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SafeLink Wireless customer service is ranked #575 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 28.69 out of a possible 200 based upon 534 ratings. This score rates SafeLink Wireless customer service and customer support as Terrible.


510 Negative Comments out of 534 Total Comments is 95.51%.


24 Positive Comments out of 534 Total Comments is 4.49%.

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  • SafeLink Wireless

    Customer Service Scoreboard

    • 28.69 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 510 negative comments (95.51%)
    • 24 positive comments (4.49%)
    • 3 employee comments
    • Attribute Ratings
      (out of 10 possible)
    • 2.1 Issue Resolution
    • 2.0 Reachability
    • 2.0 Cancellation
    • 3.5 Friendliness
    • 2.5 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Anonymous

Your customer service really suck big time because everyone I seem to talk too always hanging up and I hate that they need to be more professional and courteous.

Posted by Rachel

I apply for service they send me a sim card no phone they say I have to go buy one do not advertise freee phones if u dont.caant understand anyone I speak with

Posted by Anonymous

Horrible, horrible, horrible customer service and this has been going on since Oct. 2017. I spent TWO hours on the phone yesterday and spoke with TWELVE people from the standard operator to supervisor, manager than floor manager. NO ONE could help me!! NO ONE would take my number and look in to the issues so they could get back to me. NO HELP WHAT SO EVER and it is very hard to understand the people as they all have accents. I have no issue with people having accents if I can understand them. HORRIBLE

Posted by Anonymous

The worst customer services ever.
Renisa EID 523059 worst resolution supervisor. I called to have my minutes from this month applied to a new replacement phone. I lost my previous phone it still had minutes on it. It is not the company policy to transfer your minutes from the old phone to the new phone. They only apply 10 minutes to replacement phones. If you lost your phone on the 3rd of the month and you had 300 minutes when you get your new phone those minutes would not be transferred, Safelink would only give you 10 minutes on your new phone and you can purchase more minutes. I asked Renisa to let me speak with another supervisor and she stated she is the only one there. She was rude in the nicest way. This company sucks. I am not working I am full time student and I was using it for the convenience factor. After this month this company is history. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY! THIS IS A HORRIBLE SERVICE EVEN IF IT IS FREE. IF YOU TRY TO PAY A BILL THE SERVICE STILL SUCKS. THEY MAKE EVERYTHING DIFFICULT. ( This is my facebook posting and will be posting the same message on Snapchat, Twitter and the Gram) You need better management in your phone center it is the worst in the world. Worst than Comcast

Posted by mobim

safelink is not responsive or reasonable
safelink violates Florida law / lifeline rules
a simple request was met with sorry too bad
but dont worry we will jeep getting paid by the government by holding you hostage
even though we are not providing any service of any kind
i reported this to the government and opc florida

Posted by hr4u

Over 20 Supervisor Over 42 Reps, Since January 3rd 2018 In The Attempt To Return To You After A Year An A Half Where I Had The Same Issue With Customer Service In Not Giving Resolution After Many, Many Calls. Very Poor Administration On Customer Service.

Posted by MyaBrinlee

HELP..... I have been trying for days to get help. Last May I was Approved and sent s phone. For the next eight mts I spent 90% of the time in the hospital. During that time the phone was stolen from my house. I have attempted to get a replacement for weeks. PLEASE help me. I have emailed my proof to qualify. In fact the gentleman I spoke with over the weekend said I would have my phone in five to ten days. No I was told thirty days or longer. He also said he would do his best to send me a phone with a big enough for me to read good. I am going be back in the hospital soon. I really could use the phone I go.

Posted by Anonymous

My phone was delivered to 5 Portland street where I get my mail, not my physical address. I just moved into a single room apartment building so the package would of been left outside on the stairs. You company SafeLink has cut me off for failure to do a change of address so I can't get to medical appointments or job search as a result. Please respond via

Official company reply

Hi, this is April from SafeLink Wireless. For us to help you, please click on this link to chat with a live agent. Thanks.

AprilTS 12/8/17 9:07PM

Posted by inna

I am a Social worker trying to help a low income senior to get a SafeLink phone.

Applied in April 2017, in May the status of his application was changed to "Qualified". His documents were approved. Since that day the process stopped.

