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Staples customer service is ranked #82 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 61.76 out of a possible 200 based upon 505 ratings. This score rates Staples customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


386 Negative Comments out of 505 Total Comments is 76.44%.


119 Positive Comments out of 505 Total Comments is 23.56%.

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    • 61.76 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 386 negative comments (76.44%)
    • 119 positive comments (23.56%)
    • 16 employee comments
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    • 3.0 Issue Resolution
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Posted by Anonymous

Well David from OHIO liquidated your Cranberry, Pa. route 322 store last year but not with out the help of Donald J. Burkett, his daughter Sharon and her now husband Scott Russell. Sharon and Scott got paid but Donald never got paid for the wooden pallets he supplied nor the u haul truck used and paid for by Donald to do the job. David got both experience and other assistance or he would not have been done in weeks.The check out counters as well as many others are still sitting in the way at Donald's farm. Donald owned and operated J J trash/cleanout company and first liquidated Montgomery wards stores years ago. It is a woman that new about it in corporate head quarters that Donald assisted Dave or it would not have gotten done. There has never been a complaint against J J trash/ cleanout in about 30 years. Is that why they were not used locally instead of Dave of Ohio??? Well if we are not good enough to do the jobs in. Pennsylvania than we are not shopping in your stores nor on line

Posted by Mary

I just left out of the Lithonia, Ga store, trying to make copies for class. I had to use of the computers to print my papers. I had to put $10 on a card, since they didn't accept cash for the copies and there's no refund if you don't use all the money. I sat down at the computer and waited for the website to come up and it didn't. I called the young lady that works there over and explained to her ( I'm still being charged for computer use), while she went to find the manager. The manager came over only to tell me there's nothing she could do. I asked if they could pull the site up from their computer and she said yes. Mind, you I still had to pay almost $5.00 for nothing.... I couldn't even pull up the site, I paid for waiting on the worker and manager ........ And I couldn't get my money back off the card or a receipt. The manager said she couldn't provide one. I use Staples often, this is not normal for them. But I will not be back once spending the remaining money on the card.

Posted by Larry

Staples return policy made me want to continue doing business with them. I bought the wrong hp ink and they (Staples) allowed me to return it despite the fact that I had opened the package. They (you) lost money on me but will gain much more in the long run.

Posted by Anonymous

since when have you started selling items as first come first serve and to add to that it is by state. why don't just tell us on web site it first come first serve. instead i have to wait till i receive an e-mail that item is cancelled but it still listed as available on your web site.

Posted by Divya John

I was not satisfied with the quality of the invitations I had printed at this store. It is for a big event and I need them to be correct so I would appreciate it I got a refund on the money spent.

Posted by Anonymous

My wife just returned from your flemington, nj (reaville Ave) store upset with the treatment she received while shopping. The manager on duty around 5pm was completely rude and short with her as she asked questions regarding merchandise and rebates. My wife and I are loyal customers and shop there frequently. I don't understand why a manager would treat a customer so inappropriately. He needs to be retrained immediately or not be in retail. I am NOT happy with this event and will be accompanying my wife to the store, unless we decide to go to Office Max from now on, and we shall see if he is rude again. I don't believe he will be that obnoxious with me there!!! I expect resolution soon or you will be losing good customers and will definitely get this out in social media in a big way if not.
Frank Falcone

Posted by Anonymous

Been waiting 95 minutes for copies only one person here in the copy center and she is great manager just walking around no help very bad management with schedules

Posted by Anonymous

After ordering Econoco shelf brackets on line, they don't fit. 1st of all, all I needed was 2, but they came in a box of 25, I don't know what I was going to do with the other 23. The mailing service was great received they in around 4 days, when I opened the box there was no order slip, or return slip. Guess what, they don't fit. I am trying to return them, because I can't find my ordering on the computer, and there was no return slip I call Staples, spoke with one lady, couldn't find out any information about my order, she transferred me, told the problem to another foreign woman, put me on hold for around 10 minutes, then I took the hint that she hung up on me. I still have the brackets and want to return them but no body seems to be able to help me.

