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Sirius customer service is ranked #601 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 28.06 out of a possible 200 based upon 879 ratings. This score rates Sirius customer service and customer support as Terrible.


838 Negative Comments out of 879 Total Comments is 95.34%.


41 Positive Comments out of 879 Total Comments is 4.66%.

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    • 28.06 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 838 negative comments (95.34%)
    • 41 positive comments (4.66%)
    • 4 employee comments
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    • 1.7 Issue Resolution
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Posted by Anonymous

The WORSE customer service reps that speak limited english and are as incompetent as a day is long. Eventually your only problem will be how to retain your clients who are fleeing Sirius in droves.

Posted by edog

They still send you overseas. Very poor customer service. All they want is a credit card payment. Sirius better fix their customer service with calls kept in the USA or they will not have a need for customer service for lack of customers.

Posted by jmh384

i was getting run around trying to cancel. cancel number tech difficulties twice. after i got thru and waited i got offers to stay when i refused got hung up on while waiting for cancel number. went to chat got a superviser and when i said i was calling attorney general he cancelled. i guess thats the majic word

Posted by [email protected]

I phone at 8:00 pm to discontinue and terminate my Sirius account. I have been getting the runaround for an hour and a half and I still haven't spoken with anyone from the cancellation dept.
What horrible service. I could get in touch with Putin easier than getting in contact with a representative.
I went on line, opened an account on "customer care" HA what a joke, and I can't do so on-line.
Terrible, terrible service, but I won't give up.

Posted by AnonymousCali

I have been a loyal XM customer since 2002. That is almost 15 years! I find it ridiculous the company screws over the loyal customers by automatically renewing at a higher rate while new customers or recently cancelled customers receive a greatly discounted price. There is also no option to opt out of auto-renewals. You have to call in to listener care. There is no option to cancel online. You have to call in to listener care. When I went to cancel my subscription, I first spoke to a rep who verified my info, then had to transfer me to another dept to speak with another rep, verify my info again to cancel my service. After getting to this second rep and stating I wanted to cancel my subscription, this rep "Francis" hung up on me/disconnected the call. I was furious that a rep would do this to a loyal customer of 15 years. So, I had to call back, verify info again, get transferred again, verify info again, and so on to speak to a supervisor. Shame on you SiriusXM! You will not profit from me anymore. You should reward those that are loyal customers with discounted rates-not those that threaten to cancel!

Posted by Joyce

Sirius radio has a habit of ending the call instead of taking care of the problem. After FIVE calls I finally got the problem saved. None of the customer service personnel spoke English correctly. It was very hard to understand everyone I talked to.

Posted by someone who cares

one of the most inept, ineffective and absolutely frustrating customer care experiences I have ever endured. SIRIUS corporate should really look into this; the chief complaint is using a global customer care force who communicate in broken English. If you have endured hours on the phone, failed transfers, or were unable to understand the customer care person, then I urge you to file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission online like I am about to do. Filing a complaint will provide a little bit of power that Sirius clearly does not want us to have. I pay $274 to hear Howard Stern, and it took me a full evening and early morning to find customer care person that I could understand and that could change my subscription to full access. I spent at minimum of 2-hours that took away time from my family because of this shoddy customer care service that Sirus has off-loaded to a cheaper workforce in other countries than where it should be right here in the USA. Shame on Sirius.

Posted by Anonymous

I have recently had you call me too reenlist in your sirius radio to which I explained that I am NOT interested at this time and I asked to be taken off your call list but you continue to keep calling and today it was two more phone calls. I do not understand why you keep calling when I asked you nicely and the sad thing is is when I did ask both the lady and the gentleman that I talked to you were very rude to me as if I had no right to ask for not being called. That's not how business is done

Posted by Anonymous

The Worst Ever!! I Called To Change My Billing Info And They Shut Off My Backseat Tv Right Before A Holiday Family Vacation. They Shut It Off And Say They Dont Have The Ability To Turn It Back On. It Is No Surprise To Me That There Stock Is In The Toilet. I Predict They Will Be Full Of Commercials Or But Out Of Business Within 3 Years. The Are Terrible!!

