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Sanyo customer service is ranked #572 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 28.79 out of a possible 200 based upon 296 ratings. This score rates Sanyo customer service and customer support as Terrible.


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13 Positive Comments out of 296 Total Comments is 4.39%.

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    • 283 negative comments (95.61%)
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Posted by Anonymous

Purchased a 42 inch Sanyo T.V. Nov 16 2016 and it started to make a noise on the 18 0f Nov 2017 then quit on the 20th. Phoned the Co. on 30 of Nov to see if there was anything they could do as the warranty was for one year. No help given so no more Sanyo products in my home and will bad mouth these products on Facebook and twitter.

Posted by Anonymous

I am a manager at a motel. One of our TV's had no signal. After trying to reset many times, I called the number listed on the help screen.

I had the worst experience ever. The representative was rude, un-knowledgeable, did not want to wait for me to get to the office to look up zip code ("I have no time to wait", he said).There was no effort to try to make the tv work.

Posted by ann mc

I bought a Sanyo remote from Amazon prime. It arrived with no instructions. So I put two batteries in it and started punching buttons. Nothing happened. The remote had a phone number on it. The number was answered by a voice mail rig that knew nothing about remotes.

Posted by Terry

Earlier this evening I contacted Sanyo regarding a new smart blue ray player I had just purchased fir my daughter. The problem I was experiencing was being unable to connect the device to the router, it was not being recognized due to an incorrect MAC address. Unfortunately the Customer service rep was unwilling to even consider this was the situation, he was rude and arrogant. He said I had all the info necessary and inferred I was incompetant. I then called the charter back and explained that the manufacturer was unwilling to assist me, so he graciously offered to obtain the correct MAC address by using the IP address to view the device in question. Thank goodness for charter and their superb tech support, sorry I cannot say the same for Sanyo, they were not only inadequate but rude to boot, any questions may be sent

Posted by anonymous

I bought a Sanyo DVD/VCR player from Walmart in late October 2016. It skipped movies right from the beginning. I am chronically ill, and taking it back to the store is a huge deal. Then my mom got sick and I had to leave town for 6 months. By the time I got back, Walmart would not accept it back, and even though I had bought a 2-year plan for the machine from walmart, they referred me to Sanyo because the machine was still under factory warranty. Sanyo received the machine back June 5. I did not hear anything from them for a few weeks, so I called and asked if they had received the machine. I let them know I would be away mid-July. So when did they send a new unit? That's right, mid-July, and they required a signature for it. I had warned them before they sent it that I would not be able to sign for it, and they never responded, just sent the machine. Well, it's now August 25 and I am still without a machine, and i've tried contacting customer support and keep getting the run-around. They don't care that I have been without a working machine since I purchased the unit. I have told them that I'd like my money back if they can't send another unit. After realizing that they are not going to do anything, I finally let them know that I will be filing a case in court. I have never sued anyone, and I'm not a litigious person, but enough is enough. They need to learn that they can't push people around like this.

Posted by SANYO victim

I bought a SANYO TV and the first time I tried to use one of the HDMI ports the jack dropped off and fell with clunk on the bottom of the case. I popped open the little door on the bottom of the case, and there was the HDMI jack, with the 4 little prongs to anchor it, in perfect shape. And through the hole in the case where the jack had been, I could see the 4 little holes where the anchor prongs had been, all unblemished.

Obviously the manufacturing step to anchor the jack had been skipped.

So I took pictures of the jack and the place it had been, and sent the pics to SANYO with a request that they nominate a local designated service center to anchor the jack in place the way it should have been the first time.

SANYO's response was:
According to SANYO "policy and procedures manual"
1: HDMI jack falling off meets definition of "damage".
2: "Damage" is always the customer's fault.
3: "Damage" voids the customer's warranty.
5. Thank you for turning yourself in!

And after a couple of back-and-forths with customer reps, I realized:
1. You can't reason with them. Their job is simply to follow the SANYO "policy and procedures manual".
2. All I could do was to expose SANYO for the welchers they are, on a couple of internet boards like this, and never buy SANYO AGAIN.