Posted by rhoco

Whenever Staples ships other than UPS, our items that we order are delayed by 2 to 3 days. Add that to the fact that everytime I try to purchase using both a Staples reward card and out company credit card, they apply the entire order to the credit card. And the live chat is useless. I am seriously thinking that Staples is no longer worth giving our business to.

Posted by Warren Boston

How can I know if the product is suitable unless I have opened it and tested it.

Posted by Buyer

Ordered online and laptop was to be ready in an hour. The order was not ready and I was told they hadn't processed the payment yet. Was given the generic phone number to call. Save yourself some time and ask for the credit department right away. The credit department had to call the store manager to make special arrangements because even though there are 7 in stock they want to ship my order to the store for pickup tomorrow. ??? I was on the phone a minimum of 45 minutes. I would suggest not placing your order on line for pickup same day.

Posted by Never again

This is highway robbery 😕 I walked into Staples looking to make a copy of a form that I sent to my email address.. I only stopped at Staples because it was a Monday and my local library is usually closed on Mondays.. thinking that it would be free and easy, I only brought maybe $10 (just in case) as soon as I got in there I noticed how things had simply changed... you now had to add money onto a card to use the computer to print something from the email address.. I was shocked.. I visited Staples over the years by making copies of forms and I don't ever remember having to go through so much trouble, not only do they charge you for the copies, but they charge you for the computers, by the minute❗ I was immediately upset 😕 from that in all I spent $5 💸at Staples making copies and printing from my own email address... now $5 may seem a little small to be upset about, but I have reason to be upset when I could have done that same job from my public library for $0.20 😭 very disappointed and I assured them before I left I would be rating Staples as well as posting it on social media.. this is not a place that I recommend if you are trying to get copies fax Forward,anything computer, go to the library its much cheaper more realistic in price....Flint Mi, Court St.👎🙅

Posted by roxy2016

Hi, just want to let people know, how bad of a service the company offers. I seriously do not understand, how come they are still in business. I placed an order at the store for printer, in which, I was told it would at the store for pick up next day. When I passed by the store next day, the printer was not there. I waited at the store for 40 minutes, while they said to be tracking the package with the ups, and they did not have an answer about the issue, so they would call me later, as soon as they found out some information on the package. A lady called, from out of state, and gave a fake excuse as to why the package was not there, but that wuold have no later than a certain date for sure, and gave me a fake ups tracking number. When it got to the date, the package was suppost to arrive, there was no package again. Went to the store, and was told, the merchandise, had just been shipped that day. I still have not yet received the merchandise, and theonly reson, I have not cancelled, Iis because im using a store credit. I have never in my life experienced, such bad service, or dealt with such incompetent people in my life. Do yourselves a favor, and don't ever order anything from this company. They shameless.

Posted by Anonymous

I went to your store at 23 mile & Gratiot in chesterfield township with a coupon for paper priced at $14.99 for 10reams. The employee said they were all out and could get a rain check, but for 19.99. This was 10 miles drive for nothing, I received it on my iPad that day and you were all out. You should have stock on hand when you run a sale. You will not get any more business from me, always out of stock on sale items.. Thanks for nothing.

Posted by Troy

There's a STAPLES in Gateway Mall in Brooklyn. When you go into the store, granted where I went (the copy center) people are helpful. However, if you call into the store, no one picks up the phone. After calling a few times, and someone answers, they put you on hold for about 30 minutes. WHO'S THE MANAGER OF THIS PLACE?! Who's In Charge Of This Facility? The customer service is truly disgusting for someone calling in. NO ONE and I do mean NO ONE should be on hold for 30 minutes. Currently, I'm on the phone waiting and NO ONE is answering. This is Disgusting.

Posted by Anonymous

If you are looking for mailing envelopes on-line, Staples has them. BUT they do not advise in advance that your 2 very light boxes of envelopes will be shipped with a whopping $10 shipping charge. Buyer beware.

Posted by john

I'm in staples currently the supervisor is gabbing on the phone yelling and screwing at her son then she proceeds to another conversation with her girlfriend.meanwhike I've come into 56 Broadway at 12pm waiting like a statue for 50 minutes. I've never been treated so rudely. An hour later she says she is doing a ticket.people were behind me and they helped them and ignored me.ive been so patience and nice.but this is sad staples has lost a god via customer.