Posted by Jonjons

Horrible Company no customer service. Take your money and deliver a crappy product. Harassed with endless calls and mail. Price changes all the time, Auto rebilling is a nightmare and canceling service takes half your day. When it rains signal fades in and out. Do yourself a favor and run as fast as you can away from Sirius

Posted by Anonymous

I'm realy pissed about the way I was told to get you're service.the person told me that for the promotion that they were giving at the time I would have raidio and internet for a year for this prise now last week my phone broke And I got it back loaded the app and it wouldn't work l really when o er the way thay explained it and this was all a year thing so now I call back to get it fixed or some kind of answers to the way I was told and I get a man that was rude to the point to not let me explain what my reason of calling was and he would not let me finish telling him my problem so the I ask for supervisor and she gave don't care attitude like thats my problem so I asked for her employee name she gave me this number 151123_013689 so is this bow you have you're mgmt talk to youre customers or is thi is how you treat you're customers please reach unhappy. Customer asap my name is anthony I can be reached I thank you for you're fast response.

Posted by Huskerpower

Horrible customer service. The first time I tried to cancel, the operator put me on hold for 45 minutes before the call was finally cut off. When I called back, the operator asked for all sorts of account information before we could move forward. I spent 20 minutes just fending off his script of trying to convince me to stay.

Posted by [email protected]

My husband spent two hrs on line to continue service with you on my 2015 Journey and he ended up calling help line he got run around he just wants to continue services on my Journey and his Dart.

Posted by RickPucci

I signed up for the music only plan of $9.99. But they had to start me at $14.95 and I had to call back in after the 30 day "remorse period," for some odd reason. I did. I got the name of teh person and a confirmation number. They never adjusted the billing. My bad for catching it late but after 8 months they got away with overcharging me. Why I trusted them is beyond me. All calls to their cust service to fix this were God_awful. Off shore people, in the Honuras, bad English, one girl never heard of ESPN and transfers to supervisors were left on hold until I gave up after 32 minutes. Wow.

Posted by DR

Every experience I have had with Sirius customer is awful. They sell and mislead, obviously working off a script they can't deviate from. This time was the worst. I called yesterday to downgrade the service plan on my car. I got the e-mail confirm later and saw they downgraded my wife's car. In order to downgrade, you need to extend another year and I did not want to do that for her car. When I asked them to fix their own mistake, they kept telling me I had to upgrade and extend her car, just to fix their own mistake. The guy gave me attitude about it. I am still on hold, at 33 minutes now, trying to fix their mistake that followed a 30 plus minute call yesterday. They are so awful.

Posted by Anonymous

I had their trial service forced on me with a new car purchase, even though I didn't want or use the service once. Ever since the expiration I receive 1-2 calls a week from their rude and pushy telemarketers trying to get me to subscribe. I have asked several times to be removed from their call list to no avail. I even contacted their support via email about the issue and never heard anything back. I finally just phoned their support and the rep tells me I am already on their do not call list and that I shouldn't be receiving any sales calls. I told him I literally JUST got a sales call which fueled me to call their support, and he argued with me that it wasn't possible. This company is horrible and I will now tell every soul I know how horrible they are. I am also on the national do not call list so will be reporting this violation.

Posted by Anonymous

Horrible company! Tried to cancel my subscription today and got disconnected three times at the same point in the process - right after I refused their "special offer" and still wanted to cancel. Finally got them to stay on the line long enough to (I hope!) cancel the service. Are their reps beaten or something every time they don't stop a customer from leaving? Will never, ever have anything else to do with this company!