After multiple phone calls and transfers to "higher" departments, multiple escalations after what I was advised to wait another 30 days- the status of his application was never changed as promised and the senior has no

I even asked to cancel His account, so I could reapply, but that also was not successful. Please HELP!!! client's enrollment

Official company reply

Hi. My name is April and I work with SafeLink Wireless. Our apologies for the inconvenience. Allow us to further assist you with your concern. Please click on this link to chat with a live agent. Thanks.

AprilTS 11/28/17 5:47PM

Posted by Justa M morejon

:( Since 07-2017 I have been calling the phone number belonging to Customer Service of Tracfone and Safe link and the employees have not been able to do their job correctly to solve my problem, which they have caused me; demonstrating his disability in - "Technical Support-Customer Services" ... Including the "Supervisors" Also, treating their peers without respect and taking advantage of the elderly. Modern technology is very interesting and effective in certain cases, but nothing personalized. Already, I drained emotionally and too frustrated to continue for so long in the same situation, I decided to communicate via Chat Live support--. Since then I have been treated professionally with the respect that I as a human being and client deserve; Additionally. talking to responsible people with knowledge of the products they are offering. Therefore, they are solving my situation. Unfortunately not everyone wants to understand that they are receiving a salary for the work they do.

Official company reply

Hi, this is April from SafeLink Wireless. I am sorry to hear about that. For further assistance, please click on this link to chat with a live agent. Thanks.

AprilTS 11/7/17 5:56PM

Posted by Anonymous

I was qualified for a phone on the 15th of august. Safelink said my phone should be here in 7 to 10 days. I get back from vacation and no phone. I called safelink and they escalated and said I had to wait 30 days. 30 days pass and still no phone. called again now it's 30 more days. What is the problem. Can't seem to get a straight and honest answer except the run around. Please help!!!!!!!

Official company reply

Hi, this is April from SafeLink Wireless. For us to help you, please click on this link to chat with a live agent. Thanks.

AprilTS 10/31/17 5:09AM

Posted by Anonymous

Terrible service on automated system!! 6 tries and every time I am disconnected after following all prompts and awaiting a representative! Just horrible wait times and then beep beep you are GONE! Will file complaint with government!

Official company reply

Hi. My name is April and I work with SafeLink Wireless. Our apologies for the inconvenience. Allow us to further assist you with your concern. Please click on this link to chat with a live agent. Thanks.

AprilTS 10/25/17 6:07PM

Posted by Anonymous

I have been trying to recertify on line for past 6 said don't need to yet will receive something in mail 4 months before recertifying. Tried calling numerous times for the past few months and finally got a live person today that said I need to recertify....Would it be possible for a customer service person to call me I would also like to ask a question about my phone.... or give me a phone number/email so I may contact directly.

Official company reply

Hi, this is April from SafeLink Wireless. Unfortunately, we cannot do outbound calls through this medium. For us to help you, please click on this link to chat with a live agent. Thanks.

AprilTS 10/15/17 10:50AM

Posted by Anonymous

Good Afternoon,
I have had a Safe link phone since about 2006 using the phone # 202-215-9448, every year I have recertified without any problems. This year I started the process in July by completing the application, when I didn't get my minutes in August I contacted your office and was told that I did not submit a copy of my food stamp card and was asked to fax a copy over to your office to become recertified. After doing this I was issued my minutes for August. In September again I did not receive my minutes and was requested to again submit this information, which again I did spoke to a supervisor to assured me that the information was received and that I should not experience this problem again. Unfortunately, again this month I have not received my minutes.
When I contacted your office I was told that I had not received my minutes because I did not submit a copy of my Medicaid card. I have never had Medicaid and when I told the representative this she informed me that someone in your office entered this erroneous information onto the system and that is why I am not getting my minutes. She instructed me to go on-line and reapply. She informed me that I would be issued a new phone number and this was the only way to correct the problem. When I attempted to do this, I was rejected because I already have an account.
I have had this phone number since becoming a member of Safe link, my Doctors, Hospital, family All have this number. It would be very inconvenient to change the number, because someone in your office made an error.
Therefore, I am requesting your assistance in resolving this problem. As the notes in your system should indicate I have provided all of the same information when recertifying every year as it has never changed.
This phone is my lifeline and very important to my medical needs. If you are in need of additional information, I can be reached at (202) 215-9448.
Your immediate attention to this problem is greatly appreciated.

