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Skrill customer service is ranked #816 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 21.85 out of a possible 200 based upon 54 ratings. This score rates Skrill customer service and customer support as Terrible.


53 Negative Comments out of 54 Total Comments is 98.15%.


1 Positive Comment out of 54 Total Comments is 1.85%.

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  • Skrill

    Customer Service Scoreboard

    • 21.85 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 53 negative comments (98.15%)
    • 1 positive comments (1.85%)
    • 0 employee comments
    • Attribute Ratings
      (out of 10 possible)
    • 2.2 Issue Resolution
    • 1.6 Reachability
    • 1.5 Cancellation
    • 2.3 Friendliness
    • 2.4 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Ravi kumar

I havent got my amount in skrill account... I am not getting any help from your mail id . And my name is RAVI

Posted by Anonymous

There is no support or contact numbers to talk to anyone no one has bothered to answer emails i have pending payments which have not been proccessed for over 3 days now this is ridiculous

Posted by H M SADDAM

i was a account, and some days ago i deactivate my account so, now i want to reactivate my account

so, what do i do omno if u help me so i will be happy.

Posted by [email protected]

When doing a transaction (withdraw) i mistakenly added the wrong last 2 numbers at the end of my bank account number i immediately contacted skrill advising them of this mistake so far i have sent 3 emails and still no response i have tried to contact them by telephone and a prerecorded voice comes on saying this telephone number is not assigned and then my call is disconnected.It has been almost 5 days since this transaction and i think they will not contact me,I tried contacting them before about another matter and that was about 2 weeks ago ...still no reply.What terrible customer service.They have also tried to withdraw money from my bank account as i was advised by my bank but i have a security feature where the bank lets me know before a transaction can take place.I wish i had know about this terrible company before.I know i will not receive my money so i will chalk this up to experience.Please do not use this company they are terrible with terrible customer support.

Posted by Anonymous

Refunds and email has not yet even come up yet on refunds telling Sksessfully. But the money has not yet granted

Dear Vinit KumarYou have received a refund of USD 19.99 from for transaction

Posted by sofokli

I deposit in my bank 150 euros and than wanted to upload to my skrill account. It gave me error first time, second and 3-rd time . the error was not from my bank but from skrill. than i go to my bank and 150 euros were vanished . they stole my money and now are saying to me that your bank has the money. i have proves and everything else . contact with live chat support and they dont give solution. i dont know what to do now, i am terrible sad, how they can stole me so easily.

Posted by Anonymous

I tried to access my account with Skrill, it saids I need to update my password for security reasons, the system emails a link and they send you a new password to access your account, they only problem is they text the activation number to your cell phone, I done have a cell phone Iinked to my skill account, I have tried calling them and the phone numbers don't work, can anyone give me a working number?This company sound very dodgy, Everyone here can register a class action and put a bad credit rating against them and this will stop them from trading.

Posted by Anonymous

i forgot my skrill account password,i tried some times follow the steps from skrill account procedure.but not receive any mail from skrill account. so how can i reset my password.

Posted by idolslover

Good Day,

I stay in the RSA and have busy for a month setting up my account. I am Mrs. Heyla Muir with I eventually got the incoming section accepted and operational but am now trying to get the outgoing section [withdrawals ] resolved. I need action with the verification of my Visa card so that I can withdraw the my money in my account. Will you kindly resolve.

Posted by Anonymous

Please stop taking money from my bank account as I did not authorise this. I have contacted my banking services to cancel all funds that have been or are going to be withdrawn from your company. - my ??? account number Once again I do not know who you are and how you managed to get my bank account number. So please stop immediately

Posted by kiwell

Terrible service !
Problem with contact phone number...not working !
My account was blocked with no reasons... I losted money !

Posted by Anonymous

We are trying to contact skrill to withdraw our funds in our account. But thesse guys are not responding. Any other way to contact them besides phone.

Posted by Anonymous

I am planning on suing Skrill as they have stolen $40 from my bank account. From researching then, they seem like thieves. My bank is disputing the charges they posted to my bank account, and I also am retaining a lawyer. I never heard of Skrill nor do I have an account with them. I reccine d everyone stay away from this company. Their phone number doesn't work, they are impossible to contact. Their bad karma will definitely catch up with them, the sooner the better. These theives deserve to be in jail.

Posted by Anonymous

I am not familiar with his company. Nor am appreciative of the $30.87 that was debited from my account on 4/30/2016. Please contact me as soon as possible

Posted by Skrill

It is virtually impossible to contact Skrill by phone and responsiveness to email requests is extremely slow (vs. PayPal for instance). All numbers listed are not functional. Customer service is amazingly poor or totally absent when you have problems, especially when Skrill is the cause of the problem. My account has $30,000 in it and I cannot get access to it - and Skrill does not answer my requests for assistance. Their lack of infrastructure and lack of caring for their customers is the best advertisement for using other forms of internet payments.

