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Shaw customer service is ranked #511 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 31.11 out of a possible 200 based upon 1179 ratings. This score rates Shaw customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


1,107 Negative Comments out of 1,179 Total Comments is 93.89%.


72 Positive Comments out of 1,179 Total Comments is 6.11%.

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    • 31.11 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 1,107 negative comments (93.89%)
    • 72 positive comments (6.11%)
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Posted by Anonymous

What is this bill I received? $304.53. I am a pensioner on a fixed income.
I went to the kiosk at 7 Oaks, Abbotsford BC and talked to Kate who told me I could have Internet, TV and phone. She also didn't mention land-line. I only have a cell and it should have been indicated.
I had to go to the kiosk to get a paper copy of my contract. (Telus gave me one when I started 2 years ago).The front page indicates $136.75. If the extra amount is one time only this was not indicated to me at the kiosk.
I am not happy with Shaw and I can't afford this. Elizabeth Andre

Posted by Anonymous

The worse client service i have ever had. Can't believe they have not returned one phone call in 7 days

Posted by Bc

Went to Shaw store to add services to my account. Only 3 staff in store. Was directed to wait by person behind counter for staff to become available, staff fellow heard this intereaction.While waiting new staff came from back with his iPad walked right pass me and started talking to people behind me. Staff Fellow I was waiting for finished what he was doing and called people who came in after I did. When I questioned this and said I was next the staff fellow I had been waiting on told me does not matter what I was directed to do as the person who told me That I was next does not work out front. I should have talked to fellow with IPad. Ridiculous service, bad form on staff... he should be fired.

Posted by Disappointed in SHAW

SHAW activated my cottage tv, which I wasn't even aware of, didn't send me any bills all these months, just emailed me today about the hundreds I owe them, and when I called and explained I never activated the account or received any bills for the account, they told me it's my fault for not contacting them to tell them I wasn't receiving my bills, and I should have known the account was activated, because when I put it on hold last year, I provided this date to reactivate.

I was honest and said I don't remember that; that I haven't been at that residence all year, and have been with my dying father these past months, therefore, would never think about a reactivation date of a second tv account on a certain date that I provided in Fall of 2016; but had I been billed for it, I would have known. Their response was 'so you did know about it, so you have to pay'.

They forced me to pay, saying it was strictly my fault. They took no blame whatsoever for not sending me the bills (but funny enough they were able to email me my 'overdue' payment once it reached the hundreds), and were wicked rude.

Even though I've been a loyal customer for years, and always pay my monthly bill for my other Shaw tv account on time, they said I was being difficult. I've never experienced such rude, condescending, insulting, and arrogant service in my life. Needless to say, both my Shaw accounts have been cancelled, and they didn't care. Be careful with them if you're with them. They're sneaky. I guess they have enough business now that they don't even care if you stay with them as a customer or not. It's really too bad, because when they were first moving into my area, they were good. It's gone so downhill now on all levels. Oh... and at the end of the conversation, I was hung up on!

Posted by Anonymous

I have been waiting 9 days for a service call which I was told was rated as an emergency, told to stay home and wait and heard tonight that tomorrow afternoon I'll get that service call. I've lost wages, angered my own customers who're waiting on me and find out their service person is also working for Shaws competion in this area, no wonder their service is so lousy. I can't wait untill I have another option.

Posted by R

Shaw reply Thank you for your reply, As the previous agent stated, you've contacted our eCare department in which only manages emails and online chats at this time. If you are wanting to speak with an agent over the phone, you will need to give us a call at You will then select Shaw Cable and option #2. Thank you for your understanding.

To bad Shaw cant reply to a customer with a simple phone call as requested . It's there game and they make the rules you the customer has to play by.

I guess I drifted into logic.

Posted by R

I have sent 3 email to shaw customer care requesting for them to call me. They apparently don't understand the simple request or are incapable of using a phone. WHY ?
Maybe they should hire someone that can understand and read English.
If there is a problem which restricts there ability to use a phone you would think they could give an intelligent reply.

Posted by R

SHAW's tv station promos try to get you hooked on a program and then without warning take the channel off. Causing you frustration in not knowing why you found the channel and why it disappeared. I for one do not know all the channels I get nor do I want to memorize all the channels I just use the guide and if I get the channel fine. Shaw should inform you of the channels that are promotions when they start and END.