Kevin Rice

Official company reply

Hi, this is April from SafeLink Wireless. For us to help you, please click on this link to chat with a live agent. You really should remove your email and phone number. You are posting it on a public blog where everyone on the internet can see it. Thanks.

AprilTS 10/3/17 2:25PM

Posted by Cindy

After days and days, more than 6hrs on the phone. They managed to TAKE ALL MY MINS off my phone and will not put them back on!!! Worse service I have ever gotten. The operators were very rude and don't know what they were doing. I would like for the Corporate Office to please email to make a formal complaint. If I get no reply then I will go to ALL social media, BBB, yelp and anyone else I can let know how your company does people.

Official company reply

Hi, this is April from SafeLink Wireless. For us to help you, please click on this link to chat with a live agent. Thanks.

AprilTS 10/2/17 1:08PM

Posted by Service, or lack thereof

Synopsis: Worst service ever. Resolution: Call corporate number at I had service through safelink before and the service was cancelled due to me not making a call. I called back to reenroll, and jumped through the usual verification hoops. I was told to wait 7-10 days for a phone to which I did. When I did not receive the phone, I was told by a customer service representative to wait another day outside of the duration sated. I did so and called back and was advised the reason I did not receive a phone is because of my status being "qualified" and not enrolled. Basically I was advised incorrectly. Understanding this and really needing a lifeline for the business I needed to conduct, I attempted to speak to a supervisor and manager about having a phone expedited. This was essentially new service since I had to reapply so I am entitled to a free phone, this was not a continuation of the service because my status had changed to cancel. My initial problem isn't even about them not being able to expedite the phone, it was about being told I wouldn't get a phone and had to bring my own or buy a phone when I was essentially a new customer with a new account. I don't even want to go into detail on how a so called manager took off their headset during the course of the call when I requested to speak with someone from corporate and had me holding while she waited in the background talking for 40 plus minutes waiting on me to hang up the phone. She even had the nerve to "check back in" stating are you still there and proceeded to wait until I hung up because she wouldn't transfer me. After waiting and seeing that I wouldn't hang up she hung up on me. This is the root of what is wrong with the service industry. Tracfone needs to address these people they put in power because that is not customer service.

Official company reply

Hi. My name is April and I work with SafeLink Wireless. Our apologies for the inconvenience. Allow us to further assist you with your concern. Please click on this link to chat with a live agent. Thanks.

AprilTS 9/25/17 6:07AM


It was time for me to resubmit my documents to still receive my minutes. I have uploaded and faxed the same documents 10 time which i have proof of the faxes and the uploading. Everytime i call to check on the status of my application they say that they haven't received it but i have the confirmation in front of me that i have faxed 10 times. This is the worst service that i have ever had. So upon calling today which is September 16,2017 and they still say they haven't received them so upon talking to a agent that seems to not care that i had been calling i asked to speak to the manager and she said that she was transferring me to the manager while waiting on hold she got back on the phone and pretended to be the manager but it was the same lady.

Official company reply

Hi, this is April from SafeLink Wireless. For us to help you, please click on this link to chat with a live agent. Thanks.

AprilTS 9/18/17 1:21PM

Posted by Anonymous

I am trying to correct a problem with a phone for my elderly mother. Who service was cut off without notice. I have been on hold with your office for more then an hour waiting to speak with a supervisor after one of your employees hung up on me.

While waiting I have filled out a complaint form online with the Ct. Attorney Generals Office, and Dept of Consumers Protection.

The failure to notify my elderly mother that her free service would be disconnected has left her with no way to call 911, and the closest relative to her is 400 miles away.

I can be reached at to discuss this matter before I take it to another level.

Official company reply

Hello, my name is April from SafeLink Wireless. Please accept our most sincere apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused. In order to better assist you, please chat with us at Thank you.

