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Sports Authority customer service is ranked #166 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 49.28 out of a possible 200 based upon 154 ratings. This score rates Sports Authority customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


128 Negative Comments out of 154 Total Comments is 83.12%.


26 Positive Comments out of 154 Total Comments is 16.88%.

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    • 49.28 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 128 negative comments (83.12%)
    • 26 positive comments (16.88%)
    • 4 employee comments
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    • 2.1 Issue Resolution
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Posted by phillygirl

its in grat condiyion, they are boots have never been worn have the tags still on ans they were too small for my son

Posted by Anonymous

i ordered a 6lb. weighted basketball and you sent me a 3lb. ball

Posted by James

Brought mens shoes from sports authority 3 months ago now they are falling apart. $70.00 a lot of cash. So what do i do now.

Posted by Anonymous

On October 4,2015 I purchased a fit bit which I loved and wore constantly. This week however. the little silver stud which locked the fit bit in came out and was lost. Is it possible to get this little piece replaced?

Posted by GJMR

This place takes absolutely forever to process a refund for online sales! Most places process the refund w/in a few days of receipt, I've been waiting nearly 2 weeks since deliver date and still no refund.

Posted by Disappointed InAZ

Online returns are a pain.The fact you can't return to a local store is ridiculous. No wonder they are going

Posted by Johnny at Play

My experience is the same as other customers. I ordered apparel two weeks ahead of the time I needed it to start on a competitive team. They split the order into three deliveries on of which was promptly lost. Since then I found ot these are not shipped from Sports Authority, but a third party. The items the website claims as "In Stock" are not in Sports Authority's Stock at all. They contact their supplier to direct ship to the customer.

The result was a three way finger pointing game between SA, UPS and the third party over fault, and no attempt to resolve the issue. They could have sent another order overnight, (as Amazon does) or found a store when I could get it.

On line purchases have been a big time saver. But not with SA. I will not buy from them again if they were giving it away for free because I would not waste my time going to their stores.

Good luck getting a refund now that they filed Bankruptcy and have no obligation to repay any creditor. The first ones to get any many will be their suppliers when stors are liquidated.

They filed after I placed my order. I am certain the service was just as bad before they had to file.

Posted by Dori

I placed my order with expectations of overnight delivery. On my order confirmation it said my order would ship in one day. When my order did not arrive, I checked the status and it said there was a problem in the warehouse with inventory. My first frustration was that it did not indicate there was an inventory issue when I placed the order. I placed this order for a team to wear for a competition the next day. My second issue was that if I could not get it overnight, why would I be allowed to choose that option? My third issue was that when I tried to contact customer service by phone, I got disconnected several times which led me to contacting them via email. It took several hours for a response on my urgent order. When I still was unsatisfied with my answer, I went into our local store. They were very apologetic and wanted to make things right. Will, a team leader, contacted customer service by phone. After about 30 minutes of trying to resolve my issue, he was unsuccessful and very apologetic for the poor customer service from the people he spoke with on the phone. So I ended up purchasing shirts for my team from the store and from Dicks Sporting Goods down the street to accommodate the number of teammates for double the amount of money I had spent on the online purchase. My next frustration that I had spent several hundred dollars more than I intended and had to alter the shirts I purchased to fit all of my girls that night so they could wear them the next day. Then I get an email saying my order shipped the morning I needed them, but would not be here until 5 days after I placed the order, which again I ordered with overnight shipping. I will never depend on Sports Authority for another online order again. It was a huge letdown, but the store employees were very sympathetic and Dicks Sporting Goods was more than happy to help me resolve my problem, unlike Sports Authority.

Posted by Anonymous

Jan 4,2015 13:47

I went to sports authority moments ago to buy another pair of Under Armour sweat pants size L in Gainesville Florida store #367. The pants were clearly displayed with a sign of 25% off. Upon check out it didn't include discount. An empAnother employee went to check on the sign and agreed the sign was 25% off as I went with her to make sure I was correct. At that time Jared the manager was at the register and rudely interrogated the young girl with ' where was the sign? Did it say for these feece pants"?? I spoke up and said -yes we read the sign together.... In this day and age with so many this really who you want representing Sports Authority�¿ loyalty card

Posted by Anonymous

I had the worst experience with services n delivery. To start with, I had to wait for 25 days to get the equipment I purchased, which was in stock when I placed the order n the shipping was estimated for 5 to 7 business days. Secondly, home delivery to me means that the equipment will be delivered at door step but in this case the equipment was left on the curbside and I live on the third floor and that too alone. So I had to call moving guys imminently to move the equipment on the third floor and pay twice the amount. Thirdly, the bod in which equipment is delivered is tear down in some places and I didn't have the chance to open and check it yet but I hope that the equipment is not faulty or damaged because of the poor packing. This is very poor service on Sport's Authority's part.

