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Posted by Pup626

I bought a ring that said size 7 that's, my girls size in rings and it didn't get her can I return the ring? If so can I get a new ring

Posted by Ms.

I returned 2 gift items to Ross Stonecrest Store on Jan.4th 2018, I did not have the receipts. The manager gave me a store credit for the lowest price item, but the other item I was told would be $20.00 less than the price on the item. I inquired as to why and was told because I did not have the receipt the price of the item were at a lesser price, the price on the item were &39.99.

Posted by Disgusted by uneducated nasty pe

I have no problem with Ross other than their policy to rush you out the door. The company gives the Walter treatment "Get Your Sh*t and Get Out!" You do not even have your receipt and they are already screaming "Next!" It's like "Thanks for your money, now f*ck off!"
People will pay more for an item if there is better customer service. Hence the reason why Target is still in businesss across the street from Wal-Mart or Publix across the street from Winn Dixie. Also why Marshall's makes more money than Ross.

I shop at Ross frequently and hope to not jinx myself here, but I never had a problem with returns in Salisbury. Why? I am returning the items with tags still attached, bringing in the receipt, and the original form of payment. You should have no problem if the rreturned item is still new.
If you feel the need to wear the item before returning it, try posting it on Craigslist to see how many people will give you that same amount for it used. NO ONE! If you are debating an item, leave it. If you are looking to wear an item once because your budgeting skills suck, go to Plato's Closet or Good Will. NO Businness Ever should be taking back used items! Nothing is nastier than buying an item you think is new and finding period gunk all on the crotch of the pants when you try putting them on for work the next day.

Posted by Janeal

Went to Ross to return one item, had my receipt. Bought it one day before, the lady said since I didn't have the tags she couldn't return them. Bs all they have to do is put another tag on it!! I have the receipt!!

Posted by literally the rudest I have ever

Just a few days before Christmas I spent $1,500 in Ross located in Sausalito California. I was in the store for at least 6 hours picking everything out to complete my Christmas shopping. A few days after Christmas I decided to return some things that I had purchased for myself that I decided against. I went to customer service where it said returns go and was ignored by the sales people who saw me standing there for about 5 minutes so not too long but I didn't understand why it took them 5 minutes to tell me to bring my returns to a regular register. I walked over to the counter where a woman named Stacy was working. She was clearly annoyed at me for bringing in returns which I could tell by her immediate hostile order to not touch what was in my bag because she would take
the merchandise out which was fine with me if she hadn't said it in such an angry hostile way. I ignored it and said sure because these are the type of people you can't win with and they clearly DO NOT consider the customer always right. I was just hoping to get through it without her making a scene where there wasn't one....(have seen this type before).
So I pulled out my receipt and she began returning until she came to an item with all tickets attached except one and she said
I am not about to look up the items on this long receipt. Come back tomorrow and the manager can do it. Then she proceeded to
slap my items down and push them away so the next customer could be helped. I said what??? you don't want to look up the items one the receipt??? Isn't that your job? She then threw the items at me and knocked over a suitcase I was returning and said
the customer is always unhappy when they don't get their way!
Enough said. This woman will be fired and I will do whatever it takes to make this happen.

Posted by No impressed shopper

My son just bought some Guess men's cologne and opened it in the store. He never left the store with it. He doesn't like the smell so we asked if he could get a refund. The saless person said No they don't refund cologne. I was like wow he never even left the store, but because he opened it its non refundable. This is just not right. I could understand if he had left the store, but he didn't. Now he's out $21.00.

Posted by Eniwhoo

Ross is the only store I ever have problems with returns. Why can they not do the same thing as Burlington? They have your receipt in the computer system that is activated by your phone number so if you lose your receipt you give them your phone number and they are able to pull it up. I'm one of those people hold on the receipts forever and of course the ones I always seem to lose or misplace are Ross. I always plan on a store credit when I return items.

