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Sky customer service is ranked #108 out of the 947 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 56.55 out of a possible 200 based upon 16 ratings. This score rates Sky customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


13 Negative Comments out of 16 Total Comments is 81.25%.


3 Positive Comments out of 16 Total Comments is 18.75%.

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Disappointing Overall Customer Service Rating

  • Sky

    Customer Service Scoreboard

    • 56.55 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 13 negative comments (81.25%)
    • 3 positive comments (18.75%)
    • 0 employee comments
    • Attribute Ratings
      (out of 10 possible)
    • 3.3 Issue Resolution
    • 2.5 Reachability
    • 1.6 Cancellation
    • 5.5 Friendliness
    • 6.0 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Vasavilbazo

I'm still waiting for a tec-i called the number here in cabo San Lucas to see if they got my work order for 2days no one answers...I would like some service.

Posted by Vasavilbazo

Having just had a hurricane I need a tec to adjust my dish.but the mexico city office would not send one without me doing things like taking off cables running through channels turning it off and on.I understand they need to make a report but after a storm why can't they just send a tec-ive got 3 hook ups HD and been a customer for 15 years.I'm old and shouldn't be messing with the thing.When I call for a tec I want a tec like right mil pesos a month i DESERVE

Posted by bob

Having said that once I finally got through to a chap called Gordon on the online chat the issue was resolved. don't bother trying to argue with the guys at the end of the phone, they have no authority to fix anything.

Posted by bob

applied for a months free trial for the movies package, only to be told that when I applied online, by following the advert. The discount was not applied to my account and that I now need to give a months notice so rather than a months free trial I am paying 2 months for a package that is limited to say the best. Their complaints department is a postal address in livingstone (easily losable) or an online chat which has taken 30mins to connect to an advisor. Im guessing

Posted by John Campbell

I fully endorse all the criticism of Sky reflected here. Sky has no concept of good customer relations and - even although I have been a customer since 1993 - it is of no consequence. Some of their customer services staff are totally unsuited to dealing with the public and this shows its management in a very poor light. Sky has lost its way and it is time that we started making contact with Trading Standards to draw attention. That is certainly the line that I shall be taking henceforth. Time to move to on. Hopefully a SKY senior manager will peruse this site and see that there is a problem and address it.

Posted by Anonymous

i signed up with sky because i was offered a good package.i realised i was not getting what i asked for and cancelled.i was told the account holder [they said my son was the account holder]but it was my e,mail address and bank details.i spoke to 2 very rude people and ended my phone call' 2two days later i spoke to a really nice lady and she said if i just got my son to ring it would help solve things,even though he isnt the account holder]he did ring and explained things and was told everything would be wasnt, so i wrote a a4 list of complaints including how much it cost me to keep ringing.i heard nothing back.i keep getting e.mails/txts telling great news your sky talk/broadband are now active.i rang again and was told there was no account.i just hope everything is now sorted as i found the whole experiance very upsetting.i was also told in a e,mail my deposit would be returned within the naxt 2 months

Posted by Dont join sky

If you are thinking of joining Sky... FORGET IT! One simple reason: A company that makes it SO hard for prospective customers to contact them is not worth your time.
Phone number: Only available for existing customers!
Forum: Only available for existing customers!

Posted by Anonymous

i have spoke to 2 customer service people in the past 6 days about my sky and i found both of them to be extremely rude in fact i could not believe there telephone manner towards myself and my husband i have been a sky customer for many years but not anymore there manner has made me cancel all my sky subscription and we are now going with VIRGIN.

Posted by Lan Bercu

I have got billed from Luxembourg for $70 that I am not aware. I don't know how to contact Skype by phone. I am a loyal customer. Please contact me regarding my account
[email protected] If it is automatic bill from my credit card. I must say the rate is outrageous.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Posted by SouthYorksDot

They couldn't care less about their customers.Even if you've been a customer for 15+ years you get no free box upgrade-not even a discount,even though new customers get free deals.They'd rather lose you as a customer-you definitely don't feel valued.And getting through to customer services is one of the most complicated systems we've dealt with-it's probably easier to get connected to the Pentagon.Rubbish...

Posted by Stuart

Simply the worst customer experience I have ever had. They will promise anything to get the sale - don't use them for broadband.

Posted by [email protected]

On 1st january 1011, we reported our phone and internet was not working. Did everything we were told to do to check it was not our fault. We were told an engineer would be out but would call to say when. Nobody has been out and no call. Computer now working although slow and keeps cutting out! Phone still not working - no dialling tone and very crackly interference. Can now receive calls though very crackly. Please can this problem be resolved. I have found your service disgraceful and the advisor i spoke to I could not understand and had to keep asking him to repeat himself. I could hear him tutting!I can be contacted on my mobile 07852593694.

Posted by Kez

as soon as something goes wrong with your sky package whether it be your talk, broadband or TV everytime you try to get this resolved it is another person you have to explain this to again and again and nothing seems to happen . myself and my husband got sky set up when we moved into our new flat in july and still are having problems with our talk line and nothing is getting done. they say they will call you back and never do and to be honest if i could change to virgin media i would however where i live has no cable therefore the dont really seem to bother about you. everything they suggested we try to sort out the problem with the phone has not worked and both mine and my husbands phone bill on our mobiles is extremely high as they are not getting our phone line sorted.

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Posted by pablo

I have had sky cable service for around 5 months, and no problem at all, as long you pay the bill, you will have service, the customer service is good, not the best, not the worst, you can deal with it, and for the previous agent : on customer service, they almost never call back to set up an service call, you need to stay on the phone so they can set it up, otherwise they'll get other call and forget about you, and if you escalate the call to talk to a supervisor, the representative next to him will take the call saying that he is a supervisor, so nevermind, the best is to call friendly and explaing the issue and request a solution instead of being complainning about everything, and trying to get the agent mad about you.

Posted by HRTLESS

I called to see whether they could offer me a better deal that what was stated on their own website. The guy I spoke to was extremely helpful and ended up knocking off £20 per month!

To be fair, I did take out absolutely everything they had to offer, however he did me a solid and saved me money.

Posted by HKTY


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