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Southwest Airlines customer service is ranked #63 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 67.00 out of a possible 200 based upon 478 ratings. This score rates Southwest Airlines customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


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109 Positive Comments out of 478 Total Comments is 22.80%.

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Posted by [email protected]

I was double booked on same flight booked the first flight myself didn't get a confirmation so called south west and said it was never booked so she booked me her self then was charged twice for same flight I would like to be refunded my for one of the flights thank you & please let me know


Hello My Name Is Grace Walker Email Captain I Am Writing To Let You Know That On May 4 2017 I Was Traveling Home Mht Nh From Tampa Florida Airport Tpa. Flight 1854 Gate C33. My Gray Hooded Fleece Jones New York Zippered Front Sweatshirt Was Left On Seat By Gate C33. I Asked Attendant At Gate C33 Is Item Still On Seat. She Said Yes. I Had To Board Plane. I Dont Know Why Someone Could Not Have Passed It On Plane So I Could Have It. I Was Freezing On The Way Home. I Also Had A Connecting Flight In Baltimore Md To Mht. Well I Feel The Staff Should Of Passed My Sweatshirt On To Plane. That Was A Brand New Sweatshirt. I Would Like To Be Credited The Sweatshirt As I Felt The Attendant Should Of Got Sweatshirt For Me And I Could Of Had It On Plane. $45.00 Sweatshirt.. I Would Like To Be Refunded For Sweatshirt As I Could Of Had It Because It Was There And Seen By Attendant. Please Credit Me As It Was A Brand New Sweatshirt And I Feel The Attendant Could Of Passed It On To Plane

Posted by barnstorm 666

this is the second time in a row that you wouldn't give me a refund! first time I had heart trouble and had to be hospitalized. And this time I had major surgery on my shoulder. shaved a bone down, bicep tendon torn in half, tore rotary cuff, etc. I was under 2 doctors care and they wanted me to continue with my physical therapy and not go to florida right them..think about it one more time..I'll never fly with you again. nor will anybody in my family! I work for Ingersoll Rand and I'm looking forward to telling my story in our news letter that goes to 100,000 employees..I will also contact the Better Business Bureau and your Attourney General!!

Posted by N/A

This Past Summer Purchased Tickets For Christmas With A Customer Service Manager She Told Me Because Of Computer Problem Could Not Send Flight Itinerary To My Daughter.she Still Has Not Received It.her E-mail Is [email protected] -my Phone Number Is traveling Dec.21,2016 From Buffalo,n.y. To Burbank,ca..what Are You Going To Do For Will You Resolve Problem?december,2016 Is Next Month.i Await Your Speedy Reply. Thank You, Gerald Stephen Petruniak Ps: Do Not Leave Any E-mail Messages To Me Please Send To My Info To My Daughter

Posted by James F. Gatton

My wife and I have round trip tickets from Atlanta Sept 6 to Denver and return Sept 20. Just received word today my sister isn't expected to live as she in coma and no body response. I would like Southwest to refund cost of tickets. Regardless of type of purchase Airlines need to be flexible in such family emergencies. Airline are making millions with their charges and shouldn't benefit from a member die ding in a family. I truly regret having to call them because it will only demonstrate how greedy corporate America has become.
Is it time for our Congressional representative to review how Airlines treat their customers. I think so.

Posted by Anonymous

I fly Southwest often and today's experience was disrespectfull to plane full of passengers. Flight 5924, Orlando to Albany, NY was delayed because some passengers were arriving late and they didn't want them to miss their connection. I feel bad for the late arriving passengers but the disregard for all of the passengers waiting for what was going to be an on-time flight is unacceptable. Because of the delay we missed our ground transportation and we're forces to get a hotel at our expense.

Posted by jaf7

I was trying to check a reservation and was on hold waiting to talk to someone for over an hour without anyone picking up. This was a line that said it was 24 /7 service. What a lie.

Posted by Venado grande

Automated call at 3:15 AM telling us flight cancelled. No help to rebook & held forever with no answer at customer service

Posted by Wanda fleming

I was caught in the computer glitz last night.does the airline offer any compensation for a delayed flight and getting home at 4 am ? San Jose to Denver flight left at 9:45 pm.l love southwest! But right now not so much.Jesus.

