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    • 24.03 Overall Rating
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    • 30 negative comments (96.77%)
    • 1 positive comments (3.23%)
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Posted by Anon

I will NEVER EVER go back to this store because of one VERY rude cashier that refused to honor their plainly posted exchange policy. I had an item that was very obviously unused, with tags still on, with the (3 day old) receipt. I had to call the customer service number - then return to the store. She backed down & agreed to honor the policy after I informed her about my call. However she was still extremely rude! UNBELIEVABLE

Posted by Atnygem

Horrible customer service. Purchased item didn't have 24 hours. On a Tuesday. Return unopened on Wednesday morning. No returns, no assistance offered. Complete rip off. Had it bern after a weekend or after holiday, totally understand. Never do business with them.

Posted by TTaylorPayne

I can't believe all these bad reviews! I always spend tons of money at Spirit Stores all around the U.S. through the years. Never had a bad experience. I recently shopped at the Spirit Store in Paducah, Kemtucky. They had very nice, personable staff. The cashier talked Game of thrones with my Husband And I, the first time we went. Really nice guy. The second time I went, I had to bring back one costume and one prop. Everything was in perfect condition but I had lost my receipt. I didn't have much hope that I could get a refund without a receipt, but the ladies at the checkout worked with me, and figured out a way to refund the money back to my debit card. I can't speak for EVERY location, but the store HERE where I live will work with you, within reason. If your packaging is messed up, or the costume smells like smoke, etc...you really can't expect them to be able to give you a refund. But they will work with you if the merchandise you are returning is re-sellable. That includes packaging. They aren't allowed to be as loose with giving out refunds as let's say, Walmart. The stuff you are returning has to be in order.

Posted by Anonymous

Absolutely nothing is good about this store. Half ass costumes and customer service and even worse return policy. The guy I was dealing with completely ignored me when I said I wanted to return it within the 14 days and then said he can only exchange it. What kind of business are you running? I'll never shop here again and tell everyone I know to stay away from you.

Posted by Anonymous

I bought a Lunging Lily for $179, the box looked like it had been opened so I questioned the sales lady. She said it was new and all parts should be inside, stupid me believed her. Took it home and opened up the box, inside it was missing the power supply but I put it together anyways and guess what, new batteries and all and it doesn't work at all!! On top of that it looked like someone had taken it apart and tried to fix it but they couldn't so the resold it to the next sucker!!! Stay away from Spirit stores everywhere!! They will rip you off!!!!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

I would love for someone to contact me! I just bought a wig and spray paint from your store not even 45 minutes ago. I drove out of my way (25 minutes) away from my house and notices when I left the store my coupon was never used. I called the company and the lady was very rude saying she used it (which obviously she didn't) I call and by this time I rather just return everything if I have to drive another 25 minutes back with my 4 children (mind you) she puts Mike the magaer on the phone and he tells me no too. Lol

I want to know why if you have a return policy they do not tel you when your at the register. This is crazy. I just bought everything 45 minutes ago. I will never purchase from spirit Halloween EVER again. I would like this email sent to corporate because I want a reasoning why a customer is treated this way.

Posted by martin downes

I just left the store at McCormack lincoln wood my phone was loosing the charge the told me that I would have to wait 1 and a half hour they sucks

Posted by Anonymous

Store 60537 Morris planes MJ he was extremely rude I was there around 1 o'clock this afternoon and it's 615 and I still can't believe the way I was treated when I got up to the register he asked me if I found everything and I said yes and I said to answer your other question it would be no because he was asking everyone if they wanted to give a donation so I just wanted to save him the speech with a very derogatory attitude he said I haven't asked you anything yet and I said oh I was just trying to save you the time he hands me my money he doesn't say thank you I said wow you're really pleasant today he didn't say anything to me he didn't give me my bag I picked up a bag that was on the counter and I said oh this isn't my bag and he said I haven't given you your bag OK can I have my bag like why haven't you given me my bag he handed me the bag and I said you know maybe you should be a little bit pleasant and he's yelling at me on the way out of the store the entire way out of the store he is yelling at me so I got to or any still yelling at me so I said screw you and he said screw you too . The Tallia I went in for a couple of pairs of stockings I didn't expect to encounter such a hostile cashier maybe he should be working in the stockroom and not out in the public he put a very bad taste in my mouth with spirit Halloween I don't think I will ever go set of another foot and one of those stores also I was on hold for a very long time to make this complaint about 10 minutes and then finally the phone started to ring I thought I was getting through but whoever took the call hung up on me because I guess it was time to go home I don't know just maybe you can appreciate your customers a little bit more . Also in the same store there was a very nice younger gentleman who is very helpful He showed me where the stockings were very pleasant probably late 20s dark hair .

Posted by Jenwa

Guy at register was rude and mouthy. Made loud noises to other employees when ladies walked in. Rude to myself and daughter 172nd st. Arlington wa. Oct 24th 3pm. Should fire him it was bad.

