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Sam's Club customer service is ranked #346 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 37.04 out of a possible 200 based upon 1135 ratings. This score rates Sam's Club customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


1,046 Negative Comments out of 1,135 Total Comments is 92.16%.


89 Positive Comments out of 1,135 Total Comments is 7.84%.

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Posted by Anonymous

Hi my name is Keith Crosby. Your online ad about $20 off on membership enrolment will not allow me to print my certificate. So I had to go out to the store and pay full price $45 for my membership. It would not let me to print the $20 certificate for membership enrolment or the referral $10 from my friend at work Brenda Shiflett. Very false leading!!!

Posted by 🌴

Please correct label on coconut oil/ paste.
Please label â Refridgerateâ on front.
Mine started a mother mold spot within.
I use the coconut in my coffee everyday, therefore I leave it by the machine etc.
sad, wasted product.

Posted by Cupcakes

SAMS Club in Catonsville MD . I ordered 30 cupcakes on Sunday 10/29. My order started off on a HORRIBLE note. The young lady with a piercing in her face red hair started out helping me with my order and right in the middle of her explaining the process she WALKED away to help another customer WITHOUT finishing my order. So I said ARE YOU DONE BECAUSE IM STILL TALKING. She grabs a piece of paper, reaches over my back and says HERE, FILL THIS OUT as she is still talking to the other customer. A very nice young man came to try a help finish what she started but by then I was PISSED OFF!! I asked for the Manager. The Manager Kelly came to take my order AFTER I explained what just happened. Kelly assured me that she would fix everything and apologized . She asked when do I need the Cupcakes, I said Tuesday morning at 11am. Kelly the BAKERY MANAGER said I will have them done at 10am. I also spoke to the STORE MANAGER, who said he would speak to all involved . Well Tuesday Halloween morning, I'm in SAMS GOOD OL CLUB.. at 11: 10 am NOT ONE CUPCAKE IN SIGHT!!! Some young lady ask me for a TICKET. I said I don't have a ticket and how do I get a ticket. She said WELL WHOEVER TOOK YOUR ORDER SHOULD'VE GIVEN YOU A TICKET. I said your Manager Kelly took my order.( ASK KELLY) The staff looked all over the Bakery for MY ordered cupcakes . Needless to say NO cupcakes. I needed 36 Halloween cupcakes by NOON for my daughter's school. The Store Manager gave me 30 cupcakes for FREE ( 14.98)WOW! I needed 36... and an "I APOLOGIZE" . There were 2 other unhappy people who also ordered from the bakery . (2 signs that went over my head which I should have paid attention too.) DO NOT ORDER FROM SAMS bakery if you expect GREAT/ GOOD customer service or your order to be ready and correct. Catonsville SAMS CLUB on Baltimore National Pike is GHETTO, HORRIBLE customer service and did I say they SUCK!!!!!!!!

Posted by Bklawso

In late August we purchased a trailer from the Sams in Hattiesburg. We obtained the title and license from MS. We moved to NC Oct 6th.. we decided to sell the trailer since we didn't need it anymore, took the title to the NC DMV, and was told that because the paperwork completed by Sams was done incorrectly, they would not transfer the title to the person who wanted to buy it. We reached out to sams and asked that the title be corrected. They refused. I now have a trailer that I cannot sell because NC WON't honor the title. We are out $1250.00. My name is Brigitte . Please HELP

Posted by Anonymous

I have been a Sams Club/Walmart customer for many years. Sadly, this will end this year because of my recent experience at the Sams Club in Kingston NY and the response of Sams Club corporate and the insurance company for Sams Club. My vehicle was parked in the Sams Club lot on Labor Day after having my tires rotated. We came out & as we were approaching my car saw a cart come out of the corral picking up speed in the lot and strike my car leaving a large dent in the rear drivers side. After reporting it to the store, and many subsequent calls to corporate, all of which required lengthly waits for someone to answer the re-direct my calls I was told by the insurance carrier that Sams Club was not negligent because the customer who returned the cart to the corral did not place it in the corral properly!! SERIOUSLY? How about there is NO guard on the corral and no matter how the cart was placed, it would come out and more than likely hit any vehicle since that section of the the lot is on a hill. I have no intention of letting this rest. I find it appalling that Sams Club corporate will not step in and do the RIGHT thing by a long term customer who spends thousands of dollars per year in your store. If Sams Club corporate does not right this wrong we will meet in Small Claims Court but never again in one of your stores.

Posted by Disgusted

Incident - #170906-008009 Reported this yesterday and no response so trying to make it more visible to higher.

Visited the Sam's Club on Keeamoku St last evening, 5 September 2017. At one point (around 6:45 pm), I needed to use the restroom. While in one stall, a worker (didn't know it was at the time) entered and began to use the stall right next to me. He was loud so I know what type of business he was doing. What appalled me was that this individual walked right out of the stall and went back into the store WITHOUT washing his hands. I happened to be washing my hands right in front of the stall and witnessed this guy do this, so I am not assuming anything, just telling you what I actually saw. I truly wish my videoed this, so I could report this guy to the health department or to the media!
I immediately went outside to look for a manager, so I could point out this guy to him/her. Unfortunately, the only person I could find was the cashier supervisor, so reported the incident to her.
This type of unsanitary practice is pretty sickening and something needs to be done...SOON! Please contact me for a description of this worker. Hopefully, management will take some action against this individual.

Posted by Baker

31 Aug, 2017 PART 2

PART 2 31 Aug, 2017

So, just when I thought that we were making headway in resolving this matter, things go from bad to worse. On Tuesday 28 Aug, we were informed via email that "Your recent order has been refunded and processed for $391.48 to your MasterCard. Please allow 7-10 business days for this refund to post to your account and let me know if you don't see your refund after 10 business days. Jerry" This is unacceptable in my opinion as I still have to wait for money that was literally stolen from me.

Then on Wednesday 29 Aug, my husband and I both receive separate emails stating the following: (1) "I have looked into this case and have come up with the reason that the $391.48 was never refunded. There was an exchange that came to the residence on May 30th. I have went ahead and processed an early refund on order #9577502409. For all the inconvenience I have extended your membership free of charge, your new date is now 01/27/2019. FedEx will pick up the TV and the return authorization number is #166778082. The refund will be made via store credit. William"

If William had taken the time to actually read all of the annotated notes regarding this incident, instead of drawing unsubstantiated conclusions he would have realized that the TV was previously picked up on 16 May for return and was received by Sam's Club on 14 June. The TV that was sent out on 30 May was the replacement for the damaged one that had already been returned. Please don't feel as if you are going above and beyond to process an "early refund" as I was told the previous day that the refund was already processed. Additionally, our membership was already renewed until July of 2018, so again you saying that it has been extended for a year until 01/27/2019 is a bold faced lie. I do not want a store credit and at this point I am unsure if I even want to remain a member.

(2) "We're sorry that your order didn't work out for you. Please print the pre-paid return label, along with the authorization slip contain in your order details, and ship your item back to us via FedEx. Order number: 166778082, Order date: Aug 30, 2017, RETURN summary: QTY ITEM RETURN LABEL 1Samsung 40" Class 1080p LED Smart HDTV- UN40J520DAFXZA- item 978874. Print your return label. Next steps Re-package your item and place the return authorization inside, along with all accessories, packing slips and manuals. Tape the return label on the outside of your package. Remove or blackout any existing labels and barcodes. Take the package to the nearest FedEx office. For more info on returns, please visit our Return process and FAQs page. Receiving your refund after you ship your item back, we'll process your refund within 3 days. You can track the status of your return in your Order History."

Again, this is another instance where someone failed to read the incident report to fully understand the situation. If at any time someone had thought to pick up a phone to actually contact us instead of shooting out these ghost emails we may have been able to clear things up. If a normal return process is refunded within 3 days, then why am I being told 7-10 days? The inconsistencies, lack of customer service and continued lies from the associates that you employ are deplorable.

