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15 Positive Comments out of 77 Total Comments is 19.48%.

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    • 55.28 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 62 negative comments (80.52%)
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Posted by Michael Bentkowski

Bought A Sea Gate 6 Tb Backup Plus Hub For My Imac. The Installation Instructions Are Very Bad, Bad. Therefore I Went On The Web Site, There Is Nothing I Understand In There - No Phone #, To Talk To Human Being. Called Your Corporate Office The Operator Gave Me A Phone # 1-800-732-4283 And It's Not In Service. Called Again She Transferred Me And It Cut Me Off Again. (hung Up).

This Is No Way To Run A Business, When Customers Need Help And Can't Be Helped By Sea Gate.

I Am Bringing Back My Drive As I Am Unable To Install It.

I Am Telling Everyone That Sea Gate Does Not Help You To Install There Products On Computers.

My Phone Hope To Hear From You????????

Posted by Anonymous

Dear Sir/Madam,

My concern is regarding the files stored in my Seagate branded external hard drive.

It's like this, my former laptop computer got damaged and since I already have quite an big amount of file although still below the maximum capacity, I was advised by an IT friend to just have the internal drive of my former computer removed and that I purchase an enclosure so I need not immediately transfer files in my new computer, which I did.

At first I had a problem with the first external enclosure I bought since it cannot read the files in the enclosure. I went back to the store where I bought the enclosure and the sales people chose a flatter and more compact external eclosure. It then worked there in the Malls.

During the past wk, I brought again my laptop to the technical group. This time my concern is the sensory items in my computer. I was so disappointed since all my files are in the external hard drive.

According to the sales/technician in the store, my problem is not with the enclosure I bought from their store since the unit (external drive) still lights up and icon of the external drive can still be seen but it can no longer be read in my computer.

Please help me. I need my files to recovered by next week. The brand of the internl drive is SEAGATE.

You may get in touch with me in the following I am a resident of Davao City, Philippines.

Thank you.

Posted by Anonymous

I have a 2 tb Seagate drive which worked until I bought a newer Mac. Now I can't put files in the trash. I contacted customer support but find I must pay a ridiculous fee to get help. Make a product that doesn't function properly, and you can make more money by having it not work properly. Great business!

Posted by Renato

Purchased a drive less than 2 years ago and it just gave up on me, have many memories stored there and there is no way they will help me to get them back, to get my drive replaced it was a task too itself, now back to getting my files back from the damaged drive Seagate is charging me more than double of what I paid for the drive.

Posted by Manoj

I purchased 2 tb external hard disk through online and now a big thing is that the warranty has also been canceled and there is issue that when i plug in my hd in my pc or laptop it shows that hd has been connected and shows the propitiates too but when i visit this hd there don't show anything else !! i am confused with this problem can you please help me to get rid of it ??

Posted by Frankie

Seagate Central NAS
1. after deleted a user, the web interface shows PHP error! And all data are gone.
2. to set date/time, you have to set it, logout and then login


Another victim of the dreaded ST3000DM001 drive failure. And then they charge me $40 bucks to sent it back to them, only to receive a "refurbished" ST3000DM001 drive of the same type.
This is crap.
I will never buy another Seagate product.

Posted by Anonymous

Dear Respected Sir,

I hope you are having a nice day, for I was having quite a pleasant one until I called your service centre in Andheri, Mumbai. In my conversation with Ms. Swati, I felt like she had gifted me the hard disk I own for free and I owe her for that. She was in such hurry, I am not sure why, to keep the phone and get rid of me. It seemed like Saturdays are clearly not a good time to call you employees, so suggest you rather give them an off. For a simple query which I had, she kept referring me to the other service center in Lamington road, Mumbai. Finally, after a lot of perseverance, I could get my query across, and it was very evident that it could have been solved 2 mins and 27 sec ago.

Thank you for your prompt attention.

Have a nice weekend.

Best regards.

Posted by Anonymous

After receiving a 3T Expansion Desktop Drive for a gift, stored it away until I needed it, however when opening it up [was still in its sealed box, found it didn't work the light does not light up, and the internal driver runs for a little while [20 -30 sec] then stop. I contacted you and basically got the brush off you told me to take it back to the purchaser which as it was a gift was unable to do so. I notified you this, and I am still awaiting a reply months later, SORRY would never buy or recommend your product.

Posted by makinuptime

Your hard drive gave out in almost exactly 2 months. I have 400-600GB of photos on the "Samsung" hard drive which is not what I bought. I bought a Seagate product!!!

