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Simple Mobile customer service is ranked #665 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 26.52 out of a possible 200 based upon 138 ratings. This score rates Simple Mobile customer service and customer support as Terrible.


129 Negative Comments out of 138 Total Comments is 93.48%.


9 Positive Comments out of 138 Total Comments is 6.52%.

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    • 26.52 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 129 negative comments (93.48%)
    • 9 positive comments (6.52%)
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    • 1.7 Issue Resolution
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Posted by Anonymous

I need to talk to someone, I just played for my service and still yet noe can reach me

Posted by Cec

Simple Mobile reps are RUDDEST anywhere. Was on the phone for over 2 hrs ATTEMPTING to transfer phone number.

Posted by wepa220

supposedly an update to the New York area, has my phone on the fritz, so i call customer service to tell them my problem and they told me that my cell phone wasn't compatable with their system... my phone hasn't been able to use it's data this entire month so when i went to report it i was told that i would be only compensated for 1 week only, my phone didn't work this entire month so i called customer service and the agent refused to put me on the phone with a supervisor the agents name is MEl. If I'm not contacted about resolving this issue I will no longer use simple mobile and I will report to the better business!!!

Posted by Anonymous

My number,my service is supposed to be unlimited high speed internet and that is not the case!!!!!!my speed is only 2G why you lied!!!!!!!I want you guys to call me and settle this issues!!!!!!!!!

Posted by averyswindell

I'm very upset with simple mobile because on dec 25,2016 I was going to add mintues on the phone but when the guy told me how much it was I told him not to charge my card because I don't have that phone

Posted by Anonymous

I have been experiencing connection problems with my phone since I ReUp my service last week. I called customer service but they made my problem worst and were. I had a very bad experience dealing with the responder who did not only attempt to help me but not friendly. How do I contact customer service when I don't even have service the following day I ReUp? Terrible customer servive.

Posted by Anonymous

The worst service ever

I can't believe what the sales person did to me

I want to change my phone number so he explained to me that they have offer 60$ I said ok he took my card he charge me 60$ and 299$ he gives me tk sign two receipt I asked what is 299$ he said nothing is just choice with offer gives more credit the offer you don't have to pay for it's I'm like ok I don't wanna pay 299$ he say no no.
I went outside I checked my account I find that he charge me 60$+299$ for sim card I couldn't believe that
I went back he say you didn't see the offer was printed on the desk I'm like how can I know is the offer you are explaining to me and if you don't show me I guess it's not the only offer you have he started insulting me and being so aggressive
He took from for the sim extra 25$ and he refund me 275$ was crazy he is from india it's horrible what they do to people I'm still waiting for the refund on my account and I can't forget how aggressive he become when I went back those people are so dangerous liers they they wanna still money from people

Posted by Anonymous

My name is Malekah Bowe i just renewed my service for the first time on Sunday December 6, 2015. My telephone number is . I did not realize until this morning that i cannot make calls nor can i receive calls on my phone. I cannot contact you either. can someone please look into this problem for me asap please.

Thank you, i await to hear from you.


Posted by Anonymous

SIMPLE MOBILE and all its representatives can kiss my ass.They are the worst company ever, my phone has not been able to send picture messages for a long time.

Every time I get technical support from these overseas bastards it works for one day and then BAM unable to send pictures. Whatever company and its representatives who control Simple Mobile do me a favor and jump off a cliff all of you. You have to wonder why all their employees are staffed in the Philippines or wherever.

There are so many cost better plans out there now.

