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Sprint - Nextel customer service is ranked #77 out of the 946 companies that have a CustomerServiceScoreboard.com rating with an overall score of 63.73 out of a possible 200 based upon 300 ratings. This score rates Sprint - Nextel customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


227 Negative Comments out of 300 Total Comments is 75.67%.


73 Positive Comments out of 300 Total Comments is 24.33%.

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  • Sprint - Nextel

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    • 63.73 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 227 negative comments (75.67%)
    • 73 positive comments (24.33%)
    • 5 employee comments
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    • 3.3 Issue Resolution
    • 4.4 Reachability
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    • 4.7 Friendliness
    • 4.2 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Anonymous

Your customer service support is a JOKE. I punched in my mobile many times as your prerecorded voice asked. I got nowhere. Then I called again (and again) and kept getting the same. Is Sprint - Nextel a comedy act? If so, you're not funny.

Posted by stsk83

Now RUDE and OUTSOURCED should be new sprints tagline, if you having a really great day and want to bring yourself down just call all new Dominican Republic Sprint that has been outsourced. Most employees still learning English and when they don't know what to do they just tell you to be smart and use self-help tools and there is self service available and when I told them its there job the tech support had a nerve to bring up my intelligence. So couple day later I decided to see if its just one disgruntled employee and so far five out of five. One of them had mention they were fortunate to have over thousand positions transferred so let's hope they not all going to be like that or Sprint is getting a good bargain so they can afford Version spokesman Paul.

Posted by patinielsen

Had the absolutely worst customer service, or lack of, experience of my life yesterday with Sprint I have been a Sprint customer in excellent standing for over 16 years and that is about to end if this cannot be resolved. I spent over 4 hours on the phone and end the Sprint store over this. Even the people in the store were shocked and embarrassed over the crappy service I was receiving.
yesterday during a live chat where I was complaining about horrible life on my two Samsung S6's - I was told that because I have had them for over 10 months I qualified for early upgrades to the S7, which has a much better battery life. I would just have to pay $80 for each phone and turn in the ones I have in good working order. He stated that I would have to to a Sprint store, gave me the address of the one near me and an appointment and said everything would be documents on my account, "for anyone to see."
I got ready and went to the store. They knew of that particular upgrade but could find nothing on my account except the appointment. While in the store I call Sprint customer service and was told there is no such upgrade but would transfer me to a supervisor. I was promptly disconnected. I called again, had to explain everything all over again and was told the same thing. At this time the clerk in the store took my phone and explained everything to them. They continued to say there was nothing they could do. I hung up, called back and requested the call be escalated. Fincally got someone to actually review my account, apologized for all the run around. they said yes, I was eligible for the two upgrades and there were 2 ways I could go about it. Either a representative could bring two phones to my home, activate them and take back the old ones, or since I was in the store the representative in the store could call the NSS agent and set everything up so I could pay on the spot and get the phone. The representative in the store said "of course". we disconnected and the rep in the store called NSS and was told no, they could not do that and would have to call corporate. He was so embarrassed. I left the store and went home. I called again and was told that No I did not qualify for anything.. Then they said I cound get one upgrade, but only on my husbands phone!!!!!! At this point I would have given up except I had so much time invested. So, after another 2 hours and many "disconnected" calls I demanded Retention. Finally spoke someone who read the entire ordeal on my account. She spoke with a supervisor and their conclusion was that the NSS people were supposed to take care of it. She did however tell me how much it would cost to cancel. That was the only straight answer I received all day.

Posted by expeditor

if Customer Service is a Challenge.

if Customer Service???. There isn't any...

if Customer at it, Their worse ever.
Hang Up on You...Throw you in ques. Every time you call. All they do is ask for money

They make you feel disrespected as a Customer. They always right.

Disconnect your account without your knowledge.

If you been overcharge: Good Luck to you....

They re-route your calls to the Philipine's. (Big mistake all they ask is for money, before they even review your account). Better in the USA...

Ask for a Supervisor or Manager, all of them are..

If you wait to speak for a Supervisor. You are for good surprise in waiting...

"Good Luck to you if you become a Sprint Customer:...

Posted by Robert

Experiences I've had with Sprint include...

A salesperson at a store lying about the warranty on a product. They told me I could bring it to the store if I needed to get it replaced. When I actually did need it replaced they told me I would have to contact the manufacturer (otter box)

Another sales person at a different store told me that they would not help me with my phone because I had not bought it from their store. It is a spring phone on a sprint contract, and I was at a sprint store.