AprilTS 8/30/17 9:19AM

Posted by Anonymous

the worse customer service, lack of resolve to the issue reported, spent a total of 10hrs in a two month period trying to activate my phone as of today with letters to corporate & faxes to customer service no response. I have been as a senor citizen without phone service on & off over a 3 month period

Official company reply

Hi. My name is April and I work with SafeLink Wireless. Our apologies for the inconvenience. Allow us to further assist you with your concern. Please click on this link to chat with a live agent. Thanks.

AprilTS 8/10/17 9:23AM

Posted by Jerry

I am having problems with re-certification. I have been getting regular messages warning me that I must re-certify eligibility. I did re-certify online about a month ago. I still get the messages, so every time I get one I log back in to the website to try and re-certify again, but the system tells me I don't need to re-certify because I either already did (true), or because it's not time yet. But the messages keep coming regardless. I feel like I'm stuck in a repeating loop from which I cannot escape.

I did call the phone number, but after entering account number, all I got was dead silence. After 5 minutes of silence I hung up in confusion. I don't know what to do at this point.

Official company reply

Hi, this is April from SafeLink Wireless. For us to help you, please click on this link to chat with a live agent. Thanks.

AprilTS 6/29/17 2:34PM

Posted by Anonymous

I called on 6/14/2017 (my 44th birthday.) I had to turn off air conditioning for 2 hours in my room because I could not understand either representative. After 2 hours, the supervisor, Vanessa said she could not transfer me to another supervisor. She was defensive when I said her English was not good. I had 1600 minutes on my phone a week ago and now she has trying to say I have 0. She sounded unsure and I just wanted that confirmed with another supervisor. That is a lot of minutes to lose and not to be sure if the person I am talking to is reliable. I believe the 1st man transferred me to her on purpose because I did not understand him well, either. Safelink should have a record of calls I made and KNOW that I did not use 2000 minutes in 7 days. I am so upset by this. This should have been handled differently. I was mistreated and I am going to make sure everyone I know knows about how this person, Vanessa, who speaks English as a 2nd language was so rude and inconsiderate to me!!! I was upset at the end but still hope phone calls were both recorded. She refused to give me the name of the other representative!! I never used profanity but I did insult her English even though she thinks she speaks Good English, well, that is a problem! She did not so I hope it was recorded!!!!!!

Official company reply

Hi. My name is April and I work with SafeLink Wireless. Our apologies for the inconvenience. Allow us to further assist you with your concern. Please click on this link to chat with a live agent. Thanks.

AprilTS 6/29/17 2:32PM

Posted by Discontented

had a nice android Safe link phone top of the line they sent to me and after 30 days they shut it off. Stating lifeline did not receive paperwork. Lifeline okayed the phone in the first place and okayed everything. Anyway 2nd time this has happened, you cannot get straight or proper answers from the foreigners they hire. Hard to understand them and vice versa. The hell with them. bunch of lames working for fat cats only interested in hiring low key drones for their work so they can buy up houses and cadillacs. lousy service communication and people. jump on assurance phones, at least they will talk to you and answer questions with intelligence.

Official company reply

My name is April, and I work with SafeLink Wireless. Our apologies for the inconvenience. Allow us to further assist you with your concern. Please chat with us live @

AprilTS 6/8/17 8:37AM

Posted by Anonymous

I called June 1st @ 10:30am to get a new phone after having mine for 5 years. It wasn't keeping a charge or working at all where I live. I talked to Christine & she told me my phone would stay on until I got my new one. The next day it was saying: Unregistered SIM, I can't use my phone any more. Not even to transfer my text messages & pictures. So I called today @ 11am talked to Karen who hung up on me while asking her why my phone isn't working. I have 2 doc appts before my new phone comes! Now w/o a phone, what happens if I get in a wreck?? I was told my phone would stay on until I get the new one & you all lied!! Not very professional at all! Very disappointed!

Official company reply

My name is April, and I work with SafeLink Wireless. We understand your frustrations, and we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. You can chat with us live @

AprilTS 6/7/17 9:55AM

Posted by Anonymous

Given the intrinsic and routine dishonesty and deception of the TracPhone/SafeLink Corporation, I can only wonder which US Senator or Representative is accepting bribes from TracPhone executives for the continued US Government payment for senior citizen phone service?