Posted by mofridly714

after reviewing your plans and comparing costs of calls,texting, data and cost of the same phones offered there are several companies with unlimited of the three and the same phones some at no charge and phones your retail prices are hundreds of dollars are under one hundred dollars! no charge for a SIM card but there is that $35.00 charge.. however what I have as I said unlimited everything yet 4G for 1000 then 3G unlimited for $50.00 flat.. on the same towers you say you are a lot more as far as your plans go and having to pay HUNDREDS for a phone yes no activation fees BUT the customer MUST purchase a SIM card!!!!
your plan is MUCH MORE EXPENSIVE..
great concept 8-10 years ago, you out priced your selves, now you did the math which is why your in business yet by me three outlets are closed already (the ads just started a month or so ago) my phone is hundreds less for the phone and a much better plan, no matter how the math goes. if I had mine and anyone had yours (plan) and we started at the same time,every four months I could pay a month of my bill.
I checked you out because I thought about switching!!!
it is my belief that if I switch then I want a new phone, every company I have used I always got a New phone!! where is my incentive??

Posted by Apoctc

Simple Mobile is a ripp-off if you are smart person you would not get service\activate your cellphone with simple mobile .. My first time dealing with the service
I got the $55 plan for 10gigabytes of fast high speed (4g LTE) data for 1 month,, and i was only at 6gigabytes they shut-off my high-speed data..
The second-time around with simplemobile,, i got the the unlimited-data-no limit 4g LTE for $60,,, and 5days later my service shutdown again,,, Called customer service and they say i was using too much data even though that is what i paid for.. This happend Sept. 2015... Simplemobile will say it is nothing they can do for you,, except wait for next month pay $60 again,,
And simplemobile will restore your service... I was only 5 days into the service out of a month (means wait 25 days pay them again for them to do the samething)
This company are Liars,, they will take you money shutdown your service before it ends and until you pay them again....the worst cellphone service i ever dealt with.....

Posted by ana1010

terrible customer service If your porting your number you will regret in doing so. I did that myself and they couldn't locate my ticket number after that and I lost a lot of money because of them. they told me it will take approx. 3 days for the porting to complete and I'm still waiting its been 7 days already and they haven't called me regarding this issue. another thing you cant imagine how many times they hung on my face. horrible experience. they should have a ZERO OVERALL verrrrrrrrYYYY verrry difficult and most of their service centers don't know anything on how to fix a customers account or a phone period!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by frustrated_with_simplemobile

Oh my gosh!!! STAY AWAY FROM THESE GUYS. If you sign up and choose auto-renew, the service is not too bad. But if you have ANY variation outside of that, get ready for a trip through the underground. Worst customer service I have ever seen in my life, and I'm a technology guy that builds call centers. Their web site does not work - has errors all over the place. I have even submitted bugs to which they refuse to acknowledge. I'm so frustrated with them. I have been hung up on, dropped on chat and every other possible thing they could do to me.

Posted by Tony

I had never heard of simple mobile and was told by a Kmart sales associate that they bounce off AT&T towers so I assumed I'd have great coverage boy was I wrong they are 1,000 times worst than sprint can't wait until my 30 day plan runs out won't get me for another fifty bucks that's for sure these guys suck

Posted by Svenm2112

My daughter asked to use my debit card,and I got signed up for automatic reup which I did not want or needed. I made a one time payment on her bill. And when I called the company up for a refund all I got was but a runaround, I had to file a dispute resolution and bbw complaint.

Posted by Kishnan

On the 20th of April 7:00 am I arrived into Miami Airport and at the car rental area I bought a 30 day simcard from a SimpleMobile booth for US$ 60.00. The sales guy sold me a previously activated sim card which consequently was only active for a few days.

I tried calling SimpleMobile to resolve the issue and was notified that nothing could be done about it.

Really disgusted.

Posted by Guy

Horrible customer support. They could not provide service to me (and they couldn't figure out why), and still would not refund me. Do not use these scammers!

Posted by AP

This is the worst customer service..
Every time I have an issue, it can never be solved by just one call. I have to call back a minimum of three time, with at least two transfers in each call. This is pissing me off!!!

I was holding the call on for over 30 minutes this time, and they said they're fixing the problem.....n finally...I am still left with my international calling app not working....they wasted my 40 mins.

They need to really improve on their services...n especially try to solve customer's issues while they're calling from their own phones....I was using my colleague's phone for over 40 mins.

SIMPLE MOBILE CUSTOMER SERVICE IS THE WORST!...I wish I had the money to move out of this service.