Posted by Anonymous

I bought something online and i was charged twice and I called, the department is very rude first I spoke to Brenda and then with her supervisor Linda she is very nasty and rude I dont know why you have a person so not prodessional working in your customer service department. She definetly does not have any customer experience skills. She is nasty and unprofessional.

Posted by CKremer

Have been calling customer service for an hour and there is no one answering. You choose an option and the phone goes dead. I wanted to return an item and exchange it but after many calls t customer service I finally called a store (closest store is 30 mi. away) and found out that there are NO online exchanges. All you can do is return the item (pay shipping) and reorder new items and pay shipping again. Most reputable online stores offer online exchanges and pay for the new items replacing the returned items. Would never recommend this online business. If you live near a store, I guess you are lucky. I don't want to drive an hour to do a simple exchange.

Posted by Sam

I have bought am expensive treadmill. The manager was very nice and helpful. He said they have free delivery. I indicated that it must go on the second floor of the house. The manager said there will be no problem. The movers were very unprofessional. They came brought my treadmill on the back of toyota corrola. It was very dirty outside since it has been raining for a few days. They had nothing to cover their shoes. Afterwards, they said it is too heavy for them to move it. They could barely bring it through the front door. I had no choice but to install by the front door. They said they will come back with more men, but also asked for a picture of a treadmill. Since I have sent a picture, I did not hear back from them. The manager also have no clue. Good product delivery is awful. Be aware.

Posted by rchs

i do shop a lot at sports authority. i always recommend sports authority to my friend and family. i live in sandy, utah. i always shop footwear from sandy store nut since last few days i did not see an associate named Ali. he was great associate and knowledgeable in footwear. he always suggest shoes and explained to me plus and minus of shoes. i left to buy shoes and the reason sports authority transferred Ali to other store and nobody willing to inform us his location so we can go and buy there.

Posted by bigdaddy42

WOW! I can honestly say that this company is HORRIBLE!!!! I mean WTF. I 've shopped almost every store in the state of Virginia and I can say that if the rest of this company is run like these stores, the company is going under. I bought a treadmill at the Fair Lakes location with a warranty (they called it P, whatever that means) and literally just put it on my receipt. I never asked for it nor was it explained but there this $200 charge was. They told me I didn't pay for it cause they gave me like 20% off for some reason. After having trouble with it, I'm told that the problems are covered, albeit by the manufacturer, not the store, and that since it's out of the return date, the store won't help me either. Well, I call the warranty line and they say it's a manufacturer defect and they can't help. I asked to speak to a district manager and the person at the store said the dm, who apparently is new, doesn't deal with customer problems like mine. Are you serious? I'm basically out $1200 on a piece of crap machine that nobody will help me with. I did call their corporate office......worthless. GO TO DICK'S!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased the extended warranty on a bike. I called to submit a claim for the tire that does not hold any air and needs to be replaced, I was told that a bike tire is considered an accessory and will not be covered. How is a bike tire an accessory. Very upset with the deceptive warranty that clearly states:
"covers normal wear and tear"

Posted by Anonymous

The manager Kelly at the Sports Authority in Niles, on Dempster was very rude and snobbish. I tried to return an item but I didn't have my receipt. I was told to look aty bank statement and bring back the information. When I returned she wouldn't look at the information. "I need your card." I gave her my card and she walked away and started helping another customer. 15 minuted later she came back and said she could only give me a gift card. 23 minutes later I told her I was disabled and needed to leave because it felt like I was going to fall. She mumbled something and walked away.

Posted by JLJ

Worst company I have ever dealt with. Order a 3 Speed Bike and they sent a One Speed then would not respond to my request to send the correct bike and return the other. The Attorney General should file suit against this company as doing business as fraudulent!

Do not order from this company!

