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Safeway customer service is ranked #155 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 50.42 out of a possible 200 based upon 218 ratings. This score rates Safeway customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


187 Negative Comments out of 218 Total Comments is 85.78%.


31 Positive Comments out of 218 Total Comments is 14.22%.

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    • 50.42 Overall Rating
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    • 187 negative comments (85.78%)
    • 31 positive comments (14.22%)
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Posted by Neighbor

Safeway in Santa Cruz-big bucks for great locations- (I must say the employees are exceptional. )But the powers that be know they've got all the tourists and that's big bucks. Poor quality food in every section, poor selection, the store is set up to force shoppers to back- track,thus impulse shop more. Deli is like an afterthought- trays of precut drying meat & cheese that they grab w plastic- gloved hands. That's after waiting 5-10 min. for some unskilled employee who is not allowed to use the slicing machine. Let's not overlook the 1/2 price section - nice idea if you do it w good intention, but some of that stuff is downright scarey! There are homeless people sitting right outside your doors,and you'd rather make 20 cents on a dented box of Cheerios. FOR SHAME! Well, this is America at its peak of maggotry.

Posted by Kim

Had a delivery while in Hawaii. i was sent the order and the cost which was fine. When i got the order itself the prices were wrong. i have tried to contact the delivery email address three times to no avail. Pretty disappointed. i thought this was a super service and ordered more than $150 to get the free shipping, which was great. Hoping you can check into the emails sent and the prices we were questioning. Thank you! Kim Prince,

Posted by Irene and Joseph should be prope

I've never been to Safeway before today, but I have had a $25 Gift Card for the store for about a year now, and I drove by one of their stores today, and decided to do my shopping there, instead of my regular Publix grocery store....

I will never make that mistake again!

Before going there, I double checked the balance of the gift card, and indeed it was $25. So, my mom, my cranky 1 and a half year old, and 6 month pregnant me proceeded to grocery shop.. Then I went to pay, and they refused to take my $25 Safeway Gift Card. They told me it doesn't work, which is bizzare, since I double checked the balance prior to entering their store! Now, I got the Gift Card from up North, and I'm in FL, so I proceeded to read the fine print, thinking it may not be valid in certain states ( I know it's a silly thought, because that's illegal. Money is money, and the dollar value is the same everywhere in the USA), but no, it says " ....CARD CAN BE USED FOR PURCHASE OF MERCHANDISE AT ANY SAFEWAY COMPANIES STORES IN THE U.S. AND CANADA. CARD'S FACE VALUE IS IN U.S. DOLLARS;...." .

After their refusal to take the card, I asked to speak with the store manager, and Irene told me that she is the manager, however it turned out she didn't know how to do her job, and ended up calling Joseph, who turns out is a higher up than her, but still just a supervisor, and he didn't feel like listening to reason, or doing any work whatsoever.. I told him what it says in the back of the card (which was in his hand), and he didn't even bother reading it! He said they don't take those Safeway Gift cards... I asked him to call an actual manager, or GM, or their corporate offices and square this thing out, because they are currently refusing to take a valid $25 Safeway Gift Card, (which is as good as cash!), but both Irene and Joseph agreed that's not their job. 😂 At that point I realized they aren't too bright, and gave up. I decided to contact their corporate offices, and ask for my $25 back, because I will never visit any of their stores.

Posted by Anonymous

The pharmacy on Sunday’s is very under staffed. I was told my prescription would be ready on Sunday. I have been in line 3 times because if the long wait. Finally made it up to the front and the Pham it’s says you will have to wait I have a vaccine to administer. There definitely needs to be mite than one person working! I have to make special Rtsngements yo leave the house. I specifically came to pick up this perdvtiption! I will be looking for another pharmacy.

Posted by Juli

The customer service phone number is the worst I�ve even seen they never answer and say the option to leave a message but u can�t! I guess I will not be shopping at Safeway!

Posted by Anonymous

To whom it may concern;
I shop at Safeway in Yelm Washington State. I love safeway. Always very friendly associates and most of time very clean and well stocked. But the bummer part comes at the check out. The associates who bag your groceries need training. They either make the bags too heavy or just put one item in your bag. I keep bags in my car so I can rearrange my groceries. But I shouldn’t have to do that. I just wish they knew not to put bread with my cleaning supplies. Please give these people some training! I won’t stop shopping there. I love safeway and I think your company runs a great grocery store.

