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    • 769 negative comments (97.84%)
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Posted by miyakei

I called customer support to rectify a situation where I've had two existing subscriptions. A 1 month and a 3 month... these should not even co-exist and I don't know how they both existed. Lag time between canceling, switching or somehow they both were created at the same exact time. I usually get 3-4 e-mail confirmations about the same transaction from my e-mail and phone about the transaction so it's easily dismiss-able to WHICH transaction is being taken place.

I contacted the customer service, not only where they condescending, they make it entirely your fault despite admitting for having a faulty system at that time and stating that it no longer does that now. I have screenshots of the conversation as it won't let me have a transcript, possibly from the terrible customer service they provide.

I asked for a refund and told them that there was a greater issue than just bandaging the current issue at hand. I asked him to cancel all my subscriptions and it became apparently hostile. After I received the cancellation confirmation and told him so, he immediately disconnected, completely unprofessional.

If this individual couldn't handle my case or issue, I should have been sent to someone that could either come to a better resolution instead of hanging up immediately. Absolutely terrible.

Posted by George

I just called in to get some information about GroupMe which was acquired by Skype back in 2011. Not only was the representative unhelpful, he barely spoke and when he did provided nothing more than uhuh and nuh. This was the most pitiful customer service I have ever received from any company.

Posted by PDSJohn

Skype have taken money from my bank card and sent me a email confirmation but not added my minutes to my account. Despite trying for three days to contact them by any means at all I have been unable to do so and now I found a site with many many complaints about them taking money from people who did not authorise it by using the old payment info for those people that they had on file. Be Warned they seem to have gone rogue on us...

Posted by rifk

I bought a subscription to call my country and when the call connects it gives me a muffled sound and then fails immediately. Minutes are deducted from my subscription though, with me not being able to reach the person I wanted to talk to.
Customer support was so slow to fix the problem and in the end they ended up not fixing it. They installed an older version of Skype and told me to setup caller ID and keep calling and if it doesn't work I should contact them again. They do not refund minutes lost due to their technical problems and they give the weird reason that I did not set my caller ID before calling. There is no such rule advertised and the caller ID function was just optional to help the receiver identify who is calling. After I set up caller ID the problem still persists. I just wasted that whole subscription with 0 refunds.
What's more they just have a customer complaints forum only. No form to fill up complaints and let management hear complaints.
The Skype program is slow and so is customer service (it took 1.5 hours for them to check whats wrong and in the end that was all a waste because they did not resolve it and wanted me to fix my caller ID and said that there will be no refunds as everything is "system generated")
Skype is always a sad story even for internet calling "Skype to Skype". It rarely connects and eats up so much bandwidth.

Posted by Anonymous

Exactly what the other customer said !!! they do not want to work to solve
the problems!!!!! do they receive a very low salary??? or they are very presumptuous????

Posted by Anonymous

Well... I am stressed with the attempts to set my new account and to choose a new password when nothing is understood and accepted by them !!!!
If they send me a code for resetting a new password, i write exactly the code sent by them and
they do not accept it and even say they haven't sent that code!!!! totally crazy!!!
I have this problem for more than one week!!!! It is Incredible!! always the same repetitions of denials and confusions! They send me emails and call me with the name of
my husband.... who HAD a previous account in Skype, not now anymore!!!

Posted by Anonymous

skypr purposely makes it very difficult for their customers to contact them. (Or else they are just plain stupid!!)

Posted by Anonymous

I can't log into SKYPE!!!!! This is the message I keep receiving:

There is a problem connecting securely to this website.

The security certificate presented by this website was issued for a different website's address.

Security certificate problems may indicate an attempt to fool you or intercept any data you send to the server.

You should close this webpage.

Recommended iconClick here to close this webpage.

More information More information

Posted by Anonymous

Dear Sir,

My contract with Skype was unlimited international phone calls with a fixed rate per month (I believe it was about $12-14 per month, but don't remember the exact amount). But now I found that my calls to, for example, Taiwan was actually charged by the minutes.

This is absolutely not what I expected. Would you please let me know what's the problem?