Posted by Ajanderson2013

Do not buy Sanyo warranties or Sanyo products you will never get a supervisor or a manager on the phone because they are never there on July 11th 2017 they received my DVD Blu-ray device it is now August 18th 2017 and I have not received a device back I have been calling almost every day to see what is going on and I get the same old story I can't speak with a manager or supervisor they have sent it out they can't tell me anything else except what they can see on their computer screen and that I should get a call back from the manager sometime today which I never received a call back so don't ever buy from these people you're wasting your time they stole my DVD and Blu-ray player God bless and hope you have a wonderful day I wish I could have got this resolved I'll let you know if I do I will be trying to find a CEO of the company or somebody that's going to give me answers about this even if I have to get a lawyer they will hear about this and I heard you everyone to try to do the same thing cuz I've read so many reviews and they're all just same thing they're all horrible and they rely on us we are their customers haven't they ever heard the customer is always right

Posted by Anonymous

Never mind on Sanyo customer service. I can't even get a human being on the phone. Maybe they don't have any humans working there.

Posted by Anonymous

I just bought my new Blue Ray player sometime this spring. It hasn't even been used 100 hours. It has already layed down and died.
I bought piece of trash at Wal Mart. I'm finished with them too.
I haven't called Sanyo yet but after some of the comments I've read I don't know how much help I'll get from them. This was the second player I've bought from Sanyo. The first one layed down and died too.
I will be hitting So if Sanyo starts seeing their sales from Walmart. They should read the comments. These comments go out to a lot of people. And I will let them know how unwilling walmart was to help.

Posted by Anonymous

I have a DVD player..DMV-400... I called SANYO SUPPORT and asked them if they could help me..Problem: When I place in a DVD... It says NO DISK.. I just wanted to know what I can do.. The manual doesn't give me information on how to fix the problem.. I have an LG smart TV...The person I reached -- Amanda (1-866-212-0436) gave me the number of LG to call.. I had called LG a while ago and they told me to call SANYO.. I am getting the run around....Why?

Posted by Anonymous

My sanyo tv just stopped turning on. Got it this spring new haven't had a problem, now I do. Just want to say this tv is junk and I will never buy another sanyo product ever again.i have tried the reset techniques I found online and still nothing. Tv not even 6 months old. Junk!

Posted by Help

Have a 42 inch Sanyo television flat screen and it fell and the screen is cracked I need it repaired I've had it less than a year and I bought an extra warranty and was told that it doesn't cover cracked screens can someone please help me and understand what's the use of buying your warranty if you're not going to provide it if it's cracked

Posted by Luis

This the worst company Ever. They don't even know the meaning of Customer Service. They are rude and don't care about helping their customers. I bought a DVD player 2 months ago and now it doesn't read the discs and i wanted my money back because I'm still under the warranty but they don't want to do it. I will never again buy from them.

Posted by Anonymous

Horrible horrible horrible services. My 32' sanyo tv went out and i haven't had it a year but i had a warranty so i shipped it Apr 11th they received Apr 12th so everytime i call its the same excuse. Its been over a month and i haven't received my tv yet. Never again will i purchase sanyo product.

Posted by Anonymous

I will absolutely leave a comment regarding sonyo... I purchased one of your "dvd" players approximately 2 months ago because i required a blue ray to watch some of my favorite shows. I assumed that this was a great company becasue i have multiple panasonic and sanyo devices. However your device decided to just stop reading discs shortly after my purchase, not just the blue ray but any disc period. I am livid atfter the fact of reading reviews and tech support that it is a laser issue. Panasonic is what i thought was a good quality company but how dare you sell me a product that quites shorlty after purchase.

Posted by Sanyo Tv

I Had bought a SANYO TV, and it is good but the only things that is messed up is the HDMI input is not working, well the cord is working and the slot I put it in works but the TV doesn't pick up the connection.

