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Slingbox customer service is ranked #553 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 29.63 out of a possible 200 based upon 92 ratings. This score rates Slingbox customer service and customer support as Terrible.


87 Negative Comments out of 92 Total Comments is 94.57%.


5 Positive Comments out of 92 Total Comments is 5.43%.

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    • 29.63 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 87 negative comments (94.57%)
    • 5 positive comments (5.43%)
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    • 1.8 Issue Resolution
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Posted by Triplesikhz

I just bought a 2017 samsung tv and the sling box soon after for 2 month subscription and they are not compatible. Just wasted $50 bucks. They only work on samsung 2016 model tv's. Customer service Rep Jessica at their call center are robotic in nature and will not refund even though I just got sling box and canceled it within 1 hour. They said I should've clicked on samsung which will have a listing of which smart tv models and which don't. It's almost 2018 and 2017 and 18s will not work.

Posted by Anonymous

Do not waste your money. Cool product at first, but from their its one big pyramid scheme. They make you buy their app for $15 bucks and force feed commercials down your throat to watch on top of this. When my app stopped working, an issue that had happened while still under warranty, they tried to extort me for $30 to fix it. They don't give about their customers, I wish I'd never given them a dollar.

Posted by Bob H

I recently subscribed to Sling and cancelled my cable service. I'm relatively happy with Sling, it loads and performs much like Netflix or any other streaming service. What I don't like is the channel package.The $20.00 package gives you ESPN, the upgraded $25.00 package has NBC Sports but does not offer ESPN. To get both, you must upgrade to the $40.00 package which is approaching the cost of cable.

Posted by Anonymous

I Want To Cancel My Order With Sling Tv Immediately I M Unable To Receive Any Kind Of Tv Reception N Think This Sling Tb Thing Is Just A Big Scam N Way To Get My Money Contact Me At Please So We Can Work Things Out Rick K In Gulfport

Posted by Anonymous

Slingbox is a JOKE!
When I first purchased the product for $200 it was pretty cool. Didn't like that I also had to purchase a $15 app from the Google play store. But at least being on the road out of the US, it was nice to view home television and stay in touch. Made it seem like I wasn't 5 to 10K miles away from home. Now 2 years after purchasing the product. There is no support. The app, since I have a new phone. says that I have to purchase a new app in order to be commercial free. And just called their technical support and they want $30 to help with problems. Also I can't change channels and no response to setting the remote control and or changes! What a joke! so I strongly suggest to not waste your money on a product or company that does not consider their customers an asset or have any value once you have purchased their product!
Tim Myers
[email protected]

Posted by Anonymous

Hinky service. Customer service phone numbers drop me.

Seems like you came up with a scam for the Olympics. This is even sleepier than Comcast believing they OWN the Olympics!

Not worth the hassle especially if when canceling, you still charge people.

Posted by Anonymous

I have a new email address and trying to change it on my can I? Cause I just paid my fee..

Please contact me

Thank You...

Posted by Anonymous

I have two Slingboxes, the original and the HD Pro.
They worked fine until I think Directv decided to cripple them. Now Slingbox wants me to pay to have the expensive devices troubleshot. Not another penny. I have spent over $500 to this company and have two boat anchors. This company is trying to stay relevant as technology passes them by. I am happy to see them fail because they have cheated me.

Posted by Anonymous

Why does it always go out of sync on every channel? I'm tired of having to go change channels every hour to get the channel back in sync. And why am I getting error on HBO. We can't watch HBO at all. I'm very disappointed with this sight. I would like a refund and will cancel my account if these issues can't be resolved.

Posted by Anonymous

terrible service during the "free trials" band after the i cancelled the so called "free trials" a month later they still took 19.99 out my account, and i cancelled even before the trial was over coz the service sucks, times out every 5 seconds and i have to restart. In a day that 19.99 was out my account, i called them and told them what happened, dude appologised and said he'll refund me the money...its been a week now the money is still not posted its "pending" it tookj yall a day to charge my account but now i gotta wait 7 - 14 days to get my money back bacause yall effed up...yea wrong direction for a new/growing definately sticking with cable over this crap!!

Posted by Rosa

No help at all. No numbers etc & can only see fuzzy reception on 1 TV:(

Pls cancel my service


Posted by Anonymous

I am a recent new customer who bought the traditional 20 dollar package and also bought the 5 dollar sports package as well.
Trying to watch the Nebraska football game as I LIVE IN NEBRASKA and the game is on espn2....
It just stays in black! What the heck!!
Is this what I pay for??? It will let me watch other channels and other sports but not the one I want to watch??????
Kristina Lett

Posted by Farah Taylor

Just purchased sling TV and the stations keep cutting out right in the middle of watching a movie it has happened several times and the sta5ions go out for several minutes at a time.I'm very unhappy with this problem please fix it. Thank you!

Posted by Anonymous

I have sling and I agree that they need to work on many glitches. The app seems to be having more issues recently my guess is that when they update the app or other things that can throw a wrench in everything else. With technology today it happens with everything phone, tablets computers and so on. When they resolve the hiccups it is still a decent alternative to cable. I have not noticed the advertisement that are racial or disturbing. I guess I may need to watch more of the channels to see what some people are talking about. I would like to see longer hours to reach live customer support. I called yesterday and never experience anyone charging me for support instead I was offered a credit for the trouble I have having. I would recommend you call the number right off the app or on sling tv web site to make sure your not calling a 3rd party for support.