Official company reply

My name is April, and I work with SafeLink Wireless. Our apologies for the inconvenience. Allow us to further assist you with your concern. Please chat with us live @

AprilTS 6/7/17 9:54AM

Posted by Wade

This Company doesn't even have an Email address to contact them, who doesn't have an email address in this day and age, it's stupid. My phone hasn't worked since the storm Saturday evening, and these clown tell me to call them. If I could call, I wouldn't need to call.

They must not even know if their tower is offline, because I can't get it now even after powering my phone off on and several times, this is stupid.

Official company reply

My name is April, and I work with SafeLink Wireless. We understand your frustrations, and we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. You can chat with us live @

AprilTS 5/29/17 10:53AM

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Posted by njcf76

I love safelink
and done me good untill now I had reapplied and I check my status it would show pending but wen I scroll down it show approved but wen I call them they keep tellin me to wait 48 hours wen its all ready been 48 freakin hours plz help me on this

Posted by Anonymous

Dear Zhenia,

My fiancee has been away from me for a long time and we haven't been able to speak for quite some time. You made two people very happy and blessed tonight when you put my minutes on my phone. Thank you. Thank you. God Bless You and Happy New Year.

Official company reply


The minutes will be delivered on the first of each month. If we can be of any assistance, please send us an email at [email protected]

SafeLink Wireless

AprilTS 12/31/13 9:08PM

Posted by michellemcwilliams

ON july 1st to 2nd I didn't get my free minutes on my phone,because it was a system down for the company and the phone was turn off as I call the number to the company it wasn't suppose to be cut off that why so all I want them to do is send me another phone in the made with a new number that way the old phone will be giving back. Ime the phone number is my name is michelle McWilliams the lg trac-fone as a matter of fact I did get the paper work the company sent me in the mail of few times for re-certify sent it back and a winner for gift card to or money sent it back to

Official company reply

Hi! This is April from SafeLink Wireless. We are willing to help you. Please send us an email at [email protected] Thank you!

AprilTS 7/27/13 6:04AM

Posted by proof43

To the supervisors and staff at Safelink. You have the single best customer service representative ever. Suzanne and I spoke a number of times, and when I originally called I was angry. She stopped that anger cold. She arranged to have my problem fixed in a day. She was so easy to talk with I could feel her smile on the phone. Please tell her what a good, no a great job she does. If Tracfone/Safelink had 10 Suzanne's there would never ever be an unhappy customer. Thank You Suzanne from the heart. I am grateful.

Official company reply

Hi! This is April from SafeLink Wireless. Good to know that your issue has been fixed. If you need our help, just send us an email at [email protected]

AprilTS 7/20/13 6:02AM

Posted by proof43

I have sent a number of applications via fax to Safelink. The first 2 were denied saying my house address is a PO Box. I really live in a house so I attached a copy of a letter from the 911 people stating I was living at the address, plus a letter from the carrier supervisor at the Post Office. That application was denied stating there was no letter from the SNAP people. I then faxed the following in May. I sent a cover ltr, the 2 page Safelink Application, two letters about my residence, and a SNAP approval ltr. This was denied stating the ltr was not within 30 days of the date someone looked at my file. I then sent the same info as before, but this time I sent a 2 day old ltr from SNAP. It was denied stating that the last 4 of my Social Security Number did not match me. I spoke to a supervisor in India, on 7-2. His name is Richard Levine. He told me to fax the ltr, the app, the PO and 911 lts, and a page with my a copy of my Social Security Card and SNAP card. He said that by the 9th I'd be approved. I called on 7-12-13 and someone in India said I had not sent the SNAP card. I told them if they had my SSI card then they had my SNAP card. (All on the same page). I have a verified fax received statement. I spoke this guys supervisor and he told me I was wrong that the only thing on that page was my SSI card. After 45 minutes of being told I was disapproved and that there is no number to call for corporate. I found it on line, and called. I spoke to a man named AKAN, he calmed me down, looked at my account, and passed me to someone named Suzanne. She had me re-fax the 7-2-13 application directly to her. I now have verification of successful fax. I am awaiting the outcome. I guess we will see. On my ratings below I have to give India an all unfavorable rate. What I am giving is my Corporate ratings.

Official company reply

Hi! This is April from SafeLink Wireless. We do apologize for the inconvenience of this issue. We are willing to help you get this issue fixed. Please send us an email at [email protected] Thank you!

