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Sonic customer service is ranked #676 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 26.35 out of a possible 200 based upon 141 ratings. This score rates Sonic customer service and customer support as Terrible.


136 Negative Comments out of 141 Total Comments is 96.45%.


5 Positive Comments out of 141 Total Comments is 3.55%.

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    • 26.35 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 136 negative comments (96.45%)
    • 5 positive comments (3.55%)
    • 4 employee comments
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      (out of 10 possible)
    • 1.6 Issue Resolution
    • 2.6 Reachability
    • 2.4 Cancellation
    • 2.7 Friendliness
    • 2.1 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Anonymous

The Service at theSonic at sycamoreview and summer Ave. In Memphis, needs immedient attention. The food we ordered was told and stale. We ask for replacement and we're laughed at.your employee are rude. And uneducated on using the mic.

Posted by Anonymous

this is worst experience I have ever had with any hamburger joint in my whole life. My wife got two burgers and the meat would not be good jerky let alone be classified a burger. I spent 13 dollars and got nothing for it except the trash and what ever eats the trash. I will never spend another dime in one of their place of business again. If I knew the main office I would send them this review also. discussing burgers and a disgrace to offer them to the public. No to me again.

Posted by Anonymous

We went to Perryville at 72126 sonic stall I wanted the Sunday special a chicken dinner they said it was no longer on special then she lied to and said she didn’t say that so I ordered something I really didn’t want. The workers need to know their job better and not lie to customers

Posted by Anonymous

Second time to not be acknowledged at this Sonic, 3555 Forest Lane, Dallas.
First time, I was told it would be 30-40 mins to get my food, I left. I left again today because of no one answering the red button.

Tried to contact Sonic, it is not on their website, I am avoiding Sonic from now on.

Posted by Cindy

I have been sitting at the Sonic on Normandy Blvd in Jacksonville Florida since 6:30 it is now 6 :51 and they are still not open. This is not unusual and a only a small part of the problem at this location

Cindy Stockton

Posted by Anonymous

2 Days in a row I have visited Sonic in Midlothian TX 2220 Plainview Rd. Both days my orders have been incorrect. On the second day I finally just took what they gave me and went on my way. I switched from Whataburger to Sonic and looks like I'll be going back to Whataburger. I also don't appreciate being laughed at while trying to use the outside pay machine and being unable to do so. Customer service has gone from a 10 to a 2 in the past 6 months. Thank you for your time.

Posted by Anonymous

I had a bad experience. Sutton Road, Huntsville, Al. Placed order food came out after 30 minutes. All was wrong. The only thing that was right was the orange drink that I ordered. Called back they took order again. Still not correct. Burger was dripping in juice. Ask for a manager to come out. No one came out. I left. This is the worst place for good service. You need to check this location out and I would like to be reimbursed for my burger, cheese tots and drink. Thank U Roy Sealy. Please do not let this set and nothing happen. Thank u

Posted by Lisa e

I called last Thursday and told the about the last four times i went to sonic. They assured me they would would talk district manager and the manager on duty it has not been done because when I told the manager at the sonic I go to he was in shock. The visit yesterday was as bad as the other visits. The manager kept saying what do you want me to do..over and over. I guess it will be the better business bureau next.

Posted by Anonymous

Always had a problem with store on Polk and I 20 in Dallas never open on time on Sunday morning went to get breakfast this morning before church again not open you can return my call

Posted by Anonymous

Went to the drive thru on saterday january 28th 2017 at 1245 pm to get sum hotdogs fer 1.00 a piece was told by drive thru personnell that expired last sunday here in council bluffs but was advertised on tv locally fer thr whole month whats up with this store i went to taco bell.instead mad and upset false advertising???

Posted by Anonymous

Yes I live in Dumas Texas and I just wanted to let you know that I have set in this Sonic drive-thru for about 5 minutes and no one answered me. I had to go to a different place to get what I wanted. And I was not the only person that was sitting in that drive thru

Thank you for your time

Posted by nancy

To Whom it concerns, I live in savannah ga, and live near the sonic on king George blvd,, have lived here since before the sonic opened so I have seen a lot of people come and go in your management, and I have to say I am very upset with the help you have now, when I see your manager sitting in her car smoking, and there is a line around the building, and they are not moving the line in a timely manner, I have to say the young woman you had working for the last months her name is Victoria, not sure of last name, was very competent, hated to see her go, I Hope to see some changes happen, as of now your outside is not open and has not been for some time, if you expect to keep this sonic open things will have to happen, thank you Nancy deRussy