Posted by Askme

Hi! I have tried twice to call a mngr and I get put on hold fir too long so I hang up. I want to tell the mngr the store is ALWAYS out of sanitary wipes at each door. This spreads illness esp during flu season. Please fix this minor problem.

Also, store is a ghost town compared to the king Soopers across the street! Maybe offering more choices in items or remodeling store would help the sakes numbers.

This is Safeway on Bellevue�s in Littleton,co. I think #5025

Posted by Douglas

Yes, i had a 9:AM appointment at 1010 SW Jefferson Portland, OR 97201 Confirmation number: 1420923 to get a flu shot...i waited for 40 minutes as did many other people to get the aid they needed and nobody ever showed up to even open the pharmacy - NOT COOL!

Posted by Anonymous

January 15, 2018 - Regarding problems with the Kapaa, Kauai, Hawaii store

I.D= transaction retrieval # 5/243 Store Mgr. Lucienne Muse

The Kapaa Kauai Hawaii store is having difficulty processing checks and payments from local customers.

Kauai's local credit union, Kauai Community Credit Union, recently changed their computer system and account numbers.

I have been trading at the Kapaa Safeway store since it opened. I am very familiar with the checkers, who all seem to know me, too.

On 1/15/18 I shopped with the new checks.

The checks were refused, because the account # was unfamiliar.

This was despite the fact that I have been a frequent customer for over 20 years, with no bounced checks or other issues.

The message from the night manager was that no amount over $40 would be accepted "because it was a NEW account".

The purchase was for $89.92.

I presented valid I.D. (driver license) and hold a Safeway card.

She absolutely refused my check, and said she doesn't make the rules, she has to do as told by Division.

Now, I worked for Safeway over 40 years ago.

And I worked in the Division Office - both in SF and in Fremont.

I KNOW customer service should be a priority.

In this case, the difficulty processing the Kauai Credit Union checks HAS to have come up with many other local customers.

The checker who was trying to handle the purchase commented "this has been going on all day".

I hope you will be able to resolve this issue - it has to be some kind of a glitch between systems.

In addition to alerting you at the Division Office about this difficulty, I am also going to alert Kauai Community Credit Union.

FYI, contact at Kauai Community Federal Credit Union is Michael Garcia, at 808-245-6791.

Mr. Garcia has been notified of the difficulty, and is trying to get it resolved today, 1/16/18.


Mary Mulhall

Posted by Nina

I submitted my complaint on 11/30/17 and still haven't heard anything. I placed an order on November 28th for delivery on November 30, between 11:00am-3:00pm. I received my delivery at 7:00pm! I had to cancel my doctor's appointment because I needed to receive the grocery today for a handicapped person and I had to wait four long and frustrating additional hours. Upon receiving the bags, the avocado was super mushy that when I took it outside the bag, it oozed out so I had to throw it away. The mandarins that I requested were NOT Organic satsuma mandarins that I had asked and paid for. The icecream was so melted to a liquid point that it was past the stage of even milkshake consistency. I am so very disappointed with your customer service and lack of notice at least a day before delivery for the time change. I had to make numerous phone calls to Safeway customer service and the driver as well. After waiting eight long hours and receiving incorrect, melted frozen, and mushy food, I am requesting 100% refund. I have been calling every day for the past two weeks since my delivery and no one has returned my call to resolve my complaint and to refund my money.

