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Posted by Aaamng4nace4

I wen to store # 1265 at 7918 Kirby dr. Houston Texas 77054 n 7/27/2018 at 5:54 pm I have pictures of how the have everything rash hour for it n nothing clean or n the cooler one of the girls eating n the same time make in smoothie I don�t like to complain n the store because the manager can apologize in that�s it if health department show up that they it can close the store until the have training serving food I have pictures of the unhealthy place my name Emelda

Posted by Michael eipp

To whom it may
I'm a loyal customer at the store in Knoxville Tennessee 305 n. Forrest park. To be accurate, I've been a customer for a very long time I appreciate the employees and their friendly customer service. I've noticed for the past few weeks the store has NO air conditioning, the employees look like they are suffering during our hot weather. Please take care of them like they care for us I know I big company like yours have the funds to care for there employees.

Posted by Anonymous

Horrible customer service all of the females working were dripping with attitudes no smiles and on top of that my smoothie tasted like water i will never return to this location

Posted by Tosha

The worst experience ever. After waiting 25 minutes at the smoothie King location in Cedar Hill, TX. I still didn't receive my smoothie. The girl behind the counter was rude and offered an empty apology. I will never go back. I ended up getting my money back.

Posted by Anonymous

You have a serious problem at the University Drive location in Durham NC. With a store full of people we were told the computers were down. 10 customers me included left the ithour service. This all happened while 6 employees hid in the back like they were scared of the customers. The same exact thing happened two or three weeks ago on a Sunday. This store has 0% chance of success. What a shame.

Posted by Michelle

On April 18, 2018 I went to the smoothie king on Ft Campbell there was only one worker there. There were 11 customers there before me and 9 came in while I was waiting. The workers name was Sarah. Wow!! She was awesome. I hate that she was there by herself but she handled it like a trooper. This girl deserves an award or bonus or something. I was very impressed by her but very disappointed in the store for allowing that to happen to a worker Thanks for listening customer Michelle

Posted by rina

HORRIBLE, RUDE UNHELPFUL, very argumentative, and terrible attitude and manners. The music was sooo loud the drive thru had to repeat the order 5xs because they didn't want to turn the music down. As a first time customer I was treated terrible. When we ordered she argued that the order we ordered is in correct we can not be served an order savoring to there standards. We asked please not to put any supplements or protein or energy shots because it's for a child, and she refused to allow us order our order according to what we wanted and instead she laughed at us and told us the wait will be 20 minutes because the drive thru customers were more important and we were inside the building before any cards came in the drive thru will NEVER EVER RECOMMEND THIS PLACE AGAIN HORRIBLE SERVICE KIDS USE TO GET IT AT SCHOOL BUT NO MORE WILL I ALLOW MY CHILD OR ANYONE TO BE TREATED OR ORDER from this place

Posted by Anonymous

The service at the location on highway 249 and cypresswood sucks. It take 10 mins on the average to service one client. I quit going there because og the wait time.

Posted by Jeanette

The location is at Forest Lane, Dallas, TX has absolute terrible service. My husband went in about 15 min before closing time. When he walked in the older woman at the counter asked him if he was going to be order a smoothie. He said yes. In response the woman rolled her eyes, and turned her back to him and said "what do you want?".

When I called the store to speak to a manager, the associate said he was not available. Upset in the moment I said I was going to be calling about the terrible customer service. I guess that prompted the associates to call the manager and make up a completely false story to secure his allegiance before I could make my call the next morning. When I called, the man was very cheerful and nice until I mentioned that I was calling to voice a complaint. He then interrupted me and said "let me interrupt you right there. My associates already called me and told me about the incident. I am the only person working the register and so I will need to call you back. I would like to talk to you about this when I get the chance." I was understanding and let him go. 3 hours passed and I heard nothing. So I called back, very upset and asked him why he felt it was unnecessary to give the promised call. He then said "I told you I was going to call after 3 when my associate got here to relieve me at the register so I could give you my undivided attention". False. He never said that. He just said he would call me back.

THEN he had the audacity to blatantly paint my husband as a terrible customer saying that his team was polite and tried to get his order but he was "on his phone" and even "walked out". Even IF my husband had been on his phone, so what? When he walked in, he was immediately greeted with disrespect and rolling eyes. He never walked out on them.