Posted by Unhappy

Sunday Mar 26 - completed online order for service and was contacted by rep about setup. Options were wednesday the 5 or self install. I chose self install which she gave me instructions to pick up at Oakridge mall by the food court any time

Friday Mar 31 - Went to Oakridge at 11am prior to 1230 call to pickup. They didnt have anything for me and couldn't help me. Fiber team was supposed to call within 15 min of 11:10am. As of noon no call

12pm March 31 - first call to shaw. Went to current account members after 9 min I was told to hang up and call new account holders

12:46pm after missing my call and sale due to no web conferencing abilities I called. After 16 min on the phone the situation was left that I would receive a call in "1, at the very most 2 hours" He said we had an appointment booked for apr 10 from 3-5

4:11pm After 3+ hours waiting for a call I called. After 40 min on the phone and 2 calls I was told to call back when I got back home because the router may in fact be already in the home. Finally given direct line to the fiber team. Conversation included conversation RE compensation, I said I wanted a large portion in the ballpark of half my term covered for the hassle and they could talk about cable as an add on to make me happy. Supervisor Ian said "that sounds reasonable, but lets get you connected to the internet and then we can handle that" Also stated we had missed an appointment on Mar 30 when we didnt even have access to the suite

11:02am 5min call Call dropped during transfer

12:52pm 54 min call - Went and got my own personal router from storage in chilliwack because the shaw router was not accessible via password. Hooked it up and confirmed Node and modem in place already(all was for nothing) Called to let fiber team know exactly what the situation was. After 25 min of the tech laughing at me because he couldn't understand what I was saying I requested a supervisor. Spoke to Yalena(who was actually good). At this point she offered us 2 months internet covered, a third of what was discussed with Ian the day before and deemed "reasonable." This escalated to the next staff member Paymen. Who while cutting my fiancÃâ©e off at each sentence and dealing with her in a manner that I felt it was necessary for me to intervene. Continued with me. Until he ended the call telling us to "Go to telus" and that we were greedy and have no idea how "it works" within shaw.

1:57 pm 15min - Paymen called back to ensure we were receiving a back from Ian - She spoke to paymen - who began to apologize profusely and said he wanted us to stay with shaw. He said he would do the 6 months and even more. In his words he would give us "a million things to make us happy" and he was going to contact ian at home on the weekend to make arrangements.

3:57pm 9min - Paymen calls back and says he talked to Ian. Continuously cuts me off and escalates voice, laughs at me and the situation. Says we are lying about the conversation with Ian and that Ian offered two months(or would) which was never discussed. He insisted on Ian calling me at noon on monday. I asked to have the department supervisor contact me directly at 1230pm because of the service I have received. After 10 min of denying me, he agreed to have him contact me at 1230.

Monday 12:36pm 5 min - Ravi calls to inform me that Ian is in a meeting and will not be able to speak with me after I have been waiting outside for a call and deliberately not booked a client. Again lost revenue. Apologizes and asks to have Ian call me at 11am tuesday. I ask the status of Ians supervisor to call me and he sees nothing in the notes about it from paymen

Monday 1250pm 17 min - Obviously upset with how this has been handled and the lack of notes or call from a supervisor I call into "new customer line" and speak to V544 Vanessa, who was professional and tried to help but upon my insistence agreed to have Jag call(supervisor)

Missed a call from Shaw Chilliwack 11:03am

Call back 11:09 to the new member line- ask status and who was calling. She informed me it was calvin, not ian, asked to be connected which she couldn't do but said they were calling back in 10 min according to the notes.

11:17am - Receive a call from another tech on fiber team, saying that Ian is in a meeting and would not be able to reach me currently. I asked him if he was "avoiding me." I informed him of the conversation with Vanessa, and that I was done with speaking to Ian as apparently he does not feel that my time is valuable. I informed him that I was awaiting a call from Jag and wanted to know when I would receive that. He said he would find out and call me back shortly.

I have since missed a call from Jag on Tuesday at 3:54pm and had a message saying he would call back in a half hour. This was April 4/2017. I had a serious family health issue and was unavailable for a term after that.

I have called back and am awaiting a call today. I have much more detailed and complete notes available. This is the compressed version. I am completely dissatisfied with the service thus far and will be sharing to my social media networks of 10k followers as well as recommending my future managed facilities make a switch over to telus for all internet, cable, and phone communications. I await your reply.

Posted by Anonymous

I felt so upset after I handed up the phone with the customer service with Shaw. From the time
I have spent on the phone 46 minutes. From the time I found out the mistake whoever made on
the bill; it ended up I made the mistake to call in I really feel that way. In fact, I do not care who
make that mistake. I do care about after I insisted that is the mistake on the bill; but I do care about
who are going to take the mistake $ out from the account after she realized that was a mistake.
From the beginning to the end, I do not hear any sorry about the inconvenience, or fell any sympathy.
I would share this bad experience with friends and family members. Shaw Customer service is not a right place for this agent.