Posted by Anonymous

Southwest Go Yourself.

Do you people answer the phone. I have a teen ager traveling tonights, from Portland, OR, stopped in San Jose, waiting, to find out what is going on and no one answer the phones, phone numbers are wrong. Customer service is like 20 minutes, so I hung up hoping another number might be faster

Posted by Anonymous

Your damned web service has not been working for hours and hours and hours!!!!! what the hell is going on! How do you expect long term customers to make reservations much less check in!!!!!

Posted by Jenn528

This complaint is in regards to the reward points/more rewards department. My husband and I opened a Southwest Chase credit card to obtain points and in return use those for travel. We had to wait over a month to get our points, finally received them last week and tried to book a hotel for the following weekend and the website had a glitch. It took our points for the hotel but we never received an email for confirmation saying the hotel was booked. Every time we called we would have to be transferred atleast 3 times before anyone could help us. We finally got in touch with a lady who said she would submit a request for the points to be given back to us but it would take up to 48 hours. It took 72 hours to get our points back and now today we are trying to call and book the reservation since we don't want the same thing happening again and after being on hold for 30+ minutes and then being transferred to another dept to wait another 30+ minutes they tell us they can't book a reservation since it's 4 days in advance! No one is helpful in any of the departments, everyone just wants to keep transferring us to another department. When my husband asked to speak to a supervisor he was given some 800 # which there again no one is able to help us.. everyone keeps saying they need to transfer us to another department. We highly DO NOT recommend this company!! Ridiculous customer service! Big waste of time!

Posted by [email protected]

I was in the process of making a reservation to Nashville from Oakland for my mom and i. I made the reservation and they took my mom's reservation but came back and said they couldn't make mine. I had to go back in (double work) and make my reservation again and it was $30 more on the return flight.

For you guys to cause me double work and then charge $30 more is the definition of chincy and greedy. I am going to post this experience every where I can.

Glenda Cambron

Posted by mcg

Had a flight scheduled for departure tomorrow morning, which I had booked on Christmas Eve, also adding Early Bird check in. Just this AM, got an e-mail from SW that this flight was cancelled. No explanation. Waited 3 hours on cell phone and could not get through. My husband also tried to get through on his phone; he finally drove to Midway Airport to try to talk with someone. I was given the option of changing my flight, but, of course, everything is booked going to Fort Lauderdale. Not very pleased with SW right now. Very frustrated. Can't even get info re a refund for the 550.00 charged to my credit card.

Posted by Anonymous

Resolution, please. You rec'd on Oct. 10,2015, file ref: 22238805 a letter from me re

having to pay for my small Svc dog that accompanies me. I had to pay $93. I believe

and the rude clerk did not call for a wheelchair as requested.. the counter person

next her finally did. My trip was from SAC to PHX and I plan to return to SAC on

April 14th and would like to use SW. The clerk said his 'pass' was not on Dr's

letterhead; it was, in the form of a prescription w/his entire letterhead at the

top. I have never heard anything from you; now, even my address has changed: It is

Eloise Ponte,
It was followed up by an e-mail Ref: stating I would hear from you;I

never have heard from you.

I would like to use SW, have the same (letterhead/prescription ) pass for my

service dog, and would like to take a flight April 16th w/SW if possible, plus

reimbursement for the erroneous charge (I sent you all my info so you have it, not

I) and if possible, if I ask for a wheel chair, one is provided !!!!

Posted by Customer sevice scoreboard

I am very frustrated and mad because Southwest did not let my wife know her boarding gate was changed,she found out when the attendant told her she was at the wrong place and that her flight just left.Thanks to that my two year old daughter,my eight year old son and me,her husband will not see her until tomorrow.Terrible service,they had her cell phone number and could have texted her to let her know but they did not.

