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Savers customer service is ranked #274 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 40.63 out of a possible 200 based upon 43 ratings. This score rates Savers customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


38 Negative Comments out of 43 Total Comments is 88.37%.


5 Positive Comments out of 43 Total Comments is 11.63%.

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    • 40.63 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 38 negative comments (88.37%)
    • 5 positive comments (11.63%)
    • 3 employee comments
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    • 2.8 Issue Resolution
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Posted by Kathleen

hi sorry have to make a complaint about the staff at albion centre ilkeston Derbyshirevisited the shop yday i was needing help of a product you sell I've bought the tresama treatment conditioner before one of the staff was not helpful at all er attitude was not nice and also i was lookin for another product was to scared to ask what shelf it was on couldn't get out the shop fast enough think all the staff needs training up to be nice to there customers don't think a smile would hurt either once again I'm sorry having to make a complaint won't go in the shop again my regards kath taylor

Posted by Anonymous

The Webster Branch of Savers is a great store with very good manager Gram. His last name is unknown to me. My husband and I frequent this store at least 4 times a week. My husband was in the military and servered in the Korean war. We were receiving a military discount, until today. Were told that it was no longer in place. There is very few in the store except or sales and senior day Tuesday. The rest of the days were frequented by military persons. Perhaps corporate is getting greedy, but this will lose customers, leaving a great store to have poor results. The merchandise is donated, I realize the over head is high, Many who shop there are low income persons and elderly. I urge you to rethink your policy on discontining of Military people. I will be using Savers less, along with donations. Remember the word of mouth is very negative advertisement. The workers at the Webster, N.Y. are so sweet and helpful, always friendly and smiling. You are making huge mistake, will lead to less customers.

Posted by Anonymous

Plymouth Mass Manager Is A Middle Aged Man Who Is Extremely Rude To Customers. I Would Go So Far As To Call Him 'nasty.' He's Always Miserable And Let's You Know He Hates Working There, I Cannot Believe He Hasn't Been Fired For That Alone. On January 17, 2018 At About 11am He Was There And I Said To Him, Can I Get Two Dollars Off This Item Because It's Cracked And I'm Buying A Lot Of Things Here Today. He Simply Said 'no' Stormed Off Without Even Looking At What I Was Talking About --- I Saw Him Do The Same Thing To Another Young Lady. Not Only That, He Stood Right By The Door While It Was Snowing And Watched A Woman Carry Out Three Heavy Pillars To Her Car Alone, She Parked By The Door And He Didn't Even Offer To Open The Door Fo Her. She Had To Be In Her 60s And He Stood And Watched As She Strugged....did I Mention It Was Snowing. Anyway I Saw Her Fall And I Don't Know If She's Doing Anything About It Or Not But She Has A 'lawsuit' On Her Hands There.

Posted by Anonymous

I had a terrible experience in the Saugus MA store. I emailed the regional manager Tom Ernst on Aug 22, 2017 and got no response. Then I called Customer Service a week later (Aug 29,2017) and was told a "file will be opened" regarding my complaint and that someone would get back to me. It is now Sept 26, 2017 and I have heard absolutely nothing from anyone- neither email nor phone. I am now calling customer service yet again.

Posted by Saverssucks

Its a sorry excuse for a nonprofit when you pay 19.99 for used levis and get home to find that there is a hole in them. No refunds! What? How can they claim to be helping anyone but themself?

Posted by Kaylie

Recently visited savers in Erdington highstreet. Purchased nappies and milk for my baby. I was then coming out of another shop roughly ten minutes later to be surrounded by a group of men, which ftightened the life out of me, to then be told I was seen taking nappies and walking out of the shop which was completely untrue I showed proof of purchase and had no means of apologie, I was left shaken up I had my 6month old daughter with me it was just horrible. I contacted savers for the managers response to be someone is stealing nappies so we had to check and then said he was going to send me vouchers of good will still no apology mind. I'm left feeling angry about the whole situation if they had just really Checked cameras they would have noticed they keep the milk beind the till so of course I had to pay...

