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Sears customer service is ranked #583 out of the 940 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 28.65 out of a possible 200 based upon 4184 ratings. This score rates Sears customer service and customer support as Terrible.


3,998 Negative Comments out of 4,184 Total Comments is 95.55%.


186 Positive Comments out of 4,184 Total Comments is 4.45%.

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    • 28.65 Overall Rating
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    • 3,998 negative comments (95.55%)
    • 186 positive comments (4.45%)
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Posted by Pissed Off Customer

Sears cancelled my order for a Queen Size Mattress on January 27, 2018, with no notice given to me. I found out because I went online two days after I ordered the mattress to cancel it myself. It is now Feb. 8, 2018 and I still do not have my money refunded to my bank account. I have spoken to at least eleven unhelpful reps. at Sears. I have also filed a complaint with The BBB as well as moving forward in getting my money + with other agencies. Sears withdrew my money the same day I placed the order. Yet, they are taking more than enough time to refund my money. This is not a credit card, it is my debit card and I am pissed. I will not so much as purchase a sock from this sorry store. They need to close all stores and online store.

Posted by Anonymous..

I bought several pairs of shoes, decided to keep only one if them. When I went to the store with the other 2 pair of shoes, with receipt in hand, I was told that I was 6 days to late. They only take returns within 30 days. I couldn't even get a store credit. Sears has a horrible return policy!!! I can see why they are closing stores. They just lost me as a customer!! Sears, do everyone a favor, and close all your stores!!!

Posted by Anonymous

I ordered a leaf vacuum that I picked up from the store on Dec 20. Due to holidays and weather we could not try it out until last weekend Jan 20. I found it extremely hard to start I also was not happy about it's ability to pick up the leaves. I have used one before and loved it. This one is very hard to push and empty. I used it for about an hour and gave up. The store informed me that I could not return it due to the 30 day return policy I have been a fan of sears products for 40 years and was sad to learn that I could not return for even a part of my money returned

Posted by Anonymous

I ordered a mattress set for my mom for Christmas 11-23-17,.,., fist delivery date dec 6,.,. not in got a call,.,. second date dec 13 no show,.,. I called they said came by no one home,. I was home all day,.,they said they called,., but had a different number,.,., . third delivery date 12-20 they showed -up gone in two minutes, . no paper work,., no tags on mattress,.,.. how do I know I got the right set,.,., we are not pleased with this set,.,., we live one and half hours from nearest store,.,. called they said go in pick out another set,., we will exchange,., 60-80 dollars to do so,.,. if I wanted to go to the store I would have purchased it myself instead of having to but up with all your lies and bull,.,.,,.,,i have no more vacation days left how are we gonna exchange this,.,. I can not take off again,.,.,.

Posted by Former Sears Customer

Will someone help me please? Sears refuses to return my money and they have their appliance that was never delivered to me. I have been trying to get my money for over a year in November.

Here's the hiccup, Sears mailed a refund check of $250.00 of $1748.10 which is the cost of their "installation fee" for my new stove.

I called Sears again and I asked for the rest of my refund for the stove that was never delivered; 1478.10.

I waited four months for Sears to mail a second check 1478.10 which they did.
I deposited said sears check in my bank and 48 hours later Sears stopped payment on the check and withdrew the refund of 1478.10.

When I called Sears to get an explanation and my money, Sears said no, they made a mistake and my money should be returned via Pay Pal.

I have been emailing Sears, my Bank and Pay Pal but no one will help Me get my refund.

Thr latest excuse comes from PayPal who says "too much time has passed and it's against PayPal policy to follow up with Sears to give me my money.

What should I do now? I want my $1478.10 refund. Shouldn't PayPal contact Sears and tell them to cut me a check since PayPal won't return my money electronically

Posted by Juan Hoven

I can now see why SEARS is going out of business, their XMAS gift return policy is NO RETURNS, we are a military family and the items were mailed to us with the tags but SEARS WILL NOT ACCEPT any gifted returns...sad business model..


Posted by Gponks

Went to Sears in Myrtle Beach yesterday to return 2 items of clothes purchased online. We we're told they do not accept items from 2nd party vendors. What a load drove from Florence to buy more items including a treadmill . We left the store with our stuff still in the basket. No wonder they will end up going out of business. Poor service.

Posted by Ep

I've never taken an item back with all the tags and not be able to exchange it. I was trying to exchange a Christmas gift that I received. Sears said you need a receipt to be able to do anything. It's a horrible policy and I will never shop there again.

Posted by Anonymous

Sears customer service is terrible - Got run around for a week. Even supervisor couldn't help me. I am so disappointed Sears, AT&T, DirecTV and others have went overseas with their so called Customer Service which is absolutely the worst ever! Why don't they pay a few more $$$ and get someone who needs a job here in the US and will buy their goods from them????

Posted by Cinder

Son was given 2 pair of Roebuck cargo shorts that ended up being the wrong size. All tags were still attached to items and asked if I could exchange for a smaller size. Obviously they came from Sears with the brand name the shorts were, was refused because no receipt. They won't even offer store credit or exchange on their own brand name products. It's not like they can say they were purchased from another store. My grandad worked and retired from Sears which is why we love this store. But never again. Son is stuck with 70 bucks worth of worthless shorts.

Posted by Anonymous

My mother has a Sears service policy on her range. The oven would not turn off so we called in at 9:15 Monday to report it. After talking to their rep the soonest someone could come out was Friday and my 82 year old mother could go up and down the stairs to flip the breaker every time she wanted to use the stove!!!! What kind of people work at this place? Why is it if she did not have a policy, she can call for a repair and have someone out today according to their add??

