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Spirit Airlines customer service is ranked #827 out of the 946 companies that have a CustomerServiceScoreboard.com rating with an overall score of 21.33 out of a possible 200 based upon 1653 ratings. This score rates Spirit Airlines customer service and customer support as Terrible.


1,598 Negative Comments out of 1,653 Total Comments is 96.67%.


55 Positive Comments out of 1,653 Total Comments is 3.33%.

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  • Spirit Airlines

    Customer Service Scoreboard

    • 21.33 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 1,598 negative comments (96.67%)
    • 55 positive comments (3.33%)
    • 2 employee comments
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      (out of 10 possible)
    • 1.4 Issue Resolution
    • 1.6 Reachability
    • 1.4 Cancellation
    • 2.5 Friendliness
    • 2.1 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Anonymous

I would very much appreciate it to talk to a person about canseling membership I do not want the renewal which you removed from my account without sending me a renewal reminder that I wasnâ��t even aware of a yearly fee until u took it out of my account so I want it closed immediately you can reach me at(814)� 421-7828 thank you Robyn the merchant

Posted by Anonymous

Hello my name is Maria jacobo I need someone to call me as soon as possible

Posted by Anonymous

. I have bought a ticket to leave this Thursday I'm trying to get ahold of someone to get the confirmation cuz I never received it in my email can somebody give me a call Maria 4:04

Posted by UnHappy Customer

I want a full refund on my flight all I got offerred was a $25 credit!!!! After paying $440!!!! For 3 flights!!! Never again!!!! Flying Spirit NEVER!!
I purchased 3 flights Monday, Nov 6th (2 days ago) from Orlando to Boston to FINALLY see my MOM again for THANKSGIVING!!! Today, my doctor told me my heart condition has worsened and unfortunately FLYING IS NOT AN OPTION!! Neither is raising my heart rate! I just relocated to Florida and have NO FAMILY here to help me. I have 2 kids and no job! The flight was paid with money my family up north in MASS sent me, who want to see me and my kids. However, I have to wait before being able to fly again. Minimum 6months to a year, depending on my test result at that time. I called into spirit to explain my condition a rep who works with A SUPPOSEDLY MANAGER/SUPERVISOR Mr. Harvey T at Spirit Airlines simply kept repeating their 24hour policy... its been less than 48 hrs since I booked the flight. This rep and ALL THE OTHERS including 2 SUPERVISORS just kept doing the same, even after explaining my reasoning for needing to cancel my flight of $440. all they could offer was a $300 cancellation fee and a $25 airline credit!!!!! OUTRAGEOUS!!! They were not empathetic at all and were like ROBOTS!! As if I were not human as if I dont deserve a real person to speak with! They just kept reading their little scripts!!! They have played me before where I had to pay for $300 "change fee" because I was 2 minutes late to the airport!! My phone was not allowing me to check in online! I am requesting my full refund MR Robert Fornaro PRESIDENT OF SPIRIT AIRLINES and MR Brian McMenamy Vice President of SPIRIT AIRLINES! This is the 2nd time your company shows EXTREME LACK OF PROFESSIONALISM, EMPATHY, and PROPER CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! WE ARE HUMANS NOT ROBOTS!!!

Posted by ci

I've been contacting Spirit for a refund for a cancelled flight but it's been a month and i haven't gotten a clear answer. They keep on passing me along. I'll file a DOT complaint instead. They're incompetent and unprofessional. They should be bankrupt.

To anyone with complains file your complain to DOT and let them know that we cannot just let them treat us like a crap.

Posted by Deb

My elderly parents (82 & 87)approached the check-in desk one hour before the flight was scheduled to depart and were told the doors of the plane were closed already and were not allowed on the plane. The person at the ticket counter told them they would refund their fare. This was not a mere inconvenience to my parents, it became quite a hardship trying to get a flight home to Colorado from Florida. The customer service level with this airline was beyond inferior.

I've been trying to reach the airlines for almost a month regarding the refund that was never sent. Still looking for a phone number in order to reach a live human being. This is the worst company I've encountered in a very long time.

Highly recommend avoiding this airline.

Posted by Anonymous

I tried to Purchase a Bag On the airport Kiosk which was not Approved. The Kiosk said "Unable to Process Transaction". We Had to pay 100 Inside the gate Yet The 55Dollars were Charged On my MAster Card.i am Unable to dpeak to anyone about my Charge. Terrible!

