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Sony customer service is ranked #613 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 27.84 out of a possible 200 based upon 1439 ratings. This score rates Sony customer service and customer support as Terrible.


1,378 Negative Comments out of 1,439 Total Comments is 95.76%.


61 Positive Comments out of 1,439 Total Comments is 4.24%.

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    • 27.84 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 1,378 negative comments (95.76%)
    • 61 positive comments (4.24%)
    • 2 employee comments
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    • 1.6 Issue Resolution
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    • 2.5 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Anthony

What kind of company is this.. I'd waited for my Sony xzs phone replacement for exactly 25 days. And they're still requesting to wait for another week... This is my second replacement from Sony.. I wished I didn't bought this product in the first place.. I wished to get back my money instead of the phone now.

Posted by charles

Sony Software corruption of TV/Customer Support not responding

I have a new Sony Television XBR65X850C that was working perfectly, yet I did a software update that they "recommended". Now many of the functions that I used the TV for are broken and the TV will not work properly. Tech service said software corrupted the motherboard(!) and after 3 weeks replaced it. Guess what? All the problems still exist and are not fixed! Sony Customer Care says they don't know what to do, even when these are known problems with this update. They do not allow the user to go back to the previous software version, thus a fatal loop. Customer service apparently cannot contact their engineering dept. that would be the ones to know and resolve the issues. I have been a Sony customer for many decades. I cannot support them at all any longer and I do not know how to get my TV fixed or money back. Do not buy Sony, their current structure now is not geared to help customers and no one is accountable to help you. Unbelievably frustrating.

Posted by daniel

I have a wonderful camera by SONY. I lost the charger. 2days and 8 phone calls, nobody can tell me how to get a new one!!! My deceased mother is on this. Supervisor said he would call back!! I am very upset. Debra Please call.

Posted by Anonymous

Just been on the phone to sony regarding my recently purchased VR headset regarding scratches on the lens from my glasses, i can honestly say i have never spoken to a more rude and arrogant person in all my life they were not interested in the slightest in helping me they said i should have had common sense and removed my glasses!surely its not to much trouble to put a warning in the set up instructions!

Posted by Anonymous

I have a SONY CLUSTER of TV,Hard Disc Recorder....all from John Lewis....also an independent Sony DVD player..............NEVER AGAIN!......I will report to John Lewis.....this Customers satisfaction on 'SONY's CUSTOMER SERVICE' and 'SATISFACTION with the Brand'.......................

Posted by A2

Sony Digital Camera DSC-RX100M4

I notice others have had a similar problem with this camera. That is, the screen coating is very fragile and very easily scratched. I sent my camera, which had a tiny but annoying scratch on the screen, to Sony who described it as accidental damage and quoted £160.00 for repair although the camera was only a few weeks out of warranty I considered this cost to be excessive and that the screen should have been manufactured with a scratch resistant screen or at least the customer should have been made aware of its fragility. In spite of the internet being plastered with others having the same problem, Sony refused to admit it was known fault and said they had had no other complaints. Come on Sony, look on the internet and you will find many others with the same complaint. To add insult to injury, I now find they are selling an expensive screen protector to minimise injury to the screen. So there is a problem!
Thankfully my main cameras are Fuji and I can happily say they don't suffer the same problem, having been used extensively for several years without fault and without additional screen protectors. In conclusion, I have to say, I would have expected a more helpful response from a manufacturer whom I had previously had high regard. AVOID!!!

Posted by Sony

I purchased Sony bravia 22" after 1 year his screen shows black strip on middle so I suggest to all my friends don't purchase any product of Sony they all are made in China.

Posted by Anonymous

One of the worst service i ever seen. Please dont purchase SONY Product. You can invest in Samsung product. For more information please call my number

Posted by Anonymous

Sony is the worst company I have ever has the displeasure to deal with. They support people sound like they are talking into their arm pit. Sony needs first to hire support people that can speak English in a clear and concise manner. I purchased a XBR65X930D in June of 2016. This TV quit functioning after only 42 hours of use. The asshats at Sony support were absolutely no help whatsoever. They asked the same questions over and over and over, but they never rectified the problem. Now I stuck with a $5,500 TV that does not work. Sony is a horrible company. Do not buy their products.