Posted by Lisa

Went to Sears automotive 6090 in Quincy IL on two different occasions to try and get my oil changed. The first time the manager was walking out of the auto center before 5 pm stating that the store was closed on 12/2 and turned my business away. Of course they were closed on Sunday. I went back today 12/4/2017. I arrived at the auto center at 4:38pm wanting to get my car serviced with the oil changed since I was turned away Saturday. I waited inside the auto center for assistance until 4:55pm before I received any kind of service. The manager by the name of Randy finally showed up and I explained that I was waiting for someone to assist and that I needed to get my oil changed. I was informed by this manager in an extremely condescending manner that I was just going to have to schedule a time for next week because they were getting ready to close for the day! I asked for the district managers name and he informed me I can look it up on line and if I talk to him it is his fault for laying off 3 people. I have never received such horrible customer service from a company as what I did today. What happened to the store's policy of the customer being top priority? Needless to say I am taking my business elsewhere!

Posted by Annoyed

Last year after Christmas I purchased pajamas for gifts this year.
Before the clothing was rung up I mentioned that these will be gifts
for Christmas this year (2017). I asked the cashier if for some
reason, like not the correct size world they be able to be returned.
I was told yes. as long as the tags were still on the garment and they
had a receipt.
While getting these pajamas ready for wrapping I noticed that I had
some wrong sizes. I did replace the wrong sizes a few days earlier.
I took the wrong size PJ's back to Sears Bensalem, PA and was
told their return policy is 30 days. I said I have the receipt and
the tags are still on. I was still told no and also by a manager. I
didn't create a scene and explained what I was told last year, that
there would be no problem with a return as long as long as the receipt
and tags are presented. If I knew I or my nieces would have a problem
returning them, I would never have purchased the pajamas.
I worked in sales for 11 year with Wanamaker's and as long as there
was a receipt and the original tag the return would be honored/permitted. Oddly enough I left
Sears that night and went to their competitor Boscov's and a sales associate was
on the phone explaining their 30 day return policy "but", if you have
the receipt and the tag we will honor the return no matter how long the
purchase was. I asked the girl who was ringing up my purchase, if I
had a receipt and tag would I be able to return something even if it
was almost one year old and she said yes. I know Macy's policy is
also the same because I returned a purchase that was past 30 days. I don't make a habit of doing returns that are so old but sometimes things happen.
I'm considering returning the purchase I made at Sears the night before. I have been looking for an appliance and decided to go elsewhere. I remember many, many rear ago when I was little Sears was a nice place to shop. I guess that was because the cared back then I think I will just mark Sears off my list of places to shop in the future.

Posted by Frustrated#

Omg, seems like everyone has the same difficulty with sears as I do. Faulty range, called within the 30 day period to the Phillipines. So difficult understanding. Said they would call 24-48 call. We called for 5 days. They just ask for credit card # and email with every call and make up ridiculous excuses and lies like we will call, or it will be delivered tomorrow, then told us the range you ordered is not available, then your not within the 30 days; which we were when we started this process. Supervisor hung up on us. We just want the new range we ordered and have the faulty one removed. Seems like they will do whatever it takes to keep the customer frustrated. An exchange for a damaged product should not be this difficult. I have read 100's of complaints with customer solutions and delivery all of which are in the Phillipines. No wonder sears is going down the tubes. Look at all the disappointed customers. All of which I am sure will never buy another thing there included. We only wish we didn't use our sears card..the only way now is to look for legal help...what a total disgrace

Posted by Anonymous

I've been on the phone with 7 different people regarding our refund on a damaged package from them. The items were returned on their return label and so far they have only given part of the refund back and then state they will call or email within 72 hours with an answer and never do. This has been going on since the end of September. To make matters worse I swear you can't understand anything they say without asking them to repeat it 3 times. On the 20th of November the man I spoke to said he could see it being transferred to our account and it would definitely be in there on the 22nd. Its not so again I called now I'm told 5 to 7 days but she will call me back. Then I was told part will not be given back which was the sales tax amount. All I can say is now I understand why sears stores are being closed all over the place. Such bull that they give you. Buyers beware! Returns are not handled correctly at all.

Posted by Anonymous

Every day during the holidays except Thanksgiving, y'all have called with an automated call at 8 am, and awakened everyone in the house. I have called back twice, with y'all promising to call me two times...and no one ever has. My vacuum is their for repair

It was there around a month ago, and came home with a problem it didn't originally have. The hose pulls out at the canister. I don't think I should have to pay for something caused On your end. Please call me at 912 286-4560

Posted by shondell

horrible service from sears ....bought laundry center 11/2/17 delivered 11/6/17 no fittings to install even though i paid $108 for parts and help from sears ...still sitting in refund or compensation...just the run around when i call...shondell johnson HELP PLEASE......I WILL GO TO FOX NEWS FOR HELP

Posted by Anonymous

I am extremely disappointed by your return policy AND CUSTOMER SERVICE. I bought appliances worth more than $1000 at your Golf Mall Store in the Chicago area. I had to return some connectors (worth about $20) which I was advised to buy with the appliances. I did not use them and went to return them to the store. Not only I was told that I cannot return them (OR GET A SORE CARD) but also received poor customer service. I had to talk to the store manager to resolve the situation, which by the way was very professional. I wonder if Sears can keep customers.

Posted by ycarpio75

On Wednesday, October 25, 2017 I visited the Sears store located at Newport Mall (30 Mall Drive, Jersey City NJ). I made a purchase for a vacuum cleaner. I parked my car near the designated customer pick-up area but because all parking was taking by the workers (I know this because the cars had signs that said "Please do not Tow Sears Worker"" my car was towed because I was near the fire line. I recently visited the store several times since then to video tape and take pictures that show that this located that is designated for customer pick-up is being abused by the workers themselves. They take up all parking then the tow truck comes around and tows actual customer cars. The day my car was towed I tried to talk to the tow truck worker but he didn't want to hear me. I tried to show him my receipt but he didn't care. I tried to talk to a worker at Sears to have a Manager come out but all Manager were unavailable. I had to pay $186 to get my car out of the pound. This is ridiculous. I spent over $300 for a vacuum and I get a $186 ticket because all the Sears workers take up spots designed for customer pick-up. I have tried to contact a District Manager for Sears, left several messages but no one calls me. I am assuming that they are aware of the situation and do not care to fix this problem or the people I leave the messages with do not rely the messages.