Posted by Anonymous

On December 26th bad weather rolled through Dallas shutting down Love Field. Love Field and Southwest Airlines did a very poor job handling this unfortunate issue. Baggage was sent to my original destination with me not going there after my flight was cancelled. Lines to get information were incredibly long with not enough personnel brought in the deal with the issues. In over 30 years of business travel this has been the worst experience I have ever had and its not over yet. Try harder Southwest!

Posted by Anonymous

Flight 427 from Reno to Las vegas. HUSB and handicap on oxygen and I am 62. Needed help with overhead bag and attendant promptly told me he couldn't help me. Very sarcastic said "I can't help it I was in a motorcycle accident!" I couldn't believe his superior attitude to a handicap man and myself (who has a heart condition ) so my husband and my self hosted the bag up aND the attendant kept making comments under his breath as he walked away.very embarrassing for a proud man who happens to be might be your policy but you need to make exception for disabilities. Or at least offer to find someone to help. Thank you . Name is Damien.

Posted by [email protected]

I have a question but am having trouble getting thru by email. I Fly tomorrow on flight 421 at 6:55AM FROM LGA TO SJC. MY NAME IS LINDA ZECCA. I want info about the time of landing in Dallas Tx and how long I am there. I can't find this info on my flight information. Also I believe I was originally told I had to change planes but now it seems to say no changeover. PLEASE tell me how I find complete info on landing in Dallas. Thank you. Also I just got a boarding pass for flight 421 but it I have to change in Fallas how do I get another boarding pass?

Posted by margarete

Flight was delayed by 4 hrs in Denver this last Sunday. I was out of departure area when they announced they were giving out $100 vouchers. On plane, flight attendant said we could see service person in jetway upon arrival for voucher. She just handed out cards with customer relations number. I called 3x on Monday - first it was supposed to be a 58 minute wait, then a 101 minute wait so I thought because it was Monday, try another day. I've been here waiting on the phone, Wednesday, from 12:30 pm to now 2:00 pm for what was supposed to be a 100 minute wait. This is ridiculous! I'd emailed the company Tuesday, and they said to call customer relations. Garbage. I fly with them All the time, and love their rewards card/ points, but they're spending zero to little of their earnings on customer relations/service calls employment.

Posted by dude

Horrible airlines. Airport staff outright rude and racist. Had a very bad experience at Newark Airport. Went to the airport counter to get boarding pass for a flight from newark to chicago. This dude at the counter (first name John - did not catch last name) was such a jerk - my mother wanted a wheelchair. He said - she is able to walk, why does she need a wheelchair? Mom is 80 years old and had barely managed to get to the counter. Amazing dude. I even told him - buddy - this is how you represent southwest? He was outright giving weird glaces. Very rude. How does such a large airline hire such jerks on their airport desks? Beats me.

Posted by bob s

For all those folks out there that missed a connection with Southwest airlines and paid for early bird seating. The airlines kept your payment of $12.50 even though they did not board you early on the connection you finally were able to get. Most likely given C group. Sounds like a class action law suit if someone would like to pursue it. It has to be thousands of ticket holders.

Posted by Buddy

I have been trying to get a refund for a round trip ticket I purchased to North Carolina for Christmas unfortunately I became very ill I couldn't make the trip. I called and I've spoke with several representatives some were rude and some were nice the bottom line they would give me another flight at another time. I don't want another flight right now this has been going on every since 12/14. I am on social sercurty I cannot afford to just give Southwest $465.00. My whole family flies Southwest I am very disappointed. Please refund my money.

Posted by Anonymous

Booked swa airline vacations, this am!!!
Chg on credit card!
Would like to use some of my rapid reward points, have called multiple times today, and have been transfer from department / department!

Posted by anton

If you ever need the Southwest customer service desk be prepared to hold on for 30-50 minutes. We had to call them regarding a credit we needed to apply to our next ticket purchase. It was purgatory. Shame on Southwest. You get the idea they hope you will hang up and go away...

