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Posted by Markbr55

This was the worst holiday I have experienced. Royal Caribbean are a bunch of sharks who are only interested in squeezing the customer for every penny. We last sailed on Voyager and it was a horrible experience of cheap luke warm food, bad service, lots of Royal Caribbean scams, over crowding, queues, lost luggage, dirty smelly rooms, unsanitary restaurant's, poor customer service. I could go on and on, in fact my letter to Royal was over 6 pages long.

They offered me $800 of credits to sail with them again, they're having a laugh!!!!! This one is going to court.

Royal Caribbean are a disreputable, dis-honest company who treat its customers with contempt. Do yourselves a favour and choose a nice tour operator not this bunch of sharks.

Posted by mcatlogan

Called customer service and was asked for my cruise reservation #. I said I was sorry but didn't have it and could he look it up by my name and phone number or address. I was chastised mercilessly for not having my cruise reservation #. Finally, I asked if it was that hard to do it that way, since I could turn on my computer and look it up. He said it wasn't that hard, but would make his job easier. How's that for customer service!

Posted by Anonymous

Their web-site, despite nice appearance ? is a complete trash. So is their customer service.
Spend several hours trying to make reservation only to find out that they "CANNOT PROCESS THE REQUEST AT THE TIME.
Tried to call/write to customer service - no reply.
Disappointing. Very very disappointing. It seems like they do not care about their customers any more.

Posted by Margie

My husband and I were on the Serenade of the Seas 4/18-4/29/16 Caribbean cruise. It was for my 70th birthday on 4/23. Our daughter sent 3 bottles of very expensive wine & cheese to the cabin, it was delivered with no card or notice of who sent it. We went to the guest services for answers and it took them three days to find out. Our son sent chocolate covered strawberries and decorations, got the strawberries but no decorations, a card from the sender with this. We also received a $100.00 credit with no explanation, this was possibly a gift also. Very poor service at guest services.
Pool entertainment very limited and no fun activities. The shows were below our expectations and not enough full performances with dancing and singing.
No cigar area and the smoking area was the worst of any cruise I have been on. No true designated area.

Posted by Darren

Very very rude and as long as they get your money they are done with you.

Posted by Anonymous

Have Booked Two Reservations. Thinking Of Canceling.

Spent Over 3 Hours On Thelephone With Various Departments. Cannot Get An Answer..

Question. Want To Use Discover Card Royal Caribbean Gift Cards (rewards Program).

Cannot Finf A Human Who Can Give Answer How Much Can Use Before I Purchase To Redeem Anfd Apply To Balance. Telephone

Not Resolved Will Cancel

Posted by Anonymous

I booked a group trip and had a bad experience with the Majesty of the Seas in coordinating our efforts. Luis Marquez was very rude with responses sent. I believe a lot had to do with communication that was sent between him and the travel agent Lucy from Liberty Travel. I contacted Luis and his manager prior and received no responses from either of them prior to sail. The day of our event, our private room was locked at the time of the event. Security informed me that there was no event within the room, although I was showing him the paperwork that I received showing that this was indeed the room that we were to be in. The room was opened late and I paid for a service that was not received. Responses to surveys had not been obtained and personal requests that were provided via the travel agent have not been returned. My first ad probably last time cruising with them.

Posted by Disappointed

After filling in the online survey nearly 4 weeks ago, and especially after our 1 year old daughter got burned on Anthem of the Seas on our final night on 12th June 2015, I can't begin to tell you how disappointed we are with Royal Caribbean that no one has bothered to contact us or follow up on this after being home now for nearly 4 weeks, do you really care about your customers Royal Caribbean, and about our 1 year old daughter that got burned on your ship?