Posted by Anonymous

You have a girl named Melissa on Kauai who acted backwards kicking me out of Safeway when Kimberly Ann Kekina is all Safeways. She kills cops, I remember that, but unfortunately I don�¢ï¿½ï¿½t remember her last name, she hid her work name tag the second time kicking me out. Safeway is the police navy blue. So technically, shes kicking Safeway out, but after a year magically shes still there. Melissa is dressed as the dead actress Greta Lovisa Gustafasson aka Greta Garbo, shes cheating to work at Safeway. The police that kicked me out arent Kim look a likes are lying, Melissa was never with Kim to manage me, so it�¢ï¿½ï¿½s impossible she manages Safeway. I�¢ï¿½ï¿½ve never hung out with her. Companies aren�¢ï¿½ï¿½t supposed to use dead movie stars. My mom died a year ago after she kicked me out of Safeway the first time, so she was in Barbara when Barbara died. Their lying claiming my mom was in my seventeen year old clothes when she died because it�¢ï¿½ï¿½s impossible Barbara can have a heart attack in Kimberly. My sister tried to steal my hearts painting cure by sticking a metaphor on her baby daughters arm who isn�¢ï¿½ï¿½t my look a like then they stuck it on my mom Barbara who also isn�¢ï¿½ï¿½t my look a like or my sisters baby�¢ï¿½ï¿½s look a like. Melissa�¢ï¿½ï¿½s trying to kill my ass by trASSpassing me, their claiming I�¢ï¿½ï¿½m passing on my own ass. Hate to sound vulgar but their doing it. Also Kimberly is a artist and the real function of them is trying to steal my paintings. On Kauai there�¢ï¿½ï¿½s a lady named Lesah who tried to get rid of me too at Safeway. Translation Melissa is artwork, Lesah is artist. I told them Safeway isn�¢ï¿½ï¿½t a art gallery. And their incorrect. Kimberly is a artist, cat artist, 13 artist and American. They don�¢ï¿½ï¿½t like Americans in Hawaii they just want to own what they aren�¢ï¿½ï¿½t written to own and aren�¢ï¿½ï¿½t willing to work for it. Factoid, Barbara and Corina in Greta Melissa has never worked a day in their whole like like Kim has. Also their lying about the fact that Melissa Rosen a look a like of Cassandra Peterson aka Elvira mistress of the dark isn�¢ï¿½ï¿½t Greta Garbo so their tricking two Melissa�¢ï¿½ï¿½s acting like the Melissa at Safeway is the same as Cassandra Peterson�¢ï¿½ï¿½s look a like Melissa Rosen. Elvira tried steal my hostess snowballs as a kid by becoming a hostess on tv and tried to set me on fire on her tv show. So that�¢ï¿½ï¿½s the real reason they kicked me out the first time. The real motive for stealing my snowballs was my boss artwork, I drew it and still have it. Cassandra Peterson isn�¢ï¿½ï¿½t American twins like Kimberly she�¢ï¿½ï¿½s two Yukon twins Pip and Flip snow.

Posted by Anonymous

Safeway store in Damascus, Or. needs a total update and better concentration on foods too old to sell and problems especially in the bakery dept. I have had fresh fruit issues, tough meat, and bakery selling dry overcooked goods. Just this Thanksgiving I purchased a pumpkin pie and before picking one they had broken crusts and burned on top filling on every pie but one and after serving one, it was the worst pumpkin pie ever. Last year I had a great one. I can't run to the store to return items every time they screw up. Courteous employees but bad foods.

Posted by Anonymous

Will you at Safeway he happy when you turn the whole Lakeview Oregon

Store into a generic brand store only with no name brand items?

A lot of you generic items arent even half as good as the name brand item of the same. I am well aware that Safeway can and will be way more profitable selling their own branded items but that isn�t always what it all about. Maybe you and all the big decisions people could tell me who and the is going to buy packaged sushi in Lakeview. And while we are on the subject of packaged why is all the hamburger only sold in 2lb or more packs? It not the best idea for 1 or 2 people which there is plenty of here. The meat selection is. It good and the meat isn�t all that good either just what I want to do is pay for a steak with a butt load of non trimmed fat more profit for Safeway, garbage for me. I really wish there was another grocery store here because I would never go into to Safeway again.

Posted by Anonymous

While shopping and banking at the Safeway store at Waugh Chapel in Crofton (Gambrills), MD, I was interested in purchasing the diet Pepsi that was on sale 5 for $10.00. I looked on the shelves and on the end racks where they usually are, but it was empty. So I went to your so called customer service desk and spoke with Karine. I asked her if there were any diet Pepsi in the back. She said that if it wasn't on the floor that they didn't have it. So I asked her to call someone and check. She said that there wasn't anyone. Really??? So the customer behind me told me to find a person on the floor that was stocking shelves (someone that actually works). So I found Garrett (thank goodness) after walking the whole store. I asked him if they had any diet Pepsi in the back and he said just a minute I will check. He was so nice and polite. He came back and told me that the Pepsi man would meet me in the Pepsi aisle. How easy was that when the so called customer service person wouldn't even try to find out. Garrett deserves a raise. Karine needs to be taught customer service or be fired. She was too lazy to pick up the phone and call the back and just didn't want to be bothered.

Posted by Anonymous

Store 1600 doesn’t have But a few small carts!!! QFC has them.. your losing business... and shortage on baskets .