Posted by Anonymous

THE WORSE CUSTOMER CARE CONTACT CENTRE OF ANY ORGANIZATION I HAVE DEALT WITH.....took 11 days and 3 field tech visits to complete a simple "installation" of basic internet and landline services...which included a modem that burst into flames...and cost me over 2,000$ in lost income; 29 full hours of my time dealing with their robots in customer care, having a water services accnt transfer with Enmax go sideways because of having a new Shaw phone that would not take incoming calls thus missing Enmax call causing 4 days of NO water in my house and a 150$ re-booking fee,,,,and all Shaw offered in compensation was a 50$ credit and 10 free days of local phone calls which are free anyways!! This company and its arrogance and incompentent is a joke...they claim to "value their customers" but DO NOT believe that propaganda,,,as my experience shows that Shaw seems to do everything possible to show how it does NOT value anything of their customers including their time, lost revenue, and stress they cause!

Posted by Anonymous

I guess that this is a complaint. Every night of the week except one there is porn on at 2a.m. really there is no place for this degeading crap on t.v. regardless if it has been approved or not. Take thie crap off the air Shaw controls what is put and if they don't or can't then maybe they shouldn't be suppliers.

Posted by Anonymous

Failed to resolve issue. No TV for two weeks. Unhelpful service technicians. After several visits they just abandoned me and said the system is the issue - which it is not. Shaw exploit their monopoly and abuse their customers. No customer service and exorbitant cable costs.

Posted by FatFred

Called Shaw TV to suspend service for 28 days but had to make it 30 days as it is there policy that any vacation from services must be a minimum of 30 days. I said fine, make it 30 days if that's what it has to be. So, next they informed me that once I am put back on full-service, I would now have lost my Promotions that I had up to going on vacation mode: I would lose $10.00 off Internet; $12.00 off phone; $5.00 off TV for a total of a loss of $27.00 and a gain of $27.00 for Shaw! Oh, and you 'must' give them 10 days notice which is somewhat understandable! if you request vacation mode! I could live with that but not the constant short notice user cost increases that seemed to occur a minimum of each quarter! ! I have basic TV, a phone & 15 Speed Internet and it costs me around $145.00 which is no small chunk of change for a chump like me!
After consideration of financials involved, I said 'Forget It'!
What a bunch of thieves! I've been a client since their inception but am routinely getting totally screwed with their not being held accountable for their suspect business practices and cost increases at whim!
Telus, Lord forbid, is looking better & better!

Posted by Anonymous

You guys are trash, we have been using telus all long, super fast, never had any troubles untill shaw offered us a deal to switch over. 3 weeks into shaw, our internet hasnt been working for a week.

Called shaw and the tech guy name Adam in vancouver wasnt even able to tell me what my connection is like on his end. He kept on saying "it looks like your internet is working, so dont know whats going on"....

LOOKS LIKE? So.... when I receive my bill, am I supposed to be like LOOKS LIKE I have to pay? But im not sure?

In the end this Adam guy did the "I'll book you a tech so I can get you off the phone" trick, and told me the next available tech is next Tuesday, so 4 days later. I asked him so we are going to be like without internet for the next 4 days? He was like "yup! " As if "its totally ok what is the problem? " type of yup.

Like really? I dont have a contract with you guys, I m definately going to call telus tomorrow and cancel you guys, even if I have to pay more with telus, I will still do it. Atleast I actually gets the I-N-T-E-R-N-E-T service from them.

Posted by Family

shaw coustomer services are lie to me. Whem I connect internet 49.99 month to month for 1 year. After 1 year I have to pay for 79.99. Now I got bill they charge 60/month. That shaw coustomer services lie to me. I am going cut shaw services.

Posted by smart eskimo

early dec I called for a shaw hd pvr, they told me I qualify for a free upgrade.i agreed for a hd pvr,,only to find out I got a bill for 393.85,,I payed that by online banking gave the ref number,dec 25 i see another payment for 393.85..the rep told me I asked for a sec receiver,told them by phone 7 times i did not ask for a second receiver,,worst n cant fix stupid,,,im smart for a eskimo...

Posted by Mrs A

My experience with Shaw Direct has been less then pleasant, me and my husband had the services for quite a while but we could no longer afford the services we called to cancel, when we called to cancel the services Shaw's rep offered us a seasonal break just incase we changed our mind so we wouldn't have to pay a reconnection fee, "just incase"....
Well, after this seasonal break that was offered to us "just incase" we changed our mind ended, the services were reconnected with out us knowing and we ended up with a $240 bill for services we did not use nor did we know we reconnected .
So after several conversations and hours of being on hold I finally got to speak to a representative that completely understood the huge misunderstanding and agreed to credit back the bill in full and to expect a call 2 days later to confirm a balance of $0 on our account, the call never came so I called back two weeks later and got the most ignorant rude service representative I have ever spoken to who forwarded my call to a higher department with even more ignorant rude representatives who told me I never received a call because the credit will not be applied and to disregard what that representative said to me, so after an hour of arguing with another rude Shaw direct rep a generous credit of $20 was put on our account,
After dealing with the worst customer service department all I take away from my experience with shaw is a $20 credit and the memories of the personal attacks on my husband and I.

