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Seiko customer service is ranked #691 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 25.97 out of a possible 200 based upon 24 ratings. This score rates Seiko customer service and customer support as Terrible.


23 Negative Comments out of 24 Total Comments is 95.83%.


1 Positive Comment out of 24 Total Comments is 4.17%.

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    • 23 negative comments (95.83%)
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Posted by alanb4u

They just don't respond, they take forever to give you an automated answer and they have a lock on their service. The watch I want to find out if they can repair was one of my most favorite things and they won't tell me anything about fixing it. I can't buy any more from a company that treats people like this.

Posted by Ros0809

Letter to Seiko BENELUX

I finaly decided to write you in order to tell you the story of a Seiko watch owner.

My Astron watch is a present from my wife in September 2016. She bought it after seeing many reviews from the technology of the Astron concept... " Revolution", " technology of the future etc... All types of marketing to make customer pay more.

As from the start I only had problems with it, never on time, bad date, nothing work.

I went to see several dealers that all said the same thing : " we sell it but we don't know how to use", " you should not buy this watch", " this watch is too complicated" etc... etc ...

I also called many times your services but no one knows how to get at least the right time wich is the only thing I ask but it is already too much for Seiko company !

Even your "technician" told me to try to find shop that could help me to solve the problem, in other word : As Seiko worker, no time to loose with an and user.

Questions :

- How can you tell people that spend almost 4000 € in a watch to stand outside during 30 minutes to find a satellit ?

- telling a customer to leave his watch under the sun during 2 weeks without using to charge the battery.

- telling a customer to try to find somebody with more knowledge of Seiko technicians

- telling a customer to spend more than 1000 € if he wants his watch to work???

- Telling a customer to take at least 3 or 4 hours of his time ( I run my company with 25 people...) to read the manual.

Japanese people may train you to be funny but we expect other thing from Seiko than black humour for such a price don't you think so ?

The only good advice I received was from one of your dealer pushing me to buy a "swiss swatch" ( see picture) in order to get a watch that work at good price... this is what I did but directly to swatch in order to stay far away from untrained Seiko dealers.

It is more than 2 years I loose time and fight to have a proper watch. I am not waiting anything from your service, Seiko employees and dealers at my experience is a joke but at your place I would be a shame to receive my salary from rip off sales, that must be once again a different view between Seiko and me.

If you find an interest in my mail between 2 coffees you will see attached pictures showing you 2 watches. The swatch and the Seiko. As the date of today, I am sure with a bit of efforts you will be able to find that one goes wrong :)

Rodolphe Le Provost

Posted by Anonymous

Dear Sirs, I purchased a Seiko solar watch ref. SNE394P1 from Yorkshire Watches about 3 weeks ago. The photo on line showed the watch as a clear read but obviously there was plenty of light shown on the face. Soon after I started wearing the watch as it was a 50yrs marriage anniversary watch, I realised that in the semi light or in the shade you could not read what time it was. On speaking to the supplier within their 14 day exchange, they would not let me do a change, an even dearer one. I am now asking as to what is available to me, and is it possible to put black fingers on instead of the white, as it would make a lot better watch. Thankyou, below does not apply yet.

Posted by capa

A year ago both Seiko kinetik diver black version. Now it looks like 10 $ cheep watch.
Paint on moving ring is scrached and braslet changed colour from black to gray.
Seiko representativ in Croatia do not want to even discusse about it.
It was my 4 th divers seiko and last. Do not by Seiko watches !!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

Sent my seiko watch to maidenhead seiko service centre to have my faulty watch repaired only to have a letter for a repair bill for £200 to fix this problem for which they said they would take care of as it was still under guarantee. .ill never buy a seiko again as the warranty isnt worth the paper its written on

Posted by Mr. Annoyed

I am very disappointed with the service at Seiko Service Centre in Maidenhead.

Brought in 2 watches to the centre on the 16 September 2016.
Recently purchased Seiko Turtle SRP779J1 (brand new with warranty) which i believe had a factory fitting fault.
- Chapter Markers misalignment (common issue i seems).
- Hour hand not aligned (when set to 12, 3, 6 and 9 o'clock)

It was posted back to me yesterday in error (20 Sept) and i discovered specks of dusts in the dial/casing. The second hand had a minor blemish and was also misaligned (bottom end of hand slighly off).

I decided to drive to the SC house today to have that sorted out.
Explained the situation to one of the lady there. (Sorry didn't take noice of her name)
Waited and less than an hour later, i was handed back the watch and after close inspection, i could still see a tiny 'strand' of particle near the center of the hand movement.

I felt presurred and obligated that i just had to accept the fact that i will not get a 'perfect' service as the lady looked stern and i didn't want to be that irritating customer.

If i was a difficult customer, i would have told the lady to have the watch cleaned again as i am not satisfied with the outcome.

The dial was changed too as my original watch had the 'Made in Japan'. I was not even informed.
The reason why i paid more was to get the 'made in Japan' printed on the dial and to believe it's premium.
How can one feel confident and ease when sending one's watch for service at Seiko when dreadful things like these can happen.

