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Sally Beauty Supply customer service is ranked #838 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 20.73 out of a possible 200 based upon 30 ratings. This score rates Sally Beauty Supply customer service and customer support as Terrible.


29 Negative Comments out of 30 Total Comments is 96.67%.


1 Positive Comment out of 30 Total Comments is 3.33%.

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  • Sally Beauty Supply

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    • 20.73 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 29 negative comments (96.67%)
    • 1 positive comments (3.33%)
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    • 1.2 Issue Resolution
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Posted by Luana

Hello, I have a complaint to make.. I purchase a hair dye at sallys in Hollywood fl in Oakwood plaza... And the dye didn't work and I just wanted to even exchange for another dye and vilma told me very rudely that they do not exchange anything.. I showed her my receipt which says if your not happy with your purchase you can exchange...vilma continued to tell me she will not change my item that there's no policy for exchange or refunds... Vilma is the worst with customer service.. I shop at sallys every week and she make my shopping unhappy....

Posted by Anonymous

I just had to tell the powers that be in the corporate office that the store manager of store #839 in Woodbridge Virginia is awesome!

My Lââ?¬â?¢Oreal hair color that I have been using for over 20 years has been discontinued ðŸË?±. Tracy the store manager was so helpful and went out of her way to find my hair color shade from wherever she could. I canââ?¬â?¢t thank her enoughâÂ?£ï¸Â?

I have always liked Sally�s but now I LOVE my local store #839 in Woodbridge Virginia!

Posted by Mzkferg

The manager here in Del rio to is very rude and disrespectful, I guess she was upset that I had to make request for hair from eagle pass tx who manager was very helpful and respectful in helping me with my needs. Since Del rio manager did not help me with a request that I ask her for a month in advanced but since she doesn't know about African American hair products she didn't even bother to help. Also she went off off on one of my clients who went in for some particular hair because the other store helped me out with some thing she didn't want to. I don't know if she is racist against black because that is the second client of mines that she has went off on. I told them to call another location to make a complaint like I did, I will continue to contact you guys and other stores of yours until I' am contacted back about this matter. She also said that her manager said she don't have to help us all she have to do is tell us to order it offline even though our local store provide and sell the products that we need. My name is Kenesha Ferguson and you can reach

Posted by Anonymous

I am needing to get in contact with management from your corporate location. I have serious concerns regarding your SALLY beauty Location In Chesapeake Virginia. I just had an incident with the cashiers at this store, I asked fro a manager they explained that this manager was not present but I would like to speak with someone at your corporate location to explain my complaint, thank you in advance for your immediate response

Posted by Anonymous

I called Sally Beauty to ask if a curling iron one quarter inch barrel was in stock. The lady said yes I had to send my husband to get it. I was unable to go as I had been in an accident. When he got there the lady said it was gone. No explantion was given. I would like to know the reason for this. It is the store on peachtree industrial Atlanta GA

Posted by Anonymous

Queen Creek Market Place Arizona

Earleen (The employee) was so RUDE to me and my daughter in front of other customers because I tried a spray on my daughters hair. Earleen rushed to where we were and demanded for me to give her the spray that i used and to handed to her. She had a lot of attitude, rolled her eyes and had the loudest voice. I work in the Customer service and that is no way to approach a customer. When she was at the register, I asked her if the Manager was there and she stated that this store doesn't have a manager. I mentioned to her that her behavior was unacceptable but, she continued to talk loudly and said " I wasn't being rude plus you shouldn't be trying any products" very sarcastically she continued to be rude and said "have a great night". Since when is it acceptable to talk back to customers?? Last time I will visit this store and purchase any items.

Posted by Anonymous

Was treated very rude by manager in Hermitage store..she always has a bad attitude like your putting her out..will not return

Posted by Anonymous

I went into one of your stores today looking for help with hair color . i was treated very bad by one of your employees. i was trying to tell her what i was looking for,and that i needed help,she started talking very loud at me,telling me you don't need my help loud, she just left me standing there like wasn't there,i then went around to next isle where she was and told her she didn't have to be so rude, i was so upset i left. this store was in Lamarque Texas. usually when i need help with something i always go to your store.

Posted by Bebra

Terrible customer service, employees with no basic knowledge of products, always out of merchandise with no oversight obviously, and they cater to specific ethnic groups which is revealed by the lack of products for certain hair types and the over abundance of brunette and black hair supplies. Bottom line- bad management at corp. level with little to mo oversight.

Posted by Quality

New Bern Ave. Sally's Beauty Supply Customer Service was awful. The person waited on me smelled just like a muss rat and was awfully rude.

Posted by Bbygrl90m

At store 3455 there is a worker there that is so rude has a nosering in the middle kinda gothic look. She is so rude and not polite at all the way she talks to you like she is so mad. You cant even ask her a question. worst service ever

Posted by Anonymous

Worse customer service ever! Employees are ignorant and rude. Just their own appearance is enough to deter me. How can they sell beauty products when their own employees look unkempt and stunk like B.O.!?? HIGHLY DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS STORE!

Posted by Anonymous

My wife been cut, styling, coloring hair for over 25yrs. She submitted an application for part time employment at Sally Beauty supply. She also talked to the manager and did tell my wife that they are hiring. This was over a month ago, no call back, no response. My wife would been a valuable asset to the company. Im afraid that the manager was scared that my wife would take her place because of her knowledge in the salon industry.

Posted by Anonymous

the bond shopping center store has the most ignorant manager and clerks! Dare ask any questions and they look like I'm invisible that same older black woman is beyond rude! She needs to go!