Today I call the 800-549-4505 number to make this complaint over the phone, the representative was in the middle of taking my complaint and coincidentally the phone call was disconnected. Words can not express my anger, my frustration, and my dissatisfaction with this whole incident and the lack of response I'm getting from all parties.

Posted by Drcoby

On November 4, 2017 for the second time since I hav moved to this rural area (87402) the general manager of Sears (with permission from his supervisor) has made the decision of what & what not I can purchase with my Sears card! I was simply trying to purchase gift cards for my assistants when I was told, "do u have cash, something is fishy, go to wall mart & has the audacity to tell me that he is Sears & makes all decisions. My mother & other witness were flabbergasted as he continues to embarrass me as employees & patrons witness this sexual orientation discrimination act. Just because I gave feminine manorisms does not excuse the Sears general Manager & his supervisor from treating me differently than any other hard working law abiding citizen. I am trying to resolve this issue in a civilized manor & have made many phone calls with no response from a Sears representative. WHY DOES SEARS THINK THAT THIS IS NOT AN IMPORTANT ISSUE THAT AFFECTING MY PHYSICAL & mental health?????!!!!!!!!

Posted by Aud

Iam very very upset about your return policy.I was only one day last for returning a top.Was unable to even get the cost back on my charge card. I will not be shopping there any longer. Good bye Sears

Posted by JJJ

we purchased a lawnmower, which is only a few months old and it broke on us after a few lawn cuts, its been nothing but a nighmare ever since to try to get a refund and or it fixed under warranty, its still broke they keep wasting our time and costing us more and more money by us having to take off work and then there techs not showing up . and no one even calling us to let us know, unreal, very bad customer service, we are debating on contaction and lawyer and taking them to court for our loss wages from taking of 2 differnt days that they had scheduled us and the money it cost us to hire a landscaping company to cut the yard for the past month. word of advice do not buy anything from sears. they have lowered there standards beyond the worst of the worst.

Posted by wounded

Purchased an item at Sears. The item, a downdraft blower was defective. It was past the 30 day, but the manager at the store let me return it. I purchased (against my better judgement) an item to replace it. I have the receipt for the return to my Visa. NO REFUND, meanwhile, I have the new item. I will have to cancel the new item to replace the old defective item, but is there any guarantee I will get my money? Meanwhile I am out $500.00.

I hope Sears goes out of business soon.

Posted by JustGiveMeBackMyMoney

I ordered a wedding band that was too large. I sent it back to the address on the packing slip (CUT OUT THE 'SEND RETURNS TO' ADDRESS) and after 3 weeks the warehouse says it hasn't received it. I have been round and round the customer service agents- none of which speak clear English making it difficult to communicate effectively),and they assure me that they will honor the refund once the item is received even though the 30 days are up as I initiated the return within the time frame and the item was shipped within the time frame. My tracking information simply states the package is out for delivery...for more than 2 weeks. Just starting the process of filing an inquiry with USPS. I am beyond frustrated and irritated.I just want my $200 back.

Posted by Jman

I know this may sound dum but I've exchanged some craftsman tools for new ones due to the warranty but have no use for them can I return them for some credit like in said it may sound dum but its just a question

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Posted by Anonymous

I recently took jewelry in for repair. This was difficult since the purchase with lifetime guarantee was made in 1991 and receipts were somewhat faded but still readable. The employee working the Jewerly counter went above and beyond trying to figure out how to send the ring in for repair.Employee last name was Darby and this was at Asheville Mall. I was so impressed with her problem solving skills and not giving up on helping me. Please recognize this employee and thanks Sears for honoring your guarentee.

Posted by Refrigerator

A big SHOUT OUT to TONI the Store Manager!!! WOW - best customer service I've had in a long time. How she managed to meet the needs of all the customers and give me top notch service is beyond me. She knows the merchandise, the community and the right questions to ask when trying to select a large appliance. I came into town to assist my father. Toni gives you reason to shop in your home town - she is professional, personal and really goes above and beyond!
Rounding out my experience, our appliance was delivered and installed by two great individuals - CHRIS AND AARON ! Respectful, eager to please and genuinely friendly, they were the cherry on top to our experience with BANNING SEARS HOME STORE!
Three cheers and five stars to TONI and her team!

Posted by Anonymous

In spite of the negative complaints I like shopping at Sears. Even though the help gets bad at times I would still shop Sears. It can't be worse than anywhere else. No store is perfect really. Sometimes I notice myself it's the customer themselves and how they come off at the store employees to be honest. As long as they are open I will continue to shop at Sears.

Posted by Anonymous

Martin at Sears, Georgian mall in Barrie,ladies Apparel is very courteous,very helpful with suggestions and made our shopping experience very pleasant. More staff like Martin would be fantastic. Thanks Martin from my friend and I.

Posted by Anonymous

I recently purchased a number of major appliances through the Sears store in Victoria, B.C. Due to the nature of the construction with our home renovations I needed to make a number of changes to my purchase and I had amazing patient, very pleasant and helpful advice from Pedram the sales rep in that store. He went to great lengths to help me with my changes and always made me feel like I was not causing any trouble, even though I know it was a lot of extra work for him. I would highly recommend Sears and Pedram for your major appliance purchases, service above and beyond. Thank you, Cathy

Posted by Anonymous

Problem started even before delivery was made. Truck arrived 1/2 hour before my info indicated it would be. As they unwrapped in the driveway- I saw the door would be opening on the left, instead of the right as I asked. They were quick to tell me I had to call "office' I asked them to let me clean the floor before bringing in the new--they" couldn't take the time" for that. They asked me to sign for the delivery and hastened away. These young men were, in my opinion, rude and insensitive to the elderly woman that I am. When I called to request help to change the door, "Mabel" was very helpful and respectful, giving me a date for service to come


and had

Posted by steve

you people keep on complaining about your purchase when the problem is yourselves, you're returning the items that you bought because you just don't need it anymore fck u b1tch3s! how about thinking of the people who are doing there best to help you!