Because of the dust issue, dial changed and all the hit and miss attention and care that was given to the watch, i am no longer happy owning this 'awesome' watch and i doubt i will ever go back again

Posted by Aveek Adhya

I have bought a Alarm clock from Seiko four months back. It is within the warranty period. Within two months the clock started malfunctioning. I have given for repairment to the service centre. They repaired the clock and returned back. After another month again it started to malfunction. I want to replace the product, but they are saying it is not possible to replace. They can only repair the product free of charge till the warranty period. After warranty period I need to pay.

It is not recommended to buy Seiko produce. They cheat people with defective product and they don't want to replace it once sold.

Posted by Omid Khalilinejad

I bought a SEIKO Premier/Moon-phase/Rose Gold around 10.05.2015 (on year ago). Its price is about 1000 USD and i just used it for formal parties (maximum 10 times), but now the skin color (Gold coating) is changed in the ring around the glass and sides. I took it to SEIKO registered guarantee service center in Iran- Dastgerdi St. and after two weeks they just called me and said it is out of guaranty and you should take it back!!! and the woman on the phone just told me its common for rose gold color to change the color!!!!, I'm just shocked and don't understand how a Company with such experience produces a watch with price more than 1000USD which after 10 times of usage changes the color and the more strange is that why it is out of guarantee (2 year of guarantee is marked on card)!!!! I had always recommended friends and family Seiko brand and more than 10 fronds/relatives has bought watches from their representative but not I am disappointed really and don't know what to say if same thing happens to my friends who has bought SEIKO on my recommendation.

Posted by Greg

My son bought me a Seiko 5 21 Jewel Automatic watch while on leave from the Coast Guard for a Christmas gift. The watch is advertised to hold a charge for 43 hours. I wore it for 15 hours daily and it would stop running during the night when I took it off. I have sent it back to The Seiko Service Center 3 times for repairs and I just got it back and I wore it for a full 15 hours and I got up this morning and it had stopped at 1:13 am (I took it off at 12:30 am.). Seiko Service has been rude and obviously has no clue how to fix this watch. The last time I sent it in I was told they would "gut" the watch and put in new parts. Well that did not do anything. I highly recommend NOT to purchase this watch or any other Seiko product. I collect watches and I will never have a Seiko in my collection. I have kept the watch in it's box because my son gave it to me, but it is useless. I am very disappointed in Seikos Customer Service.

Posted by sanjiv

I happened to buy a seiko astron from dubai & the watch has been giving problems of 'time change' & 'charging' even after continuous usage. It has gone to their kerala service centre twice without any satisfactory resolution. the service centre does-not seem to have the required expertise & equipment to solve this defective watch. I am extremely frustrated to be told each time that you need to wear this watch as if I bought it for my daughter's dowry & keep it locked away.

Posted by Anonymous

Terrible customer service! They fixed (ruined my Seiko Sportura watch). Very difficult to locate and talk to anyone in management. Receptionist is terrible. Overall a very distasteful experience. I will never buy anothe Seiko watch.

Posted by Falcon

Sent my Seiko Pepsi Chronograph to be serviced and seals replaced, watch returned with letter saying "no spares available, unable to repair" the watch was also returned broken - crown wheel adrift and small spring stuck to glass, when I contacted Seiko UK they said the engineer had replied that the watch was damaged when sent to them, lying *******, have now written to the Managing Director Seiko UK with my complaint, will be interesting if I get a reply. Will never buy another Seiko again.

Posted by beej1971

I received a beautiful watch from my daughters for xmas of 2015. The watch constantly came apart where the bank connected to the face. I have had it fixed numerous times at local watch repair places. Last week my girlfriend Angela Lebron sent the watch to Mahwah NJ for repair and was told the band had to be completely replaced and it would cost $114.02. She did not know I received the watch less than a year ago. My complaint with Seiko is if the serial number is on the watch it should show when it was purchased and should have been repaired under warranty. Please look into this and let me know why my girlfriend would have to pay for a watch band that out of no mistreatment keeps disconnecting from the face. Thank you.

Posted by Seiko Chrono

This is to bring in your notice that I have purchased a Seiko Watch on 12th Jan from Big Shop, Ranchi, Jharkhand.On same day I saw that it was having some scratches / Glass crack, so immediately I reached the outlet from where I purchased the watch where i deposited the watch for almost 1 ½ months as they said it would be sent to Seiko HO Mumbai, after several follow-ups they denied to exchange and I was also partial OK to it (I was not satisfied).

After few days it again gave me a reason of dissatisfaction i.e. the watch was frequently getting stuck, I observed it for 4 times but ignored thinking it might be a manual issue, but lastly I deposited the watch again to the outlet from where I purchased and they acknowledged it and they gave a time line of 1 ½ - 2 months. However they gave it to me within 10 -15 days.

Again after 10 days i'm facing similar issue.