Today, we did a follow up call and were told by Tim, "I read in the notes that you felt like 7-10 days to receive your refund was unacceptable. So, I cancelled the refund and I am now going to issue you a check because I thought that it would be faster." So, all of a sudden someone wants to read! I am completely flabbergasted by this entire ordeal. My husband and I are both retired military veterans and are extremely educated individuals. We do not require anyone to think for us or make financial decisions on our behalf. If you thought that issuing a check would have been faster then why weren't we given that option initially or contacted prior to someone making that decision for us?

Our money has been tied up for over 30 days now which is a colossal injustice on your part. I am still awaiting to hear from you personally Mr. John Furner regarding the practices of your organization.

Posted by kjsi8

My name is Kenneth S and I would like to express my deepest concerns of how I was mistreated by your pharmacist Darrin Mizo at the Sam Club Pharmacy in Honolulu at 750 Keeaumoku Street Honolulu. Store number 4755
I'm 72 years old male, I don't smoke, drink or use any recreational drugs. In 2002 I got in a very bad bicycle accident and since then I had 11 spine and hip surgeries. I have 10 screws and rods on the back of my neck, a plate and 4 screws on the front of my neck. I have 6 screws and rods on my lower spine and an artificial right hip. I recently went through some surgeries to put spacers in between my vertebrae in my lower spine. My spine and shoulders are filled with arthritis and I have degenerative disc disease. I'm in constant pain. Over the years the doctors have tried numerous procedures in which to relieve the pain. Some have worked but none of them eliminated the pain. They tried different drugs and always came back to hydrocodone. It seems this worked the best. My doctor just had me try Percocet but that made me depressed and I had a hard time eating because I would get sick. I'm in constant pain but I live with it and never slow down.
I've been going to Sam's Club Pharmacy for over 10 years and always get the same prescription filled every month. Hydrocodone 7.5, 180 count. I take 6 pills a day. I also get 30 Xanex that help me sleep at night. I don't abuse and of my prescriptions and have a very difficult time with pain if I don't take them. I liked going to the pharmacy, I know all the fine people who work there. I don't know Darrin Mizo and he doesn't know me.
The other day I went to get my prescription filled and the pharmacist Darrin Mizo said because of all the opiate problems he wanted to review my prescription. I said ok and I explained what I just wrote. It seemed like he wasn't even listening to me. He just kept asking if I tried any other pain medicine. I told him I do exactly as my doctor tells me to do. Then he asked me why I didn't try different drugs for pain. Again I said I only do what me doctors say to do. I asked him to call my doctor or Queens Medical Center or my neurosurgeon. He ignored me. Then he looked at me and said " I'm going to ask you a question and this will decide if I will fill your prescription or not". He said," will you be willing to try any other drugs for pain relief". I said I would try anything to help but I'll only do as my doctor tells me. Right now hydrocodone works great and it does the job. My feeling is why change if everything is working great. But it's up to my doctor on what to do. He then said, " with that answer I'm not going to fill your prescription and that was the end of it.
I took my prescription to another pharmacy, they called my doctor and filled it.
I believe the intention of Sam's Club Pharmacy is justified in making sure the drugs are not abused. I also believe common sense should be used by the pharmacist making this decision. If they think there is a problem they should a least call the doctor and make any suggestions to him. I think is extremely unprofessional for a person to sit with me for 2 minutes and try to understand all the problems that I went through then make a decision on how I answered a question. I don't write the prescriptions, I'm not a medically trained professional and I don't have the knowledge of all the products on the market. I do know we tried many, many things to relieve the pain. I do know I have great doctors who have all the training, knowledge and experience to help me. I also know they would never let me abuse any substance.
I hope this helps in training your employees to make sure to check with the patients doctors and discuss everything before they decide not to fill a prescription. You can't deny a person their medication because you didn't like the way they answered a question.

Posted by Adria

Originally posted on 22 Aug, 2017

My husband and I have been Sam's Club members for over 20 years and have never had any issues until recently. Back in May, I ordered a TV online and had it delivered to my mom as a gift. The TV was delivered on 15 May by Fed Ex and was damaged. I contacted Fed Ex and Sam's on the day of delivery, 15 May to notify them both of the damages. I was advised to submit a claim with Fed Ex for the damages, which were later denied. The next day, 16 May Fed Ex returned to pick up the TV to return back to Sam's. On 2 June, Fed Ex resolved the claim with Sam's and the TV was back in the possession of Sam's as of 14 June.

Fast forward to 31 July, when we receive an email from Sam's stating "Our records indicate that you have been given an opportunity to return order - Samsung 40 Class 1080p LED Smart HDTV processed on 7-27-2017, with an outstanding balance of $391.48. Since we did not receive the item by the communicated return-by date, we assume that you have decided to keep it and have charged your credit/debit card in the amount of $391.48."

My husband contacted Sam's to let them know that the TV was previously picked up on 16 May by Fed Ex and returned on, 14 June. The representative advised that someone would look into the matter and get back to him. One week later, a charge appears on our account in the amount of $391.48 for a TV that has been in Sam's possession since 14 June.

Since the beginning of August, we have been fighting between Sam's and Fed Ex trying to "prove" that we did not have the TV in our possession. My husband and I both have called numerous times, 9 Aug, 11 Aug, 19 Aug, 21 Aug, 22 Aug and spoken to several different people. They continue to tell us that we should see a refund within 48-72 hours and provide us with new reference numbers 170811-004738 and add notes to our account without any resolve. Today, I was informed that our ticket was initiated on 17 Aug and that it was currently being worked. I was advised that it usually takes 3-5 days for refunds to process and that "I should remain patient."

I've worked customer service for years and it perplexes me that as the customer, I need to remain patient to receive a refund that I never should have been charged for. My husband and I were basically treated as criminals.

We took the initiative and did all of the leg work to locate the TV which was at your facility the entire time. In fact, we did the job of one of your employees by providing pertinent information,proving that the merchandise was returned and not in our possession. It was finally revealed that whomever processed the return, failed to check the merchandise received box at the time.

We have been accused, continuously given the run around and frustrated beyond belief over an employee's mistake and all we received from Sam's is "continue to be patient, we are working on it." None of this was our fault! We still don't have our refund and I was told to call back in a few days to verify that the status of our refund has changed to "finalized".

28 Aug, 2017

Today when I called back for verification as previously advised and after being on hold for 20 minutes, I am being told that I need to provide a copy of my credit card statement to show proof of the overcharge even though it is showing in the system.

I would love for someone from the corporate office to contact me regarding the company policy on providing quality customer service and offer a remedy to rectify this horrible experience.

Posted by Baker

My husband and I have been Sam's Club members for over 20 years and have never had any issues until recently. Back in May, I ordered a TV online and had it delivered to my mom as a gift. The TV was delivered on 15 May by Fed Ex and was damaged. I contacted Fed Ex and Sam's on the day of delivery (15 May) to notify them both of the damages. I was advised to submit a claim with Fed Ex for the damages, which were later denied. The next day (16 May) Fed Ex returned to pick up the TV to return back to Sam's. On 2 June, Fed Ex resolved the claim with Sam's and the TV was back in the possession of Sam's as of 14 June.

Fast forward to 31 July, when we receive an email from Sam's stating "Our records indicate that you have been given an opportunity to return order Samsung 40 Class 1080p LED Smart HDTV processed on 7/28/2017, with an outstanding balance of $391.48. Since we did not receive the item by the communicated return-by date, we assume that you have decided to keep it and have charged your credit/debit card in the amount of $391.48."

My husband contacted Sam's to let them know that the TV was previously picked up on (16 May) by Fed Ex and returned on (14 June). The representative advised that someone would look into the matter and get back to him. One week later, a charge appears on our account in the amount of $391.48 for a TV that has been in Sam's possession since 14 June.