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased a SONY 32" LED TV R/C on 01.12.14 from M/s.GENESIS, 174/33 A&C, NSC Bose Road, Kolkata-


Almost 10 days back,on the face of a imminent storm & lightning, I unplugged all the wires from behind the above TV set. Hours later when the menace was over, I re-plugged all the wires again. But being a layman, I was not sure whether I plugged all the wires (5 in all) in the right slot. But though the TV started playing again LIVE, but I found that the colors are not in order. I noticed only brown color is showing but other colors are not playing properly.

I was a bit confused. Then after a lapse of 2/3 days, I reported the same to the dealer M/s GENESIS. They took my complaint and assured me that Company Techies will attend your problem. It was a week back. But I received no Phone call from SONY customer service. Then again I brought this to the notice of M/s. GENESIS, this time over phone. They again assured me that soon the company people will contact me. That is also 4-5 days back. Still it is unattended.

Will you kindly let me know, when my complaint will be attended and how long I have to wait for the redress.

Would be waiting for your kind response.

Yours sincerely

Posted by Claire

Phone costumer service seems to be done by kids that when they awser the phone they are still having a laugh when their colleges.
Had to call 4 times to get my issue sorted. On my last phone call, the guy asked me to spell my name phonetically straight away without even asking my name, which I found it to be rude and unpleasant.

Posted by Anonymous

Sony taking money out of my account every week for nothing I bought 50euro worth of FIFA coins for my son in December for my son with my credit card up to now Sony have taken over 300euro from my account with out my knowledge and with out anything been purchased though they say there has been but no way have we received a product from them up to anywhere near that among I asked for the money to be refunded but Sony came up with all sorts of excuses nobody should use a credit card on this site Sony keep your details and ROB money every week from it but they are very sneaky way they do it small amounts every week out of your bank account with out your authorization this matter is now in the hands of my solicitor again DO NOT USE YOUR CREDIT Card on this site Sony they will rob you big time

Posted by sadhvaryu

I purchased sony headphones but didn't like the sound quality so went to return it within 3 hours of purchase and the seller didn't take it back as the pack was opened. Also the seller was so rude with us that we could barely stand there. Disappointed! By both sound quality and service.

Posted by KENB

I just got off the phone with a rep from Sony who could not help me fix the problem of my sony sound bar to the sony tv ! the amp sound does not go through and these people keep telling me to do things that make the situation worse...they cannot send anyone out of course and now I'm stuck with no support since I had to hire the greek quad from Best Buy to set it up. All I want is the sound bar replaced or someone to hook this up! Very frustrating! This sound d bar has gone out on me for the third time! Sony tech is not even in the US and I cannot understand them and they do not know the language of English!!! THE WORST EVER SERVICE--

Posted by Dissatified Customer

I recommend that you do not by anything made by Sony being that you can not get anyone that knows anything unless you have PREMIUM SUPPORT.

When I go on they're website and try to bring up my Sony Vaio it does not even show the model I have which is SVF152C29L. Try calling support with no luck, all the guy would say is I can't help you your not PREMIUM CUSTOMER. Well guess what I won't be any kind of customer from now on because this is the last product I will ever buy with the Sony name on it.

And trust me I will make sure I let everyone I know not to buy Sony.

Thanks for nothing Sony

Posted by unhappyperson

Terrible customer service, would not give me my account i created back that i forgot, from about 5 years ago (Like someone wants to fraud that).
Wouldn't let me answer security Q's, or give me a hint of the first few letters of the email adress i needed.