Pisin Chen

Posted by Anonymous

i dont have a skype account that i made iv never made please delete the account i got an email to my to my email that my account has been suspended. I've never had a skype someone must be messin around with me. Or i can call my lawyer have the police trace the Ip address and sue them and you.

Posted by RPP

I used Skype since day one and until a few years back was happy with it. But with their constant changes and updates they f'ed-off the whole thing. With so many alternatives out there I stopped using their service and it gives me nightmares to think about Skype. User-friendliness doesn't exist. Older versions (that work) are binned and substituted by constant worthless updates. The developers are utter idiots and have no clue what they're doing. Customer service is also non-existent. Try to get in contact with them for support. I dare you.

Posted by Anonymous

All Of A Sudden Business Skype Began Showing Up Threw My Tool Bar. I Did Not Ask For Them And I Am Totally Confused! Cannot Find A Customer Services Support Number Phone Number Anywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No Reply To 800 Phone Number Says Germany................

Is There A Customer Service United States Phone Number?????????????

Posted by Gilligan

I am sick of my Incredible Mail not working ...on & off for SIX months already. I want a phone number to speak with a LIVE person from Perion. Please give me contact number info


Call USA Ask for Pat

Posted by Anonymous

This is the most helpful website I have come across in two years. I have NEVER had a Skype account. Over two years ago I received an email letting me know that my account was activated and my account had been charged. I had no clue what was going on. I called my bank, had the credit card flagged for fraud and closed and my bank reissued me a new card. I emailed Skype to let them know it was a mistake. Someone, NOT me had opened up the account and I wanted my email removed from their system and the account closed. I was told that they would do so and that I would be removed. Now, TWO years later and I'm still getting notifications about my Skype account. I have gone back and forth with customer service emails, and it has been a nightmare. Today, I got another email that said my account was being charged $38.00 for the extended US/Canada package. I was so fed up, I called the 800 number for Microsoft and spoke to a guy named John. I gave him the short version of the last two years of problems I have been having and he transferred me to a Skype representative. Again, I explained to this person what was going on and how I've NEVER signed up for Skype, nor do I want to and I want her to remove my email address from their system. She informs me that she can do that she will send me instructions on what I need to do as well as email her the email that I received from Skyp today. Turns out, this representative obviously wasn't listening to a word I was saying because she sent me instructions for SKYPE members and all the information requires a SKYPE user name and password. I am to the point where I am fed up. I reply to the email and let her know that I am not doing anything that the email has informed me to do because I don't have the information it is requiring since I am not a member. All I want her to do is remove my email from their system and NEVER contact me again. I got the email sent back to me with a message saying that my email was received in an unmonitored que and that I need to log into my SKYPE account and contact customer service. I threw my hands up in air and gave up. I have been online today looking for phone numbers or actual emails that work and this site is the only useful thing I have found. Apparently I am not the only person with a problem. I am so glad that I am NOT not have I ever been a member of SKYPE. After the last two years and the nightmare that today was, I am done with the harassment from SKYPE!

Posted by Anonymous

Skype are thieves!!!!! I paid $10 last night and I left a message for my brother and sister, that is all, and it tried to call them today but Skype said I had NO credit left!!!!!!!!!!! Are you kidding!!!! Theives! They have no customer service at all, so, i am out $10...! That may not be a lot but if they do this scam to thousands of people then it is a lot!! Thieves!!!

Posted by Baffled by their ways

Skype is totally ridiculous!! I opened my account years ago, used it for 6 months, then let it sit stagnant. A few months ago, my password was changed, and when I tried to cancel it then, was told it was suspended and I didn't know enough information to prove it was my acct. Figuring it would remain suspended, I left it, thinking not much more about it. Yesterday, I received an email saying my acct was suspended for suspicious use. Imagine my surprise when it was yet again suspended! After multiple attempts of trying to prove this is indeed my account, I am still not able to cancel it. Dealing with the supervisors are not helping either. It's almost like they are looking for a piece of information that they aren't asking you to fill out on those stupid verification forms they keep wanting you to fill out. My comment to them is...if you know you have a hacked account, why not just delete it? Does the bank keep open an account that they feel is compromised? Of course not!! Skype is a joke!! They are really causing me undo grief!!