Posted by Anonymous

I was at Sears Mapleview. Al (PT) in Hardware/Garage door Openers helped me out. He was extremely knowledgeable about garage door openers, their adjustment and installation. I even phoned him the next day with more questions and he took more of his time to help me out. You have a very valuable employee there. I'll happily buy my hardware items from Sears again in the future.

Posted by winmac96

I went to Sears to look for an air conditioner and without having previous experience owning a Sears-branded appliance, found a Kenmore 77150 Elite and Kenmore 77120 priced competitively. I took up credit (which took less than 5 minutes to process) and picked-up the merchandise from their warehouse in a fast, friendly and orderly manner. All the processing were electronic - amazing! I remember the old Sears appliance salesmen wandering about rudely approaching potential customers for commission. Those are long gone from what I just experienced.

Posted by Anonymous

Svetlana givea best customer service at lands end sunrise mall. Always pleasant and helpful.

Posted by fireman Frank

Friendly, professional, courteous sales people very willing to help. Great prices on well made tools. While I was there I got a good buy on some clothing as well. I highly recommend the Lake Success New York Store & their people.

Posted by Anonymous

I originally had a problem with the initial delivery and set up for a new treadmill. However, Sears fixed the problem and sent an amazing group of three men(Wes and 2 others) who assembled the treadmill to perfection. They were polite and speedy, checking everything. They are to be commended. Love my new treadmill.

Posted by lklappal

Angela Eyer was great to work with buying my stove

Posted by Barsteff

Desere was a great representative for Sears. Genuinely made me feel that she wanted to help me.
Not pleased with the time frame to get my lawn tractor repaired. Which is why the resolution is only a 7. She did her best but can only work with what she has.

Posted by Anonymous

Store#1111, Jesus is the best Salesman I have seen in a long while. He is not afraid to go the extra mile. If you need Appliances get them from Jesus.

Posted by Anonymous

We wentto sears auto, at country club mall, what a great employee you have, We had a problem with michleum tire, Paul stay on it until he got it solved, he deserves to be recognized for a great job, thank you Paul for a great job. Mary & Ronald Baker

Posted by Anonymous

Just a note to say what great service we got from Chris, Sharf, Josh and the rest of the crew at the Sears outlet store (#4599) in Woodbridge, VA, in spite of severely inclement weather. Excellent problem solving (DOA Oven) and customer Service. Thanks

Posted by Anonymous

i would like to put in a big thank you to the jewelry dept in sears capilano mall. i received excellent service from MARIA on thursday
feb 4th she also was helping staff with their questions, answering the phone ; multi tasking yet never missed taking care of my sale

Posted by Be happy

Be nice.
I just returned a purse
No receipt
No price tag
Clerk said no problem
Looked it up on a charge card number
Full refund with a smile

Posted by Anonymous

I went in the store in Oshkosh looking for a rug shampooer. The store manager came to my needs instantly, I believe her name is Virlinda. She was not pushy to sell something, but very informative. I purchased a rug shampooer and when I got home used it right away, as I was shampooing my carpet it just stopped working. My husband called the store right away and the problem was taken care of. I had to wait a week to get another one, that didn't matter to me because I didn't have time to use it anyway in that week. I told her in the future I would be looking for a washer and dryer also and she showed me what she had and what she would reccommend for our needs. I received the best service. I purchase all my things from Sears. They have good products and the warrantys are great. My son is going to school to be a mechanic and he loves Sears tools and tool boxes. Virlinda also gave us information on them for my son. It is very difficult to find someone who enjoysm their job as she does. I would definitely reccommend her store to anyone.

Posted by CoolGuy

I am working for Sears for almost 2 months now. To those customer who are using their GC or Rewards card online make sure that you are using a CC as well. the full amount of your purchased items including tax/s will be deducted first on your CC, the time that you received the item, the amount from your GC or Rewards Card will be credit back on your CC after 7-10 business days that will reflect on your next billing cycle..

Posted by Anonymous

In the middle of a down-pour in which the rain was to soon turn to snow my windshield wiper detached. I managed to find the next exit in spite of the waterfall blocking my view. Much to my delight I saw the Yakima, WA Sears store in a mall just off the exit. John was called to help me... he made sure I chose the correct length (the "book" wasn't up to date), directed me to the service bay where he proceeded to make sure the wiper arm was functional, and then showed me how to install the wipers. John also had an associate ring up the sale while installing the wipers so that I could get on the road more quickly. Never been so happy with the quick, competent, and thorough service at Sears. Thank You!

Belinda Garrett

Posted by RBKF22

This is only about the associate Michael in the site to store area in Overlake Fashion Plaza Redmond, WA.He was extremely helpful finding our package that did not check in correctly and an employee before him was in a rush and unhelpful so we really appreciate his good manners and helpfulness! Thank you Michael.

Posted by Anonymous

We recently found a tire slashed and immediately pulled into a Sears Auto Store in Colonie, New York. Samantha Kiegle took such good care of us I want to commend her as an over-the-top sales representatiove for Sears. She was very professional, knowledgeable, and patient She kept us alerted to the time schedule and we were back on the road very happy with our tires and our experience with Sears.

Posted by Anonymous

Well... I had a great experience. Mike in appliances at the Boynton beach mall Sears helped us make a dishwasher purchase in Florida, delivered and installed to my daughter in Park Ridge Il. It was seamless, and easy. Many thanks to Mike, helping us make my difficult Christmas project easy.