Posted by Keith

Can you please have someone anyone answer a phone... The online thing keeps saying there is a problem with my order and gives me no confirmation# and now I have 2 pending transactions for my efforts and no tix!!!!! And now I'm missing the deadline for the original cost and have no one to talk to to fix it and give me the tix or my money back

Posted by Michele Reed

I received a voucher because my flight was delayed because the the de ice was broke know they refuse to honor it that is horrible customer service

Posted by Anonymous

Spirit airlines has the worse customer service ever. You cannot get thru to anyone, and if you want to ask a question, your price on your air flight keeps going up by the minutes.

Posted by Anonymous

The phone number system you have is terrible and is lousy customer service. I have been waiting to talk to a human for 18 hours.

Gerald F. Sullivan

Posted by Anne Marie

I have tried, without success and much frustration, to reach a customer service representative about technical problems we are having. What do I have to do, contact the Pope or the President of the USA to assist on my behalf? Thank you.

Posted by Summer101

I have been trying to get a hold of a person to talk to on the phone about an issue I had with my flight but I cannot get a hold of a live person. It is extremely frustrating.
I left out of Atlanta to go to Las Vegas but I had a connection in Houston,Texas. When I was checking into my flight in Atlanta, the spirit airline attendant told me that my bag could be used as my one personal item. I got on the flight in Atlanta fine but then when we landed in Houston for our connection the spirit attendant was extremely rude and made me pay $100 to carry-on my one personal item even though it fit into the personal item size parameters. She did this to about eight different people and everyone was extremely mad and said that they would never fly Spirit Airlines again.
I have been calling and calling to try to get a hold of someone in order to get reimbursed for that ridiculous $100 that the Spirit airline attendant forced me to pay, but of course I can't get a hold of anyone.

Posted by Anonymous

have been trying to contact a person in your company for info on having a cat for emotional support with drs note my name and number is Cathy Piruzza thank you


Posted by Anonymous

I have been trying 6 times to book a flight on Jan 31 returning feb5 and your web sight gets to the end of confirming and then quits and does not confirm my flight .. the offer ends today . Was this real or fake as I cannot complete my reservation . I am a 9$ fare club

Posted by Anonymous

this Airline is incompetent I would not switch names on my reservation one week prior to departure They delayed my flight approximately 5 times and on the final time their pilot decided not to fly so they cancelled our flight till the next day I had car rental reservations hotels did not offer reimbursement for that get to the airport the next morning supposed to leave at 8:30 show up flights not leave until 9:45 I have event tickets and other plans and scheduled and they have disrupted my entire vacation used a vacation day for the delay I never refuse any explanation for the delay or any other inconveniences they might have cost terrible Airline would never fly them again and would not ever recommend them again to anybody

Posted by Anonymous

From portland to lax one of my baggage didnt arrived. Plaese help me. Nobody is answering in portland spirit office. And in lax they dont know!!! My phone is eldad leibovich

Need help soon

Thank you

Posted by DianaM1w3

The website says they cannot reserve my flight and we've been having this inconvenience for about a few months now. And when we call, they say that it is not true and i urgently need to book this flight. I don't see anywhere to send an email with an image of the issue but i hope someone can get back with me with a solution to solve this problem.

Posted by Anonymous

Please Get An Live Customer Service System Up An Running. The Dummy Machine Can't Resolve All Issues.

Posted by gm

he hung up on me because i didn't want him to get on my computer. i called in because i was charged twice. wasn't resolved.

Posted by Grissel

Had a flight today aguadilla PR to Ft.Lauderdale and really disappointed with front desk service at Spirit airlines, I arrive to airport 1Hour ahead before my scheduled flight with check in done online my luggage paid online and this lady does not allow my luggage into the plane stating I was late SERIUSLY one hour before everything done online and at this point have to flight without my personal belongings because she didn't want to. This is extremely ridiculous spirit airlines have to hear my voice and return my money back for what ever I paid for my luggage just cause your unexpirence employees feel so.

