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Ryobi customer service is ranked #367 out of the 940 companies that have a sportpref.ru rating with an overall score of 36.02 out of a possible 200 based upon 220 ratings. This score rates Ryobi customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


205 Negative Comments out of 220 Total Comments is 93.18%.


15 Positive Comments out of 220 Total Comments is 6.82%.

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    • 36.02 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 205 negative comments (93.18%)
    • 15 positive comments (6.82%)
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Posted by Vernon

Extremely bad service drill has 2 year guarantee trouble after 4 months after giving it second time to ryobi was told to pay for repairs and couldn't get answers to why l must pay for repairs promised to call me 3 times after 2 weeks still no response.

Posted by Anonymous

Purchased a Rybinsk pole saw last week, saw works fine however the battery when fully charged lasts only approx 5 milutes, then dies. What gives?

Posted by Anonymous

Was given a new hedger petrol from bunnings lasted 3 pulls no warranty because it was give to me as a gift No recipe taken back to bunnning who only sell this brand, to be told this is not a good brand should have bought a better brand I have compresser hand tools tile cutters lawn mover saws all from ryobi my hedger is costing me $100 to get fixed by s company that said it was not tightened properly to start with . I beiiver I have bought over $6000.00 of there products will be tell all my friends that this has happened regards Bob

Posted by the hazz

ryobi gas pack blower 1.5 yrs old. in the shop under ryobi warranty (3yrs). waited 9 wks for ryobi to supply parts needed to repair. had blower for 2 wks. it is broken again.called ryobi. they said to do the process all over again. (wtf) I said I want it replaced. they said it can not be done. I am done with ryobi for life. I dont care if they sold their products for $2.00. What good is it if its always broken down. The warranty is a total joke. I am now told by repair shops to stay away from ryobi. the representatives are of no help at all. this company has gone down hill. never ever ever ever again will I buy any of their products. buyer b ware!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

Posted by Chris

The customer service lady was rude and told me she couldnt let me talk to somebody else no help at all the ryobi radio I got fell off a bucket and doesnt work she said thats not normal wear and tear you decide

Posted by John sanders

I am not happy with a blower a brought the blower is fine the problem is the battery 40v

Posted by Anonymous

Last spring I purchased a grass trimmer from Home Depot & the string trimmer part # P2006A spool cap tabs broke AC14HC.I went back to Home Depot to replace the part & was told that this was under a warranty. I called the number they provided me with 1-800-525-2579 on Oct. 12 & spoke with customer service, a woman, & she assured me that the part was to be shipped out that day & would be received in 10-14 days. This agent was not pleasant & had an attitude she said to me "I will do this this once" (not good customer relations) Here it is Oct. 26, still no part! I called again to find out where it was, got another person who looked it up, SHE NEVER SENT IT, now the representative I spoke to today says he will send one out & again it will be another 2 weeks before I receive it & apologized for the previous woman's behavior. This is unacceptable customer service!

Posted by David Hendry

Terrible service from Ryobi. My leaf blower went to pieces in August and still no replacement here at the end of October despite weekly calls. No, they are not "reachable" because they distance themselves from the customer by using a call center. So, I won't take it out on the poor wage slaves at the call centers, but Ryobi justly deserves that "TERRIBLE" rating for customer service. Terrible.

Posted by Tom W

Ryobi BP42 blower - never ever buy one. I've had it one year - 4 times in the shop because it would not start. Paid over $280 to have it fixed. Pulled the starter 239 times today and will not start. This will be the 5th time in the shop this year.

Posted by nomoreryobi

My Ryobi electric blower was recalled. They gave me a date 2 weeks in advance to leave it on my front step for pickup. THat was the first 2 weeks. It was never picked up so they sent me a label for fed X - I dont have a fed X depot ner me so I drove it over which was about an hour round trip. Not too bad. They received the blower in a couple days. I called today - 3 weeks after tracking shows they received it, and they said it will take 8 weeks to receive a replacement blower. It is rediculous that they are taking close to 3 months (including pickup delay)to replace a product that was recalled due to a safety hazard ( the blower fan can explode and impale you)
First and last ryobi product for me.

Posted by Renegp

I have a weed eater head, green cover with less than 5 hrs of use and now does want to start...this the 3rd head I buy and my last...your products really suck...only reason I buy them is because I felt for you market in and bought a bunch of adapters...going to post it in Google, Facebook, better business bureau...and every bulletin board I can find

Posted by Never again

Almost brand new rechargeable drill (used twice) going for free to any loser out there!
Used this piece of junk twice, recharged the battery, and battery failed!
I will never buy a Ryobi product again. The after sales service consistes of a shrug of the shoulders and "we have no stock!"

