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Shutterfly customer service is ranked #117 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 54.84 out of a possible 200 based upon 194 ratings. This score rates Shutterfly customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


159 Negative Comments out of 194 Total Comments is 81.96%.


35 Positive Comments out of 194 Total Comments is 18.04%.

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    • 54.84 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 159 negative comments (81.96%)
    • 35 positive comments (18.04%)
    • 0 employee comments
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    • 2.9 Issue Resolution
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Posted by Anonymous

Recording says to call back during NORMAL BUSINESS HOURS and that's the only time I call. There are so many other photo sites out there, I'm about to go somewhere else!

Posted by Anonymous

Every time I call it says they are closed!!!! When do they open? They're about to lose my business!!!

Posted by Anonymous

Hi! I did Ordered my last order photos size 57 but it turned out to be 6 which I received yesterday in an orange box.And also some of the copies which I didn't order came out also. Iam very disappointed!

Posted by Anonymous

I was just on the phone for 33 minutes and was cut off!!! You advertise free ship over 49 bucs but shipping didn't come off...I used a 40 percent off then noticed you had 50 percent plus 25 percent on cyber Monday but I couldn't get that neither!!! Getting frustrated...

Posted by Anonymous

my account 4 2017 I ordered 150 photos I received 4x4 instead of 4x6 I spoke with someone on 9-11-2017 a free shipping promo was done when I reordered there was no promo code I placed order if possible could you please check this and

do the free delivery my name is linda

thank you for your time and help

Posted by Anonymous

I have tried every way I know to get a LIVE person to see why I have not received my prints order which seems to have been shipped on April 3rd. Order

This is only my second order with Shutterfly and it may be the last as I had the same problem with my first order. I waited 3 weeks that time and finally Shutterfuly shipped a second one. There should be an easier way to talk to someone.

Posted by Anonymous

My daughter emails me photos through the Shutterfly site and in the past I have saved them in my Shutterfly account and printed them through Shutterfly with no problem at all. Today I can view them through her email but when I try to sign in to Shutterfly through her email, it does not let me in. I even tried changing my password but it keeps going back to the screen with two options: sign in OR download. What is the problem here? I received absolutely no help at all trying to reach someone through your number you list. Frustrated!!!!!

Posted by cmartinez91582

They suck! They offer coupons but then the shipping gets doubled! I placed an order and they said the order doesn't exist. Then when I ask for help they tell me to check my bank statement. Hmm, duh! I checked my account and saw that the charge cleared! They apparently charge your account as if an order was placed, but supposedly thats you just saving your credit information to the website and then your supposed to get your money back, makes no sense!

Posted by Carmen

Shutterfly gives the worst customer service ever, have never experienced representatives hanging up on me on all four calls I made. Also the coupons that old Navy is giving out from shutterfly is a scam. Does not work. Totally unacceptable

Posted by Frustrated longtime customer

Absolutely maddening! They are impossible to reach now. They suggest a link "call us" that gives no phone number. After hunting via Google, I found a phone number with a voice that says, "You can talk to me just like I'm a real person," and then said she'd refer me to the "next available agent." As I hold and listen to dead air, I'm watching the seconds and minutes increase (now at 23+ minutes and counting) while my phone battery decreases concurrently. I've been a customer for more than 10 years, mostly for books - more than $1,000 worth over the years - and all I want is to find out why all the photos that I've watched get uploaded today won't show up in the albums they were uploaded into. What is happening to Shutterfly?!! Grrrrrrrrrr!

Posted by Anonymous

This is the most frustrating site! And there is no way to talk to someone. What is happening with Shutterfly? Is it shutterclients instead? Can someone contact me or should I go someplace else?

Posted by Anonymous

since your upgrade shutterfly is impossible to work---uploading pictures from an e-mail thru a shutterfly e-mail----------your directions dont work---what is wrong with you---and then no customer service today------i guess you really want to go out of business

Posted by Bobbi

Don't do business with this company. I ordered 2 16X20 metal prints and they came to my home blank. They offered me 50% off on the reorder which I did, however they would not refund my $150.00 for the initial screw up. They have absolutely no quality control, who sends you blank pictures then forces you to accept them? I finally am having my credit card company deal with these people, they had the nerve to fight my complaint! They offered me a $90 credit, I simply want the original refund and that's not even the amount of my order. Since I complained to the credit card company they pulled the $90 which is fine as I won't deal with this again. I found this refund on the internet but didn't on the site, I would have returned the pictures if they requested for a refund if they would have let me know how. 100% happiness guarantee, seriously folks! How much more unhappy do you want a customer to be!!!!! Shame on you!