When calling customer service you will likely get lied to. The first time I called to cancel they told me that I would be canceled within 48 hours. A week later when my cancellation had not gone through they told me that I could not cancel in the middle of a billing cycle. A third call on the same day did get the job done.

Posted by sprintsux

Sprint is the worst company I've ever dealt with. When I broke the screen on my S3, I called and asked what options I had to replace the phone. First of all, I got some guy in the Middle East that did not know what the word "options" meant. When I explained what I was taking about, I was told that I qualified for a new phone. I told him to order it then suddenly, "oh no, that's only for new customers. I asked for a supervisor and was hung up on. I had to call back 7 times because I kept getting hung up on. Finally, after posting a comment on their Facebook page, they sent me the promised phone. I then got my next bill for $285. Another 12 calls and another post to their Facebook page. Then my cc was charged twice for my bill. This time I was smart and had the extra charge stopped by my bank. Sprint then decided that me getting money back that was incorrectly charged meant that they could suspend my account for being past due, causing me to miss some important calls and texts, and costing me over $300 in work. Sprint's response, a $50 credit to my bill. As soon as I can afford to get out of my contract, I am going to "Sprint" to another company so fast they'll see flames shooting out. Worst company I've ever dealt with.

Posted by Anonymous

Sprint customer service is simply awful. I got a new android in October and have brought it back 5 times and nobody will assist me. I went down to their repair store and they found nothing wrong. I even bought a new battery and it still doesn't work. I'm a senior, have no house phone. My cell is my only way to reach the outside world. I want a different phone and my Sprint store says too bad. I have insurance but I don't want to pay the $150 for a replacement. I personally feel that the phone was defective from the beginning and I should get a new one, or cancel my contract.

Posted by Randy

After waiting on the phone for over an hour, being transferred three times and then my call was dropped without resolution, I decided to try the chat today. Everything was going ok, although the chats were coming through at a snails pace, I was transferred to Liz. Liz said she was researching my question and she would return. I waited about 15 minutes and the chat was closed unexpectedly by sprint...again, questions not resolved. If Sprint's customer service isn't the worst, then how in the world could anybody be any worse?

Posted by Randy

The other day I spent over an hour being switched from one person to another and finally after waiting on hold for over 15 minutes my call was dropped...all that wasted time and still no answer.

Posted by Anonymous

The worst customer care that I have experienced in my lifetime. They promised everything and deliver nothing! They will lie to you, put you on hold for 30 to 40 minutes at a time and they will disconnect your phone call.

Posted by Anonymous

We are greatly disappointed in Sprint's customer service. At 3:45 a.m., my daughter's phone and mine each received notice that my husband, the account holder, was trying to obtain the family finder service to locate us. We left his home to escape domestic violence and are currently staying in a shelter safe house. We disabled the locator on our phones. It is critical that he not be able to locate us. We are greatly disappointed that Sprint is not available during the vulnerable over night hours to help women obtain or maintain their safety. As soon as I am able to establish an account of my own, I will be looking to see which carriers are truly invested in the safety needs of women.

Posted by Anonymous

customer service/sprint****************
okay i realize that sprint does not have the "BEST" customer service but what they do have is better than none at all. Everyone needs to wake up and see what is happening at sprint. In the last 2 weeks sprint has decided to now only take secured payment arrangements and sprint has changed the automated system to make it much more difficult to even get to a live representative. This company wants their customers to do everything on line now as self-serve. If we as consumers don't stand up and shout this at the top of our lungs how unsatisfactory this is, then we deserve what we get or in this case what we won't have anymore. As for the secured payment arrangements, they did not even notify their customers. Sprint says they did by their bills but there is nothing there and sprint says by law they are not required to since this is a courtesy to the customer. I don't know about you, but as for me what about morally correct. Sprint let their customers carry past due bills of 2-4 months and just making minimum payments. Now they want them to bring their account current in a month or less. How would you feel if you had to come up with 700 to 1500 dollars in less than a month. While it is up to the customer to pay their bills on time life does throw curve balls and the fact the company would work with you was a good selling point for sprint. Sprint also helped create the situation they are now in. Sprint has customers who have been with them for 10-15 years. Talk about customer loyalty what about the loyalty sprint should have towards their customers??? The most important thing about all this is Sprint is not the only one trying to phase out customer service and the live representative so is ATT and comcast and several other companies. Each company is making more and more services as self-serve and eventually you can kiss that "live" rep goodbye forever. DO NOT SIT STILL FOR THIS AMERICA. TIME TO MAKE YOUR VOICES HEARD!!! Complain to anyone and everyone about what is happening.

