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Saks Fifth Avenue customer service is ranked #485 out of the 942 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 31.95 out of a possible 200 based upon 44 ratings. This score rates Saks Fifth Avenue customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


42 Negative Comments out of 44 Total Comments is 95.45%.


2 Positive Comments out of 44 Total Comments is 4.55%.

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    • 31.95 Overall Rating
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    • 42 negative comments (95.45%)
    • 2 positive comments (4.55%)
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Posted by Cabbie18

I can tell you why the refund policy is only 30 days because I used to work at Saks in Beverly Hills. Half of all the merchandise sold would be returned and it was a huge loss of revenue for the company and sales personnel. Imagine that. HALF! People would generally use the merchandise by wearing it or using it a few times then return it with the tags still on. It was 10 years ago and if I remember correctly, the refund policy used to be 60 days. Which was fair! Most of the people returning were foreigners from Europe, Brazil and other countries and of course the Persians who always wanted something for nothing and if they did not get the refund they would put up a fight. It's no wonder The US and other countries have to argue with Iran. And let me tell you some customers were truly annoying or plain trouble. Even returning merchandise that was visibly dirty. So there you have it, half of society is just plain despicable. If you shop at Saks, make sure you really want what you are paying for. And for the love of God, if it's clothing, try it on first before buying it!! Yes it can take 3 to 4 weeks to get your refund but that's almost anywhere. Expect high-quality with Saks products. But do not expect to buy from Saks and then return The merchandise expecting a refund after 30 days. Have some damn integrity. You are supposed to buy, not borrow. As for you euro trash and Persians and other foreigners who expect something for nothing, you know who you are.

Posted by Tonis

Shopping at is fine. But, if you want a refund forget it. I ordered a glass jar with cookies. When it arrived it was not packed right. It was in many pieces. I even cut myself on it. They told me to email a picture, which I did. They emailed back and said they would process the full refund. After 2 weeks I asked where is my refund. She said it takes 10 to 14 business days. That's crap. It's been over four weeks and nothing. I went on chat with Barbara Taylor. She said to send a picture. I said I already have, and even had a return number. She ended the chat. I'm calling my credit card and stopping payment. That is the only way to handle Saks! Also they lost a long term customer, I even cancelled my saks card after 20 years.

Posted by Life

The return policy in not competitive with other stores and is very inflexible. I would only purchase as a last resort if I could not find the product elsewhere. Wake up Sak's, before it's too late.

Posted by catex

I don't know whether I'd blame USPS or Saks, I returned skincare products to Saks via mail, because I found them cheaper at Neiman Marcus with better deal. However, this is the 7th day of mailing, I still can't track the package on with the parcel number on the return label provided by Saks. I wonder whether this happen for other customer returning by mail?

Posted by Chzy

return took like 3 weeks to process and finally I got a email said they got my returned item but now another 3 weeks, I still haven't get my money back. I contact them through email but there is no reply at all. OMG

Posted by Aquatalia

The return policy is not very customer friendly. I bought a pair of shoes $595>00 which seemed comfortable to walk when walking on the carpeted floor of the store. However when I wore them at home and walked from my home to the drive way they were not comfortable to walk and the sole of my feet hurt. In addition the leather got marked in just walking from the to the driveway on cemented concrete floor. Seeing this I was very disappointed mainly because I hadI spent almost $600.00 on a shoe and it was not comfortable to walk in. I knew a return would not be possible, but I wanted to get the shoe exchanged for another shoes of the same brand. I explained the whole situation to the store manager at the raleigh store, but he refused to do an exchange on grounds that store would have to take the loss. It would have been appreciated if Saks would ensure that the quality of the shoes on display was worth the price tag of the shoe.

I was a returning customer to Saks, but after this incident incident I do not think I will spend money in Saks.

Posted by Pbis

The return policy is ambiguous in that it says items purchased at full price can be returned within 30 days. Does this mean reduced items may not be returned? I tried to get clarification via phone and chat but there is no answer. Christmas shopping could be dicey online if a sale item is not returnable.

Posted by Klakson

YOU GUYS TAKE FOREVER TO REFUND! I shipped my item out on 11/10/17 due to damage, and it's already 11/30/17 and you guys still have not processed my return!