Posted by XT

by changing one feature on my business account they sent me an e-contract and signing with one click, my business has been locked for five year term. when I called the customer care, without counting the minutes waiting, just transfering from one person to another, there were four times and total spent over 40 minutes. after I was told that a manager would call me back regarding the issue in 24 hours, I didn't get anyone call back for more than 7 days (Nov 30 - Dec 7 2016). the same person called today and said the manager is busy and ask him to call me and the there is no way to discuss this issue because the e-contract says five year term. which means that if I want to change to other carrier, then amount of the cost for the fine would be $10 per month and it's 5 times 12 month maybe plus tax. I have multiple shaw cable accounts from homes, businesses, more than 7, and i am going to pull them out from shaw one by one.

plus there wifi services are slow (even high speed internet) and some tv channels are often interupted.

Posted by JWilliams

Experiencing the WORST customer service with this company! All we need is a letter confirming we have had an account for more than a year, and they state they do not provide that service and they don't have records going back more than 6 months! Seriously??? Isn't it a legality that records be kept for a minimum of 7 years?! Come on! Customer service is supposed to be about actually SERVING your customer????

Posted by None

This place is brutal.from the old system of driving to the location lining up and waiting your turn, I walk 2 blocks though a packed mall to a store which has no rhyme or reason as to who gets served first. 3 people who arrived after me when ahead of me and there are 2 people working the computers for 15 people "lounging" in this ridiculous setup. I will be looking to switch to telus. This is so frustrating.

Posted by Anonymous

Terrible Customer Service. I called in with a simple problem that should have been a very easy fix for them, and was put on hold indefinitely. I gave up 3 days in a row. On the 4th day I called again, only to be told the number I was calling was for Shaw Cable, not Shaw Direct, and was then given the same number I had just called to reach Shaw Direct! I have used the same number in the past for system refreshes, and I know it is the correct number for Shaw Direct. Then I tried again, and this time left my ph# for a call back. The recorded message said it would be up to 30 minutes or something. I got a recorded call back saying I was #1 in queue, and to press 1 if I was ready to speak to a representative. I pressed 1. I then was put on hold again for ANOTHER 25 minutes listening to the same rotation of ads & Musac, until I hung up again in a fury! Then I went on-line to try my luck there. After waiting 15 minutes on their CHAT screen, and finally reaching a 'CHAT'rep, I was told that she couldn't help me as I had reached Shaw Cable, not Shaw Direct. She then transferred me to a Shaw Direct CHAT queue, where the expected wait time was over 17 minutes. AGAIN!!! After 28 minutes, I gave up again. Absoloutely terrible service.

Posted by dontgowithshaw

Terrible. ALWAYS has problems, when you ask for * the best internet they have* the guy will come and only put in internet 60, ( happened to me 4 times ). Tv constantly disconnecting, only on good shows though. No tv sales shows or garbage like that ever glitches out. Internet is decent only if you get a High quality ( over 100$). And still the same plans at telus are cheaper and come with more and they give you a free laptop or something also. The recording shows option for the Shaw box is also broken. Set a schedule, And it records random days. Misses new episodes. Records half the show. Stops it recording just before the end of the show. I can go on.
Anyways long story short. Bad company looking to jip people, oh and watch out.for the thieves in this company. I paid my bill every month in full as always. And when I canceled the provider ( because of moving ). They hit me with a hidden 680$ charge because they weren't shipping my whole bill monthly. Just some of it. Without me asking or authorizing that. So I got some credit damage because I refused to pay for thieves making excuses.

Posted by parades

I was having an issue with my cable appearing dark. it was only the cable channels and not the tv as the netflix and the guide were not dark, I called Shaw to see if they could talk me through with tech support, unfortunately I never did get to ask anyone about it as my number was mysteriously unable to be retrieved and then after spelling our names, repeating my billing address and the internet passwords so that someone could actually address my problem i was then transferred to yet another staff member who could not manage to find my account. after 30 minutes I quit trying to reason with them, as I know that somehow billing finds my address every month. I was talking to them while watching shaw and obviously have an account so why cant they answer a basic question about my remote control settings?The question would have taken 5 minutes to answer but two men were paid for half an hour to not help me at all. completely ridiculous. Update your system.