Absolutely no help; no nothing in helping me recover my photos from your defective hard drive. $599.95 will buy me my photos from a product in which I already paid for!! Wouldn't be that bad if it was months longer, but to die before I can get them uploaded to my personal computer is absurd. Your business model as an almost $14 billion dollar corp. shows exactly what a piece of I am to you and your company.

Posted by WillBoss

After purchasing a Seagate External HD I ran into some problems with the drive constantly spinning. I popped over to the Seagate site to seek some support but I was brought from page to page with no obvious support information. After some looking around Seagate seemingly support their customers through Facebook and Twitter!! I went the Facebook route first and I got a generic response in a couple of days. I replied and as of this moment over three weeks later I have not had a response. I also tried Twitter, this time the reply was within 24 hours but the second reply was two days later. Twitter doesnt lend itself well to support as you all well know you are very limited in the text content of your tweets. At the twitter end they just pointed me to some Windows forums and basically washed their hands of the problems I was experiencing.

My recommendations is DO NOT PURCHASE A SEAGATE product because if you run into are on your own.

Posted by myles

For those of you with Seagate nas drives 2 years or older. Remote access no longer supported due to a change at tappin. We as customers are "out of luck" " only solution is to upgrade unit try to newer nas" " no sir no discounts offered"

Thanks seagate

Posted by Warnerworld

Absolutely irresponsible. I upgraded my Back up Plus and it will no longer complete a back up. Customer support is basically non-existent. Not only are their offices closed for 4 days over the holiday but on-line support consists of a list of categories which have nothing to do with that problem, leaving me unable to access any relevant information to trouble shoot this. Meanwhile over 4 days without backing up my computer. I am on only using 25% of the space available on this drive.

Posted by Buster

Seagate forced a change to the serial number in a form I filled out on line. When I sent the device to Seagate at an expensive shipping charge, they notified me the serial number was wrong and sent it back to me before I could contact anyone, and I have to pay for that return shipment.
When I called, every extension gave me the same recording, "All our personnel are in meeting" then some garbage about going on line for assistance, which never allows me to get assistance. I think Seagate is the worst company for support that I have EVER had the misfortune of dealing with. Now my device was still under warranty for another year, according to the serial number I entered. They just blow the customers off like, SO WHAT! I will be passing the Seagate incident on to all the people I work with and all the Military branches of service. If I could get Seagate investigated, I would. But apparently they have a phony company with an liberate group of people working for them. NEVER BUY ANT SEAGATE PRODUCTS!

Posted by Philhawk

Approximately 15 months ago I returned a 2TB desktop hard drive under warranty because one day it just failed to be recognised. This hard drive was used for backup purposes of my PC only and sat on a shelf and never moved. It was also connected to a Belkin surge protector power board so I have no explanation as to why it would have suddenly stopped working. I therefore put it down to simply bad luck but unfortunately I lost much important data.

Seagate kindly agreed to replace the faulty Expansion External hard drive under the 3 year warranty but I was never able to retrieve my data. I used the new drive in exactly the same way as the previous one. It has worked fine for the past 15 months but now it too has done exactly the same thing with no explanation. The drive is not recognised on any of my computers and all my data is lost once again. Luckily this time I had learned my lesson and all my data was synchronised with another hard drive.

The drive sounds like it is spinning freely and is not making any unusual noises. I tried swapping cables but this made no difference. It just doesn't exist on my computers.

I went to the Seagate website to create a support case but was informed the warranty had expired. What the! Most hard drives have a three year warranty but Seagate only give a 1 year warranty on their replacement drives?

I also have a Seagate 2TB Expansion Portable Drive and a Seagate 2TB Backup Plus Desktop Drive and these have been working fine for years. I am now concerned the Expansion Desktop Drives may simply have reliability issues and if I was to get another one it could end up in the same trash can.

So, only a 12 month warranty and no support. I have no alternative option but to go shopping tomorrow for a WD ELEMENTS hard drive. That was the last Seagate for me.

Posted by militarymemberuser

I've had a Seagate external 4 TB backup drive for just over a year now and it now no longer works. I've literally plugged it in only a dozen times just to back up family photos, videos and other memories of my children. Majority of the time it stays in a fireproof safe. Now to get these irreplaceable memories off of a drive that I've treated like a precious egg over the past year, Seagate wants me to spend another $100 to use their data recovery program, even though it's still under warranty. I have attempted to contact their warranty and data recovery departments three times over a two-week period. Every time I call I get a "The office is closed for a department meeting" message. Don't waste your time with this company. What a joke!