Posted by Anonymous

Sonic on 45th and Harrison in shawnee ok have the rudest employees I have ever seen. You never get what you order and when you say anything they made comments the employees never smile. I have has under cook food and have talk with the manager said all I have to do come back up to sonic and they will replace my food. I have done and was told they could not help me. The wait it awful. Need better customer services

Posted by Anonymous

Was out close by the Sonic in my town, I live across town, actually north of town. Thought I'd treat the wife to a coney dog. Pulled up to the drive thru, ordered three footlong coneys(2 for me-1 for the wife) Ordered them with onion and mustard ONLY, no cheese. Drove all the way home (several miles) and when I took them out of the package, all three had cheese as well as mustard and onion. I can eat the ones with cheese, but the wife can't, I prefer them without cheese and that's why I ordered them that way. The wife cannot, cheese like that makes her ill. Ticket on 11/05/2016 Didn't feel like driving all that way back to return them. Just highly disappointed.

Posted by Scott Gatlin

I'm accustomed to excellent food and excellent service from the sonic that I frequent. However, today that was not the case. I always order a ham breakfast burrito. I'm there often enough that some of the drive-through servers know me and my usual order. Today I ordered the ham breakfast burrito (as always) plus two unsweet teas with lemon.

My burrito was 1) poorly made - empty on one end. first bite (a big bite) was nothing but burrito wrap. And 2) it was a sausage burrito instead of a ham burrito.

I didn't realize this until i reached my office. It wasn't worth returning to the restaurant for, but I seemed that maybe a new worker made the burrito.

I'm not asking for anything -just notifying that the food and service was below the normal standard today.

Posted by ...............

Took my family to get wings for sons birthday around10:20 the young red head lady was so rude and didn't know if she was coming or going and with total disregard to my children there she was cussing at a car in the stall area and talking about things my child shouldn't hear I'm sorry for the sorry service and the only person who was professional was the manager his name was Chris I believe he said u should hire more like him but unfortunately u have rude girls there instead so u have lost a customer for good I really enjoy yalls food but I'd rather eat at more family friendly astabliment

Posted by Anonymous

I went to the Sonic on Stateline on Texarkana and ordered a number 1 combo which came out to be $7.24. I stay less then 2 minutes away from this sonic. When I got to the house in opened my food, the hamburger was on a small bun,the meat was so cold I could've used it for am ice pack, bun all soggy, cheese not melted. So i take the food and wanted my money back and the lil girl that came out to my car had an attitude. I hand her the food back and told her that I wanted my money back. She goes in the store and said just as loud as day, "she's a b***h". When she comes back out to give me my money. I asked her what her name was and didn't won't to tell me so I asked her again and she said Hanna. Which I believed it was something she made up. But the sonic on Stateline in Texarkana just lost my business. There rude, ghetto, and loud. I will not eat there again

Posted by Anonymous

I had to repeat my order several times before the server even attempt to get it correct. Maybe it's because the teenagers on the inside were standing around on their phones and playing in

Posted by Anonymous

very poor management at sonic in north platte, ne . manager never there to run store off partying all the time

Posted by Anonymous

Went to your Sonic on Pulaski Hwy Rosedale, Maryland. Ordered a chocolate shake and a chilli dog. The Chocolate shake was a vanilla shake with a little chocolate syrup. The hot dog was very hard, like it had been microwaved a few times. Not a good experience.

Joe Moran cell

Posted by Anonymous

I went to the Sonic in Corpus Christi on Staples and Shopping Way.. the speaker was not working well. I told the girl at the drive up window? " I'm just letting you know, Your speaker is not working very well. She responded, " I know, there is nothing we can do about it." So rude, no apology, no concern, and untrue. If you care about the customer, you will reply, I apologize, we are working on correcting it. Management needs to work with this young girl. The time, aground 10:25 am thank you...not stopping by there again...disappointed indeed..

Posted by Anonymous

I just drove off from the worst sonic experience that I've had. I waited in the line for 20 minutes, when I finally received my order is was not correct. I ordered a carmel brownie blast, but only received carmel because they were out of the brownie and was not able to refund because the rest of the order had been given out already. I paid 5.19 plus tax for ice with carmel on top of the whipped cream. I will never ever spend my money with sonic again. This is not the type of customer service that should be given.