Posted by ashraf

After I ordered an item online during a flash 20% sale, they cancelled my order. I paid with a Gift care and it had few dollars left on it so I tossed it away. The cancellation Email didn't explain how I'm going to get my money back so I had to call the customer service and they gave my a gift card for a lower than the original amount which now can't buy a similar item due to nonavailability and ending of the flash sale.

Will never step in a sports' authority store or web site again.

Posted by Anonymous

I'm searching for your returns policy in stores, not online

Posted by Rock_Shopper

I don't even shop at Sports Authority that much, but I had to go in two times last couple weeks. First time I went in, I noticed some workers are walking around in groups talking among themselves not caring whether customers might need help. When I finally got help, he wasn't being very helpful and was just eager to go away. Then I got to a cashier, she didn't even say thank you and when I said thank you, she says "uhuh".
Today, I went back to return something and then a girl and a guy were talking and I interrupted them. I asked if I can get back the cash I paid and the rest in gift card. She then asks the guy and he says yes. She proceeds and hands me cash with some loose change and bunch of receipts all together not saying anything. So I said which one is the store credit and she says she gave me all in cash. Both times these cashiers did not know how to say thank you to their customers. Sports Authority should train their employees better by training them to be courteous to the customers and be helpful to them, not just socialize among themselves.

Posted by Anonymous

I am a customer who bought a Treadmill from Sports Authority store in Fairlakes VA .When the Treadmill arrived one of the arms would not fit in but we were told that a new part will be shipped and the treadmill will be fixed .After numerous phone calls someone placed a e mail for the new part to be replaced (it comes in the mail in approx 7-10 business days).Well it was way later that we received the part and then we had to call US Assembly to fix it.They take 24-48 hours to reach to make an appointment.A really nightmarish experience and really bad customer services.

Posted by Anonymous

You might want to look at your homestead store in florida. when ever i get my tire fixed there they don't seem to want to call to inform me that it is ready for pick up. I always have to call then the first thing they say is its not ready we will call you when it is but when i insist they look it miraculously is ready. then the person on the phone tell me oh well your tire is ready!

Posted by Anonymous

Absolute worse service ever when you have any problems with their products! They hire the worse people to deliver & put together their equipment! When you have a problem they just blow you off that there is nothing they can do. Totally unprofessional!

Posted by Anonymous

I have had such a terrible experience ordering from Sports Authority online for the first time and likely the last. The entire shopping experience has been a nightmare and has still not been resolved. I decided I wanted to purchase a rangefinder for my boyfriend for Christmas. Sports Authority was having an awesome sale providing a 25% off discount store wide online for one day. I went online and saw the rangefinder was available but decided to purchase when I got home. Of course by the time I looked online that evening, the product was nowhere to be found. Odd that a high end product would disappear while such a significant discount was being promoted. I decided to go in-store and see if they could find it online as it was significantly cheaper to purchase online and get the discount rather in-store. The employee looked online and couldn't find it himself either. However, he did say if I had purchased by 12/19, I would get guaranteed delivery by Christmas. The next day, the online discount had dropped to 15%. Of course, now the rangefinder was showing online again. I called customer service and let them know i was trying to buy the rangefinder the previous day and they honored the 25% off by refunding me the difference after I purchased the product.

Shortly after purchase, I received an email with my order number and an estimated delivery date for some time in January. At this point, I'm furious because after jumping through loops to purchase the product, it was now not going to show up prior to the holiday. I called the customer service call center several times and no one could help me or even tell me when the product would be shipped. A few days passed and I called again. The representative said she would notify the warehouse to ship the product and they would ship it out on 12/31. Here we are on 1/2/15, I call customer service again and they are telling me the product still hasn't been shipped. No notification to me letting me know or anything! I have to continue to follow up on a product I went out of my way to purchase through Sports Authority because they offered the best deal. For all that I've been through, I would have been better off going elsewhere! This has been my first experience shopping online with Sport Authority and I can't say I will recommend it to anyone. The people at the customer service call center have no idea what they're doing and offer little to no help. I even spoke to a supervisor who did absolutely nothing but tell me my product didn't ship yet which I was clearly already aware of, hence me calling!

Now, I have reached out to corporate with no avail. No one picks up the customer care line. I left a voicemail and no one has returned my phone call. It has been such a horrendous experience. Never again!