Posted by Joe

Worst company I've ever dealt with, so shady. Was trying to cancel my account today, was disconnected 3 different times, and they have a policy of no return calls, lovely. So had to start the process over 3 different times. They do not send out emails that your account has been renewed, thought I cancelled this last year. Money grubbing jerks.

Posted by Rose

I called to cancel my service. Of course after the Customer Service rep was rude and condescending, I asked where he was, he said the Dominican Republic and his name is Daniel. We all know that isn't true. He is clearly in India and it's not Daniel. I asked to speak with his supervisor, I got his supervisor after waiting 13 min on the phone. His name was Clyde. They both reminded me that all calls are recorded. What a waste of precious time. I'm so glad I cancelled. I will be following American companies from here on out!

Posted by Anonymous

I got charged for this on my radio and did not want to renew my subsciption.

This is what was on my American Express bill//ACCT NY.

PLEASE TAKE THIS OFF AND I DO NOT WANT THE SERVICE. I donot want to pay for it and did not tell you all to bill me.


Russell Deshotel

Posted by big girl

Customer Service is terrible They charge you for everything I have been a customer since 2004 canceled my subscription today Stations are not that good listening to the radio is just as good

Posted by Argus

Waited for more than an hour - no customer service representative answered my phone.

Do you call this service - I don't.

Posted by cmxj

UNBELIEVABLY BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE. I currently, and SADLY, have five radios with Sirius. Two are up for renewal and I was going to add a sixth. But Sirius won't let me see my account until I renew the first two radios! I want to see what kind of 'package' deal I can get for so many radios but Sirius (seriously!) won't 'unblock' my account online so I can what all I've got going on!! So, guess what? I'm about to become Sirius FREE!! Thank goodness for bluetooth. And hey Sirius, GOOD JOB looking after a long term/high volume customer.

Posted by Beyond Frusturated

Worst customer service EVER!!! On hold for at least 45 minutes, on hold 10 different times. Bounced to four different departments. Terrible experience. This has been my experience every time ive called. How can this be this bad, for such a sustained period of time? Really beyond frusturated!

Posted by Annoyed Customer

Most annoying company I've ever felt with. When I bought a new car, they automatically got my information. Here I am five months later still getting their calls, emails, and letters in the mail, even after calling them repeatedly to request a halt in communication.

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Posted by Bebe Ento

There are so many people complaining about the Sirius XM service, and I am a bit flabbergasted by this. I have had it for about 4 years when I received it free for 3 months. When it expired, I received many offers, and finally accepted their 6 months for $24.99 offer. Very boldly written in the terms is the fact that it will AUTOMATICALLY RENEW AT CURRENT RATEsS unless you call to cancel. About 3 weeks before the renewal date, I call and get the same 6 month rate. It has worked many times already. This is not a good way to do it, but once you get their scheme, you just abide by it. I've NEVER had the problems people are writing about. Remember, it will AUTOMATICALLY RENEW unless you call. If you know that, it makes life much easier!

Posted by slorider1

Had lots of problems with my radio fading in and out. Call a bunch of time and each time all they had me do was refesh the radeo. It didn,t work each time. My advice is to skip the first level tech. and ask for manager or second level tech.
I got a call from James. He wanted to know the detail of the problem and what was did the help fix it. (5 minutes top) After that he send me a new upgraded radio along with his email.
Now when I have any thing I want or need done with my radio or programing package I just e mail James. Within a few hours he calls and we are talking on the phone. Longest time on the phone was less than ten minutes and everything was taken care of to more than my satisfaction.
Also the siriusxm help on twitter is run very well. Thanks Jess and Kate.