Posted by Anonymous

The worst service ever.
I had a painful experience in contacting customer care.

Their website charged my credit card 4 times instead of just one once. Then I had to contact them to revert the three extra transactions. That's when the trouble started. I called customer service. they redirected to refund department where I had to wait for 20 mins and no one answered. I tried second time and put on hold for 25 minutes. 3rd & 4th time was also no luck.

Finally after waiting in the call queue after 45-50 minutes, some one answered and resolved the issue. But it has really tested my patience level. Next month I plan to switch to some other provider. Will never gat back to simple mobile again.

Posted by disappointed customer

i have been using simple mobile for three years, without any major problems on my samsung galaxy phone with the $40 plan; recently i bought an iphone 6 plus, and upgraded to $60 plan with 10GB of data. after about 2 weeks, i stopped getting internet service, when i checked my data usuage it showed that i have only used 2.30GB of data. i have been calling simple mobile for the past three days and every time i get through to a representative they will give me the run around but unable to resolve the issue. i even went to a simple mobile dealer and he tried calling them to fix it after it was determind that my phone wasn't the problem (they tried my sim card on a different phone). the dealer after several attempt advised me to change carrier. he told me that simple mobile don't work well with iphones, just waiting for my time to be up so i can switch. i was a strong agitator for simple mobile, but now i will tell every body at my job that i tried to convince to switch to simple mobile my experience, most of us bought the iphones.
Dissappointed customer.

Posted by Tearo2003

Customer service of Simple Mobile is awful!
I had service with Simple Mobile for two years and by far, they have the worst customer service.

Posted by Anonymous

Put order on Friday, never got email confirmation. Called on Saturday, was told it would arrive in a few hours; it did not. Called again Sunday, first rep could not find my order, said it does not exist. Called again, second rep found it, told me it's in processing and to call Monday. Called Monday, again first they could not find my order, then they found it, told me my credit card was declined and my order cancelled. I asked for confirmation of the cancellation, they said they do not have the tools to send a confirmation. And after all this, now my order WAS processed and my credit card charged. Their customer care people just LIE shamelessly.

Posted by ddeneau

I'm so sick of Simple Mobile. Their service, technical support and customer service department are the worst I have ever dealt with in my professional career. I'm so upset with them that I searched for a site like this to complain. Two days ago they changed APN settings and caused 3 phones on my account to stop getting 4G LTE. They blamed me and my settings. I re-upped one of my SIM cards for a new 30-day service and it only shows 21 days in my online account summary. They again blamed me for the problem. This is recent. I have issues going back since I started to use them.

Posted by blacktrin

Extremely bad company! Poor service! Thieves and liars! They are not professionals and really incompetent. Their system is not safe because they charged my account twice in 2 seconds and they still think that I made the payments myself! A dangerous company!

Posted by Anonymous

Dear simple mobile dealer i think it is about time i change plan from your company my ReUp dates have been changing every mouth i started out on the 16th of the month now it must pay on the 11th why is this i deserve an answer from you, ii am getting a full service my data is also down i really like this company as you already know there is a lot more to choose from thanks from a dissatisfied customer

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Posted by Houston User

I had my number ported at the store, and when i got home 15 minute later the phone was activated. I called customer service to get help with incoming MMS and that got resolved pretty quick. The person on the phone was not the brightest but did get the issue resolved for me. I know a lot of people are flaming the company but my experience up to now has been good. You can't really expect top of the line service for $40 a month. We live in Houston, tx and the service coverage is pretty decent. Hope this helps

Posted by Charlie

Several things I would like to clarify here.

1. Simple Mobile doesn't sell mobile phones.
2. It only sells simcards and plan.
3. To make sure you won't be getting a worst service which you all said, please read all the terms and conditions inside of the kit and verify it first to the customer service.

I don't think a company runs a business just to fool people around for I believed it may just turn out to be a fraud if Simple Mobile continuously doing this for no reasons at all. It is just that new things requires understanding and learning of the terms and conditions that are prepared by Simple Mobile Company to its customers.