Posted by Anonymous

I just spoke to a supervisor from Spirit Airlines about seat assignments. There are no seat assignments at this time as you are assigned seats at the airport. I have a partner that I am traveling with and they assign seats randomly, so I may or may not be seated next to him???? Hello. I was told that to assure that I will be next to him I will be charged an additional $10 or more depending where I want to be in the plane. I have never traveled on Spirit before and probably will not travel with them again. I have traveled extensively with other airlines and have NEVER heard of this practice. I see why you suggest not using profanity as I am so irritated now that I may HAVE used some. Bye Bye Spirit Airlines. I am not a difficult person but this is absurd.

Posted by Anonymous

I have been flying since 1964 and have traveled on most of the major airlines and visited 50 different countries. My experience with Spirit in merely booking the flight, evaluating the excessive additional costs and confirming the flight have been the worst ever. In fact, it has taken me over an hour to be able to reach a live person to simply confirm that a regular garment bag is OK for carry on!

Posted by Anonymous

We will never use spirit airlines again .fights delayed big time .people in line said this was their 2 try.and they got their money and went to another airline .we should have .paid 52 to just check bags and then 55 for weight.people at desk was extremely rude and acted like they didn't even see us standing there .worst treatment and service .never again .Deborah Campos

Posted by Anonymous

I am a loyal customer of Spirit Airlines I will be traveling soon on Sept 3rd from Altlantic City to Orlando then returning from Orlando to Atlantic City on Sep 9th seems to be a problem getting a confirmation I have tried to reach you numerous times without succeeding It is extremely ridiculous, annoying, frustrating, idiotic, and I am shocked at how you can run a company that does not allow you to speak to a representative for information that you need in order to continue plans for a vacation. I have called repeatedly with no satisfaction I need to hear from you on what the problem is with my reservation as soon as possible. That is the least you can do.

A very upset customer

Patricia Glowacz

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Posted by Anonymous

I just returned from a flight from fort Myers to Atlantic city..must give exceptional praise to a most kind, compassionate, helpful, professional and genuinely lovely flight attendant, Carmen Cosme...I was travelling with my elderly mom and she went out of her way so often to help make sure all was well with her ...as she did with many others on the plane...Carmen is a treasure for spirit to behold and hopefully treat like gold!!

Posted by Anonymous

i have to give a commendation to a pilot named Tim who was flying home to FLL as a passenger on Flight 470 October 16, 2015. he sat next to my daughter and I. first of all, he pointed out to the oblivious flight attendant who was doing the preflight security that there was a passenger who refused to turn off his phone after being asked several times. When we landed in Fort Lauderdale, i thanked him for his patience throughout the flight. my daughter is autistic and ADHD and was rambunctious during the flight to say the least. he was very understanding and polite and even trekked us through the airport to catch the bus to the rental car area. it's employees, and generally speaking just people, like him that gave much relief to this flustered and worn out mom flying solo with my travel exhausted daughter with special needs. all i got was his first name, but will always be grateful for his kindness. thank you!

Posted by Gerald O. Hayes

I would like to express my complete satisfaction on how my 9 year old granddaughter was treated on August 19, 2015.At the Chicago OHare AP, due to extremely large crowds at OHare a Spirit Airlines Desk Supervisor by the name of LORI,helped my wife walk our Granddaughter Zipporah GRACE HAYGOOD through the crowd at the head of several lines which prevented Zipporah from missing her flight from Chicago to Myrtle Beach,SC. LORI was extremely courteous and respectful to my wife and me. We will continue to fly Spirit Airlines. Gerald O. HAYES

Posted by Anonymous

Kudos to Kamitra Barton at Hartsfield ticket counter she was amazing with helping me with several reservations. She was very efficient and pleasant and helped a confused senior.I wish all agents were like her.

Posted by Anonymous

I just want to thank Evelyn (30749) and Rosa (34484) at Macarran airport in las vegas for going out of their to help us in our flight to lax....kudos ladies, thank you ver much.

Posted by Anonymous

Just landed flight 410. Pilot was outstanding. There was so much turbulence and what a smooth landing. Loved his joke in reference to it to ease the tension. Thanks !...

Posted by Great white shark

I flew Spirit flight 906 from Houston to Detroit on September 17th. There was awesome flight attendants on this flight. One was absolutely superb. Her name was Brandy. I want Corporate to know it's people like her that keep me coming back to fly with Spirit.

Posted by Anonymous

I found the customer service very helpful. If you go to the website it tells you how to speak to a live person.