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Posted by Tyler

I've had been working at Sears for a few months as a cashier. I signed up for this position because I knew that I could interface with customers, and I wanted to make the customer experience the best I possibly could.
The first few days of working at Sears I did exactly that. I handle customer complaints with courtesy and respect, and I strove to listen intently to the issues that customers were having and to push for the best possible outcome in every situation. I loved it! It was exactly what I wanted to be doing.
About 1 week into the job, I was approached by one of our cashier managers. He pulled me aside and had a conversation about my performance. It was, in his own words, "under performing." I was absolutely shocked. I had been doing an excellent job resolving customer issues, and I was quick with the register, and knowledgeable about the store. I inquired about what exactly I was doing wrong, and he said two words that will stick with me the rest of my life. Two words that I heard over and over again until the day I quit. "Credit apps"
There is no doubt in my mind that the store cares more about their credit card applications than it does customer service. I has been doing an excellent job making customers happy, but because I wasn't doing enough credit apps, I was given 1/5 stars in every rating category by the management team.
Two months later I was fired for low metrics. I couldn't believe what had just happened. The store valued credit card applications more than it did customer service, and wow does it show! They've been on the decline for a few years now, and it's highly obvious why. Their customer service just isn't there anymore. It's a shame, but oh well. I've since moved on to other retail jobs in order to finish out my college endeavors, and working with other retailers has opened my eyes to just how awful of a place Sears is to work.
If you're looking to apply for Sears, just be forewarned. Your efficiency with signing up customers for the credit card will be valued above all else when being evaluated as an employee. If you can be a pushy person, it may just be the right job for you. But if you value high quality customer service, then this surely isn't the job for you.

Posted by CoolGuy

I am working for Sears for almost 2 months now. To those customer who are using their GC or Rewards card online make sure that you are using a CC as well. the full amount of your purchased items including tax/s will be deducted first on your CC, the time that you received the item, the amount from your GC or Rewards Card will be credit back on your CC after 7-10 business days that will reflect on your next billing cycle.But make sure you enter the right number to avoid any error

Posted by KillYrTV

I am a Sears Associate of 2 years, and handle many returns. The return policy changed a few months ago, I think September. It is now 30 days regardless of department, and you must have receipt, or Shop Your Way membership so we can look up the records. Mattresses and electronics have a stricter return policy for obvious reasons. Usually we try to work with people and spend alot of time trying to find their proof of purchase in our system, but if we can't find it, there is nothing we can do. We also have to keep an eye out for return fraud. Each type of item has its own warranty, and should be explained to you when you purchase the product. Sears Holdings Corporation consists of several companies/divisions, such as Sears, Sears Hometown Stores, Sears Outlet, Sears Appliance Showroom, KMart,, Sears Parts Direct, Craftsman, Kenmore, etc. Each company has their own guidelines for return policies. has many affiliates that sell through our website, and have return policies specific to that seller. For example, Sears Parts Direct can accept returns if you contact them and have them send you a return label. We can help you with that at store level if you have problems with email, but it's best to contact that company/division directly. We don't have access to the other divisions' records, and we have to wait on the phone like you would. In addition, you have the option to buy extra protection, which takes some hassles out of repairs and returns. I hope my 2 years of training have helped some people here, thank you for reading.

Posted by SearsAssociate

I would just like to start out with the fact that I am a Sears Associate so I hear all of your complaints. First off, those of you who have had terrible experiences, I am sorry. Those are individual people, not the entire corporation. I personally do everything I can to refund or replace someone's purchase, even though yes sometimes it has to be store credit. As an associate though sometimes we are given policies, such as our new 30 day return policy, which yes even I find outrageous, but there is nothing we can do about it. Though a pointer, even if it's been more than 30 days, the system will still let you return it so long as you have a valid driver's license/ID card. For those of you complaining about your orders, we have a marketplace similar to amazon. So sometimes you buy something that is not actually sold buy sears even though you are purchasing from With those 3rd party marketplace items we cannot return those in store because they ARE NOT OUR ITEMS. You have to go through the company you actually bought them from.

One final thought: THIS ISN'T SEARS'S WEBSITE. WHAT DO YOU THINK IS GOING TO GET ACCOMPLISHED BY COMPLAINING HERE?! saying things like "Oh I hope corporate sees this" or "The information on here isn't right and I can't find a return address." Well, that's because this isn't Sears. It is a website with a compilation of different company's return policies.

Posted by guest

sears Charlottetown prince Edward island has to be the worst one to work for only because of the manager not going to name names but she has to be the worst person ever she treats her employees like crap and takes way to many vacations shes never there and when she comes back she starts yelling at every one like its there fault that she cant handle her job pathetic do not work here at all!!!!!!

Posted by Love my job

I have been working at Sears for a couple of years now in Technical Support. Its really hard to do our job with disrespectful customers yelling and cursing at us while we are trying to fix there appliance over the phone. We just have them try easy things a kid can do but most are too lazy to help themselves would rather wait a week for a technician to do it for them. We all know people dont read there owners manual and dont have a clue on how to use a machine with new technology. Most customers are grateful to talk with us but we do get lots of weeds.

Posted by Angie

I wanted to know who I speak with other than the out of country line to speak with an HR Corporate Manager? I'm getting really sick of the robotic voices overseas! I quit my job yesterday due to harassment for my manager, and her sidekick, and I'm really thinking of filing a lawsuit! It was soooo bad what I went through, and I've got NO resolution at all! They totally let me quit my job without saying a word, and went to my manager behind my back without saying a word to me! I wrote a letter HR asked, and I tried to go to HR when I got in. I asked my old manager, and it was like all the managers banded together and took turns watching me! They wouldn't let me go downstairs, and I overheard my manager saying as I walked by that (my Name) is so aggressive because, loud enough so I could hear! It was like she knew I was listening to her! I'm positive the managers alerted them I was there when I left my desk in personal! I've heard from longterm employees that this manager has forced another agent to quit with harassing her as well! The HR manager went out of the room my manager was in and back into his office acting like he wasn't in the room speaking with my manager! I went upstairs and clocked out then I quit! The hr person just let me quit without hesitation, and it was like they didn't want me there! Who do I go to about this? It's like the managers all ban together when there is bad behavior! Please let me know!