Posted by rmatt888

I bought a Sanyo DP55D44 TV from Walmart a little over 2 years ago. The one half of the screen has a dark shade now. I have been told that it would be less expensive to just buy a new TV. I am extremely disappointing in Sanyo and will let everyone I know about the quality of this product. Please let me know if their any options. From reading the reviews it looks like I am one of many with this problem. Very Disapointed.

Posted by rmatt888

I bought a Sanyo TV from Walmart a little over 2 years ago. The one half of the screen has a dark shade now. I have been told that it would be less expensive to just buy a new TV. I am extremely disappointing in Sanyo and will let everyone I know about the quality of this product. Please let me know if their any options. From reading the reviews it looks like I am one of many with this problem.

R Mattson

Posted by Anonymous

I brought my Sanyo 43" TV from Walmart 23/06/16 smart TV it works through my wifi but now it doesn't work it says software update Pl let me know a closest service station in Scarborough M1S3X1 Pl reply

Posted by Scott

I wanted to write to you and tell you about a very recent awful experience I had with your technical/customer support.
We bought a 40" TV for my daughter when we moved her into college 6 hours away back in August. Right from the beginning we had nothing but trouble with it. The second day we finished moving her in and now the TV seemed to be working fine all of a sudden. I saved the box just in case and told my daughter to let us know if it gives her any trouble.
Within two weeks it was not working at all, would shut off and not come back on, the picture was all little squares, the channel would not change, something was clearly wrong. Same things it was doing at first. I called technical support this past Monday evening and told them I am going to get her to come home for the holidays, she will be home for two weeks, and how do we get her a replacement to send with her back to school. He said they could send me a shipping label so I could send it back and they would send me a new one but it takes about a month, when I said that won't work an argument started. After arguing with him for a bit, he then said "well we can do a thing called Advance exchange" if I am willing to give him my credit card number, they could ship one out right away and would not charge me as long as I returned the bad one. I said "that is a good compromise, I can live with that so lets do that", he put me on hold for several minutes and came back, he said his supervisor said no, we can't that but would not tell me why. I told him to put the supervisor on the phone.
After about a 10-15 minute hold, I am guessing they were hoping I would hang up, the supervisor got on the phone. His name is BJ Jaftillana (employee # 74046), he was very rude and made it very clear that this was my problem, he was not interested in helping and offered no solutions other then me waiting a month. He did not care about helping and every compromise I offered he would say "that is not possible" The argument ended with him saying that I have to wait a month and I quote "take it or leave it" do you believe that? No customer service skills at all. I asked to talk to his supervisor and he said that his name is Czar (if that is even a real person, my thought is he probably made it up) but he is not in, but he did promise me Czar would call me first thing the next morning, he never called. I was not surprised. Did not even have the guts to call an upset customer, wow! Poor customer service appears to be a company wide problem.
The next day I called Walmart, they were awesome!!! BJ could learn a lot form them. I brought it out to them and they let me exchange it, I did not want a Sanyo because of BJ and got a nice model of a different brand. The best part was when I went back to pick out a TV there was an older couple there just putting a Sanyo into their cart. I told them what happened to me and they immediately put it back on the shelf and bought a different brand, the timing was perfect.
I explained that every product breaks or may have a problem, but the difference between a good company and a bad one is how they handle those times when there is a problem, BJ and Sanyo failed miserably.
You product is obviously poor quality and your customer service is even worse.
I know there is not a lot I can do, I stopped one couple from buying a Sanyo and have written
a few really bad reviews, I will never buy a Sanyo and as the manager in a worldwide company I order the monitors and electronics for my office, you can bet I will never order a Sanyo. I will continue to do these things because that is badly BJ and his poor customer skills upset me. All over a TV that probably cost Sanyo less then $100. Does that make any sense to you? You could have easily found a solution that would work bit refused to do so, I was very willing to compromise but BJ was not.
So at the end of it all BJ told me to take it or leave it, looks to me like I left it!
The courtesy of a response is requested, but I am guessing based on my experience so far, I will not get one.

