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Ryanair customer service is ranked #239 out of the 946 companies that have a CustomerServiceScoreboard.com rating with an overall score of 43.62 out of a possible 200 based upon 37 ratings. This score rates Ryanair customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


31 Negative Comments out of 37 Total Comments is 83.78%.


6 Positive Comments out of 37 Total Comments is 16.22%.

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Disappointing Overall Customer Service Rating

  • Ryanair

    Customer Service Scoreboard

    • 43.62 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 31 negative comments (83.78%)
    • 6 positive comments (16.22%)
    • 0 employee comments
    • Attribute Ratings
      (out of 10 possible)
    • 2.7 Issue Resolution
    • 2.4 Reachability
    • 1.8 Cancellation
    • 3.2 Friendliness
    • 3.6 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Thomas,Oliver Martin Mc Avoy

Booking ref:

I am trying to arrange disability assistance for myself.

Your contact details do not work

My first and last experience with Ryan-air

Posted by dtrnka

Customer Service rep at arrival in Ibiza was extremely rude, whistling commands at the five people waiting as if they were dogs and repeatedly brushed us off to the side when it was our turn at the counter so he could help other customers who were simply there to pay. After more than 45 minutes of being ignored we asked to speak to his supervisor. He insulted us in Spanish right in front of us on the phone to his supervisor thinking we couldn't understand. When the supervisor arrived she told us she was more intelligent than us because she found the bags on the belt. By the way, the bags were not there or in the oversize bag area when the belt stopped and she brought them soaking wet so they were obviously left outside in pouring rain. We asked for their names so we can complain about their behavior but they refused and hid their name tags so we couldn't see it. When we asked for an official complaint form (a regulated legal process in Spain) they purposely tried to mislead us three times by giving us generic company forms and some links to company websites instead. When we threatened to take their picture they called the police and tried to get us arrested. This company or their employees have absolutely no ethical or moral values which makes them unpredictable and potentially harmful to anyone who does business with them. With all the extras they charge it is actually less expensive to fly other airlines anyway so this was a last for me.

Posted by janosik

took them 7 months to issue check for broken luggage.

Posted by Anonymous

I traveled to Dublin on business direct from a family holiday and left my passport in the UK. I flew BA from London city using my drivers licence as ID. BA had no issue with this form of ID and neither did Irish Pasport Control. When attempting to return home with RyanAir (as it was the latest flight to leave Dublin) I was refused boarding as I had no passport. I am a woman and was travelling alone. I explained that I understood the company policy but appealled for compassion as I am a woman traveling on my own with no money to book a hotel for the night and another airline for the morning. I was told I should have read the terms and conditions better and was advised to travel with either BA or Aer Lingus. I had a valid travel ticket and ID which was accepted by all the other airlines and BORDER CONTROL but was left with nowhere to stay and no way to get home by several stony faced jobsworth RyanAir employees and "company policy" .... shame on you all!!

Posted by Anonymous


booked flight departing 24 April and return 01 May 2014.

I did on line check in prior to flight date and got seat assigned but the system didn't allow me to bock the seats for back flight on 01 May.

Due to the fact that I was on vacation and don't have a smart/I-phone and was not able to have web excess at the house, I got to the airport with no seat assigned. At the check in I was told that they will not give me seat assignments and that I have to go to the Ryenair information and have to pay a an extra charge. The extra charge was Euro 140.00, that is outrages I did pay my back flight fee when I did bock the flight in the first place, now I had to pay again and that price is a one way back again. In order to fly back I didn't have a choice but to pay. I don't agree with the charges and request the Euro 140.00 to be credited back to my account. I hope Ryenair is fair enough in this case.

Thank you.

Jorgovana Lilly

Posted by Anonymous

trying to sort out to get our passes for our flight talking to someone called christian wednesday 23/04/2014 at 17:15 -17 22 because I could not get any decant reply from him passed over to other passenger he then hung up trying to get ryanair to do anything decent is distresing

Posted by MacGinley

Mine is more a request for information rather than a comment for which I thank you in advance.
Is the route: Milano Orio al Serio/Glasgow Prestwick been taken off completely or indefinitely? I use this route to visit family in UK and I'd be very disappointed if this were so. Can you please advise me re same. Once again, thank you in advance for your kind attention. I know work is being done on the tarmac at Bergamo for a few weeks and all flights are diverted.

Posted by Anonymous

can some one tell me how to contact ryan air I haven written and tried to email them help my mum passed away I England on 2/12/13 and I had to change muy flights I was charged an extra 150 euros and was told that I would get it refunded on receipt of my mothers death certificate which I sent over 3 weeks ago still no reply. they were quick enough to take the money out of my account please help.

