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SonicWALL customer service is ranked #732 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 24.55 out of a possible 200 based upon 22 ratings. This score rates SonicWALL customer service and customer support as Terrible.


21 Negative Comments out of 22 Total Comments is 95.45%.


1 Positive Comment out of 22 Total Comments is 4.55%.

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  • SonicWALL

    Customer Service Scoreboard

    • 24.55 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 21 negative comments (95.45%)
    • 1 positive comments (4.55%)
    • 0 employee comments
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    • 1.1 Issue Resolution
    • 2.2 Reachability
    • 1.8 Cancellation
    • 2.5 Friendliness
    • 2.4 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Mirza Faisal baig

This is the worst service provider to the customers. whenever you raise a call they will put you on hold forever. you may get sleep to wait for getting the assistance on phone.
then they send rubbish mails for asking the issue. How could anyone explain the complex issues on mail?

Posted by rforster262

In the past, when I have called SonicWall, I was able to get to tech support, and they corrected the problem for me, on the spot. Done. No compliants.

Today when I called, on hold for 13 minutes, then transferred to another line where I was on hold. Hold time? A total of 33 minutes! I hung up!

So, still having an issue, will try to figure out some work around.
So sorry Dell sold to this holding company.

Really appreciated Dell's tech support!

Posted by Mark

constantly get "we are experiencing higher than normal call volumes" from the last 4 calls to them, surely if you are always making that statement then they are normal, not higher than normal.

Takes 30mins to get through and then the conversation can sometimes be a challenge in itself

Posted by angry

these people are disgusting. i purchased an expensive one year support agreement, and after the transaction went thru the support was reduced to three mos. i asked to camcel and they refused ... i despise them.

Posted by Angry CPA

I have had a SonicWall router since 2013. I have contacted support many times, with no resolution. My "small" problem? My license shows as active from the Dell side. According to the SonicWall side I nevery purchased the router, let alone the 3 year plan. So, nver an upate since purchase. I have had multiple broken English attempts by incompetent engineers who have remotely accessed the router directly; now I cannot even connect a Lan cable to the damn thing, all of my secure access to it has to be wireless. The last rep also set it up so my modem, not my router, is broadcasting the wi-fi the hell does it protect my wi-fi environment if all data is broadcast before going through the router????
Appalling service. On a related note, bought a Porsche with a service contract through my 8 year old nephew. Relatively satisfied with the performance of the Porsche.

Posted by Vinod

I am really frustrated with kind of support SonicWALL providing to its customers. I really need to think of SonicWALL in Future now. After waiting for more than 30 in on calls I got response from SonicWALL that all our technician are busy. We will Call u Back. SonicWALL Call me when I was Busy. Now again I Call still all the technician are busy.

Posted by Nidge

Every time I contact dell support which is twice a year, its a bloody night mare.
You pay for the support, too which they don't even know what there are doing, I know more then there support engineers

Dell need to change its, Soniwall has been like this since the beginning
I was told that when Dell bought out SonicWALL, they were retraining there support engineer's, the only thing has change is the support has got even worse.

I will never buy a SonicWALL again, there is much better firewalls out there. and the support is 100% top quality, I am sorry now that I bought a new SonicWALL last years, we have 6 SonicWALL's, I know them inside and out, you learn as you go along..

Just as I am typing this I have I been on hold for the last 45mins, still no answer Go Dell.

Soo annoyed and disappointed, Dell are so good at everything else, need to get the act together and fix this.

Posted by pcsupport

never buying sonicwall products no support

Posted by Luciano

Since Dell bought SonicWALL, their technician support is 10 times worst. Before I used to get a tech within 10 minutes, open a tickets online and get a call back.

Now I have to wait for 1-3 hours to get somebody on the line, they never answer my support tickets and they don't know what they doing.

Anything that DELL buys turns into crap, thank you Dell for being a cheap ass outsourcing company.

Posted by Steve

The routers are good. The tech. support is effectively non-existant.