Request to please look into the issue and close the issues on priority. Being a such premium brand I'm not getting the service. I preferred to buy your BRAND becuse of your BRAND value, Sorry to say but my experience is very poor.

Posted by Anonymous

Just received my first and last Seiko watch. I got it for Christmas and it is now Jan. 9 2015 and it still has not worked. I called customer service and they told me to set in the light which it has been in since Christmas and they told me to send it to them to be fixed. I have never had a good watch If this is one them, I would have bought a Timex that never quit. Just thought I share the joke of the day. UNHAPPY OLD MAN

Posted by Anonymous

I have a Seiko ER 6100 Dictionary/Spell Checker/ Thesaurus etc and had it just over a year but it has stopped working. I put new batteries in it last week but it did not work after changing the batteries. I have pressed the reset button but nothing happens could it be the reset button jammed as I cannot see one when I look into the hole where it is located.

Posted by Diana Hobbs

Good Day,
I have been trying to connect with someone regarding one of the Seiko watches which I purchased in June of this year while on vacation in the USA.
One stopped working and I took it to the nearest service center at Sears in St. John's, Newfoundland (Canada). I was told that the battery was not the issue. Sears in turn sent it to their service center in Ontario, by the name of "Far East WatchcasesLtd". I have spoken to a representative there by the name of "Esther" who says that the watch has a defect, which they could repair at the cost of $60. I have not given permission to do the repairs until I was able to contact Seiko. The phone Number to this repair shop is (905) 787-9919.
Over the years I have purchased many Seiko watches, both for myself and family members. This particular watch was purchased for my daughter, was considered as special and has only been worn a few times.
I am trusting that help with this situation is forth coming.

Posted by pissed off

6 month old watch, sent back for repairs, told it was not under warranty and wanted 150% more to fix watch than I paid for it.

Posted by JOC7887

Seiko Clocks Are Garbage. There Customer Service Had A 3rd Grade Education. My Wall Clock Died Its Only Worked 1 Year. A Clock That Cost $200 Should Not Die That Quick. I Went Back And Forth On The Phone With Shopnbc And Seiko. They Did Not Want To Help At All. I Sent It To Seiko Nj. They Sent It Back Broke. They Dont Have Parts For A 1 Year Old Clock. Thats A Joke. I Will Never Purchase A Seiko Again.........

Posted by curly9702

I purchased a men Seiko Perpetual Calendar model back in May 2008. The watch quit working on January 2010. I followed Seiko's warranty procedure so I sent it to their authorized New Jersey warranty facility. A month later, they sent me a letter which described the issue. According to Seiko the problem was the external and upper button, which sets the perpetual calendar feature; therefore, the repair was not to be included under the warranty. Yes, I had to pay for the repair, shipping, insurance and etc... They sent me the watch with a letter describing the fix and the tests they performed. One of the test was by submerging the watch under water and testing for leaks after they changed the seal... In the end, I had a watch with a visible fingerprint under the glass left by Seiko's personnel, and a watch with a foggy display on certain temperature days.

After paying $265 for a watch one would expect some accountability, and specially after a year and a half of normal use. I now own a nice Citizen and a gorgeous Bulova. Yes, I lost $265, but that was my price to learn much about Seiko's warranty non-sense and to have more information, which now allows me to make better decisions when buying watches.

Posted by linda armenise

On Christmas my Uncle wore one of your watches! He told me he bought it in the war in 1962 a self winder and he is still wearing it. NEVER had one thing go wrong with it in all these years! I wanted to share this with you because I couldnt beleive it! Just the back of the watch is worn other than tht looks perfect. I guess they take a licking and keep on ticking!!!! Linda Armenise

Posted by garyheard

I sent an email on Sept 25, 2012 and I still have not received a reply.

I ordered and received a watch through ebay (watch surplus) and want to take it to a Seiko location to check if it an original Seiko.

I waited a long time for someone to contact me.

I also requested a list of SEIKO Corp Service Centers near Elizabeth, New Jersey.

Posted by Anonymous

A bit more than 4 years ago I purchased a $400 Seiko animated musical wall clock. I really, really liked that clock. BUt it broke a gear or something and the animation no longer works. After shipping the clock to the US repair center, they eventually claimed that the clock was 'too old' to be repaired and had reached the end of it's product life cycle and thus there were no parts available to fix it. If an American manufacturer of aircraft engines can get a part for a motor that is 50 years old, I fail to see why a 4 year old clock has no available repair parts. In fairness, the repair center did offer to sell me a new clock at a discount but as wrote them, "Why would I buy another $400 clock that will fail in 4 years and not be repairable"? I thought that Seiko was a company that would stand behind their products. They have lost me as a customer.

Add your review!

Posted by mrsepfats

My husband got his self winding Seiko in Viet Nam, over 44 years ago and it still works fine. It is the only piece of jewelry he wears & he wears it every day. The only problem he has with it is the fact that costs more to have it cleaned than the $25 he paid for it. He loves to brag that he's had his Seiko longer than he's had me around. We will be married 43 years this April.

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