Posted by lacey24

wow! You customers should do our job once in yur life, and understand how hard it is! All of you make our lives a living hell, and I cry every night after I go home. I need my job so I stay! I can't believe how much crap is written about us! This isn't the reps fault on the line with you, we do our jobs, and just because we aren't kissing your a** you hate! Try and take a look at yourself before judging the rep on YOUR issue! this isn't the fault of the call center, and it sure isnt the fault of the poor rep helping you! It goes both ways, nd this job is the worst job I've ever had as well! Do you think I want to help a person screaming and giving me attitude, when they don't even know how to use the device... People call with bs, and things that can be fixed so easy by yourself, and it's just plain lazy!!! I get cursed at, and I can't curse back, and called every name in the book, then you expect me to kiss your a**! I also don't get why you find it necessary to buy the product if you don't know how to work it, READ THE MANUAL! YOU ARE CALLING A CALL CENTER NOT THE STORE, AND WE ARE NOT THE ENEMY! CALL CORPORATE SEARS!!! I just got told that sears is going out of business, lol! ya right...we are te top service providers out there, and NOBODY can stand up to sears! Everything is going online in business thats why sears closed stores...duh! People are so tough behind a computer screen, if you have an issue got to the source, not behind the screen! We don't like you much either!!!!!

Posted by Former Technical Manager

I worked at Sears for 6.5 years and for the record I left the company 2 months ago on my own accord. I have close to 20 years of supervisory/management experience and have never worked for a more screwed up company than Sears. They do nothing but shaft their employees and wonder why their business is declining. Their managers are constantly over burdened with pointless HR compliance and negative conference calls to worry about customers. As a technical manager I spent at least 8 hours a week (not kidding) on conference calls running through reports with district managers trying to bust techs for wasting time. Really? Please for the good of everyone involved shop somewhere other than Sears. My life is so much better since leaving there. I can only hope that the people I know that are still trapped in their cult like culture of death can get out.

Posted by Anonymous

I understand where you all are coming from. I work for Sears. We gotta be the dumbest retail customer service in the history. Iâm looking for another job. If they find out I posted this I will get fired im sure. They have been getting rid of people left and right. We canât even make a delivery on time or without it being damaged. The CEO is a moron. The management at the call center is horrible. I canât wait to go to work and say, "I quit" Nobody has a clue whatâs going on in that place. And its like a high school. He said she said. HR needs to find something to do as well. All they do is investigate stuff. Im not gonna get into specifics cause this could cause me to lose my job as Texas is an at will state. Meaning they could fire you. But if I get fired for something ill make em pay. I have documentation printed out and keep it in my safe of all the corrupt stuff that goes on there. If they do me dirty because they cant make the customers happy they will pay a price. I know how everything works. These idiotsâ needs to worry about customer service and stop worrying about who said what and high school BS. Sears is going out of business at a rapid pace. Just Google it. Wall Street tells it how it is. Its time to jump off the sinking ship. Most of my associates have quit already or been let go. They try to lie and hide whats going on but were not stupid. Buh bye for now.


You wish you knew who this was.

P.S. You WILL know who this is when I quit ;)

Posted by dennis

i work for sears,i am also a customer,i buy the service contracts and have several,they are a good value,if they were not i would not buy them myself.i have to agree that sears is not what it used to be but they try every day to improve.and i have seen a lot of imporvement in the last 6 months.

Posted by esa

I once worked at Sears but only for a bit, the training that they offer us is so poor and the employee treatment is awful. Taking my lunches and breaks was another hassle to always look for someone to cover our breaks and lunches. Also sometimes we got off at a certain time and nobody would come to open the store doors one time we had to wait for 20 minutes for the manager to open the doors and for us to leave after having clocked out and didn't pay us for the time we were just waiting for the manager. So I never shop here and never will because i know the treatment they offer their employees and the bad customer service.


i worked as a service tech for sears in harvey il& joliet,il for 37 years.i loved my job & loved helping people.then in the last 10 years or so they hired mangament that knew nothing about service.the employees have been beaten into the ground.i hate sears so much that i will not even enter the store.that my friends is why you are having service problems...they simply dont give a darn.

Posted by The Truth

In the spirit of full disclosure I'll start by saying I'm currently a customer solutions agent in the escalations dept in Round Rock, Texas. In fact I recognize two complaints on here as I handled your concern.
As is usually the case the truth lies in "the middle". Some of the issues raised here are valid and cogent, while many others are complaints dreamed up by angry customers who are writing to complain because they didn't get their way or are ignorant of what it is we do.
For example...I wish I had a dollar for every time I had a customer complain about how Sears doesn't make things like they used to. Uh...folks, I have news for you...sears doesn't manufacture a thing. We're Sears. We're NOT Whirlpool...GE...Kenmore...Samsung...or LG. We don't manufacture a thing. We simply sell and service items manufactured by OTHERS. When you buy a car at a dealership do you really think they manufacture the car out back and then drive it to the front of the lot?? Nope. They buy it from Ford...Toyota...etc and sell/service it.
That's just one example of a customer's criticism that is based on ignorance. Keep in mind anyone can post anything online because of the anonymity factor. Sure, some of the concerns raised here are legit and inexcusable. However, a good amount of stuff on here doesn't pass the smell test and is only half-truths at best. Next time I post I'll address the myth that we don't care about the customer by explaining how many millions of dollars we give out to customers every year...and how customers will play games and try to work the system to get hundreds in gift cards by basically giving us false numbers...and posting bogus online reviews hoping our offline social media dept will try to shut them up got it....more gift cards