Posted by Mandy

I LOVE SIRIUS XM...I have been a happy subcriper since 2002!! 12 years and it keeps getting better and better. Thank you!!! :) :) :)

Posted by Fred

If you read the below comment I wrote about Sirius XM I must retract my last comment. Today I spoke to Sirius XM and they totally changed my entire outlook on Sirius XM. I spoke to a person named Ms. Boone and I must say she was wonderful and totally honest with me. She stated that she was able to give me the package I wanted and the price was correct. She was caring and stated that she was in fact here to help. She did and she along with the staff that works for the office were entirly proffesional and again extremly helpful. I believe that Sirius XM made a wise choose with creating this department. Again Ms. Boone I thank you and I hope you accept my retraction as you made me a believer once again. If there are other people out there that are upset with Sirius XM please ask for Ms. Boone as she will help you out and make you a believer again

Posted by Anonymous

I had to cancel my subscription to Sirius as my radio is broken and I can no longer listen to it. The automated answering service said the wait would be about 8 minutes and it was, the customer service representative was helpful and offered me a free radio if I wanted to pay shipping, which I did not. She cancelled my subscription without a problem.

Posted by Anonymous

I've had Sirius and XM off and on for several years. When I get rid of it, it's mainly due to health reasons and I am not driving very much. I've never had a problem with their customer service. I think a lot of the complaints they receive is because people simply don't read their terms and agreements or they just don't ask enough questions. My only real complaint is they need to hurry up and finalize their merger and start allowing the 2nd discounted receiver(s) across Sirius and XM and not just per each original company. I had Sirius and when I bought my truck I had to switch to XM and my roomate has Sirius and XM, so he has a lifetime sub with Sirius and his XM is under me.

Posted by Anonymous

It seems obvious that the majority of comments left on this site are from the disgruntled. I had a positive interaction a few weeks ago with customer service with minimal wait time. The first agent wasn't able to help me completely and I was transferred to another person without a wait time. Neither had accents or difficulty in understanding my speech.

I think there may be a lot of frustrating things about SiriusXM pricing and contracts, but I'd have to say that my interaction with the customer service was good.

Posted by LL Boca Raton

After speaking to several people I finally spoke to an American who transferred me to a supervisor (Chelsea)
and every issue I had was rectified within 5 minutes.

Posted by etalate

Just spoke to a very kind young woman who verified my info as a Sirius customer....She did have a foreign accent but I had no problem understanding her whatsoever....I aired my concern about not receiving some stations that I paid for under my plan....She knew exactly what I was talking about and told me I will get a new signal within 5 minutes and be able to receive those stations and voila! Fixed in 2 mins.! I Love Sirius XM Radio!

Posted by online options

my experience with sirius xm is very wonderful rep is very professional and freindly

Posted by Anonymous

Had a rep. call contact me after posting extremely negative comments. It was about a trial subscription activation. I bought a new vehicle that should have a one year complimentary subscription from Chrysler Canada. The long and short is that the dealer was responsible to activate all features with Sirius. The operators that you speak to at the toll free number are not fully aware of all the codes and different trials offered. For something other than a straight forward subscription it is better to contact someone at the corporate level. I am thankful after posting to this site my issues were resolved efficiently, promptly and was treated with value - thank you very much!

Posted by dbc925

I went online to switch my account from my ex-wife's radio to one of my own. I saw that there was a $15 transfer fee, so I called customer care. They couldn't waive it, but they offered a $10 credit to my account. I told them just to go ahead and cancel then (the radio is in my gameroom and probably gets played once a month - less in the summer). I was transferred to retention, who said waiving the $15 fee would be no problem. I stayed on.

Posted by focal

I am from Canada and talked with a rep from Cairo, Egypt. What a wonderful rep, spoke english with an accent, but we all do.... dont we.. bent over backward to make me happy.. nothing but great service

Posted by PlayinHardball

To start I will agree with some of the comments on here. However, I am a Canadian Customer and seem to have only had to deal with English speaking Reps.

I am on a combined subscription with my business partner and have had our good times and bad times with sirius.