Posted by Ladyt

I bought a radio combo CD player & the CD worked until I got it home. There is a tag on these saying no exchange. This was an almost new electronic item. Please don't sell electronics not thoroughly tested.

Posted by Anonymous

savers in Nampa Idaho coustomer service is the worst I have ever seen any where prices way too high charge new prices on used items employes always look angry there always short with people and mangment they are just as bad this is not just one time but all the time I do not go there any more and I tell every one how bad it is bathrooms always stink and water foutains have not worked for two years. if employes and mangment like acting like they own the place then let them I have know wasted two minutes of my life writing this

Posted by Anonymous

Fact. !!! You Can't Refuse To Give Customers Cash Refunds When The Goods Bought Have Items Missing The Box, I Will Be Returning 2 Boxes Of Hair Colour Today For A Full Refund, Because One Box Has Something Missing, And I Do Not Wish A Replacement, I Know My Consumer Rights, And If The Store Does'nt Refund Me Then Ill Take Legal Action Against The Store,

Posted by Donjoe

I know the lady you are referring to in Danvers,MA she is a tall heavy with black hair. The Saugus,MA store is probably the worst with Cheryl,what a poor excuse for a manager. She is the rudest and her employees are just as bad, that store is a sh*t show. The Place is a mess and you have the fowl mouth employees complaining and talking badly about the customers right in front of other customers.

Posted by Anonymous

Hello!, this is a complaint about 139 Endicott st. Danvers ! Do you know that there is gold there selling at low low prices! The lady that puts it out usually between 2:30pm-3pm! There is one lady that's been going there for years waiting for the exact moment to strike! Seems like she has a deal with the lady that works there! I go there occasionally and sure enough there's the lady waiting for the mother load! She gets kind of pissed when other people catch on to what's she's doing! is it right for this to be happening? I'm talking about gold for as low as $5 a 14k ring, chains 18k for $6.99--- I know because I've been there and seen it!

Posted by Barbara

While in the shoe dept today I was accused by the store manager and dept associate of stealing the boots that I came in with! They insisted that they saw me steal the boots. I assured them that I could come back with a receipt for my boots and insisted they view their security cameras. The store Mg said they didn't have cameras in the shoe dept!!! Why then would they follow me and accuse me of stealing?? The policy for security stinks there bc they should have viewed the cameras first before approaching the customer. I even asked for their store security and was denied. I will never step foot in that store ( Webster ny) again

Posted by Anonymous

Savers is a great store but I believe that it might be advantages to rethink closing your store in Salinas California.

It is the only decent thrift store in town, it is constantly busy, it is in a perfect location ( close to the freeway & across from the only mall in town), and it is my understanding that it is the highest profit store in this district, there are a great many low income families in this area, and the employees are terrific.

While I understand that store rental is the issue, I sincerely doubt that you will find a better location in this town.

I urge you to rethink you decision.

Posted by Nancy

Dear Sir or Madame:
I am a regular donor and shopper at the Saver's in Natick, Massachusetts 01760. I stop there every day, literally, and do a walk through and on my days off, I enjoy a stroll. I have bought much, but it is the concept of churning used items and making some money for someone more disadvantaged that is what is the big joy.

There is a man of Spanish decent, I have not quite gotten his name, but I did take a picture of him, who stands there all day along scoping out items from all departments and fills up his carriage. He knows the clerks by name and has them stop the rack for him before they fully put it out in stock. I've been fighting with him to get women's belts and scarfs off the rack, before it even has been put on the wall!

Today, one of the managers gave him two brand new pair of Van sneakers straight from the back warehouse.

When I asked him with what he does with this stuff, he say he sells it on Ebay, The World and various other online sites.

I think this is unfair and it totally takes the pleasure out of going to the Natick store. If nothing else, your staff shouldn't show favoritism.