Posted by Anonymous

Your website says 24 seven customer service, that is incorrect I called about 1205 and no one was there and said you close at 11 PM. I am very unsatisfied with this. I spent a long time looking for purchases on your website approximately an hour and a half and when I called to find out you were close when you do say you're 24 seven I was very upset. Please contact me ASAP .

Name is Danielle/Donald Wolf and I am very very upset and need to treason

re solve-this problem.


Posted by JP SMith

Staples Advantage website needs an overhaul. I have written numerous times but no one responds. I work in a business. Ordering supplies is an added task that everyone hates. So, why not make it easy. No they shove things on the site that I may want to order, or other customers have ordered. I don't care. I just want to place the order and get back to my real job. Developers of websites listen. ASK THE CUSTOMER WHAT THEY WANT. After all, they are the customer.


Horror show. Even though I bought a computer, they treated me like a piece of sh*t.

Head office ignored my complaints. That's all the convincing i need. I will never buy anything at Staples EVER again. Staples stinks.

Posted by Mtn Man

So I have had a battle of wits with a completely unarmed group of morons at Staples. They changed their policy to start charging for shipping - yet there website says completely different in several areas. Despite sending them screen shots, yes, actual screen shots with the links, these idiots are arguing with me. Their C.S. is among the crappiest of absolutely anyone.

Posted by Anonymous

Today I was in staples with my sister Marlyn Hoyte, daughter and nieces. My daughter and one of nieces said that they would like to used the bathroom. I told the girls come on let see if there is a bathroom in here. We saw a security guard and my niece ask him if she can use the bathroom. The security guard direct us to the bathroom and said ask the young man to use the bathroom. When I got there and ask the young Indian man to use the bathroom he told me that someone is in the bathroom and this is not a public bathroom, I said to him I know It is not a public bathroom, but my daughter and niece would like to used it because they can hold the urine. HE then began to say let this be the last time. I told him I didn't just came off the road to use the bathroom I was in the store purchasing things. HE goes on to say the bathroom is for staff only don't make it a practice. I said okay thank you. When the two girls finished using the bathroom I told him thank you for letting them using the bathroom, he didn't answer but make a face and said don't do it again. A white man and his son was waiting for the bathroom when I came out. I went up to the white nice man and ask him if that young man told you its not a public bathroom he said no all he said is that someone is in there we just have to wait. I asked the man that question right in front of him. I see it's because I'm a black woman he have to tell me that; come on people you don't have any heart. WHY is it we can live loving and get along with each other? No one is perfect or better than others. However I when and complain to the supervisor and the supervisor said he will talk to him about it, that not nice. The supervisor apologize for what he said; their is a reason why he standing by the bathroom door so that costumer can use the bathroom. The color of my skin doesn't make me less a human. I don't understand why Indians and some black people think they are white, be who you are no one is better than me and I'm not better than anyone we all are brothers and sisters from one God . Anyways I will be praying for him and others like him we need to stop treating each other less of a human. This happens in staples on Flatbush Avenue.u

Posted by Wratski

For the last couple of years I have been running to Staples
to buy toner cartridges for my laser printer.
This is for a business, so I purchase quite a few.
Last time I went to the store there were no cartridges there.
The manager said he could order the item and have it shipped directly to me.
This worked great.
The next time I need cartridges, I go online only to see that Staples had doubled the price.
Double the price that everyone sells them for.
We call for a price match and are told they would not do that.
Staples has effectively kicked us out the door.
Lucky for us, there are many other options to purchase office supplies,
and we are new suppliers seem to want our business.
Go figure.

Posted by ahillis

I bought an item that cost $60. I paid with my debit card but did not have it on me. I had my receipt but they would not give me cash back even though my receipt clearly showed that I paid with debit!! They said it had to be refunded back on my debit card. I thought paying with debit is the same as paying with cash?!! This happened in north chesterfield va

Posted by Delerous

I was never so discussed as I was I Bismarck N.D. first no one came to ask if I needed help, they knew nothing about the products they asked someone else who also didn't know anything about the product, most of the workers were standing around do nothing. I have always bought my computer products there but no more. They sold me a product I don't need because it cheaper than what I needed,From now it will be a different electronic store. You could just as well close the store because they know nothing. I knew more than they did and I know very little about electronic. You better check your employees and store out because they were better at one time.