Recently my business partner had to replace his radio because his original broke one way or another. When he called to activate hs new radio so he could listen to his rightfully paid sub, Sirus charged us $45.20 to my CC as a transfer fee. I called them as soon as I saw this charge and got my call forwarded to customer relations/retention. I explained the issue and I had my refund within 5 days returned to my CC. The rep was pretty ticked that they actually charged an 8 year customer a fee to put a new radio on the account just so he could listen to what he had rightfully paid for.

During the above call I explained to the rep that since I have them on the line I will go forward with cancelling their service as it is not worth the $316 for the year sub for 2 radios on the same account. He countered me with an offer of $89 for 1st radio and $59. So basically it is 2 radios at 6 month price for 1 year of service. I was pretty happy about that.

My business partner was to call them yesterday with his CC # because the one on the account was to be removed due to it being compromised. Woke up this morning and went to MY SIRIUS Account and saw they had a $316 balance due on the account. I was for lack of a better term pissed off. I immediately called Sirius and went direct to Customer relations/retention and explained what was going on and they agreed that this was an error on their part. I called my partner and told him that he had to call with his CC# and that there were notes on the account regarding the quoted charges. Which he did. Sirius then reversed their unacceptable original charges and gave us the agreed to charges of $89 and $59 for 2 radios for 1 year of sub.

So as it stands now I am satisfied with their service price wise but I do know like any sub servce if you don't call them and explain under no uncertain terms you will get charged a full sub price.

You have to play hardball with these companies. They have shareholders they have to satsfy and if that means cutting a deal to keep their subscriber base high then they will start spitting out offers.

Keep in mind I am dealing with Sirius Canada and all dollars are in Canadian.

My advice...... Call them LONG before the account needs renewed. ONLY SPEAK TO CUSTOMER RETENTON (not just the first rep who answers) and tell them you will be cancelling their service, the deals will be offered. TELL THEM TO MAKE A NOTE ON THE ACCOUNT, ASK THEIR NAME. After this call give it about 6 hrs or a day and call back to Customer retention and ask them to reiterate the NOTES that should have been put on the account and if no notes appear to them go through the process again.

Good luck everyone!!! I know it can be very frustrating dealing with these monopoly corps but customers are important to their shareholders. If it starts showing they are losing subs en-masse Shareholders get pissed and the corps lose money in the end.

Posted by sweathog

Called to cancel 2 radios before the auto renewal date since I don't use them too often (I don't commute anymore). Waited about 40 minutes on hold after calling at 945 PM (CT).

Customer service offered to renew at 50% of current rate, which included the music royalty fee. It turned out to be about $85 for the whole year, per radio. I was persuaded and renewed at the reduced rate of about $7 per month.

I don't look forward to a future call to customer service to either cancel (or haggle), but I'm satisfied.

Posted by Anonymous

I called to cancel my account. Customer service handled this request quickly, efficiently and courteously.

Posted by Anonymous

As usual in an online forum I see more negative than positive comments. I think this is only because people like to complain more than they praise. Honeslty my customer service experiences with Sirius were so positive that I am compelled to say so now. They were fast, efficient and friendly. A rep refunded a large portion of the fees I had paid for the prior service month becuase my radio went out, but I never contacted Sirius. So technically it was my fault, but no questions aked, he took the prorated amount of the time I was unable to listen to Sirius off my bill. I was impressed and pleasantly surprised.

Posted by SorryGuys

Wow, after reading these comments I was very hesitant to call. But, I just called Customer Care, pressed #4, got a rep who was defintely foriegn but spoke English very well and was very helpful. I requested to have my service cancelled because my radio was stolen from my car. He offered me a couple of different radios for $20 & $60 respectivily which I declined at this time. He then processed my cancellation, informed me of the refund I would be getting, and that was it. Took maybe 7 minutes total from start to finish. I was very pleased.

Posted by ckarp73

Call 212.584.5100 - I spoke with Jody (American) and she was AWESOME. Knocked my "past usage fee" in 1/2 and gave me 6 mos of music for $30. That's more than the two attempts at calling "somewhere" did ! I was ready to cancel and now they've hooked me back in. NOTE: Sirius automatically renews so if you don't want the service after it expires CALL TO CANCEL or you will owe money.

