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SanDisk customer service is ranked #110 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 56.25 out of a possible 200 based upon 38 ratings. This score rates SanDisk customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


30 Negative Comments out of 38 Total Comments is 78.95%.


8 Positive Comments out of 38 Total Comments is 21.05%.

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  • SanDisk

    Customer Service Scoreboard

    • 56.25 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 30 negative comments (78.95%)
    • 8 positive comments (21.05%)
    • 0 employee comments
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    • 2.6 Issue Resolution
    • 4.7 Reachability
    • 2.0 Cancellation
    • 4.8 Friendliness
    • 3.5 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Sung

A SanDisk SSD Plus 120GB drive got permanently locked on a HP business laptop after the DriveLock password was set. SanDisk® Global Customer Care (really?) basically told me that I was SOL and steered me toward HP. The thing is, I've been using the DriveLock feature on HP and IBM business laptops for a couple of decades with HDDs (and SDDs) from many different manufacturers. There's obviously some DriveLock handshake issue in their firmware. I'm so glad I didn't buy one of their more expensive SDDs. I'll be sure to avoid their SDDs from now on.

Posted by ej

I purchased a SanDisk 240GB ssd a few years back. I began experiencing problems with it over the past 2 years, but was able to keep it alive for a while. When the ssd finally died, I contacted Customer non-Support. Their stock answer was that it was beyond the warranty period and they cannot do anything. No one asked about the details, they just provided the stock answer - can't do anything for you. One person sent me a coupon for 5% off your next SanDisk purchase. Horrible customer non-support.

Posted by Yomi

Purchased a usb a year ago and after a week of school use it just stopped working. Decided to give the company another chance and purchased 2 micro sd, 64 Gb. After a month in my phone it just stopped working again. I installed the second one. And, well, after a 2 weeks it stopped working again. I do not recommend this brand at all.

Posted by Head phone trouble

I called customer service about the headphones that came with my MP3 player. They only work on one side. The company will not replace them. I am disappointed with that however I am REALLY frustrated with their lack of English speaking skills. I had to keep saying "I can't understand you." and all he did was talk louder and I still had trouble figuring out what he was saying. It is time to get some customer service people who can address the problems in English as well as other languages.

Posted by Ady

Very Very Poor service and also rude behavior

Posted by Anonymous

I am on my second Sansa mp3 player. Both just stopped working out of the clear blue. Sadly to say there will NOT be a third coming my way.

Posted by Aryan

I got Sansa Fuze+ as A Gift and Its Not Working just in 3 months When I asked for The Warrnty Person Talk to be so Rude..People There in Sandisk Are Enjoying the Benefits as No Next Level Escalation Available..And We are Not ABle to Take this thing Any were...

Posted by Anonymous

Hard to find tech support tele No for uk.
Instructions with SSD rubbish. who ever wrote them should try following them, maybe then they would realise how inept they really are. No software with product. support operative could not communicate in ENGLISH, my cat knows more about, installing/configuring drives, than she did. Summing up appalling support service, ill conceive installation instructions, I will not be recommending any of your products to our customers, or even our worst enemy. Rubbish Service!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by baby dolphin

I was really happy with your memory cards untill I was brought two 32 gig cards for my tablet and camera which cost my family quite a lot of money which they couldn't afford just to find out that they are faulty and can not be mounted to any of my devices I have had to replace them which has left me seriously out of pocket and I would be greatful if you can reimburse me or send me out some replacements as I can't afford to lose money on them

Posted by dsouzarc

Honestly, I've had one of the worst customer experiences with SanDisk. It might be because they did a dumb move and outsourced all of it to a bunch of helpless Indians who can only help by consulting notecards that SanDisk gave them for words/phrases to use when talking to customers.

They aren't able to help me at all, are only interested in getting my phone number and contact details ("in case we get disconnected"), are very slow to respond, the actual online chatting application sucks, speaking on the phone with them is impossible, and they transfer you to different departments like you're a hot potato. Every time you get transferred to a new department, you're greeted by someone saying "Please give me a moment to look into your question", a 2 minute pause, and then a question like "How can I help you?".

