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SingTel customer service is ranked #175 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 48.87 out of a possible 200 based upon 112 ratings. This score rates SingTel customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


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    • 94 negative comments (83.93%)
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Posted by Anonymous

Worst customer service ever, every agent shifted the responsibility to other department.

I will NEVER use Singtel again

Posted by zhou

I have online renew my contract and order iPhone X
256g, online shop order error, but i have receive sms from UOB, deducted SGD$1048. I called 1688, advisor Ms Chiam answered will process for me, till now didn' call me back, i called 1688 again, Ms Chiam resigned and left singtel .so who can follow up my case?

Posted by Anonymous

Dear Sir,

I contacted SingTel service and also wrote in on feedback on 4 October. I received a automated response saying that I will receive a reply from SingTel within 3 working days. It has been 1 month since and I have not received a reply. I hope SingTel CEO is aware of this irresponsible situation.

Posted by Anonymous

My Mio tv & intetnet always'HANG'Home tel. line either cannot call out or no connection.Many of the so called SNR tech.,ENGN.& SERVICE Tech. came over to my home to recitfly the problem but for few years still the same problem Never resolved.Most recent is on JUNE this month but last than a month same same problem again .I wonder who i should go for HELP????

Posted by Anonymous

Dear Sir/Madam,
I'm your Internet/Telephone customer since 2006, Since 25th November I have a service disruption in Fibre Broadband and home telephone line., I have called your Telephone Assistance and they checked and told me they need Technical Assistance to solve the issue., Since then they are constantly in contact with me updating the same.,as your technical people are always very busy and cannot entertain to attend a disruption of service of their existing customer(as always busy with new customers) and gave me another a week time for appointment.Please understand, this is a service disruption not a newline to choose an appointment.
As far my knowledge,I'm regularly paying the Bill and even I paid the recent bill for your Broadband service till 10 Dec 2016, but no broadband/telephone service.Can I conclude it's a breach of service agreement under IDA guidelines, for terminating the line without valid reason/not attending Service Disruption on time, since it is nearly a week without any Internet and telephone home line. Please advise.

Posted by Singtel removal of Phoenix chann

SINGTEL has removed 2 of the phoenix channels in Oct 2016 without informing its subscribers.
When I called up it took them more than 1 week to get back to me. Finally now they said they have the right to change the channels including removal of channels and that IMDA has approved it. Yet we cannot cancel our subscription due to their inability to continue to supply us the channels. I watched mainly phoenix and cctv 4 and had to subscribe to the entire family fun because of this.


Posted by Anonymous

Made an appointment on 13th Nov for the relocation of Mio from bedroom to living room and received this confirmation on 17th Nov:

Dear customer, please refer to details of your Singtel Fibre installation:

05.00PM to 06.30PM

Installation Important Notes:
1) NetLink Trust fee applies for any repair/relocation of Fibre Termination Point, if required
2) Any wiring requirement will be subjected to wiring charges accordingly
3) Change of appointment can be done via (2 days before installation date, cut-off at 5pm)
4) Re-appointment fee applies for missed or change of appointment on the day of installation

However today when the singtel guy came he said he is just doing a test for our Mio. Do not understand what when wrong and there was no apology from singtel side with regards to their mistakes. Very disappointed with singtel as it's already stated in the message sent on 17th Nov that there will be an installation and wiring on the appointment on the 21st.

Posted by Zue

A force sales person, barge to let us sign for Singtel Box Mio tv. Insisted that is has all channels plus very good wifi bandwith. We buy his words and apply for a year contract. Not less than few weeks, wifi was slow, and the first day, TV channels the person agreed to put for us, wasn't even there! He told us clearly that it was in it, neverthless NOT as what was prescribed. Few months later, broadband box was faulty. Few times we called, but none of them help! as promise, a technician supposed to come down and fix or atleast change the faulty box, but horrible ever they did not come down!! we waited the whole day on Friday, they called us and says it delays to Monday as none of the staffs are free! fu*ki** bastards! the lady, named ANITA such an a**hole she spoke to us like to ask us to fix ourself! bloody liar. What kind of service is this you all are making?? such fools and enjoy our MONEY!