Since the beginning of August, we have been fighting between Sam's and Fed Ex trying that we did not have the TV in our possession. My husband and I both have called numerous times (9 Aug, 11 Aug, 19 Aug, 21 Aug, 22 Aug) and spoken to several different people. They continue to tell us that we should see a refund within 48-72 hours and provide us with new reference numbers (170811-004738) and add notes to our account without any resolve. Today, I was informed that our ticket was initiated on 17 Aug and that it was currently being worked. I was also advised that it usually takes 3-5 days for refunds to process and that "I should remain patient."

I've worked customer service for years and it perplexes me that as the customer, I need to remain patient to receive a refund that I never should have been charged for. My husband and I were basically treated as criminals.

We took the initiative and did all of the leg work to locate the TV which was at your facility the entire time. In fact, we did the job of one of your employees by providing pertinent information proving that the merchandise was returned and not in our possession. It was finally revealed that whomever processed the return, failed to check the merchandise received box at the time.

We have been accused, continuously given the run around and frustrated beyond belief over an employee3;continue to be patient, we are working on it.;t have our refund and I was told to call back in a few days to verify that the status of our refund has changed to "finalized".

I would love for someone from the corporate office to contact us regarding the company policy on providing quality customer service and offer a remedy to rectify this horrible experience.

Posted by Anonymous

Called to Cancel my card and was provided the worse customer service requested for a manger and spoke to JOE id # 5468 and he was worst than the rep this department need to be re train on Customer service. Had problems identifying me and told me to call back later. I was unsure if someone had stolen my card or what was going on asked him additional questions he said I can not help you call later when you have your card number. Does Social, DOB, mother maiden name, telephone number, address where the bill is sent, credit limit, last payment and transaction number not work to identify someone. I called back and got another rep that helped me. Provided all the information I needed and was very fast and efficient. Because of this manger and his rudeness I closed my card. I have been a member for over 15 years and a card holder for over 5 years. I will drive to Mobile to Costco before I step foot in a Sam's club again because of this inexperience, unsympathetic manager.

Posted by Anonymous

Attn: CEO Jamie Ianmore your fraud division has needs to be trained better. I've had an incident and have been dealing with this issue since March and was on the phone June 12 for over an hour! Look into this matter and get back with me asap

Posted by mackbeak

Good Day
I have been a Sam's Club member since 1988. I spend a lot of money there for my business and my home. I have never had a bad experience until last week. I have the preferred member card and am eligible for the instant savings that are posted on various items. I am a Grandfather and periodically we (my wife and I) buy our granddaughter dippers and those sorts of things to help our son and his wife.

We were shopping for things with no urgency and noticed there was an instant savings of 10$ on the 140 pack of Huggies dippers if you bought two packs or one and a pack of wipes. we add the dippers to the cart and look for the wipes which are and the other end of the isle on the opposite side. They also have and instant savings of $8, if you buy two packs or one of these and a pack of dippers. We couldn't believe the savings. We were lead to believe and we would save $18 on the pair. We didn't need to buy them but to get those savings we added them to the cart and decided to check it out before we made the purchase.

At the checkout counter we asked the girl to do a price check before we decided to get them and it knocked off $4 for each. We explained the signs and she agreed that if that is what the sign said then we should get the deal but just to be sure she asked someone else who asked someone else and then those to proceeded back to check the signs. We waited and waited and my wife went back to see what the deal was. While she was back there and girl that I have known since I have shopped there approached me and said she needed to know what the problem was and I told her. She went back there. Now its been about twenty minutes and the girl I know came back and told me that there is no sign over the dippers. I told her that I saw it or we would not be discussing this right now. So I went back there to find my wife in tears because one of the associate had called her an idiot and accused her of not knowing simple math. They were telling her that the deal was on the wipes and if you got the dippers it was $4 off each one. I noticed that now the sign had been removed. My wife has been teaching school for almost twenty years and the thought of this boy telling her that she didn't know what 4+4 was made her extremely upset. He was a stock boy and informed my wife that he didn't even shop at Sam's and he could understand it, it? She put her finger in his face and told him that she had had enough of his inconsiderate attitude and that he better back off that we didn't need him here anyway.

Now comes the shift supervisor Greg. He has been listening to the action on his radio and been informed by the stock boy that this crazy woman threatened him. Greg starts on my wife about how she needed to learn how to be more courteous to people and that he wasn't going to stand there and let her call his employees names. So I stepped between them and ask him what he was going to do about it. He went pale and realized that he had just made a threat to my wife.

I have tried to contact the Store Manager, Tim Hasson but he is never available. This really has nothing to do with the dippers or the prices. It has to do with the way we were treated and talked to. They don't seem to realize that while I am in that store they are working for me. My money pays their salaries. I really don't think it was necessary for all of those people to run back there and investigate the issue. Someone took the sign down and made out like we were trying to do something wrong. We are thinking about not renewing our membership and going to Publix.

Posted by bgbt3nk

First of all I need state I'm not a whiner--I don't whine about not getting a pretzel, a hot dog or Coke, long lines at the check out or a shortage of flat cars. I don't care if the store manager is on the floor or in his/her office. However, when I place an order on for 2 laptops three times and each time I receive the wrong laptop, it upsets me. After spending numerous hours on the phone with Sams Club help desk trying to resolve the problem with nothing to show for it, it upsets me.
Ordinarily I would simply go to another vendor and purchase the laptops, but this experience with Sams Club has become a challenge--not to mention each laptop had a $230 savings. If I were a suspious person, I might think Sams Club delibertly sent me the wrong laptops (a far inferior one, at that). But I'm a very patient and persist person. The help desk number is toll free and I get to bug them quite often.

Posted by Fed up IN Michigan

I have tried to cancel my membership and the master card associated with my membership. Its just not practical for me to buy in the quantities they sell being a single man. I cancelled the master card and when I talked to the local customer service person she said just don't pay the 45 dollar membership fee. So I didn't. the master card got cancelled but the 45 dollar membership fee was not and then Sams Club reported that to my credit bureau score and for the first time in ages my credit score went below 800 and below 700. I have tried to talk to master card people they say Sams club has to resolve this issue and Sams club says master card has to.. nothing like a big run around.. Im avoiding both Sams Club and Wal Marts period. Give me my credit score back.

Posted by Ken

I have been a Sam's Club Card holder for several years, using your store in Huntsville Alabama, today my wife and I visited the store had three items to check out, naturally all lines were very long, so I went to the Photo to check out (which we have done on several occasions, no one was using this check out, I asked the lady would she check me out since I only had 3 items, she said, I don't have time,
I told her it would only take a minute, once again she said, I don't have time, she was just standing there doing nothing, so my wife and I (both disabled) stood in line for over 15 minutes to be checked out, when we left the store this lady still wasn't doing one single thing, I don't usually complain but it looks to me that the customers should come first.

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased 2 iPads 5 years ago from Sam's cal
Club here in Middletown,NY. I put in a request
For a receipt by E-Mail. Have not received any
Information as of today.

Posted by stautkus

I have been a member of SAM's Club for many years. I have spent thousands of dollars and many hours shopping at various SAM's locations around the country. I had never had any problems with customer service up until yesterday. The incident happened in Columbia, SC, club # 4872.
I have SAM's Plus membership but it expired on 1/16/17. Since my husband and I are both gainfully employed and therefore short on time, I instructed my oldest daughter Laura, which is 18 years of age, to go renew my membership and purchase some food items. After waiting in line for 20 minutes, she was told by a customer service representative, who had no name tag, that my daughter was not allowed to shop at the store and had to leave the building. My daughter has shopped at the club previously, and the cashiers had no problem accepting her payment, so it sounded a little strange to me. My daughter asked if she could purchase a regular SAM's Club membership for $45 instead of renewing the Plus membership for $100 since we don't use the benefits provided. The customer service representative told my daughter that she will take the $100 if she was interested in renewing the membership, but she won't take the $45? Does that make any sense? My daughter was asked to leave like a criminal when all she wanted to do is renew the membership and shop for groceries making your bottom line thicker. I need a response from the corporate office regarding this incident and I also want the customer service representative to be sent to some training about benefits of customer service. I am not sure if I am willing to renew my membership at all at this point, since I had never experienced this kind of treatment from the customer service representatives at any of your competitor stores, namely COSTCO. I will also post this incident on all the social media sites that I am active on to make customers aware of the business practices that SAM's Club is using to push the customers into Plus memberships. Very dissatisfied!