It was so hit and miss, excellent service then appalling service, Examples:
We ate in Jamie's early on in the cruise, excellent, I would have rated them 10/10, then the last night, our 1 year old who celebrated her birthday on 9th June in Wonderland, got burned in Jamie's.
Our cabin attendant, a lad from Indonesia was excellent, however one day I ran out of shampoo, so I asked the black girl who also covered part of deck 12, (our room was 12562) for shampoo, she couldn't be bothered to give me a shampoo and told me I had to find my attendant down the other end of the corridor, there were other incidents too involving this woman; I accidentally closed the safe without the code, she didn't want to know, and shrugged her shoulders, I eventually found another attendant who wasn't our attendant, and he was happy to help.
I have a list as long as my arm; certainly we were not left with the WOW factor!
Previously I've travelled on:
- Navigator of the seas (we had a suite) excellent introduction to cruising
- Oceania, Riviera (again a lovely suite) with excellent quality
- MSC (9 months ago when our daughter was 3 months old, only because RC does not take children below 6 months)
(We had 30 days away in April skiing and South of France), with a 1 month gap before our latest 12 day trip leaving 1st June; yes we enjoy our holidays and have lots of freedom to travel.
Now having a young baby, and who knows, others in the future potentially, modern day cruising is ideal for a young family; indeed we are your ideal growing target market with dispensable income, we certainly didn't feel WOWed on Anthem of the Seas.
Service was so hit and miss. I was asked by friends who cruise a lot with RC, and have cruised Oasis, if I could recommend Anthem, whilst at our daughter's official birthday party the day after we returned......sadly I could not and struggled to say yes.
I would strongly suggest that you invest in mystery shoppers. I think that part of your problem is staff moral, whoever is in charge of your staff training needs to take a long hard look at Anthem of the seas and wonder if they either need to be more stringent in their interview process, most of the staff were excellent, but worryingly it was a lot more than just a handful that let the team down!
Captain Claus, I'm sure that he's an excellent Captain, but no-one could understand a word that he was saying in his Swedish monotone voice, especially when he was converting Celsius to Fahrenheit, Knots to MPH etc. People just turned off, it just went on and on. We noticed that the cruise director took over with more announcements; these were punchier, to the point, more audible and more informative. I have Swedish friends, I'm not a xenophobe, sadly most Swedes have similar flat personalities.
The Bionic bar - what a waste of space. We are certainly not technophobes, we are very computer literate, yet we were not alone in having to be guided through the process. It starts off by asking you what base drink you want, we pressed Gin and Tonic on the left hand side, under the heading base drinks, thinking it was the base/main element of the cocktail, then we were told that no, that was the drink we had chosen. It lost our interest in 2 minutes flat, we moved on, I'd suggest you look at this and ask yourselves, "how clear is it"?
The lifts - at any one time 2 were out of order. The lifts were infuriating, you could be on floor 4 with 4 lifts on floor 3, these never moved; we were convinced that some lifts were turned off at certain times. We could be on our floor 12 with every possible combination of lifts going up and down and passing floor 12 but not stopping there. Most of the times where we could we used the stairs, but having a pushchair this is not often possible.
You were forever out of stock of berry fruits, we caught on that these were available on request for our daughter who loves berries.
I heard people saying that you were out of stock of Guinness beer after 4 days, stock ordering appeared to be patchy. When asking for one dish, as an example a crab dish, another one turned up. Our waiter in one particular restaurant who seemed very honest told us that he was told to take that dish as they were out of stock of the other.
The indoor pool deck retracting roof was constantly closed, even in Lisbon when it was 31 degrees Celsius. I queried this, the guys behind the pool bar told me that it only opened from time to time, and only when the Captain instructed, on a busy sunny day, it was just too roasting in this area, it was too hot and therefore empty. I queried this twice with guest services, as did my wife also with guest services, firstly we were told categorically that, that roof does not open, clearly it does because it has sliding rails; we were again told that it didn't open and we were wrong, then we were told that they didn't know it opened, the following day, guess what, it was open one quarter, then closed!
On the last day, my wife went to the Windjammer to get an omelette for her breakfast. She stood in the queue with about 6 people in front of her. The evacuation drill then happened whilst my wife was waiting. The chef then disappeared, with everyone waiting assuming he'd gone to get more supplies, but after a few minutes he hadn't reappeared, so my wife asked someone where the chef was... and was told he'd gone to the drill! Why, when this was planned, there wasn't cover arranged is anyone's guess. Another chef was then drafted in. However, my wife's omelette, when she finally got it (she waited 30 minutes in the end), tasted burnt because the original chef had left three omelettes cooking and they'd burnt and then the pans were tainted with burn. My wife then went to the coffee to just organise cutlery etc, and the one of the staff asked her if he could have some food. My wife said she wasn't in the mood for jokes as she thought the service that morning was appalling; the guy then laughed at her! My wife did report this to Guest Services, who seemed to take it seriously and said the head manager would contact us, but we were never contacted.
