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    • 60.69 Overall Rating
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    • 12 negative comments (92.31%)
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Posted by Anonymous

I purchased a Sara Lee cherry cheese cake today to serve to my guest for supper.What has happened to your cheese cakes? It was so thin I was shocked.Are you trying to save on the cream cheese or What?Don't think I will purchase them again


Well I have some time so will advise you change you calling SARALEE FRENCH STYLE CHEESE CAKE when its nothing compared to the FRENCH baking cakes as I have lived in Paris for many years and when you call something CHEESE its not what you have, its mushy cream with some smidge of strawberry topping. WITH ALLTHE FREE FOOD I GET WAS WILLING TO TRY YOUR AT THE PUBLIX BUT NOW WOULD LIKE A REFUND WITH A FREE $3.00 COUPON ATTACH TO MY MAIL AND TRY ANOTHER STYLE CAKE YOU IGHT HAVE . I BENDABLE

Posted by Eileen

Sara Lee used to make a good cheesecake. NO LONGER!
The cracker crust is horrible and clearly not a real graham cracker crust, the cheesecake (cream cheese) has no taste,
You have ruined this product in an effort I am sure to make a cheaper

Posted by Anonymous

Good Morning,

Making lunch for work I found some slices with holes in them

Thomas Buckwalter

Thank You

Posted by sara lee customer service

My suggestion I purchased a frozen cherry pie at WM and was never so disappointed. I found 2 things that need to be improved in my opinion. I worked at a bakery for my teen years and know about pies since i made 1,000's during that time and also delivered as well.

1. The pie crust is to THICK

2. There is more syrup than CHERRIES.

jack the price up 50 to 75 cents and give the customer a better product and repeat business will be the fruit of your labor by doing so. I will not buy another Sara Lee fruit pie in the near future. I only ate half due to the fact is was a crust pie with a sampling of fruit.

Kenneth Young

Posted by Anonymous

i am a coffee buyer that would purchase master chef coffee at walmart. I always bought the 30.5 ounce can. I have discovered walmart doesn't carry the 30.5 ounce can, they only offer a very small can, not sure how many ounces. I am very disappointed i can't buy master chef coffee and am forced to buy maxwell house in the 30.5 can. Thank you for listening to my complaint.

lisa fossaceca

Posted by Marnie

Our family loves, loves, loves all your products, but our very new favorite is the Artesano Bread. Fantastic! Even the grocery checkout clerks comment on how much they love it too.

Keep up the good work!

Often times Safeway runs out, and it ruins my day.

Posted by Anonymous

Perhaps you can help me. My Name is Oscar Mauser. Sara Lee is an old time close friend of Alan Weil from school years in Chicago. I am Alan M. Weil's very dear friend and former person of his enterprise " Unicover " in Washington DC. Alan recently passed away (last Sept), we had planned to do some business with and for Sara. But I have no way to contact her sense Alan having passed. I would like to leave Sara my # and E-mail in hope to still speak with her.

[email protected] / phone in NY Alan ID from Highland Park, Chicago.


Oscar Mauser

Posted by Peggy

We purchased a cherry Sara Lee pie for Christmas eve dinner thinking that Sara Lee would be a delicious option rather than baking our own. Much to our surprise, there were hardly any cherries and one of them had a pit in it. Before throwing the rest of the pie away, I counted the actual number of cherries in a full one-half of the pie - 18 total. The pie had very little filling and most of it was just the gelatin portion. So sad and disappointing - thought more of Sara Lee products.

Posted by mary

Please tell me where I can buy a chocolate swirl sara lee pound cake..If not in Delaware,usa can I order from you?

Posted by Anonymous

The only time I've every called your Co to ask a question, and no one is available to take my call. EVERYONE is attending a meeting.

The last three times I've purchased your Healthy Multi-Grain Bread is turns moldy in about 4 days. I don't know if the problem is with Walmart or your Co?????

Posted by Anonymous

To whom it may concern

Would like to thank you for having a great product. But, here lately when I have purchased a loaf of bread there are to many holes in the slices. Would hate to go to another brand. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.


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Posted by Anonymous

Thank you for the loaves of Sara Lee bread that I received for free today at my local Publix grocery store!
I have alwsys been a fan of any Sara Lee products especially the honey wheat bread and the low sodium Turkey oven baked at the deli department!
Thank you for that wonderful gesture of giving free bread today!

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