Posted by Ana

Shoppe At Store 10453 On 10/31/15 I Asked Person On Register If She Was Manager Nooded Her Head Name Ana Worst Customer Service Ever I'vr Experience I Been Shopping At Sally's For About 25yrs I Asked If I Could Give My Phone # To Get The Discount I Said Just Moved Got My Stuff All Over The She Said Out Of Town ?,, I Said Know Than I Could Tell She Change Her Time Of Voice As If Was Funny ???,, I Go To This Location Because Is So Close By But I Will Not Shop There Anymore I Work Retail And Mystery Shopper Is My Experties This Manager Needs To Have New Traing And Be More Cordial With Vip Cudtomers

Posted by Sheila

the store on Linton and congress: 4801 Linton BLV, SP. B-3 . The store #1664 and the person who rang the items up is Dyretha.
There was no customer service. She was so rude and extremely disrespectful to me. She tried to make a case that the product is not in its original state. I said exactly that's why i am exchanging it for the one that works. She proceeded to make a big deal out of nothing. I was a simple and quick exchange that turns into a huge debacles of name calling (her calling me names).
Bottom line is: no customer purchasing a product at a company should be treated or spoken the way i was spoken to.
She was so obnoxious and i have no proper word to describe Dyretha Training Manager. Her name doesn't deserver her.

Posted by Page

This isn't a comment, it's a WARNING.I had called Sally's the one in Michigan on Ford Rd, next to David's Bridal Shop and Target.I called to ask if they had alcohol free hairspray, Jessica said yes it was called Ion.So then I called back to ask directions, she gave them to me. So I drove all the way there and when I arrived I found her,the other 2 hired help was way to busy talking about their up coming plans,so she looked everywhere and came back to tell me they had none she said sorry and walked away to register,no customers where there.So I asked if she could call another store to see if they had it,she called Allen Park and they did.So I asked when they had their next delivery could they drop 3 bottles to the Dearborn store, she then said they didn't do that.So I asked for a MGR to call me since there wasn't one there.Noone ever called . Four days later Jessica called when I went to get them I thought I'd get a MGR apology, but no nothing .No customer Svc, they obviously need help in MGR dept .

Posted by ..

Worst employees ever. They would not return me my money for a bottle of developer and accused me of using it when it was never used.

Posted by Anonymous

This is regarding the Sally's in Graceland shopping center in Columbus Ohio. The people that work there are super useless. But my biggest complaint is the fact that the manager of that location smells so bad that you can't even breath. And he could be all the way in the back office and you can still smell him. It doesn't matter if it's winter or summer this guy is disgusting and someone needs to let him know. I hate going there because of it. There's no excuse for smelling that bad.

Posted by Kmila

I was at Sally's on Monday purchasing some hair treatments.Had several questions and before I checked out I asked the sales rep and her answer was, "those are too many questions" and "I don't know".

My hair got damaged and today I went to purchase hair extensions plus conditioner and other items. I was in my car when I realized the extensions didn't have hair clips. Went back to the store and I was told there was nothing to do that it was a final sale. I did not even have the opportunity to exchange them.

I was told that I should have asked question, that I should have known what I wanted. That I could speak with the manager next week. There's a high level of ignorance and intolerance in this store. I asked for the name of one employee, he decided to turn his back on me and walked away to then close the door on my face.

I turned around and on my way out he decided to come out of the back room and call the cops. I have everything recorded on my cellphone and will make sure that my awful experience is heard by the store manager and upper management.

When I left the store I decided to call the cops, but, this is a civil matter so there was nothing they could do.I am offended and NOT happy.

Posted by Miryam

this Sally has a new address. its 20258 US Highway 18 #470 Apple Valley, Ca. I was there asking the receptionist if there is something I can do to blend in my halo hair extension with my natural hair. She showed me a "COMB" that blend hair very nice with extension. so I bought it since she seemed she knew what she was talking about. Went home and tried it, ran it through my hair and extension and realized what the women sold me was a precision cut texturing comb!!! and watch all my hair fall to the floor!!! I called her and was upset and told her I didn't want my hair cut, that's not what I was looking for!! She was rude and said that is what she told me. I will never go to another Sally Beauty Company again!! Needless to say I should have read it before I purchased it, My fault my error.

Posted by Marines

Dear Sally's
My Ãɱame is Marines Montero i been a license Cosmetology for more that 15 years and done the mayor shopping at your company for more tha a decade.
To be sort I want to let you know that me a couple off friends as not a fogs impression off how your store at Connecticut ave in the state off Maryland is been Manage mistreat have acure couple off times not even me my boyfriend went there to buy as product that I need it and he came home complaining about how every thing was handle pls take care off this matter is not fare for any body specially for profesional in this business to spend money in top off that been discriminated.
Thank you for your atencion
Marines Montero

Posted by lisandra

Horrible customer service at the Bloomfield, NJ location. One person wouldn't get pricing for the person at the register. The cashier gave me a horrible look because she dropped something I was going to use on my body and told her I didn't want. She got smart with me. This is why so many companies are failing. I would rather shop online and not have to deal with this crap.

Posted by nannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

whats up with your so burlington vt store? the workers arent working rather chat on cells and drink beverages.the talk was gossip and in poor taste.i had to go to them to ask for help and was told dont see it we dont have it. i left no one cared that i made a special trip there to spend money. that day changed my choice for places i'll shop at.

Posted by Anonymous

The blond manager was so rude! Won't be back to that store

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Posted by Terry hills

I went to the Manchester store in the on west middle turnpike and I was very please when I walked in I was greeted by a beautiful lady nice smile and she was willing to help me in any way possible from the process of dying my hair the pros and cons she made my day I don't know her name but she had the sweetest country accent

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