Posted by Anonymous

I have been cashing a check with my husband's name on it at the concord,ca store on Treat and
Clayton rd since June, 2017. I was in there last evening and paid cash and the manager, Dawn, was standing there ...she knows of me as I am always in there. Safeway declined my check. Dawn called Safeway's checking dept and they refused to cash my check cause my name wasn't on it. I showed her the checkbook where it showed 5 different checks I had written there to safeway...all had been cashed. Dawn said cause my name wasn't on the check, she wouldn't cash it. She sees me all the time ...she said my husband has to come in...can you
imagine? It was very upsetting...she was cold and indifferent to anything I said.

Posted by Anonymous

On Oct. 20, 2017, I picked up my husband from the hospital after his 101st blood transfusion. On the way home, we stopped by Pali Safeway (1360 Pali Hwy., Hon.) at approx. 3:30 p.m. to pick up $5 Friday chicken. There were three employees behind the chicken counter. They were talking among each other waiting for the chicken to cook; one was putting labels on boxes. I tried getting eye contact with one of them for 10 minutes to ask how I could order, but their backs were always turned away from the customers. Finally my husband said we needed help. One of the employees came with the clipboard THEY WERE HOLDING and called out 4 or 5 names loudly. He arrogantly said, "Is your wife's name one of them? I don't see her name." He then turned around and cackled with the other 2 workers. I overheard another employee telling a customer there's a 40-min. wait for chicken.

We talked to the store manager who was busy being a cashier at the check-out. He said he'll look into it. Suggestions: (1) A sign should be posted on the counter explaining that you have to sign in, especially for customers like us who have not bought $5 chicken for a while and leave the clipboard in sight if employees don't seem to care to help customers; (2) inform customers how long they have to wait to purchase chicken.

Posted by Upset

I was in your Thompson peak and Raintree location on October 7 2017. I needed some help finding batteries. I asked an employee named Danielle for some assistance and she was just so rude to me. Where did customer service go. She was talking to another manager when I asked for some simple help. After, she was through talking to her other manager friend she just walked away. She didn't help me at all, and left me with wondering still where those batteries were. When I asked her agaim, she said exactly to me, I just told you okay. Just like that. It disgusted me, as I've been shopping there for a long time. But never again. As she was walking away from me, I heard her call me a pain in the Ass. I was in literal shock, as I've never been spoken to like that. I asked her what she said, and she said to my face that I'm busy ok, and what the hell do you need. She and her friend, another manager I guess was laughing at me. What the he'll. I asked for something so simple. As she walked away, I heard her call me an very nasty name. . I will never ever ship at that particular store again, yet alone safeway. I felt horrible. I'll be going to Frys instead as they treat there customers with compassion and respect. The nerve of this women who is a manager to treat great customers this way. Once I questioned her about what she said, she stated that she was busy and had no time for me and walked away.

Posted by Anonymous

I Visit Your Store About Five Times A Week ! For Two Years Now, I Continue To Be Over Charged ! Your Cashiers Need Further Training, On The Weekly Sales, Or Your Registers Need The Up Dates From Week To Week ! Now To Be Fair Your Store Manger Has Worked On This For Me, So I Thought As I Called Customer Service And My Cards Were Never Put In ! Although I Just Had Club Prices Today 8-13-2017 ! I Have To Wonder How Many Other Customers Are Over Charged ? We Are Both Disabled, Therefore On A Budget ! I Spoke To Chris From Your Directive Office ! When I Told Him I Thought I Was,in Titled To A Gift Certificate For All The Gas I Use, Not To Mention How Upsetting This Is, To Both The Manager And Myself ! He Was Very Fast To Say That Would Have To Be Up To The Manager Of The Stores Disgrasion ! I Happen To Know That It Also Comes From Upper Management ! I Wonder What Would Happen, If People Knew They Were Being Over Charged ? I'am Very Upset With Safeway !

Posted by Anonymous

I am writing about the Safeway in Fairfax, VA on Braddock Rd. What is going on with this store? It used to be so convenient and our go to store. Lots of people felt the same way. Not anymore. It is DISGUSTING and the people who work there are sullen and depressed except for the pharmacy and Linda, one of the cashiers. You can't find anything and half the freezers are broken or sections of the shelves are empty. This not a third world country, we are in Fairfax County!! We have lots of options but with the traffic convenience is huge. It is getting almost impossible to shop at this store. Why have a store that looks like no one cares? You need to either dig a hole and push the store ion and close for good or remodel. All the customers are sick of it!

Posted by Annoyed

No customer service available, hard time just for asking for 2 rainchecks, have the products in store when advertised. If your not on the clock what are you doing on the floor, if your so worried about getting fired.