Posted by Papito

My wife and I returned to San Jose Costa Rica from Fort Lauderdale Fl the 21st Feb 14. I would like for the management to note that they have a very bright star employee with Christy Turner, because she saved me money and went out of her way to serve us. I only wish the clerk at the San Jose would have been so bright. Yes,we will fly Spirit again. Thank You Christy

Posted by [email protected]

The weather caused cancellations. I was to fly out of Myrtle Beach, S.C. and at the airport changes of flights were made. Employees Todd, Laura and Dana were not only helpful and kind, but kept everyone at ease under tense situations. You should be proud to have the working for you company.

Posted by blueiris

I used Spirit just a few days ago and did not experience any of the problems listed, everyone I came in contact with was very nice, and extremely helpful.The only complaint is there is no leg room.

Posted by Sue

High Marks for Tiffany who worked the ORD counter this afternoon, 1/27/14. She was empathetic to our problem, managed to get us a very satisfactory alternative, took initiatives, and went beyond what she was obligated to do in order to be a service. I am convinced to fly Spirit as often as I can, as a result.

Posted by Linda Davis

This is the only airline I have ever experience terrible customer service. The maximum weight of the luggage without being charged to carry on the plane was 40lbs. Leaving Los Angeles to Texas our bag weighed in at 38.5 pounds. When we arrive to the Houston airport the same bag with the same items in it weighed in at 46.5 pounds. Oh! I forgot we did add two pairs of pantyhose to our luggage. I guess they weighed 8.5 pounds. The employees at the check-in were rude and because of them Spirit will lose customers. Both fights were good. The stewardess were very nice and professional. The only complaint about the plane would be the lack of space between the seats.

Posted by Anonymous

in april of this year i arrived at atl late and found the flight closed i was so upset i started crying.the reservationist offered to re-schedcule at no charge and was so very concerned.he said"you know mam this things happen for a reason"when i arrived back home i found out he was right.my big freezer had broken down and food had already started to thaw.if the trip had gone as planned i would have returned home 3 weeks later to the smell and sight of putrifying provisions.i left a day later than originally planned had a great flight and a wonderful time.the young man's name was joshua bentley.i think he should be recognized.many people that serve the public are just barely polite if that. honestly he just made me feel better

Posted by Anonymous

We flew Spirit from Chicago to Las Vegas and back on August 27-30, 2013. We were on Flight #'s 357 & 356. Thank you and thank you again for having the seats locked in one position. I have waited and wished for this in my past fifty years of flying. For once we did not have the seat in front of us shoved in our face for the entire flight. Please lock all your seats to the upright position!!!! THANK YOU!!!!


Posted by [email protected]

Thank God I finally found a way to contact Spirit!!!
I wanted to praise one of Spirit's employees.Shawn Fulton, out of Logan Airport in Boston, should be accommodated for his professionalism. In June, my mother was on her way back to MYR.She has Dementia, and became disoriented. She started roaming around the airport. Shawn contacted me, told me he was taking care of my mother, and would PERSONALLY look after her until someone could come to take care of her. After mom was picked up, Shawn still kept in touch w/me, and assured me that when mom was ready to return to Logan to return home, he would watch for her, and look after her, again. Even after mom returned home, Shawn followed up and contacted me to make sure she made it home safely. Once again, I want to praise Shawn Fulton, AND HIS TEAM for going above and beyond their job description, and watching out for that which I hold so dearly; my mother! Thank you, Glenn D. Regg Conway, SC

Posted by Anonymous

Flew Spirit Airlines yesterday from Costa Rica.. Flights were on time and staff was friendly. The fees really irk me but I knew about them upfront. Here's my beef. After going through security I bought a bottle of water for the flight. I have severe allergies and need to keep hydrated. I was told by the gate attendant that I had to throw my water away. It was not allowed onboard. How can they get away with doing this??!