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Posted by Satisfied customer

When I went to Staples in California, MD today to return something, Markell made my day. He was very polite, went way out of his way to help me and was Mr. Personality Plus. He really cares about making sure Staples customers are satisfied. Thanks, Markell.

Posted by pinkey

I am very upset for also using my email address and then printing information out with just one page. They charged me .22 for each page and $5.00 shows up on my statement a piece. What is upsetting is the fact that they only tell you the price per page and not the full $5.00.There should be a law against deceiving the customer.

Posted by Anonymous

I would like to compliment Lisa, who works at Staples in Saugus. She is helpful, always pleasant and simply - an

outstanding employee. Each time when I see her at the store, she always greets me, and everyone else, and is always

there to help each customer in any way possible. You are very fortunate to have Lisa as an employee for

your company.
Thank you,

Posted by amshutters

I was in store# 1638 today. It is a very lovely store. The employees are friendly and knowledgeable. The store is very clean and in order. I would recommend this store to everyone.

Posted by Honest Amy

I was pleasantly surprised WHEN I visited the Staples in Catersville, GA the other day. I have always been warned that Staples was a terrible place to shop, but Jessica made my experience a good one. She was willing to stop what she was doing and concentrate on what I needed. She was very polite and offered sincere opinions on what sort of pen I should buy for my coworkers for Christmas (I am on a budget, but still wanted a nice pen for the managers). She really knew what she was talking about and I left with a large amount of new knowledge and feeling as though I had really been helped!

A few of the other workers have not be quite as approachable as she was, so I was not able to give the store a higher score, but I will be returning.

Posted by Robert Fernandez

I want to acknowledge the great help of Anthony in your copying department at your 2052 Bundy drive in West Los Angeles, Ca 90025......he was helpful, gave me a quote was very courteous and packed everything beautifully!!......If you guys sold groceries I wouldn't have to go anywhere else!....Thanks as always......R

Posted by Melissa

I've always had fun shopping at Staples at the Hollywood store! It's always been an adventure observing and buying the various types of office and art supplies. I can't remember ever having a negative experience with customer service. I've been shopping at Staples for many years. Nevertheless, I'm writing this review because of one of Staples most outstanding employee who I shall never forget! His name is Daniel and he works in the computer area. Nearly a year ago my Mac computer became inoperable. I was devastated and the price quotes for fixing my Mac from other places was even more devastating. My son told me to go to Staples they fix computers. When I arrived at the Hollywood store the manager politely told me "sorry we don't work on Mac computers." I was so disappointed and started to leave and then I heard this humble voice from behind the counter say, let me take a look at it! Daniel worked on my computer for maybe 15 to 20 minutes and it has been working like new ever since! I was charged a modest, affordable fee and I have been overwhelmed with gratefulness. Daniel, you certainly have my honor and respect! I don't want to slight the other employees because collectively you all make me feel appreciated and at home when I shop at Staples.

Posted by lynn

I actually always have a good experience when I go to the Huntersville nc store. There is a very nice girl in there. Her name is Marchetta. She has awesome customer service, she is very attentive, she knows were everything is in the store and she can solve problems. I make sure when im having a bad day just go to staples and Marchetta will make me smile.

Posted by judith pratt

I went to the staples in downingtown pa . I must say Stacey was very friendly very helpful .I cant say enough about Stacey. great job Stacey.

Posted by Anonymous

I ordered posters that I customized online and called to check on the status because I needed them asap. I was told that my posters where one of a line of things that needed to be printed off before me. When I explained that I was in a time crunch, Eve was very sympathetic. I told her I could not charge my card after sunset that day and she suggested that I pay that day and then pick up the next morning. I sent my husband to pay, and lo and behold, she had finished the posters for me! She really tried. And she really seemed to care. Employees like this are hard to find in this area. She was such a breath of fresh air.