Posted by Anonymous

Aweful customer service, never needed service in 10 years and they treat me like I have ever no obligation value. I know where my dollars will not be going. Liars, scammer. Dishonest sales men..worst of all Sprint dobt care.no wobder you guys are ranked last .
No customer, no paycheck. Add it up.

Posted by Anonymous

the rudest most awful customer service ever liars unprofessional no one wants to be accountable I hate sprint

Posted by 1

Why don't American companies realize that not all people in the world live in the US? I get nothing but 800 and 866 numbers from them. Thanks for AT&T.

Posted by Anonymous

They always say it's because of work on towers. Well it's been over three years of "working" on said towers and my sevice is extremely bad. Texts take me seven tries to send and calls don't connect and most of the time my messages don't even go through. In sick of that same excuse. I'm leaving Sprint I want to buy out of my contract. If your thinking about using Sprint I highly recommend you stay far away go to Verizon they may be more expensive but you get your monies worth.

Posted by ANDY

I've Been With Sprint Since 1999. We Got The 5s Phone About 2 Months Ago. Since Day One No One Car Hear Us,muffled,distant Taking Into Can,taken It Back 6 Times. Thay Cant Fix It And They Wont Cancel The Contract Without A Huge Penalty.so For The Next 2 Years I Cant Use This Phone. Even Corporate Wont Help----im Done With This Company,i Now Hate This Company.

Posted by rjf91

With Clear, we paid $50 per month for High-Speed Internet with unlimited data. We never had to pay overage charges until Sprint took over, at which point the tower in our area was removed and we could only access a lower speed internet. After calling and being transferred multiple times, they waived an initial overage charge of $10 and said we wouldn’t be charged overage since the problem was on their part.

In October, we received a $564 bill for overage charges. We called again. After being transferred multiple times and repeatedly placed on extended hold, we finally reached Acct Management, Level Two. We spoke with associates Jude Guinto and Ren (ID# 2088483) and were told that because we had the unlimited plan, “rest assured” we’d not be charged overage. They said they’d call us back the next day to verify resolution, but never called back.

We cancelled the account (effective November) and changed our debit card so they couldn’t make fraudulent charges.

In the meantime, we attempted to access our account to view the bill. According to the general account summary, we didn’t owe anything. We weren’t, however, able to access billing details (this also happened a few times prior). On Oct 28 we called and talked to “Joe” (it seems most lower-level employees use this name) to verify the issue was resolved. He said there were no pending charges and we did not owe anything on the account.

In November, we received an email saying they attempted to charge our account. We called and with each time being transferred/escalated/placed on extended hold had to repeat in detail our issue. They said they had no record of our previous conversations, that our unlimited data plan did not mean “unlimited” and they would “never” revoke our charge

Since the account was officially cancelled as of November, we’ve not been able to access our online account at all. This is only a short summary of all we’ve been through since Sprint took over Clear.

Posted by Syd barrett

I'm about to jump on the bandwagon but before I pull the plug on my 13 years of loyalty with Sprint i will be in touch with Dan the CEO of Sprint And I just happen to have his email address So if I do pull the plug it'll be from my conversation with him personally. Sprint is threatening to suspend my service because of nonpayment when I actually made a payment for the last two months And I returned the Samsuck interrupt (Samsung intercept)... But Samsung is much more appropriate I had enough aggravation with that company . And they awesome people at the Apple Store loved hearing about it. After Samsuck stole Aplple technology ) Total aggravation with that Samsung phone for last two half years.