Posted by don't know

For years I belonged to Free Skype but haven't used it for the past 4 or 5 years and now would like to start using it again, was given an okay re name and new password. but then it won't let me sign on as Palm Springs in the 760 area says there is no such number for me to use. WHY? and what can I do to be able to use Skype. Have tried for over an hour (wasted) and am so frustrated when it asked me questions which I couldn't answer and finally on the last question I answered I wouldn't recommend SKYPE to anyone since I am so frustrated with not being able to get on. I won't be using it often but do want to use when able.

Posted by push

The worst customers service method i ever seen, i subscribe for my account the amount is already deducted from my bank and i am not able to call.
i try re loged in but couldn't help.. trying to reach customer care, but cant belive they dont have phone call facilities . just to email them or chat.still struggling to go in char room but its showing some error after waiting few minuts. . i think i waste my money.

Posted by Disserviced Skype Customer

Skype Customer Service has been smashed 750 times by this time... for good reason... its sh*t... sorry, its not sh*t... I don't want to offend sh*t by comparing it to Skype Customer Service... there is really nothing at all to compare to Skype Customer Service... Please Microsoft, change the name to Skype Customer Disservice... SERIOUSLY!

Posted by Anonymous

Really poor customer support. Trying to retrieve password and Skype name details - in my 3rd week now. Lack of interest to resolve issue

Posted by Patricia

Skype is horrible and I want my account cancelled. Been through their NO CONTACT verfiication process 4 times and of course you cannot talk to anyone except by the keyboard. I want my account cancelled. They keep telling me that I do not pass their verification process and keep telling me I am a robot. I had a friend who died in 2010 and have called and talked to his sister and they have not cancelled his account either and it is still up yet he has been in the ground 5 years. His sister says that Sean was not a real person also and that since he is dead he cannot pass the verification process. Skype you are horrible BASTARDS and JERKS. All we want to do is cancel our account. Due to safety issues I do not want this account anymore and Sean set up his account and I set up my account and to tell us we are not passing the verification process. I talked to Sean's sister 4 times and she says that they want him to type in just like they want me specific information. Skype you BASTARDS Sean is DEAD. He is in the ground already. How in the hell can he do that.
They keep telling his sister and me to establish another account. Then we would have 2 accounts we do not want. Again my friend is DEAD in the ground. Please people out there who want to cancel your Skype accounts because weirdos are contacting you you cannot because of stupid and games they play that you cannot pass. They are JERKS AND BASTARDS. Skype I HATE YOUR GUTS for what you are doing to me and your customers especially the dead ones. Skype is nothing but a corporate company who are GREEDY GREEDY GREEDY GREEDY and horrible. I set up my account and why do you need all this information I did not even use to set up my account at all like my neighbors maiden name or where my next door neighbor grew up and where their kids are right now or where their ex-husbands are. You know that we will not have this information. I hate especially what you did to Sean where he cannot fight back. Please never ever never ever never ever never get an account with Skype. This is a warning. That is why the BBB is not accepting of them because they have a horrible record with the public. I hate you Skype for doing this to me. I plan to tell thousands what you did to me.

Posted by VeryFed Upp

skype was never that great in quality or customer service. Since the takeover by demonic microsoft it is like dealing with a passel of devils.Also, the quality of sound and service in general seems to deteriorate by the day. I've had 6-7-8 disconnects in one 10 minute call -- and that's getting to be a norm.
Recently I took a 3 day business trip to Finland. I had an urgent call to my office. Found I no longer had skype. They had disconnected me without any reason or explanation. They stillhave maybe $50 of my money, my entire list of friends, family, business contacts, they stole my pricelss history of whom I'd spoken to and when. I had to fill out a long form. It was not good enough and they had me fill out an even longer form asking questions I didn't even have at home such as exactly when did I start their service.I have spent many hours
trying to get my service and my information, money and contact list back to no avail. To this day I have no idea why I was shut out.And they refuse to tell me.
Speak of a sadistic totalitarian authority, they are the poster boy for destructive evil companies. I am stopping use of skype, getting all my friends and contacts off of it. I wouldlove to sue them for the time, money and information they have ripped off !

