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  • Square Enix

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    • 22.73 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 84 negative comments (97.67%)
    • 2 positive comments (2.33%)
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Posted by rm

30 Minutes and counting waiting for a CSR by the phone. Emailed them first but, after 24 hours, no one could bother to respond. This is absolutely pathetic.

Posted by Disatisfied Consumer

As part of a promotion held by EB Games and Gamestop in North America, those who preordered a copy of Dragon Quest Builders for the Nintendo Switch were given download codes for four, exclusive Slime-themed items: the Slime Light, King Slime Light, Slimy Eye, and and Slimy Mouth. However, the DLC data is only providing players with ONE of the promised items - the Slime Light.

I've been in contact with Square Enix multiple times, and their quality of customer service and complete lack of tact is absolutely disgraceful. If they weren't attempting to shift the blame to another source, whether it be to the retailer for supplying invalid codes, or even to myself for not knowing how to correctly redeem these items, they were flat-out ignoring my attempts to reach out to them, seemingly washing their hands of the matter entirely. Clearly, their goal is to avoid any sort of conflict or responsibility for the products and services that they provide, and that's simply not acceptable. At all.

And just so we're all clear, the codes themselves aren't the problem. They're not invalid - they register on the Nintendo eShop just fine. Many others have redeemed these codes and are experiencing the same problem. In fact, I was supplied a SECOND code directly from Nintendo after I had brought the matter to the attention of their vastly superior customer service team. However, this second code yielded the exact same results, only further proving my point. The problem lies with the DLC data, which is well within the responsibility of the DEVELOPER to maintain. Nintendo is merely the publisher, and have little to no control over the content that's provided to them by Square Enix. The retailers, too, would have no means of providing the consumer with a non-existent code for non-existent content. If that were the case, Nintendo would have already supplied me with said code, which, again, does not exist.

After a week-long battle trying to sort this whole mess out, I'm left feeling angry, frustrated, cheated, and absolutely defeated. I was really looking forward to Dragon Quest Builders 2, but I've honestly lost any and all interest in supporting this company and their shameful customer relations. Well done, Square Enix - you've just lost yourself a customer.

Posted by lol

I need the email of the company to contact them DIRECTLY! Can anyone give it to me?
This is the first time I see a company who develop video games and leading most of the online game but does not give the right support to contact them directly I can say that this website company is not a user friendly. I found a lot of complaints regarding this one. One thing I observe their own global site has worst website I ever seen in the IT and computer Software industry. How come they can't create good website but they can create video games? Can anyone explain it to me?

Posted by Anomonynous

Totally agree square enix customer suppport sucks try gmail, try email them on there website and yes like the other people said they do give an automated response plus they ignore your issues making you waste money on something that doesn't work. Like i just tried mobius final fantasy i explained to them the issue and they totally ignored it including i had proof of how much fixing needs to be done for the game. Poor square enix company. I even went to there next contact list which was dena corp next founder of final fantasy series there 2nd contact and they told us they only deal with final fantasy record keeper but i did explain to dena corp company that square en8x is horrible company also stated my reason because they have alot bugs,freezes,black screen glitches, error codes too many in there game and much more... Dena corp acknowledge the issues and agreed beasically and knows that square enix is not to be trusted in many ways, so people before spending money on square enix look see if game has no problens first and if it doesn't spend money have fun but if it has many bugs,errors,freezes don't waste your money that you will regret to yourselves next life living on the streets homeless which is sad. Were here as community to help one another not discourage one another.

Posted by JC

Expect 1-2 hour waita before talking to anyone. Litetally the worst support I have ever dealt with.