Posted by The original ZackSeven

Any one else fed up with Shaw's customers support agents always giving out the same canned (BS & LYING) responses. If you complain about bad TV reception ( specially HD channel) you'll get reboot your TV receiver box, complain about slow internet you'll get run the speed test (which is pointless as they have implemented QOS (Quality Of Service) where priority is given to some data packet types. I wrote my own code to determine data throughput and I consistently get 50% of total bandwidth. Its slow because there oversubscribed. Shaw the writing is on the wall, get your act together or face running out of busness.

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Posted by Anonymous

Thank You Shaw! You are the BEST in customer service. for us " oldies" that are digital & computerized TV challenged, your service is head & shoulders above Telus, sooo glad we switched back to Shaw. All staff are friendly & helpful and NO call Center from India, staff state their name & where they are located. Soo impressed. Keep up the great customer service,,,we were not even put on hold for 45 minutes.

Posted by dave705

Switched TV service from Bell Satellite to Shaw Direct. We get way more channels for a much lower price, got a PVR and HD receiver for free, plus free installation, friendly CSRs.

Posted by Luchia

Just wanted to say what a wonderful Job Orlando VY-97 Who came out to Pickardville. He went above and beyond to ensure our Satellite was working and easily accessible. He had to crawl into a small space and remove plywood to access. Not to mention the Rocky ground in the crawl space...a place I'm sure some would just not do.My dad is 84 and his hockey and sports are everything; so I just wanted to say thank you Orlando for doing such an Amazing Job. I also would like to thank him for coming out on such short notice as well. Koodos and Thank you!!!:)

Posted by Jason

So I need to be clear right off the bat. I am not a fan of Shaw's tech or their company overall. But Courtney (in Victoria) ID # I900 was a breathe of fresh air. She resolved all our issues and offered a genuine professional approach to communicate thier side of things while patiently hearing me out. We had called in at least 5-8 times in 4 months since signing up and NO ONE did what she was capable of doing in 1hr.
She has given me hope that I can stay with this company (even though their tech is literally garbage) because of one person's efforts to do the right thing!
Good job Courtney
Courtney (I900)

Posted by Jake from telus

Their rates and services are just horrible, and you aren't getting what you pay for! I can give you faster Internet, better HD TV at a permanently long term lower rate! Also with great promotions for the holiday season! Shoot me a text

Jake from telus communications

Posted by CarFlo in Oshawa

We have been with Shaw (formerly Star Choice too), for about 20 years and I would give them 100 star rather than 5 if I could. They have been excellent in customer service and in programming. We have recommended them to so many other friends over the years who love them too. Thank you Shaw!!

Posted by Wooleybear

So far I am very happy with my Shaw satellite service. There have been no reception problems and the choice of programs is excellent and I only have the basic package!

Posted by Anonymous

Tonite after having considerable computer problems called Shaw and was directed to a gentleman by the name of Don in Nainimo BC. Best service ever and lots of patience from him.

Posted by Wooleybear

I just had my satellite dish installed after using an antenna for many years. When I called and enquired about the services and all the costs I would incur both the people I spoke with were knowledgeable and friendly. I received a much better deal than I was anticipating and feel lucky to have gotten it. The installer called right when I was told He would, and He showed up right on time. He was super friendly and showed Me all I needed to know. The channel selection is better than I thought it was going to be and overall I am very happy with my service so far.

Posted by calgary

Excellent customer service on the phone in Victoria. They were very straight forward and easy to talk to. Helped me cancel my account with no pressure or pushing to remain. Kris, told me exactly where i needed to return my modem.

Posted by Anonymous

Happy with the service I received from Shaw personnel in the store in Victoria and online

Posted by Anonymous

June 25 telephone & internet installation performed by tec was EXCELLENT!

Posted by Anonymous

I had some issues with my internet. John (from Manitoba) was my representative. Lucky me. John helped me fix my problem and I had my internet up and running within 13 minutes of placing the call. Thank you John I can now get back to watching Netflix.
Cheers John, your the man.

Posted by Anonymous

Went in to Shaw on Pemberton today to get an additional PVR. Got the box and had it hooked up in another room. Unfortunately, we were told by Roman that Mr. Montoya, who gave me the box, had changed a lot of our packages. I had simply asked that we needed the extra box with nothing changed. What's going on? We pay a lot of money per month for this service!

Posted by CreativeChops

Thank you Scott 3049 TSR National, Shaw Business Technical Support.

Yes it took 1.5 hours to fix and issue, but "we" were successful, and you were patience, kind, polite and we had a few laughs too. Give Scott a raise Shaw!! He's a gentleman and a scholar!

