped me out in CA since im new.

This is How I was ripped off by G and P:
After understanding how insurance companies work, i realized I was one of millions that get ripped off/Take Advantage of by both Geico and Progressive see below)
I was with Geico 4 years and Progressive 3 years from age 19. They stole from a hard working college kid(me) that did not know better, If you are an Ohio State student or alum dont go to them. Go Bucks!!I realized after two years with progressive that i was over insured and a discount that their insurance consultant should discounted my monthly prem by $85 a month= 2040 2 years. I set up with them by using their cool software that says click to call while you are building your policy.

Posted by txcustomer

All intelligent homeowners should know that a public adjuster is always worth hiring when it comes to adjusting a claim on your own. I had an adjuster work on my behalf this year on a claim for water damage due to a faulty water heater. State Farm was professional and met all of our demands, covered all of our additional living expenses and delivered our checks promptly. If you are having difficulty with a claim, contact a public adjuster and let them handle the frustration. Plus the insurance company works better with adjusters.

Posted by Jag

From what I'm reading, the agent holding the account might be the problem. I have been with State Farm for 40+ years spanning 3 agents. All my claims were processed timely and professionally. The lady that holds my account locally is always friendly and eager to assist in any way she can. When the agent is in and he sees me come in, he comes up front to greet me.

There is rumor around here that State Farm is considering an 8.50 home owner increase. This might trigger my decision to go insurance shopping. I realize the company is taking huge hits from all the recent natural disasters.

Posted by Anonymous

I had a problem with a transaction at my local agency recently and although the problem has yet to be resolved, the customer service person with whom I spoke (CHRISTOPHER) was as helpful as he could possibly be from the national standpoint. I've never dealt with a customer service representative that was so friendly and understanding. EXCEPTIONAL SERVICE.

Also, I didn't have to sit on hold for more than 1 minute which is absolutely a huge plus in my book!!


Posted by maureen m.ritner

I have been with State Farm Ins for over ten years and I was involved in an auto accident Dec.9,2010,and contacted my agent Marie Kerlin in Princeton that same day.
I would like to praise everyone connected with State Farm as they were so courteous and caring and made a difficult time very easy.
They were all concerned first about my well being and then proceeded to process my claim and get me back to where I was before the accident.
From the first contact at Marie's office until the reolution they went above and beyond they are all to be commended as to their professionalism and compassion in a very difficult time,I was made to feel like I really mattered with each contact that I had made.
I wish I knew all the people that processed my claim to thank them on an individual basis however I do not so I will say thank you to all and hope that they are recognized for a job well done and my compliments to a company that really stands by their words.
Maureen M. Ritner
41 Raccoon Avenue
Whiting,NJ 08759

Posted by statefarmfan

I think the thing that often gets overlooked when trying to reach a person in the 24 hour service at a toll free number is the idea that State Farm still relies heavily on an agent-to-customer relationship. It's very easy to just call an Agent's office listen to the prompts and get connected to the 24 hour service.

I have a great relationship with my Agent and I find comfort in the fact that if I have an emergency like an accident, flat tire, or anything causing damage to my home I can get a hold of a real person to get the assistance I need.

There may be a few questions that can't get answered by the after hours service, but they can always get a message to the person that CAN get me the answers I need.

All in all I've had a great experience with the Customer Service line with State Farm.

Thanks for posting this number though!

Posted by xochilt

wow i never imagene this expirience,why is close to imposible answer just one question i called more than 6 numbers just to know when u guys will give me my money back and never get an answer, why? they are not able to answes a question they just give another number to call................of 6 times that i called only one woman gave me a good customer service

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Posted by MikeTwenty-Five

People on this site are ridiculous...after reading about a quarter of these comments I am convinced that no one knows how insurance works. Take the time to call your agent (whether you have State Farm, Nationwide, Westfield, whatever...) and have them REALLY explain to you how and when your coverage is used. Not to mention learn to be self sufficient...I am assuming most people here are older than 6.

Posted by Anonymous

I was employed by a State Farm Agent for about 2 years. When I first became employed I was to start at an agreed hourly rate. Needless to say, my first check was $3 less hourly than we had discussed. The Agent also offered to continue to pay my health insurance bill, which in time lapsed due to none payment. The bill sat on his desk for months even after countless reminders. A year after my employment, I became pregnant. During my pregnancy I had many pregnancy related complications. The Agent treated me horribly my entire pregnancy and terminated my employment after I had been hospitalized during my 8th month of pregnancy. I have heard countless complaints like this from people who were and are employed with a State Farm Agent. I have watched employee's wages get cut after 12 years of working for the same Agent. I have been told by other pregnant women that they have been let go, terminated and also told they are going to only make commission after receiving a salary for years. The Agent's I have worked with have all quoted illegally and some don't even have licensed staff. State Farm Agent's are nothing close to a "good neighbor"!

Posted by k8ebear

i worked for state farm, and i witnessed people with more wealth, or political power get higher preference as far as pushing for lower premiums. i have also been given the run around between the office that covered me up until a month ago, and the claims department. when it comes down to it. the agents are in it for themselves. Their office staff work their butts off, get no credit, and the agent, who is rarely in the office gets all the credit AND commission. the office that i was recently covered by, I was in there a good 6 times in a year, and i have never met the agent. never been contacted or greeted by the agent. and his staff SLOWED my claims process. I'd rather work with a DIFFERENT friendly voice each time i call progressive, and speak to someone who knows what they're doing. State Farm is for the wealthy. i can't afford them. i left them.


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