Posted by Anonymous

On Sunday I flew Spirit flight no. 262 from Ft. Lauderdale to Atlantic city. Your flight attendant Shawn was amazing. I know you usually only hear negative comments on attendants and such, but you are extremely fortunate to have an employee who truley enjoys his job and makes your passengers feel welcomed. Wonderful attitude, great personality and I just thought you should know I was impressed.
Fran Ott

Posted by Anonymous

First we want to say thank-you to the whole staff on Spirit airlines-On February 26,2013 we flew from Detroit to Ft.Myers non stop @ a very fair rate.(we always purchase ahead)Somewhere into the flight our son passed out briefly. The Staff was there to help and checked on him often-also they had asked if anyone had medical knowledge-a nurse and a doctor many thanks to both of you=when we arrived in Ft.Myers there was an ambulance waiting to check on our son. He was dehydrated from a virus he had (per hospital visit) All has turned out fine- Thank-you to the pilot(s) and the whole crew for their proffessional attention and concerns Flight NK605 from detroit to Ft.Myers Florida. We flew back home (to Detroit) on April 1.3013-great flight. We will probably always fly with Spirit-It is the best deal in the sky! After reading some of these comments we begin to wonder if we all expect too much. We have flown to Orlando for $8.00 each way and several times in December for less than $50.00 each way to Ft.myers Fla.. We have the club plan. We really do not expect to get that great of a deal in March,but still a very fair price. Yes you do have to pay for luggage and seats(if you want to)they will give you a seat. Everyone needs to read and stop expecting so much-otherwise pay for the more expensive airlines! We think the ride is the same for a better price,so we are going to stick with Spirit! Thank-you again Spirit! Larry, Linda,&Brian King (Toledo,Ohio)

Posted by Anonymous

the best flight I have ever had Because:Want To Fly Cheap, I mean cheap.
I do not want to spend 4 days of my 14 vacation getting there and back. I still want it cheap. I do not need my hand held. All I want to hear:This is YOUR seat.
SOOOooo I sat down and spent several hrs. on the computer. I read every thing about every air line that will get me to my destination in one day from my city of departure.
I Bought my tickets 3 months in advance. On Line.
I made sure my bag was under 40 Lb.
I made sure I bought and paid the fee for that Bag. On line
I will not have a carry on bag and if I did I would have bought and paid that fee on line.
I looked at the airline seat chart, I know I am tall, I know I am chubby above the waist. I picked the best seat that fit my needs. If your tall, You know your tall. If you know you look for chairs with out arms in the real world you will need to know; You will have trouble siting in coach on any air line. At the last sec., do not complain " I don't fit" do not complain. It was all there on the web site of the airline : although some are more transparent in there advertising. This one is!
I made sure I knew in advance what seat I wanted. I bought that seat for a fraction of the cost I might have to pay on a regular full fair air line . I bought and paid for that seat on line. The air line I am going to use posted the price of that seat on there web site. Remember I said I was chubby above the waist; and most of that is in the front. There was no mention of seat belt extenders . One quick e-mail to customer service. It will be there costumer service tells me.
I will be carrying a personal bag. I made sure there will be no charge for that bag by taking the time to fill the bag with what I was going to put in it when I fly. I measured it's dimensions ( the air line I am going to use has there requirements posted on there web site. I know exactly where that bag will sit on the plane because I ( on line ) asked. I had a response from customer service in less than 60 minutes By e-mail on line.
I know I will have to get up early to be at the air port 2 Hr be fore the flight leaves. I will have checked in on line the day before, 24 Hr in advance .
I will be carrying small machine in my personal bag that assist me in breathing at night/ when sleeping. I will not be sleeping on the plane .However It has to be with me. I can not sleep with out it. I can't afforded to have it become separated from me. I checked the TSA guidelines (on line) so I know the rules. I will know in advance to have the machine out of it's case in the tub with it's prescription from my DR. I got that ( on Line ) printed the night before. That way I will breeze past that check point not slowing down the line disrupting any one behind me.
The seats are assigned in advance and at the gate. I will be in place on time, when They call the flight. When I board The FA will say That Is YOUR Seat.
I took this flight as I must make a connection to the Caribbean. ALL airlines have disruptions to flights ALL. I have allotted 4 Hr between flights To move between terminals ( checked online terminal maps) as to the location of baggage claim, free bus shuttles, stairs and lifts and restrooms. I know the rules of the next carrier and have adjusted my schedule to include a delay of up to an hr and half . The domestic carrier has the a excellent safety record. They have grown there co. by 35-40% in the last 4 years . Have some good job openings. They embrace environmental concerns. They must be doing some things well.
If you go to the ball park sit in the cheap seats and don't buy the six dollar beer or four dollar sodas or the two dollar water; You still saw the game; just like the guys in the box seats.
It took me about 3 hr with wait time to check out and book this flight, with out getting out of my chair 180 minutes
I will save over a buck a minute on this flight. stop your whining Take a train take a bus Drive stay cooped up in your car or big box with wheels that takes 3 uncomfortable expensive days ( if you were travailing my trip) or 3 Hr on this aircraft. Sit back relax, enjoy the next 3 hr. or be uncomfortable mox! nix! ( makes no difference) Its a cheap flight. YOU GET TO SEE THE GAME!

