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Sports Illustrated customer service is ranked #500 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 31.37 out of a possible 200 based upon 151 ratings. This score rates Sports Illustrated customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


145 Negative Comments out of 151 Total Comments is 96.03%.


6 Positive Comments out of 151 Total Comments is 3.97%.

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    • 31.37 Overall Rating
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    • 145 negative comments (96.03%)
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Posted by Joerichendollar

Why is it taking so long for my son to receive his gift part of the subscription. I.e. the commemorative gifts football, eagles book and jacket? This was a birthday gift since his team won the superbowl. He was very excited to receive the magazine and the gifts. Now I feel completely embarrassed because of how long it's taking.when I called to order the man said 4 weeks. Now I'm being told they have no idea when.

Posted by Anonymous

24 February 2018

SI Corporate Officers-

I subscribed again just in time for baseball season, and the second issue to arrive is the notorious swimsuit edition. Really, guys? Have you learned nothing about what feeds sexual harassment and assault after all this? It's making persons -- usually women -- into sex objects, robbing them of the respect that each are owed as individuals. No rocket science there, and certainly no sports in this issue.

Your objective here is plenty clear -- illustrating women as mere objects of desire to sell magazines. On the pages where swimsuits are visible they clearly aren't for swimming, just props to serve the cause of titillation. The scant value you place on the full personhood of those who wear them shows through, along with just about everything else.

Please learn that your bare merchandising has an impact on your readers/gawkers, especially young men and boys. Many of them will carry your objectification into their relationships and their behavior. It will be at work every day in our workplaces and our social lives. Women will suffer its results more than men, but we will all be lessened by it.

In the following issue you feature Aly Raisman, one brave survivor of one especially awful predator. Through the words on her skin you purport some awareness of what she and others have been through. But soft or hard, porn feeds predation. Your swimsuit issue clearly illustrates SI as part of the problem, not of the solution.

Get a clue. Until you do, count me out and cancel my sub.

Posted by Frustrated In Texas

I placed an online order for a single copy of a previous SI magazine print edition and framed copy. I received an immediate email telling me my order would ship in 7 to 10 days. Two days later I call and find out neither item is in stock and no idea when it will ship. I was transferred twice before I received a customer service person who could take my order. Then both items are out of stock and no idea when they will be in stock. I cancelled both of my orders. I WILL NEVER ORDER ANYTHING FROM SPORTS ILLUSTRATED ONLINE AGAIN! THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE AND OPERATIONS I HAVE EVER ENCOUNTERED.

Posted by Anonymous

I have purchased sports illustrated magazine my address is michael audino 7070 routt street arvada,colorado 80004 I have never received my bronco jacket, this is the second year this has happened . please send me a bronco jacket xl now, I have asked 3 time, it happened last year also Michael audino 7070 routt street arvada,colorado 80004

Posted by None

I have tried many times, many ways, to received the issue of Sports Illustrated, dated 11/14/16, that has not been received.


Have subscribed to Sports Illustrated since 1974, although SI's records indicate only since 1987.

Probably will not resubscribe if missing issue is not received.

Posted by Anonymous

There needs to be a way to indicate that the subscriber did NOT receive an issue. It is easy to subscribe via this website but once you are a subscriber, the web site is very poor!!!

Posted by Anonymous

I started receiving Sports Illustrated magazine for some unknown reason. When I tried to cancel it, I went through your website, I called your 800 and finally I was given another number which I can only call during the day when I am at work. This could not be more frustrating. It should not be so difficult to cancel a subscription that I never asked for. Please cancel my subscription immediately. Annie Hendricks

Posted by Anonymous

i can't find where to submit my change of address, so i will post it here.

thank you.

Posted by Anonymous

Mr Anup Swamy
I've been a loyal SI subscriber for 35 years, and have purchased gift subscriptions for my four sons-in-law, as well. I have received multiple e-mails and postal "reminders" that my subscription is about to expire and touting special offers to renew.

Thanks but no thanks. I've had it with your gradual (but accelerating) movement to be more of a social/political commentary rag than a straightforward carrier of all things sport. The cover featuring Bruce "I Wanna Be Noticed" Jenner was the turning point. If I want social commentary, especially "Progressive" commentary, I'll just read my daily copy of the Washington Post or turn on CNN/MSNBC/etc. I don't need to have a supposed "sports" magazine try to feed me this stuff.
So goodbye my beloved SI.....may the Millenials adore you.

Posted by Anonymous

I think it is indespicable that you are going to honor BRUCE Jenner with a cover of SI . and even worse that HE will be wearing an American flag. I will never spend another dime on your magazine . Take me off of your mailing list

Posted by Anonymous

I placed an order for SI in Mid Nov ( 9 weeks ago) with free NFL sweatshirt promo. Have not received the promo. When I called customer service i was hung up on after recording that all customer service personnel are in training.
This is incredibly poor service and I am very frustrated with this.

Posted by Anonymous

Your customer service stinks. All I want to do is submit a change of address, and nothing on this site shows me where/how to do that. I called the customer service phone number and was advised that it's not working, and I need to try my call later.