Ice Cream - always seemed to be not working, or just slowly replenished on the pool deck.
Freshly squeezed orange juice - the all inclusive drinks package which gave us inclusive drinks up to value of $9 worked for us, then if we wanted a very nice glass of wine, we merely paid the difference. We ate in the Silk or American Icon during the second week for breakfast, preferring to miss the scramble for seating in the windjammer. We ordered freshly squeezed juice and were given this 3 days running, then we tried to order freshly squeezed juice from a bar elsewhere on the ship later and were told that this was not within our package. On the 4th day the waiter didn't know if this was included in the package or not and asked me, and on the 5th day in American Icon, the waitress flatly refused to serve this to my wife without charge. Later when someone intervened and gave my wife a juice, my wife overhead the waitress moaning to the waiter saying, "what are you trying to do, lose us revenue", the waiter replied, "sometimes you just have to please the customer".
That conversation alone in my opinion summed up the trip for us, we were not guest/customers/travellers, we were made to feel like revenue streams and you wanted to screw every cent that you could out of us.
Your trip around Madeira on our daughter's 1st birthday was just appalling. We departed for the bus, first stop was a Church up a hill, we're both active people in our 30's and 40's yet with a push chair it's too much to take the baby up cobbled steps. We were told by the tour guide that there were only steps, and we had 20 minutes to get up and back, and see the site! Okay for me but not for others in the party, nor my wife also with a pushchair. Also after climbing up the steps, I noticed that there was a side path coming up after all, so my wife could have came up with the pushchair. Next stop the cable car; now anyone that's ever been in a small cable car will know if you push the pushchair into it, then you can get 2 other people in as well, and not the normal 6 people plus a push chair. I explained this to the attendant and he was going to allow just the 3 of us to travel in one car along with the pushchair, as a family of 4 had travelled in an earlier cable car, the tour guide thought different though. We pushed the pushchair into the cable car, then I and my wife sat at the entrance, yet the tour guide forced another 2 people into the cable car, this meant my wife and the other woman were crammed in, and then I and another chap sat opposite each other by the door. Then when the tour guide tried to squeeze in by me as well, there just wasn't room, we all felt like cattle, and how could we possibly turn around, take photos and admire the view. I asked where she expected me to sit; the push chair was close up against my leg, so she had to travel behind and alone. I tried to explain that there was no room when we got to the other end of the valley after disembarking, she was off with me, held up her hand and said that she didn't want to know. We got into the bus and headed 5 minutes down to the Botanical gardens. We were last off the bus as we just happened to be sitting at the back where there was more room; the tour guide led everyone into the Botanical gardens without us. You had 2 Royal Caribbean staff on that trip, both wearing "shore excursion" jackets. Earlier in the tour I asked the one of them, who later turned out to be the assistant manager "Valerie" what she did on the ship, she just pointed at her badge on the jacket which stated shore excursions; I only asked this as they didn't appear to be fully engaged as part of the trip and always taking photos, I commented that I thought that she was from some other department on a freebie trip, Valerie replied that they were there as "observers", they certainly observed, took photos, and didn't do any work.
When we arrived at the Botanical gardens, and by the time we made our way down the coach and off the coach, the coach driver had disappeared no one was around, this left my wife and I, with me holding the baby, my wife holding bags, typical stuff that you need when travelling anywhere with a 1 year old, to open the side storage area under the bus, pulling up the heavy door, in order to access our pushchair, then pull the pushchair off the coach whilst balancing our daughter and everything else. We were truly struggling, Valeria and Erwin from your shore excursion team just looked on and waited for us. We arrived at the entrance to the gardens, we could see 50 metres ahead of us that the tour guide had started her chat and moved on, already in the gardens. Not very happy, not feeling welcome and certainly not feeling part of the tour, we decided to walk away from the crowd, it was our daughter's 1st birthday. We had a brief chat between the two of us and decided to leave the tour. Out of courtesy before leaving, I approached Erwin and told him why we were leaving, and explained that both of them had looked on whilst we struggled, he accepted that he could have helped but hadn't. We caught a taxi to the town of Madeira, and then later caught a taxi to the ship. We went to guest services to complain, later in the day we met with the manager who was very nice, very apologetic, conveyed this isn't the standard which they aim to offer, and duly refunded the cost of the trip.
High Chairs for children - lack of them! On the first night in the first dining restaurant, we waited 35 minutes for a high chair for our daughter. We arrived at our table, not offered a drink, no bread, no water. I asked for hot water for our daughter, this didn't turn up. Three tables of people arrived around us, these were given menus before us, and I had to stand up and go over to the waiter and ask if I could have a few of those menus. It took us 15-20 minutes to get a glass of water, and 25 minutes to get a glass of wine. I had been up and down several times speaking to managers, going to the front desk and asking for some service, what a disorganised chaos that first night was! Our baby needed food, it was a damn good job that we packed a pre-prepared pack of baby food which just needed heating up, but do you think that I could get hot water - not a chance! In the end I went to the kitchens and pleaded with a very nice Indian girl for a jug of boiling water. Whilst waiting for the water, at one stage there were 3 members of staff plus two managers (whom I had previously asked for water/wine/menus) urging me to sit down and they would bring it to me, but given their incompetence, lack of attention and false promises to date, one stating on three occasions that he would previously bring us water, I said that I would rather wait because I had no confidence that they would bring the water to me, so when the girl came out of the kitchen with the hot water, I took it and went back to my table. The starters arrived 50 minutes after being seated; we were just about to leave when they arrived.