Posted by Zealoth

Utterly disgusting excuse of a customer support. When you do eventually get around to talking to an actual human with your problem, do not dare even remotely suggest any problem in any remote way may actually be their responsibility, they will do the most impressive and fantastic mental gymnastics imaginable to shrug and shirk all accountability for their systems faults and issues right back onto you, your hardware, your ISP, or literally anything else for your problem, they will not give refunds, they will not listen to you, and they will not escalate you to a supervisor.
I have contacted them on six separate occasions today alone, have been hung up on three occasions, two occasions the CSR talked over me when I was explaining my problem, and the last time I had called them they had flat-out told me they wouldn't transfer me to a supervisor to get my issue resolved.
Do not spend your money on them or their services, because if anything goes wrong, anything at all, they will waste every minute of your time and money and give nothing in return.

Posted by itspirrip

unhelpful, unprofessional and unwilling to keep their customer. i waited over a hour in queue to get into chat support to talk to agent michael who was extremely rude and passive aggressive the entire time and unwilling to help me, saying theres nothing he can do and asked me in the most passive aggressive manner if im doubting him. i have screenshots of the chatlog im not sure if im permitted to put here or not but the conversation was very unfriendly and extremely unhelpful

Posted by tiprun

Had my Final Fantasy XV Ultimate Collectors Edition delivered, but it was left outside by the delivery service (DPD) without my consent as I live on a main road where it was left in plain sight. This lead to it obviously being stolen.

Contacted DPD to be told that they were most definitely in the wrong and that I had to raise this with Square Enix so that they could open an investigation. This took several weeks as I was constantly getting the go-around by Square telling me that "this is not our issue" even with me explaining that DPD had admitted fault and would compensate them for refunding me/replacing the item.

Needless to say after several weeks of getting nowhere all communication has now stopped from them and I'm sat here, 11/01/2017 with no Final Fantasy XV Ultimate Collectors Edition and out of pocket for their negligence.

All it would take is one phonecall to explain to them what they need to do, but alas, there is no telephone service.

Incredibly poor customer service, I will never, ever order directly from the Square Enix store again.

Posted by Courtney

I pre-ordered The Final Fantasy XV Ultimate Collector's Edition from Square Enix main store site. I received the game on Nov 28. When I opened the box I realized that something was wrong. The artbook was sitting outside the Amano box when it was suppose to be inside in a slot made for it. When I opened the Amano Box I also found that one of the steel case books was missing,the one with Noctis and Gladiolus on it. (Game,DLC,and Movies). So all I got was the Play arts kai,postcards, and 1 steel case,the one with Ignis,and Prompto, on it.(The Anime,and Soundtrack) and to make that matter worse the Anime blu ray was in the wrong region.

I contacted Square Enix Store Support immediately. Didn't get a reply for days. When I did They sent me a email quoting:

"Thank you for contacting the Square Enix NA Online Store Support.

Please report your issue with your damaged / missing items for your FFXV UCE to our central customer Support at: http://support.na.square-enix.com/

They will handle your issue as soon as possible.

In case you have further issues please don't hesitate to contact us again.


The Square Enix NA Online Store Team"

So I contacted them. More days pass before I got reply from them. But they redirected me back to Store support quoting:

"We apologize, while the product you are referring to is indeed a SQUARE ENIX product, the store that handles those issues has their own support system in place to assist with these types of problems."

at this point I started to get frustrated and realize that I was getting the go around. I then attempted to contact Store support again but this time was treated a little more coldly.

Again they tried to send me to Central Support/Square Support Center.

"My apologies but for all the damaged orders for FFXV UCE you should contact the central customer support, we're not able to help our customers with that issue since the instructions we have from the central is to send all those request to our central customer support, please contact with them again they should be able to solve your issue.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate contacting us.


That's when I tried to explain to Sergio that Central Support sent me to them to ask for a replacement and that they have been sending back and forth for weeks. This was his reply.

"I told you the instructions we have from our US central, also i will contact with them to ask why they re sending you back to us.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate contacting us.


