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Sonicare customer service is ranked #28 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 84.57 out of a possible 200 based upon 21 ratings. This score rates Sonicare customer service and customer support as Acceptable.


15 Negative Comments out of 21 Total Comments is 71.43%.


6 Positive Comments out of 21 Total Comments is 28.57%.

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    • 84.57 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 15 negative comments (71.43%)
    • 6 positive comments (28.57%)
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Posted by Dr Ashai

Plastic cover for water reservoir is completely ridiculous.Falls off very easily..I m a dentist and orthodontist and dissatisfied


To. Whom it may concern... I now have 2 Air Floss units which are not working. Have been using the Air Floss now for 5 years with great results. The problem is over that period I've had at 4-5 units fail. The problem is the time it takes to receive a replacement unit takes so long that I go out and buy a replacement which invariably fails. Please advise what I need to do. I've registered by purchases on and off during the years. Hopefully with my information you can help.

Brian O'Reilly

Posted by Anonymous

I's Saturday morning and it says they are having Saturday hours. I've been on hold for 20 minutes. About to give up. Terrible customer support. Very disappointed. Are you really trying to help people on a Saturday or there that many unhappy customers?

Posted by Anonymous

I'm just writing to tell you that I was brushing my teeth, & my sonicare head broke. The replacement head broke, right by the color ring that goes into the base that screws into the rechargable piece. I had only used it for about 1 month.

Posted by howjan

Horrible customer service and support. Sonic care flosser stopped working and it was still under warranty. I contacted customer service, and they said they did not have a replacement but would refund my money. Keep in mind this was August 2016. They sent the packaging I needed to return the product. They did receive it and told me the check was in the mail. I have continued calling and emailing this company. They lie....the check is in the mail....a manager will call you withing 48 hours. It is January 12, 2017....I still have not spoken to a manager or received a check in the mail....really pathetic.

Posted by Thenern

I Am Registered With You For My Sonocare Electric Tooth Brush . I Haven Not Had It For A Long Time And It Should Be Under Warenty. It Will Not Hold A Charge And A Two Mi Ute Brrushing Is Out Of The Question. This Is Not My First One. Ihave Beenusing Them For Years..and I Would Like To Continue

Posted by Back to CyberSonic!

THEY JUST LOST ANOTHER CUSTOMER AND MY RECURRING BRUSHHEAD PURCHASES (which I told them too!). My total phone call was an hour, mostly on hold waiting for a supervisor - I guess there are a lot of unhappy folks. Prior to my 2 year old Philips Sonicare with UV base (about $200), I had an amazing CyperSonic toothbrush - the handle/base literally lasted 15 years with free brush heads for life. Because I cannot provide a reeipt, even though I offered to mail them the handle which is broken, they would not replace it. Their only offer was 15% off and the first brush heads free. I would MUCH rather invest in another base and handle from Cybersonic and know it will work. Clearly it was purchased or it would not be in my possession - very frustrated when companies do not stand behind their expensive products. I'm mad at myself for not sticking with a product that I knew worked and lasted well beyond it's original investment value!

Posted by Anonymous

Horrible support phone service. I repeated the home address and email address and they still got it wrong. Found this out when my replacement handle never showed up. Called back and found they sent it to the wrong adress.The second time i called they told me it was it transit to the wrong address. The support person told me to call FedEx to change the address. Come to find out the shipper can only change the address.Called back of course. This went on and on.Terrible

Posted by Munch

After spending considerable time on the website trying to find a retail store. I was re-routed each time to the online purchasing option only, So I called the Customer Service Chat and asked about the retail information. I was asked several unrelated questions and asked again about the retail stores. Chat said they had no info on retail. I responded "That sucks - why do they offer that option?' To which response, Chat said "Conduct yourself or I will have to disconnect you." I thanked Chat and said good night.

Posted by Anonymous

Absolutely the worst Customer Service you will ever experience! I received a replacement toothbrush 3 months ago and I'm told it's out of warranty. The Customer Service rep tells me the new toothbrush is 3-4 years old based on the serial number! Who sends a 3-4 year old product for warranty replacement? Customer Service representatives are argumentative and not willing to listen to common sense.


Posted by Anonymous

Stay Away!!!!!! Stay Far Far Away From Phillips Sonicare Electric Toothbrushes!!!! Horrible Customer Service!!!! Don't Waste Your Time Or Money!!!!!

Posted by woogie 53

had the soniacare diamond my third one in 12 yrs was told my warranty was after I bought this one 4 yrs ago and told out of warranty. Dont by this product not reliable and the comapny dont stand behind this expensive tooth brush

Posted by Gregg

There customer care service is awful. The customer care people on the phone are not particularly bright nor does the comapany appear to care about the customer once they have made the sale. Buy at your own risk!

Posted by Goolygirl

I was very disappointed that customer service gave me no resolution to my problem. The only thing was WELL Sorry you will just have to get another one. This was bought a couple of years ago as my Christmas gift and the Metal Shaft is very loose.I can't afford another $150.00 for a toothbrush for 2 years.Its to bad it didn't last longer because you could have had a forever customer with me. I love the tooth brush but have lost faith in its workmanship.

Posted by pam price

no service no response on their new
Air Floss

Pam Price

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Posted by Christine

Good Afternoon. I was very impressed with the young man i spoke with on the phone. he was very professional and helpful. I will continue to use the Sonicare Philips they stand behind their product.

Posted by Marie

I got excellent customer service from Ann (Anne?)today. Anne was able to resolve my issue efficiently in a friendly manner and I am very happy. Thank You!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

Called today about my daughter's Sonicare toothbrush that was vibrating too fast and was hurting her teeth when she would brush. Customer service representive was so helpful and had me try several different things to see if the vibration would change. My daughter has had the toothbrush since the end of December, 2016 so the representive is going to replace it for her.
The lady I talked with was very kind and helpful. Thanks to Phillips Sonicare for your helpful customer service representives.....especially the lady that I talked with today!

Posted by Anonymous

12/14/2016: Called Customer Service about a broken handle. One call; one representative, one replacement on it's way to me. The whole thing took 7 minutes, including the wait on the phone before anyone answered. All is all, perfect service.

Posted by J_Alexis

I just contacted them using this information and the woman was extremely helpful and polite. My toothbrush broke and I have been very upset about it because I love it so much and because it was so expensive. They are sending me a replacement and also a return shipping label so I can send my broken brush back to them.

Excellent customer service and they fixed my issue on the first try and within 10 minutes. The only disappointing aspect is the new toothbrush will only be covered under the remaining time left on my original warranty. So if the replacement breaks, I'll have to buy a new one.

As far as the customer service goes, I couldn't have asked for anything better. This is the exact opposite of Comcast/Xfinity customer service which is the ABSOLUTE WORST! Yay for Sonicare!

Posted by KKW

Philips Sonicare customer service has always, and I repeat always, been courteous in the multiple interactions I've had with them over the years. They have always offered me a replacement product or part even when my warranty had expired. They send a return shipping label to send back the defective item, so there is no cost to the customer.

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