So in speaking with the manager, he immediately defended his team, and would not even let me speak and share my end of the story. He just kept accusing my husband of being "rude".

I finally had to interrupt and ask if I could share MY end of the story. But he continued to interrupt and defend as I started to share my side. He said that lady who took his order is a hard worker and a good woman. I am sure she is. I in no way am subject to believe she is not a good and hard working woman. But her customer service last night was not a reflection of that.

All I needed was for him to be understanding. Even if after listening he stated that he was sorry and that the woman who took his order is actually a very hard working and good woman, and he is sorry that my husband received that experience, I would have been fine. But him continuously arguing with me drew the line for me. He told me he felt "attacked" and then said another customer was at the register and he had to go.

The principal is that as a manager, I should have received a listening ear and an apology. Phone call would have been less than 3 minutes and we could have gone our merry way. But to be challenged and argued with is unacceptable. Both my husband and I have worked management in both retail and hospitality and we are aware of how a manager should handle such situations. So this man is not with any reason to treat us any different.

I will not be going back to this location and will continue to post my review of this experience wherever I can. I believe this gentleman should receive a lesson on customer service and a look at how his previous reviews on google and my review should state that he needs to work on his approach to customers.

Posted by Bill

On Friday, Oct 5, I visited the Smoothie King location in the strip mall at the corner of Airline Hwy and Labarre Rd. I've been a long time customer since the original Smoothie King in Kenner off of Vets. I ordered a Lean 1, 32oz smoothie and noticed that they charged me $8.XX. I asked about all the $5 Friday signs all over the place and the employee said it doesn't include premium smoothies. I asked, how do I know which are premium and she said sarcastically, that it's on "the list" on the counter. I didn't see anything but a few flyers and clutter. I told her that I really don't care about a couple of bucks, but it's really a bad business practice to have signs all over the place advertising $5 - 32oz Fridays and not have an asterisk or footnote saying not all franchises participate or does not include all smoothies.

What really upset me was that I asked to speak to a manager and the assistant at the other end of the counter motioned to the older gentleman next to her. He didn't respond, but the employee at the end of the counter who handed me my smoothie saw my University of New Orleans employee ID and said in an incredibly insulting way that she heard UNO wasn't very good at business decisions and maybe I should worry more about that. I was almost speechless, but I kept my composure and said that she has every right to criticize UNO if she's a student or even if she's not, but this isn't the place nor the time to insult a customer. I know I will not go to that location ever again, but I'm not sure any Smoothie King will get my business without a response to this unbelievable treatment.

Posted by Anonymous

your new app is garbage! I have over 14,000 points accumulated and now this new update left me with 35 points... seriously? I always buy more than one drink typically 4 at a time. I go so frequently that when I call to place an order I don't even have to tell them my name anymore and some even remember my order. I get updating an app but taking away peoples points is a big no no, you already get our money for these not so cheap drinks! I dont even want to purchase from your company anymore.

Posted by [email protected]

I was not reminded to show my scan number on my phone to accumulate points. Shouldn't this be a courtesy reminder to purchasing customets

Posted by Anonymous

By visiting your store today, 1630 pleasant hill, Duluth, GA 30096, on the 8th of August 2026, Kayla M. Was observed copying my credit card number down. I placed an order which came to $18.61. When I handed her my navy federal credit union visa debit card, she closed the window. I observed her sliding my card then copying the number down. She also called a co-worker over because I guess she couldn't see all the numbers and she helped her. I immediately called my bank and cancelled the card. I am very dissapointed in the customer service and I need someone to contact me ASAP. My number and my name is Sheila McFarlane.

Posted by CTT

Decided to try Smoothie King today at its Granger, IN location because I was always curious. I was greeted by young male which took my order but the young lady at the window was very impolite and very short and passive. Upon opening window the only greeting I got was "$6.18", with the window slammed in my face, then a quick open and everything short of throwing my card back into my vehicle. Once the smoothie was ready, she opened the door to say "here" which I prompted with a "Thank you, have a great day". She was very unprofessional and passive. I definitely wont be visiting again sadly. Some people shouldn't be greeting customers...