Help! Banish him, instruct your staff that he isn't a preferred customer.

Posted by Anonymous

This company lies about rethink reuse recycle. More than half the items Webster NY store receives in donations goes into the dumpster.....there prices are ridiculous and I heard the furniture guy bill use profanity and yell at customers and still gets to work what customer service....the front end supervisor is the only one that I see and hear work with customers and always cleaning the store and telling he employees no personal talk sell red bags and get club cards she has long be hair i think her name is Amy or Jamie..if other Managers were like her at this store and heneritta i would come back. ...unsure if she works there anymore haven't seen her for a week now...get better store Managers and employees who are not so rude

Posted by Farhiyo

Dear sir or madamadam,I am one of the regular customer who shop in your store and when ever I come there is a problem queue as the store not organists in customer service way and this needs to be sorted out and staff just watching, argument between two customer. And I do not feel comfortable going back again and having this problem. This is only kilburn store

Posted by Ocallaghan

Savers in Saugus ma are the worst. Management is horrible they are under staffed and management never comes out front to run his store he expects his female front end employees to ring and run the cdc room carry furniture,donations are left all outside because no one is ever in the room to take them,the door bell never works when you ring for someone. Management is rude,one manager cheryl speaks rudely to customers and blames employes for her own doing. They are firing people and blaming for theft and trying to make them pay it off so they make the money it's a very shady savers and something is going on in that store.

Posted by Nico

I usually like Savers and get some good deals. However! I nearly choked to death swallowing a Cod Liver Oil and Multivitamins by (Vitamin store)It was rock hard and as big like a marble. I thought they were supposed to soften!! It was so painful I had to consult my GP.
Please before someone chokes or worse check them or remove them from the shelves!!

Posted by Anonymous

While shopping today at one of your Wpg stores that had a 40% saving for card holders on dresses. I was shocked to see the prices you had on Dresses I picked many dresses in my size that were priced at 17.99 please! that is more than half of what these items would cost new. I also found many Joe items at 9.99 and 12.99. I was so angry that you have jacked up the price to make it seem like a deal when these items are so well priced new. I am a very regular shopper and have made comments before about your pricing practices. I will no longer donate my items to your store because of the mark up. I also shop at two local charity shops that are very well priced and willing to discus their pricing errors. I was going to look for a manager but felt emotional about how your store has out priced the people in need shame on YOU!

Posted by livin

The customer service at the Fountain Valley California store has really gone downhill since the opening. There are several employees with incredibly bad attitudes. Today I was told I complain all the time and don't need to come to the store and shop anymore. This is in spite of spending thousands of dollars and donating constantly. I do ask about pricing when I believe it is a bit beyond thrift store. On numerous occasions Lillian has been completely rude and today Clarissa was the person who told me not to shop your store anymore. I bring neighbors and family in all the time and I always ask them to donate to Savers rather than the Goodwill. Someone needs to address the customer service in this store. What happened to welcoming a customer?

Posted by Anonymous

In the savers shop in high st forres today i was treated appalingly by the manageress and a shop assistant by the name of emma lee .this was regarding my dog which was tied outside for about five mins whilst i picked up a few things .i nevrr hardly rltake my dog with me but he barks when left outside as he has anxiety problems .the manageress approached me loudly and in a non proffesional manner in front of other customers and then the shop assistant emma lee joined in .i spend a lot of money in the shop but now feel i cannot return due to my distress at the way i was treated

Posted by SHERI

I sent a complaint last week about the lady that prices the furniture at the Franklin Park Savers and you have not answered me yet. I believe the manager there is Harold not to sure but he really needs to look in the pricing at that store, its getting out of hand, this is not a dept. store, its a thrift store you are getting this stuff for free. You will loose a lot of customers that have been there since day one and it will be a sad day when we have to go to another one and give them our business because your not doing anything about it. The shelves are starting to get overloaded because of the prices. Please pay attention to this complaint. I love this store don't let it turn into Hoffman Estates that store is just horrible. I WILL WAIT FOR A REPLY

