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Singapore Airlines customer service is ranked #582 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 28.60 out of a possible 200 based upon 15 ratings. This score rates Singapore Airlines customer service and customer support as Terrible.


15 Negative Comments out of 15 Total Comments is 100.00%.


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    • 28.60 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 15 negative comments (100.00%)
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    • 2.6 Issue Resolution
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Posted by Jagjit Singh Gurcharan

Dear Sir, I flew from Brisbane to Singapore with Singapore Airlines SQ 256 economy class seated seat 60F. I was so disappointed the service which claim to be 1 st class in the world was not. (1st) The steward and stewardess or so unpleasant as I am a diabetic I requested some biscuits and when the stewardess come to deliver the approach and the sourness on the face so dissapointing. Where is the friendleyness of Singapore Airlines. (2nd) Incident I was at the lavatory waiting to take my turn at the back lavatory a male eldeary steward came with harsh voice and high tone says "excuse me sir", He gave me a shock. Wow so rude of this elderly steward. So Rude.(3rdly) As I was seated at the back as 60F near lavatory the urine smell so strong that I have to stop my breath so many times not to inhale the smelly urine smell. So please Singapore Airlines it is a shame with 1st class airlines with this unpleasents steward and stewardess and smelly urine aliness.

Posted by Hardy

made a mistake of using maiden name on ticket, applied for name change though kayak and went back and fourth calling and Singapore airlines more than 10 times to hear a new story each time

Drove 2 hours to SF airport to be treated as fool and being laughed at and finally cancelled trip and got no refund

This is how they treat there customer, i ll never ever do any business with these thugs, i wish bad luck to there business

Thanks for screwing up so bad

Posted by farstar

It seems as if they avoiding human contact at all cost.

Posted by Anonymous

I am trying to join Kris Flyer but the mandatory drop down boxes don't "drop down" so I can't complete the form as it won't allow me to proceed without completing the information. I can't seem to find any other way to contact Singapore Airlines except through this page. My laptop allows cookies,

Posted by sembatya mercy


Below is information i received, is it real.

Singapore .

We are officially notifying you regarding the Special Yearly Package Promotion Gift from the Board and Directors of the Singapore Airlines and the KrisFlyer Membership Services which is approved and confirmed by the Singapore Changi International Airport and the Directors of the Singapore Airlines. Package Promotion Gift from the Board and Directors of the Singapore Airlines and the KrisFlyer Membership Services which is approved and confirmed by the Singapore Changi International Airport and the Directors of the Singapore Airlines.

This is to inform you that your email address was randomly selected by Singapore Airlines Ltd Exclusive List of 10,000,000 Million internet users ' e -mail deleting individual and corporate entities around the world, this year January 2014 .

File your claim today by sending the details below for the following information is to process your winnings to you ;

Contact : Sam Lee

Once again congratulations from Singapore Airlines Ltd management and staff .

Posted by Fenwaylaw

Dear Sir or Madam:

This letter serves to commend the excellent service I received as a passenger on Singapore Airlines Flight SQ026, on January 09, 2014- on part of my return trip from Frankfurt, Germany, to New York City, New York. Specifically, I want to acknowledge two of your cabin crew members for their exceptional work in making my flight one of the best that I have had in my 30 years of flying. These two outstanding individuals who assisted me throughout the flight were Mr. Foo See Kwang and Ms. Yong Zi Hui.Â

I flew with Singapore Airlines from Boston, Massachusetts, to visit my wife who lives and work in Singapore. She is a Singaporean who had insisted adamantly that I book all my travels with Singapore Airlines prior to my trips. I thought she was nationalistic and biased in supporting her domestic airline company, since she is after all a Singapore national. However, I now have experienced firsthand and believe without reservations how wonderful Singapore Airlines really is. My wife Joycelyn has always flown with your carrier. She has now easily made me a convert.Â

Throughout my long flight back to the United States, I was very impressed with how Mr. Foo See Kwang and Ms. Yong Zi Hui each carried themselves. They went around the cabin incessantly throughout the flight to make passengers' air travel experience the most pleasant it could be. They were very accommodating and were professional with how they carried out their tasks. They smiled each time I see them passed by my seat. I have never seen such dedication and attention to details as I have in the way these two individuals rendered service. Mr. Yoo See Kwang offered candies to passengers, and I even overheard him talking with a small group of young travelers. It was evident to me that he was trying to make them all feel at ease with flying. He succeeded when I hear the kids laughed and smiled back at him.