I hate SanDisk.

Posted by kashmir0330

I was just trying to return the microSD card, then they were talking to me in rude and unhelpful manner. I am disappointed

Posted by tsomm

spoke with a foreign customer service rep who didn't understand the product didn't work. Poor quality poor customer service. Couldn't understand a work they said. I can decipher most accents as I myself live in California and deal with people. Really???

Posted by xtine

Seems there are a lot of unhappy
customers about Sandisk and i can add
another since Jan 2014. I've recently placed an order from

Status of the items was "In Stock - Available Now. Order confirmation email said "Products that are in stock will be shipped to you immediately
The next day I got an email saying items are on back order.
When i called the rep couldn't tell me how many they have in stock.
Waited 2 days then tell me items will be back in stock this friday.
The same night received a cancelation notice saying that no payment was received.
SERIOUSLY? how can i place the order with out paying.
Money was already deducted from my account and order was canceled.

Posted by No More SanDisk


I returned my defective 4GB SD card to them and followed up with a call to verify the receipt. After 3 foreign reps asked ridiculous questions about the kind of envelope I sent it in and gave me the run around, I e-mailed them and got the run around for the last month. The first of many excuses was that the address I sent the card to was "no longer" their address even thugh it is the main address on their site on their 'contact' page. After numerous e-mails and excuses and even blaming me for not doing it right, low and behold they found my white envelope letter and card. It was their address kidding! Guess what they did??? They returned the defective card to me along with instructions on their warranty policy. The card NEVER worked and refused to be formatted. They have lost my $$$ permanently and I will be filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. You should file too. Companies should not be able to get away with this. They basically stole from me. I bought a product that does not work and they refuse to replace it. So I threw money out the window. Please do NOT support SanDisk's corruption and spend your money with companies that deserve it.

Posted by RobbedBlind

Seem to have a policy of lies and theft. Will go to any lengths to get you off the phone, and you can't believe a word they say. After 6 weeks of constant BS, going to file a police report for the theft of my property and forward a copy to Corporate. They're unbelievable. A "manager," probably another semi-literate rep sitting next to the first one, promised me up down and sideways he would definitely absolutely call me back within 24 hours. 30 hours later, I call, and what do I get? "Oh sir I would like to inform you that we were just about to call you." Seriously?

Everything with them is a lie. They told me first I had to file a report one way, so I did; I follow up and they say, oh no that's wrong, do it this way, so I do; still hear nothing for a week, call back AGAIN, and I get, why didn't you do it the first way?

Their policy is to lie and steal. Really, the call starts with a lie (no, your name is nor Mark or Steve or Brad), they lie about how long you'll be on hold, they lie about a manager not being available, they lie when they promise to call back, and they lie when they say they're "working on" getting you your product returned.

My advice would be to call them whenever you remember and have the time, until their 1-800 bills equal the cost of the product they stole from you.

And the damn thing was defective in the first place, which is why I had to return it.

Buy nothing from this company ever, under any circumstances.

Posted by Victoria

Bad product, worst customer service, can't get replacement or refund.

I purchased 64GB microSD card that didn't work. I mailed it to SanDisk for exchange. Two weeks after they received the card, they say they can't exchange it, they don't have it in stock and I need to wait for another one or two weeks. It's been 15 days since they received their defective product.

I asked for my money back. SanDisk representative called and left a message with the really bad accent. I couldn't figure out who called and what did he want. They said "We have no policy of providing a refund for the defective units."

SanDisk customer support also wanted me to get two smaller cheaper cards, then a slower card. They told me "Please note that the performance of both the cards would be same but class 6 card will be slightly low in speed then class 10. Case is pending upon your reply."

If they didn't have a replacement card, why did they tell me to mail the card for replacement in the first place?

I cannot get my money back and I cannot get a replacement. All I get is promises.

Posted by Anonymous

I CAN NOT BELIEVE THIS CALL IN TECH SUPPORT product!!!! Having a person have to PAY for not knowing how to do something or make them "choose" out of four offers!!!-in order to download their OWN photos!!! I am not only not going to use you company anymore I am returning the un-opened products to the store. This is NO way to keep customers...You have lost this one!!!