Posted by AC1975

I called Shaw for a new services that I ordered by phone ( Internet/Cable) to my new place. The Shaw representative that I dealt with has an excellent customer services. His named is "Aukhon" I think that his name. He explain every single details of all the services and which ever will fits to our needs. he gave me a lot of options regarding new promotions and discounted amount that I can take advantages of as a new customers. I'm so happy with the outcome of my order to get all the best possible services included with the package that I got. To make it the most A+plus for us is he managed to fit me in to the connection with the technician the next day. which is a day early of my moving day. i'm so please how friendly and fast the service he gave. Thank you and hope you continue this kind of services and customer approach to have more happy customers

Posted by Anonymous

I called shaw cable a few days ago to help with my internet and tv setup. they replied right away. A technician came by on time & was extremely helpful (Nelson was his name). thank you.

Posted by Anonymous

I shopped at the Shaws in Dedham, MA for the first time in ten years. I was blow away by the change....clean..organized...fresh options...helpful staff...different specialty areas...really, really refreshing.....lets not talk about the Shaws in west Roxbury ......

Posted by hello

Customer service is great on the phone. Amazing employees. However, I have a rented dvr and everyday It craps out. I have to unplug it plug it back in blah blah blah. It never records and has the inability to change channels. The equipment is not what is should be. Employees very nice but it doesn't make up for poor hardware.

Posted by Anonymous

excellent customer service from I906 Will and VU96 Tom and from our local shaw store. Quick and courteous service - answered all of my questions and called me back when they said they would.

Very refreshing! Keep up the great work.

Posted by Anonymous

I received a new box from Shaw and it took calls to FOUR!!!! different agents to get the box and the remote synchronized to work properly. Finally after much frustration with the TV always saying no signal, wouldn't shut off, having to shut off the TV and cable box separately, SHAW reprogramming the box, etc, I finally got an agent that reprogrammed the remote and solved my problem. Kudos to KIM, #4524. I hope he gets acknowledgement from Shaw of how smart he is.

Posted by Anonymous

After a couple of hours 1 day ago and today for about an hour with another person that couldn't solve my problem either and said they would call me back. I waited for about 30-40 min and I called back. I reach ANDREW who much to my surprise within minutes he solve my problems and made sure I was satisfied with the results Kudos Andrew I was much appreciated of your quick and professional manner with me that made my day.

Thx so much

Posted by Anonymous

Great service today from technician, Aaron here in SSM Ontario. Called before he arrived because he was going to be earlier than the window given us and wanted to know if our time allowed for it, pleasant, professional, offered tips and resolved our connectivity/signal issue.
Although we are not happy with Shaw's new rates effective August 1st and may shop around, we have had a good bundled experience with Shaw so far.

Posted by M.J.

Thank you for the wonderful service I received from employee Bridget on Saturday May 30,2015.She was extremely helpful, kind and very professional.

Posted by Anonymous

Totally terrible and disgusting customer rep. Never would I instruct my employees to act and talk like robots. I am changing my provider asap.

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Posted by Anonymous

HI, I start working at since Nov 2011,
Let me tell you a funny story about this job. Back in 2011 I needed some emergency money so I apply so many job through Manpower, Sometime after Manpower call me that they found a job for me, I went there but they say I can get this job as Customer Solutions Expert. I mention Rob I am sorry I can not do that because it is a kind of telemarketing, Rob told me because of you need emergency money why don't you go there got 2 weeks full training with pay and try the job for 30 days and if you don't like the job then quit and by this time you will get your emergency money, Because of you have 10 years of Customer service experience you can do that, I try that job for about 3 month and was thinking what to do, I found all the Supervisor and Manager are so pleased about my job, they do care about all employee, They celebrate everybody's birthday, and they care about your family, My previous job I work more then 8 years and I had feeling that my last job was the best job I ever will get. After I start this job I think I just west my time in last 8 years at my other job.
I know a lot comment say's bad customer service "YOU CAN NOT CLAP WITH ONE HAND"
Since I have start this job I am pretty sure I did serve thousand of thousand customer I have not even single complain other then good comment from customer . Most of customer . I have a lot of customer even they invite to go to meet with them. If you ever find any customer service rep ask them what department they work, if you like to talk to same person you can do that just ask there what is there extension number or Rep # they will happy to call you back .

Posted by Laurie

I worked for Shaw for many years & for some time I thought it was a good company.

However now this company is full of lies and corruption with it's ONLY interest to line the pockets of the Shaw family.

They will do, say anything to make more money and they treat their employees as expendable resources to use up & throw out. The ugliness I witnessed first hand was sickening.

Don't support corporations like this that's ONLY goal is to buy another private jet, or another home in the tropics for its CEO's and in this case family. A family who I have spent many times with and was disgusted by.

