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Sony Ericsson customer service is ranked #350 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 36.86 out of a possible 200 based upon 19 ratings. This score rates Sony Ericsson customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


18 Negative Comments out of 19 Total Comments is 94.74%.


1 Positive Comment out of 19 Total Comments is 5.26%.

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  • Sony Ericsson

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    • 36.86 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 18 negative comments (94.74%)
    • 1 positive comments (5.26%)
    • 0 employee comments
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    • 2.7 Issue Resolution
    • 3.6 Reachability
    • 3.1 Cancellation
    • 3.4 Friendliness
    • 3.0 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Attilio

Hello. I nned technical support for SONY ERICSSON MBW 150 bluetooh watch. Display not working. I need tech support . Can help me?


Posted by Ashy

Hello Sir:

Kindly I went to your branch at Kafr Abdo - Alexandria - Egypt, they received my phone in a very good state, and the battery was very good as the telephone was locked, I called them and asked about the problem they told me I need anew battery, and the battery has suddenly swollen, how come for all that fluffs, really I wouldn't trust sony ericsson anymore and I wouldn't advise anybody of it, really I hope I could find a solution for that nonsense

Yours Sincerely

Ashaymaa Yusef

Posted by S O S

Hi is there a fix for your update on SE ARC S unit? Upgrade to ICS software unit was working fine, but when I turn on the gluetooth my unit just reboot itself again and again and again. Hooked up the charger because its low on battery but it still keeps on rebooting. Hope anyone there can post or email a solution.

Posted by DIKY

Dear Sony Ericsson,

Could you release the new one smartphone with combination design between C905 and W960 since nowadays touchscreen is being infatuated.

I've been using Sony Ericsson for so long ( i like candy bar model. I do believe there's still so many sony ericsson lover out there is waiting for your great innovation, but please release your smartphone with candy bar model.

Thanks for your kind

Posted by Anonymous

to whom it may concern
my name is Lothar Pfeifer.My wife send me a Xperia Z phone to India where we are going to retire
I asked her to buy this phone because the advertising gave the impression that this model is very sturdy and long lasting( dust proof, water proof etc ) then the sceen cracked for reasons unknown, I know, I never dropped it . When I went to the service center in Deradhun I was told that the phone can not b e fixed but it needs to be replaced and I have to pay $ 300 for that.If I had known this before, I would have never bought this phone. This is very dubious business behaviour and kind of a fraud. Nowhere in the adds it shows that if the screen brakes one has to pay more than 50% again for replacement.I am very upset and digusted with your policy and also surprised that a company like yours is doing this .
if there is no response from your end I will send out mails to warn people about this
lothar pfeifer

Posted by sony the terrible

i just bought the sony z ultra and the phone just bacome hang after one week of use and i have send it to the warrantey in sony support time in has been 10 days and when i call them up to ask wats the status of the phone..the person who is incharge talks to me as i have debpt with her and slams the phone..again i call them up and deffirent person answers the call and she told me she will get back to me...
my advice dear friends if u are from malaysia and u want to buy a phone please choose a deffirent barand...

Posted by Sony Ericsson, Model # W-932

Dear Ceo Of Sony Ericsson,

I Like Your Product, Specially Of Cell Phone. I Used Many Of Your Mobile Phone.

But Most Of Time, If I Need To Repair Or Servicing Any Mobile Phone, The Seller Says, We Have No Any Spare Parts Or Servicing Facility.

So, It's Gives Us Much Troubles.

Anyhow I Need To Servicing My Mobile Which Model No: W-932, I Buy It From The Capital Of Dhaka, Bangladesh. The Seller Now Moved In Other Business.

Please Advised Me How And Where I Can Get The Service Facilities Of Sony Ericsson Mobile.

Posted by Anonymous

I bought Sony Tipo, even it is under warranty, service center, they people estimated half the price of new mobile, what is the meaning of warranty? better people don't purchase such company products.

Posted by edris

I just bought their new model android phone(Xperia SL) last 3 weeks. I was expecting a lot of new features and phone durability. But tremendously, I was not satisfied with the unit also with the service in the service center. The auto-rotate inconsistently malfunction, key-pad sometimes not responding, applications exit, jack for headset is not working, etc. And the most frustrate me is when I received my phone from their service center after they done the upgrading/fixing, the inner cap of front camera is missing. Grrrrrrrhhhhh! I recommend all consumers not to by SONY products...