Posted by Jak65

I did not like how the owner of the store spoke to and treated her employees.She would be yelling at the young workers to this and that in the middle of lunch rush hour. The employees were only trying do their job quickly to please their customers. Unfortunately one of the workers was my relative. I saw and heard how the owner was manipulative, inconsistent, and generally chaotic in managing the store. I am very disapointed in this business and will not recommend it to anyone.

Posted by nat

I tried to use a coupon that I received in the mail for buy one get one free on my very first visit to a smoothie king. very disappointed because the young lady told me it only applied to the hydration smoothies. The coupon States by one smoothie get one equal or lesser value free and at the bottom it says try hydration smoothie the FinePrint makes no mention that it Hass to be hydration smoothie. now all the other coupons I received do make mention of whatever discount is with the purchase of a hydration smoothie. I pointed that out to be young lady and she still said no. needless to say for my first visit I was not happy.

Posted by doug

I was in a Smoothie King on Piedmont Road near Peachtree Road in Atlanta. Whe I arrived the man behind the counter asked if he could help me and I responded I was there expecting a text message from my daughter who was supposed to be about to leave her doctors visit 2 blocks away at any time, and as soon as I heard from her I would place my order so I could pick her up with a fresh frozen item. I waited at the lightly visited store for another 10 minutes when the 2nd employee behind the counter asked if I was ready to order and I told her as soon as my daughter texts me she is ready to be picked up. These were the only 2 employees I saw at the store. When the store was totally empty at about 20 minutes a gentleman with a red Smoothieking shirt entered the store and walked past me. In about 1-2 minutes the same gentleman walked up behind me and said "you need to order something or leave". I was sort of stunned and reacted accordingly asking him if he was serious and he said yes. So I left. I am 61, and was dressed appropriately and was not taking up any valuable space since obviously there wasn't any other customers even in the store. My daughter that often goes to his location following her treatments was flabergasted, as was I and called the store asking to speak to the manager. Turns out the manager was the guy that essentially threw me out of the store. My daughter got the name of the franchise owner from the manager, who by the way gave no explanation for his actions, and he was contacted. When the "owner" finally called back he didn't even ask what had happened but simply told her that her father was not mistreated at the store but "politely" asked to leave. Stunning behavior by a store manager and shockingly stunning behavior from an owner obviously not interested in hearing from a customer that spent much time and effort to reach out and let an establishment know about how they had treated a customer. Odd but true, and very unfortunate for this franchise

Posted by For A Better World


I am writing you, not in hopes of any resolution on the issue that is the cause for this communication, but really to notify your organization that you have a VERY BAD seed in your franchise family. Being a local business owner myself, I really feel compelled to let you know what's going on. If I had employees behaving as poorly as the employees at this location, I would welcome the information.

Let me start by saying that I live and work in Cumming, GA and there isn't another store near enough for me to travel to after my workouts, so I've felt "stuck" with this store for a while. After having two unpleasant encounters with employees at this same store in a very short period of time, I have now resigned myself to just not patronizing Smoothie King and making everyone I know aware of how truly awful this store is.

My husband and I went to this store about 3 months ago at 8:37 pm. The doors were locked and there was a worker there talking to someone who was not behind the counter. When we tried to open the door, he just yelled "We're closed." In stunned disbelief, we pointed at the door, only to be shooed away, like pests. We didn't come back for a few months.

Then we stopped in one day a few weeks ago and got to talking to the new manager, I believe. I don't remember her name. We relived the encounter and she knew exactly which employee we were talking about. She assured us that the management of the store had changed and that those types of issues wouldn't be occurring anymore as personnel changes had been made. So I trusted her word and worked regular stops at the store back into my workout routine, which brings us to THIS evening's events.

I visited the store around 8:30pm on the evening of June 22nd. The employee who waited on me was snarky and rude. I ordered a Chocolate High Protein Gladiator. He asked which fruits I wanted. I told him another store had made it for me earlier that day and I didn't choose any fruit so I wanted to make sure we were talking about the same smoothie. I went over it with him a couple of times, telling him that I had it before and it was the high protein and I didn't want any fruit. He said, "Well I'll make it but it's just powder and ice so it's going to taste awful." While he was making it I tried to look back on my app to make sure I was ordering the right thing. I tried to catch his attention to ask more questions, but he just ignored me and kept mixing the drink.