Posted by Concerned Employee

I currently work at Shaw in Victoria. I must start by saying I work with the most amazing team of people ever! In Victoria, most of us are not afraid to push for a better answer if the current answer is not good enough. That's why I love our team! The service techs quite often bend over backwards to satisfy customers though it's not always obvious.

I can't speak for every centre as centres in different cities are run differently but I can speak to Shaw as a company. Shaw has a lot of ups and downs and stuggles and triumphs. A lot of the time when it comes to packaging and service changes they kind of wing it (which I agree I wish they wouldn't).
Shaw has had a huge struggle since last April when they lost staff and had to let a bunch of middle management go and trying to catch up since then. Wait times grew to a rediculous 4.75 hours causing a lot of these comments to get started on this site, infrastucture issues, tech issues and plant issues.

However, whether it is obvious or not in the public eye Shaw has been working VERY hard to overcome these deficiencies. Since June they have hired nearly 2000 customer service reps (including technical support) and several hundred more service techs. I used to dread booking a service call for Edmonton or Calgary because I would have to tell the customer it would be TWO WEEKS. The other day I booked one just two DAYS away. Wait times (except the last two days) have been an average of 15 minutes. Sometimes in the afternoon there are even brief breaks between calls (no waits!). Processes are changing to be the same across all systems/cities which makes things a lot easier to deal with and the plant and infrastucture issues are being dealt with.

Things are getting much much better. One of the things I can definately agree with is the lack of training for new reps. They only get a week which includes time sitting with someone on the phones. When I started it was three weeks! This is partly due to the rush to get people on the phones to deal with wait times. I'm hearing about furthur training for reps now so there won't be any more of these "incompitencies" that people are talking about.

Billing: billing is always a tough one especially since there are so many different codes for services and promos and discounts. What I do know is the system does calculate properly and services are not as expensive as people think they are. They are not being ripped off (as a previous rep posted). And no, I'm not saying that becuase I currently work for Shaw. I calculated the other day that the average person on Classic Cable, High Speed Internet and Basic Phone with Voicemail pay $5/day for their service. It also works out to 2.5 cents per channel per day. What does a grande Star Bucks coffee cost? And you get 15 to 20 minutes of enjoyment out of it. People have their Shaw services 24 hrs/day, 7 days/wk, 24hr tech support and all the techs running around keeping things going. It's not a lot when thought of that way and now it's even better with Personalizer packaging.

For people on the old style packaging HDPLUS is $16. When it was first launched it was $9 for 12 HD channels. There are now over 50 HD channels so of course the cost will go up. Do the math on that, you're now paying LESS per HD channel on that pack.

Some people get mad because their service gets turned off if they're too late paying their bill. To put it in perspective: Shaw has about 3.5 million customers. If just 10% of those customers are overdue on their bills by $15, that is 5.25 MILLION dollars that is owed to Shaw. People think "Wow, that's a lot of income. Shaw is greedy." But I happen to know it will cost Shaw roughly $20MIL to upgrade the network just in Victoria alone. So if they don't get their income, no upgrades can happen and therefore no increase in service quality can happen.

I wish I could fix everyone's problems. I wish customers would never get a rude rep. I wish reps wouldn't be afraid to say they might have made a mistake or to double check if they are unsure. This is what I try to instill in my colleagues.

I'm not sure where I'm going with this now but when I read all the negative posts I just shake my head. Some of this stuff is simply having too high of an expectation (for any company) and others are just stuff that should never happen. I can't speak for every individual person in Shaw's organization but I can say that most of us do care very deeply about making things right. But remember you can only do what's humanly possible which for some people isn't good enough and that's sad.

Shaw does need to improve their existing service before taking on more customers and they are. But it's kind of all happening at the same time.

There's much more I'd like to leave with you all but I've written a short novel so I will close this post.

Posted by ex employee

I worked for Shaw cable as well only I had several years of experience in the Telecommuncations field and Excellent Customer Service skills. I agree with the comment below. Except that customers are not responsible for the training or supervision of Shaw employees. Most customers who are angry have a right to expect that Shaw will respond with honesty and integrity to complaints that customers have taken the time and at their own expense to deal with Shaw's issues. Most customers who are angry and impatient with Shaw employees have attempted to resolve their issues patiently and repeatedly without any clear resolution in sight. A service provider as large as Shaw must be held legally liable for their business practices or lack of ..... The correct response by a customer who is threatened with being sent to Collections after repeatedly attempting to reach a resolution with Shaw for a Shaw employee making a mistake on billing is with the CRTC. CRTC has a website that customers can send an email explaining the billing or service issues. A customer simply provides the calls and attempts to contact Shaw to resolve the billing and service issues and CRTC will assist them.