Posted by Anonymous

I have tried to reach Safeway by phone for about an hour now. Numbers that are not valid, no one answers the phone. This is Safeway "customer service." I have written about the horrible service at Sonoma Safeway. I understand now that Safeway doen't care about customers, it's all about profit.

Posted by Anonymous

I have been a loyal customer at my neighborhood Safeway at Sangamore Road in Bethesda MD for twenty years. There are some wonderful people there whom I will miss very much after deciding today I can no longer go there.
Over the last years, I have learned not to ever be in a hurry while shopping there. There is typically a long wait since only one or two cashiers are open, but today was so extreme that I had to leave my cart and just go. At 3:45 in the afternoon, I got in the one line that was open. There were three customers ahead of me. Ten minutes later, there were still two customers ahead of me and 5 behind me. I went to the customer service desk to let them know that there was a very long line, and to ask if they might open another register. The young woman curtly informed me she would get help when she finished with her customer. I returned to the line, and after ten more minutes, tried one more time to approach customer service. Once again, I was told to wait.
After twenty minutes at then 4:10 pm, I decided to leave.
I would like to continue to support my local Safeway. However, I have a full time job and busy life. I am very patient and don't mind waiting a little, but the typically long wait combined with rude service have made this once very loyal customer ready to move on.

Posted by Anonymous

My concern and personal pet peeve resinated about May 15, 2017.
Shopping is very different here on our Eastern Shore, beach towns. Lewes, Rehoboth and Dewey are my shopping grounds. You see I moved to Milton, Delaware last year. This move was a childhood dream and we are so happy to be here.

My peeve is that some, not all, more than less merchants tend to resent the tourists that visit these small towns. Merchants having open conversations in a small gift shop(Lewes) totally ignored me while they complained about the tourist coming for the summer and what a pain they were and how the prices in some stores were being adjusted to the merchants benefit. Who talks like that in front of customers? Let alone customers that shop year round.

Merchants also don't seem to care if the service they offer or the meal they prepare is satisfactory to the customer. I am not expecting boardwalk delights to be a gourmet meal but there are top rated restaurants, 1776 for example that don't seem to care if your meal was pleasing. Prime Rib at 1776 should be tender and cooked to your request. If your potatoes are cold and beans even made it to the steamer that is an imposition. So much for restaurant week.

Today I was in Safeway and the person working the deli counter would not let me pick out a rotisserie chicken from there case because there were two dried up overlooked chickens on the open sell display. The manager had to be called. There was no apology.

What happened to saying thank you for shopping today.

Back to the peeve. Do these merchants care about the year round customers or are we all just grouped in as a tourist. The season has just begun. There would be no businesses if the tourist didn't spend their dollars. The locals are the people that support small business during the off season.

Business owners and managers need occasional refreshing of great customer service . Locals and tourist should feel welcome in retail establishments.

I moved here from the Washington/Baltimore area and worked as an executive for a major retailer. Our company loved our tourist and made sure that our stores were stocked with specialty merchandise to accommodate people from all all over the world. It is amazing how far a friendly smile and a listening ear can go to keep customers coming back.

Here are some places that I received great service and food. Copps Seafood, Matt's, Big Fish, Abbots Grill (creek), Cracker Barrel, Harpoon Hannah's, Surfing Crab, Lazy Susan's, Northeast Kitchen and Cassapula's. These people care.

Wishing all the merchants the best season ever.

Posted by SEDTU

Dear Safeway Customer Service
I shop at the Wedgewood Safeway in Seattle. Recently I was told that the store has discontinued carrying 3 packs of gum. Not a huge deal but it seems to me the store is trying to drive the customers to buying single packs of gum which are more expensive. In addition I have noticed in the prepackaged cherries the produce department appears to have put as many cherries as possible into the packages. I noted that many customers had removed the over packed cherries and laid the cherries outside of packages on the produce bench. I think the store is attempting to drive the customers into buying more then wanted or needed. There are some other irregularities in the store as well, such as spoiled produce still for sale as welll as spoiled prepacked salads eventhough the exp. date is ok but close. In the future I'll shop at the QFC that seems to be better managed.

Add your review!

