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Posted by WormDirt

They have horrible support. They never got my product working and they got irratated with me when i told them there site was fraudelent and that they don't support the OS in which i was using although it clearly says it does. so they terminated the chat. The chat that they have doesn't allow you to send the log to yourself or anyone else. in fact they can close it remotely and bam everything is gone. however I copy and paste conversation just for that reason. There support is horrible and I'm trying to find a number other than tech support.

Posted by Winblad

First, the sales number gets answered by someone who just says, "Hello," without saying the company name, their name, or anything, and I have to ask if I've reached Sabrent.

I start to relay a manufacturing defect on an item and they refer me to Tech Support. No problem, but not a good way to represent a professional company, when answering the phone number listed on the website.

Customer service was worse. The initial recording saying I reached Sabrent was at least good to know I reached the proper number, but then the person at Tech Support mumbles something unintelligible and I'm left saying, "Hello, is anyone there?... hello?"

After hearing some shuffling noises for about 30 seconds, a voice says, "Hold, please," and it goes back to what appears to be an open line on a desk or in this person's lap for another 30 seconds or so.

When the tech support person comes to the phone, I repeat the product defect, and he says, "I've never seen that before, but I'm not calling you a liar..." I tell him I have photos of the product, which proves it is a manufacturing defect, and he says that he supposes it is possible. Not a really good way to address defects.

Overall, this company needs to know how to deal with customers, if they want them, because these examples are definitely not professional, and I would fire anyone who handled customers like this -- and have.

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Posted by Yuri

One of the beat Support experiences I have ever had.
Answer the phone quickly, respectfully and ready to help.
I had purchased a PCI card
CP4PTU and was having lots of issues getting it installed.
Tech suggested to update my Bios and it worked. I would have never thought of that. Happy to know that I can by a 20 dollar item and get such professional support.

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