Posted by Bobbi

Don't do business with this company. I ordered 2 16X20 metal prints and they came to my home blank. They offered me 50% off on the reorder which I did, however they would not refund my $150.00 for the initial screw up. They have absolutely no quality control, who sends you blank pictures then forces you to accept them? I finally am having my credit card company deal with these people, they had the nerve to fight my complaint! They offered me a $90 credit, I simply want the original refund and that's not even the amount of my order. Since I complained to the credit card company they pulled the $90 which is fine as I won't deal with this again. 100% happiness guarantee, seriously folks! How much more unhappy do you want a customer to be!!!!! Shame on you!

Posted by Jodee

Never again will I do business with Shutterfly or with I sent in my information and 7 hours later I made a change (I followed all the directions and paid the $5 change fee). My changes weren't able to be made and my invitations are useless! I had to make them myself and print them myself. The seller did absolutely nothing to try and accommodate. Im now out $40 plus what I spent to do them again.

Posted by Anonymous

Shutterfly customer service only wants to refund you by giving you credit so you have to buy more subpar products that they do not stand behind. Here is what they told me about a defective product I received. "Another order may happen again and we won't be able to reorder it each time it's damaged" This was a product that came from their supplier defective. So if reordered it may come in defective again!? And they wont reorder if it's damaged!? Wouldn't you think they would make their supplier send you a non-defective product? Shutterfly is definitely more than disappointing. This replacement was for a product that started falling apart in less than 4 months. And that was a replacement for one that broke! They initially had a guarantee of scratch proof and crack proof, that is no longer on their site for this product. So it seems like their sub quality is not only limited to their photos and shipping but rather it applies to their company as a whole. Their are other choices available and this company won't be around for long if they continue to operate like they are.

Posted by Anonymous

I would like to talk to a live person, but when I click on that site, nothing happens.

I would like help in ordering some photos, and phoned your number and the message I rec'd was that the wait time was 12 minutes, but I have been waiting half hour or more.


Please call me asap.

My phone number

Posted by GIUX

I just finished a frustating day trying to order prints for pick up at a local Walgreens. Never happened! I'm finished ordering this way again. It took me 8 tries this morning to complete this task. Seriously? Then this afternoon I tried with another order and got nowhere. I finally relented and had the pictures sent home. I wanted them TODAY, not in the time frame you stated. Web site horrible!B

Cynthia Anderson

Posted by Anonymous

I want to delete Rsvp on my order of invitations. Can someone call me right away please.

Posted by Anonymous

Shutterfly has the worst customer service I have experienced in a long time. They have twice lost my order and I am DONE ordering from hem. Good luck getting connected with a human being when you call customer service.

Posted by Marlo

My extended family went on a Princess cruise and each booked cabin received a card for a "free" 8x8 photo book. It's not free at all. I uploaded all the photos since I was the one who took them on the cruise. I gave My credit card information and because the "billing" address for all three was mine, we could not use the coupons. What a freaking rip-off! I would have ordered many, many products because it was a special cruise. But, thanks to Shutterfly's policy of only allowing "one offer per billing address", their competition will get my business.
I would NOT recommend shutterfly to anyone.

Posted by Anseltte

Will never use again. Christmas is past, they delivered something I didn't order with the tracking no. of item I did order. Then, they redid the ENTIRE order inclunding the mistake. Now I look forward to ANOTHER wasted hour and God only knows what I will get the next time.

Posted by chiefbeav

We have ordered a number of items before with good quality and service, now we are having nothing but problems. We ordered a book and I watched as my wife was entering the order. I viewed the layout because I wanted to see one special picture, and the preview page looked great. When we received the book it was blank (No picture at all)I went to the preview again and at that time and it showed some pictures. When I called customer service the agent offer me a replacement at half the price, which we accepted. When I checked the price again after the photos were ready to reload the price was actually more than the original price. We called again and got a no caring agent and could not explain to him what was happening and he finally pretended that we lost contact and hung up on us. We called again the next day and almost the exact same thing happened again, including the lost phone connection. If this is the way we will be treated I think it's time to find another source.

Posted by Linda

Absolutely do not order any products from this company. They do not guarantee your satisfaction no matter what they say.

Posted by Anonymous

Received reordered defective cards, they are no better, it's the same card!! Original order 11/28... Waited this long to get Christmas cards, they are blurry and dis colored, original photo was resubmitted, no improvement!! Why did you resend 120 bad, exact same card??