Posted by dinadelamoominlove

Ever since EVIL Microsoft bought out Skype, I have had tons of tech issues on my iPad like, the software disconnecting while it should be running in the background, calls not ringing but I had checked my status was ONLINE, my settings are correct (I also pay for a Skype number!) calls dropping as soon as soon as I get connected, very poor sound, and then bills for unexplained extra fees! I have spent at minimum a total of 20 hours over two weeks trying to get them to help. via online chat, where I had to keep that page open ot it dosconnect, and after waiting 22 imutes in the queue got dropped! Then when I did mant to get chat help, I was told that it was my iPad's fault! (I am very good at IT and used to admin a network and upkeep of over 30 computers). The next LONG wait chat help told me try several things then disconnect and she would call - I got NO call, nor did she even email me, but asked for it! Then on a third try, was told that even though I pay for a N America accoun AND a Skype phine numbert, only calls TO my number are free, and all calls I make to nonSkype phone numbers are charges! Their own wensite says they ARE free, plus, I was never charged before Microsoft tookover! Now my account has been somehow hacked! It demaded I login, but it would not let me login (I store the info info in the software and set it so it should automatically start up when I start my iPad) saying my account name, email or passwod did NOT exist! I desperately needed to Skype with someone last evening and went online to their site and could not find a fix, and could not get help, so I gave up and ordered another N America account at $2.99 per month to see if would tell me There already was an account with my email, but it simply took my $2.99 and sent me a welcome to Skype cofirmation! This month I got three emails from Skype saying my Skype registered email was updated to a hotmail address that is not even close to mine! Another one said I had activated email alerts (I alreday had that), and the final email said my password was changed! I immediatedly tried connecting to them via the unauthorized email change link, answered a dozen questions then wrote out a long detailed account of problems and hit enter. I was immediately returned to the same form, but now blank! No auto confirmation, no email, nothing! THESE CRIMINALS MUST BE PROSECUTED!

Posted by carmela confesor

I have been trying for over an hour to get in contact with the Skype people on a problem I am having with skype and I cannot. I sent an e-mail to the e-mail address you gave and it cam back as no such address. I am about fed up. I cant contact anyone on my skype. its conected to the internet all right my computer is working fine but skype is not working. all I get is my icon with blue coloring turning round and round and saying no connections. Please can you tell me how to get in touch with you this is just terrible service. Carmela Confesor this is no way to run something as important as skype is especially to elderly people who video call there loved ones.

Posted by Ola

I cannot contact skype. My money was taken from the account and few days later I am still unable to contact anybody and resolve this issue. It is totally unacceptable.

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Posted by AshMarie

I used the Chat option and spoke to a very knowledgeable customer service representative. The quality of service I received was excellent. He was friendly, supportive, and my issue was resolved in a timely manner. I think they are starting to get some good employees in there.

Posted by jmannonHU

I had a problem with Skype but had a chat text with Carlos C and he got it all fixed! He was a real person: I got confirmation. If you are having problems just use that on the website.

Posted by Ms Charisse Kaye R.

I called Skype customer service today to ask help with my problem on my skype's playback device. I was answered by a lady named Ms Charisse Kaye R. Since the start of our conversation she was very accommodating and courteous. I am not very good in technology and so there were many instances wherein Ms Charisse Kaye has to have the patience of a saint to help and instruct me what to do.It took us several hours to solve my problem where she really exhausted all possibilities to help me.

I congratulate Skype for having an employee like Ms Charisse Kaye and I hope and pray that all personnel working in the service industry be like her.

Posted by BobNes

I would like to remove old, out-dated, and cancelled credit card details from my account, but the "Billing and Payments" link on their web page fails. 09/17/12
Difficult to even find links to account details. Poorly designed (on purpose?)!