Posted by Patricia

I wanted to thank 2 safeway employees who were so helpful to me . They stopped there work to find me a product that was not on the shelf yet. They work in the backery . The store number is 1680 in silverdale washington. The date of service is 9 -17-17 there names are ROSE AND RYAN . NICE TO HAVE PEOPLE GO OUT OF THERE WAY. THERE GREAT PART OF YOUR ORGANIZATION

Posted by Anonymous

Andrew who works at the Coolidge as location needs to be recognized and rewarded for always doing above and beyond his job requirements

Posted by Anonymous

I really do not shop at Safeway but after tgis morning I just might. I was at Dupont Circle Metro Station when I and my friend were having trouble with the smart trip machine. This young lady name Andrese Reed who works at stge Safeway on 1701 Coecoran street stopped and asked did we need help. If this is the impeccable customer service you guys offer I will gladly start shopping there. I am most certainly going to visit the Corcoran street location. I believe she told me her store was 0923 or something to that matter. Thank you so much for having these types of employees.

Posted by What's this?

We're regular customers of Safeway at 44th and Lowell in Denver, CO. Daniel, gas station attended the on duty at 10:00 am 01/21 is terrific: super positive, super polite and super helpful. Please thank him again for us.

Posted by Anonymous

Greetings from Corvallis,Or.
Have to say I always enjoy my visit to the store on Circle Blvd. Sometimes it's difficult to get the attention of a clerk at the deli. I am short in stature so not noticed at times. Maybe a bell would be helpful. Can only imagine what a wheelchair bound customer must go through. Also, the Philomath store used to be my favorite. Now, I avoid it if at all possible. Clerks are less friendly, too many problems with self-checkout and a clerk named John is absolutely worthless. If he is the only clerk with an open lane, I will move on to someone else. He is even less helpful when he is working the self check out area. I can tell he has issues. Maybe a different sort of job in the store would be a better fit for him. I have heard this from several other shoppers as well. Keep up the good work Circle store

Posted by Anonymous

Just wanted to share that Preston in the Bakery department in the Windsor, CA store is awesome. I went into pick up a cake that I ordered prior for my daughters sweet 16th. It was for a small family get together. After a long day of working and running around. I must admit I was close to going nuts when he came to me with my order form in his hand and had to tell me that he was terribly sorry that my order got put in the wrong date pile. He did his best to decorate my cake and write what I wanted the cake to say. It didn't look like the normal way the cakes look coming from Safeway. However it was so sweet, that he tried so hard to make me happy. It made for a fun conversation that night and it tasted as good as any other cake I have gotten for her birthday there for the past 16 years. Thanks again Preston for saving the night, and a tired mom from losing it. Safeway could use more people like you!

Posted by Anonymous

I want to thank Barry at your Crossroads store in Carmel Valley for his excellent customer support this morning (11/13). He clearly went out of his way to handle my request! Thanks again, Kent marshall/Nancy Farrell.

Posted by None of your businees

I have always had a pleasant shopping day at Safeway in Jackson, California. I spend 99.9% of my time in the produced section (I'm a juicer)and am VERY! VERY!THANKFUL!! with the help that is provided to me by the employee's in the produce department. Like Sheridan C and his coworkers.

Thanks 11-Nov-2016 Friday 13:41 CA time

Posted by Anonymous

Over the last 3 weeks I have shopped at store 1579 and have been totally disappointed. I have bought spoiled lettuce and sour chopped vegetables which are chopped at the store so you pay a premium for them. Produce selection is terrible and the store is dirty. Except for today, good service at checkout and consistent good bakery service. The previous manager Mike was excellent and so was the store.


ANCHORAGE,ALASKA NORTHERNLIGHTS/MINNESOTA Me and my wife has been coming to SAFEWAY for years shopping,the employees or so bad,they act like they or so tired,the special need carry out dont speak,over work mad dont want to be there,evan management i dont go anywhere else because the food is ok,close to the house so we dill with it,but the first time in along time i saw a young lady name TEE at the end of the check out line,she had this great smile,welcoming use two safeway,and said enjoy the great chicken dinner have a wonderful night,oh my god my wife look at me,and said where did she come from we had along day moveing our son, and came two get some dinner and saw Tee she made use feel very welcome,and pleasant, great job on the person who hired her👍.

Posted by Jason

This rating is for keizer Oregon safeway. Kate in the bakery is really helpful and knowledgeable. Great customer service.

