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Posted by Erandha

I had purchased a aircondition from singer kiribathgoda branch.they comfirmed me three free services.first service done.but for today second one is late two months.they told they will come.but they didn't.if my ac broken who will get the responsibility.very bad

Posted by Aruna

We purchased a AC from Singer Mega Panadura in January 2018. After only 2 weeks, it is not working. We have to remind repetedly to get the service people.
Finally they arrived and says there is a gas leak in this brand new AC. After gas input it worked only 1 day. After repeated reminders they arrived and says there are unnecessary parts in this brand new AC.
Again repaired and work for only 1 day.
Not working still.
Aruna - Panadura

Posted by Gamage

Your service is very bad

Posted by Nadeeka

I'm Nadeeka from Mawanella. I purchased a Singer Geo Smart Refrigerator from Singer Life Style Exhibition on 26.11.2017 from the Milagiriya Branch stall. They promised to deliver the item with in a week & now its more than 14 days gone. I have paid fully for the refrigerator & I sent a mail to Milagiriya Branch Manager and no reply until now. Because of these reason I'm really disappointed with Singer Sri Lanka Service. When I called Milagiriya Branch, they just checked the bills & no positive response on delivery.

Further, the item is supposed to deliver to Mawanella Singer Plus Branch. I gave a copy of the invoice to Mawanella Branch. And when I asked about the product delivery, they-the Branch Manager :Buddhi Dananjaya Bandara don't want to take any responsibility for calling me to confirm the delivery of the item. Also when I taking with the manager, I saw there was another customer who has purchased a refrigerator from Mawanella branch, informed a breakdown & requested a service to be done. (By appearance he is very old & poor) But the branch manager & his assistant manager were scolding to that old man saying " we don't do services; tomorrow is a holiday: it will take 2-3 days: bla bla things...."
I was really arrogant & I forget to record/video that situation in my phone to send you as a proof.
So this is how Mawanella branch manager treats the customers. I strongly recommended to fire him from his position of manager & also the assistant manager.
I never recommends any one to buy Singer products anymore because of this worst customer service & bad after sales service.

I will post this scenario in my FB page & no matter I have a huge number of local friends and I will publish this everyone.

Posted by Chathuranga

I have complaint with singer customer care concerning the unprofessional behaviour of Gothatuwa (Colombo) Branch manager Ms Nadeeka one week ago . Despite I requested an appointment with Colombo district manager Dinesh to discuss my problem, I havent got any update yet. Gothatuwa BM verbally abused me in front of customers when I went to get a service.

I am inconvenienced and worried about singer service. I have already purchased so many products from Singer and this is the first time I called for a service. I don't know if you encourage your BM to behave in this manner, but I find it completely unacceptable and unprofessional.

Posted by Buddhika

Dear Singer Team,

I'm Buddhika from MAS Holdings and have purchased Thread mill machine model# QT-802 Receipt on 18th November at Singer Life style Exhibition @BMICH while agreed to make a home delivery within 2 weeks. It's almost 2 months now and still machine is pending.

Got a contact person Who's called Mr. M.U. Arjuna Branch Manager -Singer Plus Showroom,Thimbirigasyaya Road, Colombo 05.

I used to contact him since 3-4 weeks time now and just giving commitments as "Tomorrow never comes" and till Today machine is pending.

Further this is supposed to under go 6 month installment plan from Sampath Credit card which has been charged over the card as one time transaction and already charged interest as promise from Mr. Arjuna to be corrected within a short time, but yet to be done.

SO i'm writing this with worst level of service i have ever experienced from any merchant from Sri Lanka and promising not to purchase any thing from Singer in Future.

This is the total disappointment with me now.

Posted by Anonymous

The chatline is terrible.The 0800 number was even more terrible.Shall never use Singer again.

Posted by Anonymous

Please teach your company workers to be friendly. Totally worst and rude. (Kollupitiya branch). They don't know how to talk with customers. They insult my mom with indecent words. Is this singer's customer service?

Posted by maz

what happened to FRIDEN after acquisition by singer
was it sold? liquidated?


Posted by Anonymous

I'm using your 2263 Singer, when the needle jammed due to trouble with the thread getting caught in the bobbin case fitting. I have removed and cleaned the area, but cannot get the casing parts back in there. Do you have a video to help me replace the case? This is a borrowed machine and the instruction manual does not include the above info. Judy thanks you.....