Posted by Oppo R9 Plus Rose Gold

SingTel Contacts & Information
Posted: Nov 16, 2016 by Michelle Tan
Complaint Rating: 0 % with 0 votes
Contact information:
Singapore, Singapore
Is Singtel playing a bloody prank on me.. Spoken to 3 cs.. ends up the CIS online I can't get it .. they told me I CAN PRE-ORDER THE PHONE AND I'M EILIGLE for the promotion. Now, Mr Viven told me I can't preorder the phone. WTF is singtel playing..
Go and check it out and I DEMAND A RESONABLE ANSWER From singtel the lousy telco, cs below : -
Mr Hafiz (Singtel) - 15 Nov @ 420pm
Singtel will call me on Combo 3 - Oppo R9 Plus - 128gdbs rose gold phone
Mr Pedro (Singtel) - 17 Nov @ 1025am
Still eligible for the CIS online promo, Singtel to call me
Mr Viven can't preorder the phone

Posted by jesline

Customers Care - Cindy is rude, she hang off customer phone even before the customers complete their sentences.

She promised to check on the billing for previous month and told that she will call back in a week, but ended up it took 3 weeks and still did not received the callback from her, until i call back singtel to check on the status. when she call back she just says she have investigated and "THERE IS NOTHING THAT SHE CAN DO" and tried to tell me that i have to accept whatever it is now!! her attitude become rude when i asked her to get the manager to call me, and she just "ok will get the manager to call you at this number" then she hang off the phone. With this kind of staff and attitude i would really consider to discontinue my contract with Singtel.

Posted by Sabrina

Phoenix channels were no longer broadcast. I got the mio tv for my dad. Firstly, the broadcast should be in Chinese for the suspension. Why broadcast English? Secondly, the customer service said there will be no reolacement of the channels as of now, so do we. Continue to pay? Thirdly I request to speak to a senior who can look into my case, she asked me. What can a senior do for you? I felt the whole conversation did not resolve my frustrations at all.
I hope Singtel can explain this further.

Posted by Anonymous

Very bad experience with Singtel on Data Usage, my usage Jumped by 3.3 GB in one hour and singtel claim that it is Auto update that drawing the data. But after verifying with Singtel with my phone, It is already set up to 'Auto update only Wifi is on", basically the call center people are trying to liar. I really suspect Singtel do have a serious problem and and cover all the problems on this type of issue. Till now there is no DDos attack protection covering this. It is very questable on a big company on the capability in blocking the DDis.

Posted by Anonymous

always facing the issue of internet breakdown at midnight around 12am. i playing games halfway and your service down? fking kidding me, and i've wasted all my time and need to restart everything again. worsttt ! this is not first time or second times, its more than 10 times! fking kidding me, plan to switch over other service provider is better than your singtel. at least their customer service is better. singtel wont even bother

Posted by Vicky

Really bad online service. Won't let me proceed to submit my order and have been trying since the morning. It is very frustrating cause it is suppose to be a faster way to buy your product..

Posted by Singtel customer

My contract with Singtel has ended and planning to buy a new handphone under the combo plan. Was told that I need to pay for new nano SIM card that is required for the new handphone. Since I am recontracting with Singtel, I do not understand why they cannot waive off the such charge for existing Singtel customer? I have checked with both hello shop and online but both side is still unable to waive off the charge. Why isn't Singtel retenting customers?

Posted by Enraged customer

Recontracted my singtel mobile number and got a phone which requires a nano Sim card. Was told that I need to purchase a new nano Sim card if my current one is not suitable for the phone (which it is, I am using a micro Sim card).

How is that even logical? They are only willing to give a free Sim card to those who port into singtel or new sign ups. So isn't singtel blatantly just trying to earn extra money from its existing customers? What is the point of recontracting with the same telco?
Other telco will give you the same discounts and even better, like a free Sim card.