Posted by Donnadoll

I was in your Broadway store on multiple occasions this week and wanted to leave feedback. On Sunday I was shopping for costumes for my 4 kids. The manager Kevin, was very helpful, knowledgeable, and extremely nice. He asked great questions and got me excited for Halloween when I was really just dreading all the money I was about to spend. He is a true asset to your company. He deserves a raise! It is only because of how I was treated by Kevin that I will even entertain returning to this store after the incident I went through yesterday. While in the store very inappropriate music was playing over the speaker. It was not the normal Spirit track I hear when I am in your stores. This sounded as if it was a private playlist someone was using. I complained to the manager (not Kevin this time) and he was rude and basically told me if I didn't like the music the store played I should not shop in this store. The song that was playing dropped the f-bomb every other word. iI understand this is a Halloween store but people, like me, bring their kids there. Not cool. As I've stated I will be back but only due to the service I receive from Kevin. As for the other manager I will not shop their while he is working.
Thought you might want to know.

Posted by Anonymous

Very disappointed as after several years of doing business with your company today 10/9/16 while at one of your stores not only was a bait and switch tactic used to rip me off you failed to follow standard procedures on pricing. Your sales manager and people in the store were extremely rude and although I love that I can shop and help children in need trying to cheat me and others is not a way to do it!

Posted by J

SPIRIT HALLOWEEN IS TERRIBLE. They took out the money from my card, NEVER shipped my order until I called 2 weeks later wondering where it was THEN they shipped it arriving a day before halloween. They said they'd return my shipping fee and 10 min ago they RE CHARGED me the whole order! NEVER wasting time here again!

Posted by Dee346

When they say "2 day express shipping" it means 2 days AFTER it takes 2 days to leave the warehouse!! I ordered costume on October 28 thinking I'd have it on the 30-31st, it came on November 3.

Posted by Refund1

When I shopped at one of their stores in Pittsburgh, PA I dealt with employees who didn't care about their jobs/customers. Three of them walked by while I waited in line but didn't offer to help. That wasn't my problem though. The problem was that on Halloween day I discovered that they had sold me a faulty product. When I tried to contact their customer service department via online chat, they were not helpful at all. Instead of trying to discuss the issue, they ignored me for 5+ minutes until I ended the chat. I will never shop there again.

Posted by Anonymous

I shopped at the sturbridge Massachusetts store and the manager Brian was very rude and was talking very inappropriate to his younger women employees I tried to call corporate to put in a complaint and when they transferred me they just kept hanging up the phone. I don't think they care at all about who they hire and about how there employees get treated. This Brian is a perverted man and should get fired. He was also very rude to his male employees.

Posted by Anonymous

You really want to know how I feel about this place sucks so bad. Layton utah store has the worst costumer service ever I know they are doing their job but they talk so rude. This company can't handle crap right at all. I had one prop first one didn't work at all second I should of got my money back but didn't got another one and didn't last long for halloween came the next day return it didn't get my money back only exchange what ever I want. That's BS to me people should get their money back. I will never go back to this company again. The managers of the store were so rude very rude.

Posted by Harassed customer

I went to the spirit store on the 30th on E st in San Bernardino and everyone was opening costume packages so when my daughter had opened one some guy who works there started yelling at us and told us to leave the store.we were the only black people in the store so I asked him why and he said because we opened the package.hence everyone else was.he followed us out yelling and even other customers walked out disgusted at how he was yelling at us.I tried to talk to an older worker on the way out and she ignored me.racist people...

Posted by Missyhagen

I love this store. It has amazing items that no one else has. However, I purchased a costume there for my son. I got it at the beginning of October so he didn't try it on til about 3 weeks later. He got a fade eyes skin suit. Well the fingers were sewn all wrong and he can't put his fingers in the finger holes, AND the glasses that are supposed to light up for his eyes don't work. Well it's more than 14 days, past October 16, and I drove an hour to go there, so I can't exchange it. I'm super duper mad!! $45 and he can't even wear it. I don't think I'll ever go here again.

Posted by clarkinwla

After ordering Halloween decorations from Spirit Halloween 6 days before Halloween with two day shipping, Spirit loses the package and doesn't get it to the USPS until October 30th for delivery in November. After being on hold for 45 minutes, Spirit would not refund the order because they think it is the USPS fault eventhough Spirit didn't get them the package for 5 days. Customer service was rude and unhelpful, especially the manager Frank. Their policies only benefit the company at the cost of the consumer. Why would they not refund the order for Halloween decorations, when they can't process it for 5 days in their warehouse? Why can't they refund the money when the consumer doesn't want the package after Halloween. The company is horrible to deal with and people should beware of Spirit. Going forward, Amazon, Target, Walmart, and Home Depot are all better options.