Posted by sebastian


Posted by Jimmy Buffett

Gaspen.....don't dispair...I too had the same problem....not only did I have a lifetime for my car, but purchased another 'lifetime' for my wifes car in june 10, three yrs. after their policy changed, and wasn't told even then that you can't transfer oem radios.....
I wrote a letter, and of course never heard back, so I found a corp. cust. svc. # on the internet, to which I don't have handy, matter of fact looking for now, but I got an english speaking rep from new york, and they took care of can still have the just need to get to the corp. cust. svc is a 212 #

Posted by Magnum

I just called Sirius to suspend service while my car is in storage. Took 5 minutes and they even credited my account for a partial month. Will report back if the bill again, but so far very good

Posted by Florencia

We've had Sirius home radio for many years with any problems. Today we experienced antenna failure. I got a customer rep as soon as I called and an answer to our problem in less than 5 minutes. We are very happy with our Sirius experience.

Posted by Anonymous

I called your 866 # to ask a question about my bill. My husband and I both have it in our vehicles. I am a SS and have a little trouble hearing. I ask the lady if she was in the US or another country. She said she was in the Phillippines No wander our (US)unemployment rate is so high. I want the oney that I pay to stay in the US. I know we ave people that are qualified and would love to have this job. I also could understand what they were saying without asking them to keep repeating themselves

Posted by John S.

Just talked with Maya and another lady (forgot her name)while getting my service restored, and got excellent, fast and freindly service from both.

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Posted by former employee from xm in the p

guys,just a piece of advise, before you enter into an agreement with sirius xm, kindly go on-line and find out the "the terms and conditions"of the not just blame the customer service from the philippines coz they are just doing their jobs..

Posted by Anonymous

I am an employee with siriusxm, I work in the cancellations department. So I usually get the very unhappy customers. I am a consumer myself and understand how frustrating it can be when calling in to a company and do not get the treatment your deserve. But just on piece of advise for future callers... You get much farther and more accomplished when you speak to your rep with respect and courtesy. For one you do not know what they have the ability and athourity to do for. And me myself if i speak to someone who does have real issue wth their account who is respectful I am more than willing to go out of my way and get everything resolved for them. But when those customers call in and are screaming cursing ranting and raving at me Im less likely to reach out of my box and take an extra step for you. We are a huge corporate company that has terms and conditions just like any other service thats out there. Please read all of your terms and conditions be aware of what you are putting your and and information, whether it me satellite radio magazine subscription... Treat the person who is handleing your account and I promise you will get much farther. :)

Posted by siriusspEgypt

Hello i work with Sirius as well and i'd like to clarify some information as well.

- I work in Cairo, Egypt site and over there we started with the same trainers that trained Canada and Former USA sites. So the company spent the same amount of money to train us just like they did in USA. I do understand that it'd be frustrating to get someone with a fluent accent but you could bump up with someone who can't speak English and works in a gorcery store in USA as well. Right?

- We DO NOT hang up at any customer without prior notice because its extremely forbidden to do so. Other than a customer refusing to avoid an abusive attitude, The SP will be taken through an investigation and might be terminated from the company RIGHT away.

- Being put on hold for so long doesn't mean that we refuse to take your calls. I Work 8 hours a day and we take calls consecutively !!!! Meaning that as soon as we're done with your call we receive another one RIGHT AWAY...So you might be on hold for 45 mins but i probably took more than 20 calls during that. Also keep in mind that the calls get transferred automatically meaning that we don't have the option to "pick up" the phone. Besides, Sirius have more than 22 million subscriber. Imagine if just 10% call us in one day...and yeah we're expanding our call centers to be able to absorb all that number.