Posted by ang1274

I just wanted to leave a comment for Trudy from the store in East Syracuse, NY. I went in to the store yesterday to look for a few office supplies as well as buy a desk chair. She was extremely friendly and super helpful. I really wish there were more sales associates like her in other stores I frequent. Very rare to run into someone who is always smiling, polite, and knows what she is talking about.

Posted by Anonymous

Fadilya, the store manager at 769 Broadway is exemplary! She has complete knowledge of her products, is kind, respectful, and is in control of her environment. Today, Fadilya went the extra distance again to provide excellent customer service. Not only did she listen, but she did. Fadilya was selfless and assisted in making the impossible happen. Although a readily available item was not available, she creatively facilitated a packaging suggestion and accommodated me. Thank you Staples for recognizing Fadilya's worth in your organization. Unfortunately, people like her are few and far in between.

Posted by Anonymous

I would like to pass on my thanks to Karl, a very helpful and courteous member of staff in the Llandudno branch of Staples this evening (17/04/15). He has corrected and printed out wedding invitations for my daughter that were previously not up to Staples usual standard. These appeared to have been carelessly thrown together by a female member of staff the previous day, who voiced her displeasure at being in the store at the time and was obviously not 'happy to help'. Karl however has restored our faith in your quality service for which I am sincerely grateful.

Posted by Gilda10

To whom it may concern: I have been dealing with your staples store Naples Florida for quite some time. The service there is great. From its vigilant managers, to your floor and register people... from the always accommodating and knowledgeable easy tech to my personal support from the copy center. I tried to leave this message on the Presidents line but was unable to do so. Happy to say, the good calls have already taken up all the space. If you wish to call our home to verify this message, my rewards acct. Thank you again for having such a great store giving such great service. Gilda & Joe.

Posted by Anonymous

I had an EXCELLENT experience with Liz at the Vernon CT store. She helped me custom design a postcard for my parents to send after a move and for the holidays and she was both skilled and patient.

Posted by shari

I had an extremely positive experience today at the Staples just off College Road and 27th Ave. in Ocala, FL. A young lady named Rachel, who was so kind and friendly, went out of her way to help me with a project I was working on. I haven't experienced that kind of service in any other store in a very long time.

Thank you Rachel for everything you did for me to make my project a complete success!!!

Posted by Anonymous

I bought a laptop from the store at Weston Road and 401 and I must say the customer service was the best I've come across in a long time. The salespersons were very courteous and helpful. They did not try to sell me a computer just for the sake of a sale. They listened to what I wanted and gave good suggestions. Not to mention the technician who set up my computer. Very knowledgeable and approachable. He did an amazing job in making the computer user friendly. I just took my computer home turned the power button on and I was on my way. I was very impressed. Keep up the good work Staples.

Posted by Happy gal in Toronto

I purchased the wrong chairmats for our office and realized this after the three of us used them for a couple of days. I did better research and found the ones we needed. I called to order the new ones and just as an aside, mentioned my error. She asked me for the order number and passed me on to customer service. I explained what happened saying I'd made the error, we'd taken all the stickers off, we'd used them for a couple of days and they no longer looked new. She said no problem, they'd pick up the old ones when they delivered the new ones and would give us a complete credit. Incredulous I repeated "my error, used, they don't look new" and she again said no problem. The next day the new ones were delivered and the old ones picked up, and three days later the credit appeared on my credit card! Now that is superior service! I have always used Staples for price and convenience, now I will be even a more loyal customer as a result of this transaction. Well done Staples!!!!

Posted by afetg

Jake Akers at store #1308 in Gilbert, AZ really went above and beyond helping with my purchase. Thanks, way to go!

Posted by Anonymous

Thumbs up to Staples. I placed an order for keurig coffee cups - and the order confirmation stated the product should arrive the following business day. It didn't which concerned me a bit - not because i was out of coffee but because i was concerned it got lost or taken from my front porch after delivery, etc. Much to my surprise, I received a call this morning from Staples informing me the order had a slight delay and that it would be delivered today. How nice that I didn't have to pick up the phone to check on status of my order. Bravo for making my life easier by not having to place a call! Great follow-up! Thank you!