Posted by peggy

just to let know,i did my home work about the fees b 4 i made my plans to travel to las vagas, if u go on line and check,or call ur travel agent there should b able to inform u off all the fees u will have to pay, i found out u can take a carry on with no fees if u do ur home work. we had a wonderful flight. will use them again thanks peggy

Posted by Angie

We flew from Detroit to Las Vegas. Staff was very friendly but it is very cramped & I am on 5"1. We had a hour flight delayed whiched actually turned into 2 hour delay. It's really no cheaper than any other airline after you pay for your bags. I will stick with Southwest Airlines.

Posted by Anonymous

I wish to commend and publicly compliment a Spirit customer service representative who was very helpful and extremely cooperative in affording me a change in my itinerary due to a medical problem.

Devin's obvious care and concern for my situation was so very much appreciated that I felt that I must share my very positive feelings with his supervisors and/or management.

Rich Sternberg, Flemington, NJ

Posted by SPettit

Spirit isn't the best airline. However, I am a strong believer in "you get what you pay for." They have the lowest fares around. You have to expect that you are going to receive poor customer service. Don't want the hassle? Fly Southwest or American Airlines where you are paying for good service. But, if you have an emergency or want to pay less, Spirit is where to go.

Posted by Tomassino

12/14 called Spirit re. our flight out of Lauderdale to Vegas by way of Dallas on 12/23. I requested wheelchair assistance for my wife who has injured her back and I offered to pay for 1st class to make her more comfortable. The agent, Brian, took the time to ensure we had a wheelchair lined up for the trip out and back and then lined up seats with extra leg room at no charge for the roundtrip. Though a bit difficult to understand, I felt he really cared to make us comfortable and happy. Here's hoping...

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Posted by Anonymous

Tips for traveling Spirit (from a former employee)

