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Roxio customer service is ranked #889 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 18.26 out of a possible 200 based upon 116 ratings. This score rates Roxio customer service and customer support as Terrible.


115 Negative Comments out of 116 Total Comments is 99.14%.


1 Positive Comment out of 116 Total Comments is 0.86%.

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    • 18.26 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 115 negative comments (99.14%)
    • 1 positive comments (0.86%)
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Posted by Anonymous

my name is Frank Camidge I bought easy cd burner and the disc. got on chat and there is no way for me to send a reply to his questions. I am really trying to download the disc to my computer and havde been unable to do it.

Posted by MarkBake

I own Roxio 14 and 15. Neither work with my Mac. At one time they did, so there must have been an operating system change. No luck contacting their support. Phone guy tells me the only way is for them to email me for support. This has not happened. No luck, no working product, $200 investment and a company that could care less as their phone people have no skills with the English language. Beware and stay clear of their products. $200 ripoff.

Posted by Lanier

I've contacted you several times cases numbers

As I stated previously I cannot get your program to work properly when trying to edit video, screen pop up telling me there�s no response. Windows never have a solution. Apparently there something in your program that works temporarily and stops working. I'd like to know how to fix the problems without spending weeks and months trying to get this resolved as before.

Posted by Anonymous

I need help with nxt 4 it hangs when trying to install Microsoft net 4 I got this software about and hour and half and it still trying to install Microsoft net 4
get a real customer support line

Posted by yaksongs

Roxio Customer Support are worse than hopeless. A simple question I had about CD burning and 2 agents both ended the conversation - I started on the Roxio site & hit the chat now button & went to a "corel" help site - all they could ask was what program I was referring to & when I said Roxio Creator they ended the chat - absolutely pathetic - I shall never touch this company

Posted by ssMaryland

I have owned every version of Toast (for Mac) from v5 up to v11. __ I refuse to get any further versions/updates of this product or ů. anything by this company.
I have had multiple & repeated problems burning to "dual-layer" DVD's. Have wasted lots of money on DL DVD blanks and have stacks of failed or corrupted "burned" dvd's that won't play.
Have TRIED getting support & assistance from Roxio/Sonic/Corel many many times. They are almost impossible to reach. And when I have reached them (only by email) they have been unable to correct or even identify the reason for the problem. I offered to send them some copies of the failed burn disks for them to examine andů. they were not interested !!?? @#$%
Even after I sent them a picture of the boxes of the seven versions of their product I own, showing them my investment in their product/company they offered NO further assistance, an NO compensation or refunds.
This company is the WORST for support services.

Posted by keithbrooks

Used Toast 10 to burn a TV series to 16 spanned DVD discs. What a colossal waste of time and discs! No errors reported during the burn & verify process but now when I want to mount the discs all I get is Roxio Restore wanting to recover the data on all 16 discs so it can write all of the 390 episodes back to my hard drive.

Go to the Roxio-Corel website and what do I get? Nothing. No support possible unless you are within 14 days of registering the product. My Toast goes back over 10 years and several versions. Not one error was reported during the burn. Yet there is nothing on Roxio Restore except to tell me the write didn't work. Cannot get support. No contact email. Have to pay for support (NOT!!) and a search of the blog reveals damn little about Roxio Restore problems. Thanks a lot Corel. Years supporting your product and I get nada for the loyalty unless I want to pay extra for it.

Posted by Whyte Cactus

I bought one their burning software about 3 years ago and i had difficulty burning visual content i went to their forum to ascertain what the problem could be.The humility and arrogance i received from some of the long term members was horrendous, especially from a guy in his 50's (Jim H), I gave as good as i got but was assailed by more bs from other users saying he was only trying to help, lighten up etc etc.

To cap it all i contacted their customer service and was not even given a reply !


Posted by Mac

Purchased Roxio easy vhs to dvd 3. Due to illness I did not use for thirty days. It does not work! I was out of service period and went back to Best Buy and there is no return policy. Please do not waste your time and money to purchase this product.

Posted by Anonymous

Very Dissatisfied With Your Product.
Need Tech Support And Cannot Reach A Person Just A Computer.

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased "Easy CD and DVD Burning" on a Tuesday and installed it on Wednesday. On Thursday I was going to duplicate a dvd but the software would not work. It kept locking up. Unfortunately for me Roxio did not send me a support code when I registered the product. With out that code you cannot contact Roxio at all. When I finally got through to someone at the seller (DigitalRiver) they told me they could not help me and that I needed to use a pay warranty ticket at the Roxio website. No thanks. I'm just starting the return policy carnival ride. We'll see how that turns out. Avoid Roxio at all costs.