Posted by coopscoop1

2nd product that just died in 5 months. Poor quality and customer service!

Posted by Anonymous

I sent in a defective mobile SD card a month a ago, meaning they received my product 2 weeks ago, at least. They informed me it would take 7 to 10 business days for me to receive the replacement, we are on the 10th day and they haven't even processed my new product return! I will avoid purchasing any of their products from here on out! Lame excuses get my product to me.

Posted by Anonymous

Called for tech support about compactflash card that does not work and got someone with bad english accent that could not transfer me to a US represenative so I could understand. Bought this in USA and want to talki to someone in USA. Seems tech support was more interested in an interview than my question.
Crap support!!!!

Posted by legger

Seems there are a lot of unhappy
customers about Sandisk and i can add
another since friday 02 Sep i have been
trying to find out, do make USB3 FLASH
DRIVES....just one simple question but to them it must be difficult for them to
understand and possibly so looking at
the comments on here HA Monday got an
email stating a load of sites, which i had already been to through out the w/end
Most of the email address,s for europe
are dead, so perhaps you have got hold of ZOMBIES,thats it no more Sandisk
for me and this goes for Kingston as well,try putting USB3 search comes up
with all types of names etc and the
answer of an email was just confuesing
especially like me get confused easywho
knows perhaps they have vacancies

Posted by glp27cani

i bought a sansa clip + mp3 player today and it does not work. i tried tech support and was told it would cost $28 to get an answer. i won't pay $28 to find out why my $50 sansa that i just bought today won"t work. I finally found a cutomer service phone number but they are not open on the weekend. wish me luck!

Posted by Anonymous

Placed an order for Memory Cards on the 12th of the month. Status of the items was "In Stock - Available Now. Order confirmation email said "Products that are in stock will be shipped to you immediately" One week later(19th of the month) my order was still "... in process" - so I called their Support Services, they could not tell me if the order was going to be shipped soon or even if they had it in stock for shipping. They said they would send a request to the shipping department to see what the problem was. I called back the next day, they still knew nothing, and the next day, still knew nothing. Finally on the 10th day with them having no knowledege if the product was available for shipping, or even if they had it in stock - I cancelled. Hope you have better luck than I did.

Posted by Superjac55

I spoke with Sean. Not only was he unfamiliar with the products, as well as unknowledgable, he completely didn't listen to me. I kept asking if he could hear me just to make sure. After he acknowledged that he could hear me I questioned if he was listening at all. This still did not help. In the end I felt like I completely wasted my time and regretted calling in the first place. I got absolutely nothing accomplished.

Posted by Anonymous

Awful excuse for customer service. They offer a lifetime warranty on their sdhc memory cards and then make it impossible to get a simple replacement. Lexar replaced a defective card after 1 email, sandisk is jerking me around after 3. Very disappointed, won't buy their products again.

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Posted by mat12128

Received a phone call after emailing them and was helped problem solve by a friendly guy.
Top stuff.

Posted by VENKAT



Posted by FrenchUser

My Sansa Clip 8GB (purchased April 2011) suddenly died on me this morning. I called customer services on 0800 907 929 and got through to someone quite quickly.
I was advised to reset the player by holding down the power button for 20 seconds, release the power button and turn on as normal - it works again now.
Satisfactory outcome.

Posted by JadeDaun

I was having problems putting a large file on my 16GB memory stick, but the tech was able to walk me thru it. She new exactly what I was talking about and was polite.

Posted by John

Support was quite helpful with me today

Posted by NYLADY01

I had a Sansa which got stuck in the locked position. I notified the company. They told me to send it to them and they would try to fix it. They sent me a new one instead, That's whwt I call good business.

Posted by AnOldGuy

Very reliable products. I have never had a failure in one of their CF cards. Called support with a question and got right through and the rep was very helpful.

Posted by Anonymous

Very helpful. Didn't keep me on hold.

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