After that I contacted Central Support/Square Support again and they told me to send pictures and a copy of the packaging slip to them. I complied. A day later they sent me a Download code for the game and told me to wait for more information about getting the physical copy I never got along with the DLC and movie I paid for. All contact stopped after that. I had been trying to get my missing items for a little over a month. It's Jan 8 2017 now and not a single word from Square. I went ahead and filed a dispute with Paypal and they have refunded me my money. This is the first and only time I will order directly from Square Enix Online stores. If your order from the just know that if something is wrong with your purchase their support system is horrible.

Posted by Heather h

Ordered three games from the online store. I was charged for 4 games one was doubled. Waited for almost a week before I heard from CS and then every day it was one reply back from a new rep. They stated I ordered it and refused a refund. My first and only order they will get from me. Rude and terrible CS.

Posted by Anonymous

Don't have a phone number to contact, emails ignored after the initial replay even though it says to add further comments to respond. No way to complain no way to talk to a person. Poor service.

Posted by VampyreLilith

Square Enix has the WORST customer service! I called them today about why my account wouldn't accept my cards and they (Richard? Richardo?) Replies that he doesn't know since he isn't my banking institution. This has happened twice. He didn't do a damn thing to help me and hung up on me. I swear I'm almost done. I love FFXIV but if this company can't even offer good customer service I won't play anymore. Screw those people.

Posted by Anonymous

Cannot reach customer support. There is no phone number, your only contact option is through email once you have received your initial reply from the support request you submitted through the website. I received a reply to the damaged product I received on 10/26/16 and I replied back the same day. It's now 11/7/16 with no return replies and no other way to follow up. I will never buy from Square Enix's online store ever again.

Posted by Anonymous

Wow! This company has been giving me the run around for 3 months now. They do not do their jobs! They have not processed my payment for 2 months now. It is just sitting there. They said that their "bank" is in contact with my bank but that is a lie. I called my credit card company today and they have not contacted them once. My money is sitting in their financial dept. Unprocessed. They say be patient. They say to talk to the bank, but they wont give me the number or anyway to contact them. They tried to say the bank can't find the money. LIARS!! I worked at a bank and they just dont leave money lying around without somewhere to go. I have been hung up on twice now. Have had to call them 2x a week for 3 months now. BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!! They don't care about their customers. They just want to give u a line of BS and get you off the phone. Be patient. I'm just the messenger. Be patient. I can't give you a time frame. Its under investigation. (there is nothing to investigate, they just need to process the money). The info is wrong. (it wasn't, it was exactly what they asked for). We need your bank statements showing the +/- of the charges. They are trying to make me prove (which I have sent 4 times already)that I paid them. We need a letter from your bank (done at least 4 times. A supervisor said the financial dept had the letters but didn't know what to do with them but it still hasn't been fixed. They say their "bank" decides if they un ban an account. Really?? My bank doesn't tell me who to do business with! I have a written agreement from them stating specifically what was need to be done to lift the ban which I have done several times over. I am JUST WAITING...for them to tell me they are not going to lift the ban.

Posted by Anonymous

I had played FF XIV back when it was newly released, and I recently decided to give it another try, especially with the expansion. Well, needless to say, I did not opt in, and this is largely due to Customer Service.

I could not recall my password, so I went through the procedure to reset. Not a big deal, but then when I went to actually download and update, I was locked out for security reasons. I contacted a CSR, and I was told that this was due to my trying to access the game from a new machine.

I asked why I was being made to jump through so many hoops, as I had just reset my password, and then the CSR (Thomas) got patronizing, telling me these are normal things for online games, and if I had played before I should know. So, I flat out asked him if he was suggesting if I was trying to defraud. He ignored me and stated that if I had played before I should know this. I asked to speak a supervisor, and he refused, saying he thought I was "confused", and he summarily ended the chat.