Posted by jillian

I'm disappointed with the recent Sling TV app crashes (using Amazon Fire TV). The crashes seem to have started after the update. I'm constantly having to restart the app. Realistically- this problem isn't ruining my life, but I am paying for a service and would like it to work properly. I can't exaggerate enough that the crashes are constant. The customer service is closed at the moment and this is the only means I have of contacting Sling TV for now.

Posted by Kprochaska

Very disappointed my husband and I just purchased a RUKO 2 for sliptv to specifically watch AMC. If this is the level we should expect please let me know as we will not be using your services anymore. Really thought this was going to be an awesome solution to expensive cable.

Posted by Anonymous

I am very offended by your commercials. All they do is teach kids to be bullies. We have enough of that already. I am the mother of 5 boys and grandmother of 13. I certainly do not want my grandchildren to watch them. I would NEVER consider switching my TV because of this concern.

Posted by booblay

worst support ever - worse than the airlines. They charge $30 just for simple question. My 500 is off to the junkyard being replaced by Roku.

Thanks for the memories Slingbox

Posted by Sam Chakravarti


I have Roku and pay for dish world for bengali movie from Kolkata. We watch two shows 1. "Sadhak Bamakhepa" and 2. "Ma Durga". We love to watch both shows and I pay every month for them. But every time when we watch, it shut off (TV screen goes blank & black during the middle of the show or shows "Shadhok Bamakhepa" but shows "Tele shopping" especially at 10 PM Monday through Friday. Some time it is very disappointing. I would appreciate if you management resolves these problems and make feel happy.

Thank you.

Sam Chakravarti

Posted by Anonymous

I have just reconnected my Sling box Pro to the network. All appears to be well until I scann for Digital TV signals via a coax connection. Advice on way to proceed, would be gratefully received. Please note the log in name is

Posted by ulf

It doesn't matter how many slingboxes you own or for how long; out of warranty it costs at least $30 to get a simple technical question answer even if it has nothing to do with your basic setup.

There is something to do with HDMI and content copyright protection that prevents some channels, including even Youtube from being accessed; but damned if Slingbox will explain the issues without a charge.

This is my last Slingbox purchase in this lifetime, and I have now made the mistake of making three. No more.

Posted by monsterman

Totally rubbish, phone support staff not helpful at all, forum is useless as the pages never load, or they redirect you round and round same failed answers
worst of all it does not support Internet explore IE7 or 8 or 9 !!!!

have had issues since new in UK never worked successfully, a poor product much overhyped

Posted by emmabemmainc

Slingbox customer service is, by far, the worst I have ever experienced. We bought a Slingbox in July. It did not work. Was on the phone for almost 2 hours with a representative, trying to get it to work. Finally, he tells me to send it back--took my cc info, with the threat that if they didn't return the old box, they would charge me for the new one. I, like an idiot, waited too long and was charged the 99.99. I called and talked to a woman who told me that my refund would be processed when they received the box. So, I shipped it back in August. No refund. Called and talked to someone else in October. Was told that he would expedite the process. Ok. Called about a week later, and talked to some guy who was super rude and told me that I'd be lucky to get a refund. He also told me that there is no way to get in touch with a complaints department. I would have to put a letter in the mail. No email or phone number. Please. So, they have their box and their money. OH--and btw, the second box they sent? That doesn't work now either. I will NEVER buy a Slingbox again.

Posted by Allen

Absolutely pathetic customer service and support. There is no resolution suggestion except to pay them money for what they call PPI support. Pay per incident.

Great product idaa, horrible execution and support.

Posted by Anonymous

Call after hours and they don't tell you when they are available. Aggravating.

Add your review!

Posted by Drsms22

I had a great customer support person named Kim who helped me solve what appeared to me to be a really complicated problem.

Posted by radensb

I had a problem with my Slingbox pro HD. After about 6 months of flawless use, I went on a trip out of state and could not connect...

I got home and saw that the box was not powered. No lights of any kind were on. I thought the power supply was bad or something. I read all the negative comments here and thought I would be screwed because I was well out of my 90 days, but I was still in my 1 year warranty period.

So I called SlingMedia. They never asked me for a serial number, just my email address that my account was registered under and they asked me what was wrong. I explained my problem. The first thing the rep asked me was what model my power supply was. Once i told her, she immediately said it needed to be replaced (apparently a known problem with that power supply). She took my credit card info so that she could have a new unit and power supply shipped to me at their cost. (The credit card was insurance that i would send the defective unit back within 30 days...) She also said that they would include a return shipping label.

In short, I called customer service and within 10 minutes had a new unit on its way at no cost to me. Very happy with the results and their customer service!

Posted by Anonymous

I had a similar experience as most on this site where I spoke with a support tech after spending $30 and 3 minutes into the call he instructed me to hold the reset button for 30 seconds instead of 5 seconds and to call back after going thru the standard setup process. When I called back with an issue with the volume being full of static he told me I had to spend an additional $30 for a second case because the first case was only to have the slingbox recognized. Obviously incensed, I asked to be escalated to his manager who was extremely helpful and led me to the source of the issue being the cable box volume was too low. In the end, the manager was aware of how to take care of customers .. now he needs to work with his staff to improve.

Posted by Dennis

This was my first time cfalling for customer support as we have had the sling box since 2007

Javier was the peson we spoke to to and he was awesome.
Prior to calling we suspected it was a hardware issue and we feel that this was confirmed after working with him

WHe helped us work through sevral oprions and we selected to take advantage of an upgrade which allowed us a $50.00 savings and they are even providing free shippin
I could not be more satisfied.

Posted by Anonymous

i don't agree. slingbox customer srvice and support has always been complementary.

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