Posted by MINLEI

I was just told today by the cashier at Ross that the Reduced items are final sale !!! I am not sure if this is a new policy or that the cashier did not know the return policy which is sad!!

Posted by Anonymous

Went to Ross before work yesterday and I was returning a purse I had bought the day before yesterday I had receipt and paid with card but I had forgotten card in my car the girl helping me didn't want to wait for me to go get my card from my car cause I didn't have it on me and made me get store credit cause I didn't have my debit card during the return. I do not want store credit I want my actual money back! I have the transaction in my bank account and just want my money back! What can I do? To just get my money back?!


WARNING never buy a gift for anyone at Ross -- went to return a bag, forgot the receipt, as I brought it on a credit card only a few weeks ago... THEY WILL NOT RETURN, CREDIT OR EVEN OFFERED ME A GIFT CARD...

SUGGEST ANYONE BUYING - pay for each item separately and give them the receipt with your gift -- and they may release the cost of ring up items separately is a big drag and cost them money... plan to hastag, and warn people -- basically wrote, when most department store it automatically done via our cards...

Posted by Sinner with faith

@ get.real
Ross Dress return policies are a little harsh I'll admit but they obviously intend to give security to the business for good reasons. So being that they are a discount store they don't have the luxury to ship the "defected" or "altered" items back to the manufacturer for a replacement/credit etc., Ross bought the product from a store like Macy's or Nordstroms for example... as basically a "hand me down" at a good deal but with risks associated because they no longer have the insurance provided from the manufacturers that Macy's/Nordstroms had. That means that once a products tags are removed or a package has been opened, it no longer has the resale potential and the host store like Ross takes ultimately has to take that as a loss, which if repeated obviously would cripple the business. For Ross to thrive and offer deals, we consumers have to be more aware and careful of what we purchase and that we're walking out of the store with what we want.
Now with your situation, I think they were simply just following the stores policy, which really are a fair and simple set of rules that run smoothly as long as the customer fully understands the policy and reasoning behind it. Which means that the stores employees are expected to fully understand the policy, and are responsible for communicating the return policy guidelines before checkout..

You returned your items within a day after you bought it (with a receipt), you were able to return them but they ultimately required you show your ID.. so one of there RULES is "returns within 24 hours require ID" and im sure it states this on the back of the receipt, they do this to protect there investment/company from scammers whose tricks are utilized in the first 24 hours, one example a criminal collects used receipts from the trash in front of the store, Then uses the receipts which form of payment was cash/or debit which limits the uses of the receipt, then he/she simply connects the dots and finds the items in the store, steals them to return at another location or simply walks straight to the customer service to return for cash, or gets karma and only receives store credit..
By requiring people to show there ID only after initial purchase, 30 days or without a receipt, it's clearly intended to keep a log of thieves who consistently make returns(daily/weekly), While deterring thieves from stealing in the future.. It's there rules not the employee singling you out as a criminal.. stores only look at the people's IDentity information after being flagged by the system as suspicious which means if your not a criminal trying to scam them, your ID is stored in a confidential database.. and it's not being sold/transferd to a third party either (which Internet site hosts do as well as your cell phone company like T-Mobile for example and even your Apple iPhone had you sign a terms of agreement/release of info.!?!? Our info isn't that private anymore )
I don't like the idea of my ID info floating around either and I'm with you that it isn't right to demand IDentification when you have the receipt..

Posted by Anonymous

Its the worst store cockrell hill dallas 75211 12/14/17 night the manager is discriminatory person he uuses discriminatory lenguage to persons speaks spanish

Posted by Ruthv

I went to do a return today at ross the system froze after after only doing one return that return I seen on my bank statement asap the item was then refunded and I still haven't seen the return when I looked a return receipt it says voucher issued....wjat does that mean. I paid with my debit card I should have my money asap like the first transaction

Posted by Redsin91

I paid debit and wanted to return an iteam back and i had my receipt but forgot my debit card why cant i get cash back its basically the same thing just on a card i would understand credit but that wasnt the case,Whats the reason?
(Need to change that)

