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Rue 21 customer service is ranked #537 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 30.20 out of a possible 200 based upon 50 ratings. This score rates Rue 21 customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


46 Negative Comments out of 50 Total Comments is 92.00%.


4 Positive Comments out of 50 Total Comments is 8.00%.

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  • Rue 21

    Customer Service Scoreboard

    • 30.20 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 46 negative comments (92.00%)
    • 4 positive comments (8.00%)
    • 2 employee comments
    • Attribute Ratings
      (out of 10 possible)
    • 1.9 Issue Resolution
    • 2.6 Reachability
    • 2.0 Cancellation
    • 2.1 Friendliness
    • 2.5 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Anonymous

I am a worker for RGIS and I am just disgusted with the way a young African American girl was treated. She was so sweet and so funny she had me and another worker so tickled. But there was a manager who kept picking on her he would come to our section and scrutinize everything she did and then tell her she couldn't catch an attitude. I told her to keep her head up it's ok. Towards the end of the night she was talking to another worker while counting and asked could he get the skew check she was counting and this same manager interrupted her and made the nastiest comment he told her "you're going to do whatever I tell you to" and told her to go to another section and she asked "why would she go over there if she wasn't done here" and he was so nasty to her and sent her home after being very disrespectful. She was in tears and she did nothing wrong anybody would have raised their voice he was talking to her like she was a slave and I will not be a bystander I came to visit the store in Wichita june 22?and she was there and she now tells me they took her off the schedule for no reason and I hope she brings a discrimination case against your company I am also reporting this to RGIS corporate in hopes that they no longer do business with you if you let this continue. That poor girl was the sweetest thing. Myself and a couple of other workers are also willing to testify and I encouraged her to bring a case. I will keep messaging until I get a response as well.

Posted by Anonymous

Your Milford location staff sucks n are very rude they act as though it's a problem to come into the store the Spanish chick whose I guess a assist manager doesn't belong at any job til she checks her manners came in to give a copy of my i.d.n SSI n as I'm walking away she tells an off the clock employee those copies are going into the garbage don't want her working here I own my house n a single mom looking to now more about fashion for my own store so why not work for rue21 this store is losing so much money because of the staff customers were walking out because she was so busy gossiping to help anyone

Posted by Anonymous

Brickysrd store in Salt Lake has Horrible customer service. The manager Mindy is rude, and has no business being a manager. She told me "git out of my store". In light of the Nazi issue in Virginia, i wonder if she is prejudice too? She was nicer to Caucasians than me. This is Rue 21?

Posted by Anonymous

Horrible. I will never shop online or in at a Rue 21 store again. Their customer service is crap. I have been messing around with them almost a month about my order just to tell me they have to refund my money because the wrong delivery company had my package. What the hell!? So over them. Even if they refund my money they still will owe my $20 that I will never see. Lost another customer and warning others.

Posted by Sasha

Ordered online for items to be delivered in a store half of my order was ship to the wrong store.The second half of my order was not in Stock and was told i would receive a refund after waiting 3 weeks to receive my product.Worst experience shopping black Friday deals, they just lost a customer.


If I Could Give Them No Stars At All, Only Then Would This Be An Accurate Overall Rating!!!! I Placed An Order Over An Month Ago,(it Has Been "processing" For That Long" And I Just Got An Email That They Are Charging Me Double The Price For The Few Items I Just Received And Charged Me For Items I Have Never Received!!!!!! And On Top Of That They Will Not Fulfill The Remainder Of My Order, Or Even Give Me My Discount That I Applied To The Order Before They Cancelled The Rest Of My Order, Or The 10% Discount They Promised Because Of Their Delay!!!! I Have Waited On Hold For Over An Hour And A Half Today, On Top Of Waiting On Hold Yesterday For 45 Minutes, And They Also Will Not Reply To The Multiple Emails I Have Sent Through Their Website!!!!!! Do Not Buy Anything From Them Because There Is No Way To Get Ahold Of Them And They Don't Fulfill The Order, Or Give You The Prices That You Ordered The Items For!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by anonymous

I wrote you earlier about the store manager Renee Moore and her assistant manager named Misty in reference to showing employee favoritism and overhearing them gossiping negative information about the young lady i spoke of in a prior comment that young lady is a hard worker has the best customer service i go in the store often just to see if she is at work she knows what to help me with offers me fragrances over all she is very sweet and very helpful how i come across the conversation is i was standing close to them nd i heard name being mentioned it was about her personal business she shared with her manager ive talked to this young lady and she hasnt shared her personal business but these two people im talking about were talking about her health issues and how she uses that as an excuse to get out of doing her job and other personal things but i just think that is so wrong to talk about things she told her manager in confidence it goes against the privacy act i would like that you address this isssue as soon as possible she has great customer service and is over looked alot if this continues i will have my attorney contact someone higher up in your cooperate office.