Posted by Anonymous

I just purchased a package of, what appeared to be nice fresh looking lean ground beef. When I got home and started to separate it, into smaller packages, it was actually really fresh meat packed around some very old looking brown beef. I called the store and was given a woman manager who asked for the processing date (Jan 15), and the use or freeze by date(Jan 18). The managers response was"that's not possible". Really....My husband, myself and the customer service girl all read the same thing.i took it right back to the store. The girl asked if I wanted to exchange it. I said how do I know I'm not going to get the same type thing? Her response"TRUE". Wrong answer, and a very bad response from the manager. This isn't the first time that I've had fresh meat packed around old meat, but it was the worst. Sam's really needs to do better, especially with Costco just down the road.

Posted by Tonia mccurdy

It took me a month to get a trampoline I order from sams club I guess I will not do that again I called trucking company once twice three time I guess they decided to to deliver after it set at the truck company for over a week not to happy about that next time a guess will order it from amazon better service.

Posted by Anonymous

The Sam's club in Linden has a pharmacy manager more antipathetic and bad person of the New Jersey state she treat the customers like things never has good manners a lot of people don't her give the items and turn the face ne ver said "' thank you " always with one attitude discriminatory and no good . she forget that's are the customers that's pay her salary should be a good idea transfer her for another place . Her's name eliza p asiatic face thank you for your attention

Posted by Vinny

I went to Sams #8290 on OBT in Orlando on 12/19/16 at 1:30 pm and could not find a flat bet. Had to limit my supplies that could fit in a cart. I asked for a manager to complaint, but he was busy. I feel this club does not cater to small business owner and their satisfaction. Now I have to go to another store in the area to get my supplies.

Posted by Anonymous

I had a hard time with my order,from sam club .com, I never received my T v. They kept giving me a hard time, one young lady I think she say her name is Tatiana,very helpful, the rest very unprofessional, tell lies to get you off the phone, canceling your order out you don't even no until you looking into your e mail, I purchased this t.v. in November, have not received yet, I talk to about ten different people, I still font no what the problem is,wouldn't let me speak to a supervisor, help!

Posted by Anonymous

I ordered 12 plastic folding chairs to be delivered 3-4 weeks ago and paid for them with credit card. Never received chairs. No confirmation email, no phone numbers to call.



Posted by Mojoz Momma

How do I get ahold of somebody who's going to help me what the problem with a product that I bought at Sam's in Great Falls Montana? I bought Member's Mark Exceed dog treats lamb and pea. After every incidence of eating these, my dog ended up needing treatment at my vet's animal hospital to the tune of $2,000 total. Not to mention pain and anguish and suffering suffered from me and my dog, I imagine that Member's Mark would like to test this to see if they need to pull it off the market ASAP. I still have the package and the receipt Kama I don't want to get rid of any evidence and I do want to keep it around in case the company does want to take these for testing just save other animals.

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Posted by Anonymous

My husband and I went to our local Sams Club on North Rock Rd in Wichita KS, as we do each month.The employes are always friendly and helpful.I would like to commend 2 employees who went above and beyond the usual good service experienced at this location. My husband is diabetic.As he was pushing our cart toward the register,I looked at him and realized something was wrong. His sugar level had dropped. There was a customer ahead of us in the check out line,so I helped my husband to a seat in the food court and asked for a soft drink cup as I explained to the gentleman at the counter the health issue we were dealing with. He handed me a cup and said "take it". I got my husband a drink of soda and hurriedly went back to the register and gave the associate my Sams card and apologized for holding up the line,she began checking me out. I ran back to the food court which now had a line,I asked the same gentleman to please give my husband a hotdog and I would come back to pay for it.Back at the register, the associate there had began sacking our groceries into the shopping bags we bought in with us. She realized I was anxious re my husbands status.I went back to the food court,paid for the hotdog and thanked the worker for his help. By the time I got back to the register almost all of our groceries had been bagged and she was ready to process us out. I am so appreciative of the empathy shown by these two employees and I wanted to let someone know. I only wish I had asked their names so that they could be individually commeded for what they done for us. Good for you Sams Club for hiring these two great team members. Belinda and Adolphus Hayes

Posted by Sis

I listened to the full menu, press O and was put through pretty quickly.

Posted by Anonymous

CEO Brewer, your Glendora Calif. store manager Becky has done a great job. Your Glendora store, is friendly, clean, well trained, very helpful.
Thank you, thank Becky and her outstanding staff and the jobs they do for you and are community I just wanted to tell someone. Tim
B., San Dimas, Calif.

Posted by Drew Madzin

Wow I have been looking but hard to find a spot to compliment a employe... Last week I was in your Freehold NJ store.. A young lady named Rosie was amazing... At 62 and self employed my entire life, you pick up on special people.. Energy with a smile..
Thanks Rosie.. From Drew Madzin From The Garden

Posted by Anonymous

On Sunday August 23, 2015 I went to Sam's Club in Snellville Ga off Scenic Hwy.I have been going there every two weeks to purchase 24 pk of Lipton diet Green Tea (mixed berry flavor)for over 3 yrs. I am a type 2 diabetic and the dr's ok'd this drink for me. Well they sent us all over the store looking for it. On August 24 I was told that they had discontinued it. This drink was one of the main reasons we purchased a member ship to this company. It broke my heart to hear and see this. I was purchasing 7 24 pkgs every two weeks 168 bottle drinks . I will have to look elsewhere for my drink now. its a shame that u have discontinued it. $9.98 x14 = $139.72 with out taxes. I am not sure if we will renew our membership in the new year. So sad. I have called every sam's club near me this morning trying to find if they still have this in the store. no luck.

Posted by jaj21186

I received outstanding service this past week from the pharmacist, Chris, at the Dulles Town Center Sam's Club. He helped resolve a problem in a caring and thoughtful manner. Chris is an asset to the Sam's Club and Wal Mart family.

Posted by Anonymous

I want to rate the service I received in finding an Item today in the Freehold Sam's Club in NJ.

Specifically commending the perseverance of the employee Mike in helping me locate the item I was looking for . Bittersweet Chocolate Chips .

Sal told me to commend online as I wanted to let the manager in the store know that Mike was the only one around and did help me despite the fact that he was doing the job of many pretty much by himself . Sal was ultimately helpful to Mike in helping me find my item.

Thank you to both Mike and Sal for there attentiveness allowing me to complete my shopping .

Posted by H55417

I have had a membership to the club in Bloomington MN off of American Blvd for a number of year. I have been a member of Sam's Club for almost 15 years and the experience keeps getting worse. It seems each year the club looks more and more dilapidated and dirty and the service is not helpful and lazy. I am sure the workers do not get paid well, from the rumors I have heard, so they most likely don't have an incentive to provide good service. Unfortunately it pulls people from the store where people do not renew their membership.

A few months ago I arrived to absolutely no carts, I spoke to the lady who greets and she said the person was gathering and bringing in the carts. There was a huge line of carts, outside of the bin area that were tied together so I asked if they could be used and she she no and that she couldn't do anything with them but to wait until they brought the carts in outside. At this point there were a number of other CUSTOMERS that were also waiting for a cart just to get their shopping done. We all waited almost 20 minutes before the workers brought in the carts! If this were NOT a club, it would be easy to shop w/out a cart, but because everything is in bulk, it is impossible to do without one.

I will say that the customer service leaves something to be desired, outside of this incident. I should mention I also have a membership at the OTHER warehouse club, and if they were closer to me I would drop my membership at Sam's Club. With that being said, I try to limit my shopping here to just gas. I hate to continue to give them MY money for the yearly fee and purchases because I don't feel they really care about not only their employees BUT their customers. Unfortunately, I feel we will not see changes because a buck is a buck and they are making the money they want to make.