Posted by Emma

I am sorry to say that I have to disagree to this policy. Why can't we return the item after we wear it or better yet what if we only wanted to wear it once for a special occasion and you knew you weren't going to wear it again. So you wash it and find out you can't return it because you wore it then washed it. I think it would be better if we could return the items. What if you actually bought something you liked not knowing what it was untell you took a closer look after wearing it before you threw it in the washer. Maybe it was a shirt or even jeans that was for pregnant people and you want to return it then they say "sorry you can't return this item because you wore it once." Or something like that. I haven't tried to return things I buy because I love my clothes, but what if I made a mistake like that and they said that then what...oh yeah I WASTED MY MONEY AND I COULDNT EVEN RETURN THE STUPID ITEM. I'm just saying that Ross can change their policy and maybe, just maybe I will change my mind about my opinion.

Posted by Just Carge Me Phone

Went to Ross bought a phone charger and broke within 24Hrs then returned it bought another in store plugged it in and that one just didn't work returned it and got my cash and left. 4 trips, a lot of waiting in line. They need some quality control. Disappointed.

Posted by Sabina

I was out of town and found I needed a light sweater to ware to a wedding. It was too cold to wear. The next day tried to return the light sweater.The store said it is against company policy to return a designer sweater. I feel ripped off. This not common practice in all orher department stores. I have been a loyal Ross shopper for a very long time. I spend my hard earned money at Ross and to be treated rudely just because of a $20 sweater put a dislike for the store in McKinney. TX. 11.12.17

Posted by Lisa

My experience at Ross' in Catonsville, MD was terrible. I went in to the store right after work and selected two Bamboo Pillows. I stood on line for 10 minutes (with only two cashiers). It was finally my turn next and up walked another customer who shouted out, "who will be taking me with a return?" The one cashier, said I will take you next. I said what about me? I have been waiting 10 minutes and she just walked in. The people waiting behind me where not happy as well. Once the cashier finished helping the customer she told the lady who wanted to be helped ahead of the line with her return to step up. I felt discriminated against and for good reason that I will not go into here. I put down my purchases and walked out of the store.
I am a working professional and this is not the first time I was treated with disrespect at this Ross'. I will never shop in this store again.
I did call and ask to speak to the Manager and she apologized, but turned around and said it is Ross' policy to take a return in front of any customer. The cashier that was working the return counter was too busy hanging up clothes.
You lost a good paying customer!

Posted by Mn

I had a really bad experience today in Ross on Limestone, Pflugerville ! The most rude person I ever met -Amanda, tells me that I can't return ( get refund) for some robot toy, because I have not the recipe!!!
Up on the toy I had piece of the sticker of Ross but not all the price! The toy was unopened and even after the showing an other exactly the same toy but blue, she didn't accept and didn't refund me! She told me that is manager on duty and the things have to go on her way!!!
This is the most unprofessional and rude person I ever met! Now I know the reason all my neighbors do not want to visit that store! The terrible employee ever!!!!!

Posted by Jake

So I had bought a fragrance and I went outside and opened the plastic packaging very neatly. I took out the cologne and it was so small. I went back inside not even 30minutes later and they said oh you opened the packaging so it's considered altered. Had i known this, i probably wouldnt have opened it. Manager said the employee at check out shouldve told me. If that was the case then i wouldve let it go. Manager could have easily taken it back. Being a manager of a corporate store i would try to help everyone out. Some managers at ross need to be a little more empathetic.

Posted by ninjakelster

I returned 10/11 items only a day after purchase & paid $22.02 cash & $74.87 was store credit. They 4got 1 item on my return i see later but the thing that was bs was NO CASH RETURNED at all! So she said if it goes under $50 then should be fine bc I guess they mail returns over $50 even with receipt? Plus they needed photo id with receipt? That's not ok bc didn't need to buy the items! But neways no cash refunded & back of receipt says Merchandise returned within 30 days eikl be refunded as same way it was purchased! WHAT!!! Ok Ross thanks for stealing my cash & only giving me credit voucher & took my $6.99 item without adding to refund & only thing i kept original purchase was $3.99 so math doesn't even add up to put ALL on voucher!