AprilTS 7/12/13 11:51AM

Posted by Jossie

I love safelink. Its been a huge help for an old folks like me. I would I go on getting anther phone with a larger keypad or a much visible letters on it? Its harder for me to operate the current phone I have. Thanks

Official company reply

Hi Jossie, this is April from Safelink Wireless. Thank you for the kind words. We would like to assist you with your concern. Please send us an email at [email protected] with your phone number, serial number or the IMEI of your phone and alternate contact number. Thank you.

AprilTS 5/2/13 7:40PM

Posted by stexasdave

WOW!! I posted my complaint yesterday morning. When I checked this morning April from Safelink customer service had responded asking for my info. I sent it to her this morning and within a couple of hours my problem had been resolved (1324 minutes were restored to my phone.) She hasn't even called me to discuss the problem yet. Safelink may not make it easy to reach the right people but once you do they seem anxious to make things right. Thank You Sean and Safelink for fixing my problem.

Official company reply

Hi Stexasdave! This is April again. It is our pleasure to assist you. Were glad your issue is now resolved. If in case you need our help again, please dont hesitate to send us an email. Were always happy to provide assistance to our customers. Enjoy the rest of your day!

AprilTS 5/2/13 4:09PM

Posted by [email protected]

always had issues receiving minutes on my phone. But this this is a free service i sure do appreciate the service. Is there a best way to get hold of the customer service right away in case i need help?

Official company reply

Hi [email protected], this is April from SafeLink Wireless. Our apologies for what you have gone through. We can review your account to verify as to why you are experiencing difficulties with your monthly minutes. Just send us an email at [email protected] with your name, phone number or serial number. Thanks!

AprilTS 4/22/13 4:02PM

Posted by spg92864sonya

They are a very good company. they try to help the people that they service. they just need to put the free minutes on the very for day of the month, each month that is. but other wise they are sweet.

Posted by matt

I was fortunate enough to find this message board for Safelink Wireless. After sending an email to [email protected], I received emails which were followed up by two phone calls today, one from a customer service rep in the Phillipines and one from a rep in the corporate office in Miami. They were able to resolve the problems with my phone. I also found a Tracfone message board and the moderators there were able to help me too.

Posted by Bernie

Like so many,I am grateful to have this service.Customer Service are always both friendly and heipful.Thank you Safelink from all of us who need you!

Posted by Barbara

I absolutly LOVE my phone! Thank you safe link. I had a problem with not getting my min. this month and it did take a while to get to a live person, but when I did he was very helpful and solved the problem for me. Some of you are sooooo ungrateful. What do you not understand about free? What if it does take you longer to get service, big deal. Your not paying them, it's FREE. Be grateful. Thanks Safelink!

Posted by Anonymous

I just got off the phone with someone in regards to the issue I was having with my phone...needless to say...all is handled and taken care of! Very nice,professional and right to the point! Thank You...=)

Posted by Satisfied with Safelink

Been with Safelink 4 yrs & NEVER experienced any problems what so ever. No problem reaching "a live person" for customer service, tech support, etc....Not sure where all of you are from that are experiencing such terrible problems but as for USA in the State of Ga....All is good!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

No idea what everyone is talking about. They were great and helpful when I called service rep direct line

Posted by goaskdad

i had a safelink phone that alway's had excellent reception until i moved deep into the countryside of central georgia. the phone would receive incoming text message's but otherwise was useless. safelink kept sending me e-mail's regarding the fact that i was not accepting my monthly minute's. after several conversation's with customer service, i finally was able to speak to a lady who finally understood the issue. she switched me to the carrier with the most complete coverage for my area and no more problem's with service. as long as you have the time to contact someone in customer service who understand's and completely comprehend's the nuance's of the english language, you will receive excellent customer support from this company.

Posted by Sherry21740

This comment is directed to all illiterate people who wrote the comments before me -especially the idiot who stated, "I DON'T GOT NO PHONE." First go back to school and learn proper English. The rest of you need to learn how to use your products and stop using the internet to whine, grow up, and stop blaming others for your mistakes. I have had my phone for three years and have had no problems with the phone or customer service.