Absurd rules and policies. Obviously customer retention is not part of their business objectives now.

Posted by Anonymous

Singtel customer service did not advise me about the contract which i am taking over.
after which taking over the contract.
and advise a switch which is not in favour for the customer.

Posted by Anonymous

Since I recontract my new plan from 26th April 2016,my home line has been giving me problem.Complain after complain and still not rectified.Are we getting incompetent technicians over there, I wonder.Hopefully this time round,it will be solved on 19th May 2016.

Posted by Angry Bird

been encounter for data usage spike since last year, and getting frequent this year onwards ! basically when the mobile data is off, but the data usage still running ! Has called Singtel to check, and they are aware of the data leakage problem ! however seems like no plan to solve this issue and caused customer keep paying unnecessary data excess fine ! the customer service attitude is bad too ! will never continue contract with them

Posted by Anonymous

I called singtel hotline on 25 Jan 16 to upgrade my fibre to 1gbps unlimited. I was directed to sales dept. The sales person had informed that activation for my new fibre will be on 2 Feb 16 and will email me the discount voucher for asus router. I received the email, bought the router next day & waited patiently for the activation day. 2 Feb 16 reached home from work called singtel hotline to check on the activation and was surprised that my 1 gbps is not yet activated. My case was escalated to investigation dept. Since then l had been calling singtel and had been speaking to various customer svc person from both local & offshore. Make story short they finally informed that they will do the activation on 3 feb 16 and compensate me $60.00 of my billed. Next day reached home, to my surprise no internet connection at all. Called hotline again. They say activation process fully completed. Need to send technician down but earliest slot is on 8 Feb 16. I insist they come next day. Hotline person says maybe there is some down time. Ask me to try next morning. My spouse had to take urgent leave just because we need to keep trying whether the internet is up. And l on the other hand had been calling their hotline to arrange for the technician to come down. Finally insist on speaking to manager. Manager arrange for technician to come down on 4 Feb 16 at noon and also will arrange to compensate the 1 day without internet. However in the evening the internet is finally up. But when connect to asus router could not receive connection. Call fibre helpdesk & was informed that for asus router we need to call asus. We asked the assistance from a friend and he come down to set up and help us configure the asus router. He then instruct us to call singtel again. This time round the helpdesk instruct us to connect to the 2nd lan point on the ONT and reset the asus router. Finally we manage to get internet connection. Next day call singtel to cancel technician appt & ask for compensation. Singtel compensate 3 days off the billed. When asked how much is that. They answer around $3. Oh my $3 for the hassle that we have to go thru. I just didn't want to prolong matter further l accepted and closed the case.

Next is the mio plan. Call on 26 Jan 16 to cancelled my mio plan. Was directed to the termination dept. The staff offered me another package so that l will not lose on the perks that l am enjoying on the home bundled ie. 25% off on my 3rd mobile line and yearly upgrade on mobile handset. But l specifically informed them that my fibre is upgraded to unlimited and that l can only enjoy the 10% off my 3rd mobile line. But singtel staff says as long as l stay on mio the perks still maintained. So l took up the inspirasi starter for a period of 12 mths with a $50 voucher to be used only at singtel shop. However after 2 days of waiting for the voucher, another singtel staff from redemption called to informed that his colleague had given me the wrong information. At this point of time l am already very upset. I insist that they should honor what they have promise to customer. Singtel says will called back to check. Make story short this redemption guy says that they could not do so because of the plan that l took up. They compensate me with $26 of my mthly mobile line for a period of 12 mths.

All l can say Singtel customer svc sucks.

Posted by vivien

I would like to address my concern. I have logged and called singtel multiple times .... However my case still pending since 12 dec 2015 till now.
I was related to my one pass account. The agent ask me to create another account, however still not help at all.
Singtel call will revert back, but already 2 days no news at all. The agent and other members not helping to keep this case resolved. I have been waiting half months and yet my simple issue still not resolved. Not sure that is the backend doing that need to drag my case so long.