Posted by Anonymous

Just wanted to reach out to sanyo and let them know that I have a sanyo microwave that I can proudly say that it's still going after 30 years. Wow, I tell everyone that I know about this microwave. I will absolutely purchase another one when it finally dies. And extra 20 second to heat but I can live with that. Hell it takes me an extra hour to heat up ð. Awesome piece of machine.

Posted by Anonymous

I got the DEFECTIVE led tv 49"

I dnt want to get it Repair when I have paid for new.

It is company mistake send me defective piece

Plz change with new piece

As a CONSUMER, I hv spend my hard earned money and I'm very disturb receiving defective/ spourious items

Plz change at the earliest on SOS BASIS.

Looking for you kind action to further go with other communications on social media/ CONSUMER right/ making my problem viral, if not heard.


Posted by Unsatisfied customer

Horrible, Horrible, Horrible. Terrible Customer Service And Terrible Products. My Tv Is Under Warranty And They Will Not Fix It! Do Yourself A Favor And Do Not Buy Sanyo!

Posted by Anonymous

I don't understand why a company would expect someone to buy their new products when they don't respond to customers about issues with their older products????

Posted by Anonymous

Bought a Sanyo smart blue ray player at Walmart, it will say it connected to the internet, but then when I go to Netflix it says check connection? Or when I go to connection test AFTER it tells me it successfully connected to my internet, the connection test says network failed? This blue ray player that I just spent $60-$70 dollars on is garbage!!

Add your review!

Posted by Anonymous

I wanna thamk the young man that assisted me, he was very knowledgeable

Posted by Anonymous

Its not really a complaint. I bought my grandson a sanyo tv and its not even a year old. But for some reason he only has half a screen. We had already tore box up and no longer have receipt. The person from Walmart where I bought it said I should contact the sanyo company. This is the first time we ever had any problems with any of your products. Is there any way for me to replace this tv. Thank you.I would be greatful if you would let me know how to proceed on this. Nancy C. Miller

Posted by Anonymous

your tech had me up and running in a matter of seconds!! so happy

Posted by Anonymous

Vanessa did a great job helping me on the phone.

Posted by Anonymous

I called the reference a person right away..he helped fix the problem and I'm up and running again. He was very helpful and courteous. A pleasant experience, thank you Sanyo !!!!

Posted by Sanyo

New Sanyo TV used only 3 months and the sound became muffled and very unclear. Phoned re. warranty work, couldn't find original bill, but they agreed to repair it under warranty. They chose the shop, we had to wait a couple of days for approval. The TV was repaired the same day it was taken in for repair. Very good service, and it is working well. A satisfied customer.

Posted by donssir

We bought 2 55" DP55441s for our church displays. After 5-6 months, one of the stopped receiving the HDMI input. Did everything I could think of with the signal, cords, boxes, etc. Then I started reading all the problems people have been having with them and thought... o crap! But, after talking to someone on my first call who said there wasn't such a thing as a "hard restart", he said just unplug it and plug it back in. I did and for some strange reason it works again. No other problems here with these 55" TVs.

Posted by Anonymous

I called for a problem involving the caption on the TV. I received very good advice; the technician was helpful and responded quickly.
Thanks for the assistance!

Posted by Anonymous

I had a problem and had to call Sanyo about my tv today. The gentleman was on the phone with me for over an hour while I hooked things up and finally got sound out of a dvd player. He was very patient and kind.

Posted by Andrew

Send in for a new part and arrived in days.

Posted by John

I had an isue with my TV dimming on its own. I called customer service and they knew exactly what to do. My problem was fixed in minutes. Great service and a great company. Thanks

Posted by Anonymous

I own 9 Sanyo TVs purchased at WalMarts for vacation rental houses. Of the 9, 1 was a lemon that went bad within 2 months. I called this number and was able to get the TV replaced at no charge with one that works. No complaints here! These TVs are a good value.

Posted by bigtvlikey

after reading these posts i did not expect nuch,, but after two tries, I got thru and the technition was very helpfull and also told me i was under warrenty and they would be glad to replace the video card,, we shall see if the repairs i can do work or not??

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