Posted by Anonymous

I sent a letter with my mothers death certificate as told by yourselves to get a refund on the extra amount that I had to pay for changing my flights I sent the letter 3 weeks ago to you. my name is esther forde please could u look into this for me many thanks esther forde

Posted by Bernicedawn

Why is Ryanair
so rude, why can they not acknowledge a fax that was sent to then last December!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

Evil company. I had to travel with my suitcase under my feet, is it not illegal? I travelled a lot all around the world and listened to so many safety recommendations that Iím shocked to know about this practice during flights. I hate this company, it makes customers feel like criminals.

Posted by Rilein

Impossible to reach anybody and given no update, having to call back everyday to get some answers regarding my refund.

Have decided to put my complaint through the EU Consumer Right Commission, as stated on their website:

Top of the content box

Denied boarding

Denied boarding

When passengers are denied boarding on a flight, airlines are obliged to first seek volunteers to give up their reservation in exchange for certain benefits. In addition, the air carrier must also offer volunteers the choice between a full refund and re-routing.

You may be entitled to compensation of between â?¬125 and â?¬600 depending on the distance of the flight and

the delays experienced before being re-routed. Where volunteers choose re-routing, the airline must also provide assistance if necessary, for example - food, access to a telephone, hotel accomodation of one or more nights if necessary and transportation between the airport and the place of accommodation.

There is not

Posted by Anonymous

firstly i booked a transfer with you and once again nowhere to put where your leaving from from presedente hotel benidorm 4 th sept.secondly my friend booked a flight for me refdjlwtq but unfortunately she did it alicante to liverpool and back instead off liverpool alicante and cant phone as all number no answer

Posted by Anonymous

How can a major corporation be allowed to deliberately implement a policy of refusing to take calls from its customers? So many complaints. They just don't care It's a money making rip off.

No one will speak to me No one to call Just cant get through - no other business would survive like this.
Rynnair you are morally bankrupt

Posted by Anonymous

It is scandalous that Ryanair make it so difficult to have a conversation with them! Is that because they get so many complaints the best thing to do is prevent the customer from engaging - I think so.
Shame on you Ryanair for an unethical and evil business practice

Posted by Anonymous

I can not check in-online as well as can not contact to Ryanair with the phone number they gave. I bought the tickets with Ryanair but I am dying for calling them.

Posted by Anonymous

company that rapes its customers with ridiculous charges. flight cost 55 euros fine for creating a boarding pass 70.

As a traveling pilgrim on the camino I did not have available connection for my phone.

I tried 4 places, including a phone store but

could not get access to a connection to confirm my flight, went to airport 5hours ahead to meet your requirements but Ryanair did not have any employees to contact. No one from Ryanair until 2hours before flight

did not work for my complaint. i am requesting a refund for your overpriced fine. I will do whatever I need to to share my Ryanair experience.


Flight FR5318

DATE 15/07/13

Posted by Anonymous

I had a flight to Budapest this afternoon with Ryanair, after check in bags with my sister and going to gate and waiting a long time, finally they said you need a visa for going to Budapest and they did not let me board!!!!!! They advised me to go to the ticketing desk to do something about my ticket, after finding the ticket desk and waiting about half an hour there. She said the only thing I can do for you is to put you on the next available flight with a full ticket price!!!!!!!
Why they checked my luggage if I needed a visa?????? And just waiting my time all the way through the security check and so on..... And also nothing to do afterwards.
I am very disappointed by their services.

Posted by Mr. Cour

Will Never ever fly Ryanair again, would rather walk. Booked a flight from Paris to Rome. First off the airport was over an hour from Paris, then when we got there the counter didn't open until an hour before the flight, outside the main terminal door was a sign stating Ryanair 20KG max on luggage, went to the counter one KG over on one suitcase, had to go to a different line to pay and then get back in line to receive boarding pass. Went to pay and found out that 20KG was not the limit 15KG was the limit,120Euro's later we were admitted to TSA (which was the biggest joke I have ever seen. Then after boarding water costs, drinks of any kind cost snacks cost, and you are barraged with offers to play lotto, buy cigarettes, cologne and any other kind of gimmick to make money. I will here after refer to them as DING DING Airlines after all low rates are ok, but you can't even go to the bathroom 15 minutes before landing, my wife was told it was her problem if she wet herself.

PS: Just a note, I have never seen a group of people that were as rude as those that we dealt with for Ryanair. I doubt I will ever hear FROM THESE FOLKS, if I do will repost.