Posted by Disgruntled

I have been a customer with Singtel for more than 20 years and yesterday when I re-contract my hand-phone experienced the lousiest customer service. The young guy who serviced me was condescending, abrupt & almost bordered on rude when I asked a simple question. Perhaps because I am a senior citizen he thought he could talk down to me & ignore my questions & acting like he is so smart. On top of that he didn't send me the service contract! Singtel had the cheek to say they will email to me and waive the charges of $30!!!

Posted by Anonymous

Bad experience with 1688(a foreigner whom I spoke to)
This was the first time I had a bad experience from a male officer(his accent sounds like a foreigner). He has a very poor knowledge in the front line. I wanted to sign up for CIS plan he dont know about it. I need to say out the entire name (Corporate Individual Scheme), he then know what CIS is. Furthermore, I even spelled out my company name, he said he cannot find my company in the corporate list...
Next issue is, I asked him" I currently using note 3 with a micro SIM card. Do I need to pay for the nano sim card if I recontract mobile plan with a Iphone 6s plus? Is it possible to waived off the cost for the nano SIM card?"
That funny customer service officer said" Oh.. you need a micro sim card for iPhone 6s plus, Sir you need to pay the SIM card when you want to recontract. Sorry sir what is waived off? Sir i would recommend you to sign up for combo 4 plan, it is worth sir."
AT THIS MOMENT I WAS a BIT FED UP with this OFFICER and wanted to hang up the phone. He continued and told me" Sir thank you for calling us Sir, Sir please feedback the review after you hang up the phone. Thank you Sir, see you sir"
How many SIR he need to mention? -_-!!!!
After I hung up the phone, a sms sent to me and I give a poor remark on this officer.

I then figured out another hotline 1609 from CIS plan. The name of azie, she is a well spoken and act as a professional officer. She was able to answer my query perfectly. Unlike the service officer from 1688.

Posted by Anonymous

Data Roaming Service is an absolute NIGHTMARE once something goes amiss. Happens often.

Need to call in using overseas call. Most officers on the line do NOT make decisions.

Total waste of time.

I am not going to call and waste anymore money on tel charges.

At this point in time, I still do NOT know whether my suscription for Data Roam Saver Plan has been activated. ( Despite receiving a Confirmation SMS from Singtel. And I have spent 20+ minutes on the line with a totally USELSS Officer named NAVA. I will only know whether my charges which I deem unfair can be mitigated or waived - when someone from Singtel will call me when I return Spore on the 05 Dec.

Singtel Customer Extremely POOR SERVICE !!! Do feel free to call me for constructive feedback

Posted by joagib

I was assisted on the phone for mcafee installation,but after can't be done...when told that will call me back asap...but hour after hours no show. I call in 1688 waited nearly 20-30mins each time..once thru...another officer who answered to me told me to wait for their return call again....omg....its hours again....My system was not doing well,whats the point of paying high bills for no services? Very inefficient service.

Add your review!

Posted by Anonymous

I would like to commend on the service rendered by My Jacky Choo from the ADSL technical support group.As i was having some issues pertaining to my account, he was able to expedite in deverting my call to the relevant department and solve my queries at the shortest period so that my work will not be jeopardised.Hopefully i will be able to continue having such wonderful customer service when i call Singtel again.Many thanks to Jacky!!

Posted by Alliecia

Hi, I would like to thanks Alliecia who attended to my call regarding my son's billing. She is very helpful.

Posted by Anonymous

Fibre optic internet ONT issue this morning, 16/12/16 attended to by your Mr Karuma who was obliging, courteous, professional and does what he says he will do (uncommon nowadays).
SingTel "stinks" as a corporation but your support/service personnel are trying their best and sometimes (like in this case) turn out to be roses.