Posted by Ghetto7Swords

As a former Technical Support Specialist for Sears Holdings in Round Rock, Texas, I can tell all of you, YOU ARE ALL ABSOLUTELY CORRECT! Not only is the customer service terrible, but this is also a horrible place to work at. I started in summer of 2010 & left in May 2011 & I will tell you 1st hand, there are no real technical support experts you talk to on the phone. Just a bunch of college kids, single moms, disgruntled middle aged men & people just passing through until a better opportunity comes along. Its not their fault. The fault really rests on the managers who have a cold-hearted outlook on true customer service. Yea, they promise you champagne wishes & caviar dreams & apologize non-stop on the phone & tell you, "yes sir/yes ma'am I can fix this over the phone", but honestly, only 20% of those promises are actually followed through. Plus, were given a 6 week crash course on product troubleshooting (which no one becomes a true expert on), along with poor scripts on how to deliver true customer service, which is a absolute joke. And those home improvement specials, FORGET ABOUT IT! Half that crap falls apart after a year or two. I would know, because customers have told me on the phone. The worst is when technicians cancel repairs & the customer calls & we find out thru the routing department that the tech cancelled at the last minute & we are the ones that have to break the news. I learned that the routing department is not responsible for informing customers that techs have cancelled. They are a seperate local division. They really expect the customer to call & check the status. ABSOLUTE SLAP IN THE FACE! I will say that even though no system is perfect, Sears makes T-Mobile look like the Vatican & we all know how bad T-Mobile is, but I digress. The warranty is a nightmare in itself. DO NOT BUY THE SSA! In fact, if you have any kind of warranty with this company, DO NOT RENEW IT! SSA is the worst, because its a 1 year contract, only covers parts up to $500.00 and there are no guarantees that if the item (i.e. dishwasher, front load washer, tractor) isn't able to be repaired, SEARS WILL NOT REPLACE YOUR PRODUCT! Also, if its more than 10 years old, there's no way in hell you can readily find parts for it. I was trained to either have the customer buy a SSA (which we receive commission on), renew the Master Protection Agreement, setup a repair (where you have to pay $129.00 just for a tech to come out & look at your product), or buy a new product. As far as my experience on the phone goes, I do not remember who I talked to or anything, but if anyone has felt jaded, scammed or just pissed off that their problem didn't get resolved, I apologize. My managers, who I'm pretty sure are nice people outside the office, were petty, mean, unreliable, and just didn't know how to tell employees on the phone how to deliver better resolutions to problems. Not to mention I couldn't even get time off for my daughter's 1st birthday, but I digress (again). As a customer now, I can tell you all, I wouldn't buy a dead rat from this place, even if it were stuffed with a $1 million dollar check & it was given to me for free. So overall, everyone please take heed: DO NOT BUY FROM SEARS! Go to Lowes, Best Buy, heck, you'd even have better luck on if you want a quality product. Its not that people don't take their job seriously, but the person you speak with on the phone is trying to keep their head above water & has only 3 minutes to either reach a resolution or tell you any kind of crap you wanna hear or their gonna get a write up (PPI) or won't receive any recognition or commission if their metrics aren't met. So, what's the silver lining in all of this...well, as of 2012, this company might be finished. Look up the first quarter sales for Sears Holdings & see why they might fold & turn into Kmart. These are actual facts, no rumors or lies. As I stated before, no company or system is perfect, but Sears has fallen drastically and quite frankly, it is not the same as it use to be. If you want great customer service, REAL technical support & quality product, DO NOT BUY FROM SEARS!

Posted by Anonymous

SEARS Holding, Inc., owned by billionaire hedge fund guru Eddie Lampert, is not the SEARS it used to be. Employees are treated like indentured slaves. They are REQUIRED to ask EVERY custoeemr to apply for a Sears credit card, Sears Mastercard, or a Sears Charge Plus Card Plus Card. If the employees don't open a minimum of five Sears credit cards per every TWO weeks, they can be fired. Many do get fired. In this economy it's difficult to reach that goal, esp. in a SMALL Sears like in Key West, FL., where very few customers are in the store! Employees are REQUIRED to sell a minimum number of PROTECETION AGREEMENTS, such as on large appliances, based on sales. If the employee doesn't, they can be fired. Customers complain daily that all of these questions are annoying, & they slow down the sale at the cash register. They are right! The employee has to inform the customer to fill out a 1 questions survey on the check-out screen, after they pay. Then they are told they can win a Sears gift card if they go online & fill out a customer service survey. Sears tries to convince their employees, they're "creating customers for life." IN reality, all the presure on the customers to buy these extras, & all the required questions, annoys most customers & they complain about it! Employees in the Appliances Dept. do NOT GET PAID an hourly wage. After $9/hr. training for one week on the sales floor, employees get only an average of 2+1/2% commission on some large appliances. ON some items in Appliances Dept. they get nothing; it depends on the brand. On air conditioners, they're lucky to get $1.00. Appliance Dept. is NOT the big money many people seem to think it is. It is cut0throat, full of miserable employees, and they are under such pressure to sell Sears credit cards, Protection Agreements (P.A.'s), Sears Protection Plans, & SYWR memberships, that most employees resent it, esp. in this economy. It is very difficult to reach the numbers corporate expects, as they lack customers in the store in Key West, FL on many days, & teh economy has completely changed consumer spending habits. Sears puts their employees under so much pressure from the day tehy are hires, that many quit. They are unrealistic. Think about this next time you shop at Sears. I suggest shopping elsewhere. They treat employees at teh KEy WEst store like crap, with expectations that make them nervous to lose their job on a daily basis. What kind of culture is this? Greed from corporate. The trainer used to get paid to trin a new employee. NO more! The salesperson expected to train the new salesperaon in the Appliances Dept., was an employee on commission-only, & no longer gets paid to train. Thus, their attitude was, "Why should I waste my time training this new person? It may hurt my sales." Sears = Greed. If an employee spends an hour educating & helping the customer & they go home & order the product online, instead of in the store, the employee get paid zero. It happens all the time, because they need to confer with their spouse, or get a measurement, etc. Commision-only sales in the Appliances adopet,. is a scam for the employee who loses in the end, at least at Sears in KEy West, FL. The store is constantly out of stock of items, & many customers do not want to wait one week, or often much longer, to have an appliance delivered. The delivery fee is usually $69 or more, even if you have to wait a month for the merchandise.

Posted by Disgruntled but Employed

I'm a Sears employee and sympathize with the customers greatly! I don't work in a store but the corporate office. They say customers are #1 and employees #2 in their book. Well, the employees feel just like the customers that have posted their comments. But in this economy, who has the option to change jobs? Don't worry, they're not giving us the profits either. I am reviewed "on a curve" and have to do more than exceptional at what my job is to get rated better than acceptable. It seems if I don't create some miracle to happen, there is no recognition. We have not had cost of living increases except 1 time in 4 years. But not to worry, if you know someone at the top, you can sit and balance your checkbook, shop online, facebook your friends, and chit chat half the day with the big wigs and for that, you get promoted because they have put you on the fast track up. For hard work, dedication, devotion and annoyance with the forementioned behavior, you get told you are doing the job you were hired to do and there is no compensation for that.