One of your staff on board told me that you had 400+ children on board that cruise, 100 of which were babies. We had trouble at almost every single seating to get a high chair, 35 minutes was our worst waiting time, how could you get it so wrong, especially as you market this cruise as even young child friendly, and now having babysitting facilities and play areas, we feel that someone has really dropped the ball on this one.
Jamie's - where our daughter got burned. 1st visit early in the cruise I'd give Jamie's 10/10, we also had a fantastic waiter. The last night we visited Jamie's again, none of the booths were available as before, so we pushed 2 small tables together and the high chair arrived reasonably quickly. I asked if we could move to a booth when one became available, as this is just easier with a child, as the last time we were seated there, our daughter was able to move around and stand up on the seats, and being by the window helped. We ate the starters at the original table, we ordered risotto rice for our daughter but risotto balls came instead, bearing in mind that as we had finished our starters, it would have been very clear when re-ordering for our daughter that the starter of risotto rice was for her (and we did explain the waiter that our daughter couldn't eat the balls, she needed normal risotto).
When we moved to the other table, I was carrying our daughter as we slid into the booth, neither my wife or I noticed that a scalding hot bowl had already been placed on the table, furthermore we were not told that our daughter's starter had been delivered, we were therefore also not told that the bowl was scalding hot. The bowl was so hot, neither I, nor my wife could touch this bowl. Sadly, and before we realised that there was a bowl of risotto on the table, our daughter, Madison, seeing the rice, lent forward and grabbed the bowl which caused 3rd degree burns on her fingertips and hand. The screams were traumatic to listen to. We're both very fortunate to spend all our time with our daughter, I work from home and my wife has had 16 months off work, so, our daughter just hardly ever cries and never really gets upset, she isn't a crying baby. To hear the constant squealing and screaming was just gut wrenching for me, as I had to force her burnt little hand repeatedly into a jug of ice water, but equally so for my wife as all she could do was to watch on. Luckily there was a doctor dining in the restaurant that night who had observed this, he told us that it would be no more than 3rd degree burns to put our minds at rest, my wife was screaming at the staff to get the nurse. The overall manager came from off duty and eventually took charge, and took us down to see the nurse, the nurse then applied Aloe Vera gel and administered Ibuprofen. Madison was screaming the whole time that we were on floor 2 with the nurse. We took Madison back to the room. Jamie's later sent some food up to the room as we asked as we had only eaten the starter, we later gave Madison a dream feed of milk as she whimpered on the bed.
We had a terrible evening. The holiday ended as it started, a damp squib. When joining the ship we were told that we could have embarked either side of the ship, we were directed to the right when others were going left. It was not until we got on the ship that we realised that there was no greeting, no champagne, as there was at the other entrance.
Every one of my previous 3 cruises including Navigator of the seas was better than this cruise. My wife is a far more experienced cruiser than myself and has also cruised on Cunard extensively. As we ponder our September cruise, we certainly haven't been wowed by the lacklustre service and care we've been given on this cruise, we left your ship and RC feeling flat, and thinking what a waste of money. I know that RC has had a lot of flack regarding the dynamic dining etc. these changes and the changes to cruising are all positive steps in the right direction for us, we are your future target market, yet we've been let down time and time again by your poor service. On a positive note, we both found the guest relation staff to be very nice, and apart from them being misinformed regarding the retractable roof in the indoor pool area, you shouldn't be getting it so wrong so often.
My wife goes back to work in 3 weeks and this was supposed to be a fantastic holiday to end what had been up to now a fantastic year with Madison. We just feel let down; no one tried to contact us from the ship after the incident, the guest relations haven't bothered, the doctor who was a fellow guest who first attended to Madison felt so bad, he was looking all around the ship for us and had gone down to see the nurse on deck 2 and later his wife bumped into my wife.
We changed our disembarkation to 9.30am from 7.15am on the morning of 13th June, as we would have had to be up at a silly time in the morning with Madison otherwise, we placed the do not disturb on our door, yet the door was being knocked on at 7pm. Appalling! We felt hounded to get off the ship.
There was no further communication from Royal Caribbean asking how our daughter was, and four days after arriving home, still no communication from Royal Caribbean, which doesn't say a lot for your organisation does it, our daughter's hand is heeling slowly!