Posted by Refund

I needed to return a costume that didn't fit with my costume I also purchased a wig. When I returned it I realized the cardboard for the wigs' bag was not there... The cashier then told me I couldn't because I was missing the cardboard, with my failed attempts of explaining the barcode is on the bag not the cardboard piece and it's on the receipt she began rudely over speaking me saying "doesn't matter you we can't take it".... Not my biggest issue... My items were returns and I waited 7 business days for my refund.. When I called customer service, who didn't know how to handle my problem bc it was an in store purchase, he told me that I had to take a picture of my receipt and email their customer service AND wait an additional al 2-3 business days for a reponse.. So far I have heard nothing and its been a total of 15 business days since my return....beyond furious and I'll never shop there again

Posted by KKocher

Ordered from SpiritHalloween.com the 2 of the Fire and Ice Black Light Spot Light on Sept.15th.
as well as 2 of the Fire and Ice LED Toxic Green Spot Light.
In all, for the 4 lights with shipping it was $127.45 charged to my Credit Card.
Was told the 2 Fire and Ice Black Light Spot Lights are on "Pre-Order", and will ship when they get them back in.

On Sept.25th I showed a co-worker what I was buying. He did not even know at the time, you could get the Fire and Ice Black Light Spot Light. So my co-worker bought the same ones, three of them with next day rush delivery as an option.

He received his on Sept.29TH, so I sent a message asking where mine were and provided all the info.

The reply I got was..."Thank you for your interest in Spirit Halloween. Unfortunately, it seems that the pre-order date for that item was pushed back to 10/15/15. I am terribly sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you. When we receive those items into our inventory we will be shipping them out as soon as possible."

A delay tactic, to say the least.

Today, ONLY 4 DAYS till Halloween, and I ask again, feeling I was forgotten about, and received this as a reply..."I do not see that the Fire and Ice Black Light Spot Lights have shipped. At this time, we are cancelling these items off of guests orders because we do not anticipate getting them in stock before Halloween. I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to ask."

O.k., your cancelling my order, but NOT refunding my money, from my Pre-Order????

What the Hell??? This is truly a scare company to order from. The take your pre-order money, and fulfill orders for those that order AFTER yours (and paying rush) as it is the most recent order they receive, then, decided to cancel your order and keep your money.

I contacted my credit card, and they said it was past some time limit and I can not stop payment or reverse it, or something in that order.

All I got to say is they are bastards for not being forth coming as to the way they do business, if they wanted extra money by servicing rush orders over pre-order then admit it. Then maybe I would have paid more a month and a half ago. But then again maybe I would be out more money.

Posted by Anonymous

I order my son the death child warrior castome it said it would be here Saturday it showed were it took the number off my card ending in

Posted by Trisha

Spirit screws customers over with its impossible return policy. The store didn't have my daughter's size in stock so they had me order it at their in-store kiosk. It was scheduled to be delivered on the 15th and their return policy only gives you one day past the scheduled delivery date to return it. The costume never came until the 17th and I was unable to return it because actual delivery date is not taken into consideration. Oh, and the party she needed it for was on the 16th so she didn't even get to wear it.

Posted by Anonymous

Extremely rude customer service. Items are packaged in snap closed plastic bags. When opening an obviously easily recloseable package an associate rudely told me that I needed to ask for assistance at the counter if I wanted a package opened. As I walked to the counter, she proceeded to follow me like a child to ensure I listened to her. Perhaps she could have actually made the sell that day had she politely offered assistance instead of being rude and telling me that if I wouldn't open a package at Walmart I shouldn't be open it there. I do not shop at Walmart due to poor service and I will never shop here either. Party City will be my store of choice.

Posted by Anonymous

I recently purchased a costume at the
7640 FM 1960 Road West, Houston, TX 77070 location . When I realized it wasn't the perfect fit for me I decided that I was going to return it. I noticed on the receipt it stated that " refunds and exchanges are accepted thru Friday, October 16th ." It also states " items must be in original packaging,unworn and accompanied by the original sales receipt." First, let me state that the costume I purchased which was a dress, had no original packaging, it was on a hanger and still had the tags on them.So upon returning the dress 10/15/15, I was told that my dress could not be returned because it reeked of cigarette smoke?? Then the store associate says something about if it has and odor you can't return it??? First of I'm not a smoker nor does anyone in my household smoke, secondly there is nothing on the receipt that states that " you cannot return if there is an odor." Long story short they never gave me my refund.So I'm stuck with a costume I can't wear. Never in my life have I ever had to deal with this from any other Halloween store.This will be my first and last time shopping there. Very poor customer service!!!!!!

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Posted by JazzyGirl

I like shopping at the store, and think it would be a great idea if the store offered parents/customers a way to drop off and donate old customs. I suggested the idea to the store manager at the Cinnaminson, NJ location.

Some Parents may not have the money to afford to purchase a Halloween custom for their child, and this would give them a way to get donated customs.

Store may even offer a discount to customers so that would encourage them to drop off as well as getting a discount towards the purchase of a New custom.

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Posted by Anonymous

This is the worst place to let your child work at. Management is verbally and physically abusive to employees. Management has threatened me when picking up my teenager from working. I will not be going into another store due to this. What a shame I have gone to many of your stores for Halloween costumes spent $$ but after this I'm done. Oh and forget calling into your office calls go unanswered.


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