Yes, as you may have guessed, I am seeking a new opportunity just as the previous CEO, CFO and others have. I rarely see promotions going to the people who put forth the most effort, but more to the people who's "daddies" know some big wig in the company. And they wonder why things don't improve. They should really take the blinders off and see REALITY!

I tried to have a conversation/debate with the "Chairman" about some of the insane policies that have been implemented, but was given a warning that he has a lot invested in the company and my comments were not appreciated. I guess if he doesn't get a pay raise he won't be able to fly around in his private jet. I don't get one and I have to figure out how to budget a rent increase, continuing to drive to work everyday, etc.

The priorities of this company are way off kilter! Unless you want to fund Eddie Lampert's next excursion!

I also avoid purchasing from sears since I ordered a laptop and forgot to check to make sure it had a disk drive. (silly thing to think about on a laptop these days isn't it?)

We also purchased a dishwasher, provided a delivery phone # and they couldn't find the number, this was after over an hour to checkout. What is so difficult about this process? It was at least 15 minutes while they made a copy of the delivery ticket...then they messed up the receipt and I had to go back to have them correct it.

You get what you pay for and until Mr. Lampert realizes he needs to pay his employees, customers will continue to get sub-par service.

But don't worry, India will have plenty of employees because of Sears, they opened Sears of India to "handle" the lower cost customer service, and if you can get them to understand English, you are doing well! (Note: the corporate office is starting to look like a miniature India).

Posted by mgr

I blame the customers ... they come into the store and immediately begin with their rude, snide and unfriendly comments. I have been cursed at, grabbed, threatened and once even hit but customers because of some issue completely unrelated to the store ... but with delivery, service, etc...

Get with it people! Don't take your frustrations out on us. We're just trying to keep our jobs.

Posted by Liz

everyone has a complaint... I understand that people are upset that tech is running late, was rs, part was delay, or repair is taking long... But please when calling quit saying "i pay for a warranty that does not offer anything" READ your warranty before you open your mouth. People dont understand that as a Sears employee we are treated like trash.People are being discriminated in the company and no one does anything managers likes to partner up to be mean and fire people. If we lie to customers is because no one as the answer of all the issues. I dont work for Sears anymore, as a customer you cant expect Sears to care when they dont care for their employees.

Posted by Anonymous

To all the customers that feel that they have been delt with in the wrong way first and foremost I would like to extend my apologies to all of you we have several systems set in place for loyal customers such as yourselves unfortunalty sometimes that issue seems to fall through cracks not every company is perfect but we are definetly willing to work with you we have assembled a special team to deal with the complaints that everybody on this page is mentioning and we are ready to take ur call and try to make things right once again.... and our managers do care about the associates and especialy our cust cause they are the one that provides us with our job please forgive us and let us earn your trust once again

Posted by Anonymous

My name is Shayne with the Sears Escalations Team. First please allow me to apologize for the delay in responding to the many different complaints on this sight with Sears. Here at Sears, we value each and every customer that we have. Unfortunately, there are times when we miss the mark as far as poor customer service, not showing up on time for a service call, delays in delivery and many other things. In our department we are working to tackle these issues one at a time as we come across them. We are a single point of contact for our customers and our case managers work an issue from the beginning to the end when we get a resolution that best suits our customers and Sears. I would like to ask each and every one of you to contact our office via email at [email protected] and we will have a case manager contact you directly within 24 hours of receipt of the email. In the email, please provide a contact phone number and we will call you directly. Also, in your email, please reference this web site, for reference to were you heard about us, and we do look forward to talking to you soon.

Posted by Anonymous

i used to work for sears and i know i tried to give the best customer service but you see we were not paid enough and our bosses treated us bad and that is still the case today as i hear that is why the company is falling because managers dont care and they are suppose to be examples but their horrible ones. i remember them just being lazy and never seeing them around. and then were always grumpy and never want to be their and dont give good customer service so you see this repeated cycle..

Posted by SearsCares

To everyone that has had issues with Sears:

My name is Shayne with the Sears Escalations Team. First please allow me to apologize for the delay in responding to the many different complaints on this sight with Sears. Here at Sears, we value each and every customer that we have. Unfortunately, there are times when we miss the mark as far as poor customer service, not showing up on time for a service call, delays in delivery and many other things. In our department we are working to tackle these issues one at a time as we come across them. We are a single point of contact for our customers and our case managers work an issue from the beginning to the end when we get a resolution that best suits our customers and Sears. I would like to ask each and every one of you to contact our office via email at [email protected] and we will have a case manager contact you directly within 24 hours of receipt of the email. In the email, please provide a contact phone number and we will call you directly. Also, in your email, please reference this web site, for reference to were you heard about us, and we do look forward to talking to you soon.

Thank you,
Shayne W.
Senior Case Manager
Sears Cares

Posted by Anonymous

I must say, Our store has the best team. I love working with these great people. But I have noticed that all the hard work that these people do arenWRTH THE PAY!! Come on sears. If you want to keep your fine hardworking people, you have to pay your people way better. I mean 3 years and 7.50 how are we going to pay our bills. I'm a L.P. Officer and I have savedyour store alot of money. I have work with the company for two years. MY PAY 8.40...Thats bad!!!! I also have three children.By did ya know that L.P. Officers pay starts out at 12.00. I question myself why I stay. Thats easy I LOVE the fine people I work with. But Sears you have to pay your people better, or you will get young kids whom don't give a crap about sales or customers. Just saying:~{

Posted by Anonymous

Oh and it's usually not the techs fault that they don't make it to you. Most techs complete on average 7-8 calls a day depending what the specialty is, yet we are given 12-13 calls to "try" and complete. So at 8 a.m there are about 5 customers that will be disappointed. So think twice about giving the techs attitude because we hear it all day every day and we still are forced to work at least 1-2 hours overtime every day.


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