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Posted by Jacob

Hey my name is Jacob and I was at the Northgate Sports Authority last night to get a pair of running shoes. I'm an indecisive person and I had no idea what I was looking for. As soon as I got to the right area of the store, a young dude walked up and asked if there was anything he could help me find and spent the next half hour answering my questions, helping me find the correct sizes and styles, and doing what he could to ensure I received the best service and product. His name was Jordan, and my understanding is that he's still in his first week on the job. Just wanted to say thanks for the professional and helpful customer service, Jordan. Keep it up.

Posted by Anonymous

I would like for you to know how much excellent professional customer service I received mostly from Rafael Izquierdo and his co-worker also Julio Martinez from the Kendall Store in Miami, Florida. Rafael meet my Asics Running Shoes I needed so badly and also at an affordable price that I been waiting for to buy. I needed to mentioned slso to request more Black background all around from Asics running shoes to come in to all the Sports Authorities for the working BLACK Color requested needed from Customer's like me that needs them for their job.
Again, I would like to Recognize Rafael for a Great Work Done until the very end at the paying counter.
If its a Raise he deserves it!
Thank You-Happy Holidays!

Posted by julie123

She was very helpful, made sure the fitting room was clean and available ......malika made sure I was good to go before and after I checked out the register.....very clean and organize sport authority

Posted by Belinda

Sports Authority Gainesville Fl. I walked in and was welcomed right away! quick service and very friendly employees, Ill be back very impressed.

Posted by Anonymous

I wanted to take a moment to tell you about the exceptional customer service I received from Bryan an associate working at the Sport Authority store on Morse Road in Columbus, Ohio. I�m training for my first marathon and I was trying to determine which shoe was best and most comfortable. He was extremely knowledgeable on all the different brands and models of running shoes. I was at the store almost an hour trying on different shoes and retrying on shoes to decide which pair I would buy. He was extremely patient, had a great sense of humor, and he even looked up shoe ratings on his smart phone to back the information he was telling me. �. When I finally selected the shoe I wanted (which happened to be his first recommendation) the store only had the shoe in white for which I didn�t want. Bryan took the time to call up the shoe on line to find out what other colors the shoe came in then he took the time to order the shoes for me on the Sports Authority website. The order number was 3577626815, it might help you better identify who Bryan is. This order was placed a while ago but I had the computer printout from the store on my bulletin board to remind myself to submit a positive comment card. It has taken me this long to get around to submit the comment for which I apologize, but although it is not timely I still felt compelled to submit it. Bryan is definitely an asset to the Sports Authority Team. Please share my comments with Bryan and his management team. Thank you.

Kelly Mizell

Posted by Anonymous

I went to the Bakersfield store today and had great service. Devon, in the shoe dept., really did an outstanding job. This was the best customer service I have ever had at that store. He is the type of employee that would cause me to shop there more often.

Posted by Joe

My 20 year old daughter skates for Special Olympics. We went to the Exton, PA store to buy some skates. We met Jason, who works in the store and knows skating very well. He was incredibly helpful and took a significant amount of time to help us. I will continue to shop here as long as he works there! He is a tremendous asset.

Posted by catlady02

I only shop at the collierville tn location for the best customer service...the cashier cynthia is by far the best at her job and i only shop when she is working because she makes you feel like family and she always remembers me by my name.

Posted by Anonymous

I wanted to take the time to compliment a Sports Authority associate in Springfield NJ for his attentiveness and personal assistance. His name is Alex, and I appreciated his input and assistance in the purchase of my son's bike for his birthday. With Alex's personal assistance and customer care my experience was Excellent!

Posted by Charles Heath

I previously submitted a negative comment regarding product that was not priced, along with having no sales associate, and a lower level managment person that did not handle my complaint to my satisfaction. Within a couple of hours of my email to customer service, a Regional Director (Wayne) alerted the Store Manager at Beaverton (Roy.) Roy called me and offered a very generous reimbursement. Rather than that, I suggested putting that toward another purchase. I was very impressed with how Roy handled things. That makes me feel a whole lot better about being a loyal customer at Sports Authority now. Thank You. ~ Charles Heath

Posted by Anonymous

I was very pleased with the service recieved yesterday at your #772 store in Hawaii. I'm a 70 year old female that was needing a new sportline watch and a nice young man Scott Liwai went beyond his duties not only help me purchase a new watch, but he tried to fix my old watch, which was purchased from your store last year. He was very helpful as I asked if he could set my watch for my needs. He took the time to set my watch and this I believe was great customer service. Sports Authority was well represented by your employee Scott Liwai.

