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ShopNBC customer service is ranked #31 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 83.73 out of a possible 200 based upon 6 ratings. This score rates ShopNBC customer service and customer support as Acceptable.


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2 Positive Comments out of 6 Total Comments is 33.33%.

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    • 83.73 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 4 negative comments (66.67%)
    • 2 positive comments (33.33%)
    • 1 employee comments
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    • 4.0 Issue Resolution
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Posted by Anonymous

Hi, I am a former Evine/ShopNBC customer. As of Saturday, December 2, 2017 a restriction was placed against my account. I thought it was because I entered an incorrect last 4 pin #, (which I did 2 xs) while trying to purchase Beekman 1802 products. I thought this was done because the Evine system was protecting my account by shutting it down. I called customer service and was told I'd have to speak to the credit dept. I spoke to credit and they said someone would call me. I waited 2 hours plus, no one called so I called again. This time I was told the verification department would have to call me and that could take up to 2 days. Today, Tuesday, December 5th, Maria from verification called. In short, she informed me I was restricted because I owed $93.32 on an item which was returned. The conversation was difficult and Maria implied that I was taking a credit that I should not have gotten and since I did, my account was restricted and I need to go to my bank to have this taken care of. Much more went on between us (the previous is the short version). Needless to say, it was not a good conversation and ended with both trying to get the other off the phone. I felt insulted and angry. So, I called Bridgette in the executive office at Evine/ShopNBC, whom I'd spoken to in November. At that time Bridgette was wonderful and even issued a $50.00 credit to my account for a problem that was not of my making. Bridgette told me that this credit would remain there for 3 months, but if I had not spent it at the end of 90 days, just call her and she would reissue it. I left that conversation feeling that she was so amazing and kind. Bridgette today, Tuesday, was a tad different. I explained the problem and she assured me she didn't know why the account was restricted, as she could not see the reason from her screen, which made sense) to me. Then, I asked Bridgette why Evine/ShopNBC, does not notify a customer when restricting a customers' account? She responded, "That's a great question. I will send that suggestion to our verification department." We ended our conversation and I was no more satisfied from that conversation then with Maria. I immediately contacted my bank. They informed me that the credit issue had been fully resolved and there was nothing owed by me, to Evine. However, Maria, (in verification), implied I was trying to receive a credit that I had not earned and therefore my account would remain restricted. During the conversation, Maria was anything but sensitive to the facts that 1. This accusation came out of nowhere to me. Again, I thought she was calling to instruct me on resetting my pin, instead she was saying I owed Evine money and that I would remain restricted. Maria was a poor listener and seemed to take the matter personally as she constantly reiterated that after researching this matter, the restriction, (of which Evine had never notified me of), was valid and again I should call my bank. I must add, there were two other customer service reps who were wonderful during this ordeal, (Brenda in customer service and Diane or Diana in credit). Diane must be one of the most patient people on the planet. She listened to my concerns, never interrupted, showed compassion, did not take it personally and then offered to pass my information along adding that she apologized I had experienced this. I tried calling Bridgette back to let her know that I did call my bank and they clarified nothing is owed from my end. and that everything zeroed out. I also tried to contacting verification which you cannot reach directly, instead you must wait for their credit department to contact verification first and then they call you back. I wish I had a more pleasant review to share, but, this is my experience. I don't believe Evine is a bad organization, but this situation has soured me personally and this is my experience. It could have been handled much differently and addressed much sooner had Evine taken the time to inform this customer that there was a restriction and ask that I please contact their credit department as soon as possible. Evine/ShopNBC I hope you take this matter to heart for your other customers. Thank You for allowing me to share my experience. Pat R-P

Posted by Anonymous

I'm trying to get intouch with customer service and I'm put on hold for minutes at a time and no one returns on the phone. Customer service is lacking and I'm very upset about my situation. I need a return phone call at 760 956 3816 as soon as possible please thank you. Lucia E Scott
Credit card customer with Evine

Posted by Anonymous

I placed an order for Elizabeth grants three piece collagen set and I specifically told the representative I was using a different credit card for this order only and I said it three times (do not add this card to my account settings that this would be the only time I would be using this mc. well, I don't know where you dig up the representatives you use, but this one must have been from kindergarten with no brains, as this stupid person added this on to my settings after telling her 3 times not to. I expect her to be responsible for my overdraft fee of 35.00. I expect a call from a supervisor at

Posted by beth

since feb 2012 I have been trying to reach anyone about the free mattress voucher i was to get from my serta bed I have emailed, called with noresponce from anyone all i want is either my matress coverwith no run around just mail it to be or the value of it and I will buy it myself

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Posted by Anonymous

ShopNBC is so much better than QVC or HSN. Their people are nicer, know what they are talking about, and they sell higher quality products! ShopNBC is AWESOME!!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

They are the absolute best home-shopping channel that exists!!! Their customer service department was extremely pleasant and professional. They bent over backwards to help me with my order. My items were better than expected and the prices are fantastic!!!

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Posted by Anonymous

As an employee (and customer) of ShopNBC, I can tell you that we take every step to ensure that our customers receive the greatest products and experience possible. Before an item makes it on-air, it must first pass a rigorous quality assurance test. I would recommend giving the company a try - many products are exclusive to ShopNBC and you wonn't find anywhere else.


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