Posted by Catchifyucan

I have been using Simple Mobile for over a year now and I have experienced no more problems than the other companys I was with like ATT. The price is also good for the services they provide unlimited talk text and internet. Sometimes all it takes is taking the time to read and understand the instruction given to not have some of the problems.

Posted by Sphill

I have had nothing put good comments abouthtis company.I had previously had AT&T and their unlimited was NOt unlimited..this company connects me with everyone I want tot alk to and have had no problems.

Posted by right plan, God's plan

Yesterday, I responded to the text notification, from Simple that my phone service would be suspended, if I didn't renew my plan. In that I am a very busy person, I normally handle matters like this, over the phone. Instead, I went into the "little store" and had person to person contact. Bad move, the agent told me, "I can put the pin number in your phone." Well, he tried I would imagine because my service was suspended this morning. It isn't a major deal because the only reason I have the phone is because a good man is the owner I just wanted to support his new business venture. The customer care, that I received this morning with Simpe was nonpareil. I told the agent my situation and she asked me the right question to resolve it. It would appear from most of the comments I have read, that some most of the problems, people are experiencing aren't with Simple but either a scrupulous agent, the FCC, or an entity, that Simple does not have any control over. Work with them, without frustration or anger and the end result may not be to your satisfaction but it will give you an end.

At which time you should be better able to determine if you really liked the service and are willing to stay with them, or you want a plan that will not have problems, in that case, I recommend you buy a can and some copper wire and have all your contacts do the same. Because with technology there are surely going to be problems. Think about it, man created it and man is far from perfect. No one has a perfect phone plan, they just satisfy your needs, until you have a problem with their efforts in attempting to do so. You know you can't live without a cell phone so man up and deal with things and stop all this needless complaining. You still might get something on your hand when you use the WC, but do you stop going to the WC

Posted by Suga Boo

My phone shut off and would not come back on so I got another phone from a friend and I had to wait not even 5 mins and I got an agent on the phone and in a matter of less then 10 mins my new phone was up and running very quick. I am happy I have been a customer since Feb 2012 and have had no complaints. Thanks Simple Mobile!

Posted by Anonymous

My first to Simple Mobile customer service and I must say after reading previous comments I was rather relucant as to what I would be facing. I did have to hold for about fifteen minutes but the tech that assisted me was very knowledgeable,patient, and helpful. We were able to solve my problem to access the internet. Other than the holding time, I was extremely satisfied with the service.

Posted by Two One

Simple Mobile offers some really great plans with outstanding pricing. However, the lack of customer service is indescribably horrible. I've had the misfortune of needing help with getting my phone to work on the internet twice. During both of these instances I've come to learn a few things about the company. First off, the amount of completely incompetent CSA's over shadows the amount of competent agents at least a hundred fold. Not to mention that the company has set their call handling computer to end ANY and ALL calls placed to the customer service department at Simple Mobile at EXACTLY thirty-one minutes and twenty seconds (31:20)from the time the call is answered by the computer, even if the customer is on hold for the entire time without speaking to any live person at all! Ridiculous at best. C'MON GUYS! If you were to extend a real helping had to your customers aka "your paychecks" you guys could very easily dominate the market. In reference to the previous comments (complaints) that I've seen on this blog alone, literacy of the complainant (or the lack there of) shouldn't be the deciding factor on considering a gripe. Get it together! I'm pulling for you!

Loyal Customer for 16 months

Posted by armywife1025

i had a problem that turned out to be my fault. (i put $25 on my phone not realizing i was specifically set up to the $60 one) not knowing why my phone still wouldnt work, i emailed them and within minutes they had fixed the problem very easily. i love that i can use my iphone on prepaid too. doesnt get much better than that. coverage is great internet is super fast and honestly i cant say anything bad. although i've only been on simple mobile a month and a half, i would still recommend this to anyone. its better than verizon and at&t prepaid that i've also been on.

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