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Posted by Anonymous

I HAVE tried to communicate with a person from your company via email and on private Facebook messaging and have no luck. I want plantbased vegan option available at your new location coming to Potomac, MD 20854 at the Cabin John Village. Please have a non dairy shake available too. Please offer plant based for the customer who canât have additional cholesterol and for me who just chooses to eat plantbased for the planet and my health. THank you jen Malamut

Posted by Anonymous

02/11/218, 11:37am, check 30013 raw burgers sold at the Preston/Royal location in Dallas, TX. Non-caring employees who do not care whether you get sick from raw meat are willing to make it look like your burger is cooked on the outside while having a non-cooked inside. Beware, your health is at risk.

Posted by Anonymous

02/11/2018, 11:37am, check 30013. Burger in Link burger was raw in the middle. Person at the burger press was more interested in telling a co-worker that they were not going to talk to them. Staff very, very loud and do not appear interested in the product they put out. They probably do not care if I am sick later from under cooked hamburger. This is a health hazard and the place should be closed. I will never, never risk my health by eating at any Shake Shake again. The hamburger was raw - unbelievable. If I were the co-worker, I would hope that the girl on the burger press did not take to me and did not cook my food. Very disappointed in the non-caring employees that are put in charge of something as important as the food we eat.

Posted by Anonymous

04.17.17, Darien,CT. The store was relatively empty of customers but the wait was still long and several tables were filthy and had not been cleaned off. The French fries were unetible because they looked and tasted like they were reheated in the microwave. The grilled hot dog was split in half, served on a undistinguished role, with no toppings. At least, sauerkraut could be offered. This was a most unpleasant experience and one that I would not have had ar "Swanky Franks" in Norwalk or and any of the other burger chains. Mr Meyer's should keep his eye on the ball even through Shake Shaxk is very successful.

Posted by Anonymous

shake shack at 3rd ave and 40th nyc sunday 4/2 at 6pm...very crowded... i saw a parent seat his child/approx 18mos. on the communal tables...this is disgusting, people place their food on the same table...unfortunately u need to place a sign for those oblivious to healthand common human decency: "pls do not sit or place children on the tables"

i did not see any employee address this and I did not want to get into any altercation.

Posted by Anonymous

I have visit the Buckhead location shakeshack this place is one of the worst I have ever met this place had people working running around doing things and they have not changed the gloves the manager that was on site was on her phone in front of customers not greeting customers telling the employees what to do and not jump into have teann work this place is very disorganized the cashier was rude the food was nasty it was only nasty because they didn't make the food like the other shakeshack this place needs to be evaluated and new management team I feel like every manager that work there don't do any work I see article worker working and all they do stay on the phone and dictate I hope that corporate put somebody in there to document all the work that is done the dining area sloppy the kitchen look nasty I wonder if even help pass health inspection I didn't see how his special people care on the wall for Visible for customer to see it manager was rude to me when I asked her that much it was wrong to give me a new one there was a lady who was wearing a black shower cap which I don't know why she is wearing a shower cap at work the people here seem lazy and not care for the job and the customer service they have to give to the people who give them a paycheck

Posted by Pipercaptain

Customer service at this estableshment is abominable. I called their corporate office at 11:30 this morning to lodge a complaint for poor service in one of their locations. The tape said no one was available to take the call. When i pushed "0" to speak with the operator, i got a busy signal. The management does not seem to care what its customers have to say and i will never patronize this establishment again. Nor will my friends, their friends, and anyone i ever met. They cannot resolve a situation of they have no interest in picking up the phone

Posted by ShanB

On 10/25/16 at approximately 1PM I visited your Dupont Circle location in Washington DC for lunch. I ordered a Shack Burger as this was my first visit to your establishment and thought that the most traditional of your burger offerings would be flawless and a true testament to how your burgers taste. Unfortunately my experience was not what I anticipated it to be and left a (frankly) bad taste in my mouth in regards to the service as well as the food. The cashier that took my order was pleasant but didn't seem to be interested in assisting my through my first time order and didn't seem very knowledgeable about the menu items. I requested a Shack Burger with it's original accoutrements sans the tomato, add bacon to my burger. The first burger I received didn't have tomato as requested but did have cheese, lettuce, no Shack Sauce and no Bacon. I informed the cashier that there had been a mistake. She took the burger back and handed it to another employee in the kitchen area who asked what was wrong with it. The cashier replied that it had no bacon and that I said it didn't have Shack Sauce. It didn't have either! Another employee that appeared to be tending the grill asked what was wrong with it and the other employee replied "She wanted Shack Sauce but doesn't know how to order it". A different employee approached at that point and hurried me to tell her what I wanted on the burger as to shuffle me out of the way. The second burger I received was a cheeseburger with nothing but bacon and a squirt of sauce on one corner of the burger. Absolutely no care was taken with my order and at that point I could not bother to wait any longer for them to get it right. I walked 6 DC blocks with a serious burger craving to patronize your restaurant and my lunch hour was running out. Not only was my order not properly prepared but my food was luke warm, dry on the inside and out and appeared and tasted less than freshly cooked. It did not at all resemble the burgers on your website. Unfortunately this event occurred on my first visit and I think it will be my last if this the way that all of your locations typically operate. Oh, and there was a manager or someone that I thought could be the manager (wasn't wearing a name tag & was in plain clothes) that came out to randomly chat with the cashier, but wasn't informed by any of the employees that there was an issue and so therefore didn't inquire about my service experience. My co-worker and I skipped Five Guys hoping to find a new favorite burger place in Shake Shack. Extremely disappointed! As soon as we stepped out of the door we declared never to go back. Seems that there is work to do, at least at the Dupont Circle location.

Posted by Anonymous

We were at Madison SQ park location on Sunday morning when SS just opened.
Good feeling at the park, soon destroyed that fell because of the serving girls at the window-they are about my Grand kids age..
I am not even going to describe all detail-It would just makes me upset again. Horrible attitude and absolutely zero courtesy-too aggressively non-stop bounce back taking back double the amount what I said.

I have been fan of this location ever since this location opened and is my neighbor.
One time, a year ago similar happen but nothing like this person!

Other than that, it's been always pleasure with people who works there.

But we do not think we will go there on Sunday anymore- So bad, worst! Young girl like that who could be so rude and attacking back double, triple the amount. I always see they have meeting in the morning before they start which looks good! But I am not sure what she is getting from that.
It looks like they hired because of her face look better??
Too disappointed!

Posted by Jan

Your Grand Central location is horrible. Employees with head phones singing to music, knives, forks etc. we're not wrapped and people touching them with dirty hands. Even Wendy's and Mc Donald's has wrapped plastic silverware. Many employees hanging around the front near the cash registers while the kitchen was serving in slow motion. I usually buy the Shake Burger but thought I would try the hot dog and it was burnt.

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Posted by Mariah Crawford

Hello been trying to reach Dustin the G.M at the Orange Village Shake shack, location he emailed me to st up an appointment for an interview unfortunately he emailed me at my secondary email address please I need to speak with him asap

Posted by [email protected] Com

I need your devine intervention, in trying to reach the general manager, in Orange Village ohio, by the name of Dustin, my name is Mariah crawford concerning an open interview unfortunately for me he not been utilizing my primary email address . Please can you get a message to him.


Mariah Crawford


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