Posted by Barbara

last week I went to my hometown staples I needed to get a postersize picture inlarged and cut to a size.Britney was working she was very courteous and help me out so much she did exact measuring help me out with what would look centered. Big Thank you to Staples and Britney great store Great workers


I would like to commend, Jeremy at store # 396, for his endless patience, knowledge and excellence.

I spent a great deal of time at the copy center Wednesday, September 24th, and he remained professional, attentive and kind throughout.

Thank you, Jeremy

D. Ford Johnstown, Pa

Posted by Anonymous

Laura is the best. I always go to her with all orders. Very knowledgeable.

Posted by Anonymous

I ran into some difficulties when creating a custom invitation on the site and called my local Staples store. They were exceptionally helpful and made it possible to get the custom order exactly as I wanted it and within 24 hours via pickup- and found a way to make it more affordable!

Posted by Anonymous

I received excellent and personal service from Sarah at Store 1444! She helped me put together a page for my art business and she didn't stop until I was totally satisfied with the quality of the job. I really appreciated her unhurried and professional manner! JNM

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Posted by Anonymous

I've worked at staples in the copy center for about 2 years now. I love my job and the people I work with but sometimes the customers make it too stressful to handle. Some days I leave work wondering if losing your self respect is worth it or not. Being in the copy center is like running your own store inside a store. So most of the time customers don't like the answers about how long things will take or the pricing of the products and they take it out on you. They submit complaints against you not realising that your just doing your job. They don't care about your bills and how you would get by in life if you got fired. Theres one customer that comes in every now and then and is just so rude to every associate that everyone knows them by name now. Theres no pleasing this person. They don't have any respect for anyone there. They don't appreciate anything tha ts done for them and is just all around nasty everytime they walk in the door. These type of people are impossible to help. You can't make them happy. You can't give them a better experience because they don't let you. I understand that Staples cares about customer service but what are you supposed to do when it feels like every time this person comes in your on the brink of getting another complaint and your getting closer to losing your job because this person is unpleasant. Then theres nothing you can do about it. Corporate doesn't really care about you. They only care about the customer so the only person on your side may be just you and possibly your managers. I hate the feeling like I'm a victim in my own work place but I'm not just going to aquit because of this. Rude customers never usually bother me. If I get into an argument I walk away and let the manager handle it. But since these types of customers think the world owes them everything they do everything in their power to make your life hell inclusing lying to make the worst complaint possible. All I'm saying is that working at Staples is like 50/50 for me. If it wasn't for the customers I'd be happy. Unfortunately its hard to be when you feel like everyones out to get you.

Posted by Anonymous

Yes I work at Staples and today I had the most rude and nasty customer ever. I started scanning his items to purchase and one thing was the incorrect price. I asked him to please show me the sign so I could modify the price accordingly and we both began to walk to the item's shelf place and he just started going off saying I am waisting his fuking time and why the fuk can't I find the god damm thing for him and I am causing him so many fuking problems. I kept my cool and put up with all his bull sh!t even as he continued to be little me and then I finished processing his purchase smiled said have a wonderful day sir and please don't ever shop here again. I don't care how important you think you are nobody deserves to be talked to this way.

Posted by Anonymous

I've worked for Staples for six years, and I've seen the good and the bad. Sometimes you feel head office is not on your side- they create a lot of additional work and a lot of it isn't necessary. Area Managers can be overly demanding and don't care about the circumstances in individual stores.

That said, the store itself has a great team and a good atmosphere, often in spite of company procedures rather than because of them. We pride ourselves on good customer service and we feel we deliver it.

A message for customers- please bear in mind when you pop into a store (belonging to ANY retailer) that the person behind the counter or on the shopfloor is human, just like you. We are doing our best, and we have bad days, just like you. A lot of customers could help us by helping themselves- so many people have no clue what ink cartridges they need yet expect us to know instantly what they need. This applies to a lot of other things too. We're not superhuman and we don't deserve to be talked down to if we don't immediately understand the item you're vaguely alluding to. Complaints can cut both ways, and if staff were allowed to submit complaints about customers then a lot of you would be shocked at the conduct we have to deal with.