Posted by AnnaB

To all of the angry, frustrated shaw customers.

I recently worked for shaw temporarily in the call center as a customer service rep.

I found it to be the most challenging job I have had, very emotionally draining. I just have some comments for when you call in angry.

I think a lot of the problems with this company is it is expanding quicker then it can train it's staff. Whether or not the training is done in such a way that people get ripped off (I couldn't tell if it was just incompetence by the policy makers or intentional ripping off) it is incredibly inconsistent in many ways and the customer suffers for it.

I truly understand how frustrated you are because I was frustrated even trying to understand how to read a bill let alone explain it to you. I saw people get sent to collections on a daily basis for equipment they had already returned. I felt helpless in ways because once an account goes to collections there was nothing I could do.

My roommate is in charge of the shaw bill in my house which I am thankful for but also worried that he could get dinged somehow. I am terrified to sign up with cc companies, tv, phone, internet and cell companies for fear of somehow owing hundreds of dollars that I do not owe because of an untrained employee error. Everyone makes mistakes but a lot of them do not get resolved. If we are overpaying for our service in the first place should we have to waste our time waiting on the phone for hours? It's not just shaw.

As a previous rep I just want to say, although you are angry and I understand why, it is in your best interest to be calm and polite to the serv. rep you speak with and always get their rep number. If you are kind it can help them work longer with you to resolve a problem. It's very challenging to help someone when they are swearing at you or blaming you for something beyond your control.

To stand up to these companies seems like a full time job in itself and when you are working to live your life it seems a very challenging task. Does anyone have any ideas of how we could prevent being overcharged, charged for things that are not our fault and generally being abused by these service providers?

My one idea would be to write newspapers and stage a protest in front of different service office locations.

Posted by shawtech

As a Shaw employee, I just wanted to mention that the best way to provide feedback that will actually get looked at is through our website at

Some problems that I currently see as a Shaw technical support representative are poor training, poor communication & consistency between departments and regions. Very poor website (I hate our website). Poor change management process (ie. When changes are made in our system, Shaw doesn't do a good job of testing and assessing risks before approving & applying the changes, which often leads to problems, especially from the customer's perspective, as well as delays fixing problems)

Posted by SicknTired

Absolute worst place to work I have EVER experienced!!! I worked there for almost 4 years, was lied to by the corporate big wigs continually, and was taught how to lie and manipulate customers to make more money for the Shaw "family." Shaw is a rip off, plain and simple. Overpriced products and services, unreliable quality, and a staff that will badmouth you and your pay per view choices (yes, THOSE ones) to everyone who will listen. The profit that these people are making off their customers is disgusting, and their repeated price increases are not because of "rising costs" they are out of GREED. Everytime a price increase was put into effect, the supervisors and big bosses got bonuses, shiny new vehicles, spontaneous vacations, you name it! I was at these seminars people, I know what I'm talking about. After designing a new system to deal with deliquent customers, I discovered my wonderful supervisor had gone behind my back, claimed my idea as his own, and got himself a big bonus! I continually dealt with incompetent staff, (understandably) irate customers who had all their promises broken, and mysterious charges on their accounts. Never had to work for a company before that continually passed the buck onto the next person as no one would claim their own mistakes. No one there is responsible for their own actions or follow thru. Customers were promised deals that never existed, charged fees that were promised to be waived, made to wait sometimes DAYS after their scheduled appointments for installation...I could go on forever. The people who work there and the mentality of the company is reprehensible. I spent 4 years being hit on by my supervisor; he asked me out constantly as his poor wife was at home taking care of his kids, told me how hot I was on a daily basis, etc. I finally got up the guts to talk to one of the head guys... they did NOTHING. I repeat, NOTHING. I even had emails sent to me by him being very inappropriate to prove it.... after leaving Shaw I spoke with a lawyer to see what my options were and was told point blank that Shaw has had MANY former employees try to sue for various reasons, unfortunately as they are not "unionized" you are not protected from anything. I was also informed that my supervisor would have his legal counsel paid for by great ol' Shaw Communications while mine would be out of my own pocket, and it would be my burden to prove... needless to say I will never waste another dollar on this company, and recommend anyone else but them. Shaw should be ashamed of the way they treat employees and customers. I look back at their now 3 hour telephone wait times, continual break downs, and stressed out, bitter employees, and feel relieved that I don't waste my time at that office anymore!!! If the public had ANY idea of the way they are being ripped off and manipulated by this company, Shaw would be bankrupt!!!

Posted by toni


I have never worked in a place that lies to it's customers & to it's employees like Shaw.

A corrupt greed filled family runs this organization.


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