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Posted by Anonymous

My 2 daughters had booked a flight seversl weeks in advance to see their dad who was very sick...A few day later got a call he was not expected to live thru the night. They called and got an immediate flight with no additional cost and the person handling the call was terrific...Awesome airkine and personnel

Posted by Marie Hawkins

My husband and I were flying out the Memphis Intl. Airport this past Sunday, June 12th. Our 7:35 flight ended up being cancelled. The attendant at the check in desk at gate A27, Deatra, went out of her way to be kind and courteous to us when we changed our flight to the next day. We were the last two people in her line to make changes and she had been put through the ringer by some of the other customers. It wasn't her fault this happened but she was taking their criticisms in stride. We also dealt with Deatra the next day when we returned for our flight and she was still very courteous, friendly and helpful!

Posted by Anonymous

I flew Southwest Airlines, Saturday, Sept 5th to Austin and I was shocked at the customer service received for wheelchair service personnel. The wait was more than 20 mins. Today in Austin and Dallas was even worse. I had a long wait and finally the young lady arrived, she said there only 4 wheelchair pushers but she did get me to the gate on time. I waited about 25 mins for a wheelchair serviceman, who was trying unsucessfully to guide 2 chairs at the same time, but with him almost pushing me into a trash can, bench and passengers, I opted to get out at the down escalators and walk to baggage claims . The young man said only 7 people were working and this was his 4th day and just don't know why his supv would not answer his several calls for help. I am so use to Southwest Airlines being above all of the other airlines, but was quite surprised to receive this kind of service.I cannot walk long distances or stand a long time. Johnnie Barnes. My last flight number was 1126 from Austin to Dallas Lovefield. Thx!

Posted by NIUHerb

I want to thank Captain Sidney and Customer Service representative Ms. Kiarah for going above and beyond in helping my wife onto flight 317 departing from Philadelphia to Chicago. I have always been impressed with Southwest Airlines and even go to an airport further from my home than Ohare on most of my flights.

The captain was kind enough to hold the last flight while the customer service agent, Ms. Kiarah walked over to the gate my wife was at. She may have heard the gate agent wrong and was in the D terminal vs the E terminal.

Kudos to the captain and outstanding customer service for the coordination and caring about your customers.

Posted by Robert Wineberg

On Tuesday, May 12, 2015, I was on a flight from Raleigh NC to BWI and then to Hartford, CT. Flight left at 9:50 a.m. in the morning.
I did not feel well right from the first flight. Your staff was exceptionally accommodating constantly checking on me, giving me the attention and checking on me periodically. I appreciate this and have been a southwest rapid rewards member for some time and will continue to fly southwest.
It may it easier to get through the flights, as I was not feeling well at all.
Thanks for everything.

Posted by Anonymous

Let me start by saying after my recent flight from PHL to LAS, I will strictly only fly Southwest. My Fiancée and I recently got engaged, two days later flew from PHL to LAS through Southwest. All of the flight attendants were very pleasant and had great sense of humor, which makes a huge difference when flying 5 hours. But one of the attendants stuck out, her name was Nancy. Nancy went out of her way to provide great service. We struck up a conversation with her and after she found out we were engaged, that was it. She made us feel special, she went as far as announcing our engagement through the loudspeaker and had the whole plane clapping for us. She was very friendly mixed with perfect sense of humor. She made us hats out of peanuts and pretzels, lol which my Fiancée loved. She then took pictures of us with the hats on with our cameras. Something else that we noticed from Nancy was that to my right was a difficult customer, who was very demanding and rude, and Nancy handled that person very well, and maintained professionalism the whole time. I am somewhat of a frequent flyer through multiple airlines, but because of this customer service, I will now only fly Southwest, and will highly recommend this to others.