Posted by Anonymous

Singtel customers service is doing a very good job, especially we bring any complaints to customers service they will rectify the issue within two days a great job,,, my complaint attending person name UMA, really she is done a great job. She rectify my complaints within 3 hours.... thank you singtel and thank you UMA...

Posted by Anonymous

Spoke to Mr Malcom this morning. He was so patient and helpful. He really made my days. Tks u Malcom-well done!!!

Posted by Sebastian castillo

Im indeed happy for his respond to my quires and his service.

Posted by Diyanah

On 23rd Nov 2015, i had my second call with Singtel where i spoke with Ms Diyanah from the customer service side. She was able to deliver her suggestions and help in a nice manner which could easily be understand by the customer. I also would like to comment on her communication skills where she showed patients and tried to suggest alternatives. Not only suggesting, but also took customer's suggestion into mind. I basically called in to have my line activated earlier. However, the line was under my dad's name, so i was asked to get my dad to verify it, but, he was not with me at the moment. So when i suggested her to make a call to my dad and verify with him, she immediately said yes and with no trouble she called him up. Once she had verified, she had to call me up to. It is a very troublesome process, however she took my suggestion into mind and took all the trouble to do it within 5 to 10 mins, which is considered efficient as Singtel is a busy corporate and customer related company. I really appreciate Ms Diyanah for her kind and effectiveness. Hope she would be an aspiring customer service officer always and be recognised for her work. I would like to rate her service with a 5(excellent service). Thank you Singtel. Thank you Diyanah.

Posted by Spoggy

Was serviced by a very good officer by the name of kaval, he took the time and effort to explain everything to me and make sure by the end of the call, everything was working, Great patience and professionalism shown by him, kudos! Thank you Kaval =)!

Posted by Geraldine

I would like to take this opportunity to compliment the customer care office by the name of Moly (Sorry if I have gotten your name wrongly). My sister and I have been desperately trying to connect to our wifi but to no avail. Despite not being able to provide Moly with much information, she stayed patient and calm throughout the whole conversation. It did not only solved our issue, but also make this experience a pleasant one. Thank you once again for your excellent service Moly!

Yours sincerely
Amanda & Geraldine

Posted by Disappointed Singtel customer

I'm a loyal customer of Singtel until i move to my new home in Admiralty at Block 682A. I can hardly get a steady 3G or even 2G signal in my home. This is making my life harder as friends/family/colleagues cannot get me as my phone doesn't even have a single bar. I have been waiting for them to improve the mobile network over 4 years now. I decided to switch this year after my contract expires. Bye bye Singtel.

Posted by Anonymous

I will like to write to compliment the service and patience i receive from Ms Nurul Iman Malik from the Social Media Relations/Customer Management, Consumer operations.

I have a very unpleasant encountered on 30 April during the installation of Singtel MioTV and upgrading of Singtel broadband fibre (where my case is being handled by Jerri).
I was even more angry when received my bill on May when singtel charge mewith the upgrade package even I have request to stop the installation when SIngtel is investigating on my case. Cut the long story short, I am so angry that I write my case to customer relationship, where I did not have hope that SIngtel will assist and I am planning to covert to other providers while I gave them 1 more monmth to investiagte and resolve my case. I am surpirse that the customer relationship from the social media called me almost immediately on the same day to hear out the entire situation and have put effort to work out a reasonable and fair offer package within a week. I am on my way to recontract my broadband and Ms Nurul still continuous to provide clear explanation and guidance via email corrrspondance.
I will like to let Singtel management know that without such dedciated support officer like Ms Nurul, I will switch all the 4 mobile phones and broadband plan to others after a decade being with Singtel. Although I am not a big customer of Singtel, I am glad that Ms Nurul make effort to assist a small subscriber like myself, and being a small shareholder of SIngtel, I have confidence to buy SIngtel Share when it is of the right price when shareholders knows that there are good servcie suppoprt staff

Tang Mei Leng, Olivia

Posted by Thomas


I would like to express my satisfaction to your staff who came to my house (at Toa Payoh Central, Blk 79D) on 5 November 2014 at 2pm to install and set up my fiber broadband. His name is Wilson Ng and he is very professional and friendly. He is patient and able to answer all my questions and after the set-up, he ensures the signal strength all around my house is strong. I hope SingTel will continue to hire/train all staff to be like Wilson to provide good services to their customers.