Posted by prettygang91

I been working at Staples for 6 months, i hate working at staples, they don't give you hours like my hours vary and how they expect people to pay their bills...the managers dont care bc they always their getting hours and is able to pay theirs bills, then staples want you the have a full blown conversation when checking out, some customers want to pay for their stuff and get out, im a cashier, and they pay you lil and want you the work hard...they want you to ask about rewards, then savings passes, then digital reciepts, surveys,ask about ESP, all this while checking a customer out...customers dont want to hear that....i have to work 2 jobs so i can be able to pay for my bills...that's why i hate staples and im glad i have another job so i dont have to worry about they have to work around my great at doing my job and i customers wasnt a pain but staples dont care about their employees and that's a fact!!!!

Posted by bdassinface9430

alright, here it is,,, I've worked for staples for just over a year now.. and its super not fun. first of all, to all you customers, I really DO NOT CARE, about what your looking for, just leave me alone, find it yourself. idiot. im sure there is a giant sign within 10 feet of you telling you what you need to know. I'm actually on shift right now,, gotta love wifi. I cant wait to get off and smoke a bowl because you people make my life so stressful!! seriously,

Posted by Anonymous

I work at a store in Rhode Island in a town where rich entitle a holes live I drive 35 miles to get there and the mangers can be so soft. I mean these people yell complain berate and insult and then you give them what they want even if they were wrong. For example i have people come into the copy center asking for a job to be done immediately and when we tell them that it isn't possible for the copy machine to make 5000 double sided color copies 8 pages per copy they go CRAZY. sorry my heart doesn't go out to procrastinators you're gonna have to wait 4.5 hours i cant speed up the machine. Don't go to my manager two hours later and tell them that I promised the job in two hours and were blown away because it was not completed. I also am surprised at how many times people will use the excuse ... "I have a flight to catch! There isn't anything you can do to make this faster?" No its a huge job. Lets not mention the fact that there are tons of people ahead of you and when I decide who's job first I look to do the jobs of customers that won't stab my back after going above and beyond the call of duty. The job is stressful enough. I won't bother sympathizing with people who don't 'have it together" and wanna punish me because I work for less than 9$ an hour. I am looking for a new job, this isn't the first corporate company I've worked for .... ill do my best to never work for a corporate company again. I am a human being not American slave labor. I do my job 150% THE BS IS EXHAUSTING I'VE FORGOTTEN WHAT RELAXATION IS.

Posted by Anonymous

I don't understand all of these negative customer comments, and especially employee comments ( Quit if you hate it so bad, people like you are the ones bringing our good name down. You are the disinterested, sarcastic, rude, distracted employees mentioned by our dissatisfied customers! ) Customer Service in my store is the most important thing! We hardly ever have customers leaving our store upset because we actually care, you don't have to bend over backwards, you just have to help them understand their needs and find solutions to fit those needs.. Show a little bit more interest in your job, get to know your customers while still being efficient. Our store runs so well because we have got a FANTASTIC GM and Assistant Manager, not to mention our Copy & Print Expert, Tech Expert and CSL. I am a Cashier and a few times a week I am OS. If someone comes to my register not completely satisfied I do my very best to make sure their needs are met, or a good solution ("Try a craft store, try Best Buy or Radio Shack, maybe go straight to the manufacturer. Here let me give a different store a call and find out if they have what you need.") ITS NOT HARD. . We have alot of very loyal customers to thank for our success, but how are you going to get loyal customers if you aren't reaching out to them and doing everything you can to make them happy? There are some times you can't get them to YES, but that doesn't mean that they can't still leave with a smile on their face. I've gone into a couple of other stores in my district and they made me sick. I can't believe what a different vibe a store 15 minutes away from mine has. ( Cashier didn't even MENTION a rewards card until i told her she needed to put it in, when she saw I was an associate she looked very embarassed. And she should be, Rewards cards are the most important part of her job. ) It is the employees. It takes a special kind of person to work at staples and if you hate your job, you probably just don't cut it! So seriously, quit whining and do what they pay you to do or find a new job.

Posted by Anonymous

I work for Staples, and while I think customer service is good as long as you aren't an idiot, the pressure they put on their "Techs" is unGodly. Techs are expected to bring in $200 in tech services per shift, sell at least 2 protection plans a shift, and sell at least $200 worth of accessories with each computer purchase. If they do not meet any of these, they are laid off. They are expected to do all this, while maintaining something called "VIBE" which essential makes the Tech a slave to whoever they are assisting.