- Regarding complains about being sent to NCO or have a payment due. lets put it this way, You have a property and you rent it to someone and receive a payment every year. Now you should get the rent of the new year but whoever took that property refuses to pay for all that time claiming that he was never in that property. How would you know that he's not there????? Perhaps if he called you would've knew? Same goes here !!! Even if you weren't told. If you worry about your money that much i think you should give us a call to see whats gonna happen or how are you gonna be charged. Accounts sent to Collections Agency is because we have tried to contact you and send you mails regarding a late payment and you haven't called us. So we send it to someone that could process that payment. I understand it might be tough but hey !!! We need to get the money of the service we provided you with.

- Regarding being double charged or payments that doesn't go through. Please understand that we work on computers and on systems. There's always a space for mistakes and system glitches. We all encountered that at some point. We do out best to assist you if it was our mistake !!!

Now i understand that most of the people would get complains from agents that refuse to make their job right !!! Well nothing is perfect and there's probably gonna be some people that fail to do their jobs right but let me assure you that people like these don't last for more than a couple of months. We take our job very seriously. Its just that what you might go through is problems regarding being on hold, Language barriers and system issues. Trust me, Sirius isn't trying to save money at all...Everything is being expanded and maintained including the call centers. I do guarantee that after awhile the Customer care service is gonna be one of the highest quality service that you'll experience. I'm not getting any money for writing this. Non of my supervisors also know i'm writing this. I'm just doing it to clarify lots of issues because i love my job and i love Sirius, I also worry about customers being dissatisfied. So the next time you give us a call i hope i'd take the call to Assist you.

At the end of the day you should just relax even if its a bad customer care service. After all, Sirius is Entertainment. ;)

Posted by siriussp

i work with sirius... and people that think that sirius has bad customer care havent actually looked into all their issues..

for one, its in our terms and conditions that once your plan expires... it will automatically renew unless we receive a request for the account to be cancled.

for two, our prices have been a bit higher now, thats true. But the reason why they went up is for one.. the music royalty fee.. which we dont get ANY of that money, they go to recording artists & studios so we can play their copyright music.

And we do charge for internet radio now because we had alot of upgrades to our systems to broadcast better quality music & so that program will be compatable with other devices such as the iphone and itouch... its not cheap to get those kind of upgrades & its about 3 bucks a month..

1 for english and you get someone from the philipenes... those people can speak engligh, they just have a strong accent.. i find that pretty racist. Although.. the person who trained me at the Canada site has went away to the philipenes many times to train those people... we all get the same training... they still need jobs?

lifetime plans... if you actually research the terms & conditions of a lifetime plan... its the lifetime for a RECEIVER... $75 swap fee, yes its a bit of money but think of all the money you save with a lifetime plan.. starting at $399... a 3 year plan is $349 ...Some people even sign up for our 4, 5 & 6 year plans that cost more then lifetime plans to advoid that fee? makes sense i guess... and there is no hidden $15 dollar swap fee, its stated in the terms and conditions..

so basically.. read the terms and conditions before you sign up! it will save you alot of greif and to be honest with you... if your going to call us complaining i can gaurentee that you will get less help with your problem... i have sent out free radios, few months free of suscriptions & credited peoples accounts just for being patient & polite. they may not have read what their suposte to but everyone makes mistakes, and alot of those mistakes we can fix.

by the way.. i do not get paid for writing this, we dont get any bonuses for selling you junk, we just do our job & try our best to make our customers happy:)


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Should Snape, Lupin, and Sirius have been younger in the Harry Potter movies?
Alan Rickman, Gary Oldman, and David Thewlis were amazing as Snape, Sirius, and Lupin, but were they actually too old for the Harry Potter characters? Should the movies have cast someone young for each role? We all love Alan Rickman's Snape in theá...
Sirius Black and Harry Potter aren't really that different
The Harry Potter series is so beloved that sometimes, we want to think of different ways to relate back to it. Whether it is to fall in love with Harry and his friends again or go back to the story and revisit it in a different light, we just want ...