Thomas Lum

Posted by majarual

Customer Rating for Mr. Brian of Mobile Technical Department.


I am well pleased of how Mr. Brian assisted me over the phone, answering technical queries. He has answered all my queries, was courteous and polite in his call handling and an has executed an overall qualitative and quantitative customer service!

Hope this rating will reach your management.

Thank you!

Mary Jane R. Alejandro

Posted by Tor

I would like to commend Mr. Jay Kong Jia Jun who took my call which I made from Sydney in the morning of 2 October '13 using my phone. Mr. Jay Kong is very patient in giving the step-by-step guide in resolving the data roam problem with my wife's phone. In the middle of the call, my phone was cut off by Optus (AUS) system. Mr. Jay Kong was so kind to call me back on my wife's phone to complete the procedure!

Posted by Anonymous

Hi, Eisen of Red Rewards Dept was very patient and knowledgeable. He provided excellent guidance on how to register for OnePass etc. He was very patient and even helped with my enquiries on my contract eligibility and the type of phones for renewal of contract. Please convey my thanks to him. Well Done! Good Job!

Posted by Anonymous

This was going to be a complaint about Singtel but has turned into a compliment for the follow up action I received. On moving apartments I was told it would take five working days to transfer my Singtel account. I had a rather heated discussion about the time needed as I need my home computer line for my buisness and felt five days was ludicrious to merely turn on a switch!!! The lady customer service officer whose name I heard as "Maernn", though I know I am not spelling this correctly, handled my complaint with patience and courtesy and said she would do her best to speed up the connection. To my suprise I was called up the following day to be told an engineer would call that day to connect the service. He turned up at the appointed time and connected my commputer and phoneline. Thank you Maernn. Chris Fenney

Posted by Ashley

I called billing earlier today and would like to thank Ivy for
her prompt and friendly service. She's even helped me to sign up for v019 to utilize my unused tallying for overseas calls. Thanks, Ivy! I had a lovely time on the phone with you.

Posted by Francis

Your service provider, Abilash served us well . He was very knowledgeable about the product. He came promptly and was very polite n patience. We are very happy with his service and attidude. He even went the extra mile by getting for us a new phone set n had it deliver to our house in a jiffy! We needed it for the new line which we just installed. Wow I'm very impressed!! His action is to be commended ! Thanks a lot Abilash! Fr: Francis, Bryan n Lydia Sta Maria

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Posted by love

Hi, Honestly i think singtel customer service are not sucks, Customer are the one sucks,
Customer not always right. Many customer servce try to help customer regards on the issues, some problem cannot be solve. We cannot expect, when we call hotline 1688, everything is solved. HELLLO, yes investigation going, check and check, request waiver. Sometimes, customer cannot put the blame on customer services. They are doing their job, All customer also an employee, what do you think, when customer servce receive a called from CUSTOMER singtel who is on the line, screaming, yelling, insulting, do you think is the customer servce problem? If customer are unhappy with singtel, dont blame customer service. ITS not fair AT ALL. Each one in the world are human . they have feeling, animals also have feelings. Please treat customer service officer nicely. Maybe some of them are rude, but customer servces hve their own procedure. If u unhappy with singtel. mke a complaint to instead of insulting INNOCENT people like customer service. Customer need to remember one thing, one goes around comes around. Dont screaming, yelling to people that are trying to help you . this complaint is for CUSTOMER, to behave themself. i also a customer, i understand how frustated we are when we pay for the services but we do not get ALL of IT, you must know one thing. there's no perfection in this world. Everything have good and flaws. Its useless when you have money to pay for the services but you do not have knowledge. :)


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