Posted by spg123

Terrible. I've had my hard drive for 7 months and it has already broken. It is still within warranty so Seagate have offered to replace it, however I would have to pay £450 to retrieve my data (even though my product is in warranty?) I have found companies who charge much less for this service but still, after 7 months for this to be happening is ridiculous. Upon researching this seems to be a common issue. Long story short, Seagate pump out cheap products that can't stand the test of time. They do not work with their customers to ensure positive customer service.

Posted by Anonymous

Cant seem to get the service center in Doha Qatar, I got a 1Tb hdd from jumbo electronics doha which is not working, and now the sales person says " v havent sold u this product" please help.

Posted by PJ

Bought a seagate central drive for home file sharing over the home network. The drive is accessible only through comps wired to the network, and not ones that are on network wirelessly, defeating the purpose.

Seagate help desk made me reinstall the entire set up, move and copy the data couple of times. Fixed up online support but were either late from given time, or once said they would call back halfway down the session and just didnt call back. They couldnt finally resolve the issue but also refused to take back the faulty drive and give me a different model that could work or give me a refund.

Horrible, better to avoid seagate given the poor customer care.

Posted by Anonymous

Seagate hard drives are junk. Barracuda 7200 12 failed within two years, and after numerous attempts to contact them nothing. Thank God I use Western Digital to back up the Seagate drives

Posted by gibus

4 emails in 20 days... NO REPLY
4 phone calls tentatives in 20 days (20-30mn listening to the waiting music)... NO ANSWER

What kind of customer service is this ?

Posted by HateSEAGATE!!!

3 failed drives within 8 months. Each RMA has been worse than the previous.

Filling up the RMA and sending the drive in is smooth enough, but then the issue starts.

With the latest RMA, 12 days after I received notice that they received the drive and still no shipment notice and no replies to emails, I called and their rep had no idea they had an RMA tracking site, no idea why my drive hasn't been shipped and no idea when I could expect my drive.

I mentioned a problem I had with my previous 2 RMAs where I left my contact number and instructions that the delivery guy had to call me to gain access to my premises, yet they came and left a note that they "could not gain access"... and yes, they did not call. I asked how to ensure it doesn't happen again, to which he replied he can only leave a note and there's nothing else that can be done.

2 days later I call again so get a status update and was told that someone will call be back by the end of they day, and of course, no one did or has.

Then get an email the next day stating that my drive was shipped and I was given a tracking number... but they used a small company that has no tracking site nor any web presence so I could not even call or track my parcel.

Seagate has been nothing buy a pain to deal with from start to end.

Posted by Anonymous

it is unable to connect via phone of accent tech trivandrum india mob number,only one contact number available,always the phone is busy then how a customer can contact them,holidays are not known,now after changing the place the service center is worst,no sufficient receptionist available to attend complaint or calls

Posted by Anonymous

I tried many times to contact someone at Seagate for pre-sale info, but the email message did not go through because they want a serial number of the product. Makes absolutely no sense to me.

Posted by GDay

Ok- lets recap this saga of Seagate versus customer(movie rights available). I purchased the Seagate Black Armor 2Bay 4TD Business NAS from Amazon roughly 6 mos ago not knowing it would become a door stop. I contacted Seagate through their customer service portal on a website thats about as much use as a June Hemorrhoid.

After 2 days they responded by email that the housing was defective and the serial number showed out of warranty. They included a link to data recovery services that start at $399.00. Since I hate buying expensive engineered doorstops, I posted a review of the product on Amazon. I was amazed that in 6 mos since I purchased there were many negative reviews.

Seagate responded to my post and asked in me to call to review. After calling they confirmed I had no warranty…. they basically had me call to tell me what their email said. (Interesting to note that these units in Europe are warrantied for 2 years.) It’s an interesting Customer Service model that looks for a way to handle negative feedback that is all show since they have no intent to stand behind a defective product…..

In response to my call, I post the results of my Customer Service at Seagate encounter. They post that they can’t find information on my call/case and please refresh their memory… again its for show that they are a “caring” company. “Me thinks there is a foul smell in the Seagate kingdom!!!” I have responded with units serial number and case number from the email… obviously the guy I talked with must not have linked my call files if they truly don’t know but if anything that speaks to a wider problem.

At this point I have no expectations for resolution and when I originally posted I just wanted folks to be aware of the quality issues and poor support. Too many folks are reporting failures and instead of standing behind their product they stand behind a 90 day warranty that is limited to almost nothing! I would love to report that they did the right thing but look at my experience and decide. If you think a 6 month lifespan for a NAS is OK then click and buy one. My standards and expectations are higher.

Add your review!