Posted by Anonymous

Nanette in the deli gave exceptional service last friday was very busy and only her she gave great friendly service with a smile. She was great to both customers in front of me and my daughter and i was impressed felt welcomed and not rushed. Monica Lesley

Posted by Anonymous

I love going to my safeway. It's a checker name Tony Powell that work at the safeway I go to. He have the best customer service and is so kind and fast at getting the job done. I see him doing so much for your company. He always have a smile for us. The store number is 1588A

Posted by Anonymous

I would like to express my appreciation for the assistance by Bonnie Eastman at the Safeway Redhill/San Anselmo, California store on Friday, July 1, 2016. After knee surgery, I needed help with my shopping. She led me to all the different groceries I needed in a professional, sensitive and courteous manner. I hope that this comment will be added to her employee resume and consideration for advancement.

Thank you, Phil Klasky

Posted by Toots

I LOVE SAFEWAY. Safeway has the BEST customer service, I know of. Time after time, year after year humble employees work hard to make it possible for me to have a positive experience. And it works time after time. Thank you, Safeway.

Posted by Anonymous

I have shopped at Safeway for 30years and have used the pharmacy at my local store in Damascus, Maryland. I want to commend a pharmacist Vera Sangbohg. She is always very pleasant and exceedingly helpful not only in providing the prescriptions but many other helpful guides on there use and possible interactions etc. Two days ago my wife had some surgery and was given a prescription at the hospital for pain medication. I arrived at the pharmacy two minutes before closing and Vera offered to stay and fill the prescriptions and she worked 30 minutes beyond closing hours to assure that we got the medication. I believe she deserves managements recognition for outstanding service.

Posted by [email protected]

I would like to give a sincere thanks to Rita, manager at your Milpitas, CA Safeway store! Today when I got home from shopping, having put away my groceries, I remembered the total bill amount sounding way high, so I fished the crumpled receipt out of the recycle. I realized that not only had I paid for my order, but also for the order ahead of me. The lady in front of me had toppled her cupcakes and the checker graciously offered her a new package and had her stand aside while a bagger went to get the new package. I went back to Safeway and asked for a manager, anticipating a fight. Instead, I was received with a helpful attitude and a refund for the groceries that were not mine. I want you to know that you have a wonderful representative in your manager, Rita, and you have a loyal Safeway shopper in me!

Posted by Anoymous

I was very impressed with Brenda who work in Bakery Dept. at 2900 (District #8). She provided an excellent Customer Service and already to help me everytime I go in there. She is always smile, greeting her customer and most important offered to help me find my grocery items especially in the bakery area. I tell my family and friends about such a great services she is and would like Safeway Management to acknowleged their employee and we see in your employee. Very Happy will definitely come back as soon as I get Great Excellent Services like what Brenda provided me. Very happy Customer.!!

Posted by Anonymous

I want to compliment Daicy the checker at the Strawberry Center Safeway in Mill Valley, Ca. She is always happy, courteous, helpful and fun to visit with. She is a wonderful addition to your store.

Posted by Julie Woodland,WA checker

I shop at the Woodland, WA Safeway and can not say enough about one of their checkers.

Her name is Julie and she is always so friendly and efficient and does not waste time.

If I could take a survey I would give her all 10's.

Janet Harris

Posted by Lauraw

Today, April 3, 2016, We experienced exceptional service from Justin at the deli counter at the Safeway store on 41st st. in Soquel, CA. He was very personable, and took great care to provide my husband and I fast and thorough service (we were a bit particular on the items we wanted) His work ethic is much appreciated!

Posted by Jassmyn

Jassmyn in your Starbucks is so refreshing best service ever thank you

Posted by Anonymous

I have been shopping at store 1588 at 7414 Little River Turnpike in Annandale, VA for about 45 years. I'm well over 80. One employee at that store has repeatedly done outstanding work. He is always busy, always friendly and especially helpful. He does everything. He is what brings us back to the store often. His name is (I believe) Charles Pearson. (tall, black orange jacket) The customer always comes first with him. He brightens my day. HE DESERVES RECOGNITION
Just for perspective, I am a USNA Grad 1955, Grad from HBS in 61 and retired federal employee.

Posted by Oriana


Not sure if this is the media to get across my compliant about some stores stopping with supply of Macro organic products, such as Macro organic oat bran and Macro Organic frozen peas.

Bigger shop in Williamstown had a regular supply of organic oat bran, but is no longer available. I went to another bigger shop to Werribee in search for it and they did not have it either :( I try to find out if Sunshine store would have it on supply and also to PLEASE make it available in all shops around, so we don't have to "hunt" for it around. I use this product regular.

Perhaps Macro frozen peas are available back soon.

Hope I hear from you soon in regards those products.