Posted by Anna

Had an awful experience, bought a nice bag for 70$ what I thought but the bag has scratch's and zippers are bad and now they are refusing to work with me, never had so much issues with as now.

Posted by James B

I just tried to return an item that I was sure I would wear but after I removed the tags in decided not to keep them. I didn't try then on in the store and they were way too big. I brought the shirts back with all of the tags and the original receipt. I was told by wiman in returns that once you remove the tags they cannot take back. This is bs. Shorts weren't worn. I told her to smell them if she thinks im tryng to lie. She says "I know you didn't wear them but that's our policy".

Posted by Anonymous

I think ross is fraud it does not matter when u purchase an item they should give u back u money if the item is not used

Posted by Bob

i have returned items to Ross two days ago and i had to agree to be refunded on my debit card but no has show up yet. It left my account the second i paid but i cant get it back for two days now and i dont know if i ever will. Never EVER pay with card in Ross, take cash to get a cash back. This is a fraud !! If it takes a second to take it should take a second to return.

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Posted by Employee Brianna, Ross, 7111 Nor

I am writing to request recognition of a customer. As I write to embrace the moment of recognition for employee Brianna at Ross Dress for LessI as Ross Management to remember Brianna when making decisions for promotions and rewards.

Brianna was sincere and compassionate as my need became became hers. She was loyal to me as a customer--very patient and clothed with a listening ear. Thanks for hiring her!

A satisfied customer, I am.

Posted by Anonymous

At your Cherrydale store, I complained to associate in restroom about condition,asked if I should report to manager she said no,they would take care of,she took care of it,I decided to call and component her when I found out she was the manager,I was impressed that she did not make that known to me while was there and she cleaned it herself .Thankyou,she's a fine manager

Posted by sudha

I had a fantastic experience ...i had lost my receipt and found it after 40days ....still Ross gave me full refund ...great service it .....great work ...

Posted by So_spin

My boyfriend and I were both unemployed and he really needed a hair cut to help find a job. After misplacing his trimmers we went to Ross on Little York and 59 in northeast Houston. We found some for $14.99+ tax.
Later on we decided to look one more time and found ours. The very next day, less than 24 hours after purchasing the trimmers at Ross, I went in with the unopened package and receipt to return the item.
The associate told me that since they are electric they count as electronics and are not returnable.
I asked her where on the receipt it says that, and she read it and realized it does not say anywhere that electronics are final sale. Her explanation was that it is a new policy, so it's not i the receipt yet.
I told her that since it's not there I should get my money back. She told another cashier about the issue who also looked for the alleged policy on the receipt and couldn't find it, and said that it's a new policy.
I asked for the number to corporate, and told them it is ridiculous that I'm going to have to call corporate to get money back for a $14.99 item that is unopened and has the receipt and was purchased less than 24 hours ago but they wouldn't budge.

I went to my car and called customer service and spoke to an employee named Paige, who was a BIG HELP!! I explained my situation, the lack of a printed policy, etc. She called the store for me and I was able to go back in and get my refund.

Thank you so much, Paige, for helping me out and doing the right thing.

I've worked in retail management for years and I would never do to one if my customers what the Ross employees did to me, but I am so glad that customer service at corporate helped me resolve the issue.

Because of this I will continue to shop at Ross.

Posted by Anonymous

This store has lost a GREAT manager.This store want be in good standing with all ethnic backgrounds I do believe you will loose some high-ended shoppers at this location .This location already experiencing uncleaniness among other things this new manager can't never fill Mr Gerald shoes and definitely not the assistant manager.Should I rally a petition to get him back or shop some where? This store is headed like your sister store D D's. The store # 1220 in Tampa Fl. E.Hillsborough Ave.Don't know what happen but please try and save your store at this location by BRINGING MR GERALD BACK.PLEASE!!!