Posted by yeskezsirumem

to answer everyones questions about battiers on laptops or any other item staples warranty does not cover batteries it is under the Ts and Cs what is considered a comsumble which would be battieres and print heads on printers. i currently work the for warranty company that issues 1 of the warrantys for staples. if you go to Radio shack and buy a laptop we do cover batteries for them but for staples we do not.

Posted by Anonymous

I have worked for staples for 4 years now. They treat the customers like they are just a piece of money. All they see is dollar signs. The customer service sucks in the store. They only want to make the person above them happy and not the customer. Also I have placed orders in my copy center and been placed to the side. They put all of the other customers before me. If i had been a non employee i believe they would have looked at it differently.

Posted by staplesgm

I've been with Staples 4 years and we are dedicated to great customer service. I read upset comments and reviews and wonder if these customers were 1)mature about their complaint and 2)speaking with the right person. My team knows that if they cannot "get to yes" for the customer, they give them my business card to see if I can find a way to "get to yes" for them. There have been times when I cannot, so I give my District Manager's number out, and sometimes he will find a way to "get to yes".

And shame on all of you employees that are complaining. Has payroll been cut? YES. But look around- how many companies are running on the same payroll they were running on when we weren't in a recession? In today's economy I am thankful to work for a company that will cut payroll or skimp on raises instead of eliminate positions. It's definately tough, but like they say, it'll make you or break you!

Posted by Anonymous

I have worked for Staples for 10 years. I am currently the customer service lead in our store. I do everything within my power to provide exceptional service to our customers, but there are some people that you just can't please! I, too, have been screamed at, had things thrown at me,and been accused of being stupid and not knowing how to do my job. All of this simply because I am compelled to follow company policies. The GM at our store is very accommodating and dedicated to great customer service. On a daily basis, we provide the best service we possibly can, but cutbacks have resulted in skeleton crews in the stores, and loss of customers simply because we cannot get to them. When you try to run an entire store with 5 employees, anything more than 5 customers at one time is more than we can handle. We are all forced to do many jobs and our pay raises have all but ceased. Please do not blame the associates for poor customer service.........blame Staples for poor business management.

Posted by Anonymous

Numbers... Numbers... Numbers... That is all staples cares about... all I hear about all day is how we need to seel more ESP (plans) and have higher market baskets. they could care less if the customer actually gets what they need just as long as you are putting up good numbers for them

Posted by onemomm

Try being kind to the employees at Staples.
I'm there to help you in any way that I can.
I know I've asked you a hundred times if you want a Rewards Card, but it's my job. I know I've told you about the PC Tune Up a hundred times, but it's my job. I know I've asked you a hundred times did you want to purchase the pen of the month, but it's my job.
I've been cursed at, had product thrown at me, and been called a racist.
I have always received outstanding evaluations and many customers compliments,
and all I can say is, please treat all people who work in retail the same way you wish to be treated. If you come across an employee who is terrible ask to speak to a manager, before you leave the store. If the manager is not helpful, contact corporate.
It seems to me that we have become a society where we want what we want and we want it now. Any time someone tells us no, we resort to being a toddler throwing a hissy fit.
It's my job to help you and I'm damn good at it. It's a shame that I don't enjoy it the way I used to, when people had better manners.

Posted by

So many people take their anger out on the employees at Staples. We don't run the company nor do we make the rules. when it comes down to telling a customer our company policies or possibly losing our job for doing something we aren't supposed to do, we we'll to keep our jobs thanks. So before you blame the cashier for not being able to have an employee waiting there to help you when you walk in the door, or blame the tech for not being able to bend over and listen to your life story think about what we deal with on a daily basis.think of it this way, there's usually about a 1:5 employee to customer ratio. We can't be in 5 places at once so just give us a break and be patient. Didn't your parents ever tell you to treat others how you would like to be treated? And one last thing, If you feel like your problems and your life is so much more important than ours take it to corporate, Not us. We're just doing our job.

Posted by Fancy

staples is a great place to shop and work


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