Posted by Anonymous

I had given the mobile for service today morning at Vigneshwar services because of SIM card not detecting and earphones not working, however they called and informed the memory card jack is not working hence will not cover under warranty. This is very annoying I am sure they does not want to cover the warranty and giving reasons for having the mobile repaired on customer cost when still in warranty. Pathetic Service

Posted by Touchscreen error

I bought a Xperia C4 dual in march. It worked fine until the first week of october. After that the screen went error all of sudden. Ive tried to upgrade the software but it didnt work. On 31st of October i went to Sony Service Center in Bandung, Indonesia, i explained my problem and the staff said that they need to order the new screen for my phone and it will take around 2-3 weeks, and if the new screen available they will text me. 2 weeks later i went to Sony Service Center again and the same staff told me that the new screen is not arrived yet and she promise me that it will be available maximum at the end of november. On 27th of november i sent an email to Sony Indonesia about my complaints but until i write this comment they havent replied my email yet. I am so frustrated! Its unbelivable. With Its big name why arent they ashamed of their service? If they cant fix the error screen why they cant just replace it with a new one or maybe refund the money as the compensation? I didnt even break my phone. It must be something wrong with the hardware. Been a Sony mobile fan for years but i will never ever ever buy any Sony phone anymore and i will not recommend Sony to anybody in this world.

Posted by Anonymous

Sony has the worst customer service I have ever come across. I've been a longtime loyal customer since the first playstation came out but, I'm done. Their lack of any kind of ethical business practices is beyond my tolerance.

Their customer support is designed as a roadblock to prevent access to anyone with authority. Access to anyone above phone supervisors with little if any authority via e-mail, phone, mailing address, or any other mode of communication or contact is denied as a policy.

I'll spare my long excruciatingly stupid experience trying to solve an error on their part, which was and is painfully easy see. In a nutshell, they are designed to screw their customers for their mistakes without fear of repercussions due to the dollar amounts, their legal disclaimers, and a well designed wall of scripted illogic performed by underpaid third world phone operators with zero authority.

Posted by Keya

They have a terrible customer care system. I had a faulty remote and placed the complaint on 7th Nov- its 25th Nov and I'm told that they have acted on the complaint on 24th Nov (2 weeks after placing the complaint)- and it will take 7- 10 days more for my new remote to arrive. Wasted an entire month on this entire process.

Posted by Sandra

sony customer support care are dreadful. its called support line but they do not give any support. I have a Sony mobile with my network provider (3g) so normally it would be them who i would liase with regarding any issues i have, but now for the first time ever, it's Sony who i've had to encounter. FIRSTLY my handset (that is still within warranty) stopped working, and they were being very rude and very difficult about repairing it -that difficult that i had to call my network provider to ask them if they would be able to speak to them for me, so they apologised to me on their behalf and and spoke to them and managed to arranged a repair. my handset has been gone near two weeks now, and when ive called them to ask how long it will be before i get my phone back all they say is that they can't give a time. they dont even let you speak to a manager if you ask for one. its worst customer service ive ever received. HONESTLY

Posted by sony

Worest service center and slow answers to the customers. I'm using sony xperia t2 ultra from last 2 years and i've a internal damage, i visited near by sony care and explained my problem they are not responding properly and giving rude answers. Finally i selled it for low price and changed my hand set in to Motrola. finally i'm requesting all the sony users don't use this type of irresponsible company gadgets.

Posted by review

I have owned computers, laptops and TV's from Sony since decade ago. I have called Sony customer service a few times and I have never got a satisfactory response. Every time I have called, they ask me to provide them with information about the product, myself and etc and then they have told me the product doesn't have any warranty and therefore we can't help you. They do not even advice me. The last time I called Sony was an hour ago, I had a question about using internet on my TV. I gave Sony all of the information about my TV and myself again.I explained that I need some advice. Sony told me we can't advice you because your product is out of its warranty. After explaining the situation in detail (long talk) she told that she will send me an email that has information in regard to setting up internet. She never send that email.

Posted by Andy R

Xperia Care are completely and utter useless. I have no more to say other than don't buy a Sony phone.