I use the Skype service daily and even have an inbound number, but sometimes their website just doesn't work. And it's always difficult to use.

Posted by MeganMichl

I just wanted to let someone at Skype know that Skype's video calling has given me an incredible gift and opportunity.
I'm currently living in Victoria, Australia, and my whole family lives Washington State, USA.
My fiance, my parents, my very young nieces, and everyone still lives at home. My fiance's father passed away several weeks ago. I have been sorely missing my family and friends, and dealing with something like this made it so much more difficult. Fortunately, Skype not only let me stay in close contact with those people, but it did even more.
On the day of the memorial service with the help of wireless internet at the church, I was able to Skype in and watch the memorial service live, being as close as I could to my family even while being 8,000 miles away.
As if this wasn't enough, I even was able to Skype throughout the reception, visiting with and seeing all the family and friends who were there to support my family.

So, thank you so much for everything, I wanted someone at Skype to know how much you have helped me this year.

Posted by bailey210

Personally I have always found Skype service very good. Questions answered withn specified time quotes. I think it's wonderful. I would assume for disabled or the housebound, tremendous. Had an issue with icoming video signal from Cyprus recently, but in 5 years, that's all.

Cheers Skype. It's gr8.
TB. Doncaster

Posted by anina707

Every time my computer starts I see the following message on the screen^
'Skype extras manager
Ïîäòâåðæäåíèå (confirmation)
Unexpected response from server received
Do you want to send a problem report to customer service?'
I don't know what it means because I have no problems with Skype f don't want to send any reports. Please help me to get rid of these messages.
Thank you. Nina

Posted by lsuej1954

I just want to say thank you to your company. Because of you, I can talk to my son who is in the military, and see him. God Bless you all! So many families are separated right now and you have made it possible to stay connected with loved ones. I can never thank you enough for your service.

Posted by Anonymous

Thank you skype. Our son and family live in Japan,Due to the earthquake we were very concerned w/their safety. We were able to skype with them just after the event and were sucessfull w/great connection both verbal and video. Our fears were forgotten. Thank you again for such a wonderful product. Bob&Debbie Oliver

Posted by Anonymous

I've had Skype for a year. I do use the service and like it. I also have the "Skype To Go Number" and a few other options, but as mentioned by others, can't find any help that pertains to particular technical questions. That is Skype's main downfall, lack of support. I will most likely continue my subscription with them when it comes time to renew. I have friends that use Skype with little complaints from them.

Posted by Anonymous

For the past week I have been trying to make a video call where the called person is able to view our video. It does not wrok with Skype. I have tried downloading software from Logitech and Skype as well as reloading the Logitech CD software, to NO AVAIL.


Posted by spamlad

My bank acct. just got whacked with two charges for close to $160.00 with "SKYPE.COM INTERNET LU" as the reference name. Skype looked it up on their end (had to Email and the got back to me in five minutes) and they confirmed that it was someone else using my card to make international calls. They were actually very helpful; explaining how to dispute the charges at my bank and get the money back. It's going to take a week or two, but they've already flagged my card info to try and catch the person and expedite the return when the bank contacts them.

Posted by dvbeav

My experience with Skype has been very positive for the last several years. They have always answered my inquiries in a timely fashion and provided the assistance I have needed.

A phone number would be nice but suppose they have chosen to put their resources into providing a better product.

Posted by Dave

I find that Skype is everything it says it is and more. Connections are fantastic. Prices are great and billing is always accurate. Out of hundreds and hundreds of calls I have had only one or two bad connections.

Posted by JEEJ

I use skype for all my calls from home and have been doing so for years with out any problems. I had signed up for a free trail and then cancled it with in the 30 days so I wouldnt be charged. a few months later signed up again and about 2 years later this UK based company has kept me happy with service all around.

Posted by gerrya4

After seeing the amount of disatisfaction with Skype Customer Service I was happy to receive what at this time looks kike good service. Having asked for refund after being overcharged, if it arrives as stated By Skype,I will be happy with service.

Posted by jaredt112

Gave an immediate refund when I asked for one on service that was already charged. Seemed like the service was fine to me

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