Posted by Carol D

I use there free service for 3 or 4 years now and i have no complaints it takes a while to get customer servic on the phone but i am using a free service.they replaced my first phone for free so im happy with my service.

Posted by caretakerdardar

Once again I must say how pleased I am w/ this program. I had no problems reaching a helpful, pleasant, and informed cust service rep. If you are patient and pay attention to the prompts you should have no problems getting a LIVE rep. I am still as pleased & thankful as ever for this service.

Posted by 1961judy

I had my Safelink phone for 2 or 3 years without a problem. I lost it about 3 weeks ago. I called customer service last Monday to report it lost. He took all my information and told me what to do when my one time replacement phone arrived. I got it today, called customer service and they activated it after a few questions. I had no problems at all. Although I got just a few minutes for this month I am still grateful to have this service.

Posted by Darlene from FL.

I have had SafeLink service for aprox 4 yrs. I have never had any problems with contacting a customer service rep or getting any problem I may be having resolved. I am thankful for having this service.

Posted by mikee ro

I am thoroughly happy with both the service provided AND the customer support that i have received. I cannot fathom any complaints listed as valid, furthermore whoever complains needs to be thankful that this company is here for them. I know I am.

Posted by Anonymous

My Issues was resloved quickly and without problems what so ever. My customer service rep. Arilee, was very professional and did a great job.

Posted by S Ford from PA

I applied for a Safelink Phone at the request of my credit councelor and was surprised that I got one. I have had no problems with call friends and family and long distance as I have Lifeline on my house phone and can't make long distance calls. Recently I have heard from the Universal Service Administrative Company saying I can't have 2 phones registered to my household with lifeline. Therefore, I need to cancel my Safelink phone as I am keeping my house phone(computer hookup is on this house phone).

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Posted by Broadway

I been working for safelink for 4 weeks and I have yet to receive a check. The kicker is when we do receive the 1st check it's for the 1st couple customers. That's not right. 300 marketing out of Philadelphia is robbing us and I been tryna get in touch with someone but it's impossible to. How do I get in touch with someone so I can get my pay. I worked for it and I'm being cheated out of my pay

Official company reply

Hi! My name is April, and I work with SafeLink Wireless. Our apologies for the inconvenience. Allow us to further assist you with your concern. Please send us an email at [email protected] Thanks!

AprilTS 7/24/15 10:48AM

Posted by dewitt

good facilities.
really like Safelink while being a Safelink enroll dept rep.
All facilities are good

Posted by EDDIE

As A Former Celluar Customer Rep I Am Totally Disgusted With The Way Safelink Reps Deal With Their Customer I Needed A Replacement Phone Because My Safelink Flip Phone Automatically Deducted A Min Just For Opening It When I Received The Replacement I Called To Activate It With The Same Number This I Told To The Rep Several Times During Our Conversation Which She Herself Repeated But Lo And Behold I'll Be Damned If I Did Not Receive A New Number Causing Me To Spend Another 40 Min With Yet Another Rep And Supervisor Only To Be Told My Old Number Would Not Work With The Replacement Phone,heres Where It Really Get Interesting A Week Later I Called These Delightful People Again To Lower My Minutes They Ask For Verifying Informationi Provide It To Include The New Phone Number They Gave Only To Be Told I Have No Application On Record With Safelink They Can't Find Me By Address,birthday Or The Last Four Of My Social I Explain You Just Sent Me A Replacement Phone To The Address I Gave You So I Came Up With A Brilliant Idea (i Do That Sometimes)let Me Give You My Old Number The One I Wanted To Keep.guess What Safelink Bam There I Was Now Aint That A B. I Realize This Is A Free Service Am I Am Grateful To Have It Until I Have To Speak With One Of Your Reps As I Said At The Beginning Of This I Worked In The Field Before As A Supervisor For A Sprint Call Canter And As Lead Rep For Cricket

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Hi EDDIE, this is April from SafeLink Wireless. We are sorry to hear what happened. We will be working on resolving the issue so please provide us your contact information, phone number, phone's serial number and an alternate contact number where we can reach you so we can call you with your most convenient time and talk about it. If you have any other question, send us an e-mail at [email protected]

AprilTS 3/11/13 6:52PM


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