Finally I see a tremendous deal one and Apple iPhone five And the night before I spoke with a real good Sprint customer service person for close to three hours Looked over all my files and salt all the aggravation and hassle I had in addition to being a loyal customer for 13 years despite some bad experiences
She made a number of credit adjustments during the time I waited and had no phone service while I was waiting for my replacement Samsung phone Wasn't a whole lot different than having a Samsung phone because it was almost dysfunctional as not having a phone The phone was finally Returned to sprint that is the defective phone Under their insurance And I purchased a new phone under the agreement that I was going to get a special rate for all the problems that I had to deal with getting full so information about a trade-in And some other issues I also got her name and also had a similar conversation with another customer service person about a week or two later to ensure I was getting that late Without going into much detail I'm on the fence now
And this coming week I will be speaking with a customer service person in corporate If we are not on the same page as far as the Racho's and how much I owe and any additional credits I will not only say goodbye to Sprint But I will return my iPhone I will also reluctantly return my iPhone that I have been waiting for so long to get But was unable to afford until now And although Sprint appears to have about the best plan for the money I guess I'll just be without a cell phone So hopefully my service is not suspended Only if everything gets rectified favorably And service is not suspended as it should not be I will continue my relationship with Sprint And barring any further bad experiences I'll continue to do business with them I only hope going forward that I will be able to continue and have a better experience with Sprint for years to come I'm sure there's not many customers that have been loyal sprint customers for the last 13 years straight

Posted by c ramirez

Almost arrested by the police simply because I asked for a business card.

This is the letter that I had sent to Sprint’s Customer Service Vice President and never received a reply from him to find out what had happened and apologize for his reps customer service.

I'm beyond disbelief of what happened today at a sprint store. I called my closes corporate Sprint store to find out how to get a line that is under my plan to my relative’s account and the gentlemen over the phone gave all the information that I need it. In fact, I rectify with him couple of times to make sure he understood what I need it to be done since I had this issue before (where you call to try to save time by gathering the right info and not be told later after you have driven and waited there for nothing) so he game the me the thumbs up. In addition I had my 10-month-old daughter and uncle with me and that was the reason that I was trying to get the info ahead as my time was short and filled with my daughters time. So I arrive at their location and no customers are there except 5 sprint associates talking among themselves and everyone looked away as I came in to the store as if no one wanted to take care of me (Never had this experience before). Nobody welcomed me or acknowledge my presence until several seconds’ later (keep in mind I’m the only one there with my 10 month old daughter and uncle). Finally a rep approaches me and says, “What can I do for you?” so I explain what I was told by one of his reps just few minutes prior from me getting to his store and that I had all the information they need it.
He pulls my information and verifies me and before he verified my uncle he assumed that he was not in my aunt’s account for him to make changes. I again told this Sprint rep that I had explain in detail to the person over the phone of what I need it and he said it could be done. So he went about bringing up that it was “The Law” and that he could not fulfill my requested due to my Aunt not being present even after I told him that my uncle was indeed an authorize signer on my aunt’s account. (While this conversation was happening his manager was there and never did he jumped into the conversation to see what he could do to help out or clarify). Therefore, after couple of minutes I knew it was not going to be possible. I ask to get his manager's supervisor information to make a complaint and he said I’m not able to give you that information. So he gave me his manager's instead, even though he was there the whole time.

Finally one other reps jumps into the conversation and says you probably called the customer service department (they were trying to justify the wrong info they provided) and I said, “this is the number that I dialed and they verify on my phone that indeed it was their store number”. So I walked out of the store and get into my vehicle and before I left the parking lot I dialed the same number again just to see where it would be routed. And guess what? To my surprise, one of their store reps answers the phone while I'm still in the parking lot looking through their see through windows and said to this other rep “see this is the same number I dialed and one of you provided that info”(I was hoping for them to realize that someone was giving wrong info to customers). So while I was speaking to him he puts the phone down and ignores my conversation (He thought that I had left the parking lot). He finally picks up the phone and I told him what I saw he did and he simple did not know what to say. He was in shocked and tried to justify his bad customer service behavior so I asked for his name and refused and hung up on me. So at this point I get frustrated that I just experience this with a company that had truly respected even with their bad signal at times but had always giving me great service for the last 6 years. Consequently, I come back inside their store and requested for his business card and he replies “I won't give you anything “ and at this point I did not see his nametag to write it down. His manager comes out from the back room and finally decides to join on what was going on. I asked if I could have his employee business card and he said, “I will not give you that” and asked me to leave his store. I could not believe this was happening so I refused to leave his store until he gave me his employee business card to file a complaint on him. He then tells me again to leave or he would call the cops to remove me out of his store and I replied, “just give me his business card or his full name to file a complaint and I will leave your premises”, he refused and called the cops. Finally the police arrives and treated me like a criminal because the manager must of said something about me not leaving his store, to the point where one police man pushed me against my car to arrest me while my daughter was in the car. Finally the police realized that I had a clean record and convey to the store manager that they could not arrest me so the manager opt for me to never set a foot at his location or else I would be arrested at that point.