Posted by Anonymous

Sports Authority, Encinitas CA
I would like to applaud Jamal Anthony and Brian who were very helpful in getting my teenage daughter her "needed" color track shoes! Brian found her shoe at another store which would have been a long drive for us. We asked if they would ship them to our home or to the store and he said he didn't think so, but would ask his manager to be sure. Jamal was able to pick them up from the Mission Valley store for us and we were able to pick them up at our convenience at our local store! This is excellent customer service!!!!
Thank You Jamal and Brian
Lee Anne and Shea

Posted by Tiffany and Scott Horst

We have not received such proficient,professional customer service since the days of mom and pop stores!!! Our sale associate Kymmer was EXCELLENT to say the least. Not only was she very attentive and professional but she went above and beyond to take the time to explain all the benefits of the products my husband and I needed for our upcoming trip to Vermont and the New England area. She told us she grew up there and gave us hints and suggestions as to what we needed and told us things we had never thought of. Kymmer should be very highly regarded as a valued employee within your company and you are lucky to have her!!!! We have been to Sports Authority several times in the past and have never received the service we got today. Due to her invaluable knowledge and customer service we will be back to shop at your Reno store.

Posted by BT

We were looking for a specific product and had gone to many sporting goods stores including Bass, and other Sports Authority. We found what we were looking for but only the floor model was available. Mr. Jerrell Welch, the Store Manager, had been helping us and made the purchase extremely pleasurable. He was courteous, knowledgeable, and accomodating. I never make comments about employees but felt the need to let his bosses know how great he represents the Sports Authority!

Posted by Anonymous

My experience with Contessa at the Issaquah, WA store(561)was great. Contessa in the shoe department was polite, helpful, happy and efficient. Please give her a gold star.

Posted by sully

I submitted a complaint a couple of days ago because i was very disappointed in the customer service at one of the stores and was very surprised that I was contacted by the customer service dept and my issue was resolved and I received an apology. So my advice is to call or email the customer service dept to see if your situation can be resolved. There seems to be people in the Sports Authority Corporation who does care about their customers.
R. Sullivan

Posted by Anonymous

Just today I bought 2 bicyces. When my wife & I started looking we started with S.A. of West LongBranch,NJ. The associate spent alot of time with us and answered all our questions. We shopped around and found the same bikes at Dicks. The difference was the associate at Dicks didn't have time for us. Dicks had both bikes in stock. But they didn't give us the help your associate did. In spite of the fact that we had to travel to 2 different S.A.'s to get both bikes, it was worth it because of your sales associate Outstanding job your employee did coordinating the sales between both SA's. Kudo's to your guy Ray. sale#[email protected] Brick Plaza sale#31728830 @ West Long Branch. I hope you find time to recognize your employee.

Posted by Dionne Allen

Store number 255
5151 Citrus Blvd Suite C
Harahan LA 70123

I went into Sports Authority to make a return on five shirts. Two of the shirts I removed the tags but never wore them. The cashier on duty told me that the manager would have to make the decision to except the shirts without the tags attached. The manager on duty was Ms. Diane Graebert, she decided to take the shirts back. What was so wonderful was that she treated me as if I was a customer making a purchase at her store and not a return. Ms. Diane was friendly, professional and extremely accommodating. Its really pleasant to see good customer service still exist.

Posted by longhorn762

on sunday i shopped at the store at the sawgrass mall.i had to find a girls baseball glove and shoes.the gir; lives in bahrain and returns are difficult.after about 20 minutes of not knowing what i was looking for i went to the front and asked the manager for help.the store was packed people every where.the manager walked me back to shoes and had rich help me he explained every thing and helped me with finding a glove,shoes socks a marlin hat and jersey.then he asked me about my feet and took me back to shoes and i bought inserts and special sock for bothj me and my lady friend.i had forgotten my coupon but the shopping experience was so pleasant i was happy to pay full price.$363 well spent.the cashier also was friendly and took my money with a and the manager are assets to the sports athority.

Posted by Anonymous

During this holiday season I had a wonderful experience at your store in Gainesville, Florida. I was greeted upon arrival, and then directed appropriately. Two young men helped me with my many questions about your punching bags. Joseph, one of the two men, brought the bag at the register, with wonderful news that it was even cheaper than we had discussed at the display. He was very cheerful, helpful and knowledgeable about your product. He even loaded it into my car. I had a very pleasant experience at your store.