Posted by Not Happy Customer

It take around an hour before you get to support and when you get to support you get a novice engineer that waste your time. I wish they spoke a better English as well

Posted by Delastek

There is a problem with our order. We paid for three years and in your confirmation is only for 2 years. Please modify the confirmation and return it to me. Thanks

I never have help from your customer service.

Posted by Dale

Horrible customer service. We spent weeks to troubleshooting and it turns out it is due to their software defect. Their customer service refused to provide any solution or even open a case for their engineering team. The only thing the customer service did was urging me to buy their extended warranty. Shameless company. I would recommend IT professionals keep away from Dell Sonicwall firewall products or wireless products. The quality of their product is poor and they don't care about their customer

Posted by IT Support

if all of the dialogue was conducted by telephone and if the solution was totally failed, they will not admit have provided any solution to the customer. Even you complaint it to their customer service, you still cannot get their response.

Posted by mikem

Horrible customer support. Thier automated phone system cannot understand english and thier technicians can't speak english clearly. Extremely long wait times for support to answer the phone and callbacks never seem to happen. Overall, a failing grade.

Posted by kidjake

I'm a reseller and I've just spent one hour with phone technical support only to find out that they don't provide technical support for Trial products. That's not to mention that I've spent almost a week trying to figure out how to set up and install this product.

In my case I want to try out Analyzer so that I can evaluate it, get used to it, feel comfortable with it, so that I can resell it to my clients (I have 25 clients).

Dell just doesn't care. They honestly don't care. I told them my reasons but they just said straight out that they don't provide technical support for Trial products. I am a reseller and I have many client that are interested in this product but If they don't provide technical support for Trial products how will I know this product is for me or for them?

Completely ridiculous. I'm definitely taking my clients elsewhere when it comes time to renew the licenses.

Posted by jaydip

I have raised the complain regarding issue with my sonicwall on 16 th June. Till date i have not get any call or proper replay regarding resolution of the issue.
they are not even seeing the comments which have write through online case solution.
Experienced a Worst service from Sonicwall.

Posted by billh

It's a shame - when SonicWALL was a stand-alone company, the support was good...not great. It has nose-dived into the ground since Dell's purchase (and I'm a huge Dell fan). The techs don't read emails before commenting back (so the comments don't apply), they don't listen to what you've previously discussed, they leave the ticket sitting for days without contacting you back...and finally, they flatly ignore requests for escalation/management involvement.

Guess it's time to start recommending a different solution to my client base.

Posted by rvance

The Sonicwall support and customer service is a bad joke. The only way I can get a response is to post a complaint on a public web site, which will cause them to give lip service long enough to shut me up. Then they don'e even respond to my calls.
They are the WORST.

Posted by IT guy

SonicWALL support contract is worthless. The tech support focus is on closing the ticket quickly to meet some KPI rather than fixing the customer's problem. Case in point - I have one problem with some TZ units that makes them useless. After 4 support tickets and a whole year trying to deal with these clowns, it still isn't fixed. The SonicWALL support contract is a total waste of money.

And the hardware does not live up to the marketing hype anyway. The software has lots of features, but the hardware slows to a crawl if you use them. SonicWALL is a whole lot of over-promise and under-deliver.

Posted by Cavale

Sonicwall 24/7 support option is worthless. On hold for hours, then pushed to VM box and no call backs.

Also new virus scan drops bandwith throughput 34%. full bandwith with no services enabled. So why go with sonicwall?

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Posted by CyberIDentity

Since 2015 I have had an overwhelmingly great response from Dell SonicWALL support. I dial a 1800 Number, quote my serial number and a case is created and I am transferred to a technician. Out of the 20 Cases I have created only 3 times did I have to wait for an engineering to call me back in 20 minutes. I love the remote access tools they use to assist with setup and configuration of features in their products, many times this has helped me overcome an issue to keep staff working. I am not a Dell or SonicWALL fanboy but in my opinion the support from Dell for SonicWALL products ( and the products themselves) are definitely worth a look.

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