Posted by SHERI

I Have Been A Customer Since Day One At Franklin Park Savers, Love The Employees And The Store . Recently They Have A Lady Working In The Back Pricing Furniture Way To High For Used And Abused Items, Example A Wicker Chair That Is Broken $20.00, Is She Crazy.stools 14.99 Each We Can Go Buy New Ones. None Of These Items Are Moving They Have Been There For Weeks You Are Going To Loose Sales People, and Money. Some Of Yur Shelf Items Are Crazy Priced Also . Someone Needs To Put A Stop To This It Is Going To End Up Real Crappy Looking It Will Be Overstocked Because Of The Prices.this Is A Real Good Store Please Have The Manager Fix This Problem.i Have Heard Alot Of Complaints About Pricing.

Posted by Eb

Everytime I go into my local store I find that every member of staff are talking about there plans for the weekend,then when you go to the till its like a chore for them to come over and serve you,it's annoying that this happeneds as I've worked with the public for a long time and if I was that rude I would be sacked

Posted by 920 FTLOWELL ST TUCSON AZ 85705

I Was Treated Very Bad By Your Store Manager Last Night,im In Your Store Almost Everly Day .i Spend Alot Of Money Or Should I Say I Did Spend Alot Money In Your Store.the Store Manager Didnt Know That I Was With The Lady At The Cash Register, I Had Went Out Of The Store Before Her Because I Had Gotten Hot And Needed To Cool Off .the Store Manager Yelled From The Jewerly Ares To Were The Cashiester Are Another One Just Left The Store. I Dont No What She Was Sayen About Me, but I Have Been In Your Store Several Other Times When She And Your Other Employes Has Been Talken About The Costumer Across The Store, that Make For Bad Business.your Store Manager The Blond Lady Is A Very Poor People Skill.because Of Her I Will Not Be Returning And I Will Be Telling All Of My Friend How I Was Talked About By Your Store Manager.please Look Into This Matter.thank You

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Posted by Mary in Austin,TX on Burnet Rd

Went into the store; associate greeted me. I was shocked. The store was very clean. When I checked out the Cashier Mary so professional and very friendly with her customer service. We need more people like her in some of these other businesses.
Keep up the great job.

Posted by Jennifer

The checkout person was very friendly and every time I visit I always get a kind greeting. I would like this person to be reminded of excellent service!
Operator 1968

Posted by Great customer service

I want to express my experience with calling customer service. There was some kind of confusion when I established my account, in that it did not recognize my phone number or email. The gentlemen I spoke with, Jeremy Calanche, was of great help. He set up a new account for me and was polite and totally helpfull. Thank you Jeremy for your help!

Posted by Anonymous

SAVERS: Draper, Utah. CUDOS to Manager:William...took on negligent parent..she 1 end of store kids going ...He steps in to try to find parent and remind politely unsupervised kids can be kidnapped besides nusiance to fellow customers damage to products up for sale! THE ONLY WINNERS ARE LAZY MOMS!! RAMPANT..CHILDREN TOTALLY OUT OF SIGHT AND CONTROL OF ANY ADULT SUPERVISION..proud to be from a generation where we cared for and TAUGHT our children 'there's a time and place for everything'...AFTER YOU BUY IT!!!! kids should not be allowed to rampage the toys so mom can enjoy 'shopping' They are your KIDS...CONTROL THEM...this happens everywhere!!! Where are responsible parents...they are ABUSIVE to kids and fellow shoppers...