Words will never explain exactly how I felt with the experienced I had today at this corporate location. Especially with my little one there with me. I had never had any customer service problems for all the time I have being with them. In fact, I loved them so much that I referred 6 of my family members to get phone lines with them despite their cell phone reception and all of which hold about 4 to 5 lines.

Posted by Lady in Michigan

I purchases the Galaxy 4S from my local Sprint store. I returned the phone after 10 days of endless chats, phone calls, and trips back to the store to be given the run around, false information, and just plain lies from their customer services representatives. Sprint has to be the most horrible company I have ever dealt with. If they are in business in a year I will be amazed.

Posted by luis1991

worst company ever don't sing up the network bad all the time u pay alot but dont get anything customer service bad they are lazy and dont want to help you at and they lie alot

Posted by Anonymous

it should be 888-211-4727

Posted by Michele bishop

I left sprint and went to AT&T. For this reason. I had a galaxy 2 that keep shutting off due to a swollen battery. Went to sprint store that said they don't carry batteries. Sprint store was in Costa Mesa California. On 4 th and harbor. Was told to Order a battery off amazon. Got battery from china phone still did not work. Took phone in again. Never was told my phone has insurance. That I could replace my phone until three weeks later when I called twice to see what I could do. After not having a workable phone for almost a month. I got fed up and cancelled my service. The worst customer service ever. Never will I go back to sprint service. Not to mention my service was interrupted when I would turn a corner on my streets of solvang California. I have been with sprint for 8 years. What a disappointment.

Posted by Anonymous

Dear Sprint, I just want to say thank you for charging me a ton of money and I can't even use my phone in my house. You send me this airrave that doesn't even work and yet I pay you $200.00 a month and not get any use from my phone. I challenge one of your execs to come to my house and stay for 24 hours and try to use my phone while you are here. When I call it is always the same song and dance. My contract is up soon and I can guarantee that I will not renew with you. I hope the other people that read this post will follow suit. OH and I am writing you from my computer because my phone timed out and could no connect to the server. Thanks for nothing!

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Posted by Hula

Eugene T from your Orem Utah Store was awesome this morning as he helped my 90- year-old mom purchase a new iphone! He was humorous, kind, and patient! Sprint would be so lucky to have more employees like him!

Posted by MicheleMonica67

Today I called Sprint customer service and spoke with a fellow named Chase. He was extremely knowledgeable and courteous and fixed my problem. He also spoke perfect English. I have never had such great customer service from Sprint, any other time I have called. Thank you, Chase and Sprint for hiring you!

Posted by christyeason

I am very new to sprint and have had a few unpleasant interactions this far. Today I spoke with Laura and was extremely pleased with her customer service. Throughout our conversation she was energetic, helpful, and very welcoming! I hope this will get back to her, I think it is important to recognize the positive interactions with customer service representatives! Thank you Laura!

Posted by Bluekibble

Today I spoke with Lance on Live Chat about a few issues I was having with my account. He was very friendly and helpful and he resolved all of my issues.

Posted by Dorian Amos

Yesterday we went to Sprint #WestBloomfieldMI store and we were serviced by DORIAN AMOS... MR. Amos was extremely knowledgeable and extremely courteous to us. He helped us not only with one phone but we were able to get 2 IPhones on our contract with a great deal. He took his time with us and explained everything to us at least 3 times. I would like to commend you on your training of your sales people, because he knew absolutely everything regarding phones, contracts, accessories and all of your policies... Please give Mr. Amos a rating of 5... We were extremely pleased with our service. Barbara Brazil ❤

Posted by Anonymous

The young lady taht helped me was very impressive & knowledgable. I was not expecting near as much as I got. Very satisfied!

Posted by teelalaa

Every single time I call Sprint customer care I get timely, friendly support with the exact resolution I requested. There has never been a time where I was unhappy with Sprint's customer service, even in the store, and that is why I remain a happy customer!