Posted by Risen

Customer support is garbage, Was suspended with warning or reason, not aloud to defend yourself then told to bad from web chat including agent ending conversation without warning, then i called the support line had a polite conversation with the agent was told they can't help etc agent hung up on me ignoring me the customer wanting to speak with a manager...literally talked over me to hang up when asking to speak with a manager...utterly ridiculous as a company

Posted by Anonymous

account was suspended due to a chargeback on credit card because of identity theft (not related to square enix). We jumped thru hoops to do everything they said, only to have them tell me there is nothing they can do. In 6 weeks, we have sent out letters that they asked for, had the chargebacks reversed from my credit card, waited, been told they cant find the letter after 2 weeks...sent another letter certified mail. Last week the guy told me that it had been declined because it took too long They are saying their "bank" didn't receive the money. Today I find out that the money was set aside to send back because the bank declined to reopen the acct. I asked to speak to a supervisor and he would not talk to me. This last guy actually said there was nothing more they could do and hung up on me.
After contacting my credit card company, turns out they never took the money from Square Enix...so they had the money this whole time!

Posted by Laboxer88

GM they go and give me a suppose to be 24susend been over 24hours now and still nothing yet can't call or get help cause got to wait till 9am their time amazing for pricks who can't work weekend they sure as hell can ban you on it all cause some troll tramp report you cause she doesn't like what she told yet many time I've reported this witch she still around harassing the community

Posted by Me

got a game key didnt work asked for refund got told no but as I clicked the unlock button to get the key they cant refund me????

Posted by dvdfore

I was trying to buy a collectors edition game when they sold out and I had to place myself on a wish list. When I finally got the email the to purchase it I found out the purchase never went through stating the cvv number on the back of my frequently used debit card was wrong. There's no way to contact anyone about it, but before I can find a way to fix it the product was sold out again placing me back on the wish list. Namely to say this really pissed me off. I very disappointed I don't know if I ever want to buy your products ever again after many, many, many years of faithful years of playing their games only to be treated like garbage. Buyers beware.

Posted by Anonymous

I was playing the game and then got a script error come to find out they locked my account for doing too well. Absolutely absurd it's now been 9 days and absolutely no fix in site. This is by far the worse support for any product I have ever used.

Posted by Fizzyology

I had a simple question about how I was forced into a recurring payment and had no other options. I sent a ticket for suggestions and I got a cold cookie cutter response saying that there WAS no option. You MUST set up a recurring payment plan to play. When I responded with more questions and begged them to actually answer all my questions as if it wasn't some computer response, their reply was the EXACT SAME as the first. Meaning that there isn't an actual human on the other side, because they can't be bothered to actually help their customers. Serious dissapointment, smaller companies for FREE MMO's show more care for their customers.

Posted by Jerseyguy11

Square Enix suck, I will NOT buy anymore games from this company, they charge monthly for ff14 which isn't such a great game, I'd rather play Elderscrolls and bethesda does way better open world games than your lame of a company. STOP ripping off gamers with your stupid monthly subscription it doesnt make sense, and I don't know why people are paying to play a game they already bought it's like forcing them to play because they pay a stupid monthly fee. OH!!!AND YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE SUCK BADLY!!!

Posted by Anonymous

I just contacted them about a problem with their profile creation, and the guy was being a real dick about it, he managed to fix the problem but he was really unpleasant and did a poor job of explaining why I was having the problem I had. Would not call again.

Posted by Anonymous

I have been with a dispute with the square enix store for over a month now and they have refused to answer any questions over a lost shipment.
This is over 100 dollars I spent on their store and never received my merchandise, they have failed to reply to all the emails I sent over the last two weeks and copy messages I sent with the application of their site.

I officially make them the standard out of which I judge bad customer service.

Add your review!

Posted by Scorpiana Diablique

I just had a GREAT experience with them through the live chat feature. Problem solved within 5 minutes. Though their "automated" system is horrible...

Posted by Anonymous

I used this number and had someone on the phone in 7 minutes. He was friendly and helpful. He was even able to solve my problem in just a few minutes so i dont know what all the bashing is about.

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