Posted by Anonymous

I cant locate or contact the mag company that is handling my subscription please advise email

thank you

George Paris

Posted by wendie

Order sports illustrated back in October and was told I would get a jacket green bay packers and it was xl and now is Dec and it was my husband Xmas present and still haven't got anything.. I haved call 5 times and I get sorry its out of stock we will order it. And months and months have went by and now I have to get my husband something else for xmas your or the worst company ever. Customers serives are the worstit's in my husband name Thomas huss

Posted by Anonymous

My name is Patricia DMont my subscriber number I was sent a renewal notice for one year in the amount of $76.42 was sent and you cashed the check on July 15,2015 the subscription is paid for one year.Please check your records it was check #108 for $76.42.i keep getting notices of cancellation thank you

Posted by Anonymous

I signed up with Sports Illustrated August 10 Check #3049 paid $29.00 for 1 full year subscription. My offer included a FREE NFL TEAM SWEATSHIRT OF MY CHOICE. I requested my logo to be of the Denver Broncos. The size I requested was XL. As of this date, I am still awaiting my Sweatshirt. Please send ASAP, I would like to be able to show off my loyalty toward my team.

Posted by Anonymous

I order the SI Collection- Full Set of 25 issues of the soccer team back on July 20-2015- Called around the 2nd week in Sept to see why I have not received them. The guy told me that they were just now being sent out. I waited a couple more weeks and now found out that you are out of them. They were for my granddaughters birthday and now she will not be getting them. Thanks to you being so concern about keeping your word on ordering. No one bother to notify me that they were out or that I would not be getting them until today!!! September 29,2015 and all your people can say is I'm sorry!! So how long were you going to keep my money or when did you think about telling me. Why did you take the order in July and take so long to send it out?? You had the books then or did you?? You should have never taken the order if you could not filled it and how did you determine which order you filled and which order you didn't? You have very poor service- I would not order your regular issues you may run out of them!!
I'm just very disappointed in you and your magazine . Believe me I will be telling everybody about this, not to order anything from you because you will take the money and keep it when you question them then they will tell you they are out and will refund your money. LIKE THEY ARE DOING YOU A FAVOR!!! Yes I'm very upset you have just messed up my granddaughters birthday-Thank you for that!!

Posted by Anonymous

We have paid in full for the magazine and the Packers Performer Jacket(XL). Check # 8188 dated September 16, 2015 Total $72.24! Jerry Mickelson

Posted by Anonymous

Literally the worst customers service I have ever experienced. They have a scripted automatic email that they send to customers who have a complaint about their online order. After almost 2 months of waiting for them to mail an issue to me (and them having charged my credit card for it), I still do not have it. And all they can respond in a email is "It will be shipped shortly We apologize for the inconvenience caused to you. Your patience is appreciated." I have separate 3 emails that say the EXACT SAME thing. Pitiful. Worst customer service ever. Won't ever buy anything else from them again.

Posted by ?I

Your customer service department "sucks"'!!! The people have no clue when you ask to speak to a supervisor! After 35 years you would think I would get some leeway, for being late with a payment!! No wonder print media is dying!!!

Posted by PhoenixHank

For the love of all that is holy SI, QUIT SENDING ME INVOICES! I'm paid up for 4 freaking years!
If these invoices do not cease I will cancel my subscription and never again read your magazine.

Posted by Anonymous

I have been receiving Sports Illustrated for a good many years but lately my issues have been arriving quite late. The last issue I received by mail is dated August 10th. Is there a reason for this or is Canada Post to blame? My name is Brenda Costello and my address is Highway 8, Stoney Creek, ON.

Posted by Anonymous

the person I talked to had NO KNOWLEDGE OF YOUR MAGAZINE. SHE SAID SHE ONLY DID SUBSCRIPTIONS. Really! I am looking for the Special Edition of the 2015 Football SI, is it out on the market yet? How hard is that? Please respond.

Posted by Anonymous

I have not received an issue in three weeks. I have e-mailed and called with no results. I didn't receive an issue about three months ago and after way to much aggravation I received an issue six weeks later. Unfortunately, it was a copy of an issue I HAD received and not the one I was looking for. I have been a loyal subscriber for 29 years and I am about ready to cancel my subscription, unless you people get your act together.

Posted by Anonymous

Received a letter from Si July 3/15 indicating third renewal notice ie not renewed. I have a deposited cheque (dated June 30/15 for a 2 yr renewal) to my account on June 25/15. I would contend I have already handled this renewal. Please advise your concurrence/confirmation of same. Thanks...

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Posted by alex9real

I called today, and they gave me a full refund.. They were nice to me, and have to trouble unsubscribing.. Just call them and explain to them how you never wanted the magazines and they will give you your money back. hopefully it works for you

Posted by mstrnlkr

Called Sports Illustrated Kids customer service after being scammed through a Finish Line trial subscription of Sports Illustrated. Without warning of any kind, my subscription had been renewed and I was billed for it as well as a subscription to SI for Kids for a total of 75 dollars. I talked to Vivian who was extremely friendly and polite, and who canceled both subscriptions and voided my bills with absolutely no hassle. Time Warner and SI have sneaky, underhanded ways, but their customer service in dealing with these tricks was fantastic. * for Sports Illustrated, ***** for their customer service.

Posted by phitch206

Have to admit I was ready for a hassle because I had barely any info as this was my son's subscription at college and I haven't seen an issue and he has been home all summer and never thought about an address change. Spoke with Amanda and she not only found the account but offered to extend the subscription for the amount of summer months it went to his old dorm room. Very helpful...

Posted by DonnaMac4

I had a very positive experience with TWX SI. My debit card was charged for the annual renewal of my SI subscription. I had seen an ad online for a year of SI for $70.00 less than what I had paid! I called SI and they said to buy the year at the better price and they promised to credit my account for the higher amount. Four business days later the credit appeared! Do your homework and watch your card activity daily online. This was a very easy and pleasant solution.

Posted by Bobby S.

I have to agree that the call center in another country is not ideal but my cancellation experience was hassle free

Posted by Anonymous

A male operator handled my call today. He was very HARD to understand with his accent.
I might add that he was helpful and after having him repeat himself each time, I was able to get our questions answered.

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