Posted by KS

I'd just like to add my comment to the mix here. By nature most people that come to a board and post will be posting negative comments, or complaints. I got here by googling something regarding the always-busy customer service number (not the main customer service, it's the specialty number), hoping to find a solution.
That issue aside, I"m quite surprised by the negative reviews. I have had nothing but positive interactions, over and over, with Southwest, and am a loyal customer for that reason. If you need to move flights, they move them, don't charge you, and have always been helpful to me when I needed an issue addressed. (Except for one recently which I hope to resolve). Overall I would rate their customer service as outstanding - in fact, as one of the best companies out there for that. There have even been some long and humorous (sometimes hilarious) conversations with their agents and they have always taken the time the issue required, tried to help to the best of their ability, and the calls are never rushed or rude. (Except this last one who called to tell me 'no' regarding something, but I am going to try to resolve that with another agent - and truth be told, I was asking something over and above that they were perfectly justified in saying no - I just thought this agent was sort of curt). But her aside, I've dealt with about fifteen different agents over the years and all have been outstanding. They have accommodated more rescheduled flights than I can count back when my dad was in hospice and conditions were ever-changing. Who else would do that without charging? Their prices are always reasonable as well.

You know how you call some places and get a dumb, unhelpful customer service person who has no idea what to do and really doesn't care? Or tries to help but has no clue? I've never reached one of those at Southwest.

I rated the reachability below as average due to the ever-busy customer service number - the callback system for the general number is really great, and they are always easily reachable otherwise. Not sure what is going on with that separate number though.

Posted by Melanie L

Good morning.

My husband and I are avid travelers for both business and pleasure. We are both "A" list members and also hold a Southwest visa card. Our next family vacation is in April, booked our tickets in November, and hosting 5 other friends on this trip.

The nightmare - Our flights have been changed 4 times! Not only are we flying at much different times than scheduled but into different airports!! Because our travels are international I had to contact that specific customer service department. After about 4 hours on hold (over the course of 2 days) and speaking with 5 different agents (Whom were not helpful and a few rude) I was finally connected with Sally Plott in International customer relations. Not only did she understand the level of frustration I had but was professional and kind while explaining the situation and navigating through the system to come up with a satisfactory outcome. If it wasn't for Sally we would no longer fly SW in the future. Thank you Sally...they are lucky to have you on their team!!
Kind regards,
Melanie L.

Posted by Dr. Annie

The only way to extend travel funds is through the customer relations number which is always busy. Customer's time should be considered valuable - allow us to do things online OR at least put our call in a queue OR provide a call have these options for most tasks at Southwest, but not when it comes to trying to extend travel funds, which you allow but just make it damn hard to get done - I have been trying for 2 months to extend mine! An always busy phone number as the only mechanism to do something is really inconsiderate of the customer.

Posted by rungirl

This past weekend I flew Southwest for the time - usually I fly United or Delta. While the seating is a bit different than other airlines, and there isn't economy plus like other airlines, the overall experience was great. I had all my stuff stolen while I was in Vegas over the weekend and decided to try and get an early flight home (what fun is Vegas without a phone, credit cards or drivers license?!). The Southwest agent not only got me on an earlier flight home that day, but they didn't charge the flight change fee. I had bought the Wanna Get Away ticket, so I figured there would be a fee of some kind when I asked to change flights. For this reason, Southwest gets a 10 rating. Thank you for allowing me to get home and get my stuff straightened out and not changing an exorbitant amount in fees, like most airlines do.

Posted by brianmeadors

I like Southwest and fly it every chance I get. Compared to other airlines (for example, USAir), it is wonderful. The Southwest employees are friendly. Recently, Southwest waived a policy for me so I could use my points refund for use by another traveler. I love Southwest's no charge for changes and free bag.

Posted by Anonymous

I Was A Passenger On Flight 1456 Last Night. The Cabin Crew Included A " 2nd Chance" Personal Named "william". I Found Him Well Groomed, Well Dressed And Very Polite. He Was Professional In Every Way. Southwest Would Be Well Served To Keep Him. Congratulations To Southwest For Giving Him A Second Chance. Joseph F. Merritt Ps You Might Think About Giving Him A Raise. Jfm

Posted by Anonymous

I'm a frequent traveler of southwest airlines at one point I was traveling 4 to 5 days a week exclusively using Southwest Airline services. In all the years that I have been traveling I've never felt compelled enough to comment about my experience on any
flight although most of all of them were all pleasant. Flying back from Denver on flight 504 to Phoenix I met the stewardess named Mojo who was
exceptional!!!!!!! She was extremely friendly, personable, hospitable, and the list goes on and on. I have never quite met a personality like hers before on any flight that I can recall. I believe she epitomizes the heart and soul behind
the Southwest brand and is truly the reason why I will fly Southwest again.