Posted by Its Not WaterProof

I Bought the New Phone Xperia a week ago. As I was thinking it is a waterproof Phone So Kept it under the water and It was shut off after an Hour only.And They are Not accepting their fault. It is a kind making fool of customers. I wish You Could Help me. Mail me at

Posted by nojean

Bought a Sony Ericsson TXT Pro just over 2 months ago. Had issue with screen sensor and screen response. After several calls to Sony Mobile customer service and reset it still had same problem. Sent in for repair, not reads "No Sim" now and then. Have to remove and replace battery to resolve. Called Sony Mobile Customer Service again several times. Was told to fax in copy of receipt. Get an e-mail 5 days later no warranty coverage due to "No Printed Receipt". Have to call again to resolve issue and possibly get store that is 500 miles away to give me a new receipt.

Posted by Anonymous

sony is a huge brand no doubt about it but a consumer need service seticfection which is not provide sonyericsson..
sony needs to establish their service center in regionals areas.

Posted by Neil

Customer support and repair centre stinks.
I have always had Sony ericsson or ericsson phones for at least the last 10 years but after the experience I have had with my Xperia Arc I shal not be having another one.
The phone has been back a total of 4 times, the first to have the cracked case repaired, then 5 months later I had a phone locking up issue, I was going to take it to Vodafones repair centre but unfortunately when Sony repaired it for e case they left some screws out inside, so vodafone would not accept it as it had been tampered with.
Never mind I called Sony and arranged for their service centre to repair it, it came back a week later the issue had been resolved and they had put a new front on as it had started to crack again.
Unfortunately in repairing they had made a yellow burn like mark appear on the screen, so I phoned customer service and they said they would arrange a "vip" repair to get it fixed quickly, a week after being sent it arrived back, the screen had been fixed and they had also replaced the chrome trim ( why I do not know as there was nothing wrong with thae original) .
After a couple of days back all seemed ok till I went to use the camera, the zoom button was not working, so I phoned them again and they said they would exchange on receipt for a new phone, great, so I sent the phone back, I phoned today 8 days after posting and they have said that my phone was recieved yesterday and a new phone would be sent in the next 2 to 3 days, surely this is not exchange on reciept it is exchange when we can be bothered.
So sad to say but, Sony due to the incompetence of your repair centre and customer service you have lost yet another long standing customer.

Posted by Customer care center salem 4 roa

In salem(tn) sony ericsson customer care center in four roads they are not picking up the phone and they disconnect the phone connection

Posted by chandan

this company sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!i have a sony ericsson phone which is still under warrenty!!!now i m facing an issue that my battery is not charging and two keys are not working and when i took it to the service center they havent checked my phone and said that this issue is not covered under warrenty and i will have to pay money!!!great!!!i will go to the consumer court!!!!

Posted by MRLONV


Posted by Anonymous

I gave my handset J105i on, 2011 Feb 09, at your T Nagar, Chennai service center with specific problem of battery not chrging properly. They said it is a connector problem and also informed me that a new connector will be fixed. They charged Rs475/-and to my dismay no new connector was fixed and only some cleaning was done to the old connector. Apart from this my internet connection bsnl is also lost in the settings.
I clearly state that I have been taken for a ride by ur service people - GOVINDAN

Posted by Weywei

I bought a cybershot mobile on 29/8/2010. After 1 week using of it, the mobile always turn off automatic. I sent it for customer service check up, after waiting for 6weeks (actually they promised within 4within) the problem doesn't fix but become more worst! The keypad is hard to fix, the screen seem like not stick well & it still auto off always! I sent it back for check up & wait for another 6weeks again! But it is the same.
I thought sony ericsson online customer service may help, but they only said send the mobile for further check up. I really feel disappointed with their kind of services!

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Posted by Prongsss

I am a user of Xperia arc... having a problem with my main motherboard i went to a nearby Sony Ericsson Support Center... they gave me full replacement of the board and thus a complete solution within 10 days... it was really great performance

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