1.Their customer service call center is outsourced to India. Dont bother calling. In most cases the communication is ineffective and call center agents have not documented many calls with accuracy. This may not be deliberate, as there does seem to be an English comprehension barrier. Spirits corporate headquarters is in Mirimar, FL. You can reach the corporate office at (954) 447-7828. This number can be found easily on any search engine.
2.The bag weight limits and fees can be located on the Spirit website under the tab, Optional Fees. I recommend reading all bag fees and fine print when traveling with ANY airline. Booking bags online is cheaper. Do not wait until the last minute to do so or you may find it surprisingly difficult to purchase at online rates. If this happens, contact corporate and insist that they assist with the transaction. If you wait to purchase bags at the counter, you will be charged counter rates- the agents have no choice. It is not their policy to override and they can jeopardize their job by doing so.
3.Abandon Carry-on cases. A malleable duffle bag stores the same amount of personal items and can be made to fit in the free bin. What constitutes a personal item? The item must fit under the seat in front of you. It can not protrude from the bag-sizing bin or you will be made to pay for overhead storage. Dont allow yourselves to be conned out of $40.00. The majority of Spirits profit is derived from optional fees.
4.Check in at home or on the kiosk. Spirit now charges $5 to print your boarding pass. Remember to touch the seat icon while checking in at the kiosk. The kiosk is the only check-in location that will permit you to select a seat of your choice without a charge (big front seats excluded). You can choose from any seat on the cabin map. Available seats are represented in blue.
5.There are some great fares available (not always). If you are lucky enough to stumble on these fares during desirable travel dates,there are guidelines to keep in mind:
a)Be flexible. Do not book a flight the day before your event. Spirit regularly raises the LID to sell more seats than the aircraft capacity. For some, this means a chance for voluntary booking to the next flight, which includes a free night stay along with free round trip tickets. For many, this is disastrous; and if youve arrived late, you will have no shot at boarding. Oversold is not a mythological term- if they can oversell, they will. They count on late passengers.
b)If flying into LaGuardia (or any airport with a curfew), avoid evening travel. When there is a mechanical issue, Spirit is liable for compensation to the passengers. Rather than rebook all passengers and pay for 180 hotel rooms and meal vouchers, they will delay the flight until 3a.m., so that LGA will be open for business at the time of the flight arrival. For obvious reasons, this information is not shared with passengers or station agents. The delay is pushed back throughout the evening and until after midnight when the 3a.m. departure is announced- leaving the agents to deal with the rage and chaos, until resolved.
c)When traveling internationally, seriously reconsider any connecting flights with less than a 4-hour connection time. Spirit is a budget airline. Yet, for some reason, they have not exacted a cost effective strategy for dealing with unexpected mechanical issues. It is well known that Spirit aircrafts fly for 17 hours or more a day. This can result in mechanical problems which inevitably lead to delays. However, if an aircraft reaches the connecting airport at least 1 hour prior to ones connecting flight, Spirit will not be liable for any customs delay that may be encountered. The fact that their mechanical delays often result in late processing through customs is irrelevant. There is no compensation. The passenger will be rebooked on the next available flightwhich could be days away.
d)In the event of a cancellation, passengers will only be given hotel accommodations if the cancellation resulted from mechanical issues. Spirit does not offer compensation for weather/ATC related delays. Imagine having to be the Customer Service Agent conveying that message to 150 angry passengers at 1:30 in the morning. Also, Spirit has no agreement with other airlines. If they have to book passengers on other airlines, it is a manual process of booking up to 9 passengers at a time on a budget travel site with a corporate credit card. During times of crisis, the corporate card has been declined, due to recurring compensations exceeding the card limit. These problems are very time consuming and most unfair to customers, agents, supervisors and coordinators. The station directors and corporate representatives do not deal with or shoulder these problems directly at the time of occurrence. Therefore, a passengers anger is never directed at those in a genuine position to make a difference.
Now, in response to the damning posts: It has been suggested that the agents are scamming customers; however, the agents do not establish pricing or author the Contract of Carriage. As witnessed by customers, agents collect, change and store cash on their person. There are no POS registers. Cash handling is burdensome. The agents are accountable for cash collections at the end of their shift and can be responsible over $1000.00 per shift.
Agents are more expendable than customers. To prove this, my seniority number went from nearly 200 to 75 in just over 6 months. It doesnt matter how reliable, efficient or hard working an agent has proven to be. When the corporation needs to cut costs, it takes only one fatal error.
I will not even begin to list the multiple unresolved IT issues; which create additional problems for agents when relying on the tools necessary to perform their job.
Im aware that some agents are not solid representatives. There are good and bad employees everywhere. The same holds true for customers. For every passenger that has induced feelings of sympathy in me, Ive dealt with many more who were demanding, beligerent and obnoxious. Customers are not entitled to be abusive because a person is on the clock. The agents and supervisors understand the passengers frustration and likely, share it. Additionally, there is no shortage of passengers who do not accept responsibility for their poor time management and planning. It amazed me how enraged passengers could become, when made to pay $38 for a bag after paying only $30 for a flight to destinations more than 1,500 miles away.
Ive been asked, How could you possibly work for such a company? The answer is simple. The economy is lousy and the job market sucks. This airline has the employees over a barrel until a better opportunity arrives; and they know it. Many agents cant even afford to personally enjoy the standby flight benefit for multiple reasons. As always standby travel is not guaranteed- especially with an airline that frequently oversells flights. Furthermore, the wages are hardly palatable, if not impossible to survive on. So passengers please, do unto others
Ive worked with many warm and ethical people. Treat the agents with respect. Theyll be much more willing to go out of their way for you.
The goal of any corporation is to make money for the shareholders. Spirits corporate leaders pride themselves on exactly this ability. The only change that might affect Spirits profit margin would be a drop in oil prices, as consumers are forced to reduce spending. Then, perhaps other airlines would be better positioned to become more competitive in pricing. In the meantime, will I purchase a $40.00 flight? You bet and while I check myself in (with my back pack only) and wait for departure, I will watch the chaos, smileand breathe a sigh of relief. Its been a stressful year.

Posted by Anonymous

Dont work for Sprit Airlines they treat there employess like crap and dirt. Dont think they will be flying much longer.


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