Posted by [email protected]

Ryobi Tec 4 Electric Drill/ Screw Driver I Have Purchased 6 Ryobi Products And For The Most Part I Have Been Pleased. Warranties Are For 1 Year I Realize That. I Do Not Think Any One Buying Ryobi Products Expects Them To Fall Apart In The Warranty Period Nor If Taken Care Properly For Years !
The Drill Driver Still Functions The Battery Is Fine The Rubber They Used For The Handle And Power Trigger Are Rubber ( Evidently Defective Rubber ) As The Rubber Is Pealing And Flaking Off In Sheets.
I Called Ryobi Very Very Disappointing.
Call 1 The Operator Said It Is Out Of Warranty, I Asked To Talk To A Supervisor And Was Told He Was Not There Left A Message, No Call Back,
Call 2 Called Again Was Told Supervisor Was Out To Lunch, Ryobi Is A Big Company ??? They Have (1) Supervisor ?
Any How Left Another Message. No Call Back.
It Is Not A Big Deal It Is A 45.00 Drill/ Driver. I Can Buy The Same Items At Harbor Freight And Have Less Problems And Pay Less Money.
I Explained To Ryobi They Could Send Me Replacement Rubber And I Would Install It Or Replace The Drill (( Or Lose A Customer Who Has Been Loyal 6 Tools Worth ))
** They Choose The Latter **
Went To Harbor Freight + Purchased A Replacement. See Ya Ryobi

Posted by RyobiSucks

On hold for 20 minutes before they picked up. I was told the warranty replacement 40v 5A LI battery that was ordered August 2 was scheduled to arrive in the USA mid November! No recourse was offered when I told her I wanted to return the mower for a refund because it was out of the 90 day return policy window.
The general consensus here is right...RYOBI SUCKS.

Posted by Chuck2004EH

I have contacted Ryobi customer service probably half a dozen times about an issue with a tool. Each representative tells me that my issue has been sent to the safety department so they can review the issue. As of now, that has been about ten weeks. They also assured me that the safety department gets to every claim in a VERY TIMELY MANNER!! I have also been told that once an issue goes to the safety department, it's out of customer services hands; they also say that they are not allowed to connect anyone to the safety department. I think that if it takes ten weeks or more to resolve a claim, they should triple the number of employees in customer service. My best lithium battery, a 4Ah, melted inside my drill. I have been in the middle of building a large shed this summer and have had to complete all the work with a couple of small older batteries. I also haven't been able to use my drill. I have many one+ tools. With this service though, I have been considering replacing my drill and all future tools with dewalt. Their customer service has to be better! It truly is a shame that loyalty to one brand of tools is rewarded with such horrible (no) service. There has to be someone out there that can help.

Posted by kenmist

I am surprised that Ryobi wasn't more business aware of the potential market for the electric ride on mower. Cub Cadet is the only competitor and they are not interested in this market at all. The model they are offering is more expensive and it's almost impossible to find an authorized dealer that is interested in promoting the electric ride on mower.
I have decided that the Ryobi Model RY48110 is my mower of choice. The problem as I see it is supply! Your supply is not meeting the demand here in the South East. Home Depot who sells the mower and online sales can't keep up with the demand. I've been waiting two weeks for this mower.

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased A 40v line trimmer in July 2015. Two years later the battery starts to fail. I called customer service and gave them all of the required serial numbers. Woman tells me the trimmer was built in 2015, but the charger and battery show they were built in 2013. I told her all three came out of the same box, brand new. I'm told that's not possible, because all three pieces are manufactured within 12 weeks of each other. I decided to open the charger case to see if there was any info inside. Behold, the circuit board inside the charger had a "Oct 24,2011" date printed on it. So it appears the 'within 12 weeks' is a load of crap, and their way of not honoring their 3 year replacement warranty. No more Ryobi products for me!

Posted by ONLYTONY

I bought the 40volt trimmer, and the 40 volt blower. The blower was ng and they sent me a new one. The trimmer was repaired under warrantee, new motor, and switch. Took over a month to get it back from local HD. Now it's out of warrantee the battery wont work after I use 1/4 of the charge. Ryobi says too bad. Their parts come from a different company, and they want $160 for a battery. HD sells it for $99. Low use, and just out of 3 year warrantee, and I have to buy a $100 battery. My neighbor bought the trimmer, battery, and charger on sale for $108. I'll NEVER buy Ryobi CRAP again!!!

Posted by Larry

Purchased a Ryobi battery powered weed eater 2 months ago. The shroud broke off.

I called customer service 4 times and each time I was put on hold for a total of 35 minutes. The answer I was given was I need to take it to a repair center and they will send in a claim to Ryobi to determine whether or not they will pay for the repair or not. (Its not repairable) .

This is nothing more than a scam on Ryobi's part not to honor their products. The burden,time and the expense is put on the customer.