Posted by Sprint_cell/hickman

Sprint customer service rep danna was very helpful, very nice to talk to and is very nice. 10/10

Posted by Anonymous

Hello. I Went To A Sprint Store On 59 In Plainfiled Il Due To Us Cellular Going Out Of Business So I Needed A New Phone And Want To See What Kind Of Promo I Would Get. The Young Lady Was Pretty. Some What Helpful But She Didnt Probe.i Didnt Get A Phone That Day. I Called The Store On Essington Rd. A Young Lady Told Me About The Port Over And The Credit On The Trade In Of The Old Phone.i Went Into The Store Sfter Work Talked To Jennica England She Was To So Nice Beautiful Person And She Even Sold Me A Tablet. Sprint She Need A Raise. Good Job And She Explained Everything To Me As Well. When I Go Back To Sprint It Will Be Where Ever Jennica Work.

Posted by Robert H.

I am Very Happy with Sprint customer service right now. I am poor right now and everytime I call them to extend me on a huge bill. For the past 2 or 3 years Sprint customer service has been perfect. Iit almost never takes long on hold, Sprint employees have been knowledgeable and friendly and clear. I have been with sprint for 13 years. Robert H., Fort Worth, tx

Posted by Endi

I recently switched to Sprint after terminating early with Verizon, and I'm so happy I did. The Customer Service is outstanding. The coverage is not as good as Verizon, but after going through hell with Verizon's customer service over this last year, I had enough! I'm so happy with my Sprint experience.

Posted by LostInToiletGIRL

I just called and spoke to Jessica (a service representative.) SHE was delightful and professional, prompt, very helpful and very easy to work with.. unlike most calls going to customer service numbers.


Sorry you'll be there on Thanksgiving- but happy you'll be there if someone like me needs you. Maybe few will lose their phone in cranberry sauce or something.. and you can leave early!

Thanks Sprint for having someone like Jessica on the other end- versus a "THIS IS PEGGY" guy there to give us a run around!

Posted by Anonymous

I would like to make a comment about the great customer service I was given by LOREN on November 11,2012.Ive been a customer for 9 years and no problems.Through no fault of my own but another family member my phone was shut off.I had tried to fix the same problem months earlier but no one wanted to help me.A matter of fact I was treated very,VERY rudely by GARY.He kept telling me I signed the contract over and over again but in reality my brother did for two extra phones on my account.I was ready to just cancel my contract for my phone but because of LORENS great customer service Im still with sprint.I just hope GARY is no longer there.I will never deal with him again.

Posted by Karen

I walked in to my neareast Sprint store today, store #4128 5308 pacific ave located in Stockton Ca. I recieved great customer service by an employee under the name of Edgar M., He helped me with my payment and was very helpful with the information I needed relating to the Iphone 5 I am trying to obtained. Very satisfying customer service!:)

Posted by Anonymous


Posted by rc in dallas

Was pleasantly surprised at how responsive Sprint is for customer service; I am using the Employee Support for cell phone plan based on a referral. Now always very knowledgeable on iPhones but I think everyone refers you to Apple on that. Very helpful and easy to reach.

Posted by SRQ Dave

Sprint cell service at my house is dismal. If I am able to make or receive a call, the service won't support it and call is garbled/dropped. Still get emails. In contacting Sprint CS, I must say that they have worked really hard to resolve issue....including sending 2 Airaves. Although I invested way too much time trying to resolve the issue, the problem lies with their network...insufficient coverage...and no techie can fix that (like rain fade in DirecTV) I have found a CS Rep in New Mexico, Dee, who is fabulous. She has done everything she could to help in light of my service issues. Cell service at the house is a must that any provider should be able to do....why pay for a service you're not getting?

Posted by sw_fl239

I decided to go back to sprint as my provider for the iPhone 4S. In the past I was not satisfied but lets keep that in the past and concentrate on the know. I love my iPhone however I dropped two calls yesterday while at home. I didn't have this problem with my previous provide (MetroPCS) at half the monthly bill and underrated status quo. I spoke with Micheal about my employee discount of 18% off monthly services. Then he suggested sales. In sale I spoke with John who was super helpful but annoyed me with the redundant confirmation questions. He's a good guy though. He told me about the Airaze box that would boost my signal in my home and solve my problem. Jose the supervisor sent me the Airaze for free waiving all service charges so as long as I return the box if I no longer decide to use it. All in all there effort was well recognized by myself and I appreciated there curative measures.

Posted by Snoopy72

Awesome Customer Service, Its nice not to have to fix problems any more. Thanks Sprint.