Posted by Anonymous

First of all i wanna place a complaint the store manager renee moore at the duncan oklahoma store is nt very good to her employees shows favoritism to some of her associates one of them is a sweet young lady speaks to me always ..but her manager treats her with disrespect calls her out in front of customers about her appearearance her hair clothes even though this young lady always looks very neat and clean she says nothing and smiles and goes on working and ive heard from other associates how she shows favoritism to an associate named misty she gets away with alot that isnt right what applies to the other workers apparently does apply to her this particular young lady whose name i will nt mention has health issues and yet when shes been off ive visit store just to.see and ive overheard them talking about her because they mention her name i thought someone needs to straighten this out because what is shared with the manager is told in confidence sharing information with other associates is againt the privacy act if this continues i will attoney and have him contact you or someone in your office

Posted by Jeff Sanchez

The worse ever is too get a gift card ever they took my MONEY! Did send no email with my number code too use just my com number showing I paid for a card Wow not happy at all with them THE WORSE STORE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ONLY ONLINE!

Posted by Bob Gresham

I ordered a jacket for my granddaughter online from the Rue21
The jacket arm sleeve seam was open defective
I was told by their customer service to return the order to the store for full refund
The store refused to refund the shipping charges and told us to call corporate
Did that and they refused
Don't do business with this company

Posted by consumer1

RUE 21 in turnersville NJ...RUE 21 needs to invest into leadership training. the manager in this location screamed at an associate on the sales floor for 3-5 mins as if no one were around.
rue 21 should be ashamed of themselves for having such managers employed, a true disgrace
the associate that was screamed at, actually apologized that i had to witness it...and the manager was no where to be found. the associate owed no apology...the manager well you already know how i feel!

Posted by none

your corporate number is a joke, every time you call this number no ones ever answers the phone, Whats the point of putting a number that no one answers . really whats the real number for the corporate office,

Posted by Ahdbfkfhf22

Rhonda Graff, district manager of Rue 21, needs to go. She torments all managers of stores in her district. She has made every single person cry at least once, whether they did anything or not. She does not manage with positivity. She threatens. We have all had enough.

Posted by jacqueline boone

Rue 21 in Elizabethton, Tenn. has the rudest manager! She was very rude an disrespectful towards me. I took 3 items back, cause I wanted my money back. I shop their a lot, but I want be going back!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

I went to eastonMD Rue 21 the manager was not friendly. She got attitude when I asked about using my coupon. I will never go there again

Posted by maria de los anegles monge casti

this day come to shop san luis arizona, I am a frequent customer and received a lousy care cinthia jauregu charge.

I cry, and I leave it in the box.

I humikllo a despotic way.

as you can not have an employee with such treatment.

I did not attend because they are talking on cell told me to not take away time and began to insult me in front of the patients and several clients withdrew

never go to that store.

My name is Maria de los Angeles monk castle

For any questions please contact me

I headed after a very careful employee Nestor.

Posted by LaLa

I ordered gifts for 3 people and it has been over 2 weeks and I still have not received anything. I sent an email to which I received no response. I also went to the website for a phone number and was told that the order is still in processing. Their website states it takes 1-2 days to process and 5-7 to ship, which is obviously a lie.

Posted by Rob

Betty R at past rue 21 store manager at High Point Store in NC is unfriendly rude and sharp with the customers she messes up schedules she aswell gets other employees to do her work when she is post to be doing it, and district manger ask her too do it not a very reliable manger been in position 4.5 yrs not a good leader at all!! who ever gave her position they need there heads examined

Posted by Ccrowley

Rudest customer service ever. Played order over a week ago and it still says it's pending emailed 5 times now, no response. Called and women was so rude. Asked for a supervisor and she hung up on me

Posted by Anonymous

My name is Jazmyne, and I placed an order with rue21 on december 1, 2015, but they decided to cancel it. When I called to find out why they tell me they rejected it because I previously used MY OWN bank card with MY MONEY to order things for other people over a year ago. Who the hell are they to tell me what I can use my card and money for???? Then the dumbass tells me they'll reimburse me then I can order it again. Um hell no, because, one the things will no longer be on sale, and two, why the hell would I order anything again? Because I'm going to be using the same card, and you will only do the same damn thing. I WILL NEVER ORDER FROM THIS STORE AGAIN. I will continue to go into the store. WORSE EXPERIENCE EVER!!!! THEY ARE THE WORST

Posted by Mikaflorida

I just want to write to customer service that I am very upset, I placed an online order and the order duplicated. Once I realize the order was duplicated I emailed customer service right away and sent 5 emails requesting for the order to be cancelled. It was not my fault that customer was not open during my order. You sent me a special offer to order without shipping at 10 pm which conveniently it was when customer service was closed, then I had an issue with my order you couldn't fix it the next morning how crazy. Then the very not helpful customer rep said I had 30 minutes to cancel my order. My question to you who was I was supposed to contact within 30 minutes if customer service is closed??? I emailed immediately after placing the order. I am irate my card was charged for 6 shirts which means there is 2 of each shirt being shipped. How stupid is that? And there was no way to stop the processing or shipping.