I do have one good thing to say about this store, they have 1 employee that has ALWAYS been extremely friendly to everyone and always has a smile on his face. He typically can be found outside, directing the cars for the gas. I wanted to mention him (I am not sure of his name) because they need to find more people like him.

Posted by Anonymous

I went to the St. Joseph, Mo Sam's Club on 02/12/15. I received the most positive, kind customer service from a gentleman whose name was DON. I was in need of several bags of rock salt for my softener in my home. He was so kind when I asked him if he coukd help me. Since he worked in electronics I didn't know if he needed to call someone else. He kindly and efficiently offer his great customer service.
I have been a member since 1999 and I have never received suck positive Customer Service. I do ask that he receive a Big THANK YOU FROM A VERY SATIDFIED CUSTOMER!!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

I want to show my appreciation to Peter Hutchings, a gas station attendant at the Harbison Sam's Club in Columbia, South Carolina. My wife and I have been coming to this service station for 8 years and he has always been very friendly, attentive and helpful.

Posted by Anonymous

I would like to compliment your staff in the Pleasantville, New Jersey, espically the young guy at the entrance door, Michael. He is so pleasant and cheerful. You should encourage more employees to have a positive attitude. What a pleasure to be welcomed in the store because of Michael.

Posted by Anonymous

There are good people in the world! Sterling, VA. I dropped my credit card when getting back in my car, and the gas attendant found it, picked it up and it took it inside. I went back two hours later when I realized I didn't have it, and he remembered me and said he was going to cut it up if no one came back after it! I've checked my account and there are no pending charges. What a relief to have the employee find it and pick it up!

Posted by Anonymous

I want to take a moment to let you know what an outstanding manager Jose is as the Warwick, RI store. I was waiting for a long time for a forklift to be located in order that an item I purchased might be retrieved. When I finally asked to speak to a manager about my frustration with the wait (40+ minutes), Jose jumped into action, found the forklift and drove it himself to retrieve the item. He was calm, courteous and compassionate to my frustration. He is an asset to your Sam's family and a stellar example of what understanding of superb customer service is and should always be! He deserves a raise!

Posted by happy customer

I attended a one day only sale this past Saturday at the Sam's club in Pearl, Ms. It was absolutely the most organized, and pleasant of this type I have ever been to! The store manager went out of his way to make everyone comfortable & happy while we waited in line at 6:45 in the am until the store opened at 7.Everyone was there for the Apple 6 phone. They gave use vouchers, everyone was pleasant, Of course we had to wait for our turn once inside, but we could spend the time shopping visiting with other customers, or what ever we wanted because we had our vouchers in hand for when it was our turn. and on top of that, they brought us all juice, muffins,& breakfast bars because we had been waiting so long. YOU CANNOT BEAT THAT FOR CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!

Posted by Anonymous

Sofia Reyes, the membership service ass. manager was a pleasure to work with. She was very nice and friendly. She gave me all the info I needed and was not pushy at all.

Posted by Anonymous

I (75 yr old female) was unable to see because of bad wipers in the middle of rain storm 90 miles from home. At closing I entered and asked if anyone could help. I purchased wipers and greeter got a young stockboy to try to fix car. He worked and then called someone else (regular man had left) These 2 young men are a credit/plus to your store This was Sept 20th at club #6663 in Saginaw. The names are Maurice Polk and Jacquavious Burt. Both of these men worked so hard to get me on the road again and then, when I tried very hard to tip them, refused and smiled. They are absolutely a credit to you and you may call me to verify: 248 634 7540 Merilyn McGee It would be worth driving from Holly to Saginaw just to frequent this store! (almost)

Posted by Anonymous

Sam's Club corrected my problem with a Q-see security system. It took some time but I now have my system up and running and I am very pleased with it.


Posted by JKMR

I just wanted company to know what a great photo department you have at the Monroeville store.Don helped me and I can not say enough about how kind he was.He helped me thru the whole process, in making my posters .They turned out amazing .All because of his expertise. Please make sure he knows, he received this complement!!!!! Thanyou.

Posted by Anonymous

SAMs Club Hwy 183, Fort Worth, Tx. Fantastic employees and customer service when we purchased Schwinn 700c Hybrid Ladies 26 inch bike.. Question: We did not get instuction Manuel. What do we do.? Patti Sloan,

Posted by pets3

Thank you for the nice pharmacist, Nancy, at the Crestwood,MO Sam's Club. She was very helpful and patient while I told her about a problem I was having because the prescription pills, I had been purchasing for quite some time, changed in their size and were much smaller than before. The usual 5 mg pill needed to be cut into quarter size and now that the pill was even smaller I couldn't cut it correctly. Nancy helped solve the problem right away and I just want Sam's Club to give her the recognition she deserves. Thank you.

Posted by Anonymous

Today I stopped at my local Sam's club .to have new tires put on my car. Found out that a stud needed replacing because the lug nut would not come off. Had to go to a (Meineke) to fix it $137.00 later back to Sam's to put new tire on. Jerry and his staff found another lug problem but thru hard work and feeling sorry for me having to pay again solved everything. I can not say enough to thank his staff David, Ryan, Jared and Sean. Please let these great people be given some credit for outstanding service. They all felt my dismay and tried to be helpful. Thank you from a happy customer.

P.S. Give some thought to replacing studs as I feel you could do much better price wise the Meineke.

Posted by Gardner's (Omaha, Ne.

My husband & I shopped at the Omaha,Ne.Sam's Club Dec. 4th. We were looking for a Non living christmas tree 7 1/2 ft. tall. You only had one left. We asked an employee if we could buy the one left. She said she would inquire & came back with a "yes". Her name is Shannon. She was extremely helpful & so pleasant. She bagged the tree & found help for us to get it to the check out. When she saw that we were still waiting to be waited on, she opened a register. Later, she checked us out again. We were purchasing a liquor that was locked up. We had to wait what seemed like quite a little time. Shannon once again went to the back of the store & came back with the product pronto. We wanted to give her a tip, but she said it was not allowed but we could fill out a comment card. We are retirees & I'm handicapped, so I elected to use email. We were so grateful for all the young lady's help & wanted it known how she assisted us so wonderfully. Please Thank her again for us. Sincerely, The Gardners

Posted by Kaye Albright

Sami,am employee at Sams Store in Addison, Texas retrieved my purse from a cart that I had left outside and drove off. I returned about 30 minutes later to find he had found it and returned it to the store. The other part of this story, is this is the second time I have done this and he found it the first time as well and returned it. May I compliment you on having such a wonderful honest man with integrity and great service to Sams. Please recognize him in some way to know he is most appreciated. He is one reason I love Sams and return to shop many times. God was looking over me and I know He is looking over Sami as well. Thanks, Kaye Albright Member

Posted by Anonymous

I Am Very Upset That You Do Not Have Enough Electrc Carts. I Am Handycaped.i Live In Senior Comunity I Am Member Since 1998 And I Will Not Renew My Card

Posted by djsekerak

i had a bad experience on 11/10/13 with a slow tire leak.i left after 2 hours not happy.the shop employee could not find the leak.went to a tire shop on 11/11/13.they found the a new tire put on.i went back to the niles store on 11/15/13.i asked if i could get another tire pro rated and have it put on the suv so that i would have two older tires and two newer tires. the store manager i think his name was bill said do it.the tire shop manager (chris) said that he was sorry that it was not handled better from the start.i was very happy the way it all turned out. excellent staff.thankyou!

