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Spotify customer service is ranked #686 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 26.11 out of a possible 200 based upon 105 ratings. This score rates Spotify customer service and customer support as Terrible.


99 Negative Comments out of 105 Total Comments is 94.29%.


6 Positive Comments out of 105 Total Comments is 5.71%.

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    • 26.11 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 99 negative comments (94.29%)
    • 6 positive comments (5.71%)
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    • 1.0 Issue Resolution
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Posted by KoffieAanAnn

I have a problem with a gift card. There is no way that you can contact some kind of helpdesk. You can fill in a contact form but the reply email you receive is always a standard reply. You can find help on the website. Which of course is not a response to my problem. After taking a look at the facebook page I found out that there is not really a way to get in contact.

Posted by Angry bird

Spotify support makes the whole company look bad. I don't think they even read the emails properly before giving you a cut and paste response that has nothing to do with what you asked and ending with a "take care" and "we are just an email away" (wtf??????)

My opinion of Spotify has gone from 'good to 'effing terrible because of my experience with their so called support.

Posted by Anonymous

I tried a "free" 30-day trial of Spotify Premium. I cancelled the service before the trial period elapsed yet a charge for the service appeared on my credit card two days AFTER I cancelled the service. I contacted Spotify via their web site and after providing all of the information they requested, they promised a refund in 3-5 business days. Still no refund.

This company provides no phone numbers to call the to resolve billing disputes. Beware of the "FREE" trial!

Posted by Anonymous

This company is a joke I recieved a reply from a customer service rep regarding my account being suspended for non payment that's funny because the charges on my statement including 30.00 of overpayments that they owe me. I have contacted the BBB and if it can't be resolved that way I will contact an attorney but I will get myoneu back. I wouldn't reccomend anyone purchasesing Spotifies premium services of giving these scammers your credit card information cause they will rip you off.

Posted by tdarosa61

I have used spotfy premium for over a year and actually loved it until a couple of months ago when I noticed double charges per month on my bank statement . It was suppose to be 9.99 per month however they have been charging my card 9.99 twice per month for the past few months without my authorization and owe me for the overcharges . Yesterday I went to log in to NY account and it stated that my premium account was on pause for non payment but my bank statement that they received a Paynent I canceled my account and deleted the app. I will also be reporting them to the BBB since I can't reach anyone at customer service .

Posted by Anonymous

I have been hacked my name is Nancy Grabow I called today and talk to Paul Brown extension 104 he told me to call back at 4:30 and I can't get a hold of him or anybody somebody has been using my account and it's been on my bank statement I'm going to get a lawyer if somebody does not get back to me

Posted by melsuz

I actually quite liked spotify until I noticed today that they have been taking my payment twice for the last 6 months. I have tried to contact them and believe me it isn't easy and when I finally found a phone number it couldn't connect. So speaking to a person appears to be impossible. This is not a one off because they even have a question relating to it on their faq page but no advice about getting it back! I have found an email address and hopefully they will actually have someone at the end of it. Be very very careful with this when you upgrade to premium (it sure is price wise).

Posted by kpalazzo

refused to transfer the payment method to my new personal Visa because the purchases were after 14 days. No exceptions could be made even though they used a card I never authorized them to use four times. More importantly, they provide ZERO customer service over the phone so if you issue does not match the most common issues listed on their website you have to go through a number of steps to online chat with the company, however, make sure you allow to live your life on their schedule because you'll only have two minutes to reply to them once they answer you before the chat expires and you have to start all over again and from then on can only discuss your issues from email which they'll respond hours later to. Everything will be on their schedule and time frame and they have zero value for their customers other than taking their money in whatever way they can.

Posted by Katydidx4

Credit card charged twice in three weeks by this company and we've never had a service with them. In fact it was charged to a credit card we only use for travel. Nothing had been charged on the card in months then 11/1/16 a charge appears for $14.99. Called the bank, had the card cancelled and a new card sent. Received the new card and have not even activated it and a new charge for $14.99 appeared on our account today. There is no way to contact the company so we are cancelling the entire account. What a lousy company. Stay away from them.