Posted by Anonymous

Saks Fifth Avenue has the worst return policy and customer service.
Never will I shop here again.

Posted by Alexa

Worst customer service. The african american lady working at the register on August 3,2017 at 8pm in the one at vineland rd was VERY RUDE, NOT WANTING TO GIVE AN EXPLANATION of why she couldnt do the return. She wasnt nice at all. She could've said the same things she said in a nicer way. But she was RUDE!! wont be returning or recommending that location

Posted by bella

worst customer service ever return a pair of jeans expensive sales person would not return them said they were not saleable condition are you kidding the way i purchased them is exactly the way i returned them had all tickets attached reciept everything never would i walk in your store and i love to shop ihave spent a lot of money at Saks you lost a good customer.

Posted by Style 1

I made a purchase for True religion dark green Camo jeans. January 14, 2017 one wash and the pants were falling apart I went to the store at the orange block they refused to credit or find me another pair of pants my purchase was made with a Saks card and I have all four colors of the troop religion pants this particular pair doesn't hold up pass a wash unbelievable

Posted by tewodros m geday

I need

Posted by CIPZ

you should do it he same as Nordstrom rack does in their return policy. I'm not going to be your customer.

Posted by Anonymous

I called them 5 times and wasted about 40min of my time. There is no one at the online customer service. They have the worst customer service ever.

Posted by Shari

Calling is guaranteed to put you on hold a minimum of 20 minutes. I've had the displeasure of having to call at least 3 times now regarding a single order. The most recent call was made at 8:30 PM on a Monday night and I ended up talking to someone who did not understand or speak English very well.

Posted by MeNoLikey

I came online to check out the exchange policy because I have an item in the wrong size and receipt but I am discouraged to even contact Saks regarding the issue based on all the comments that alphabet been posted. What is Saks doing about their customer base? And do you guys even care? #stuck

Posted by [email protected]

It is impossible to read the contact phone NO. printed on the Saks Card for payment. I am also requesting a change in the date the payment is due as I don't seem to remember so early in the month to pay the bill. Mid month is best as that is the time I pay my other charges.
Thank you.
Phyllis cohen

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased a Chanel Powder Blush and YSL Lipstick and didn't like the color anymore I couldn't find my receipt and I didn't want my money back just wanted to Exchange for a different color but they gave me such a hard time and I was there for like 25 minutes because they couldn't find me in there system such CRAP! I WILL NEVER SHOP THERE AGAIN...

Posted by T D Center

the worst customer service that I have encountered anywhere. I work in a customer service job and my company makes Saks look as if they are going backwards. Never got an answer to a simple question!!!!

Posted by Damla

Hı! I bought a dress from this store today. When I came home I realized that dress was ripped. So I want to return but I couldn't find the receipt. I bought it with credit card. Still can İ return?

Posted by chevmo

I Placed three recent online orders with Saks and the items were clearly just thrown in a box and arrived wrinkled. Had to call customer service on a couple of the items and am shocked at the poor quality customer service reps now working at Saks. Saks once valued their customers and went above and beyond. I will no longer be shopping at Saks. Very disappointed.

Posted by Anonymous

I need to pay my bill by phone what is the customer service number?

Posted by JoeG

The biggest rippoff store in the country!!! I purchase about $5,000 a month in merchandise at this store....Went to exchange a David Yurman ring that wasnt even worn at the Atlanta store and they wouldnt do it claiming that the ring was scratched....bunch of you kniw whats....i will not shop there anymore

Posted by DeeB

Online shoppers may get discouraged from making purchases if returning items will be held against. Purchasing apparel online comes with the possibility that it may need to be returned if it does not fit/is not the correct size and/or other concerns about the purchased item.

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Posted by Swag_NY_MIA

I have had an excellent experience with I had one of my orders cancelled as well. It happens! I find Saks has the MOST generous return policy, and sale price adjustment policy.... I have shopped all the high end names, and Saks is definitely a favorite. Lastly, I saw alot of people moaning about the time it takes to be refunded.. I just have to say if the amount of time it takes to be refunded for its return probably cant afford it in the first place.

Posted by Judy Meyers

I had an excellent experience at the Michigan
Ave. store in Chicago. Judy Meyers was the salesperson and did everything possible to find
something that would suit me in the coat dept.
One of the best I have ever had.
Diane Cooper

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