Kind regards,


Posted by Anonymous

Safeway at Thornton parkway and Washington in Thornton CO. This is the best run store I have ever had the pleasure of shopping at. Especially one very hard working manager named Lucas, he goes beyond what he is supposed to do. He is running around the store,stocking shelves, filling up the cooler section, running to the front helping his clerks, making sure carts are at the front door. He also has a friendly hello when you come into the store. His employees really enjoy working with him. Safeway is very very lucky to have such a friendly and hard worker like Lucas,I enjoy coming and shopping at such a wonderful store when it employs such a wonderful person.

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Posted by Anonymous

My daughter (Veronica Bombino) works for you at the Johson Blvd. story in South Lake Tahoe. Yesterday she was pushed twice by a homeless person who was sleeping in the setting area. He called her the "C" word. There was not one manager there to back her, I fear for her life. It seems that the homeless people can steal, sleep and god knows what at this store. If anything happens to my daughter while she is on the store's property, I will really raise some hell. Where are the managers (male or female) to back up the staff, no security either. Yes, she ask him to leave, after he pushed her twice she did call the police. They could not find him. So now we worry about him waiting outside to hurt her. Please let me know that you will be addressing this issue. I usually do not get involved but now that she was man handled, I will be worried everyday.

Posted by Raoulradio

Addition to my previous comment....

A few months again, I had also applied to 3 customer service jobs at area Safeways. response.

However, this is not why you lost my business. A bit of advice...remember that your JOB APPLICANTS are also many times your CUSTOMERS. And all job applicants should be treat with respect and at least acknowledged. Safeway appears to do neither.

Again...shame on you for being so rude and uncaring.

Posted by Joan Duckhorn

Recently I Was Fired From Safeway For Mentioning The Cc Fraud And Abuses Against My Daughter And Myself Being Committed Inside The Safeway Store While I Was On The Clock. My Coworker Was A Middle Aged African American Woman, Heavy Set, Loud, Rude, Moody And Mouthy With Everyone. I Made A Comment (not Mentioning Names And What I Knew About The Fraud) And A Couple Days Later I Was Fired Just In Time To Deny Me My Union Status. Manager Of Starbucks Was Also Constantly Changing My Schedule And Then Reprimanding Me Like I Was A Little Child And Blaming Me For Not Being There When She Did This.

I Thought Safeway Was Out Of The Picture And Over With, History, Yesterday I Was Rat A Government Office In Golden And Mentioned To A Customer Service Rep That Safeway Was The Worst Job Experience I Had Ever Had In My Life And I Have Lived Life For A While.

Safeway Must Have Gotten Wind Of That Conversation Because: Today I Called By Cell Phone A Local Cell Phone Service Carrier Asking If I Could Use A Certain Phone That I Owned And That I Would Like To Receive Their Monthly Service

***i Went To The Cell Phone Carrier's Location And The Young Woman Was Very Pleasant.\

****but Get This, The African American Coworker I Just Mentioned As Having Defrauded Myself And My Daughter At Safeway Golden Co ***was At The Counter With 2 Phones And Having Them Check A Sim In One Of Them ***i Thought She Had My Daughteer's Cell Phone (stolen Yet Again) ***this Safeway Employee Would Not Leave So I Could Have My Privacy (***i Knew That This Was Not A Cooincidence) And That She Knew I Complained About Safeway The Day Before And That She Had Stolen My Daughter's Cell Phone Out Of Retaliation (this Would Mean That They Would Have Taken My Daughter Into This Store To Harm And Rob Her Against Her Will As They Had When I Worked At Safeway Previously)

**i Wrote A Note The Customer Service Rep And She Checked Our Names To See If There Were Cell Phone Accounts In Our Names With This Company. (neither My Daughter Nor Myself Have Accounts With This Company) ***sure Enough!!! She Acknowldeged That This Safeway Employee Was Defrauding Us, Impersonating And That There Are Fraudulent Accounts Taken Out By This Safeway Employee ***so There You Have It!!! While On The Clock Hersel, This Safeway Employee Was Robbing, Defrauding And Stealing From Myself And Mydaughter Instead Of Working Her Starbucks Job (all While I Covered For Her And Did An Honest Job)
Expect That This Woman Is Fired Immediately, I Expect Safeway To Give Me A Monetary Settlement And That My Job Is Restored With Benefits Dating Back To The Time I Was Hired

Posted by Amelia

My mom cannot speak English fluently and a employer was very rude and snappy to her. However, we witnessed her friendliness to other customers. This was in St.Anne's,Winnipeg.


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