Posted by RhettK

Roxio customer service is non existent!
I have a two-year-old program which I wish to reinstall because of a computer rebuild, but am getting nooo help at all from Roxio.
I'll never touch them again and advise possible potential purchasers of their products to look elsewhere.
All they do is hide behind their portal and couldn't give a damn about return customers.

Posted by Professor

buying a roxio product is a complete waste of money, their product is useless once you lost their stupid product key and their customer service is always unreachable. And did i mention their product is bad?! Worst company of all time!

Posted by retired

OK after much frustration I've had Roxio Creator NXT working for the past year. Suddenly about a month ago it would not do the things I needed to do. So by this time I was out of luck with the Company Site. The knowledge base repeated the same tired failures. I started my own thread about a week ago and it has yielded absolutely nothing. Oh yes don't forget that there is a limit to the number of times that you can install/reinstall. That number is 10. (has no relationship to the movie of the same name) Sure the number can be reset but than what. So far the Forum Guru's have been kind to my issue but I know that they can be really a bunch of fecal stuff headed characters. It sure makes no sense how Roxio/Corel can put up with them. When it was working it was OK. Really Geeky software but it did the work.

I've tried to put the program on another machine running WinXP without luck. My primary machine runs Win7 and uses an Intil i7 processor with 8GB memory. The hard drive is barely half full so the hardware issues should not be an issue. So far no one has been able - more likely willing - to give any substantive help.

I've used Roxio in about 3 or 4 versions. Most have offered some issue or other. It would take lots to get me to buy another piece of software from Roxio especially now since Corel has put the clamps on their technical support wing.

Posted by unhappy customer

I also purchased roxio vhs to dvd, which is one piece of junk software.

Additionally, forget going to the roxio forum, which is run by rude folks that provide no help.

A sad, sad excuse for a company and I will do my best to alert anyone and everyone to stay as far away as possible.

I hope thye enjoyed the money they got from me. because they will not get one more cent.

Posted by Anonymous

ive tried to remove roxio 9 that came with my laptop,, on vista system, now ive got 4 possible programs such as audio, creator, copy,data still on the donloaded pagein programs,, ive removed roxio from the register, and sys32 also but these keep coming back and now it says they cant be found, !!! when i try to remove them ! there useing apx 18mb of drive and everything ive tried wont get rid of them,,,, its not like i dont like them, its ive never used them and they are a wast of time and space

Posted by malcolmbrown

I changed my hard drive and I can't activate my Roxio creator nxt Order date 11/09 2012 Order number my old e mail was

Posted by Joss

Impossible to contact, and they never reply to emails. They pretend to have a UK base by using a UK based domain name and £ sterling, but items are shipped from the States and incuur huge customs fees.

Posted by jimm1a

Worthless software, can't even load it because it won't accept the "Key Code" that came with the product. None of the suggestions on the support website work.

Posted by Anonymous

Unbelievable!! This Company And Site Is A True Nightmare.(catch22) Cannot Contact Anybody Till You Get Code And Will Not Allow You To Register To Get Code. No Phone
Contacts Without Received Your Code. On Scale 1-10 -100. Thanks For Nothing.

Posted by Pepe

I purchased the VHS to DVD sofware. I'm having a lot of problems with it. I have not been able to contact anybody to get help. Roxio has the worst custumer service I have seen. Will not buy any Roxio or Corel product.

Posted by G2k

i have purchased a roxio capture card HD for 120 $ + 26 (express Shipping)... AND I NEVER RECEIVED IT. i had no support getting information + my purchase number on the site just dissapear (i could not use it to track my shippment). anyway i you ever want to buy a roxio capture card GO TO AMAZON! they got

Posted by Anonymous

my ROXIO photosuite 5 doesn't work pop up says to call you but i can never talk to a human nor find any help, have you looked at your ratings????? everyone feels the same and anyone thinking about buying ANY of your software should not. PEOPLE!!! STRIKE AGAINST THEIR PRODUCTS TILL THEY GO OUT OF BUSINESS.if you want to throw your money away,help the needy.

Posted by Clay Cox

I could not get the program out of the "finishing.....this could take a few minutes" loop after actually waiting for days. The guarantee period was eaten up by waiting for tech support to get back to me, following instructed process several times over several days and all to no avail. I asked for a refund well within the guarantee period, then I was asked to try the same process over again. Again to no avail. Again I asked for a refund and they said that they have a very strict refund policy and that I was three days past the end date.

Posted by G

This is the worst service support I have ever encountered using software that will not work and being unable to talk to a technician about the problem. The Customer Service in India was no help the phone number listed is no help and the web page is even worse. I'll never purchase roxio VHS to DVD software again. Roger

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Posted by Anonymous

Roxio tech supports provided me the solution for my problem as i excepted. They are very good in technical knowledge, especially voice support.

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