Posted by Fed Up 31

I have sailed twice with Royal Carribean previously and made the mistake of booking with them a third time. Their customer service has become absolutely horrible! Rude representatives speaking over customers that actually keep them in business. Service was so bad it pushed me to the point of cancellation! They made money off me by the cancellation penalty without me even stepping foot on a ship!...and on top of it they purposely delay any refund due to you for canelling! They dont even make the planning of a trip easy when a customer has cruise related questions, I can't imagine how the experience of sailing with them again would be! There's plenty of other cruiselines out there. Do yourselves a favor and use a different one. Royal Carribean will never see another penny of my money!

Posted by Anonymous

A group of eight of us just returned from a trip aboard the ALLURE of The Seas. Unfortunately six of us caught a bacterial infections and we are all still recovering, The ship was great, service, accommodations,activities, shows etc. The major complaint that we all had was the dinners that were serve in the dining room. There was a poor selection and poor quality. Such entrees as tendori chicken salad, soy meatballs, gyoza dumplings should have been appetizers or on the lunch menu. The was early prepared and there was very little specialty options. The waiter could not even provide us with a lobster tail or most entree without sauces. The fish was also limited salmon (hard and dry) and cod. My wife was forced to order a steak of the menu (additional charges)Because there was a limited menu. Even the desserts were mostly dairy (ice cream, chocolate). Use to be able to get a piece of pie, cookies, pound or sponge cake. It seems to all of us that RC is trying to push their specialty restaurants at the expense of the dining room. The breakfast and lunches especially in the free restaurant were great because there are no specialty restaurants serving these meals yet. I was on the Explorer on 6/13 and the food and selection was superior. Please overall I love RC and I am constantly recommending. In fact I booked my daughter and five of her friends at the end of March 2015 on the Liberty of the Seas. Please don't make me switch to round about dining.

Posted by Susan

I sailed on the serinade of seas out of New Orleans on March 29-april 5. We had outstanding service and we were told if we rated our waiters etc with a 10 that the crew would receive honor etc. I have never received any survey by e mail and everyone I made friends with received nothing other than advertisements !!! I have sailed with you many times and I feel you treat your crew like cattle. I spent over two hours of my time yesterday trying to correct this. However, all I got was a "I'm sorry" . You owe your crew this satisfaction, you owe your passengers what you promise.!!!!!!!

Posted by Dan

We were aboard Serenade of the Seas, Jan 25,2014 sailing out of New Orleans for the Bahamas. Before returning to New Orleans the ship experienced mechanical issues which made it 4 hours late to disembark. We along with many others missed our flights home that day. We were all told by the staff on board to send in our receipts for new flights, hotel etc. and it would ALL be reimbursed. Now guest relations are saying they know nothing about what we were told and will only pay $150 each. No mistake, that is exactly what we were told aboard ship.