I will inform every person I know of the experience I am having with Ryobi.

I am out $125.00 plus my time and aggravation over this whole mess.

Posted by Anita Mancini

I was specifically told to purchase this brand by a well meaning friend. My 40v blower worked for 3 months and is now broken. I have been waiting over 45 days for the replacement battery and charger. I never hear the same story from customer service. The $169 spent was wasted. My yard looks terrible. Customer service seems unconcerned with my problem although I have made several calls to try and settle the situation and gain information. They do not follow through when they say they will. The quality of the product is very, very poor. I wish I had seen this site before purchasing my blower.

Posted by Joe

We bought a charger and four batteries from Home Depot in Colma, Ca. last fall. They were used once. Now only one battery will barely hold a charge. The other three not at all. We did not save any receipts. Can anything be done about this.

Posted by Lone Tree

Ryobi service is non existant. They refuse to put the most important information on their web site. They won't answer their phone. You can't text them or email them without your cell # or email being sold to spammers. It's terrible. Home Depot should add a warning that Ryobi customer service essentially does not exist. You can't email them unless you agree to have your email given to every spammer in the world. You can't get through during hours they are open. They are closed or on holiday or lunch or break during half their supposed open hours. Your only option, ask someone at Home Depot who is part of the millenial "I Don't Know Workers International" union who will refer you back to Ryobi. Ryobi should be named Catch 22 or Do Loop.

Posted by Anonymous

Absolute JUNK!! Never buy anything from these people. The batteries never last more than 3 months. They do not honor any of their warranties. Complete waste of money!!

Posted by joehomeowner

Don't buy this product! I say this, because I've gone through 3 40v batteries in 8 months, I'm not a commercial yard guy, just a Joe home owner, Thanks to Home Depot's great customer service, they have allowed me to continuously exchange out these crappy defective batteries. I called Ryobi`s so called customer service with regards to the 4th ongoing defective battery and charger, they just gave me some lame excuse that there is no warranty on any of the products I purchased due to the fact that I exchanged them already at home depot. I let Ryobi customer service know that, no where in the warranty manual states this circumstance! Cop out for customer satisfaction.

Posted by Anonymous

Purchased a Ryobi edger from Home Depot
Wanted to inspect spark plug and while doing that the wire going to ignition module broke w/o putting any pressure on the wire. Upon investigating found Eire to be very brittle and size of a pencil lead tip Checked
Wire and found to be too weak/skinny for that system
Any ideas the edger is close to a year or little over a year Very poor quality thanks. Randal Stefanick

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Posted by Anonymous

I absolutely appreciate the no hassle return I got! I was expecting to have to put up a fight to get new batteries for my lawn mower and weeded but instead I got amazing customer service and speedy return for these batteries! Customer for life thank you

Posted by Geo2013

bought edger, battery worked once and would not recharge. called and after running a test they are sending a new one to replace it.

Posted by D Edwards

After reading reviews I was expecting the worse but was pleasantly surprised by Ryobi customer service. I found that 3 of my 6 batteries were no longer working right after less then a year.

I contacted Ryobi, the Rep was very helpful (american too, quite unusual these days). She took all my information and told me replacements would be sent in 7-10 days, they didn't even need the old batteries sent back.

Now 7 days later I received 3 new looking (probably re-manufactured) p108 4ah batteries. 2 of the 3 that were not working were p107 1.5a.

Sorry to hear that so many have had so many problems with Ryobi customer service but my experience couldn't have been bettter. Just hope they do something about their battteries as they seem to have problems and this shouldn't have happened in the first place.

Posted by DKeith45

Not exactly Ryobi customer service, as the tool in question was still under its 90 day no fault guarantee. I took it back to Home Depot instead.

I'd purchased the small power inflator at Home Depot in June for $20. Reason because one of my cars tires has a slow leak, and needs 20 pounds or so of air added every few days. Instead of fixing the tire, I thought it would be a good chance to test out this device.
It worked well for a month or so, then suddenly after a couple minutes of use, it would get a LOT louder, and put out less air, but it still did the job. After two and a half months, it finally started getting HOT after a couple minutes use and I smelt burning plastic.
So, since it was still under its 90 day easy return guarantee, I took it back to Home-Depot. Ofc I had the receipt still. They took it back no problem, and said I could either go get another and come back to the service desk, or get a refund. I chose refund. I would have given it another chance, because it's the first Ryobi tool I've had that has failed. And I've got like, a dozen different battery operated Ryobi tools purchased over a 15+ year period. I got my first set when they only had Ni-cad batteries.
Anyway, I got the refund, then purchased the other Ryobi inflator. It was only $15 more, and the on/off switch, and digital readout, and that you can run it without having to squat is worth the extra bucks. Hopefully it'll be better in the long run.