Posted by ArunB

Sprint's customer service is awesome. Anytime I call them they are polite and courteous and make a full effort to listen and understand my issue. I have had service outage issues but sprint has been quick to refund part of my bill for the inconvenience. I have now been with them for 8 years and they are still the lowest priced providers around.

Posted by Artmoves

A customer over 10 years best value for the money. They reward me for customer loyalty by standing behind my hardware and have replaced faulty phones early upgrades ect. Resloved every problem I have had in the past and I plan on staying as long as they continue lowest cost and resloving problems with their outstanding customer service. If I adhere to the contract by paying timely they will go the distance it takes to keep as a customer. Sprint know the value of a good customer. The question is are you a good customer?

Posted by Chuck

I'm going to say OK for these guys because they help you out alright but I have to drive 30 minutes to get to the cloest customer support place :P, I'd be more happy if they put a customer support place near me. :D

Posted by Jenny

Called Sprint today because my phone stopped working. Spoke with Veronica. She is sending me a replacement phone OVERNIGHT at no additional costs, plus she told me my employer offers a 17% discount. I am a happy Sprint customer :)

Posted by Weston210

After having a horrible experience with Verizon I decided to switch to another wireless carrier. I went to Best Buy to check out the different phones each carrier had and after speaking with the wireless department manager there he convinced me to give Sprint a try. I have to say I could not be happier with the service I received. I live in Central Massachusetts which is heavily populated, and in an average month with Verizon I would have 2-4 dropped calls. I have had Sprint now for the past 7 months and have had only a total of 2 dropped calls while living and working in the same area. I also travel to the Tampa/Sarasota part of Florida once in a while and had much better reception down there as well. I've been to a couple of different Sprint stores as well and received excellent customer service from both locations. Also the prices are much better than Verizon or ATT. I had a "multimedia" phone with Verizon and to have 900 minutes and internet access on that phone it cost me $105 a month. With Sprint I have the EVO 4G with unlimited data, messaging, mobile to any mobile calling, long distance, etc... and 450 any time minutes (which only get used when I call landlines, which isn't often these days) for $76 a month. Granted I don't get 4G in my area, the 3G service is still quite good.

Posted by Anonymous

I think Sprint is great. The company has really done a good job of making customer service their #1 priority. I love their coverage and their prices are very fair compared to AT&T and Verizon. No complaints here.

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Posted by Former Sprint NSS and BWTS rep

Horrible company, treats both their customers and their employees like crap.

Former Nextel employee here, went to work with Sprint after the merger. Sprint expected up to accept bogus STOLEN identification information to set up new customer accounts. How many thousands of people had their credit ruined by Sprint aiding and abetting the creation of fraudulent accounts by illegal aliens and other criminals?

Posted by laurabeth0311

I also work for Sprint Customer Care. I would just like to say, "Who are you people talking to?!" I for one can vouch for my entire call center when I say we have some of the best numbers in the company! We have an issue resolve of 90.3%! I am very sorry for those customers on this forum who are apparently not receiving adequate help. I for one go above and beyond for my customers, as well as everyone whom I work with.
Yes most of us are young and probably will not be there our entire lives. But if I can make at least one customer a day and fully satisfied to be a customer with "The ONLY National Carrier With 4G Speed" than I will. I for one have had Sprint service long before I ever went to work for them and it has been nothing but exceptional. I have not had a single problem, and I am not just saying that because they pay my bills.
A little consideration goes a long way, I agree with the other employee who said that calling in and the "f" word being the first thing you say not being a very good thing. It does tend to lower the morale of the rep you are talking to, which can in turn lead to poor customer service. There are other ways of expressing your frustration than taking it out on the employee who was lucky enough to get you from the queue.
Also, I can definitely say that in the almost five years that I have worked for Sprint, our customer service has drastically improved. Which is why we are number 1 right now.
One last thing, before you switch to AT&T, why don't YOU ask THEM why they no longer have unlimited data (internet) plans on their phones. Sprint truly is the ONLY carrier with UNLIMITED data plans at the current moment!