I hope one day that I may have her on my flight once again.,

Sincerely Morgan

Posted by Anonymous

I would like to say think to Southwest Airline for the outstanding service on the 31st of Dec. 2013 at the Austin Airport in Austin Texas. My two brother were flying back to Orland Fl. One of them have to use a walker to get around. We arrived at the Airport about 10:40 and the line for crub side check-in was about 35 person deep. We got in line to wait for our turn. One of the ladys from Southwest saw him and went got a wheel chair for him. She took us and check us in ahead of everyone, printed out the boarding passs, all in less than 10 min. Another young lady by the name of Olivia took it from their. She took him though customs and to the gate. I have never seen a check-in go so well. She went and got a blue boarding pass so they would board first. I would like to personal think Olivia for all the help. I know it is her job, but she went out of her way to take care of my two brothers. She stayed with them all the way though the check-in. I servied almost 30 years in the Army and have traveled all over the world and flew on ever airline. I have not seen no better service any where since I have been flying. I would like the think Olivia based out of Austin Texas and Southwest Airline for everything you done. When ever I fly, Southwest will always be my first choose. Again think you.

Posted by chazz23

i didnt get his name sadly i was a little to excited and hung up to soon. i was able to get my flight changed so i hope someone there can look up my flight info and pass the word. havnt been home in 12 months had to work christmas and the gentleman made it so easy to get my flight changed he was kind courtous and easy to talk and made my holidays. thank you southwest!

Posted by Lovetotravel

My husband and I just returned from Branson Missouri yesterday. A freak snowstorm hit that area and we were stuck at the airport due to whiteout conditions. Branson is a very quaint airport and does not have the equipment to handle inclement weather as well as the larger airports. Thankfully to the staff at the airport and the expertise of the southwest pilots we were able to leave and be diverted to Chicago then Tampa Florida. We arrived 7 hours late but we arrived safe. Hats off to Southwest Airlines and the pilots that landed and took off safely in those conditions.

Posted by Anonymous

Gate agent named Kayla helped me today and went above and beyond. She was incredibly efficient and friendly.

Posted by Kevin Foster

I had to call in order to update my Profile and payment method customer service rep. was very patient and helpfull. She made me fell as the most important thing she had to deal with and made sure all my questions were answered.
Thank you Southwest for your continued efforts to make sure my family and myself are satisfide.

Posted by Anonymous

We were on SW Flight 1066, Sep. 3, 2013 from Las Vegas to San Antonio. Up until then we had had a great trip. Soon after take-off, I told my husband I wanted a Sprite. He went to the lavatory and no one was there to ask for one, so he took it upon himself to grab one for me. While what my husband did, may not have been right, what ensued certainly was not! Edith approached my husband and yelled, "did you take something from my galley?" My husband said yes. She proceeded to yell, "thief" and "that's stealing!" One would have thought he had stolen the Crown Jewels. She certainly didn't need a microphone to let everyone know what had happened. She could have handled the situation differently, but she chose to be rude, discourteous, impolite, and certainly not the high caliber of SW personnel we are used to. We are frequent SW customers and this is the first time we have had such a horrific experience. We have a SW Visa Signature card; we have SW gift cards, and this experience has left a sour taste in our mouth. My husband did return the can of Sprite. Then, when she came to pick up our trash, she continued to harass us all over again. My husband told her, "get out of my face." If Edith's explanation of events is different than what I have stated, then I will have to add the word "liar" to the adjectives above! Thank God this flight stopped in El Paso and we were approached by Carlos (SW). He advised he had heard of our situation, and asked if we wanted to move up front so we wouldn't have to deal with Edith the rest of our flight. We were so happy we had that opportunity. The rest of the flight home was what we are used to. Maggie, Teri, and Carlos made it that way. I want to thank them for their politeness and kindness the rest of our trip home.