Posted by IP

Employee of sony service center ghaziabad are stupid and dull, i went there for the solution of my laptop problem and after checking in 4 days he said motherboard will change and then i refused it then i went to shiva tower ghaziabad and a guy fix the problem which was only graphic problem and now my laptop is running good.My advise is please don't go to service center if ur product is out of warranty other wise they will take huge money in the name of insepection charge.

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Posted by Pawel

I've returned my girlfiend's Xperia Z3 Compact for repair last week and it arrived today. Very quick turnover, good customer service, i'M really happy with the service.

Posted by Bill

I had a very positive experience with Sony support this afternoon. I needed help connecting a new DVD to my old (12 + years old) Sony TV. The lady I talked to was very polite, patient, understanding, and willing to ask for help when she couldn't answer my questions. With the help she got she walked me through what I needed to do get the DVD connected. It has been many years since I have experienced this kind of service.

Posted by EdS

My Sony RX100M3 had a shutter issue. It was still under warranty (under 1 year) so all I had to do was bring it (I'm in NYC so there was an easy place hand deliver) with the receipt. I was out of the store in under 5 minutes, they called me the following week (as they said they would) and it was fixed with no charge and no problems.
They seem to have this worked out now. Great experience!

Posted by Loopylittlelooby

I found Sony customer service amazing! The touch screen broke on my Sony Xperia and I couldn't even unlock my phone. I went online and searched Sony Repairs and all I had to do was enter a few details and then a pick up was organised and I could change dates if needed. Then it only took about three days after pick up until my phone was sent back to me! Absolutely amazing service. By providing the code on my phone, they knew my phone was in warranty so I paid absolutely nothing for the whole service! Very very impressed! Thank you very much Sony! I also had some questions to ask which I easily could ask with the online help chat!

Posted by nicesims

I totally love my Z2 think its awesome,, until i have to update it then everything changes and i don't know up from down!! I understand that updates help but why 'change' something that works so good. Please guys updates for software Yes updates for gallery and music No, (give me a choice to update or just leave it as is)

Posted by Abhi

I had issue with my Sony Xperia C2305 earphone. I bought the phone around one and half years ago. Got it fixed at reasonable price at Sony service center saltlake Kolkata. Service seems good and prompt. Keep it up !!

Posted by Evangen

Am a Sony mobile costumer living in kenya my home land view as a best quality in market Sony is suggestion ur introducing more good products in market with best quality.. My view why ur research team introduce instead of power bank charges for mobile how Bluetooth is working in same pattern one mobile charger why Sony cannot make like one charger like that. Like wireless.. If possible jus introduce. Customers really welcome such products 100%..waiting for ur valuable reply



Posted by Anonymous

I.hv purchased xperia m4 aqua on 28.6.15 but it was giving very low battery backup nd therfore I hd visited my nearest authorised service centre on 2.7.15 nd they told me that they will replace my existing mobile wid a new one nd on 13.7.15 I hv got a new set...
I m very impressed by their service...
Nd this is my first Sony purchase so from today I hv decided that if I want to purchase any electronics item then blindly I will go for sony....
Love u sony

Posted by anonymous

I had my account hacked and Sony said that I am lying and i would have to send a photo of my id the man was rude he was Scottish and his name was Jamie

Posted by chavslayer

Feel like I have to review my experience as Sony seem to be getting a very bad rep.
I have experience with sending my phone away twice to them. First was an Xperia x10 a few years back. I'd purchased it second hand and after a couple of months the charging port got dodgy and I applied to get it sent off. At first they were a little dodgy about me not having proof of purchase but after a discussion they agreed. The handset had a small crack on the screen as well but I didn't worry about that. After about a week they had sent me a brand new handset and I couldn't have been happier!!