Posted by Anonymous

I received my Embroidery Machine in December, had to send it in January to a warranty company in Georgia, I live in Florida. They kept it for 6 weeks. Received it back and within 30 days, it was doing the same thing. Called SInger, they kept the machine for a month, receives it back and they did nothing, the same thing was still happening. Have sent it back and they had my machine since July 5th. I have called and sent e-mails, nothing, no call backs, no response to my last e-mail. Nothing. They could care less..I want a complete refund of $900.00

Posted by Anonymous

I received the model # 1 sewing machine for Christmas, and the bar that goes across the zipper foot is missing, I spoke with your customer service and i was given the phone # of the parts dept. and for about $20.00 they will ship me a new zipper foot. I think since it was never attached in the first place it should be sent for free, obviously the parts were never checked well when put in the machine. I would appreciate a new zipper foot sent free of charge to

Posted by Anonymous

Don't buy a singer steam press mine broke after 5 months we phoned the warranty number the said it only lasts 6 months they tied to say I didn't buy a singer when I payed on my debit card and ordered from amazon there is no customer care at all e

Posted by Letty Charge

I have tried every phone number given in your information and each time I have been told by the operator that the number is incorrect.

I have been given a singer sewing machine but have found a fault which I am struggling with. How an I rectify this if I cannot speak to anyone from Singer?

Posted by Widescreen

Hi Singer Headquarters I would really like old fashioned sewing machine to come back from 1900s because its fun and its really cool and it sews really really good?

Ps can you write back

Posted by Anonymous

Customer Service is very incompetent. My wife ordered accessories on line and never received an order confirmation, a ship out date....,etc. After contacting singer several times, it appears that staff is just reading a promt of what to say to customers in certain situations. After advising that we wanted to cancel the order for a full refund, they advised to let them send out the order for a a $ 40.00 courtesy refund. After agreeing, still nothing. We then contacted them again to cancel the order at which time the customer service rep. said, "fine" and hung up.

Posted by Anonymous

Good Morning,
Trying to reach you; just bought a new Signature 9340 machine. The standard accessories were not included in the box with the exception of the dust cover, and extension table. Also, I could not register online - wouldn't allow the state. Please respond.
I have owned a Singer for over 48 years and am hoping this new machine meets my expectations.
Thank you for your attention.

Posted by Anonymous

I am absolutely disgusted with the customer service with this company as well as with the customer service at the Corporate office. Ordered an embroidery machine that cost a lot of money. Was delivered on Monday and did not receive any software with the machine. Called the general customer service number and was told that they would order it for me and ship it out. I asked if the shipping would be expedited and was told no unless you want to pay for the expedited freight.
Then called the corporate office and spoke with a supervisor and was told that they will see what they can do for me. Didn't receive a call back and knew that the phones were going to be closing soon, so I called back. Found out that at 11:30am a note was made that they were going to be shipping one out to me. Was irritated that I had to call back at around 3:30pm to get this information. At 6:30pm was told that it would be shipping out the next day. Don't know why if it the notes stating that it was going to be expedited and shipped at 11:30am why it wouldn't have been send out that day. Then received and email the next day stating that it would be shipping and that as soon as a tracking number was available that it would be provided to me. Well it is now Friday afternoon and I do not have a tracking number nor has it been delivered and it was promised to be here today. Attempted to contact the supervisor of the woman that I spoke with and was told no. I had to deal with her. I said well I am having issues with her customer service and I would like to speak to her supervisor and was told no yet again.
Singer has been in business for a very long time and I am shocked and appalled at their horrible customer service. I am in several sewing and embroidery groups and I have full intention on sharing this with them. I would not want anyone else to have to deal with this. Called at 3:45pm again today and just found out that their idea of expediting means telling me if was going to ship Thursday and get here Friday but now it won't get here until MONDAY!!!!! Because it hasn't even shipped yet. Absolutely the worst customer service I have EVER dealt with!

Posted by Anonymous

Good morning, on Monday I talked to Lou Ann about my S10 Embroidery machine Large Hoop screw broke and need singer to send me another hoop so I can embroidery some pretty thing.Lou Ann told me to mail her the receipt show me buy the embroidery machine and also send it attention Lou Ann so she get it. The S10 so far does a beautiful job embroidery but be careful with the hoop the screw look like the screw is pastic and singer need to look in to it for as much as a person pay for the S10 Embroidery Singer machine it need a real good screw not a pastic one.... Lena Rouzer

Posted by Cininman

just bought a model #8208 and the peddle does not work. When I plug in to the out let the light comes on so I know it is getting electric.

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