I wish I have a change to meet these two airline attendants again to express my gratitude to them for making my trip very comfortable and memorable. They each made me feel like a highly valued customer. As a law student who is now frantically preparing for the upcoming bar exam in February, I am extremely busier than ever these days. Therefore, to take time and write to share with you is a true testament that I have deep respect for the work you and your employees are doing.Â

These two individuals have earned my admiration. Ms. Yong Zi Hui and Mr. Yoo See Yong have made a difference for me. They are remarkable assets to Singapore Airlines; and with this, I want to let you know that I will try from now on to book all my flights with Singapore Airlines. I will also help to get the word out about how positive experience with your company was. Keep up the great work!


Mr. Sy Phan

Doctor of JurisprudenceÂ


Attn : Mr Goh Choon Phong

Chief Executive Officer

Singapore Airlines

January 20th, 2014

Re : Flight ticket refund

Dear Mr Goh,

I'm REALLY SICK with the SIA-North America's staff SLOPPY ATTITUDE, namely Mahendra Hingmire from & Ms Ramona from in NOT crediting my money (AUD 1670.25) into my HSBC Visa Debit card since January 16th for my son,ERNEST TCHAIKOVSKY ARFAN (Australian Passport # : 5439236)! I forwarded emails to BOTH of them THIRTY TIMES & it REALLY ILLUSTRATED their SLOPPY ATTITUDE. Is this the kind of personnel who will be representing SIA PREMIER image???????

I'd appreciate if you could give BOTH of them a nudge from their comfort zone!


Ms Sarwarjan binti Mohamed Arfan

Posted by Teardrop

It would be nice if the customer service operator new what he was talking about. It is so easy to book a flight, however when it comes to canceling it seems bigger than Ben-Hur. I have rang customer service and have been given the run around and also emailed twice and I am starting to feel that there is no service industry any more. I have flown with Singapore airlines in the past and once you have boarded they are magnificent. I wish I could say the same about their administration staff. I just want to cancel due to a sudden illness with my spouse and get confirmation in writing to send to my insurance company. Now how hard is that!

Posted by judy randell

I am judy randell from New Zealand.
I just wanted to let you know that i have flown with a number of different airlines and i found Singapore airlines to be the best airline i have ever flown with .
Thank you so much for such great service, i am hoping to travel to Johannesburg next year with my 2 children and will definately book with you again even though the flight is longer and more expensive .
I am looking at 15 feb leaving auckland returning 22 march, i am flexible with my dates, what is the best price that you can offer me, as we are struggling financially and was hoping that if i contacted you directly you may be able to help.
also can you let me know about your Krisflyer rewards i would like to sign up for these
Tank you again Singapore airlines is by far the best

Regards Judy Randell

Posted by Anonymous

My name is Bajit Randhawa and I took a flight from Singapore on march 3RD 2013 AND FLIGHT WAS DELAYED IN Hong Kong for 16 hrs due to mechanical problems. I have an Insuarace claim and they want your airlines to give me an explanation for delay in writing and I do not have the info. pleasesend me details. The flight was at 930am SQ9002 on 3rd march from Changi airport.

Posted by Ms Normah

So far SQ has done a good work for us. You have delivered our mail in time.but now i need the connection SQ flight from singapore. Our mail destination are europe, usa, new zealand australia. Etc

Also Please send me flight schedule from brunei to singapore by SQ

My e mail is

Being working in post office I need contact officer address e mail and ph number.

Posted by Anonymous

Hi my name is Gita Swaminathan. Last time I had horrible experience in Chennai air port that they had over booked and the person at the airport counter made us wait 1 hr to tell us what the situation. we did boarded the plane. My concern is when I bought a full fare ticked and I was put in to lot of stress. I go every year to Chennai. I was shocked that I may not board the plane to get to US. I am planning to go this May also. Hopefully this not going to happen.

Posted by Singapore airline

No response on 24 hour customer care

Posted by Anonymous

very bad, in fact the worst customer service ever. your recording is stupid, and error. it does not ask the right questions, and always repeat and give unnecessary answers. hard to reach customer service for reservation. change it please.

Posted by ronnie mallari

Dubai check in counter staff, name JUNE filipina staff very rude staff due to this it will pass on to 10 customers, my concern is for her customer service in the counter she is tough with the customers, sorry to say this is my last purchased of ticket for Singapore airline,she is not helpfull staff and you will loose customers for her I am also fellow filipino, and working also as a Retail Manager in dubai more on customers, I onl;y can say if you will not take care with your customers somebody will take care

Ronnie mallari

tel 0097150-6957839

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