Posted by alkaka

someone hacked my account When amount dedicated (1100$) from my account i updated skrill by that even i called inform about it later they asked me to send dispute form, copy of my IDs, bank statement and address confirmation.. on last reply from skill i got this answer ((Unfortunately we are not in a position to assist you with a refund of the unauthorized transactions as the funds have already left our system.)) I think that skill steal my money. I am really disappointed with skrill

Posted by alkaka

someone hacked my account When amount dedicated (1100$)from my account i updated skrill by that even i called inform about it later they asked me to send dispute form, copy of my IDs, bank statment and address confirmation.. on last reply from skill i got this answer ((Unfortunately we are not in a position to assist you with a refund of the unauthorized transactions as the funds have already left our system.)) I think that skill steal my money. I am really disappointed with skrill

Posted by Sarder

Hi i live in Bangladesh. I won �£25 This is free tipping competition website. They send my winning prize in my skrill account. But skrill not accept this payment they hold this payment. I send emaillots of time in skrill support center. But they don't send any reply. If skrill not accept this payment that's good. But why they hold this payment. Please back this payment in my skrill account or olbg account. If you back in olbg team I give him my PayPal account they again send my fund in my PayPal account. Please please release my fund.

Posted by lis26

Skrill wired me $450 from my skrill account in august which in my error had one digit wrong in my bank account number, i contacted them and they said up to 30 days for the bank to return the funds so they can re send... i contacted the bank and they said the account it was sent to didnt exist and it was bounced back to skrill within 3 business days.... ive called and emailed skrill numerous times since august and keep getting told they can't locate my $450 and they claim that every cent of the money they have belongs to other people so they can't send the funds then sort out where the original money is later, but thats crap since they have a call centre and websites and staff etc, someone pays their wages and covers overheads, surely they can get $450 to help a customer but no, the only time i get an update is when i waste my money calling internationally from Australia to ask to which i get told the ssme thing every time....

Posted by Sol

I dont even know this company i had to google it because i notice that i have money missing from my card and i never made a purchase of nothing with you guys you guys stole 51$ dirst from my card the 76$ plus 2.51$ of some assesment plz eeturn my money to my card or ill make sure theres a lawsuit!!

Posted by Unni

I have registered and making a online payment for Visa and Skrill online does not accept the CVV number, what kind of payment site you have? Have to wait till your office opens in London to get this sorted, this is really pathetic for a real time payment site.

Posted by TATENDA

Why You Skrill Guys Cold On Us.we Deposited Money Into Skrill And Why Are You Blocking Our Transactions.thanks For Playing Foul On Our Cash.guys Dont Make A Mistake To Link This Thing With Your Bank Accounts

Posted by Balasubramanyam Thammisetty

Withdraw is proccessed successfully But didn't get any amount into my bank account. Please help me.

My skrill ID: 48795834, m y withdraw transaction no is

Posted by Anonymous

I just feel the need to share my experience with skrill with everyone here so no one goes through the terrible experience I'm going through. I'm a skrill account holder with customer ID On sunday 24th May 2015 I received a message from skrill that my account has been temporarily suspended and that I should send them a copy of my passport. utility bill which I did and also the letter attached to my new debitcard which was sent to me a week ago to verify my address. I sent these on monday 25th I didn't hear from them again until I called them after 4 days, a lady told me they need more verification so I should send them copies of my business documents and url which I did, I was told they will escalate it so the security department will release my account and up till now no word. Skrill please tell the whole world what wrong I have done, all my friends that I received and sent money to have their accounts intact so why me, I was told there was no case against me and that it was just a random verification but it's been a week now. I have bills to pay and need to book my flight and pay my accommodation for summer school. I just hope no goes through this terrible experience ever. A closer look at their facebook shows you how reviews are disabled and also posts from customers. Anyone using skrill should know that they can lose their funds anytime without any wrongdoing so be careful when using the service because they don't care about their customers at all. I have customer service reps hanging up on me several times because they say I can only call once a day and that there's nothing more they can do about my situation. Read about all their negative reviews below. I will come up with an online petition so that companies discontinue using their service.

Posted by Anonymous

I wanted to add my payoneer card in my skrill account.But I did not know how can I verify.So I tried more time and my payoneer card had no balance so that I could not it Now I don't see my verify option for my payoneer card..Please tell me how can I see my verify option??

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Posted by kush

The best money transfer service, the recieve calls they attend to issues with immediate effect. moreover very high conversion rates

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