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Posted by N/A

To Whom It May Concern

My name is Michele Mafi from Hawaii, recently I applied for Sams Club, Pearl City Store had an interview with Manager Alexander, took drug test, complied with request of background check, called Alexander to confirm his request of myself has been filled. Following these request asked, Manager mentioned everything looked in order & call him next week, as it was Friday. On Tuesday of the following week came I called Alexander mentioned an orientation was being set up & my name had been chosen as one of the applicants Andrea will be in touch. I am writing to say to this date no call, no follow up to myself, I call put on hold & no one answers hold. This is not handled professional nor if I don't qualify please SAY SO... Thank Michele Mafi

Posted by jessicalei2104

Both my sister and my little brother work for the company and when the person by the name of Nicole from the Vestal, NY location answered the phone, she had no problem transferring my call to my brother. But just minutes later when I called back due to having a missed call from store phone and asked to speak to my sister, Nicole was very rude and would not let me speak to my sister. I was calling from my work phone so she would not have any idea that I was calling to speak to my sister but she would not put my sister on the phone. After texting my sister to see what she needed and it was in regards to getting a price on one of our products for one of her customers, I am very pissed off. I feel that Nicole is horrible and mistreated my sister. I work right across that street for Lowe's Home Improvement and we would never treat and refuse to transfer a customer and/or family member to an associate. The service that this woman provided me was very unacceptable and I can't believe that she is being promoted to management. Sounds like the company should rethink their previous decision and actually look into how this woman treats customers and her fellow associates!

Posted by Disappointed at SAMs

I have worked for SAMs club for three years I
Went from one club to the next. I finally resides
At the club in Stafford, Texas. This club is the worst
Ever they have fire more people then they have hired.
The sad thing is I have called my marketing manager
And corporate three times already nothing has been done
So I got advice to reach out to the news station about
How poorly this company treats their employees and lets not
Talk about how rude management is to their members and the
Employees. I have documented every incident that have occurred
Since I been there this club will pay for the disrespect and humiliation
They have caused. Sorry so long but I'm just pissed.

Posted by Anonymous

I Work for Sams club in Mankato MN and it is the WORST place I have EVER worked. I am Currently looking for other employment. This place is NOT family oriented at all they do not care at all about what's going on with health problems in your family. My friend also works at the same store as me and She had to take her son to the emergency room and the MIT answered the phone when she called in to see if she could come in a little late. the MIT told her that if she comes in late it would still be marked as a tardy and that they need people who are going to show up to their shifts. This is a bunch of crap and I would NOT recommend anyone who has a life to work at SAMS. ALSO it is so disgusting how they make you push upgrades and credit cards on the members. When I talk to a member about it and they say no thanks not interested I say ok maybe some other time, where the COS's make you push further if they say NO then the COS continues to Push the member and you can see they are irritated. If you don't make any credit or upgrades in a shift they talk to you every time. PEOPLE are gunna do what they want to do and you can not force them to do something else. I am so STRESSED out working for this place my SON and MY family come first and this is just not a friendly place. NO WONDER THE TURNOVER RATE IS SO HIGH AND THEY ARE ALWAYS HIRING. I am Beyond disappointed in my job and CAN NOT WAIT TO GET OUT.

Posted by Anonymous

I am a Cart Attendant for Sam's Club in Ypsilanti MI, this has to be the worst Club in Michigan. The management is terrible. I have been there a year now and let me tell you that winter was terrible, My fellow lot tech and I was working in -30 degrease and we came in the store to get warm. The store manager told us we couldn't do that and we had to go back outside. There has been so many more incidents we have them all recorded. Our management is terrible, the manager does not know how to run the store. If corporate is to come back out to my job, I will tell them. I have so many employees that feel the same way. I love working with the other associates and interacting with members. But the manger and the management has to be the worst!

Posted by jody

i am a overnight stocker at sams club in laredo texas..or at least i still am..from day 1 that i started i felt that i was a target there considering that im the only white person in the whole store..everyone else is mexican and 2 black managers..sounds racists to me there for the first week i was there i had the night manager down my throat about moving faster in the club..i was giving no TRAINING on what to do in my job was to be a night receiver not to be a merchandiser..there for john hinjosa threated the night get that he was gonna coach everyone if they didnt get there job done in time and that they must not care about there jobs..there for i work in hardlines as a lift driver and had to drop and put away for 4 other departments..and then zone hardlines at the same time..i had the department by myself for a month till they brought someone that didnt speak a word of english(no help)..there for now john tells me that he wasnt my badge and for me to leave the store because i wasnt improving in my job and didnt zone right..and that i didnt ask him what do i need to dio to improve..with this in mine im not a lead and its not my fault that the other guy didnt do his job right and where i got blamed and might have lose my this,i got in 20 min early everyday i work and 90% of the time im the last 1 to leave..never got a coach or write up..this store if a poor escuse..corporate needs to visit them again..they miss treat there employees

Posted by Anonymous

My wife has worked for your company 18 yrs,she is currently filling in for someone at another club,she has been home maybe once a week for the past 2 months to see her 2 kids an myself.She takes one day off and it just so happens a boss does a walkthru and she is home crying her eyes out fearing for her job. This is BS .If this is how the company represents itself and its employees its an absolute disgrace. Not even her place of business and shes been cleaning up the mess of others working everyday 2-3 hrs away from home living in a hotel,not taking lunches etc. If you ask me this needs to be addressed and looked into.

Posted by Anonymous

To whom this may concern,
I am very proud to say I worked for SAMs club for almost 7years, I worked very hard and worked my way up to being a lead. I did everything from wrapping bread, to decorating cakes, to wracking chickens, to working in cafe, to become a deli lead then a bakery lead. I can honestly say that everyday I worked there I tried my hardest and any person I worked with can back me up on that. I feel that as a lead I lead by example and never asked someone to do something that I would not do. I cleaned drains, I washed dishHe's, I decorated cakes, I made hms meals and still found time to make sure everything was taken care of. About a year ago I decided to change career opportunities, it was very painful to leave but the other job I was getting was offering a better pay and quite frankly after working at SAMs for almost 7years and working my way up to a level 7 lead and only making $13 I had to chose the other job. I left in very good terms and continued to shop at SAMs. In my most recent job I would often brag about their cakes and wonderful member service, I still continuously go shopping there I can frankly say I buy at least 2 cakes a month among with my other household items. Well a few months ago i ordered a babyshower cake, this cake was supposed to be ready at 12 i got there at 130 and it was not ready, i understood it was graduation season and they were busy, i left came back at 330 and i still was not ready. i waited another hour and finally was able to get my cake i understand they were busy so i didnt complain i just paid for the cake and left. a month after thatsince I decorate cakes I decided to go buy a bucket of frosting, the decorator informed me she would love to sell it to me but she was not allowed to that they didn't have enough and they needed to special order it, I was Not pleased but of course I understood. The next week I go in to buy groceries since it was my day ff I decided to take some of my old coworkers coffee as I stood by the bakery the bakery lead (may I add very rude and unprofessional) walked up behind us and started yelling at one of the decorators. She walked away and came back and then started yelling at one of the bread wrappers, I heard several members mutter how unprofessional she was being but no one said anything. I noticed the decorator was very upset and embarrassed by the way she was treated. Still I felt I was not in my place to say anything. A few days later I went to order 2 cakes and one of the bakery workers said that they had had a meeting where they discussed that myself and 2 other previous employees were not Allowed to speak to them while they are working nor take them coffee on their lunches. Now I understand about distractions and agree that when people are at work they should be left to work but as a member have the right to get service from any department and not be excluded because I used to work there. The lead mentioned I could not take them coffee because it was considered as a gift but what is the difference from someone bringing an employee lunch, I am sorry but it is the same thing. It did not stop there, I have never been rude to anybody, I like to consider myself a lady and do not like to stoop low. When I went to go pick up the cakes I ordered on Saturday I got nothing but dirty looks from the lead, I patiently waited to get my cakes and asked one of the decorators if I can order a cake for Sunday all I needed was a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, something very plain and simple, the decorator responded and said I would love to make it for u however we are running out of chocolate buttercream, I will try and see if I can have some left over for you tomorrow, I go in on Sunday and they did not have any. I told them I really needed a cake so I decided to buy a plain uniced chocolate cake and would decorate it at home. When the decorator handed it to me. Manager very rudely asked me if I had ordered the cake, I was already in an upset mood and did not want to lose my cool so I responded I tried but u guys were out of frosting I got the cake paid full price for it and left. Now about a week later I go in to order another cake and they said they were out of whip cream frosting and out of ink to put a picture on a cake. I am sorry but what type of business are you guys running here. I still did not lose my cool I settled for a basic cake. However now every time I go in there I am constantly being watched and starred down I feel discriminated and the only fault I had was working there before. I swear on everything I love I was never rude and never asked for anything special but I feel I am being targeted for no apparent reason I would appreciate someone contacting store 6235 before I take matter into my own hands and get a lawyer involved. What finally made me write this comment was the fact that i went in there yesterday and was about to buy a box of cupcakes, they were red white and blue and one of the bakery employees stopped me, said that those cupcakes were made on labor day and were already expired but they simply did not want to throw them away now i am sorry but you are dealing with peoples health and i believe as a multibillion dollar company throwing a pallett of cupcakes away is a lot better then making someone sick. i am no one to say how employees should be treated or the new rules and policies you may implement but putting my family health at risk is beyond unexceptable.