So aside from this one cheap tool, every other Ryobi cordless tool I've purchased, including several 4 amp hour Lithium Ion batteries, have worked great. I love Ryobi and have never needed to deal with their customer service. Maybe I've just been lucky? The only negative thing I can say about Ryobi is, their old Ni-cad batteries sucked. But once they came out with the new Li-ion batteries, it's been no worries and every tool has worked wonderfully.

Posted by Mama Bear

Love it! Lighter and shorter for us short women. I've used a bunch of different brands over the years. Any thing's better than the old edgers. This was the easiest to assemble and first time start was amazing. It's AMAZING! Time will tell. Two thumbs up...from a woman!

Posted by Anonymous

New lithium batteries in older drill gives the life and performance requirements,newer drill was a disappointment. Should have just bought the batteries. Have been a customer for 10 years

Posted by Anonymous

Wow ! 8 positive comments out of 151 ! I like your products as I own a lot of them. To bad you can't give the owners of many Ryoobi tools a GREAT discount on the batteries. See how many tools they have and give them maybe 25% off. I'm starting to get worried about this.

Posted by Anonymous

I have a Ryobi table saw HBT255l. The gears that drive the blade stripped. Tried to get a new motor or a new armature and gear form South African Suppliers. the parts are so expensive even the suppliers recommend its cheaper to buy a new machine. Could it be possible that the supplies make more money out of new machines and thus inflate the prices of spare parts. I will NEVER buy a Ryobi product ever again.

Posted by KB

I have over the years owned two weedwackers with cultivator which I thought would be junk but its great and now 20 years old and still no problems (not used a lot but used hard occasionally) and two cordless drills and an impact, a saber saw and hedge trimmer all 18v lithium. I called Ryobi customer service and got thru in less than two minutes, talked with the people I needed to about the diffrenece between lithium chargers and done. Great products that work well and hold up to vigourous use and complimentary customer service that you can talk with. I also own DeWalt and Porter Cable both of which have held up very well too.

Posted by Anonymous

I love my Ryobi 12v drills all 4 of them. I use it at home, work, and camping.
Disaster most of my 8 batteries have died in the last month.
Guess what you have changed the format
I am disappointed, I am thinking of going to Dewalt, however if Ryobi can help me swith to the new format $$$$ I will stay with Ryobi and still promote how well the drills work for me.
Can Ryobi stand up to the plate?????

Posted by george

i've got 5 ryobi power tools and have not had any problems with them except for the gas powered 30 cc 4-cycle weed eater i just bought from a freind that was brand new still in the box, as his son never used it. this is a model C430 and it looks beautiful, but gets hot quick, it is hard starting, smokes at dfferent angles, then won't hardly start after hot, leaks oil, etc. what a royal piece of crap! i paid $100 used looking like new with the factory manuals and i must say after having owned many different brand weedeates, that this is factory defective. will ryobi give me a credit back for another weedeater or power tool? i'll bring this back to the seller at home depot reno-northtowne. thanks george

Posted by idoicu

THIS IS ABOUT HOME DEPOT. I HAVE NEVER HAD TO DEAL WITH RYOBI ON ANY TOOL PURCHASES!!I have been buying Ryobi tools and batteries for some time. I have stuck with them because of my local HomeDepot, not Ryobi. My local HomeDepot has exchanged every battery or tool on the spot, it the date code is within the warranty period. They have never asked for a receipt. I have just taken in the item that does not work and when they look at the date code, if it is within 2 or 3 years from manufacture date, they just open up a new one and hand it too me. NOT OTHER STORE has done this for me on any tool or product for that matter.

Posted by Linda

just bought cordless edger, asked store staff to add additional spool to my basket. got home and saw it cost $20! if I bought 3 more, it would equal cost of edger. These rolls are not only small, they do not say anywhere how long they are.
I tried to contact Robyi's site and instead of letting me write them, they kept kicking out of the contact page to show me page after page of their products. I am returning both products to Home Depot and going to a product that I know and trust. Each little spool of the refills can't have more than 10ft but these greedy people don't have ethics to even tell you, just overcharge. thank god I only have to deal with Home Depot to return products, these Robyi people apparently don't want their customers contacting them.

Posted by shirley76065

I made a complaint about my 4-cycle trimmer that had broken, replaced and broke again. I was a very unhappy customer. Their rep Mr Nolin emailed me and called me. His service and promptness was amazing. I have not seen this in a company in years. I am more than pleased with his service.

Posted by Anonymous

I have three power drills, my Ryobi is the best, most power, longest run time and with no hands holds the screw. The only problem is we got a bad battery right out of the box. I called on a Thursday got through the first time and a customer service person (Matt) had us a new one at our door Saturday morning. Doesn't get better than that hese days. Gold star service.

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