Posted by Anonymous

I am an employee of Sprint and just wanted to respond to a couple of the negative comments on here. To the user who posted about traveling to Brazil and being charged for using the phone, you stated:

"They said I made phone calls from Brazil to here, what NEVER happened. I basically just used my phone for the walkie talkie. The only time I called from my cel was to my husband call me back in Brazil, and it took no more than 15 seconds"

You state you NEVER made calls, yet 2 sentences later state you called from your cell to your husband. If you make a call it is always rounded up to the minute (and that is all cell phone companies) So, if it was 15 seconds, you would still be charged for 1 full minute, and if you did that multiple times, well those 1 minute calls add up. and when he called you back (if it was on your cell, since you didn't specify) you were charged then too, even if you have a free incoming plan, international calls are not free. and once again, every company charges international long distance charges.

My second response it to the post about 3rd party charges.

"Wonder why it is when you contact Sprint-Nextel about a third party billing- ours was over $100- they can't tell you who was billing or what the bill is for...they can sure put it on the bill with no problem..."

Well, 3rd party means exactly that. a different company. Honestly, I HATE those 3rd party charges too. They are tricky to figure out where or who they are coming from, and unfortunately they are not very strictly regulated if at all. Once again, this isn't just a Sprint-Nextel problem, my mom has AT&T and has the same problem. Ultimately, someone HAS to put this on your account, it HAS to be subscribed to. These can be done through text messaging OR through the internet on your computer. Did you take that IQ quiz today on facebook?? something as simple as that can sign you up, and no it didn't tell you, except in fine print at the bottom. So you may not even know your signing up for something, or another way to be signed up is if someone (maybe you don't even know them) types your number in when signing up (by accident or by picking a random number). So, if you get those stupid text messages, easiest way to get it to stop is to text back STOP or UNSUBSCRIBE. That will stop the texts and it will stop the charges.



"I recently went to South Dakota via Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming. As soon as I left Washington my cell service stopped. I tried to make a call and the screen said "restricted service" I contacted Nextel from my hotel phone and was told there was no Nextel service in any of those states. Good Grief! I was on a motorcycle. What if I had gotten some where in and need help? Nextel is a major carrier and recently became even bigger by merging with Sprint. How can they not have service in those states, or allow roaming?"

No cell company has service EVERYWHERE. NEXTEL is the smallest of the networks, and most people don't realize that even though NEXTEL is merged with Sprint, they are still 2 different networks. It is a different type of tower, signal, everything. One name, 2 types of product. Sprint, AT&T and Verizon all roam off each others towers because they are the same type of service. NEXTEL runs on a different type and therefore CANNOT roam, it isn't that we don't ALLOW it.

BOTTOM LINE: People need to stop blaming the cell company they go through for the problems they are encountering. Most of the time it is user error, OR not fully understanding how things work or how they are charged. And I think people forget that when you call customer service, when we answer the phone, This is the first time that person has ever seen your account or talked to you, give us a chance to help you, don't immediately start cussing and screaming. I always want to help, and when I can't, it is usually because the customer doesn't want to let me.

Posted by Anonymous

Hi, I am a CSR for Sprint. I know that personally I strive to provide excellent customer service and get positive feedback from customers as such. I take my time to make sure I do take care of my customers needs. Now, saying this I understand that every company has the bad apple CSRs.(see the other comment) We, as consumers, can't say that we haven't had a bad experience with any company's customer service we've talked to at one time or another. I know that one person doesn't make too much of a difference, but I know that the people I work with feel the same way, and do actually care about getting the customers problems resolved. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, as well as I, and I did leave a different Cell Co. due to poor customer service, but as I said, every company has these kind of people and problems.

Posted by sprint andamericancustomeraremad

I work for sprint, and i don't give a crap about what happens to them or any other phone company, because every company phone or other is out to make money by any means necessary. I'm sure the majority of employees that work at cell phone call centers are students and young adults, that won't work their for the rest of there lives.

Now that ia have established that the workers don't care about the customer servcie for 10 and hour, because they know it's temporary untill they finish school or get a better job.

The American customres that call in with such ignorance, demanding to have there phones turned on, that they have not paid in three months, or every payment they made has been returned, and treathing to cancle, we don't care. A little advice to you maybe if you would try being civilized with the employess they would be more willing to help with your concerns, but when the first thing that comes out of your mouth is why my f***g phone is off, you won't get help.

The funny thing about all this complain about sprint customre servcie, is all the complaints are coming from customres with delinquent accounts, never want to pay their bills, or can't afford to have a cell phone. Cell phones are not necessity it's a want. so if you can't offord to pay your bill don't have one, and when you can't pay your bill don't be cussing at employees.


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