thank you a very dissatisfied member

Posted by One pissed off ex employee

I have worked at Sam's club from Oct 2012 to Aug 2013. I could not even finish a full year at this place! For the last two weeks of my employment at Sam's Club, I was harassed my ex boyfriends cousin. I was called names, talked crap on, I was threatened. It got to a point, where the day before I quit I was screamed at in the parking lot by this individual for about five minutes. I brought to all of my Cos's attention and a few managers knew of the situation. After i was verbally harassed in the parking lot, I proceeded to go straight to a manager to finally make this stop. I was told that if I was to bring up harassment again I was going to be fired. Granted the individual doing the harassing was also threatened to be fired, I found it completely unnecessary to threaten me on being fired just because i wanted this all to end! I am very disappointed on how I was treated at this situation and I would never ever recommend a friend to work there! At the moment, I am looking for a lawyer and taking this very seriously because I find it very wrong that I had to be scared to go to work everyday for two weeks because I was afraid something was going to happen to me.

Posted by GKD1234

I was hired on at the new Sam's club in Glen Carbon, Il, along with others I was let go before I even had an opportunity to start my new position in the bakery. The new store hadn't opened yet and they had us all 'blitzing'. Out selling memeberships, and based upon how we did there would determine if they 'liked' us well enough to keep us. Sam's treats their employees poorly and unfair. A man approached me while I was out blitzing and said he won't shop there because of that reason. He shops Cosco. Now I totally understand. They have let good workers go based upon their sales training, if your not a sales person like myself, as I was not hired to be a sales person, I was let go. I was there 2 months and got 4 days training the a bakery. The rest was selling memberships. I wasn't given a fair chance in the club to do my job. As well as others. The boss there, Josh, has a terrible attitude. Never smiles and always on people about the wrong their doing along with threats of having to re-take sales training classes for not selling the 'appropraite' amount of memebership DAILY! Something needs to be done about this situation. I will NEVER shop at Sam's again and I'm letting the whole world know! Rock on Cosco!

Posted by Manuel

Why is Sam's Club now wanting their team leads to spend money in dressing up to be able to keep a job. I've been a team lead for about five years and never have work under any pressure an till now wondering if I'll have a job tomorrow.

Posted by lisa

As a Sam's Club member, I thought this would be a nice place to work. I applied for a position within the company, and was hired in membership services. To say that this was a horrible experience, is saying the least. From the moment I was hired, I was treated terribly. This is the Sam's Club in Streamwood, Il that I am referring. The lady who hired me, April,was rude and condescending. The first day I worked, I got sent home for not punching out for my break. Then they scheduled me for a week, but then took me off that whole week saying that they did not need the coverage. The store manager was rude and condescending, and he would reprimand employees in front of customers and other staff. The other women in my department were nothing but rude and condescending. I never received my check either. And when I went in to turn in my vest, because I did end up leaving the company due to the poor treatment that I received. They told me they had my check in the office, and that if they had to mail it they would have to send it certified. Like, why would that be my problem? Anyways, to sum it up, I am no longer a member of Sam's club, and this was such a disappointment to see the company as I saw it. They should be ashamed of how they treat their employees. And they also need to be aware that not only are they employees, but they are also potential customers

Posted by Anonymous

Joliet SAMs club needs to get thier act together. They need to fire Coach Dave because he messes up people's schedules and move them to a different department and expects them to do something when they weren't trained for it.


I Work For Club # 4724 In Hoover, Al And It Is The Worst Place I Have Ever Worked For They Lazy, Mean, They Say One Thing And Do Another, They Dislike Blacks,and Any Other Race That Are Not White... The Managers Lock Us In After Our Shift And Refuse To Let Us Go Home Until We Meet There Standards.we Are Parttime Employee's Whom Are Giving Fulltime Hours Just So They Don't Have To Give Us Benefits... They Have Teamleaders That Do There Dirty Work, And With Positions If Your White You Can Step Down Miss Days And Curse And Have Fitts And Keep Or Regain That Same Position,and Some Even Go To Different Departments, If They Ask, They Go, But Not Non-white Employees. We Have A So Called Employee Of The Month/year And The Same People Keep Getting And Also Safety..we As Black People Are Still Not Being Treated Fair In 2013, And It Is Really Sad.. Don't Be Surprise If You Go Into Hoover, Al And It's Is An All White Store..i Feel Like I Wasted My Time With This Company.....

Posted by pissed emplyee

I work for Sam's club member services.
I spend my shift being yelled at, being called names, being cussed at. People don't like their pic, I muct have done something wrong.. no. actually, the printers are crap.
They wait in line too long? Must be my fault. They want to check out at membership? Well then customer service issues will have to wait! They come running into the store at 8:25, shop for 30 mmin..(we close at 8:30)
Then say I wasn't pleasant enough? or that I have attitude? Why, yes, yes I do! I have to work late tonight because of your selfishness. I work 2 jobs. I am tired at closing, and want to go home. So does everyone else. They return anything they can get their hands on and get mad if questioned. I know you did your driveway with the pressure washer. I know you read that book. I know you left that chicken in your car while you shopped next door.
Stop treating people waiting on you like crap, and you'll get better service.
Why do people feel the need to take the time to complain about employee's not being "nice" enough? Maybe she just got cursed out yet again by some woman who was mad about her pic.. or some jerk tired of waiting in line...
Nothing will happen by complaining.. Sam's club is not going to buy better equipment, nor hire enough people, nor pay them well enough so they can have just one job..or even let them work full time..
Get a life, people, and don't shop at discount warehouses if you are obsessed with being treated like Kings and Queens!!!

Posted by Anonymous

I work at a NC club, we are about to start optimized scheduling. If the way we are being scheduled now is any indication of how this going to work many of us will be looking for other jobs. Also members will be unable to find any help and will be canceling that wonderful "Plus Membership" the company expects us to shove down their thoats.

Posted by newemployee

ok so ive only just started working at sams, when i first started i had to do a weeks worth of cbls to even be able to train to be a cashier. Well come to find out, half the stuff i did wasnt even used and i wasted most of my time. But that was no big deal, i then was placed by a few co workers to "shadow" them and watch how they do things, half the time these people did everything wrong and also badgered the members to upgrade. But that was their job, the goal for plus memberships of the day was 4. FOR EACH PERSON. after 2 days of shadowing they stuck me on a register by myself and left me to fend for myself. Normally u get more time to adjust to the enviorment and to get more comfetable but apparently not here. on missing days, due to me becoming sick and runing a high fever i missed 3 days. No one had told me where the call in number was located in my papers there for i could not call in. I did try every number i could find for sams club but no one ever answered. I did not feel like moving around and the preveous day was spent vomiting. (i had to leave work early after 4 hours of me telling them i needed to go, they sent me to clothing thinking id "calm down") As far as i can tell, all sams cares about is money not member service. Many of our members have re newed their cards only to find out that some how their cards arent re newed an they get kicked out of the store.....wtfh? this has happend several times, when it SHOULD HAVE NEVER HAPPENED.
Ive seen members denied the right to shop due to their memberships not being the right lvl, ive seen them be denied because they use someone elses card. All in 2 weeks. Now im just telling u what ive seen, im sure things will level out and maybe i can enjoy working for the comapany, but atm i see nothing that sam walten wanted nor the cbl lessons i was forced to do for a week. Wheres that member service?

ps tranfering items to other carts is useless and a waste of time, if the cashier checks everything they should, tranfering doesnt even have to be done.

pss plus memberships arent as easy as the uppers seem to make u think. Most of the people who come have no use nor want for the plus and have said no several times before. You only push customers away like that.

