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Posted by GW

Cooker hopeless. Service appalling.

Cooker purchased December 2014 ten months later the fan packed up and I advised that the ovens kept shutting down completely.

The fan was replaced and I was told that the ovens shutting down was a 'safety feature' by the Smeg/Dolphin engineer.

After a total of five visits by the engineer replacing a total of eight thermostats, two fan motors and one heating element, the shutting down problem remained and I requested a new cooker.

Thankfully I had purchased from John Lewis who had a far more honest approach to the problem and I'm now expecting delivery of a John Lewis model replacement cooker.

After many emails Smeg service have advised that their ovens are not expected to operate at the maximum temperatures of the control knobs.

Or to put it their way, my cooker was operating to the manufacturers specifications!!

According to their last email the parts were only replaced to show that the cooker was working to specification. Believe that if you will.

Even though the Dolphin engineer not once attempted to test our cooker at the maximum temp. or anywhere near. In fact by the end of this saga the main oven shuts down both ovens at anything above only 225 degrees.

Smeg cooker, hopeless. Smeg service appalling.

Dolphin engineer seemed like a nice guy, so I expect it is the Smeg Service's policy to deny everything and avoid their obligations.

Thank goodness i purchased from John Lewis

Posted by mum

the SMEG helpdesk in Belgium is not working on Saturdays, however no such message on their answering machine. I have spent over 30 minutes each times without ANY respons.

I have a problem with Wok pit. Last time they sent someon, he just turned the amount of gas higher so now we cannot use it at all since it functions as a fire launcher now and is extremely dangerous.

So yes, i am not happy with SMEG

Posted by sean P

Rubbish service and rubbish products AVOID as all you are buying is a name which has been cleverly marketed as 3 out of my 4 SMEG appliances have broke

Posted by Shaz

I purchased a Smeg induction oven from Harvey Norman and it is useless. It locks all the time and is a health risk. They sent their service provider to fix it and it is still locking. Food is burnt and inaccessible - unless product.

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