Posted by Sara

Have cruised many times but this was our first with Royal Caribbean. We feel the staff is very unorganized, ship was not the cleanest, and that their first concern is money and not the guests on board!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

I have sailed with you 4 times now and so far so good until this last trip. We sailed with The Oasis of the Seas in early summer with two other couples and everything was fantastic, the service was wonderful everything GREAT. I decided to take my two older adult children with me on The Allure of the Seas and was promised that the experience would be the same. NO NO NO

The service bad, food bad, nothing was too good. Other people on the ship who have been on The Oasis of the Seas also said the same thing so it was not just me. I feel I wasted alot of money on the three of us on this trip. Also I had a issue I was trying to get resolved on my bill and it took all week to complete. I am a very unhappy sailor. Believe me I will think twice before booking especially with The Allure of the Seas. Service was not up to par. Dinner situation was horrible and then they could not accomadate me any better either I was told. I needed to let you know that the standard you have was not being met on this trip. I even got sick the last two days probably from the uncleanliness. Had 2 weeks to recover from a bug. 2 Doctor Visits. Also my daughter fell on a wet area by the elevator and her knee hurt all week. We did say something to a cleaner (man) and he walked away. I am so sorry you don't have good help on this ship. Lots of the people I talked to won't go on The Allure again either. I told your people the service was bad also. I drove 14 straight hours to board this ship and I would not do it again. It was not worth it.

Sheila Mantz

Posted by kimberlina

i purchased a ring on the oasis of the sea on march 26th 2011 and was told it was alexandrite ( a lower grade of stone but still an alexandrite) and i have bragged about this ring for the last two years. I recently went on another cruise and was looking at jewelry on ship when i was told that the ring was NOT alexandrite. one expects to be taken advantage of on shore ( as they drill into your head at the jewelry seminars ) but not on this cruise lines newest and supposedly top ship with its best/knowledgeable employees--for shame on your company.when i called i was given a venders number and after a 42 minute wait was told that without the orginal receipt there was nothing they could do--even though i had the copy of the credit card charges.And now i know why i never recieved the certificate of authenticity that i was told i would recieve in the mail. i was told it was a "trunk show" and all one of a kind designs and they still needed to make the certificates- i will NEVER trust or sail on your cruise line again and i take at least two cruises a year

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Posted by Mariner Of The Seas

Hi, myself and my husband were very satisfied with the great customer services provided by all the staff on board from the Mariner Of The Seas. We really enjoyed the 4 days 3 nights cruise from 16 Dec 2016 till 19 Dec 2016. The facilities and all the performances were excellent. We wish to thank 2 special staff who serve us at Table 462 in the Top Hat and Tails Fine Dining Room at Deck 4. This 2 special waiter and waitress serve their customers sincerely from their hearts. Thumbs Up!

Posted by Anonymous

After cruising with the Majesty of the Seas last week, I felt the need to personally thank Royal Caribbean. The staff was exceptional in all areas. Hospicia Hinosa from housekeeping was exceedingly helpful! Igusti P. And Ling M. from the wait staff deserve to benefit from the incentive program. The overall atmosphere and congeniality of the crew onboard the Majesty of the Seas was amazing. I would definitely cruise with them again!

Posted by Mr.Bill and Mrs.Deborah

On the "Grandure of the Seas" cruise from May 22- May 29th of 2015 my wife and I experienced excellent service. Our dinning room servers, Robin and Allwyn were very attentive and courteous. I have never experienced such professionalism. Dining was a pleasure every night. This was my first cruise and I enjoyed it so much. There were so many entertaining things to do. There was never a dull moment. I WILL be back for another cruise!!!

-From Mr.William and Mrs.Deborah

Posted by LindaW

This was the first cruise my husband and I have been on. We had the best service hands down of any trip or restaurant we have ever visited. The wait staff was superb. We never waited more than a few minutes at most for anything during dining. Our room stewart had our rooms in perfect condition 3 times a day. Our on excursions were very fun ad hastle free. Although one scuba excursion in my opinion had too many people or my taste, but this was a contracted excursion. On the ships, Ican't come up with any complaints, food was always fresh and fabulous. Drinks were fairly priced compared to upscale lounges and other cruise lines (from what we hear)around $8 drink. We already booked another cruise for next year we loved it that much!

Posted by Benavent

Had the vacation of a lifetime. Great service and outstanding ships, I highly recommend.

Posted by spoon

excellent service. treat you with dignity and respect.

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