Thank You,
Jane Turner

Posted by kathy

I was in your store in Montgomery,Alabama. I heard on of your store mananger talk to one of the cashier so bad. I don't think just because your are a manager does not give you the right to talk to anyone bad.I don't care if she is a cashier she is still a person. If they talk to her that way she would be writting her up so the manager need to be written up to. That is not the first time I have heard her talk to an cashier that way. I thought she was having a bad day the first time but I can't let it go this time and I hope you will not to. I heard the cashier call her Ms. Kathy.

Posted by Anonymous

Paramus sports authority located near ikea and garden state plaza.

I recently went into this place of business to purchase a bike. An older gentlemen by the name of garfield approached me, asking if i needed any assistance. As i did, i told him i was looking for a bike for moderate to progressive trail/mountain riding. Before he helped me choose a bike he started explaining some sort of warrantee coverage that i had to buy. Right off the bat i was drawn away, after 45 minutes with the associate, he recommended a bike which i was reluctant to buy but took his word for. I was interested in the warrantee but i felt as if it was forced upon me, buy the warrantee and if i didnt than he wouldnt sell me a bike. Finally after he filled out the paperwork and "so called" checked over the bike, he assured me everything was ok. The next day when i went to ride the bike, the air pressure was low, gears were not operating properly, and my brakes were rubbing. So i took the bike in that day which was a wednesday morning to have it looked at once more, where i found a technician, "younger male" very kind and knowledgable assisted me. He gave me important pointers such as "the bike was too small" and for what i was using the bike for, it was not the correct bike whatsoever. I was very upset at the fact that i was forced into buying a bike the previous night that didnt even fit my needs, or me in general. The technician walked me through every bike and within 20 minutes had me sized, told me about the parts, how the gears work, and checked the bike for me the correct way. I was very pleased in the final outcome and only spending an extra 75 dollars on a different bike, which was the correct bike for me. The technician did tell me his name but i do not remember at the time, but i will be returning to let him know how pleased i was with his help and knowledge. He apologized for the poor service the night before which i told him wasnt his fault, he wasnt there at the time. This comment is to hopefully help out management staff by making sure their associates arent too "pushy" on sales, and hopefully giving their associates the correct training on how to sell the product, and not having to rely on one person "technician" to get the job done the right way. I hope this comment is taken into consideration, Because my overall experience after day 2 was highly satisfied, i just wish it could have been the same way day 1. The sports authority is still my number one choice.

B.Thorn NJ

Posted by Anonymous

I'd like to compliment your employee, Megan Alberts at the Willowbrook, IL. store. I had been wandering the store for 1/2 hour looking for three gifts. One guy told me they didn't carry one of the the products I was looking for (North Face T-shirt).She was able to show me the three items within a short period of time. What an outstanding salesperson! (I purchased several North Face jackets as gifts at this store and the one in Woodridge, IL. in Nov. and no employee came close to her in salesmanship.

Posted by betterglow

I would like to commend one of your workers at your store in Montrose, Co. The worker, Steven, was on his lunch break but I needed help in a hurry. He did not hesitate to assist me. I appreciate how courteous and knowledgeable he was. Good job in hiring. Code 12/10/2010 0143 2 6630. This would bring me back again and again to that store.

Posted by Kath

My experienced shopping at Daly City CA Sports Authority was great, i will recommend this branch to you guys if you close here, I enjoy shopping at this store number one because of the friendly staff, i bought a shoes for myself and for my kids the Sales Associate Geraldine was so very very helpful and friendly, she greeted me and helping me a lots even though how busy she is on task but she dont bother to help me and some other customers, she gave me 100% great customer service i never experienced this when i did shopping at any store. I'm really satisfied great job Geraldine.. Not only Geraldine i noticed all of the staff was very friendly and very helpful.. And the items that im looking for is exactly what i want.. Good job guyss more power to SPORTS AUTHORITY DALY CITY.. Customer Service is very important you guys are very professional when it comes to that.. God Bless You Sports Authority.