One taste and I told him that this DEFINITELY was not the drink I had at the Kennesaw store earlier. I again stated that I had ordered the Gladiator High Protein smoothie and asked if all of the stores made the recipes the same. To which he said, "Yes we do. They just lied to you!" I was immediately appalled! For an employee in one of your stores to say to a customer that someone else in your company lied about your product was unfathomable to me. I asked him, "Why would you say something like that?" He yelled at me,"Because they did. I told you it wasn't going to be good and I made it just the way you asked." Still taken aback, I asked "Well why would it be different?" Again, he said, "Because they lied to you." I took another sip just to make sure I wasn't overreacting, but it was truly awful and I threw the concoction in the garbage. It was that bad!

At NO TIME did either of the two employees offer any resolution whatsoever. I'm standing there in shock as to the way I was being spoken to, while still trying to get to the bottom of things and they wouldn't even look me in the eye as they dismissed me. There were two other customers in the store at the time, so I left and waited outside until they had gotten their orders. I attempted to call the 800 number on the door, but it was after hours and I couldn't even leave a message.

When the two customers left, I re-entered the store to get the manager's name. The employee who was the MOST rude said gave me the manager's name, his name and volunteered the name of his co-worker as well, in a brazen tone that let me know that he could care less that I was going to speak with the manager tomorrow. He then engaged in conversation with the other employee who came over to see what was going on saying, "They just straight up lied to her." The other worker then joined in saying, "Well there's nothing we can do if they lied to you." Then he asked why I needed the manager's name and I replied, "Because you both are being very rude." The employee that I originally had the issue with then yelled at me and said I was being rude and told me to get out of the store. I yelled back that he was representing Smoothie King and he really needs to learn some customer service skills. He just kept yelling at me to leave the store, which I did.

I have been to other Smoothie King locations throughout the metro-Atlanta area and THIS IS THE ONLY STORE that I've ever encountered a problem with. LET ME REPEAT MYSELF! THIS IS THE ONLY STORE THAT I'VE EVER HAD A PROBLEM WITH! I don't know what's going on at that location, but there is something very wrong.

I'm going to do my own research to see how many other people in my area have had similar experiences. I assure you, I am not alone. Again, my purpose in writing is not for a resolution to this incident. I am beyond caring if anyone is disciplined for this. I don't want a free smoothie. I could care less about any reasons or excuses for your employees' behavior. I don't want to hear about it being a franchisee problem. It doesn't matter to me anymore. I'm done with Smoothie King. I'm sure I can make my own shakes at home for a fraction of the cost and a 100% less stress. What you decide to do with your "bad apple" is up to you. I don't know enough about your organization to place any faith in it whatsoever. This may be "business as usual." And if it is, and people choose to keep giving you money, despite the deplorable service provided at this location, then all I can say is "God bless capitalism!"

Posted by SKCustomer

I typically love the smoothies at Smoothie King and I go there frequently. Since this is a franchise I do not always get the same level of service. There use to be 2 locations in Huntsville Alabama and now there is just one. I receive terrible service at the one remaining location two out of every five times I go. I have complained to the local store, but it is from the owner that I receive terrible service. I have complained to corporate, but I have never received a callback after leaving several messages. They must not care about their customers.

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Posted by Anonymous

To whom it may concern,

I am a smoothie king employee for the past 7 months or so, I have not had no complaints since, I have requested more hours to work. I am a College student and needed more hours for my school expenses, My Supervisor Carol at the Smoothie king Park village area, stated that she received complaints about me. Please keep in mind she has not address anything to me no verbal or written noticed concerning my work performance, I have questions my co-workers and they had no complaints about me, there 6 workers in smoothie king out of the 6 workers everyone has a total of 21 hours per week, and I was only given 6 hours a week, mind you the company is hiring and needs more employees. As per 6 co-worker complaints were coming from Ms carol to other co-workers about smoothie blends after all co-workers stated to Ms. Carol that is not true. But no conversation was said to me. I take my work serious. If there is a problem I believe that employee should be address first before any other co-workers. Ms Carol send me a text message stating that I need more training but she cut my hours for a entire week, How I am supposed to be trained or pay for my school expenses.


Zackary Munoz

Smothie king
Park west Village
Morrisville NC 27560


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