I am irate and I will never order online which this company again... FYI I ordered just about every week. I have another order in the mail right now as well.

Angry Customer Tamika..

I will also put a review online!

Posted by Beyond Pissed

I have never received such horrible customer service from a company before. I placed an order, the funds were captured by paypal. Rue then cancelled my order for no reason. I have been trying to recover the funds for weeks. When i finally called and spoke to a Rue21 representative, she was rude, annoyed, unhelpful and straight up uncooperative.
I will never place an order with this company neither will i recommend them to anyone.
This is why Amazon continues to be at the forefront of customer service because they understand its value unlike this company.

Posted by [email protected]

I placed an order online and it was cancelled because they didn't know who I was sending the package to.The customer service person could not speak good English, its terrible.Now they have a hold on my bank account and they told me to wait a week till the money is put back on my account and purchase the items again.This is a scam!!!

Posted by m&m

I Bought these ear buds last week and they do not work at all . I am beyond pissed off.

Posted by Anonymous

The store in Shawnee Mall, in Oklahoma sucks, we have coupon for get 20 dollars off 50 dollars any purchase, offer good from 8-13-15 through 8-17-16, today is 8-15-15, we had 6 close items and one perfume, came to 55 dollars before taxes and they told me that I couldn't use my coupon on my phone, so I left everything there, I won't go back, but I will let all my friends know.

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Posted by Anonymous

I love Rue 21..First of all the customer service at Hiram location in GA is a plus for me..Nicole Jenkins at Hiram location is just a great worker.She always takes her join serious and helps me when i need help matching clothes together..and she takes her job at heart...we need more people like Nicole ...Her customer service along with the other staff is a plus in my book..Thank you Nicole and rue 21 of Hiram GA, location...

Posted by Gio

I love rue 21. I visited rue 21 almost all the time the girls are really nice especially amanda the manager . She help me all the time look for the best outfit for me and my daughters and also to others :) store #595

Posted by busy wife

I was in rue store 00785on 06-05-2015 and I have to say of all the times that I have shopped here at this store, today I was treated better than ever before. The manager Jess Stoveman went above and beyond what any employee would and has done for me before in trying to get the items that I was specifically looking for. Mrs. Stoveman not only helped me to find everything I was looking for, for the 4th of July holiday to wear but she went beyond that by making me a shaw from a scarf to wear as well, that I also purchased. I have to say that I am well pleased with the service I received from Mrs. Stoveman and I hope she goes far in her employement with the rue corporation.

Posted by very satified customer

I just read the article about a 14 year old girl that went into a Rue21 store and was told that she needed to leave because she was too big. I just went into a Rue21 store for the first time with my grandchild who was also 14, we had size problem where too tall and too thin, but the employee was so helpful. She kept trying to give us ideas and also other places in the mall that could possibly carry the size we needed. I could not have ask for better help and I also cannot image a clerk doing that because the person could have been shopping for someone else. There is another side to this story, it needs to be checked out.

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Posted by No Name

Laura Carpeneter, DM for Easton 1460 Columbus Ohio NEEDS to go. I have worked for the company for many years and she has only tormented and abused power over all her associates and managers. I was a PART TIME MANAGER who CONSISTENTLY aka, over 4 months worked 40 hours a week. I have never been so mistreated by someone before and have nothing good to say about this so called leader. Rue 21 is the worst company to work for. Laura Carpenter is a straight up liar. I've been meaning to write this review for a long time but never had the time too because I was so free to live my life after the hell hole of Laura's management at Rue 21. There are so many illegal things this company has done I'm tempted to straight up sue.

Posted by Anonymous

The service at rue 21 is great but the quality of the clothing has been getting very poor. I have recently been purchasing a lot more clothes for myself and my 3 daughters and I am very disappointed in the quality.

I keep getting clothes that are very poorly stitched. The seams are not completed. Or after 1 wash the seams just seem to fall apart. I had to get rid of several shirts because I followed the washing intructions on your tags 100% and the shirts shrunk!! I just purchased a shirt last night, washed it and it shrunk. :( Shoes that fell apart after 2 hours because the straps were not even stiched. What a waste and a disappointment. What is going on? Is Rue21 just out to take consumers money? Do they care that their consumers cant even get their moneys worth out of their purchase??!!

Like I said Rue 21 has great customer service and the prices are reasonable but give me clothes that will last at least 6 months! I cant afford to buy disposable clothes. That is exactly what I have been getting. I will go somewhere else and spend a little more but know I am getting quality.

What makes it worse is my daughter works for Rue21. She loves it and the clothes but how disappointing she puts most of her paycheck back into rue 21 buying their clothes, representing the store at work and over half her clothes fall apart after 1 or 2 times wear.


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