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Posted by Anonymous

I just completed a Photo Book. Amber Peterson helped me complete the steps. She was very thorough. I had a positive experience. I'm nearly 90 years old. Thank You Amber!
Phyllis Stein

Posted by calendar

The new format for the calendar, the bottom half with the dates, is awful! You made the photos significantly smaller, changed the side of the number and event title at the bottom so that it covers up the photo of the person we are celebrating. I've used your services for years and was very unhappy with the new format.

Posted by Anonymous

Shutterfly is Fantastic!! if there is a negative comment is has to be that the customer went for the cheap!! and did not review or proof teir own pictures and comments . if you don't pay for the Shutterfly proessional imputs and go for the Cheap .. you have to be diligent! they do great work .. inexpensive.. professional....

Posted by Anonymous

I recently spoke with a customer service young man in Arizona. I did not get his name but he was very helpful, patient and was able to submit my order.

One other comment is that I find your website extremely hard to navigate and instructions are not as clear and direct as they could be. I have heard this opinion from other Shutterfly customers. Thank you.

Posted by "Jim"

I just received help from a customer service rep from Shutterly named "Jim" who spoke to me from Minnesota. What a refreshing experience to speak to a rep who was so patient and amiable. He took the time to answer all my questions, and took the situation a step further by helping me find the best way to create a satisfying project. He was personable, interested, and did everything possible to make me come away from the experience as a truly "satisfied" customer. I hope Shutterly Administrators recognize what a wonderful asset "Jim" is to their company, and maybe even make an effort to commend him on the wonderful job he's doing.

Posted by Sue S.

I'd like to highly commend CSR Sara, for her kind & patient help this morning. MY figured total for my order was at least $20.00 less than the website. I'd thoroughly gone over the PROMOS, & didn't understand the discrepancy. I'd worked diligently on the calendar,2 sets of address labels,+ tote bag. The SAVE365 promo for the calendar was confusing. Pay $4.99 for upgrade to 12 x 12 calendar, or pay $26.67 for it. Which was it? My total was over $40.00, & description of the SHIP39 SHOULD have applied, but it was contradictory, & shipping charges were added. I was really baffled. Sara listened, & promised to refund the shipping. She was very courteous, & eager to help. I'm always pleased with all the items I make on Shutterfly. They're great quality, as gifts they get raves, & I get many, many compliments on my other items. Sara deserves recognition for her great service, patience, & kindness. She's the kind of CSR every customer hopes they will get on the other end of the phone. Thanks much.

Posted by Anonymous

On Nov. 19, 2015 I spoke with Proctor of your staff. I recently placed an order for 2 DVD's and about 400 prints but did not receive the DVD's and about 55 prints were missing. Proctor investigated the situation and could not find any problem as to why the DVDs were not produced. He reordered the DVDs for me and advised me he would keep track of the order and advise me of same.
He also credited my account for the 55 prints I did not receive.
I had taken a picture of my two grandsons earlier this month. I absolutely loved the picture. When I received the print, the top of the head of my grandson was cut off. I tried to crop it to get the print I wanted to no avail. I advised Proctor of my problem with the print and although it took some time to understand the process on my part, he was very patient and talked me through the steps. He went above and beyond to make sure I was happy with the results. Proctor is indeed a credit to your organization.

Posted by Anonymous

Just had great help and friendly service from Jordan. My products arrived defective, and she took care of the problem. Give her a raise!

Posted by Anonymous

I want to congratulate Shutterfly for their employee, R.C. of Arizona. He is an outstanding customer service employee who managed to help me undo several errors I made when ordering a photo book AND also saved me dollars in the end. R.C. was soooo patient, helpful and knowledgeable. I am very appreciative of his help. A++++
Thank you,
Monte from Pennsylvania

Posted by Anonymous

On 10-13-2015 I called to get help on my book. I spoke with Trish in So. Carolina. Trish was one of the most knowledgeable & helpful techs I've spoken with. She had unlimited patience with my lack of knowledge & worked me through the loading problems I was having. Please reward her as she was a gem!

Posted by luckydenny

My experience today with Shutterfly is very positive. Bre was my customer service representative. She was very knowledgeable and patient, her skills dealing with the public are excellent. She was able to resolve my concerns to my sanctification. Shutterfly products far exceed their competition and now that they have improved their website it has improved tremendously.

Posted by Jeanne Paules

I have been a shutterfly customer for 3 years & have done many books, for myself, friends & my church. I can not say enought about them...have been more than satisfied! I would rate them a 10... on everything!!!