More recently my Xperia Z3 broke. The screen wouldn't light up or display anything. This happened after I went swimming with it in the sea.It says in small-minded fresh water only but I didn't think that would matter.Baring in mind it's supposed to be a waterproof phone I wasn't best pleased and after looking at all the other reviews it didn't look good that Sony would honour the warranty. However I bit the bullet and sent it off anyway. One week later I'm writing this review from my fixed Z3. I can't fault them. Top level service from a top level company.
Personally I think that the credit goes to the Ashford Sony repair center. I saw another excellent review from someone who said that they had their phone sent there.Think these guys really do their jobs.

Posted by can2015

My son's PS headphones were no longer working and within one year of original purchase. I returned them with copy of original receipt and received replacement within a week. Very impressed with return experience.

Posted by chew

I'm one of the sony brand fan, but it seems like sony doesn't produce good qualit and user friendly product . I wish that in the future sony could produce the product that I mentioned above . It will help sony brands to boost, I always love sony . But I don't want to get disappointed in the future with sony . Thank you

Posted by Anonymous

After speaking with several cust. service reps who were of no help at all, I finally reached 'CC' who was extremely helpful. She was not only knowledgeable about my billing problem but was very patient while I resolved the issue through my PS4, waiting for me to enter the necessary info. Apparently different systems process information differently (some need street address and some only need city, state, zip. You would think all reps would have been trained in this issue, or at least have been able to consult with their supervisor. Thank you CC. Shawn

Posted by Hugo416

I returned my xperia Z3 for repair,due to inexplicable crack on screen,and received a new phone within 10 days,no charge, no problems.
Im very satisfied with the way i was treated,an I love the Z3 phone!!

Posted by Anonymous

I was shopping for a wireless speaker at Square One and a Sony Associate name Jessica took initiative to ask me if I need any assistance. She was very friendly and helpful. She explained to me the difference between the SRSBTV5B and SRSX2B. She was very knowledable about the product and I was very impressed with her customer services. At the end I brought two SRSBTV5Ba and SRSX2B. I had a wonderful experience at Sony thanks to Jessica.

Posted by Pawan

Sony offered me 25% discount on MRP for purchasing a new audio system in lieu of repairing / replacing system which is under warranty.

Grate brand / great company

Posted by Lauracska

The Sonymobile UK Customer Support is the worst customer support I have ever fact I have not received any customer support at all. I've sent my phone back to them for repair on the 18th of July, and I still don't have a phone. They haven't updated me once on the status of my case, they have never replied to any of my e-mails, on phone I was promised to be called back which never happened and every time I spoke to someone on the phone the agent would tell me something different and would say that the previous day's conversation is not recorded and on chat I get the same answer every time: it is with the escalations department and we are waiting to receive updates from them. At some point after having invested so much time and energy it turned out, that they did send me a new phone, but they screwed up the address, and the phone was sent back to them. DHL confirmed that they actually signed for the phone and is with them since the 3rd of September. It is now the end of September and they cannot even confirm the whereabouts of the phone and I still haven't received an e-mail or call from them. I asked them how and where can I submit my complaint to them before I turn to other forums with my complaint. I was given an e-mail address where I sent my e-mail to 4 days ago...never heard back from them.
I am extremely frustrated, shocked, angry and disappointed all at the same time. I tried every technique, I was patient, I was threatening, I was sarcastic, I contacted them every day for a while..nothing worked. I've lost my patience and I don't believe anything anymore from what they are telling me.
Even though I don't even care about my phone any longer, I can't and won't let them get away with this without any consequences. I basically feel that I was taken the fun of and was being completely disrespected and this is unacceptable.

Posted by Paul

I found the VAIO suport great. I got a replacement for my VAIO bag in no time!

Posted by johnki147

i had a problem with my tft screen and send it for service .it took 10 days to repair and the results where's like i have a new phone .they change the lcd screen and the glass also the aluminium cover.great job from sony service !!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

I had an issue with my ps4 and called Sony's customer support line to get some help on what to do. The first 2 times I had called and started explaining my situation I have 2 employee's hangup on me. Not sure why, and I didn't get their names.