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Posted by SICKOFIT

I work for Sports Authority as a middle Man for a Company that puts together your equipment and I also have cleaned these stores and when I write this story i honestly can say as all the rest of these unfortunate people that your company needs a undercover boss to clean house and train on customer service professionalism and not a bunch of robots and attitude busters,Your managers in Jensen beach florida are the rudest most discourteous sales managers and associates and in Jupiter fl Craig you nasty little punk I'm the wife of the gentleman that you so called told if you don"t like it get another job when it was for a sale to a customer waiting on a delivery? Who the hell do you think you are, a crappy negative punk that is underpaid no my husband is to put this crap together for this disconcerning company I lived in colorado and i see the reviews from there whats wrong with this company I wish there were more dick sporting goods cuz you give them a good name by how you behave and take care of these multimillion dollar stores shame on all of you !!!!!!

Posted by dragon158

They constantly try to cheat customers out of their money by selling coverage plans on items that either come with a lifetime manufacturers warranty or are not eligible at all. They teach their new associates all these flawed techniques knowing that by the time the customer finds out the truth they are not even there any more. And when a customer catches them in the lie they sweep it under the rug so corporate does not find out. When you report them to corporate they simply ask them if they cheated or not. That is what they call investigating. I am ashamed to have worked for such a company.

Posted by Anonymous

I worked for sports authority for a summer and it was the worst experience ever. The store in Fairbanks Alaska is not managed correctly. Several times the service managers would be standing around talking and wouldn't help customers when asked, instead they told the cashiers to do it and when the cashiers couldn't resolve the issue without their help the managers got irritates and made rude comments to the cashiers.
There is never anyone working in the departments throughout the store until around 200 pm. When customers call or ask to talk to a person working in a specific department the cashiers are told to page either a manager or the go to person for the day. However, that person is almost never available and the managers never show up to help. So when the customer decides not to purchase anything the cashier gets yelled at, apparently it is their fault that the managers don't do their job.
the training is a joke, the head cashier and managers don't tell you what you need to know and when you ask they don't tell you instead they wait until the cashiers meeting and lecture you about how you aren't doing anything right and make rude comments when you say you did ask but weren't told what to do.
The coupons aren't typically honored, the cashiers are actually told not to mention any sales or coupons if the customer doesn't know about. The managers don't offer to exchange anything for the sale price and will attempt to get the customer to pay full price for an item that was purchased on sale.
One manager in particular, who is in charge of the tax info, is not only rude to the cashiers she is rude to them in front of customers and to the customers. There were several occasions when she would lecture a cashier for not answering the phone when they were already talking to a customer, when she was standing next to the phone with another cashier.
The cashiers are supposed to be monitored and allowed to keep their position based on customer reviews and sales of the extended warranty plans. However, only the cashiers that the manager likes are allowed to keep their job with scores of 20% when the rule is if your score is less than 50% you are fired. The managers will let cashiers try to take extended warranty sales from each other, and when they are trying to sell them to show you how to do it they get rude to you if they don't sell it.
I actually had a manager yell at me because a customer said they didn't want and extended warranty because of past experience with one, I was told the loss of the sale was my fault because I didn't ask the customer 5 times to buy it and because I didn't tell them the benefits when they already said they didn't want to know.
The customers would even complain to the managers that they were being rude to the cashiers. I saw one person walk out without buying anything because of the way the cashier was treated by the manager, after which the cashier got lectured by the same manager that they need to try harder to sell things to customers even when the are being lectured by the manager.
The scheduling is messed up, a customer came in wanting to talk to someone about camping gear and to purchase several tents and sleeping bags. I paged the person working the floor until the camping guys showed up and when no one showed up I paged a manager to help the customer out. No one ever showed up to help and as a result the customer left their intended purchases and walked out without buying anything. When the manager saw the cart containing 3 tents and 3 sleeping bags I explained why they were left in the store and was lectured about how I wasn't preforming my duties correctly and should have paged a manager. When I said I did I was lectured even more about how busy they are and can't always help customers. Even though during the time the customer was waiting for a manager several walked right by talking among themselves and said they were to busy to help.
The store in Fairbanks is horrible I wont set foot in it again. The managers make the cashiers do practically everything, they never show up when paged then lecture the cashiers and make rude comments when the customers are angry with them. Throughout the time I worked there I did more returns than sales, I actually calculated it out and I was returning almost double what I sold over several days. The managers are even rude to customers who want to return something, the customers are asked why they want to return the item multiple times and aren't usually believed, some are even told that the item can't be returned because it was on sale when they bought it. The cashiers are even told to tell the customers that some items can't be returned even though they can be.

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I am happy to work for The Sports Authority but find it unsettling that they are going discountinue the managers discount program. One of the perks that I enjoyed as a manager


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