Posted by Anonymous

I just had one of the most satisfying and helpful experiences I have ever had with tech support. I worked with Jim. He knew his stuff like few ever do. His obvious knowledge of Seagate and their products was impressive. Jim was personable and patient. Every issue I had was resolved quickly,efficiently and explained to me clearly.
Jim exemplified the reason to choose Seagate....a quality product backed by quality service.
Blake Patton

Posted by Happy Camper

Own several SG backup external drives and all perform smoothly. Have had numerous interactions w/SG tech support and all have been quite satisfactory, with one yesterday being simply outstanding. That one involved restoring Windows 7 to a laptop where I had installed Windows 10 2 months previous. The "image" of the laptop's original W7 system/programs/data I had placed on a SG 5-terabyte backup drive worked perfectly to remove the new W10 garbage and restore the whole W7 install exactly as it was the day I switched to W10. The process did require some critical advice from a stellar SG tech support advisor, and her help plus the great technology in SG's Disc Wizard program (from Acronis) did the job flawlessly.

Posted by Anonymous

I realized today that I could use a Seagate I had already to password protect my e-mails and some other files. I was disappointed that WD MyBook could not do individual files and so needed to find a smaller drive and password protect it.
Your software for your 1.5 Gb External Drive is so fantastic, easy for the average user like me. WD My Book's instructions were far too involved for what most of us want to do and lacked videos besides.
Mainly I want to say that if you add password protection for INDIVIDUAL files, then you have them beat by far. I really didn't want to encrypt an entire drive. I did your survey, but couldn't put in this much.

Posted by CB

Very impressed with customer support - had to call twice today on 2 separate issues. Both reps were pleasant, knowlegeable and patient. Issues resolved and data recoered!

Posted by Anonymous

Drive was failing and out of warranty. Sent Seagate a picture of the drive and proof of purchase (PROTIP: Save your invoice for your computer, you'll thank me later) and they extended my warranty by a couple months so I could get a new one for free.

Posted by GDay

Comment below from GDay... I wrote this and Seagate contacted me and made it right!!! They actually have great customer service and I thank Blair for taking the time to fix.

Posted by Traveler

Just spoke with a Seagate representative, Mark, regarding a lost part to the power supply for my Segate external hard drive. Mark took my info and then advised that the Hard Drive was still under warranty and that a replacement power supply would be mailed to me. WOW, I never expected that! Great Customer Service, Thanks Seagate

Posted by XANAfied32

They want $600 to recover my data!!! It's THEIR fault my drive crapped out! Service was not so bad.

Posted by Anonymous

I had a tough time finding the number to call for tech support for my Maxtor OneTouch 4 drive. However once I found this site I called in and there was no wait and they resolved my problem promptly

Posted by Anonymous

The contact info provided was "spot on". I had previously searched for 30 minutes on the Seagate Web site to find the contact phone number. No luck. But once I decided to search (via Google) for an alternate contact source, I saw your site and remembered that I had seen a local news piece on your company. Thanks so much!
And, very thankfully, Seagate does answer the phone quickly and offers very good customer service.

Posted by Chewy

Not sure why all the complaints. I had a person right away and was done in 5 minutes.Order number and case number with conformation e-mail. Thanks for the number.

Posted by asdf

I had to call support because my Seagate Go Flex external drive went bad 4 weeks after purchase. Very frustrating because I lost a LOT of data on the drive... I called support and they said I had to pay 14.95 to talk to someone because i was 3 days past the 30 day free phone service mark. Crazy! My drive went bad and I cant even talk to someone about it without paying $15?!?!?! I asked for the manager and eventually my issue was taken care of after some prodding....This replacement drive better not go bad now! When I finally got customer service on the line they were very courteous to me i have to say.

Posted by Grymlor

Able to contact help with no issues quickly with less than a minute wait. Support person was knowledgeable but not overly friendly... like a robot.

Warranty process could be described as difficult at best.

Overall a good experience, but didn't leave excited.

Posted by hmarksinaz

I was deading my call to Seagate's technical support line because of all the horrible comments here. However, I was pleasantly surprised! After getting through a few, quick automated prompts, I was routed to the right place and began what I thought would be an hour-long hold time. But in less than two minutes, John answered and was so professional and helpful. He immediately pulled up my info, asked a few basic questions about registering, etc, and then got underway with helping me. He spoke clearly and slowly and I was done in under five minutes. Very pleased customer! (By the way, I called at 11 am on a Thursday).

Posted by Anonymous

On hold for only about 5 minutes. Had my question answered by a very polite young lady, and was off the phone within 6 minutes!
Thank you for being so helpful.

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