Posted by Anonymous

Ref: WL165H Passegr name Florence Antoinette Veraeghe. Flight & Date: FR1924 27/06/13

Have trid to contact you (1) by fax 03/06/13,

(2) by early massage here this morning and (3)

by phone on -every call refused

Reason for wanting to contact.My partner & I due fly as above. She has had a serious accident & is medically unfit to travel/ Asked for form to claim reimbursement on medical grounds. I must travel but because of hr condition must cut short my visit I am disabled.Object to paying X2 for flight change - only 1 travelling (More to follow)

Posted by Anonymous

How to ruin your holiday printed boarding passes off before the flight did not allow return boarding pass to be printed tried several time to log back into my booking reservation would not allow went on holiday on return asked to 420 Euros to get us back home for a hand written boarding pass that took 5 mins to write out this company is a complete joke ! I would not recommend flying with this poor poor airline ever ! poor service, poor flight just poor all round if you want cheap and i mean cheap then this is the company to deal with ! never will i or my family fly with such a poor company again !!!!!!

Posted by Natasa

Returning yesterday from Barcelona to Leeds with Ryanair The guy that was checking our boarding cards told us that one of our hand luggage was not at the right size (which we hd NO PROBLEM at all with all my other ryanair flights). At a first place it was respectful from us. The difference was that the one luggage had a bit bigger wheels than the usuals however the storage size was exactlyy the same. The guy was SO rude, that he wasn t even negotiable as he charged us 60euros in total. The problem was that we had one 50euros note available and one 10pound note available so there was a problem. The guys completely ignored us without the willingness to take the money we had available advicing us to ask from the people around to give us money. MORTIFIED. How is it possible that i travelled with ruanair several times with no charge for this luggage and this guy charged us with no alternatives of paying causing us an unpleasant surprise. At least ryanair should be strict all the time with the luggages rather than causing so many difficulties to the public. And also learn to their staff to behave to their customers. The fact that ryanair is a cheap travel company does not mean that we are not still customers. As long as i am kind and negotiable i want the same from the staff of whichever company. Definately spoiled my travelling mood and my dignity to the rest of the passengers

Posted by billco

Have found it to be impossible to call to Ryanair customer service or reservations numbers (as stated on your contact us web page) from Spain. Calling all of these numbers resulted in message from Movistar (the national phone company) saying that the number(s) did not exist. Upon calling their customer services they advised that these are all special non-geographic numbers (premium numbers) and it is not permisable to call these via the Spanish telephone systems. It would seem that you need to provide ammended contact numbers which can be used by your customers in Spain.

Posted by N

All I Want Is An Email Address, Why Should I Have To Pay For A Long Unanswered Call, When I Didn't Cancel The Flight, Daylight Robbery,will Never Fly With Them Again. I Shall Take This To The Top, I Lost A Lot Of Money,due To Uncaring Ryanair,have Been Trying To Get In Touch For 2 Years.

Posted by Anonymous

while flying from Bergamo to Gran Canaria on Dec 2 i had a large cup of boiling coffee spilled on my leg from the table of the passenger on my left side. This procured to me a second degree scald that i had to treat daily for 3 weeks.My holidays were completely ruined by this accident caused by Ryanair. In no way i could ever get an answer from them to my request for a partial compensation of the damages i have had

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Posted by Anonymous

HI my name is Edward Byrne and i would just like say thank you to Ryanair for my experience flying with them when i flew to Tenerife and back to Dublin, both of my flights were excellent
they aloo helped me greatly when i missed my flight back to dublin due to a road accident on the Airport road which a man was killed, Ryanair gave a free flight back to dublin, i had to stay a little longer 2 days longer, Ryanair did not have to give a free flight and i thank them for doing so,
i look forward to flying with them again soon, Edward Byrne

Posted by Anonymous

i had problem with monies taken out of my bank account twice reported it to ryanair and within twenty four hours money was paid back. i travel back to uk at least twice ayear mainly with ryanair and have found on the whole to be satisfied.

Posted by Stan

Had agreat experience flying Porto to Madrid...Can anyone comment on when tickets become available for January on the Barcelona to Gran Canaria route...

Posted by Lorna and Arthur(Bill)Hopkins

WE have just returned from Nimes flying from Liverpool and used the Assistance Service as my husband has bad legs. This is a Free Service and it was absolutely
marvellous. We were treated like V.I.P.s
on the ground and in the air. We have used this service three times now and find that
the Cabin Crew are very helpful and always
very pleasant. Thank You Ryanair and Ground Staff, wonderful service.
Lorna and Bill Hopkins.

Posted by Anonymous

Hello! I just want to say a big THANK YOU to the friendly guys at Stansted Airport who made it possible for me to catch my plane to Klagenfurt/Austria yesterday - although I had arrived only about 25 minutes before take-off!It really made me happy and I am very grateful for this extra-special service. I am fully aware that this is not somethig you can normally expect to happen.
Kind regards,
Anna G.

Posted by TheBald

Had to call number at a premium rate for simple information which they should've explained to me by email. When called, the operator was friendly and answered my question quickly. Still cost me a few pounds though which left a bitter taste.

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