Posted by Meesh

The only annoying thing about free Spotify is the guy we have to hear every 30 min.say the sane thing. Just play the ads. Do we really need to hear the announcer tell us to listen to the ads?

Posted by Anonymous

I have consistently been billed twice for this service. Spent hours trying to solve the problem and got a run around. Asking for information for an account I don't use
Customer service was useless

Posted by NOSPOTIFY!

Horrifying! ----
Have To Actually Close My Longtime Visa Card And Open A New One -------- Just To Get Rid Of Spotify!! Have Not Used It In 6 Months! Tried To Close It Multiple Times, --------
- Spotify, Like A Malignant Virus, Will Not Stop Charging Me! Sick. Never Been Subject To This Kind Of Criminal Predator Before.

And Forget About Calling Them On The Phone ----- Even If You Can Find Their Phone Number (ask Your Bank) --- They Never Answer The Phone. Keep It Always Busy!

Do Not, Not, Not, Not ----------------sign Up With This Company!!!

Posted by Anonymous

No one to talk and request my money back. I emailed asking for a refund even though I cancelled the service same day and no answers. Worst company ever.

Posted by Anonymous

Spotify is an insidious and shady organization. It is no surprise that they do not have a customer service number, which is a clear warning sign. They say try our service for free and when you sign up they charge your credit card even after you cancel before the trial period ends. Be wary of these cheaters. it seems to be a shady organization based in India (country code "44") Do not provide them your credit card #.

Posted by Whatever Works

I don't even know where to begin because I am really upset right now. It took me at least 45 mins to find this website to state my complaints. Apparently, there is a process that you should take to be able to describe your problem instead of just sending an email to a complaint account or something. Honestly, more than a year ago I subscribed to a premium account and for a long time I really believed that it was the greatest purchase I've ever made until a couple of months ago. Now, I'm always having problems with my Premium Account. Every time I open my app it takes forever to connect to internet. It doesn't realize that I have premium membership which means even though I don't have connection, I should be able to listen to my saved music. Also there is a lot of technical problem with the app itself. This new update made it worse. Sometime you can't even see the last song on the playlist because the line that shows the song that you're listening to covers the very bottom part on the playlist. Also, whenever you decide not to have song on your playlist anymore, it takes you forever to delete that song from your playlist. AND what happened to the karaoke, the lyrics part? I really thought that Spotify was far beyond the best of all other music stream apps and and I was always rooting for it among my friends. I really think that I am not getting anything extra with my Premium account and there is no reason to pay for that membership. Today, I canceled it and wanted to complain about this. If you don't keep it up, you will lose all of your users one by one. Last thing, I applied for a couple of jobs at Spotify months ago and nobody even sent an email saying that I wasn't selected. There are way bigger companies that are at least sending out an email saying basically "sorry, we don't want you". Anyways, Good Luck.

Posted by Anonymous

How can u say.30 min. Of add free and then force a 'suggestd 'song into my playlist? Isn't that just another form of advertising? And, even worse, its impossible to de-select the.suggested song without canceling the playlist altogether.i consider this false advertising.

Posted by Anonymous

Don't know how you got in my account.i didn't order your music app.and it's not fair you took my money.and you don't have a contact number to call.i call my card holder to disperse this charge.

Posted by Anonymous

Support unable to track ongoing service debits despite cancellation, 5 months duplicated email info without resolution despite reforwarding same info to same questions. Received a request for this month's payment. Why?