Posted by Anonymous

I've never had a problem with Southwest. I always pay a bit extra for the automatic check in. Never have to worry about printing my boarding pass. Never have to worry about where I'm going to end up being seated. Never have to stand in long a$$ lines. I've only had one instance of a delayed flight out of LAX to MDW but it really wasn't a big deal. Also, last year my daughter's luggage arrived later then we did but Southwest gave us a $140 voucher which I used for another flight. I recently flew Delta for the first time. It was the most horrible experience. It took 24 hours to get home. Unfortunately, I used a travel service to plan my trip which included air. My apologies to Southwest for not booking my flight with them.

Posted by colvinli

I made a mistake booking a flight and they took care of me with no additional charges. Southwest is awesome!

Posted by ALTY

I would like to thank Tim # 88317
He was so positive when we checked in and he made our experience a good one. My husband tried to give him a tip and he refused and said that a positive word would make him happier.
Thank you for having people like Tim on your staff, what a great time to spend with Southwest Airlines!

Posted by none

I want to thank all the Porters, attendants who made my first trip in ten years avery smooth success.From the moment I was out of the car and needed a wheelchair to the other end greeted with a w/c and tendant.I am one of those who dont have a cell phone and naturally I needed to make contact with my ride and again the tendant offered me to use their phone and saved me from the hassel of finding a phone booth, if they have them anymore.Thank you Southwest for the perfect service and great flights.
Your friend,

Posted by Anonymous

After having a flight from Oakland, CA to Providence, March 16 at 6:15am cancelled because of snow in Chicago, an unpleasant start with a brusque curb attendant turned into a Very long journey, but happily kind and wonderful flight attendants made the trip less onorous. I would especially like to mention, an off duty attendent who told me S.W. hired her 5 years ago at 57, who wheeled me down to the plane in Oakland, and Felicia who from New Orleans to Orlando to Providence,treated me with humour and cheered a very tired person who arrived 5 hours later than expected.

Posted by JackFromTampa

I just flew Southwest Airlines flight #458 on Sunday returning from Nashville to Tampa. Your flight attendant STEVEN was outstanding! One of the best I have had in a long time! I love Southwest and would even consider working for your organization.
Thank you,

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Posted by JC12345

In reference to the drink coupns - the coupons without an expiration date have not been mailed out since 2010. (So you did not receive them in 2011.) Also SWA sent out a letter explaining when the coupons would expire - 1 year from the date the last coupons were mailed. Southwest was very clear about this change. The new coupns have both your name and vaild dates on them so there is no confusion.

Posted by IT4LUV

I would like to respond to two Customer comments that I saw posted on your site. Not knowing the specifics of the situation, I can only comment on the most common occurrence.

Regarding the lavatory incident: Passengers are asked to remain seated while the seatbelt signs are on. Also- if the lavatory (near the pilots) is occupied, no one is allowed to stand "in line" to wait. These are TSA rules. I'm sorry if the FltAttd was not courteous in his/her response to you.

Regarding the boarding pass: Many of our Customers take advantage of the internet online checkin which assigns the boarding pass numbers. This checkin procedure begins 24-hours prior to the departure of your flight. Even if you arrive in person, 3 hours before the flight, many boarding passes have already been assigned, and those Passengers have printed out their passes from home. These are enhancements that we have made to our systems for Customer convenience. Boarding passes and security documents can also be printed at our Kiosks in the airport, prior to entering the security areas.

I hope you will continue to fly with Southwest Airlines, we do strive to do our best for you. If you wish to register specific comments with our Customer Relations Department, please refer to our "Contact Us" page on (now with email!) or call us at 214-792-4223.


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In its 48th year of service, Dallas-based Southwest Airlines Co. continues to differentiate itself from other air carriers with exemplary customer service delivered by more than 57,000 Employees to a Customer base topping 120 million passengers ...
8 Southwest Airlines Passengers Are Suing After Fatal Flight
The plaintiffs are claiming negligence on behalf of all defendants. Boeing, GE Aviation, Safran USA, and CFM are named as co-defendants in the suit, as they had roles in the design, development and manufacture of the engines and aircraft used on the ...