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Posted by Another Ross Employee

I am another Ross employee that explain some issues stated here.
1. if you try to return any item over a year in original condition with tags and receipt, we can take it back. If you do not have the tags, it may be hard for us the verify the item on the receipt. If you try to return it without the receipt, the product will no longer be in our system because the product is too old.
2. If you bought a pair of shoes still in original condition and lost your tag, bring the receipt and try to find a replica of the same shoes( Size does not matter). The reason for this is because sometimes on some products the product description is not always accurate on the product. This is something that the employees in Ross stores have no control over, it is sent to us like that.
3. Credit card/debit card refunds depend on your bank. It can take up to five business days.
4. If you buy an item and want to return that same item in 24 hours, then we are required to ask for I.D. This is not as an insult to anyone, it's just company policy. If you have an issue with this, please return the item(s) after 24 hours and before 30 days and we will not ask you for an I.D (Unless you lose you receipt.)
5. If the dress looks obviously used and worn, we will not take the item back. We WILL take back products that have a manufacturer's defect, OR if an item is in original condition. We can't take back a dress after you've had your fun with it because we can't sell it again. In terms of business, the company would lose money if we operated that way and the company would soon fall. This is why it is recommended that you try on your outfits (or even at home) and bring them back ASAP in original condition with receipt and tags attached in order to get back your original form of payment.
6. ANY item you return, it is important to always keep track of your receipt and the price tag. If you return something without a receipt, it is automatic store credit, Ross employees at the store have no say over this. If you try to return an item without the tag but with a receipt, then we have to check the description. If the description is clear and it's obviously that product, then we will return it. If not, we will need to see a replica of that item from within our store.
7. The lines can be long. If an employee works in customer service and there is only one other cashier, that customer service employee typically goes back and forth between returns and purchases. Some stores are a bit different, but most are pretty fair about it.
8. We do not give you cash back for debit card returns. The exception to this is if you pay with a check. You will get back how you paid for it originally (Given you have the receipt and tags in original condition). We have no say over this process.
9. If you have two cards that are linked to the same account, you can return it using the other card that is linked.
10. @Deanna James; You have to get it back how you paid for it. You paid using a debit card, so it has to go back onto the debit card. We only offer store credit as a second option for instances like that when customers do not have that first card but they still want to shop, they can use the store credit instead. It is suggested that when you make a return, that you are to bring the original form of payment with you to avoid any hassles.
11. If you want to give an item as a gift, just cross off the price but leave the rest of the tag there. That way, the tag is still attached and we cannot deny return if it's in original condition.
12. If you try to return something without the receipt, we will need an I.D. (This is to prevent theft and fraud.) You will also get store credit for what the item is worth currently that day, and not the amount you paid for it. Keeping your receipt secures the amount you will get back even if it's over 30 days. If it's over 30 days, You can get back the full amount of $20 in store credit rather than a marked down price of 4 or 6 dollars in store credit. This is why it is suggested you bring your items back ASAP for a return.
13. Please keep in mind that all company stores (Such as Ross, Marshall's, TJ MAXX, Walmart) all operate and run differently. It's fine to make a comparison, but expecting Ross to handle things the way TJ MAXX does will not happen. They are separate companies operated by different people with different policies. You will only get angrier if you continue to rely on that.
14. Store credit never expires, and you can use it at ANY ross, regardless of state.
15. If you lose your store credit, we cannot give you more store credit to replace what you lost. Outside of our store, it is not our responsibility to ensure you remember to place your store credit somewhere safe.
16. You can exchange your returns for anything in the store, even if it's not the same type of product. For example, you can exchange a purse you changed your mind on for a pair of shoes and just pay the difference. :)
17. Don't get mad at Ross employees over the policy. As i've stated before, we don't have control over that, it's a corporate thing. All we can do in store is carry out Ross procedures. Being mean and nasty to Ross employees does not mean you will get what you expect either. Strangely enough, we are humans too that are on your side but are limited by policy.