Posted by Danyel smith

I want to cancel my service doesn't work. And stop taking money out of my account. Reach at home

Posted by Anonymous

My account was charged twice.I need to speak with someone at Spotify to resolve this problem. Thank you. My new email address

Posted by Stephanie Howard

I deed you speak to some one y'all are charging me twice and sometimes three times I want to money back on my card immediatly

Posted by Anonymous

I have your monthly membership come off my mastercard .The problem I'm having is I Can't recover the account. I don't remember the username email or password and I have a " lot of music please help me. I think u can look through'your system.

Posted by Anonymous

Of cousre there is no one you can reach! You can just steal money from people that don't use your, this was supposed to be for one day now months later! You are still taking my money for something I don't use! It has been canceled everytime you've taken my money! You will be giving it back!

Posted by Anonymous

My son used my credit card number to start his"free" trial. When I found out he used my bank account on March 31st and I had him cancel his Spotify account that day. I was charged on my account for $9.99 on April 9th. My son checked his phone and assured me that he canceled his account for the second time on April 9th. I just received a letter from my bank today, May 5th that you have taken another $9.99 out of my account on May 2nd. This caused my account to be overdrawn resulting in a $28.00 fee. I'm disabled and on a fixed income. You are not authorized to take any more money from my account. I would like to be refunded for these charges.

Posted by Anonymous

My experience has been horrible. I have attempted to contact Spotify by phone to no avail! I requested my service be discontinued as I am not tech savvy and downloaded by mistake. Spotify continues to deduct $9.99 from my bank account despite my cancellation request. Spotify please Stop TAKING MY MONEY, I'm a senior on a fixed income. Thank you

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Posted by Izzy

I absolutely love Spotify. My whole life revolves around music and Spotify has almost everything I listen to. Also Jan from customer support helped out so much when I deleted my Facebook which I used to log into Spotify. Everything was squared away within minutes.

Posted by mymymy-littlespotify

I had an incredible experience with the Spotify customer support team. They stayed in contact with me regarding my issue (changing from a through-Facebook account to a strictly through-Spotify account) all hours of the day and night, which I really appreciated because I am a busy college student with very strange hours of operation. They were very accommodating, and even agreed that some of the rigmarole involved in the process I was undertaking could be addressed through some changes I mentioned off-hand, even saying that they would send my recommendations up the ladder for further research and implementation. They were very straightforward with what I needed to do on my end, and very responsive to my queries, while also handling their end of the work very efficiently and effectively. Various members of the team worked together seamlessly to help me create my new account, by releasing my email address from the old account and transferring all my playlists, songs, followers, and associated information to the new account. I had an amazing experience with Spotify's customer service team, and I am very appreciative of their help. I love my new account and it still maintains all of the elements of my old account that I enjoy. I can even connect to Facebook through this account, but I don't have to rely on Facebook credentials to log in anymore. I am very, very satisfied with my experience.

Posted by Datanight

have used Spotify for a number of years, I have never had a problem that was not sorted by the team at spotify. I would hate to lose my Spotify when my mood dictates I can choose how to cheer myself up, whether its by listening to music of happier times or fantasizing me being part of the group, sounds sad but only if you have no imagination. Way to go Spotify xx

Posted by zzuumm

4 ads about spotify one after other. it is too much. ok, i really understand and memorize that if i change my status to Premium and pay extra Money to you i can choose my song, i do not have to listen ads any more etc. no more ads about spotitfy please.

Posted by Kyle

I am a premium subscriber to Spotify.
I had an issue in which Facebook deleted my account due to not believing that my name was correct.
My Spotify subscription was through Facebook, so I contacted Spotify for help. They responded within 4 hours and within 24 hours I had all of my playlists moved over to the new account, as well as a free month of premium for the trouble.

Great service.

Posted by khalidmaleacarr

My one year subscription is up today and I was unaware that my subscription was only for a year. I thought as long as you paid the subscription, would just keep going until I cancelled it. My question is if I renew my spotify premium for .99 cents for the first 3 months today. Do I have to download all my music all over again or can I just sign back up and keep all my music that's already on my phone.

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