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    • 13 negative comments (92.86%)
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Posted by sylvia

For years my favorite Snapple flavor was Trop-a-Rocka and I went out of my way to find it. For the past few months the flavor has been watered down so that it is not more than colored water.

Either discontinue the flavor or give money back to buyers.

Posted by Coastie166

Snapple has started bottling their drinks in plastic. I am allergic to plastic because of the esters that leach into the tea which causes growths on my body.

Therefore, I have to stop drinking snapple and look for a brand with glass bottles. They screwed up by not doing research, they lost this customer for good!

Posted by Anonymous

8 I have been drinking Snapple products for years, and I've never had a complaint about your products or until now.
I purchased a large bottle of peach tea, and it was terrible, it was supposed to be sweet and, but it tastes more like diet tea than anything else

Posted by Congratulations

Hi everyone...

I want to take some time to thank you and congratulate you on the new plastic bottle that replaced the glass bottle in the juices Snapple.

Lucia, Texas

Posted by Anonymous

Why does your telegraph commercial reference just needing a social security number for them to be state first spam was by telegraph in 1864 but I thought social security numbers were not issued til 1900's???????

Posted by Anonymous

Hi, about your commercial it is illegal to dance to the national anthem in Michigan.

That law was changed last year

Posted by Anonymous


We purchased several cases of diet Snappke at Costco here in Phoenix, AZ over the last few months. We've been drinking this case, when I realized today the bottle of Half lemon half Tea was full of slime. It's disgusting . I tried to take a video and picture but I'm unsure how clear it will show the disgusting slime. I have enough stomach problems, praying this doesn't make me seriously ill. We won't be purchasing this product ever again, as I've read online others have had the same experience.

Tana Digeno

Posted by JK

I have just gone from loving Snapple, to HATING IT -- within one afternoon. Why? I'm trying to catch up on the day's news via a USA today site on my iPad and between every story, this disgusting, bearded, loud and grotesque man yells, "America, New York loves it Snapple and want you to love it to," -- and why do I now associate the product with? A revolting man with a mountain of public hair extending off his face who hasn't the courtesy to keep his voice in check, so much so that he sounds like his voice is strained from screaming. I can almost SMELL the stench coming though my iPad from this man who looks like he's clueless about personal hygiene. WHY SNAPPLE, WHY??? Who in your marketing department thought this ad was a 'good idea?' I think I may become ill now when I see your product in the grocery store isles if I am forced to remember this moron in the ad.

PLEASE, I BEG YOU ---- PULL THIS AD. Give us the delightful, refreshing and comical ads you were once so famously associated with. Did I say, "I BEG?" Not joking. Fire your marketing dept. over this --- they're harming your brand!!!

I just stopped in the middle of my busy afternoon because I couldn't take a single additional disgusting intrusion from Snapple into my afternoon. PLEASE ---- pull this and ask that gross man to take a bath and become familiar with this newfangled thing called a razor. I'm so absolutely grossed out!

I'm a psychologist by trade --- my professional opinion: you're doing yourself a real disservice.

Jean Kennedy

Posted by Wtvman

I've heard about Snapple in Television commercials and read about it in magazines and newspapers. So I decided to try it. Since I am diabetic ( type two) I chose the "Diet Snapple" at my local Piggly Wiggly grocery.
The cost of a quart bottle is reasonable (at $2.69) and the packaging was designed in an attractive way.
It was after I got it home and refrigerated it for an hour that I poured a glass for myself and my wife.
We both agreed that Snapple has heavily diluted this product with water (about 75% I'd say) that really gives us the impression of being cheated.
If we knew when we purchased this product that it would taste so much like bottled water, we would have just purchased a gallon of bottled water and saved ourselves $2.00.
We are embarrassed for Piggly Wiggly (where we do most of our shopping) and the Snapple brand - because it seems this product is a simple case of crass thievery gone amuck!
We are convinced that you put some flavoring in a bottle of water and tried to pass it off as something unique and fantastic.
Let us be the first to tell you - and the world - that the "emperor has no clothes".
You must have a tremendous profit margin. A smidgen of flavoring in a bottle of water should cost you no more than a quarter - if that - and then you add the packaging.with advertising at another quarter and viola - you have your product!
We are son insulted by your braggadocio attitude and your greed that we've decided to contact the U.S. Food and Drug Administration along with the investigative arm of CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, The New York Times and whatever media outlet that is outraged by your chicanery of outing out such a product to make fools of all of us!
We are returning this bottle of Snapple (masquerading as an elitist beverage) to Piggly Wiggly with a local news crew in-tow to expose the incredible insanity of it all.

Posted by Anonymous

We bought 6 big 64 ounce diet snaps lemon tea. One tasted funny. Not like the others which were good. Product date stamp . Then 00:27

Please send a few coupons to get some free bottles which we hope will taste better.

Thank you

Joe Leogrande


Posted by Anonymous

My wife and I have purchased bottles and bottles of your diet raspberry iced tea. We are now trying the big bottles of diet snapper lemon tea. We bought 6 of the 64 ounce bottles.

We drank all but the last one tonight. However the last bottle has a funny taste. Unlike the last 5.

The 64 pincd bottle had a UPC code of

Has a very light stamp of LMA 24B15H then below that 00:27

Maybe you can send me a few coupons to get a few free bottles at Tops Grocery store in Auburn ny where I think we bought the 6 bottles. That would satisfy my bad taste in my mouth.

Send free coupons to me at the below address.

Joe Leograndd

Posted by Anonymous

I love the diet Half and Half. I buy the gallon jugs for in my home and the single bottles to bring with me to work everyday. I can't get enough!

Posted by Anonymous

Nearly impossable to navigate snapple website to enter cap code to see if i am winner.Noticed other people entered commplaints about the same problem and this needs to be addressed.

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Posted by startfmscratch

I absolutely loved your Papaya Mango Tea!!!! (The Amazing Race). I found out that it was for a limited time only and promptly stocked up. Unfortunately, I enjoyed every one of them and none are left. It was the smoothest of all of your flavors and is sorely missed. When are you planning to produce more?

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