Posted by Anonymous

Just wanted to take a moment to give acknowledgment to two employees at Madison-East Savors Store. I am 63 years old and while shopping in Savors last week, I mentioned to a young man (Named Brody) that I wanted to continue to shop but had to leave because I needed to take some medicine that required it be taken with food. He went and brought me a snack bar that was his. What a kind gesture on his part! Then when I was ready to check out, another young man (named Adam) told me my total bill and I realized that I was about .40 short to recieve a second stamp on my promotion card. He let me have the stamp. What wonderful employees work at Madison-East Savors. Keep up the good work!!!! Great Service. Will shop there again. Thank you for you time. Mrs. Judith Hutchinson

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Posted by Anonymous

Have been trying to reach a live person. I did not receive my last paycheck and have been getting the run around trying to get it mailed to me.

Posted by Gary

I was just hired at savers in the Rochester NY area. I took a early retirement from a suburban School to finish my Masters degree. Well I trained approximately 2 hrs in sorting but my main job was intake of donations. The general manager cut my hrs. when I asked my immediate supervisor if there was some thing I did wrong she answered "no I don't understand why your hours got cut". The next day a employee got arrested for stealing from your company. Why are you not running a criminal background and drug testing checks before hiring. Just what type of people do you want working at Savers? Criminals? Drug addicts? Excuse me maybe I don't fit in but I am suspecting and will pursue age an discrimination case if I don't get a reply or reason for my "dismissal".

Posted by Driven

Prior to working as manager for Savers. I enjoyed going to the store twice or even three times a week, depending if I was close by. One day, I decided to just grab a slip and apply. I had many years as Mangers in my work history. I was just going to apply for a PT cashier. During my first interview process, the young assistant manager asked why don't I apply for a manager position. She said, I was way over qualify for cashier. I thought about it and told her lets do. I was hire on after several steps of interviews process. I could not be more excited to start. My training went by very quickly and i struggle a little bit but nothing I couldn't handle. I loved the employees and enjoyed helping the customers. The difficult part of my job was my boss. She would point out my mistakes in front of other employees and customers instead of waiting for the appropriate time to talk to me. She made me feel like I was 5 yrs. old. I consider myself professional and dress conservative. She sent me home 3 times saying I was not dress appropriate to Savers dresscode. I was put on my own by the fourth day. Each night I would write down questions and approach her in the morning for clarifications. Instead of showing me and teaching me. Her responds were very rude and tells me. You should have gotten things down by now, telling me to leave it and she'll fix it. I told her I need to know it in order not to make the mistake again. She tells me we don't have all day. I also have dyslexia since age 11 and numbers confuses me, but I have managed muti-million dollar company without any problem. I just have to look at numbers or count and recount a couple times to identify them. She made very rude gesture toward me during this process of training with her. she tells me, its elementary math, how hard is it? this made me more nervous to perform my duties. In the beginning, she told me it was my store do what I think its best for the company. During my shift, I would do some switching around (per company policy). The next day, she would say things like. Why did you do this, and tells me she hates it, and who told me to change things, did I have her permission. Again, not talking to me in private but almost screaming at me. I did not feel respected among my employees. Some of the employees felt sorry for me, some discredit my ability as a manager to lead them. They customers walked away, from the look on their face, either they felt bad or just didn't want me to get embarrassed. Soon, I find myself not wanting to go to work, but I didn't want to give up either. I continue to try and make it work in many ways with her. Finally, I told her I needed to have a meeting her. I expressed to her how it made me feel when she does does those things and asked her to please correct me privately. She did not feel she did any wrong and things got worse. Finally, I know that it wasn't going to change and with me being a happy spirit person. I felt that no matter what I did right or wrong. She would find ways to point out my wrongs. I left knowing it was bring me down and it was best that I remain who I am and not let her negativity invade my good nature.
Being a manager does not mean you dictates to other employees, you are their support and if you can't support or help them succeed then you should be one. Some managers take their title way too far. Forgot what made them managers. Remember where we all started at. Be thank full and grateful at the end of the day. Thank each and everyone for their hard work even if some don't, it will put a weight on their heart and they will also show improvements next time. Acknowledge who they are because they will be there when you need them. You as managers are only as good as the employees and customers say you are.


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