Happy holidays, I hope this was helpful in answering some questions.

Posted by Ross Employee

As a Ross employee I'll clarify some of these incidents for you.
1: Asking for an ID. Our registers automatically ask us for a form of ID whether it be a passport, ID or DL. Just some form of ID if either of the following occur: you do not have a receipt, you are returning it within 24 hours, or it has been either over the return period of 30+.
2: Price Ticket removal. Once you remove the ticket it IS consider altered unless you purchased it without the tag attached. Once removed it is up to the store's management whether or not they allow you to return the item.
3: Fragrances. Once again once you open the fragrance or perfume it is considered altered. Ross usually takes returns that have no defects and puts them back on the floor. So once it is opened we can't repackage it in its plastic sealing with the price tag on it if you remove it. Consider this when purchasing fragrance.
4: Return of funds back to card: It depends on your bank not our processing when your money returns back to the card it could take from 5-7 business days depending on your bank of course. Please keep this in mind next time your purchase with your debit or credit card. As well as checks.
Hope this was helpful.

Posted by Anonymous

Ross distribution center company from Moreno Valley bad principal people Cesilia Chamorro employees discrimination, HR ladies so much problems into the company they ingnor are not what happens to this people this ladies I have 10 years working hard end right now I'm looking for something different bad personal manager supervaciors bad bad personal Rosss too much diferent that 10 years back sorry but is true. The

Posted by Anonymous

I worked for Ross for about 7 months, quickly moved to MOD+ and then to FES, I was kinda thrown into the position with hardly any training and so I taught myself how to do the job! I quickly caught on, but got in trouble several times because I talk to customers too much you should be fast and friendly at the same time cause they time you on everything! But that's not great customer service, you want customers to feel welcome not like you are taking their money and pushing them out the door! And the management didn't care that we had a employee that bullied other employees and even talked bad about them to customers, even after several warning she still continues to do it, then they wonder why they have alot of turn overs, especially when management has favorites, and the favorites don't work just walk around talking, and when I would call for backup cause of the long lines the management would call me back and say such and such is doing this right now it's gonna be a few minutes! Customers come first period to me! After my disability put me out of work they ended firing me due to job abandonment cause I tried several times to call the store to get a leave of absence but everytime it was oh we are busy or call back they are gone on lunch! SMH and some of the managers didn't even know how to do it, only the store manager I guess! They never imply their own policies unless they don't like you and they talk bad about customers who take to long to check out after closing and they think it's funny when they get customer complaints about another employee smelling like marijuana after she returns from her break! And they tell other employees about employees who call out or quit because they ask! That's a privacy violation!I will never work for Ross stores or dds discounts!

Posted by No Pay

Nancy Durr don't Pay employee's there money and want return phone calls in Williamsburg Va .R.Foster will never Shop or Work for RossDepartmentStore AGAIN......I want call again if she need it this bad keep .......

Posted by Betsey

I work at ross and it is crazy what people try and get away with. I am a consumer as well but what people must understand is everyone is not honest and unfortunately the honest people have to pay. People sitting here saying I am not going to shop at Ross anymore, REALLY!!!!! ROSS IS AWESOME! However my advice to you as my fellow consumers are as follow:
1) check you stuff out see if there are major flaws
2) keep your receipts have all ross receipts in one place
3)keep the tags if you need to staple them to the receipt
4) stop trippen on stuff and think realistically if you were in the cashiers spot what would you do and remember don't make them try and compromise there jobs for a small $1 savings.
5) Understand that we live in a not so great world and people are scandalous and steal stuff and then try and return it. (these are the people who ruin it for the honest ones.)

I love my job and also remember the attitude you give is what you get back...Customer service it is my job but I am a person who deserves to be respected and if I came to your job acting crazy or heck if you are retired if I came to your home you would hate it if I was rude or disrespectful.
Thank you

Ross employee


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