But the 3rd time I called I spoke with Joe from California. (I wish I had the store number) This gentleman was absolutely wonderful. He was very nice and so helpful. and soooo extremely patient with me because I had called at work and kept having to put him on hold.

Then on top of that I realized I needed the ps4 in front of me for him to help me further and he even gave me a call back when I got home to help me with my ps4. I could not have asked for better customer service.
Thank you so much for your help Joe you were awesome!

(the ratings im putting below are based on my experience with Joe)

Official company reply

We love hearing feedback like this! Thank you for taking the time to express your appreciation!

Jean Tory
Sony Support USA

Sonylistens 6/23/14 8:24AM

Posted by sidd

Fantastic. I always love Sony and I will I will always iam delighted because I got a replacement of my experia z ultra with screen damaged......... Thank u sony

Official company reply

That's great news!

Thanks for posting it here! ~Diane

Sonylistens 6/17/14 11:12AM

Posted by yellowriver

I have dealt with Sony three times in the last year. All three times, I found each tech helpful and pleasant. Their English was excellent. I called on my wonderful Sony VAIO that came factory loaded with that piece of junk Microsoft calls Window 8. .u

Official company reply

Hi yellowriver, thanks for your message and I'm glad we're able to help you. It is always nice to receive positive feedback.

Have a good day!

Diane Fuller
Sony Support USA

Sonylistens 10/28/13 2:12PM

Posted by Jason

On 01/21/2013, I posted a positive review after having my 52' Bravia replaced by Sony at no cost when the screen developed a vertical black line. Well, less than 9 months later the replacement unit has also developed the same vertical line in the same area of the screen. The representative I spoke with today was again very polite and respectful. After a short conversation and a few unsuccessful trouble shooting attempts, Sony is going to send me another replacement unit. I am once again very impressed with the customer service experience but really having doubts about the quality of the product at this point.

Official company reply

Hi Jason, thanks for taking your time to post your customer service experience. We place a very high value on feedback from our customers because it allows us to continue to improve.

Thanks again and have a wonderful day.

Diane Fuller
Sony Support USA

Sonylistens 10/21/13 5:14PM

Posted by life lovin' photo girl

I first received my Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W150
as a graduation gift and although i love SLRs this camera really became my baby. I took it every, where it endured sport events of cold and wet,dry and sandy vacation,and many others functions. I love the viewfinder for rapid fire setting or very sunny locations so that you can see what you are photographing. I like the metal exterior to kept the internal functions safe from several unfortunate falls and slips. The tonal color settings have perfect color for black and white and sepia (which i miss in newer models). The camera platform gives a wide range of controls for beginners or people who want more control.
-easy menus and rotary settings
-internal editing
-viewfinder and LCD screen duo
-program settings

I have been known to take 400 shots in a day,which is very high usage for a digicam but after two years of hard treatment the lens gears break down. After this pattern happening twice to my baby it needs to be mentioned as a small fault. Small due to the fact that most consumers don't require so much from their cameras.
-Poor macro settings (hard to get focus)
-very bad low light
-lens moments slow after a period of time

i would re-buy this camera and encourage my grandmother and anyone else to do the same.

I did mention that i had lens problems, Sony took great care of me. We went through over the phone diagnostics, the girl was very understandable and listened, she gave me my options and let me ask her questions.
Due to my interaction with Sony they have made a customer for life.

Official company reply

Hello life lovin' photo girl! Thank you for taking your time to write about this. We really appreciate it.

Have a good day!

Diane Fuller
Sony Support USA

Sonylistens 10/21/13 5:01PM

Posted by pvcdroid

Great service and quick repair from Sony Laredo facility. Called Sony to describe problem and they were very accommodating and instructive on what I needed to do. Mailed my Nex-7 on 7/8/2013 and received it back on 7/17. Camera was frequently indicating "camera error" after taking a picture especially in low light conditions. I also requested they calibrate the lens since focus wasn't what I was expecting on the kit lens. The unit came back well packaged, looking like new and the problems were all corrected. It seems like this site has a lot of trolls posting generic negative comments for whatever reason. This made be very nervous about sending my camera in for repair. I followed up after the camera was received in Laredo to list the issues I wanted them to look at via [email protected] e-mail address. They responded quickly and forwarded my e-mail to the repair technician. Couldn't be happier and I won't hesitate sending in other equipment to Sony for repair if needed.