Posted by K

I've been using Shutterfly for 8 years. You have the WORST Website capablilty!!!! It is always down when I get 10 minutes to actually work on my photo book. Then when I finally get to log on and actually get into my account, it takes 5 minutes for it to pull up my photos or upload photos and then it freezes up and kicks me out. The only time of day I can get work done on shutterfly is if it's 3:00 a.m. FIX YOUR WEBSITE OR IM DONE! I had much more patience with it before kids and deployed spouse plus the full-time job. I don't have time for your website issues anymore. I am so willing to pay more with another online website that is dependable!

Posted by Anonymous

I want to send kudos to Darrius from the Carolinas. I had wonderful help from him around noon EST today, Dec. 2, 2014. He was a terrific listener/ patient, truly knowledgeable, very easy to work with and a fine gentle man! I am a senior and he was very patient and help immensely

I asked to tell his supervisor but he had to say to go through this process. I sincerely know I really appreciate his helping me! I am so thrilled that Shutterfly has an excellent staff.

I truly hope I have reached the department that all will celebrate Darrius was working today and I had a great conversation. So glad he helped me!

Posted by Joel

I had a great experience with Shutterfly this afternoon and my issues was resolved immediately. I've been a long time customer and am very happy with them.

Posted by SierraNicole

I think that if you have ordered something on the app you should be able to click on that item to order it again. I ordered a personalized iPhone5 case for my mother, and a personalized mouse pad for my father. I will be heading off to college soon and I was really wanting a matching set. I don't want to have to create the item again because it could come out differently than the first ones.

Posted by Anonymous

I want to say what a pleasant first experience I had when I called today. I worked with Sharetta Martin, her supervisor is Toya Tverdun. Sharetta was patient, friendly, helpful and did not make me feel like I was dumb. She walked me through the process explaining as she went. We talked about weather and family as my order processed.
Excellent customer service. I give my experience a 10 out of 10. Thank-you
Joan Schrader

Posted by AnitaDuff

Please tell me WHY I would order something from Shutterfly again. I have used Shutterfly for several years with wonderful results, however, just recently placed the most important order I've ever purchased and you FAILED ! My grandson joined the Marines in April and I began sending cards to him at Parris Island, SC to boost his morale and cheer him on. I received a letter from him last week wanting to know WHY I HADN'T written to him. It was only then that I looked at my Shutterfly order and saw that my cards had not been sent. I called Shutterfly on 4/19 and was assured that the cards would be sent. I called again on 4/22 and was told they would be sent by 5:30 that evening. My cards are still "in production" and have not been sent out. What a shame !! I have always recommended you to everyone and have actually sent a lot of business your way......but no more !! You dropped the ball when I really needed you !!

Anita Duff

Posted by esalzler

THANK YOU for the free book! how amazing! it came in perfect condition and EXACTLY how i wanted it to look. shutterfly is awesome :)

Posted by AJ

Very impressed with their customer service. The rep was very polite and replaced my products that I had complaints on.

Posted by Joan

I want to tell you how great I think your Customer Service is. The other day I had a problem that I didn't think could be solved and Linda did it. I am so thankful.
Joan Ouellette

Posted by Happy Grandma

I got a free book from Oskosh, and I thought, oh sure, nothing is free. Well, we started it,and it was amazing how it knew what pictures went together. They only cost was the shipping. We ordered it last week, and got it today. It is fabulous!!! You have a repeat customer here.

Posted by nikivec

Amazing service! I ordered about 200 pics and when I received them for some reason about half had a fine line going trough the middle ( machine defect?) It only took me about 4-5 minutes from the time I dialed to the end of my conversation with the rep who re-ordered the entire set and placed them under priority air mail at no charge, no hassle, and was very friendly and apologetic. After 4+ years of using shutter fly for my pictures, gifts,cards, etc... this is the first time I've had an issue with their products and I'm relieved it was cleared up so easily and fast!

Posted by Wuda

I have been on the phone for over an hour with Shutterly and can only say WONDERFUL things about them. I was able to understand the customer service rep, he was able to understand me, the service he gave me was OUTSTANDING, he completely bent over backwards to find a solution to my time-sensitive issues, etc., etc., etc. I told him I had read many terrible reviews of Shutterfly's Customer Service and was very leary of calling, but the service I got today was exceptional.

Posted by Anonymous

This is a bad to good story. I was having SO much trouble with my latest photobook. I mean it would take 15-20 seconds to move a text box. I was really frustrated and started looking around for another photobook web site.
But here's the good. After looking all over the place for a solution to my problem I finally e-mailed customer support (not expecting much) and they got right back to me with the solution. Whew! I didn't have to learn a new photobook site. I'm sticking with Shutterfly

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