Posted by anonymous

okay so obviously on here its the only place i can honestly say how i feel about the sams club store i work for here in CO. first off im pregnant and im cashiering still with a smile still going day to day with the pains and what not of the job. well those of us that work there know about the lovely flat lanes that are so dreaded among others. when i asked to make an exception due to have eight weeks till my due date i was told there was nothing they could do it was policy that being a cashier you must work down there, unless of course i bring in a doctors note explaining the specific limitations, doing that though means being sent on my leave until after i have my baby. im not asking for much just dont expect me to move 10 cases of water and 3 huge bags of dog food being big and prego. its hard this store i work for is acclaimed to be number 1. its funny you can always tell when corporate is fixin to visit managers all of a sudden have smiles on their faces and are surprisingly nice id love to see a surprise visit done so they can see how things are truly run, when you call for them it takes almost ten minutes for them to respond due to being in the huddle of laughing hyenas. when they finally get over their pi$$d for having to do their job. id love to report all of this, but honestly i need to job, although i wish that when a customers asks if they treat their employees good i could respond with how many people have quite working for them since dec.13 a total of 12 (TWELVE) thats 12 people that got tired of their bu11$h!t and how they treat their employess

Posted by Anonymous

i work for sams club i just transferred from a high folumn store that does everything by the book to a store thats poorly managed in my department the club is 8286 bellmead the team leader is young and has no real experience being a leader she has spoken several times thAT SHE DOESNT CARE IF things get done and that shes tired of being the only one to do them. but since i have been there i have not seen her take any responsibility. and compliance about cleaniness i have never seen them check this either, this store could use a visit from a manger who has proven himself ringo garza from 8281 or rosie the fresh manager or even our team leader veronica i dont wanna cause problems or lose my job so i dont know how to proceed with this

Posted by anonymous

Here is the problem . . . at Sam's Club, you idiots feel it is ME FIRST ME FIRST ME FIRST. Drop the attitude, seriousely. It isn't always about YOU. It is about Member service. If this other Member was ahead of you, MR. OR MRS. I AM ABOVE ALL ELSE, guess what? He or she should have been helped by the membership cashier associate. The job he or she SHOULD HAVE BEEN DOING, as you say, was exactly what he or she was doing that you got bent out of shape over. Member service is thier job FIRST, above all else, even you Miss Queen of Sheba or Emperor of Spain. We are pushed so hard at Sam's Club to help every single member and go above and beyond. It sounds like this associate was just doing their job and you got impatient and selfish and didn't understand why on earth this associate was doing exactly what they got paid to do: Help each and every single member at a time in thier section of the Club. Sorry, you lose that arguement too.

Posted by pcguida

to whom it may concern, I was a Sam's Club Associate for 11 yrs, did my job was a team player,help our members, never called in sick I loved working at Sam's it was like my second home away from home. However back three months ago I was having difficulties and made a huge mistake instead of asking for help I did something I shouldn't have done and I very sorry for that.I went to court and paid for what I did. I loved working for Sam's Club and people make mistake, that doesn't mean they are bad people, why can't this company give someone a second chance, working with the person instead of firing the person right there and then, people deserve a second chance to redeemed themselves this company does not aloud for that. In all the years that I worked for Sams Club I never once took anything that didn't belong to me. However
there were many managers who were under investigation for lowering prices on already marked down Items like televisions and other items for their friends,and all that was kept quiet so that these managers wouldn't loose their jobs.I make one mistake and no matter what I would have said to Ceaser (manager) for risk control his decision was already made before I even got Called to the office. Who stared by asking me if I liked working for Sams, what did I do their, where did I see Myself going with this company He was making it sound like he was doing an interview, He could just have told me why I was in the office. I didn't lie about anything I told the truth. I was told that I can't even shop in the club, I paid for my mistake. Is there a chance that I may be able to have a second chance? I love working there it's a great place to work and a chance to redeem myself.

Thank you

Posted by Associate

I work for Sams Club in Bloomington, Minnesota for one year. I've been demoralized, disrespected and treated like yesterdays garbage. I was given a bad review when I put in for a transfer, not given a raise after one year of service. I've seen many come and go in my time working here and nobody cares enough to do anything about the constant Bulling of their associates by the MOD's. Worse place I have ever worked at and would NEVER refer anybody to this place.
Sams Club associate

Posted by Sammie

I work for Sam's in Michigan, we have a great store clean, well lit. I have worked there for 2 years in electronics. My co-workers are great but upper management only cares about bonus money. It is sad that all the training is on computers then they throw you to the wolves, some of my co-workers in electronics don't know the difference between LCD TV's and LED TV's so I am not only educating our members but co-workers also. It would be great to just do my job on my shift but I get put on door greeter breaks, lunches or call offs, then the knuckleheads will page you saying members need help in electronics, the right hand does not know what the left hand is doing. We are always shorthanded because there so worried about club budgets and don't realize good member service leads to better sales of products and services. Managers and supervisor's are constantly threaten cashiers which upsets them and they take it out on our members. No motivation to sell plus memberships which are straight garbage, useless free money for management and exec's, I got a whooping $110 after busting my ass all year. They don't listen or even care about employee concerns. I refunded my plus membership cause it had zero benefit for me and mine. Good customer service brings positive results. Front end is always a mess, long lines because cashiers are forced to badger members to upgrade or apply for credit. Plus membership is a joke I looked at what I saved and it was a grand total of 10 bucks for the year but I paid 60 for the upgrade got my money back and I don't shop there their prices are way more expensive than local markets, target etc.. Walmart our sister company sells some of the same products way cheaper and we won't match them. The problem is with upper management they are clueless and greedy and have zero customer service skills and employee management skills. They reward people for bad behavior and treat good employees like crap. They are always try to scare you with a write up or coaching for minor bullcrap, always a great way to motivate your employees. Stuck here until something better comes up hoping Costco calls me they pay more and seem to understand customer service relates to better bottom line. Get a clue Sam's, I find it hard to believe this is Sam Walton's dream he must be rolling over in his grave.

Posted by nomoresams

I worked at Sams Club in Arizona for a short while. I was hired on during the Xmas season as a cashier ($9.50, whoopee)and told I would average about 33 hours a week during that time. You have several days of computer based learning you have to go thru in the beginning and then they finally stick you out on the floor. When you have your orientation meeting they make it sound like a fantastic place to work. Well, come to find out if you are part time, as most in the store are, you DON'T QUALIFY for any benefits like the health or dental plans, vacation time until ONE YEAR of employment OR 1250 hours. The other cute thing is that they cut your hours WAY down after the seasonal rush to 8-16 hours a week. All it did for me was to screw my one can live on 8-16 hours a week. Look elsewhere for a worthless job; this place isn't worth considering.

Posted by Anonymous

I been a cart pusher for over a year now and missed out on 3 inside job opening. I dont call off. I am the hardest worker out there and i get screwed every way possible. I was nt even interviewed at all for any of the positions that were open that i have in my current interest.There promoting of people that do nothing at all... And of it all they treat ya like crap and dont care to listen to you when you try to explain anything they just ignore you.. They dont even pay yearly evals good . Like i said i do my best i get a .40 cents raise and someone who does nothing get a .60 cents raise..Now where is that fair.I'm so tired of it all but the enconomy is bad and i need a job to take care of my family.. And of it all my direct manager told me i can run circles @ everyone out there and does anyone see a problem with that... I'm just sick of it but need a job.


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