Official company reply

Thank you for sharing your feedback with us. We welcome our customers input and your opinions play an invaluable part in shaping Sony products. Enjoy your NEX7! Feel free to share some of your photos with us on facebook! :) -Amanda Jeter

Sonylistens 7/22/13 7:50AM

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Posted by From mm

Hi. I am a Sony fan. Sony said xperia zultra non gpe edition can update lollipop on early 2015. But it cannot update till now. Why? That made me disappointed. Please try to release the update very soon. Thanks

Posted by Arun

I am a sony employee. In Dec 2011, there was an offer on Sony Style website which says if you buy 100$ worth sony e- gift card, you will get an additional 20$ worth e gift card for free.
I wanted to buy a TV worth 440$ approx. So, I have taken 5 gift cards of 100$ each. So, I got five 20$ e gift cards. As there was a huge volume of requests such requests on the day I went to purchase TV at San Ysidro Outlet mall, San Diego, I didn't receive my E-gift cards. So, I purchased the TV with my credit card after confirming with the sales person that I can use my e gift cards at the Fashion Valley mall(which is nearer to my house). Then wanted to use my sony e gift cards the very next day for the same purchase at Fashion Valley mall san diego.

I went to fashion Valley store. I had the e gift cards in my mobile along with the number codes. They wanted printed cards, so they told me to come back with printed cards.

I went there again next day with printed receipts.
The Sales person at Fashion valley store rejected to do the transaction of returning the TV and making the same transaction using the e gift cards. He doesn't know what is an egift card until I explained him.
The reasons for rejection at fashion Valley(as told by the sales person)
1) He said he didn't like the idea of stealing San ysidro store's revenue.(ridiculous)
2)He said I am robbing Sony by using these e gift cards because I am purchasing 5 of them and for using employee pricing(again illogical as there is no limit on the purchase and being an employee I can always get the discount)
There was no technical reason for not doing the transaction.

They didn't do the transaction. I had to travel abroad. When I came back, I had to go to San ysidro outlet store again to get the transaction done.
So, two trips to the San Ysidro outlet mall, two trips the fashion valley mall for buying a TV, accusations that I am robbing SONY(sounds incredibly funny), hours of wasted time on silly issue(literally no issue just the sales person didn't want to do the transaction). This is SONY.

Official company reply

@ arun, Good morning,

I'm Pat Kennedy with the SonyListens Team. I sincerely apologize for the delay in responding to your post and would like to follow up with you regarding this issue.

In order to assist you, please send an email to [email protected] including your name, address, product model and serial number, problem description and a phone number where you may be contacted. *Please also include Event ID# E54508371. I will respond once I receive your e-mail.

Thank you...

Sonylistens 5/30/12 7:50AM


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Sony Scripted TV Veteran Jeff Lerner Exiting (EXCLUSIVE)
Jeff Lerner, the executive who shaped Sony Pictures Television's scripted remakes business, bringing “Everybody Loves Raymond” to Russia and “Mad About You” to Argentina, is leaving the studio, Variety has learned. The outgoing executive is...
Sony Has Sold Half of Its Spotify Shares
Sony sold approximately half of its shares in Spotify during the streaming giant's first month on the New York Stock Exchange, according to Sony's public filing issued Friday. The news was first reported by Music Business Worldwide, which estimated the...
Sony Unveils Limited Edition PS4, Price Drops on Games for Days of Play
Sony is releasing a limited edition PlayStation 4 and reducing prices on games and peripherals for their Days of Play promotion next month. The global promotion, celebrating the PlayStation community, runs from June 8 to June 18. The PS4 will sell for...