Posted by Sandy

I am very disappointed to learn that Sonic no longer prints coupons online and customers have to use a smart phone with apps for coupons, etc. Some of us do not have a smart phone and rely on printed coupons for discounts at Sonic. I will be removing Sonic from my list of favorites on my lap top. This is disservice to customers who are not as "technically" up to date.

Posted by Anonymous

I received poor service at a Belleville location in Illinois. I called in to the 800 line and was sent a voucher to replace the item in question. I received the voucher in a few days very Timely. The employee on the phone was very nice and respectful and eager to help I was very happy with the phone call. I took the voucher to the Collinsville Illinois location and received my product that was being replaced very quickly and it was perfect I was very happy with the way you handled my objection and fixEd the problem. Thank you for your help I am pleased and will continue to patronize Sonic

Posted by ericm.

I'm from Missouri. I have been eating at Sonic for over 30 yrs. and have never had any problems until I stopped in at a Sonic in Tracy, CA. I waited over 10 min. for them to take my order. I seriously thought the "Press to Order" button was broke. I waited exactly 30 min. to get my meal delivered and when it was it wrong. I ordered a #1 with ketchup, mustard and mayo with no pickles. Instead I got a double cheeseburger with pickles with no ketchup, no mustard, no napkins, no straw, and no ketchup packets for the tots. I pressed the button and asked for ketchup packets. 10 min. later and still no ketchup packets. After seeing the car hop deliver 2 or more orders without bringing my packets I had to go talk to them in the store. I asked the car hop for ketchup packets and a straw She gave me two packets and a straw. I was like 'really'? So, 1 hour later I finally got to eat my meal. I am very upset and would like a refund.

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Posted by Anonymous

We recently visited your sonic in Streetsboro, ohio. We live about 40 minutes away and do not have one in our area. It was well worth it! The hamburgers were delicious and the service was so friendly! The gentlemen's name was Don that brought us our lunch, I can't tell you just how pleasant he was! We will make that drive again just to go to your sonic! Thank you

Posted by Jewel

When I went to the sonics in the 32 block of inwood May 17 2016 at 12:32pm I was treated with respect and dignity by Jason sherqula and Anita they gave good friends customer service we need more young people like them

Posted by Will

Our favorite sonic on west70th & pines rd. In Shreveport Louisiana. Always fast and friendly service.

Posted by Anonymous

I like the food but I don't know what to expect when I get there because the commercials make me change the channel or hit mute. They blew it when they chose spokesman.

Posted by aimaru

I like the sweet mint green tea. I just wish that it did not come with tea grounds floating in it. I do not know if this is a product problem or a employee problem. (Paragould, Ark)

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Posted by Anonymous

Hi My name is Ronald M. Marotte i use to work at the sonic at hollister MO. as a assistant manager i got a call from home tell me my mom was dying from cancer here in penscola fl. around november 26th so i told my gm nick that i was going back to florida he told me to call down their and see if they have any opening at sonic so i check on the internet they had one for general manager and assistant manager online for i fill it out then i call the one on 9th ave. and new warrington store and told them that i was a assistant manger in hollister mo. and i will be moving back to pensacola fl. around december 16th and i could start back to work in January they said thats wasnt a problem with my training i would get the job well i still not working for sonic i call almost every day had one interview with tina at the store on 9th ave. she told me that todd the owner of the store would call me but its been over two weeks i dont wont to leave the sonic team i like working for yall but i need a answer before i move on so can you tell me how to get in touch with todd the owner of the sonic in pensacola fla. it is february now and i dont know how much i can hold out you can call just tired of getting the run around thank you

Ronald M Marotte

Posted by Fed up

Sonic in Lovington does not pay their employees on time and it sucks cuz I work there and can't pay my bills on time cuz I never get my check on time something has to be done

Posted by Anonymous

Green forest sonic gm is hateful and rude to his employees

Posted by Sotiredofthis

I think its un fair my spouse works at sonic and doesnt get an employee meal forget your 20% off bs and the gm is just down right caniving the manager tonight on may 20 2016 quit making n my spous smokes ALOT AND ONLY GOT ONE BREAK TONIGHT CAUSE SHE DOESNT THINK MY SPOUSE SHOULD SMOKE WOW TF!!!


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